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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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they did have a full day to rest and recover from the
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nail-baiter that they survived from yesterday, it's back to the courts tomorrow. so they can play game seven right here at home. the confetti has likely been cleaned up after last night's win. and now the warriors are looking for a home court advantage. klay thompson encouraged warriors to pack the house. fans acted fast to get the hottest ticket in town. >> it was like, you know what? i think they are going to make it. the most expensive seats, for $29,000, and a secret deep pocketed fan purchased two. >> from back in the day when i grew up. you can get a warrior game pretty cheap. now in the nose bleeds, it cost
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you money. >> you are hoping to get tickets. those fans that did not shell out big bucks, will return to food truck park. and the youngest fans are cheering for another win. abc 7 news. >> now, whether you are going to the game or watching it from home, we want to see your warriors pride, when you post your fan photos and videos to social media. so we can find them. there's no question that san jose is the home of the sharks, abc 7 news outside sap center, where there's going to be a
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party for the away game. the fans are excited and some think they can predict the future. >> first game, 2-0, and second game, 3-2. they are going to come here and we are going to continue to beat them. sharks eat penguins. >> well, tomorrow's watch party starts at 5:00 p.m., tickets are $ $5.00 with the proceeds going to the sharks foundation. we will have live reports on abc 7 news throughout the day tomorrow. there's plenty of time to barbecue tomorrow before the big games. don't forget your sunscreen. we have more on that. >> we just had a great holiday weekend so far, warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, we are tracking in the near term. half moon bay, visibility down to five miles. so, future weather as we go hour by hour in to memorial day
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itself, 5:00 in the morning low clouds pushing in and the clouds stick with us, we will let you know when the clouds move out and how hot we will be on memorial day itself. coming up. >> thanks a lot. and a reminder tonight about the dangers on the water this holiday weekend after two separate accidents involving bay area residents. in amador county, two residents a man and woman drowned in a creek near the moore correct campground, they were not wearing life jackets and the water swept them down extreme. one of the victims has been identified as brandon caranza, a friend shared this picture with us, he graduated from high school last year. and this is the picture of the 18-year-old, she was a senior, and a police explorer. two 15-year-old boys from oakland are presumed dead after jumping out of a boat saturday.
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the sheriff's department tweeted these photos of dive teams searching for the boys. rescuers say it does not appear they were wearing life jackets. new details in the shooting that killed a high school student and left another badly hurt. the sheriff tweeted that deputies arrested a 20-year-old man today, and detectives described him as being an accessory to the crime. no sign tonight of a missing vallejo teenager and her fame is not giving up home. they are holding a vigil for pearl, but the alleged kidnapper was killed in a gunfight with police. we have more on that. melanie. >> eric, we saw lots of family and friends on the foot bridge tonight, they gathered for the vigil. they want pearl to know they are ready for her to come home.
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>> we are going to get a phone call, someone will find her. they held one another tightly, all they want is for their little girl to come home. >> if that girl has anything going for her, it's the ability to stand on her own two feet and keep fighting. >> witnesses say that pearl was fighting the morning that she was abducted. >> if he was the only one that knows where she was, then we have that much more of a task to go find her, but i believe god has her in his arms. no matter whether she is still alive or not. >> pearl's sister said she does not believe pearl knew fernando. and understands his family is grieving. and wishes they would help search for pearl. >> they are not cooperating, we asked politely and they said no. >> despite each passing day with no sign, pearl's family's faith is unwaivering.
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>> wherever her whereabouts at this moment, we are going to believe that god is going to expose it. and bring her out. >> their prayer that anybody watching will continue to search. and anybody that knows anything that could help bring pearl home will call police. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> the sacramento county coroner has confirmed a body found, has been that of a missing 1-year-old girl. a boater noticed her in the water and called police. dive teams found her a quarter mile from where they found her father's body. they left antioch a week ago and died while driving home to sacramento. >> he never one day shied away from his responsibilities from her. >> they found the pair in about 18 feet of water. there's no evidence of a crime or report of a car crash.
