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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good to be here. i am natasha zouves. it is monday, may 30, memorial day. >> mike? >> yes, everyone, hello, matt, thanks for joining us. we are ahead. we have a marine layer. this is fog around half moon bay mostly and some around petaluma but nothing to worry about. this is a beautiful picture from sutro tower. we have to cover it with the day planner. the next 12 hours we will stay in the 60s at the coast. mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay and inland and at noon if you are picnicking, 82 around the bay to 90s inland and the coast is staying cloudy and in the 60, comfortable this evening, 70 to 78 around bay and inland but chilly at the coast at 58. heat wave coming up. details are coming up. traffic? >> it is good so far. we had a couple of hazards. but looking at drive times, you
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saw the green on the map, tracy to dublin, antioch to concord, westbound 4, 14, san rafael to san francisco on southbound 101. that is 19 minutes. from walnut creek, no traffic. good to see. we will monitor it. >> trip uses happening today to mark memorial difficult. the 148th annual ceremony at san francisco's presidio commemorates two important events, the 50th anniversary of american troops in vietnam and the 1 hundredth anniversary of the creation of buffalo soldiers, the largest memorial day even in the nation drawing 2,500 people starting at 10:30 with a march from the presidio officers club. in the east bay a vigil is underway on this hillside in lafayette, ten years since a group of residents put crosses for each united states soldier killed in the iraq and afghanistan wars.
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some criticized it calling it a political statement. that controversy has died down and families now go to remember a loved one this. the vigil is at 7:00. the memorial is cross the street from the lafayette bart station. >> preparations are underway at st. anthony's dining room in strap where volunteers are searching memorial day meals today. they are expecting 3,500 veterans for lynch. volunteers from stand forford wl do the honors a fitting tribute to comrades. >> on the peninsula, the hillsborough memorial day parade. in danville, a music and candidate, bernie sanders, will make two appearans in oakland today. on sunday, he barn storms in the
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central valley making a stop and preaching the mantra of income and wealthen equality and free college tuition. he was asked in, like donald trump, he would keep people from crossing into the united states from mexico. >> i will not build a wall. trump's ideas are abhorrent to what this country stands for or what i will do is fight to have comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. >> sanders will appear at private even at the baptist church this afternoon and a public rally at 7:00 at the plaza. >> hillary clinton will hold a memorial day rally in new jersey, but she is done in california, with no scheduled stops before june 7 primary. analysts wonder how hillary clinton will handle questions on using the private e-mail as secretary of state for business purposes which was called "inappropriate," last week after a federal investigation. >> donald trump said he will release a final accounting of the fundraising for military
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veterans today. recommend prem nominee spoke to a motorcycle rally in front the lincoln memorial in washington, he has been underpressure to reveal the anybodies after reports that the fundraiser he held did not raise as much as he claimed. he said claims was a reason for a wait on the final tally. >> it is win or go home for the warriors tonight. the last game of the western conference finals tips off at 6:00 p.m. in oakland and fans hope the historical season does not end tonight. we are inside oracle arena and this is a hot ticket. >> this is the first time in 40 years the warriors are hoping a game seven so, yes, this is a hot ticket, and everyone is going to be watching, and the warriors are looking forward to home court advantage. oracle arena is quiet this morning. but in several hours, when fans pack the arena, it is going to be loud and it is going to turn into roar-acle.
