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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> stay wit good morning, america. deadly floods kill at least six from texas to kansas. evacuations under way, as a strong rip current threatens the east and sharks attack on both coasts. >> he was like "shark"! he bit my leg! go, go, go! shark, he bit my leg!" >> now more severe storms and flooding on the way. will it be a memorial day washout? weekend rampage. a deadly gun battle erupts in a neighborhood, leaving two dead and six injured. a shooter attacking at random. >> he was shooting and that's all you hear is pop, pop. >> police now searching for a motive. horror at the zoo. a 4-year-old falling 15 feet into an enclosure, grabbed and dragged by a 400-pound gorilla. a zoo worker killing the animal to save the boy. did he have to take the shot? ♪ running on empty and running on the empty.
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the rookie racer winning the indy 500, making it across the finish line on fumes. the risky decision that paid off and his emotional victory. ♪ and good morning, america. happy memorial day. and what a win for rookie driver alex rossi beating out the odds at the indianapolis 500. his amazing story coming up. ginger, you were there. >> such a special race, 100th running. and then for that to happen and then he ran out of gas. >> then he ran out of gas. >> you could have called him a droid. we should also say it's great -- great to have sara haines back from maternity leave wearing the hot pink. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling -- i have makeup on, clothes that aren't sweats. this already made my day. >> nobody's spit up on you yet.
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>> i haven't had to solve a world problem like why he's crying again. >> we're so happy you're back. pictures coming up later in the broadcast. also on this memorial day, we're remembering those who have sacrificed everything for our country. you are looking live at the tomb of the unknown soldier. president obama will lay a wreath there at arlington national cemetery. >> important not to forget what this day is about. we'll start with the historic flooding in texas and kansas killing at least six people. as east coast deals with tropical depression bonnie. ginger will have a lot more in a moment but first abc's gio benitez is on rockaway beach here in new york city with the latest. gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning to you. we've been seeing this rain and fog all morning long. it's a memorial day washout and this morning, so much of this country is dealing with some devastating weather. deadly storms plaguing millions this memorial day weekend.
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some 20 inches of rain crippling eastern texas with flash floods proving catastrophic, killing at least six. and triggering emergency evacuations in at least four towns. >> definitely scary. thought we were going to be safe. >> reporter: this morning, at least two missing including an 11-year-old boy in kansas, swept away when he fell into a creek trying to cross it. in texas the coast guard deploying helicopters searching for a 37-year-old man washed away after helping rescue a woman who had been swept in the water earlier. first responders going door to door by boat, pulling one stranded resident after another to safety. while others wade through water up to their hips. this man carried to dry land on a stretcher. this group holding out a ladder to save a woman stuck in her van. >> i could have drowned. >> reporter: drone video capturing the overflowing rivers. turning roadways into waterways. rows of cars and school buses swallowed.
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rescuers pulling a woman out of this swamped car. an eighth grader recording this video. from inside a bus treading high waters. >> i've never seen the water this high. >> reporter: in south carolina, tropical depression bonnie bringing the water. at least 8 inches of rain making for a treacherous drive along i-95. dangerous rip current and rough waves hitting beaches. brimming with tourists for the weekend. and back out here live on rockaway beach, i can tell you this rain will start to clear up over the next few hours, but it will start right back up tonight. so, flooding is definitely a concern, amy. >> a rough weather weekend for all. let's turn now to ginger with more on those deadly floods and rains in texas. it's not over yet. >> this is going to be our headlines over the next couple of days. flood warnings already in place. some rivers would flow because they have already that much rain. we're going to get more. already at this hour, storms moving through, strong at times, potentially severe.
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but the most severe part of this is going to end up being the flash flooding south of dallas and austin. three to five inches. south of wichita falls there. then we have to go to the east coast, this plume of moisture, this is interesting to watch, kind of around the depression left over from bonnie the remnants, that moisture coming up along the coast, that's going to drench a lot of the holiday plans at the beach. well that doesn't sound too bad. well, when it starts ponding on the roadways that's going to occur and affect some of your driving this weekend. here's the rain totals. the remnants of bonnie in parts of carolinas, again, another 3 to 5 inches at time. another 2 to 3 inches west of hartford and boston. a little bit inland with a few of the higher elevations. check this out. anybody driving today in the middle of the nation those are going to be your trouble spots. along the east coast down to orlando. it's not a washout for everybody. but something we'll be covering throughout the morning. i'll have more coming up in a couple of minutes.
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as tens of millions head home for this memorial day holiday weekend, there's a travel nightmare, a computer failure stranded more than a thousand travelers at jfk airport here in new york city. a server crashed at one of the terminals forcing airline staffers to write out the boarding passes by hand leading to massive delays. lasting for about eight hours. they brought in extra security to manage the crowds. we're told the problem was resolved overnight and things should go back to normal today. meanwhile across the country, lines are already forming at many other airports -- o'hare in chicago and reagan national in d.c., and major traffic expected on some of the nation's busiest roads. and linsey davis is on the new jersey turnpike on how you can avoid the bottleneck. >> reporter: the world is our oyster. the roads are wide open. we can go where we want to go. traffic is smooth sailing at least for now.
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maybe not for much longer. according to some estimates we're talking 34 million people are going to be on the roads today, even more than last year. many people are pointing to the low gas prices as the reason why. the current national average is $2.32 a gallon. gas hasn't been this low on memorial day since 2005. the best time to hit the road according to waze is right now. you're going to want to watch the rest of "good morning america" and then hit the road. we're starting to expect around 11:00 a.m. the traffic's going to get bad. the worst time for traffic is said to be between 1:00 and 4:00. so, plan accordingly, dan. happy memorial day. >> linsey, thank you. now to that deadly shooting spree in houston. at least one suspect open firing with a high-powered rifle, even shooting at a police helicopter, killing one person and injuring several others.