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a traffic accident sent 8 people to the hospital in san francisco and one of them is fighting for their life. you can see the aftermath of the wreck and pictures tweeted by the san francisco fire department. firefighters tell us that four cars, including a taxi, clyde - collided at eighth and mission. he ought to be able to read the sign posts. if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. that is california senator dianne feinstein on abc's this week with george stefanopolis. he has two events scheduled for tomorrow in oakland and he will be in other areas this week. the senator sat down, one on one with our sister station? fresno and we will have part of that interview coming up later. hilary clinton's campaign
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celebrated the grand opening of the campaign office in fresno and will spend memorial day at a rally in new jersey and has no california appearances scheduled before the primary. donald trump promised to improve veterans healthcare when he spoke today in washington, d.c., the presumptive republican presidential nominee also renewed his promise to build a wall along the mexican border. a car veers off the road, next the dramatic rescue. plus -- >> mommy is right here. yeah. see the terrifying video of the moments after a child falls in to a gorilla enclosure. this is a effort to provide rememberance. >> hear from the veteran that is
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wanting to honor war veterans on
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two teenagers with cuts, bruises and broken bones. their car ran off the road and down a hillside on grizzly peak boulevard. we have the story. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue off of grizzly peak boulevard. firefighters hoist a teenage girl up the ridge. a helicopter drops a chp medic down to the site and lifts the other injured victim out of the
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steep ravine. firefighters say the two teenagers were driving along the east bay road when their car plunged off the side. >> the vehicle was approximately 500 feet off the roadway, the car was on the roof, on the side, completely caved in and all air bags deployed. >> reporter: the lieutenant in the fire district took the picture of the car on its hood. he spoke to the victims that were shaken but able to escape from the car on their own. >> i said what were you guys doing and they said, they were just driving down the hill. something, they think, it was a biker, cut them off and they just went right through the barricade. >> reporter: from this point of view, you can see the path of the car, and it must have been a terrifying drop. the driver broke through the log barrier and traveled several hundred feet down the hill and flipped up side down. rescuers say they broke bones and had cuts and bruises, but, how lucky do you say they are?
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>> super lucky. >> reporter: they are recovering at a hospital. abc 7 news. critics are questioning why the cincinnati zoo had to kill instead of gorilla. zoo workers say they were forced to shoot the gorilla to save the boy. the boy went to the hospital and will recover at home, there's going to be a memorial service planned for the memory of the gorilla. you have a chance to look at the four historic planes, the wings of freedom tour, visitors get a chance to check out world war ii bombers. you can even get in the plane and take a flight. >> they get a chance to see what
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maybe a parent, grandparent, aunt, aunk he will, either built as a rosie the rivetor or flew in the war or maintained in the war. it will be tomorrow from 10:00-5:00. flights start at $400. almost 40 years after "roots" first aired on abc, the groundbreaking mini series is being retold with new insight of the of slaves. based on alex haley's novel and the original mini series, the 2016 "roots," has a contemporary perspective of one family's life in slavery. levar burton is one of the executive producers. >> here is a gold mine of information available to us now that was not available to us when alex was doing the original
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research. >> part of the reason that people retell the story over and over and over and over again, so that people don't forget what happened. >> it won nine emmys and one of the highest rated mini series in tv history. the history channel will air the updated four-part series starting tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. mark minioff dumped in to david blaine today, wowing people with his tricks. >> you said eight of clubs? let me see, noity the eight of -- not the eight of clubs then, not the ace? i took the ace and flipped it out through the air and it landed under your wrist. great no way. >> a magician never tells his secrets so it's not clear how that card got there. what do you have up your sleeve?