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but it will cost a lot of money to show in. espn is reporting that tickets are going for around $960 each. a couple of near seats sold for $29,000 each. fans packed oracle arena for game six although it was not playing. they watched on the big screen as the dubs made a huge 4th quarter run and seemed the victory. the winner tonight advances to the n.b.a. finals. tickets sold out in minutes but some are available for resale in you are willing to shell out a few hundred to a few thousand. >> i bought them i thought they would make it. >> very praisey from when i grew up you could get it for cheap but now in the nose plead it -- nose plead it costs a lot of money. >> this is video of the return home after a thrilling come-from-behind win on
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saturday. they rallied to win 108-101 shocking oscar pistorius fans and -- shocking the oklahoma city fans but you know they are in it to win it. the warriors do tut -- taught want to end their record-breaking season tonight. they have only lost three games at home this season. they have a great report at home but a last it has to do with the fans and we have talked about it this season, their slogan, strength in numbers, so you get a t-shirt draped over the seats and there is thunder sticks and flags for the car. the follow tonight is to make as much noise as possible, cheer on the dubs and home the record-breaking season does not end and they continue on to the finals. >> positive thoughts only. love that. whether you are going to the game or watching from home, we
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want to see our warriors ride when you post your fan photos and video to social use # #dubson7. dubs are not the only bay area team play, a huge game tonight. the shares face the penguins in game one of the stanley cup finals. san jose is playing in the first stanley cup final in franchise history. games one and two are in pittsburg and it shifts -- pittsburgh and it shifts on saturday. this is a watch party with not proceeds netting the sharks found. wayne freidman is in pittsburgh bringing us live reports starting at 7:00 p.m. >> still ahead fraternity underfire tries to mend fences at a popular california camp site after members are accused of leashing this mess behind
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plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. >> we will talk about what is happening in the south bay, temperatures are 50-55. in the hills you can see league is 66. same mid-upper 50s throughout the bay shoreline and the upper 50s around redwood city. 40s around bodega bay and 55
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in lafayette. activity planner, local freezes for sailing. peaches have stubborn clouds. inland it is starting today with heat flirting with the mid-to-upper 90s, possibly even reaching 100 tomorrow. that is not even as warm as it will be. the warmest temperatures are going to be thursday and friday. i will have those in the seven-day forecast. how is the commute? >> we are looking good this morning. we remind you today you have the oak a's game starting at 7:00, and worse starting at 6:00, so, you will expect heavy traffic on 880 and local streets that are around oracle arena and the coliseum before and after the game. right now, though, green. the busiest hours of traffic today are going to be between 1:00 and 4:00 according to wave. the golden gate bridge camera
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shows fog. but no problems as far as the commute. people have their headlights on. it is running smoothly. this morning. >> heart breaking discovery, the sacramento county coroner has confirmed a body found in a river is a mying one-year-old is a missing one-year-old girl, kayly jackson a quarter mile from where they found her father's body disappearing after leaving antioch to sacramento. they drove off the road for an unknown reason. investigator say there is no evidence of foul play. >> new details on the mess love behind at lake shasta after an outing by university of oregon students. the fraternities and veries -- and sore records are planning service projects. a thousand people left behind tents and crashes and coolers. they are issuing a statement of apology. and forest workers spent hours cleaning up the mess. >> the bay bridge bicycle path
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is open longer hours, from 6:00 a.m. to account p.m. start this weekend, in affect until labor day. that is an hour locker -- longer. >> heads up, personal information hacked. the way user of a particular social networking site are in jeopardy. >> shooting spree in texas >> shooting spree in texas leaves in a good, clean salad, >> shooting spree in texas leaves every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be. transform everything. so, we're doing a taste test. which tastes better? "b," "b," and... mmm. ..."b." craisins® dried cranberries. flavor you can see.
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>> we are on the roof where it is damp. a bit of humidity in the air. a very low ceiling because of marine layer being shallow. now what is going on with live doppler hd. you need the umbrella dead for shade away from the coast. no rain the next three hours. the bay water is calm. it will be bumpy this afternoon. the winds will pick up. nothing too out of control. warm sunshine. clouds at the coast. developing inland heat heat wave. now, what will happen today in the south bay, san jose and los gatos reach 90. everyone else is around 86 to 89. at the boardwalk, afternoon sunshine and 70 degrees. on the peninsula, a lot of low-to-mid 80s, millbrae is right there at 79. half moon bay is 62. below it, pacifica is 67 and
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along the entire coffee, low-to-mid 70s, and up to 86 at the north bay valley. oakland is 76. and 80s around orinda, fremont, and newark. inland, keep on the air conditioning, 89 to 95. at the presidio, we are at 54 at 7:00. 9:00, 59. hang around 63 to 64 for better part of the afternoon under a pretty cloudy sky. touch and go with the clouds along the coast. they move inland tonight or into the bay, the temperatures are comfortable, mid-to-upper 50s like they are now. look at the surge of heat inland, mid-to-upper 90s all the way through, saturday and then the heat finally breaks, and we will have warm temperatures around the bay, and the coast, with the warmest being friday. now, how is the commute? quiet so far?
