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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  May 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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kaylee's grandmother, broke down when they received the news about the little girl this afternoon. >> she never one -- he never one day shied away from his responsible to her. >> diverrers are searching the waters for the car they were in. police are investigating a terrifying accident in the oakland hills that left two teenager wes cuts, bruises and broken bones their car ran off the road and down a hillside, rare requiring a dangerous rescue attempt. this happened on grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue in the oakland hills. firefighters hoist a teenage girl up the ridge. a hadn't drops a chp medic down to the site. then lifts the other injured victim out of the steep ravine.
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firefighters say the two teenagees were driving along the road when their car plunged off the side. >> the vehicle is approximately 500 feet off the roadway, on its side -- on its roof on the side, completely caved in. all air bags deployed. >> fire district took this picture of the car. he spoke with the victims who he says were very shaken but able to escape from the car on their own. >> i asked them, what were you doing? basically they were just driving down the hill. something, they think it was biker, cut them off and they went through the barricade. >> from this point of view you can see the path of the car. must have been a terrifying drop. the driver brokely to log barrier and traveled several hundred feet down the hill and flipped upside-down. the pair suffered cuts and bruises and broken bones. >> super lucky. very lucky. >> they're now recovering at a
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hospital. in oakland, abc7 news. >> family and friends of a missing vallejo girl are holding a vigil tonight to pray that she returns safe and sound. pearl winson was kidnapped on wednesday ask her alleged kidnapper was killed in a shootout with police. we're live in vallejo with the latest on this. >> reporter: you can see some of those friends gathered here behind me, lots of flowers, balloons, and messages of hope, and close family over this we're. her sister, her parents, everybody gathering here to pray together. they'll do that in 15 minutes at 6:15 tonight. pearl pinson has been missing since last week. she was last seen on wednesday morning. a witness reported seeing fernando kaz stro dragging her over this bridge that morning as she was headed to school. the witness also reported that pearl was bleeding. more than one witness, including a woman i spoke with here tonight, reported hearing a
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gunshot. castro was killed during a shootout with police and is the one american who could know where pearl is. search crews had high hopes on friday as they focused on jenner, acting on what they said was strong lead, but yesterday the crews called off the search, saying they were certain that pearl was not in the area. friends here of offering support to her family. >> my heart just goes out to the family. i have children and grandchildren. >> i have faith. i have faith, no matter where she is or what condition she is in, god has her. >> those friends also saying they do strongly believe that pearl is alive, as you heard that woman say. she has faith. they will be gathering here in just about 15 minutes, pray together, they believe that will help bring pearl home. live in vallejo, abc7 news.
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>> to developing news two teenaged boys from owningland are presumed dead they've jumped out of a boat at woodward reservoir. number was wearing a life jacket. >> another warm day around the bay area and the heat will persist into memorial day. drew tuma is outside with the numbers. >> a little bit of aalong the coast in the afternoon highs today, thanks to a sea breeze, that is still with us. current winds, breeze from 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. at sfo, it's at 21 miles-per-hour. that's keeping temperatures along the coast on the more comfortable side. 55, half moon bay. antioch, near 90. 73, san jose. what will be different tonight than last night.
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we'll have years of fog as the marine layer tries to push inland. it's shallow and by 8:00 most pots seeing sunshine and temperatures into the eightness by lunchtime, and even hotter afternoon and warmer air on the horizon. we'll have increasing number in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. warriors fans heading to oracle arena tomorrow for game seven don't have to worry about bart service. service is set to resume at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow between the san leandro and bay fair stations. the tracks are closed for the fifth and final weekend of maintenance work. coach steve kerr says the journey home feels faster after a win than a loss. this is the team arriving in oakland. golden state rallied at the end of the game, beating the her,
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108-101. that shot icing the game. that makes it two wins a war for the warriors. it's win or go home tomorrow night. the winner advances to the nba finals. >> dub nation, game seven, come out loud and early, big game. see you on monday. >> klay thompson wants the 19,000 plus fans at "roaracle" to be roaring tomorrow night so we can repeat last nights' magic when he hit 11 three-pointers and scored 41. the 11 three-pointes an mayor playoff record. maybe this was the secret to thompson's success. not the shoes, his socks. he showed off his lucky yoda soakses. the force was with the warriors and maybe he'll wear them again tomorrow night. the stanley cup finals begin tomorrow for the san jose sharks in pittsburgh. the first time the team has made it to the finals.