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>> you will like this weekend and what we have in store the net seven days or so. we are pretty much cloud free, except along the coast, a bit of fog, and elsewhere, we are seeing clear conditions. this is how it looked earlier this evening from the tower camera. you can see the marine layer was deepening earlier this afternoon. a light on shore breeze, pushing the low clouds inland and we will wake up to spots of patchy fog. you can see where the fog is influencing the temperatures right now, we have the 50s in san francisco and oakland. we are well away from the sea breeze and a cloud cover, and look at this, you are still mild at this hour at 70 and 61 in concord, and 60 livermore and shan oh, 59. we have the coastal clouds. fog is filtering in and strait and around the bay. 52 oakland, dropped to 56 in san jose, under mainly clear skies
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in the south bay. and antioch will drop to 57. hour by hour on future weather. time stamp, 6:00 low clouds on the coast in the morning. and patchy fog in the east bay and portions of the north bay. as we advance to 9:00, it's a shallow marine layer at this point, the fog has pulled back to the cost and reseeding and we will see total sunshine across the bay area, even along the coast. nice beach day shaping up for memorial day itself. highs in the south bay. 90 in san jose, it will be a warm one. 89 santa clara, and 87 the high in sunnyvale and 80 san matteo. and pacifica up to 67. we will see 65 for sunset district. and 64 for daly city. and 90 in cloeverdale, and in t the east bay, 76 in oakland, a
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warm 82 in newark and inland, our warmest locations tomorrow, upper 80s to mid 90s. 95 in antioch, and 89 in pleasanton, you are headed to the coast, the beach will start off with morning cloud cover, do not worry, the sunshine will come out by the afternoon. a nice beach day shaping up. 64 for ocean beach, and comfortable 70 in santa cruz. high uv index tomorrow, put on sunscreen. we will go to oracle arena for game seven, going to be good conditions. sunny, 71 and as we pull out the w, 64 degrees by 8:30 the peak of the heat, watch friday. some ten to 25, degrees above normal. a lot of spots will hit the century mark and warmer than that. here's the accu weather forecast tomorrow. a hot holiday and steady pattern
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on tuesday and you notice around the bay, and on the coast, a slight dip before temperatures take off thursday and friday. we are hot 104 before saturday and sunday, and clouds move back in and cool off. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. see him soar. ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪
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a world famous base jumper and wing suit pilot can now add human arrow to his resume, this morning, he dropped from a helicopter at 6,000 feet and flew through the air at 120 miles an hour and hit a target suspended over the great wall of china. he wanted to do something safer after flying through a 25 foot crevice between two cliffs. that is safer. here is a look at sports.
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>> talk about a need for speed, for the first time in 15 years a rookie wins the indy 500 and he is from northern california and the giants doubled their
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it's not just the sharks and warriors doing well, but the giants are the hottest team in baseball. having won 15 of the last 17 games. let's go the coors field where the rockies suffered another licking. after he has been nursing a hamstring injury, he had three hits, including a pair of doubles. this one in the first brought home buster posey. after sitting out yesterday with
11:30 pm
a bruised hip, span had a had hit, and a solo shot in the fourth, that made it 6-2 san francisco. despite a sore back, cueto improved to 8-1. the a's were getting shutout by the tigers until the sixth with two outs. kinsler boots a grounder, and that allows valencia to score. after a walk, bully butler flies to shallow center and maybin can't make the catch, two runs score to make it 3-2 oakland. and rich hill got his team high eighth victory and had to lead in the seventh. oakland wins 2 out of 3 from the tigers. he was a 66-1 long shot, and he beat the odds to capture the 100th indy 500. fans took in the spectacle.
11:31 pm
rossi had a chance, took the lead and managed to stretch his ankle of gas long enough to get across the finish line. he had to be towed to victory lane. he is from aush, and the first rookie to win the indy 500 for 15 years. >> we rolled the dice and came through and made it happen. and, this is just, it's been phenomenal, and i had no idea i had to be in the indy 500 and now i'm here and we won, and i'm at a loss for words and it changed my life for sure. >> charlotte motor speed way, truex dominated the coca-cola race. he set a nascar record by leaving for all but 12 of the races 600 miles. with 55 laps to good. he passes jimmie johnson and takes the lead for good. martin truex, jr., wins the coca-cola 600. and celebrates his first win of the year. by doing doughnuts on the track. at the dean and deluca
11:32 pm
invitational, jordan spieth put on a show down the stretch. despite the curl putt in for 16 and he chipped in another birdie on 17. and shot a final round, 65, finishing with a 34 foot birdie on 18. he wins by three strokes. and this abc 7 sports report, later, you will had hear from the warriors and sharks as they prepare for one of the biggest mondays in bay
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news.