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>> not very many of us commuting today but a shut out to everyone working, all the friend on the map, and you get a look at the commute through tracy, it is green and top speed a lot of 70s there, and a look from our san rafael camera, and normally we see a little bit of backup, around north gate mall 101 and san francisco lacking beautiful. police in texas are trying to uncover a motive behind a shooting that last two people dead and six injured including a second armed man. all of this began on sunday morning, a gunman walked interest an auto detailing shop in humidity and opened fire. a customers with camed. the gunman turned the attention to police who were arrives, 21 rounds pierced a police car. >> you saw the results of the windshield and vehicle but he was not hurt. >> it want influence -- through that door.
6:19 am
then that seat. and back through that seat. all the gunman was killed by a s.w.a.t. officer, three civilians were hurt, and two sheriff deputies but all of expected to recover. >> iraqi forces want this to be a day to remember launching an attack against isis to reclaim a local city. commanders are describing the action as "fierce." it was taken by isis two years ago and a language frost hold in western iraq. prior tote attack, isis bombed parts of baghdad killing 24 people. >> mexican soccer star is safe this morning and back with his family after being kidnapped. this is new video of the 25-year-old outside of a hospital in northeast mexico with a bandage around his arm. otherwise, he is okay. physically. the rescue took place before midnight. official say he was abducted on saturday night outside of his hometown as he left a party.
6:20 am
no word on arrests or a motive. he was part of mexico's 2014 world cup team and plays professionally in greece. >> pope francis can spend the rest ofly life as the leader of the catholic church with no plans to retire. pope benedict quit as pope in 2013 the first pope to step down in 600 years. pope francis made the remarks over the weekend say he never thought of leaving pus of many responsibilities. >> 40 years after "roots," first aired we it being retold with new insight of the lives of slaves from the mid-17300s to the end of the civil war. >> look up, little one. >> paced on the novel of the 19 1977 series it provides contemporary story of a family's life in slavery.
6:21 am
an original star is an executive producer. >> through is a gold mine of information available to us now that was not available during the original research. apeople retell the story over and over and over to ensure people do not forget what happened. >> the original "roots" won nine emmys and still one of the highest rated miniseries in tv history and we will air the updated series ton starting at 9:00 p.m. say the big ballot oops in san francisco ahead of next months primary. >> in you program at target that is
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> myspace could be a thing of past. but if you still have an account your personal information may have been hacked. a site that gathered leaked data an anonymous user provided information of more than 427 million myspace users. the data includes e-mail addresses and user names and passwords. they have about 50 million user
6:25 am
as not. it is not clear who is responsible. >> now, ask finney, "my credit card has been compromised many times and i contacted credit cart company to obtain the third party that caused the fraud, did i have rights as consumer to obtains this information, in so, how do i go about this." michael finney has the answer. >> unfortunately, there are no state or federal laws that allow you to get that information. the law does require companies tell you in your information is being compromised. you may be able to put two and two together with that information along with which of the cars were compromised and figure out where the issue occurred and i am not sure any of that does you much good. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on the smart phone or tab led. head to abc finney.