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phillip mena has the latest from houston. good morning to you, phillip. >> reporter: amy, good morning. it was absolute chaos here, people running everywhere, hundreds of bullets flying, several of them hitting these gas pumps triggering an explosion. this morning, the search for answers. after a memorial day gun battle on the streets of this upscale houston neighborhood left two people dead and at least six injured. >> one more down. two people down. >> we don't know what started this. >> reporter: police said the rampage began around 10:15 a.m. when one shooter armed with a pistol and an ar-15 rifle shot and killed a man at this auto detail shop. listen as gunfire rings out. hitting and injuring four innocent people driving by. >> went through that seat and then came back through that seat. >> reporter: the neighborhood on lockdown, stray bullets igniting this nearby gas pump. officers arriving. the suspect then firing at them,
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hitting two officers. one in the hand and the other in the chest. a bullet proof vest saving his life. the suspect even aiming at the sky, striking a police chopper hovering above. this woman at a nearby atm when she saw the gunman come out of the building. >> he was shooting and that's all you hear is pop, pop, that's all you smell and so i took off. >> reporter: she said she drove into a dead-end into a parking lot. trying to escape. but the shooter kept firing. >> when i turned around that's when i noticed he really tried to aim for my car. >> reporter: this video capturing this gunshot ringing out. police yelling for people to take cover. after about an hour of panic in this neighborhood, police were finally able to shoot and kill the suspect and now the big question is, what was the motive? dan. >> that's the huge question. the investigation may turn up some answers. phillip, thank you. let's go to the race for the
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white house now and today a focus on veterans. donald trump addressing the rolling thunder motorcycle rally. an event dedicated to prisoners of war and military missing in action. trump got a warm welcome but he's still facing some serious questions from this community especially after his comments about john mccain and abc's mary bruce is on the story in washington. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: donald trump is wooing veteran voters but he's also being dogged about his previous comments about p.o.w.s and questions about his fund-raising for veterans. donald trump revving engines. >> look at these bikers. do we love the bikers? yes. >> reporter: and trying to rev up veteran voters. >> we're going to rebuild our military and we're going to take care of our veterans. >> reporter: this, as questions mount about how much money he's really raised for veterans. >> reporter: we just raised almost $6 million for the vets. >> reporter: where did all that money go? trump promises to reveal which
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organizations received donations at a tuesday's press conference and bob dole is calling trump out for these comments about former p.o.w. senator john mccain. >> he's a warrior because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. >> saying trump should apologize. >> i'm going to try to get trump to issue an apology. >> reporter: but some veterans are giving trump a pass, saying they like what they hear. >> trump's going to hurt you with the truth, he's not going to kill you with a lie. >> reporter: so far no apology from trump and something else he's not sorry for is bringing up bill clinton in attacks on democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> trouble follows the clintons everywhere. if they're going to be back in politics, then their history is relevant to what the american people can expect. >> reporter: this morning, trump is blasting critics who say he'll be challenged by an independent candidate. trump tweeting that the republican party can't allow lightweights to set up a spoiler candidate.
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>> mary, thank you and amy, some headlines from overseas. that's right. more than 700 people are now feared dead after a series of boat sinkings in the mediterranean sea. this happened in recent days. look at this. migrants trying to reach europe were thrown into the water when their boat capsized off the coast of italy. thousands of others have been saved by rescue ships. many are children crossing alone. most are from africa. the warmer weather is prompting more people to take the risk to cross. and a developing story from mexico where a star athlete has been rescued after he was kidnap by armed men. authorities in mexico releasing this photo overnight of soccer star alan pulido safe. after police say he was abducted saturday while leaving a party. they found him in a safe house before midnight and at least one kidnapper was wounded during that rescue. they're not releasing any other details. no group has claimed responsibility. but the region has been marred
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by a violent war between drug gangs. a rocky start for one wedding couple. their wedding cruise ran aground off a small island and it was stuck for hours. the 137 of passengers were transferred safely to another boat. the newlyweds were in good spirits despite their seven-hour ordeal. >> the coast guard, everyone's moving. kids are crying. it was crazy. >> nobody was injured. that is the good news. the charter boat company promises a storybook romance for weddings held onboard. no question now they have a story to tell. >> they're advertising a gilligan's island experience. >> with a safety return home. all right, some tough and terrifying scenes to tell you about on the beaches across america. a young boy bitten by a shark in florida in waist-deep water. and a woman attacked in california. abc's kendis gibson is here with those stories. >> reporter: the timing couldn't be any worse.
7:14 am
just as millions of americans prepare to hit the beaches for the summer two vicious attacks. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> reporter: overnight a wave of panic. report of shark attacks on both coasts. >> hi, here in neptune beach. somebody got bit by a shark. >> reporter: in florida a young boy believed to between the age of 11 and 13 years old, attacked. >> shark bite on the beach. near the lemon bar. >> reporter: police said the boy had been swimming in waist-deep waters, when he was bitten. while his injuries are believed to be nonlife threatening the shark about 5 1/2 feet long clamped on to his calf and shin, the bite bone deep. >> we tried to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: hours later in southern california, another reported attack. >> newport lifeguards are on the scene, unknown what type of medical problems. trying to get a response.