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a watch party will be held at the sap center. the money benefits the sharks founding, and wayne freedman is heading to pittsburgh right now and will bring us live reports on abc7 news. not on our watch. still ahead, how three women stopped a potential date rape in a southern california hotel and their message to others. also. flying history. planes from another era making a stop in the east bay. where you can catch this experience when abc7 news at 6:00 continues.
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three women in southern california are getting national attention for preventing a potential date rape. they were out dining in santa monica when they noticed a man and woman in a nearby table. when the woman got up to go to the boardroom the man took out a black vial and put something into the woman's drink. >> he caught my attention because he was acting super strange, looking side to side. >> i got up and went to to the bathroom and found her in there and said, hey, i know this is weird, but we saw that guyor with put something in your drink. >> the woman was shaken but returned to the table and didn't touch her drink. she described the man as
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coworker and close friend, the the women told their server who called security. the restaurant reviewed their tapes and called police who arrested the man. the women say they didn't hesitate to act. other customers praised them for their actions. you can now enjoy struggling or cycling on the bay bridge's eastern span for more hours every day until labor day. the paths well be open from 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. right now it's incomplete and you have to return to oakland once you almost get to yerba buena island. >> a flying museum land nets the east bay. abc7 news was at the livermore airport for the wings of freedom tour. it's a rare chance to check out and even fly in one of these three world war ii bombers and the p-51 mustang fighter plane. very few of these planes are left that are able to fly. organizers hope this event is fun and educational.
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>> give the younger generation a chance to see what america had to fight with in world war ii. >> the wingses of freedom tour continues tomorrow and tuesday from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. dub nation against okc, how one fan flubbed the warrior's wind just a little further. and a close encounter with mars. the special view of the red planet. >> i'm drew tuma. a live look from mt. tam, on the bottom right of your screen, the marine layer trying to make a comeback. how long the low clouds will impact your memorial day tomorrow in the forecast. >> in sports you hear from the the warriors as they prepare for tomorrow night's big game seven. he has been a giant on the mound for san francisco, johnny cueto goes fo
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and its specific reversal treatment. >> this is something you don't see every day. spotted running wild through a neighborhood near new mexico state university. taylor anderson was leaving hi apartment when he realized the animal was not a dog. so he shared this video on social media. he says animal control eventually picked up the animal and rounder it to the wild.
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space enthusiasts are getting an extra treat this memorial day. mars will be at its closest position to earth in about 11 years tomorrow, around 2:34 p.m. our time. the red planet will be 46.8 million miles away, give or take a couple of feet, from the earth. closest distance since november 2005. it typically happens every two years as the two planets' elliptical orbits near each other. mars will be visible for much of tournament night. one creative golden state warriors fan pranked okc after last night's game six loss. shortly after midnight someone went on oklahoma city's wikipedia pain, page, and the fn made klay thompson the mayor and steph curry the manager. it's time for a warmup in the bay area. here's drew tuma with more on
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the weather. >> got to love wikipedia. mars will be pretty awesome. we'll have clear skies tomorrow night. so look nice and bright. right now, it's bright out here. need some sunglasses. the sun in my eye. we of coming up empty. it's a beautiful day. live at santa cruz, still packed at the beach at 6:17 in the evening. folks not going anywhere. that sun goes down at 8:24. 60 degrees right now san francisco. 63 oakland. 73 san jose. half moon bay, 55. love this shot. you're not a fan of this early summer warm you'll love this. sea breeze moving in. so overnight coastal fog and low clouds pushing through the golden gate strait and through the delta.
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hour by hour we go. first thing on monday, coastal fog, quickly pulls back from the pay. by 10:00, it's total sunshine away from the coast. even the coast will see sunshine in the afternoon. the marine layer is shallow. tomorrow, warm in the south bay. long the peninsula, 84, mountain view. 80, san mateo. half moon bay, 65. downsan francisco, 70. 64, daly city. north bay, warm, 79, san rafael. 82 vallejo. 86 in sent rose sample oakland tomorrow, a comfortably warm 76. fremont at 84. inland, upper 80s, low 90s. as we take a look at your beach forecast. we'll have the morning clouds but they'll break done quickly so a nice beach day on monday.