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you do see it answered right here. >> we have good news for some warriors fans using bart. >> a special event: you may want to look into to sky tonight. >> local remembrance taking place today for those who fought in the forgotten war. >> temperatures today are from four to 13 degrees warmer. hard believe when you look outside at the cloud cover but a heat wa
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> remaining up on 6:30. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller. it is memorial memorial day. monday. may 30. we will look at the weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone. you can see it is gray. not everywhere. thickest along the coast and low cloud deck on live doppler hd. it is not creating much in the way of reduction and visibility. you can see how low it is. sutro tower is poking through it and looking at the gorgeous sunrise. temperatures are 46 to 54 through 7:00, and the coast is going to stay in the 60s and we will hit the 70s and 80s by noon.
6:30 am
and 88 and 90s by 4:00. it will be comfortable this evening, though, but the coast is 58 to 78 inland. now, the morning commute. >> sue is off this morning so i will take you through the traffic this morning. it is hooking great. all morning. green. in all the areas. we have an accident, a stall in the right hand shoulder, in the albany area, eastbound 80. but, it does not appear to be hurting traffic in either direction. we have good and bad news if you are headed to work, the good news is traffic is light. the bad news you have to work while most of us are off. as you look a the may -- san mateo bridge you can see traffic is light. >> the largest memorial day events in the nation is today at the revideo with a special tribute paid to the african-american units in the army. later called buffalo soldiers. amy hollyfield is with the
6:31 am
preparations underway right now. >> look behind me. ready to go at the national cemetery, a flag at every grave. we have watched them blowing a little bit out here this morning. and it is a little chilly. grab a jacket. the ceremony is one of largest in the country. more than 2,500 people attend each year. there are a lot of flags. more than 35,000 veterans and their family members are buried here. theythey will pay rib -- tributo different groups including those of the korean war. the korean war memorial will open this summer and some think this is the perfect place to honor those veterans. >> it is very appropriate this location in san francisco. the many people embarked from san francisco. so men came back through san
6:32 am
francisco. >> today they will remember the vietnam war and they will attribute to the buffalo soldiers, the sex units of all an can american soldiers in the army. the band will leave veterans in here at 10:30 with is ceremony starting at 11:00. >> this morning a pair of vietnam era helicopters will life at the annual memorial day service in hayward at 10:00 a.m. the traveling war memorial wall honoring fallen service members is on display at lone tree cemetery built in the bay area by a local nonprofit and unveiled on saturday. 91' long and stands 9' high and it is minute to on the 80,000 soldiers who are still missing dating back to world war ii. >> there are self-other programs around the bay area today in south san francisco, there is a pancake breakfast at fire station 61 on canal street, and in santa clara admission is tree
6:33 am
for current and past military personnel at the great america. and in marin, the annual ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. at civic center plaza. we have new details in the shooting that left a novato high school student dead, and another badly hurt. a san rafael man is being held without bail this morning on suspicion of being an accessory to the crime. police arrested the suspect yesterday morning. his arrest follows the capture of two novato high school student on thursday. they are accuses of shooting and standing the two victims. % still searching for a third suspect. >> the dangers on and in the water this holiday weekend after drowning involving two people from the bay area. a man and a woman from pittsburg drawn in a river in amador county. neither were wearing life jackets. the wart swept them downstream. one of the victims has been identified at 19-year-old plan done coronza graduating from high school last year. the 18-year-old is the second
6:34 am
victim. this group tweet add picture. she was a senior at pittsburg high school. >> we are waiting for the identification of a woman killed in a traffic collision with a truck in santa clara. it happened sunday afternoon just east of three stadium. so far, few detail on the collision, and the woman died at the scene. the driver of the trick and a passenger were taken to the hop much the truck blocked light rail tracks until the investigation was over. >> this morning, still no sign of a miss vallejo teen but her family is not giving up home. last night they held a vigil for 15-year-old pearl pinson kidnap last week but the kidnapper was killed in a gunfight with sheriffs. pearl's family gathered on the foot bridge she was last seen on to pray for her run. they hold out hurt. crews called off the search on saturday afternoon.