7:15 am
>> reporter: they evacuate the beach after lifeguards rescued a woman off the coast with wounds to her torso. helicopters searching the water looking from the predator. >> i don't know the extent of her injuries at this point. like i said, she was transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: this morning, that two-mile stretch of beach in newport is closed throughout the rest of the holiday. the authorities say the victim in california was outside the protected swimming area at the time. that doesn't make it any easier. >> thanks so much, kendis. now to that incredible cinderella story at the indianapolis 500. i'm going to say this right this time, rookie alex rossi winning the 100th indy race. literally running on fumes. and abc's ryan smith is here with his story. >> reporter: good morning, he was the definition of a long shot, 66 to 1 odds to win. only his second race on a oval track and his first was last month. he beat the entire field by doing what we have all done, he
7:16 am
stretched that fuel to the last drop and for him so far, he had to be towed to victory lane. >> you just won the indy 500! >> reporter: sunday's historic indy 500 fueled by fumes. >> first timer is going to win the indianapolis 500 mile race. >> the drama coming in spades. rookie driver alexandra rossi running out of fuel as he victoriously finishing the line. after making the gutsy move to stretch out his last tank of gas in the final laps the other guys stopping to refuel. >> save fuel. >> reporter: rossi using every drop to cross the finish line. >> it's about riding it out. it was either going to work or wasn't. to be able to pull that off was mind-boggling. >> reporter: the california native is the first rookie to win since helio castroneves since 2001, the race itself littered with countless crashes.
7:17 am
one driver slamming against the wall at full speed. cameras capturing this dangerous collision in the pit between teammates. but for rossi who needed a little help arriving at the big celebration -- >> he'll be towed in to victory lane. >> reporter: it was simply an unforgettable day for the underdog. >> i'm here and we won. >> it will change my life for sure. >> sure will. he beat carlos munoz, his andretti teammate. who finished runner up for the second time. rossi's car finish that final lap at a snail pace of 179 miles. >> ginger you were there this was your first race? >> it was my first race. what a beautiful race to be at. the 100th running. i got to meet and talk with mario andretti. for someone from his team to win, it was so special to be with him. when he walked out there was no celebrity on that red carpet bigger than him. rightfully so.
7:18 am
he told me, he doesn't really have a tradition before they go together, like the family doesn't have something -- he said we just focus and i get nervous every race. even now. >> carol brady was there. >> florence henderson has been here, she was the grand marshal. it was such a special time. here's what i got from it. people go to this race for 60 years in a row. plus 100th running. it was a huge deal. >> looked like you had good weather. >> perfect weather. ill hate going to things like that and then it rains. >> was it hot in the rookie suit? >> superhot in the rookie suit. should we do some weather? some decent weather happening right here in the middle of the nation. wet spots back in the center and on the east coast. indianapolis, today, mid-80s. near 90 for nashville. 91 for a high in birmingham. select cities now brought tow to you by walgreens. select cities now brought tow to you by walgreens. snoorp
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the memorial day forecast. warm sunshine. but the coast will remain cloudy. developing heat wave inland. and the heat will break by the time we get to the weekend. 62 at half moon bay of the antioch is 95. we will be 90 around concord and livermore and san jose. as far as lows, they are comfortable back in the 50. free air conditioning. my seven-day forecast shows the hottest day is friday. many of us could hit triple coming up that terrifying moment caught on camera a 4-year-old falling into a zoo exhibit then picked up and
7:20 am
dragged by a gorilla. how it happened and did the zoo go too far to stop it? jack hanna will join us live. also, johnny depp's divorce drama. his estranged wife amber heard accusing him of domestic violence. now hiexes coming to his defense. keep it here on "gma." defense. keep it here on "gma." silence. a realtor® knows it can be one of the most powerful tools in a negotiation. some people crumble and feel the need to fill the space. not this guy. i don't need to talk. just watch how silent i can be. the other guy's blabbing while i'm a hundred percent wordless; sans-words; on mute; having the confidence to not say a darn thing. that's what i'm talking about. ♪ ♪
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war. all right. we're going to give you an update on traffic right now. it's been green and green all morning. moving in a little bit cloers, but you want to give you a heads up and then a lot of people going to a viewing people and oakland a's. be careful about
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and goodd starting in the 50s in most neighbors. we do have 49 in santa rosa and then by 10:00 and 11:00 most of
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to have clouds are gone. we will be in the 6 0s. we're going to hang in the mid-60s with the cloud cover and the sunshine. it's not going to be > look at that friday. thank you mike. we will have another local news update in
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. welcome back to "gma" on a monday morning. you're looking live at the tomb of unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery as we remember those who sacrificed their lives for this country. in honor, our servicemen and women. >> a big thank you to all of the service men and women out there. also right now the south is facing some deadly flooding, at least six people have been killed from texas to kansas. evacuations under way as millions brace for more severe storms and flooding. then steph curry and the golden state warriors getting ready for a big battle facing off against the oklahoma city thunder tonight. it's game seven of the nba western conference finals. and top of the world this morning. we'll be hearing for the first time from that group of veterans that climbed mt. everest. raising awareness for the injured and fallen in the line of duty. inspiring so many people. amy. >> beautiful pictures.