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good evening, i'm eric thomas, and tonight's had headlines, by this time tomorrow night, we will knowthe golden state warriors will be in the finals. the game is sold out, and fans paid anywhere from $360 to $20,000 or more for tickets. also, tomorrow night, the stanley cup finals begin in pittsburgh. the sharks play the penguins at 5:00. the bay area sharks fans can attend a watch party. tickets are $5. we will have live reports from pittsburgh all day tomorrow. two teenagers are in the hospital after their car plunged 500 feet down a ravine, and landed on the roof. the crash happened after a biker cut them off. they escaped with cuts, bruises and broken bones. overseas tonight, and the fight against isis, iraqi forces completing their trap build up, gearing up for an all-out battle
11:37 pm
to retake the city. isis is buying tracked in the middle east and the group is relying on pick up trucks to get around. here is a chief global correspondent. >> coming in for a landing at an air base on the arabian peninsula, the famed u-2 spy plane. we are in the chase car, speeding along side at close to 100 miles an hour. the driver talking the pilot down safely, since he has limited visibility in this aircraft when landing. returning from a 12 hour mission. 70,000 feet above the area. they have to wear suits much like astronauts. >> you have the best surveiance possible, right? >> exactly.
11:38 pm
we were allowed on a mission in a arat. we have been orbiting over iraq 2-1/2 hours near the syrian board certifieder. when you are on the station, that's the bezist time. you are looking for -- >> and funneling it all back to the ground commanders so they can stied. >> once the targets are located. drones and fighter jets are unleashed. >> it's ranged from banks, oil, infrastructure, and enemies on the ground. >> with the eye rairaqis now tr free some from falujah -- >> one person was killed before police shot him to death. this morning's violent change of
11:39 pm
events started when a man walked up and fired at both civilians and police. investigators say the gunman fired a military grade rifle. seven hundred times and 21 rounds pierced a police car. >> you saw the results of what happened with his car and windshield. police, now want to know if one wounded man is also a suspect. two deputy conconstables suffer minor wounds. bernie sanders will be in the area for much of the week. we sat down one on one with the presidential hopeful tonight. senator bernie sanders saw the central valley with stops in bakers ville and fresno, he was impressed by the crops and
11:40 pm
concerned by the poverty. >> just the mind blowing to see the expans of land, where so much agriculture is taking place. we are in the bread basket of the united states of america. it is beautiful. but a lot of people are hurting. and what i learned yesterday and today, the farm workers are working for wages much too low. not getting the hoik and the other -- the other benefits they need. and that's an issue that that to be addressed. >> you talk about billionaires on wall street and there's billionaires that own this farm land. >> and billionaires should be paying their workers a living wage and not polluting the water. he scoffed at trump's continue
11:41 pm
promise to build a wall. >> i will not build a wall. his ideas are against when what the country was designed for. >> sanders dismissed hilary clinton's claim. yeah, it is inaccurate. all that, what they the reality is, is secretary clinton will not have enough pledged delegates. the real delegates she needs to have. she will have super delegates and they cannot vote until late june. >> the calls that he should quit the race. >> it's a free country and secretary clinton should come out to fresno and make her came.
11:42 pm
>> you would like to departicipate her or trump? >> either or both. any time. >> so far, both have backed us of debates with bernie sanders. >> hilary clinton will hold a memorial day party. america remembers the fallen warriors that kept us free. we will hear from a veteran who fought through the korean war. >> it's appropriate, this location here in san francisco, because so many that embarked from san jose and so many came back the san francisco. >> retired marine corp stevens served in korea. >> we have over 2,000 veterans
11:43 pm
buried in the national krem -- cemetery. despite all of the sacrifices, veterans and historians call the rean war the forgoten war. >> the people who fought in korea. fought just as hard a war as any other war and deserves to be remembered. so this is an effort to provide the rememberance and to commemorate those that lost their lives there. >> the korean war veterans memorial is due to be finished later this summer and tomorrow, a tribute will take place at memorial day proceedings. still ahead, a story from the he vietnam war. meet the man who ep hadded to keep so many troops alive. and now a former navy s.e.a.l.