6:35 am
>> in she has anything going for her the aability to stand on her own two feet. and just keep fighting. >> witnesses say pearl was seen fighting fernando castro the morning he took her. he was killed in a shoot out. the sister does not believe pearl knew the kidnapper. >> eight people were content to the hospital after a traffic accident and one is fighting for their life. this is the aftermath of the wreck in the photos tweeted by the san francisco fire department. firefighters say that four cars and a taxicab collided on 8th and mission street. it took more than 90 minutes to clean up the scene. police are working to see who was at fault. >> drunk driving is always a bad idea especially if you end up running directly into a sheriff's patrol car. it happened last night at 11:00 in redwood city. the driver in a black sedan backed into a san mateo sheriff's patrol car that had two people in custody in back seat. the driver was given field sobriety test and arrested on suspicion of d.u.i.
6:36 am
>> the san francisco department of elections is saying oops this morning, and it turns out more than 1,400 ballot of the wrong part affiliation were mailed incorrectly to city voters after a vote by mail per. june races are low turnout so every vote is magnified and according to the examiner a correct replacement ballot was sent to voters. >> things of sharks fans will be at the s.a.p. center for a watch par as the men play game one of the stanley cup final in pittsburg. sharks fever swept over the south bay with baners and flags everywhere and fan are hyped. some have predictions for the first appearance in the final in the franchise's 25-year history. >> first game winning 2-0. second, 3-2. they come here and we will continue to beat em. sharks eat penguins. >> rosemary has the soundbite of day. tickets are only $5 with pres to the sharks foundation.
6:37 am
the first,000 fans receive a viewing party programly towel. >> our roar, is in pittsburg and -- in pittsburgh with live reports at 4:00 p.m. >> mike, what does wayne freidman have to say? >> i hear nails...he comes across that way. >> you can see it is cloudy inland east bay is really waking up with a lot of sunshine this morning, check out the temperatures on the peninsula, mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s and a lot of 54 and 55 and 56, and redwood city is upper 50s and san carlos is 57, and oakland and hayward, and santa rosa is 48, right now, and we will look at what will happen, we have several games as you mentioned, first oracle arena, 6:00, 68, and coming out with victory and wrapping up the series and heading to the
6:38 am
finals, and 62, and at the same time, we have a baseball game over at...the cove so it is cooler. we will look at tuesday, and wednesday, and thursday, and tomorrow, we are going to have 63 at half moon bay, and 60s around san francisco, and look at tan toxic at 100, so a huge spread there and the local breeze will keep the coast mainly in the 60, in san francisco, and 70s around the bay, and 88 and find further away from the golden gate bridge, and on thursday you can see 90s in the north bay and inland east bay in the south bay, 70s and yarned, 60s -- 70s and 80s, and 60s arrange -- around the south bay. all the upside of working it is easy to get there. richmond to san rafael on northbound 580 seven minutes. westbound 92, san mateo bridge is 15 minutes. westbound 84, dumbarton bridge,
6:39 am
nine minutes. from emeryville camera, murky and hazy there, but, certainly, no traffic. >> mars will be at the close of the to earth in 11 years and at 2:34 p.m. the red planet is 46.8 million miles away from the earth the closest distance since november of 2005 called mars close approach happens every two years at the two man lets -- planets are near eve other with mars surprisible with the help of a telescope.: three women protect a stranger from a possible tape -- date rape. >> and what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up, the zoo horror caught on camera authorities killing an endangered gorilla to recollect a little boy after the
6:40 am
boy fell into the zoo enclosure, how much danger was the child
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6:42 am
>> president obama will be at arlington national cemetery for memorial day observance. this is a live shot. this is the tomb of the unknown
6:43 am
soldier. president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb the unknown. he is urging all americans to observe a national moment of remembrance at 3:00 p.m. local time today. he will deliver a speech today to honor members of the united states armed services veterans and their families. >> it doesn't get better than this, the warriors are hosting game seven for the first time in 40 years at home. they are trying to prove doubters wrong. can you get tickets. it will cost you. >> will lisa -- elissa, don't move. possession is 90% of ownership? >> i could not support these seats the most expensive seats at oracle arena where i an sitting of the someone paid $29,000 to sit on the floor. the keeper seats start at $358 but, still pricey but you get an idea of how huge the game is.