7:31 am
but first, we want to get to that zoo horror caught on camera. a child falling into the enclosure. authorities killing the endangered gorilla to protect that little boy. he is now doing okay this morning and abc's marci gonzalez has the latest from cincinnati zoo. and we warn you, some of the video you're about to see may be disturbing. >> reporter: the zoo is back open today. but that gorilla exhibit remains closed. as authorities look into how this horrifying encounter you're about to see unfolded. this is dramatic video showing the terror. watch as a young boy is trapped in a zoo enclosure held in the clutches of a 400-pound gorilla. >> a child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> reporter: at one point, 4-year-old seen here cowering in a corner, the massive primate hovering over him. onlookers yelling as suddenly
7:32 am
the boy is grabbed and dragged through the water. his mother reassuring him from above. >> mommy loves you! >> reporter: the gorilla even appearing to make eye contact with the boy, holding his hand before standing him up and then grabbing him by the back of his shirt and sweeping him through the water again. after ten minutes, a zoo worker taking aim, shooting and killing the 17-year-old endangered silverback gorilla named harambe. while the massive animal the holding the boy between his legs. >> they made the right choice. because, they saved that little boy's life. >> reporter: the boy rushed to the hospital. his family telling abc news he has been released surviving the incident with only a concussion and a few scrapes. this morning protests and anger online about the gorilla's death. many questioning why harambe was killed instead of tranquilize. some pointing to a video like this one. a gorilla carrying a young child. who had fallen into the enclosure to zookeepers for help. and this one saying they
7:33 am
demonstrate that gorillas can be protective. others saying that tranquilizers can take too long and can actually irritate large animals like this chimp who escaped from a zoo in japan last month. also this morning, more questions about how the boy was able to get into the enclosure in the first place. zoo officials say he was able to crawl under a steel railing and make his way through wires and bushes before falling 15 feet into the mote below and an eyewitness said the whole thing happened in an instance. she believed there was nothing that the boy's mother could have done. >> i'm not sure, you know, she could have reacted and done anything either at that point. he was there and then he was gone. it was like a split-second. >> reporter: the boy's mother said in a now-deleted facebook page. as a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off of their child. accidents happen. but i'm thankful the right people were in the right place.
7:34 am
>> and the family releasing a statement overnight, thanking god and the staff here at the zoo for saving the boy, saying he's now recovering back at home. officials here at the zoo releasing their own statement saying this is the first time something like this has ever happened here. amy. >> we're so happy he's doing all right. joining us now with more is jack hanna. the director emeritus of the columbus zoo in ohio. the host of jack hanna's into the wild. and jack hanna's wild countdown. jack, it's so hard to watch that video. can you give a sense of how much danger that child was in when he fell into mote? >> ten seconds here, remember something, no one loves gorillas than the zoo world. we have given them millions and millions of dollars to preserve these animals. i have a house three miles from mountain gorillas live. i worked with them for 35 years. the video i saw, studying these
7:35 am
gorillas for 35, his mouth his actions, all that yelling that was going on the the commotion, the gorilla was standing over the child. you can see here. the child was pulled there. that gorilla was upset. having worked with these animals for 35 years, that gorilla could have easily, i have seen him take a green coconut and squish it like that. that's a silverback male, by the way, so, you're dealing with life, human life or animal life. what's the decision, very simple to figure that out. >> jack, what about the people online why not tranquilize the gorilla instead of shoot to kill? what do you say to that? >> right, what i have seen with other animals, once that dart go into that big, beautiful silverback male, what is he going to do with a child? he's going to jump like this. with the power of this animal, it's beyond comprehension.
7:36 am
they are an magnificent creature. now there's no doubt in my mind that child wouldn't be here today if they hadn't made that decision. >> it took 10 to 15 minutes before they were able to take that shot. why do you think it took so long, they were getting the female gorillas out of the enclosure as well that seemed a long time. for that child to be alone with the gorilla. >> they were trying their best to see what happened there. they saw there was more action from the silverback that would tell you that this thing -- they had to do something very quickly. the dart takes too long. the child would not have a chance. >> all right, jack hanna, we appreciate your insight, thank you so much. >> such a tough story. it's worth pointing out that the gorilla didn't do anything wrong here. victims all of the way around here. hidden dangers in lakes. as so many of us have been jumping in this summer, there have been at least 25 electrocutions across the country. shocks coming with no warnings and sometimes they're lethal. abc's steve osunsami has the story.
7:37 am
they're hoping that speaking out will save somebody else's life. >> she loved life, she loved people. she loved her family. >> reporter: jimmy and casey johnson just lost their 15-year-old daughter carmen in a terrible lake accident behind their home and they're telling us their story this morning to warn other families. >> i could have saved her if it was anything but electrocution in water. >> reporter: she was their youngest, was a cheerleader. got good grades and loved the water but she died after her family says she was electrocuted in the lake and they say it came from the rusty electrical work from the dock in their backyard. >> my initial thought was, something's pulling my daughter down. >> reporter: it's called a electric shock drowning when a current from usually short dock spreads through the water. they jumped in the water to help and said they were nearly killed until casey ran to this switch and turned off the power. >> when i grabbed the ladder -- i couldn't let go. i knew immediately what was happening.
7:38 am
>> it's the worst feeling in the world not being able to move. >> reporter: several states are calling for changes, electric outlets that shut down when there's a short or overload. to keep your family safe, experts said you should inspect the electrical equipment at pools, docks, boats and marinas least once a year and it's great idea to get a shock alarm or a similar product that warns there's electricity in the water. >> there's probably lot of drownings that happen that could be from this that people don't know that's what it is. >> they don't realize that it's electric shock that caused the drowning. >> steve osunsami abc news, double springs, alabama. >> the johnsons tell us local laws never called for this faulty line to be inspected. in their daughter's name they want that to change. coming up next -- johnny depp's divorce drama, what his daughter and his exes are saying after those accusations of domestic violence.