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temperatures warmer tomorrow the ocean water temperature at a chilly 55. take your to oracle for game seven tomorrow. 6:00, 71. nothing but sunshine, as you get into oracle arena, as you let out and we win game seven, 64. the only fly in the ointment, tree pollen up and unper and jury juniper and cedar, and on friday, the main event, 10 to 25 degrees before average. this is 104 and that's not a mistake. by saturday and sunday, increasing afternoon clouds. that's going to quickly drop the temperatures at least the next five days. we're soaked in sunshine. >> all right, drew. thank you very much. >> how do you top game six?
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rick quan? >> with a win in game seven. >> how about that. >> that simple. last night's amazing victory won't mean much if the warriors can't finish off the thunder tomorrow. after stripping russell westbrook, iguodala finds klay thompson who knocks down a three. thompson set an nba playoff record with 11 three-pointers. then with 14 seconds left, it's steph curry with the drive, and he seals the deal. with the season on the line the warriors simply refuse to lose. >> our players are tough. i already knew that but they firmly confirmed that, correct. so, it's ban great comeback -- been a great comeback but we still have to play. we still have another game. >> hasn't been a great series for us. but coach said it's attitude.
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win one game. we'll have a chance to win the series and we have that chance monday. >> the bay area's other playoff team, the sharks in pittsburgh, preparing for game one of the stanley cup finals inch 1997, joe thornton and patrick marlow were in the city getting drafted. immigrant took awhile but he said he knew sharks would play for the ultimate prize. >> i thought we're a couple pieces away, and here we are. so it's just -- you got to put in the hard work in the summertime, have to believe, and this can happen. >> you'll see two teams that are pretty close knit group, and just want to find a way to finish up right. >> now to baseball. the red hot giants continue to roll through the national league west. coors field, even ice courtroom cooperate cool this team off. hunter pence nursing a hamstring injury but had three hits today, including a pair of doubles. denard span had three hits in
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the fourth. slugs his second homer of the season. 6-2 san francisco. that was more than enough for johnny cueto, who improved his record to 8-1. 8-3 was the final. the giants have now won 15 of their last 17 games. >> a's were trailing the tigers in the six enemy when kinsler boots the groundser by allan see. that would have been the third out. danny valencia scores. then after a walk to semien, billy butler flies to shallow center, maybin can't make the catch and two more runners score. rich hill got the victory but had to leave the game in seventh with a slight groin strain. oakland wins. the 100th indy 500 was run and a rookie from california took the checkered flag. with four laps to go, carlos munoz had the lead but had to stop for fuel.
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that opened the door for alexander rossi who stretched his final tank of gas just enough to cross the finish line. he literally had to be towed to victory lane. after the dean and deluca invitational in fort worth-jordan spieth put on a show down the stretch. from the rough on 17, he chips in for another birdie. shot a final round 65. finishing with a birdie on 18. wins by three strokes. first pga tour win in his home state of texas. >> at the french open, wawrinka gives the ball boy a gift he'll never forget. he was bored and he asked the ball boy if he wanted to hate few balls. hit help wawrinka keep warm and he won in four sets. the ball boy had himself a ball. this sports report has been
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calling dub nation.
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we want to see your team spirit. show your videos and pictures with usle use the #dubson7 when posting them and we'll share them on air and online. the mutants ox men apocalypse are making noise at the box office. it's untrack to make $80 million through monday. the anticipated showdown of two big budget films turned out to be little contest for the latest x-men installment. johnny depp's alice through the looking glass was second with a disappointing $28 million take. this angry birds movie came in third, captain america: civil war, neighbors 2, sorority rising was four and five. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. for rick quan and drew tuma, i'm eric thomas. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great evening.
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hi, everyone, welcome to bay area life, the place where lifestyle, food and entertainment all come together. there's so much. on today's show, the perfect windshield get away is just a car ride away. >> margarita. >> then we're exploring the beautiful trails of mt. diablo. >> we've taken our girls on hikes. we love it. workouts the whole family can do. >> and we're getting out of town to explore the art and churl of taiwan. >> what really moved me is is that there's a tradition behind these the techniques. >> plus, hombre is making an italian authentic dish. all of this fun driven by your northern california hon


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