6:44 am
the dubs returns home after a thrilling win against okc. they are looking forward to home court advantage. they trail for most of game six but rallied in the 4th. the coach knows all about what is at stake during the game seven and the pressure, he played three game sovereigns during his career. you can be neither vow, everhyped, excited but the biggest thing remind yourselves it is a game. >> tip-off is 6:00. fans are encouraged to show up early. the doors open at 4:00. there will be watch parties all over the bay area. if you are lucky enough to watch at oracle arena, there are thunder sticks and t-shirts, the goal is to be as loud as possible, make the noise, cheer on the dubs and no one wants the sent to entonight. it has been too exciting and in they win they move on and will
6:45 am
lay in a championship series. can though do it two years in a row? a lot of people think so. >> it -- less than two years after target launched a special program they are shutting it down, the curb side pickup was launched in october of 2014 right here. target will focus more on ordered pickup for online orders in stores being tested in 100 stores in six major cities. >> research suggested that breast feeding from the breast is better than feeding pumped make to be ain'tent far. accordingaccord -- pump the bottles can create a negative pressure during feeding that can be transferred from the pot el to the middle air. >> if you think ride sharing services like uber are taking
6:46 am
over the world that could because you live in silicon valley. >> jane king reports in the special memorial day business report this is evidence that the era of instant gratification by app is die. >> you new research shows ride hailing, home sharing and grocery delivers and shared office spaces are unfamiliar to most americans. a few report finds that only 15% of adults have used ride hailing services like uber and lyft and only 6% have their groceries delivered. for most americans this has not hit their lives yet. the wall street journal said that the only service that most americans have used is purchasing second-hand goods on-line such as ebay. in second place the large number of americans, 41%, have also used programs offering same day or expedited delivery, a service offered by amazon. some companies have gone bust. recently the food delivery
6:47 am
start-up closed shop the latest on-demand start-up to fall on hard times and another is slashing the pay of those on delivers star bought groceries to customers. in february, an on demand parking valet closed and doordash had to lower the value to raise more money. venture capitalists pulled back in the last three months of 2015 according to inside data with the total amount they bet fell by 30% dropping to $27 billion. less cash floating around mean as lot of the companies will be in trouble in they have not built a pathway to profits. most services associated with the economy did not exist a few years ago so they have green but the study shows if you are young, and urban and wealthy it could seem they are everywhere
6:48 am
but vast areas of the country they have not made the inroads. >> in texas, residents were evacuated from three cities as rising floodwaters turned deadly. six people will die pace of flooding. residents say it is the third time they have evacuated in the past year and last their homes during the memorial day flood and last month. second round of storms ton is expected to bring damaging winds and large hail and a few possible tornadoes. >> a beachgoer in southern california is expected to survive after suffering wounds consist went a shark attack. it happened in the wars of newport beep. she was pleading from bite wounds on the torso and shoulder. beach was packed. lifeguarded alerted them. >> there were a bunch of helicopters and search boats. and when we heard that, and the live guard people came up and said, everyone out of water this is an injury. >> they toll to us get out, we
6:49 am
get out quickly. we saw people running up. >> lifeguards and police evacuated the waters and closed down three mile of the coastline. authorities will design whether to reopen the peach. >> glad she get out and everyone got out quickly. mike? >> a heat wave is on way including the north bay and the south bay but the bayshore line and the coast is not really, you will miss out on it. here is a look at what is going on with live doppler hd the next three hours, nothing. from sutro tower, you can see how shallow the partner layer is this morning. we are going to have warm sunshine but the coast is mostly cloudy and developing inland, heat wave will go about five days strong before it protects during the weekend. we will start in the south bay,lying ninety in san jose and los gatos and everyone else is 86 to 89. heading to the period bomb
6:50 am