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we're back now with the latest on johnny depp accused of domestic abuse in his sudden split from amber heard. now his daughter and his exes are coming to his defense. abc's david wright has the details. >> reporter: johnny depp is throwing himself back into work after his estranged wife amber heard accused him of domestic violence. now his exes are springing to his defense. vanessa paradis wrote that in all the years i have known johnny he has never been physically abusive with me. their daughter posted this on instagram -- my dad is the sweetest person i know. and everyone who knows him would say the same. depp's first wife told tmz he's a soft person. depp and heard had a tough year.
7:44 am
forced to apologize after smuggling their dogs into australia illegally. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> depp's mother died a little over a week ago, heard claims he went on a drunken tirade smashing an iphone into her face. the lapd tells abc news it responded to a complaint to the couple's home last weekend but officers said there was no evidence of any crime. the actress was in court friday, submitting these photos that she says showed the bruises on her eye after the alleged attack. the judge granted her a restraining order. spotted by paparazzi saturday after a legal meeting she was all smiles on saturday. >> i think for a judge looking at this it's not going to be about his character as much as it's going to be about facts. there are some pretty specific allegations that amber made. >> reporter: depp is worth an estimated $400 million and the couple reportedly didn't have a prenuptial agreement.
7:45 am
they were married for 15 months. we reached out to representatives for both actors, both said no comment. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to david for that. coming up -- the incredible journey we're seeing these veterans who climbed mt. everest for the first time since they reached the top. you'll hear from them in just a bit. hem in just a bit. ll hear from them in just a bit. he dark. people are younger and better looking in the dark. see? people wear their most stylish and glamorous clothes in the dark. in the dark, people gain an irrational sense of invincibility. bowling is less sad, and making out is much more likely. so if all this good stuff happens in the dark, wouldn't you want a camera that can capture things... the dark? the new galaxy s7 edge with low-light camera. ♪
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♪ back now with really incredible achievement on this memorial day, brand-new images of chad jukes reaching the top of mt. everest part of an amazing journey to honor fellow service men and women. take a look. we followed their trek the incredible journey. >> we're team usx. we just summited everest. >> reporter: this morning, team usx, three american veterans talking to us from base camp for the first time since they reached the top of the world last week. >> i would definitely say that climbing mt. everest has been worth it. >> that's chad jukes hit by an ied in iraq in 2006, he climbed with a prosthetic leg and active duty captain elise, her goal is
7:50 am
to remember the others. >> i have a picture of keith williams and benjamin crane. i'm going to bring them to the summit for their families. >> reporter: now telling us the 17,000-foot descent was actually the hardest part. >> definitely the descent was not favorable conditions. >> reporter: despite the dangers, the cause they say worth every step. the team climbing to raise awareness for ptsd and the growing number of veteran suicides at least 22 a day. >> it's not necessarily about us summiting everest. that was a success, which is awesome. but really what we're most proud of the difference that we've been able to make in other's lives. >> a lot of people don't know what a skurj ptsd is and they're doing an amazing job raising awareness. >> incredible. >> it's incredible. we salute them and everybody who's served this country and many of them making the ultimate sacrifice. coming up in our next half-hour -- melissa mccarthy fighting back against that ghostbusters backlash.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
now from abc morning news. happy memorial day. meteorologist nick nick h meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area forecast. >> it's a little cloudy and starting to see warming in concord, hayward and mountain view and the restover o us are in the 50s. now the rest of the afternoon we're in the 60s and 90s in land and knot bachlt e i should say east bay and south bay. check out the heat waive. we will peek in the mid-80s in the coast. >> sounds good. thank you mike. we're on a sunday schedule and ace has no schedule at all.
7:57 am
let's look at the toll bay. thank you for joining us. we will have another local update inmy 30 minutes and alw on the news app and the news continues now with
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. memorial day washout. deadly floods and storms hit the south as rip currents threaten the east. a major warning this morning as millions hit the beach and the road. ♪ don't roofie someone on their watch. meet the charlie's angels of the internet. three heroes saving a stranger on a date. how they knew to speak up. the story everybody's sharing right now. ♪ melissa mccarthy fighting back. she ain't afraid of any "ghostbusters" backlash. the comedy queen defending the most hated trailer on youtube. why she's telling trolls to find a friend. and fire up those grills, we
8:01 am
have the best dishes for your memorial day. and we're kicking off the party with major league soccer stars here, live, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. good morning, america. look at that, we have a major league soccer stars here and they have been busy. they're with the fans now, signing shirts, and they were taking over the anchor desk just a short while ago. we'll have a lot of fun with them. there they are. they did a walk by. >> i'm glad they didn't beam me in the head with one of those. that's coming up. sara's first day back from maternity leave. we have to show this picture. the most beautiful baby in the world. look at that smile, baby alec. >> and the hair. >> i have been to brooklyn six times, the most i have ever been to brooklyn in my life. to visit that one. >> he looks like a troublemaker
8:02 am
and i'm wondering where he got that from. >> ginger's baby looks more like a troublemaker. >> i think together -- >> double trouble. >> they may be a combo. >> yeah, we'll add my son to that mix. anyway, it's memorial day, we do want to take a moment now to remember all the men and the women who have bravely served this country. you're looking at the flags in place to honor them. sara, as you know, a lot of people see memorial day as well as the unofficial start of summer. >> it means, it's time to get into shape. a new series, weight loss win. this morning, we're revealing the hidden medical reasons you may be struggling to lose weight. one woman is sharing her story. dr. jen ashton joins us live. >> sara, thanks for that. that's coming up. but now, let's turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning, torrential rain and flooding turning deadly over this holiday weekend.