11:44 pm
is returning the favor all these years later. >> got a bit of fog
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on this memorial day weekend as we honor those that served our nation, a story from the vietnam war, a man who helped to keep servicemen alive, including navy s.e.a.l.s and tonight, how they return the favor. we have the story tonight from
11:47 pm
vietnam. >> reporter: walking down this path is like walking back in time. meeting this man. he was a combat interpreter for every navy sa.e.a.l. during the war. >> those s.e.a.l. teams were the most effective s.e.a.l. teams in vietnam, primarily because of ming's influence. >> this lighter from a man whose life was saved. ming spent two years in a prison camp and lived in poverty until patrol boat officer john donovan found him ten years ago. he recommend news -- he recogni him by a smile. >> what would your life be like if the s.e.a.l.s did not find you? >> i would be dead for a long time. >> they brought him to south florida. >> they give him $300 a month,
11:48 pm
meaning ming can send his daughter to college. as we honor our fallen veterans, these s.e.a.l.s remember a man who helped them survive. on this memorial weekend, let's get a check on the forecast that is climbing as far as temperatures are concerned. >> right now we are seeing the numbers cooling off from the warm day. everyone will drop in the 50s and have the patchy fog. outside the bay, meanly clear skies. we go hour by hour, watch the time stamp. 6:00 in the morning. patchy fog back to the coast and in to the afternoon, you see a lot of sunshine on the way for our memorial day. the afternoon will feature mainly sunny skies. highs on your monday will see the summer like spread. right around 65 for half moon bay and inland, your 90s pop
11:49 pm
back up on the board. in san francisco, up to 76. and 90 in san jose and santa rose a up to 86. the quick check on the pond will tell you that grass, and tree pollen at moderate levels. right now, your main offender is oak and juniper, it's a hot day tomorrow. steady pattern on tuesday. wednesday, around the bay, and on the coast, a slight tip of the sea breeze kicking in. thursday, it's total sunshine and friday, it's hot. wherever you live, we will see warm temperatures, 10 to 25 degrees above normal. and saturday and sunday, the heat is going to cool off as clouds move back in to the forecast and get closer to normal for this time of the year. >> thanks a lot. more on sports. >> okay, it will be a monday to remember, for bay area sports. an hour after the sharks take the ice, and the warriors and t
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abc 7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. tomorrow night the warriors and thunder squared off in game seven of the western conference finals. after the 124 times, an nba playoff series has gone seven games the home team has won, 100 times. so the odds are looking good for golden state to earn a return trip to the nba finals.
11:53 pm
but, it's no sure thing. last night, oklahoma city led by seven with 5:00 to play, and somehow the warriors came back to win and even the series. emotions will be running high for both teams. >> you can be nervous, you can be over hyped. you can be excited. the biggest thing is, you remind yourself it's a game. you approach it the same way you approach other games. >> i'm excited to go back home who game seven, this is, man, being in the situation, people will die for that. it will be the hardest game forthwith our lives. going home, people think it's done, but it will be way harder. we come out and do what we did. and stick to the game plan. we will be fine. >> nobody is feeling sorry for us. it's a bart of basketball. guys walking in had here confident. we lost, so we will let it go and get ready for game seven. >> the game carry aslate of weight and we are all desperate
11:54 pm
to win on both sides. you have to keep perspective too. it's, it's not the end of the world. one way or the other. it's, it's a basketball game. go out and enjoy it, embrace it and whatever happens, what happens. >> a 25 year drought ends tomorrow. game one is inpittsburgh. this will be the first stanley cup final for veterans, patrick marleau and joe thornton who have played 3,000 combined games. marleau has spent 18 seasons with the sharks. he was asked what makes the cut so special? >> it's the magic. it's the design. the ring, everything that i tates to putting the names to and everything about it. something special. >> you appreciate it. you realize how hard you have to
11:55 pm
get to this point and i'm happy to be here. >> to play as long as they have, and to be on teams that finally break through, it's nice to get here and not just about getting here. it's about wanting more and they know that. and you know, they have done patrolmen us job for us this season and through the postseason. >> we realize it's special to be part of a team with patty, that they played so long, been dominant for so long, for them to get a chance finally, it's special. you know, we are -- >> despite this being their first stanley cup finals, the sharks appear to be pretty loose. that was evident when they went out photo bombing the players on media day. >> i don't know, we will see. there's' my boys right here. wow, what a treat.
11:56 pm
we have been photo bombing guys. >> all day? >> yeah. >> he has the best hands in america, on he boy, can he massage your body. >> looks like they are having fun. the biggest surprise has been the play of michelle rodgers. they advance to the quarterfinals with a straight set win. scores were 6-3 and 6-4. another feel good story. giving a ball boy in memory, he asked the ball boy if he wanted to go out and it a few balls. when he resumed the match, he is now on to the quarterfinals. i'm ready for big monday.
11:57 pm
>> i think we all have our fingers crossed and toes, and everything, you know, thanks a lot. >> folks, that is it for tonight, i'm eric thomas, thank you for joining us. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks so much for joining us, and have a great rest of your night and early morning. see ya.
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