afternoon sunshine and 70 degrees and low-to-mid 80s on the peninsula for the most part and check out the coast, the warmest and coolest right there 62 at what half and pacifica is 67 and nearly 70 in downtown. south san francisco. and sausalito. about 80 to 86 across the north bay valley and the east bay sure from 84 in fremont, union city, any arc and castro valley in the low-to-mid 80s and everyone in the low-to-mid 70 like oakland at 76. inland, 89 in san ramon and pleasanton and everyone else in the low-to-mid 90s. if you go to san francisco, heading to the presidio, it will be a cloudy day. we will have breaks with sunshine in the early afternoon. temperatures will push and the mid-60s for the festivities there. for the lows tonight they will be comfortable again if you have the capacity to open the windows and get the free air conditioning, especially inland and save yourself on the electric bill because look at the temperatures, mid-to-upper 90s, places like anthony and
6:51 am
brent week, hitting 100 tomorrow through friday and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 90s and along the coast, temperatures are in the mid-60s until friday when we hit 70s and we will be in thity an the bay but notice the temperatures taper but above average over the weekend, and there is a slight chance we could get a shower or two, but so slight we will keep an cry on it. i kept it identity of the rest. >> a look at the roads and in the south bay the sharks fans are staying home early resting their voices. ready for a loud night tonight in the first game of the stanley cup finals, a look at all of the friend. it is a nice green monday morning only cute. 280, from san jose, shows no traffic this morning. >> sunshine. >> three women in southern california of being called heroes for seeing something and saying something. they preveteranned a potential
6:52 am
date rape dining in santa monica and they noticed a man and a woman at a table and he was acting sketchy and the woman got up to use the restroom the man took out a black vile and put something in her drink. >> he caught my attention because he was actioning -- he was acting have strange. i want to the bathroom, found her, and said i know this is weird, but we saw the guy you are with put something in your drink. >> she felt strange saying something but felt she had to, she went back and does not take another drink. he is a co-worker and close friend. the three women told security and reviews the video
6:53 am
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. 2,500 people are expected to be in san francisco at presidio. for one of the largest memorial day ceremonies in the nation. 10:30 commemoration pays special tributes to american participating in the vietnam and korea wars. >> president obama will lay a wreath at arlington cemetery in an hour. >> we have a shallow marine layer.
6:55 am
[ inaudible ] you can see the temperatures well above average, at 69 in san francisco, to mid-80s to mid-90's around the bay and inland. >> it has been light on the roads this morning. this is number four, at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the traffic is light and worse traffic today is expected between 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. >> family and friends of a missing teen are hoping she will be found safe. she was last seen on wednesday on a foot bridge where a witness reported seeing her kidnapped. the suspect was later killed during a shot out with police. presidential candidate bernie sanders will hold a rally at the lazy in oakland today at 5:00 p.m. sanders is ignoring a call by sent feinstein to drop out of the race and allow hillary clinton to gain momentism. >> the sharks are ready to battle for the championship, and it is the first time san jose has advanced to the stanley cup finals in the 25-year history.
6:56 am
game one is at 5 o'clock p.m. in pittsburgh. >> we continue on line and facebook and all the mobile devises tracking all of the memorial day events an the bay area today. we will be back in 25 minutes with more news and weather
6:57 am
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>> stay wit good morning, america. deadly floods kill at least six from texas to kansas. evacuations under way, as a strong rip current threatens the east and sharks attack on both coasts. >> he was like "shark"! he bit my leg! go, go, go! shark, he bit my leg!" >> now more severe storms and flooding on the way. will it be a memorial day washout? weekend rampage. a deadly gun battle erupts in a neighborhood, leaving two dead and six injured. a shooter attacking at random. >> he was shooting and that's all you hear is pop, pop. >> police now searching for a motive. horror at the zoo. a 4-year-old falling 15 feet into an enclosure, grabbed and dragged by a 400-pound gorilla. a zoo worker killing the animal to save the boy. did he have to take the shot? ♪ running on empty and running on the empty.


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