8:03 am
prompting new evacuations, massive flooding has swamped much of central texas, killing at least six people there. this swollen river seen here from above is expected to crest at nearly 54 feet, second highest level ever. miserable conditions also plaguing much of the east coast and abc's gio benitez is in rockaway beach with the latest. gio, good morning. >> reporter: it's truly a memorial day washout here on rockaway beach. this rain and fog is from tropical depression bonnie. we'll see this over the next several hours and that's why flooding is a concern here right now. but let's take you to texas, we have seen some 20 inches of rain falling over the weekend. killing at least six people and triggering emergency evacuations. right now, at least two people are missing. we have a 37-year-old man who was trying to help in those rescue efforts washed away and an 11-year-old boy in kansas also swept away
8:04 am
when he fell into a creek. so, two people missing right now. at least six people have been killed. this weather, here, in the northeast, is going to continue on for several hours. it's going to clear up and then pick up again tonight. so, serious weather all across this country, amy. >> all right, gio, thank you for that. and in houston, police are searching for a motive in a wild gun rampage that left eight people shot, two people dead. they say a man walked into a car repair shop and shot a person. six people were wounded before a police s.w.a.t. officer shot him. turning to politics now and donald trump reaching out to veterans on this memorial day, he addressed bikers at a rally in washington, vowing to rebuild the military and take care of veterans. trump said people who enter the united states illegally get better care than our veterans. he's also promising to announce the names of the charities that benefited from $6 million he raised for vets.
8:05 am
meanwhile, bernie sanders is holding more rallies in california, calling that state's upcoming primary the big enchilada. hillary clinton marking the holiday by marching in a parade in her hometown. we're now hearing from the mother of the boy who was rescued of falling into enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. the boy suffered a concussion but is otherwise okay. in a statement on facebook, his mother said, as a society, we're quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off their child. i keep a tight watch on my kids. accidents happen. well, some dramatic video during this motorcycle race in spain. one rider spins out before another runs over his gas tank, setting off a massive explosion. all riders managed to escape that fire. amazingly no one was injured.
8:06 am
finally, you may never have to hit the snooze button again. take a look at this new alarm clock that will brew your morning joe right next to your bed. just load it before you go to sleep and your wake-up cup will be an arm's length away. no more excuses that you can't get out of bed. i can't believe this hasn't been invented sooner. this is the first one of its type. >> this is one step away from intravenous. we wish them well. let's get it over to sara with the "morning menu." let's take a look at what's coming up -- three women being called heroes this morning for stepping in to save a stranger. what they saw her date do to make them leap into action. one woman's medical condition that's kept her from losing weight.
8:07 am
we got dr. ashton here live also. and goldie hawn sharing her secrets to happiness, back and better than ever in a new movie with amy schumer. plus, our major league soccer stars are here taking over times square. coming up live on "gma." allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. someone is carrying well,locally grown produce picked at peak of season of freshness. guess who it could be. better yet... ...try it. at walmart's low prices.
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sfx: streeeeeetch...thwang! sfx: smack! flock together, and let the fun fly! because angry birds are coming to mcdonald's. how ya doin'? isn't that cool? now you can order, scan and unlock in game rewards based on "the angry birds movie," rated pg only in theaters. ugh! the door, why didn't we think of that? ♪ we don't want mass hysteria. >> get out of the city, get out of the city! >> i'll kick the living crap out of you, you and especially you. welcome back to "good morning america." yeah, i think you know who that is, that's melissa mccarthy taking on the ghosts. this morning, she's taking on some critics of the film. sara will have more on that in "pop news."
8:12 am
we're going to start here with these quick-thinking women now being called heroes for stepping in to save a stranger. three friends enjoying a night out noticed somebody acting suspiciously and their decision to speak up may have saved one woman's life. abc's lauren lyster has more. >> >> reporter: it was a hypothetical scenario on abc's "what would you do?" people at a bar tested on how they would react seeing a woman's drink seemingly drugged. but three women in los angeles say they saw it happen in real life and stopped a potentially dangerous date. a "charlie's angels" inspired meme on facebook, don't roofie on our watch. going viral. you're at happy hour. having fun. what happens next? >> i noticed a gentleman at the table next to me acting pretty suspicious. >> what did you think he was doing? >> i thought he was trying to
8:13 am
lace her drink, yeah. >> reporter: the trio taking action. one finding the woman in the bathroom to tell her she thought something wasn't right. >> it was a weird, awkward thing to be like, hi, i know that this is really weird. we saw the guy you're with put something in your drink. >> what did she say to you? >> she said he's one of my best friends. >> reporter: another alerting restaurant staff at this santa monica hotel where they were eating. the manager saying the security footage corrobated their story. they arrested 25-year-old michael shue, planning to charge him with two felony counts. >> i'm completely filled with gratitude that we were able to help another woman out. >> reporter: according to the cdc, 1 in 10 women have been victims of rape involving drugs and alcohol, and
8:14 am
nearly half know the perpetrator. >> what inspired you to post this on facebook? >> if they say something it can make a difference. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> especially worrying because she said they were close friends. amy over to you now to our series, weight loss win, this morning we're looking at the hidden medical conditions that may be keeping you from losing weight. one woman struggling for 15 years with countless diets until a doctor finally discovered what was wrong. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: they're a picture of perfection. but behind the smile of mom debbie savage, a 15 year battle with weight loss. >> back when i was in middle school, i started gaining weight rapidly. i would work out. i was on several sports teams and i was still gaining weight. and i didn't understand why. i just thought it was puberty or genetics. >> reporter: she did everything right.
8:15 am
eating a healthy diet and staying active, and yet no one could diagnose why she couldn't lose the pounds. >> so, i would go to the doctor once a year and every year he would tell me that my weight has gone up. >> you never like to see somebody you love struggling. >> reporter: it took five doctors to finally diagnose debbie. this doctor finally figuring out what it was -- polycystic ovary syndrome. >> women could go undiagnosed if many years. >> reporter: pcos symptoms include -- >> i was so frustrated that years had gone by and this went unnoticed, but at the same time, i felt so refreshed that i had an answer. >> reporter: debbie switched to a paleo diet and was prescribed medicine to help with insulin resistance. a symptom of pcos.
8:16 am
her medical mystery turned into a weight loss win. >> within six months i lost 50 pounds. our lives are so much fuller now because i have an answer and i'm so thankful for that. >> reporter: the diagnosis solving her struggle with infertility as well. >> i was able to get pregnant. my husband and i now have twins. that was a surprise. we wouldn't have these two precious boys if it weren't for that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> what an incredible story. and dr. jennifer ashton joins us now with more. we saw that diagnosis did for debbie. how common is this disorder? >> well, we call this the most common but least well-understood hormonal condition. affecting 5% to 25% of women. in terms of making a diagnosis it can be made as early as the teenage years.
8:17 am
it's not just one definitive test. oftentimes, blood hormone levels will point in this direction. some doctors will get a sonogram. the key is making a diagnosis so it can be properly managed. >> there are other conditions out there as well. >> very long list. three the most important for people to know about, sleep apnea, this is often missed. low thyroid or hypothyroidism and definitely depression. >> and there are medications that you could be taking that could also contribute to being overweight. >> right, i want to be clear before we show this list people are not to stop these medications if they're thinking they're having a weight problem, because this doesn't affect every patient and every single one of these medications. but we're talking about antidepressants, anti-seizure medications. some diabetes medications
8:18 am
some birth control pills and antihistamines. we're in allergy season, big offender. it's not about stopping them but a matter of looking at the entire picture so you can target the weight problem. >> what do you recommend for people who are struggling? >> well, look, it's not as simple as eat less and move more. we know that. you need to think of the whole person, if possible someone should work with a nutritionist and a doctor who's familiar with managing weight issues. >> very important information. dan? now, though, to actress goldie hawn enjoying this holiday weekend in hawaii with her daughter kate hudson and her new co-star amy schumer. the two are working on "mother/daughter" comedy. and abbie boudreau goes one-on-one with goldie hawn. to talk about returning to the big screen and her secret to happiness. >> reporter: goldie hawn never goes out of style. >> old people today used to be
8:19 am
new people before they became old were really busy making new people are still here. >> reporter: from her early years on "laugh-in." to the first wives club. >> i'm an actress. >> reporter: and now, after 13 years out of the spotlight, she's back, starring alongside hot new funny girl amy schumer. >> when i got this thing with amy schumer, i went, wait a minute, come on. maybe one more time. but, i'm so excited about working with her. >> reporter: the 70-year-young stunner following her daughter kate hudson's lead, recently joining instagram and loving it. >> the idea of being joyful and silly. couldn't swallow it fast enough. >> reporter: and feeling joy and happiness is what goldie is all about, spending her years away from hollywood creating and developing a program called mindup.
8:20 am
teaching children in school how to relax their mind. be mindful, learn to listen and focus on acts of kindness. >> i brought neuroscientists in. >> reporter: it's now in six countries with nearly 1 million children part of the hawn foundation's mindup program. do you think it's working? >> i know it's working. our research has proven it's working. bullying has been go down. i'm working for something bigger than me. and maybe at the end of the day it might be bigger than anything i have ever done. >> reporter: a cause close to goldie's heart. going back to the start of her career. you had some anxiety issues in the industry. >> i reached a time when i was very anxious. i got picked out of a chorus line, and suddenly i'm on television. i was feeling panicky. i would have panic attacks. >> reporter: she says she began meditating in the '70s saying it changed her life.
8:21 am
>> kate is a strong person and our friendship has grown. but i won't separate kate from the rest of my family. because, we're all that way. >> reporter: and her more than 30-year-long relationship to actor kurt russell still going strong. the secret -- >> a mindful sense of self and the ability to make clear choices to stay together or choices not to. i think that's what makes a successful marriage. >> reporter: but maybe the biggest takeaway from our conversation for those of us in search of happiness, how did you find happiness? >> i think it's about staying mindful about what makes you happy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, beverly hills. >> i know what makes me happy quoting "overboard" the entire time with sara haines. >> they weren't watching the story, i was watching the story.
8:22 am
>> "so, i was fat and short." >> sorry. >> anyway, i actually don't know what they're talking about. so, ginger, please save me with the weather. >> so i shalrry, dan. i'm somewhere -- there's no place i would rather be than on this memorial day. you wanted to say hello to family where? >> texas. >> anyone specific? >> to my parents and my husband. >> thank you all so much for your service. let's go ahead and check the weather, though, there's dangerous weather brewing in parts of the plains, kansas, nebraska, knot dakota and south dakota both have the potential for winds strong hail for later this afternoon. once that blows through, cooler weather moves in. look at what's behind it. my goodness, century mark and beyond. in places like sacramento, >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with
8:23 am
the memorial day forecast. warm sunshine. but the coast will remain cloudy. developing heat wave inland. and the heat will break by the time we get to the weekend. 62 at half moon bay of the antioch is 95. we will be 90 around concord and livermore and san jose. as far as lows, they are comfortable back in the 50. free air conditioning. my seven-day forecast shows the hottest day is friday. many of us could hit triple >> sara, amy, just act all of "overboard" once i get in there. next commercial break. >> please come back in immediately, ginger. >> right, yeah. >> that's the tease. >> just to torture dan time now for "pop news." i'm joined by toast the dog, so, this is my happy place who will be making a big announcement at the end of "pop news." first, when it comes to taking down online haters, who do you call? how about melissa mccarthy? she stars in the upcoming all-female reboot of "ghostbusters," which has the
8:24 am
most hated trailer on youtube. the actress taking heat from a lot of fans who say the movie is ruining their childhood memories of the original 1980's comedy. get some new memories people. mccarthy brushing off the backlash by saying, i hope they find a friend. this cast is ridiculous. you cannot say anything negative about it. the oscar nominee keeping it light, just like her dad, who may not be perfect but no one is. ghostbusters opens on july 15th. i'll be there. >> i'll be there, too. >> good publicity for the movie. >> it's a totally different movie. you don't compare the two. a movie we'll all be quoting. >> yes. and we told you about jimmy kimmel's bold campaign to run for the vice presidency. well, he's made an interesting new campaign promise. let's take a look.
8:25 am
[ laughter ] >> when i'm elected your vice president i promise not to waste taxpayers' money on ancient technology but on modern technology like kardashian apps. and angry birds. >> he's quite the innovator. >> sharing important american values right now. catch more campaign drama on his show at 11:35 p.m. and finally, what you've all been waiting for, toast the dog is here, she's known as the world's first supermodel dog with over 355,000 followers on instagram. how did she do that? pretty impressive for a pup. she's released her first book. "toasthampton: how to summer in style." full of her favorite hot spots. oh, toast is a king charles spaniel rescued from a puppy mill.
8:26 am
the author supports the work of the humane society. donating a portion of each sale to end puppy mills. you're huge on rescue as well, dan. >> i like to say, adopt an animal for pretty much free you can save a life and improve your own. >> look at toast. >> look at toast riding a horse that's pretty impressive. >> i think that's photo shop. >> i know, i'm kidding. >> the tongue is real. the tongue is real. we'll be right back. e is real. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
now from abc7 news. other good movrning i am natasha zouves from the abc morning news. democratic candidate sanders will premier at a private event this afternoon and hold a public rally at 7:00. california's primary is next tuesday. all right. i want to give you a quick check taking a look at the driving conditioning and it's 17 minutes across the bridge and just about eight minutes and a great position. it's a short nine minute drive. a live look on the bridge and you can see traffic very light and heavy traffic you can expect between 1:00 and 4:00
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. we're on the road where the sun is alreax$iqf shining brightly the temperatures are mid-50s 2060s already. the clouds will be at the coast for the better bart of today. you will still need the sunscreen because it's a strong sun and it will break through the clouds. it's 50s and 60s and then through the root on friday. >> thank you mike. we will have another local news
8:30 am
update and always on the news app. you can join jeg give, mike, friday morning, get ready to party with pitbull. where? >> central park. are you ready for me? i will never get enough of "gma." >> only on "good morning america" summer concert series. >> this is going to be epic. >> pitbull, live, friday. well, the feeling's mutual. we'll never get enough of pitbull. welcome back to "good morning america." he takes over central park for our big summer concert on friday. and this morning, as you get ready for your memorial day cookouts we got chef enrique olvera here to help and dan's with the major league soccer stars. >> these soccer stars aren't just going big on the field they're also winning on social media. joining us now to share their
8:31 am
secrets, maurice edu, david villa and charlie davies from my hometown new england revolution. thank you. we'll talk about that in a second. so, david, let me start with you. there was a phenomenal goal that you scored, i think we have a clip of it, tell us what it felt like when you scored the goal that our viewers are seeing right here. nice. >> good feelings. i was happy when i score a goal. and i think yesterday it was an amazing goal. >> it was an amazing goal. so, copa america starts on friday. we have the statue here. charlie the first game is usa versus colombia, who's going to win? >> before i answer that question, since you're from boston -- >> i am. >> i had to present you with a new england revolution jersey. >> nice. thank you. that is amazing. thank you. you're the best.
8:32 am
you're the best. >> and to answer that question -- >> do you make them in smaller sizes? >> i think you can grow into it. >> nice, appreciate it. this is not my morning between you and sara. >> i would have to say the u.s. i'm a supporter of my country and i believe in the guys. let's ask some social media questions. maurice, you have a pretty big instagram following, i understand you have 400 pair of sneakers. you have been some taking pictures of your kicks on instagram. a what i of branding yourself on social? >> the beauty of instagram and social media is you get to be yourself, authentic. i have grown up always liking sneakers. naturally, i post sneakers and other fashionable things like that. >> you married? >> no. >> so, most married guys probably don't have 400 sneakers. moving along before i get beat up by the soccer players. let's move along to david. david, you got a huge twitter followers. you have star power. you have more than steph curry.
8:33 am
we have one of your favorite twitter photos up now, how do you maintain and engage your following? >> it's great for me to meet fans on internet and social media. i try -- happy with my social media and it's nice for me. >> yeah, it's working. it's working. you're doing a good job. >> charlie for you, we have a video question, take a look. >> congratulations, charlie. i'm curious -- babies or playing soccer -- >> that's a very good question. the babies of course, who doesn't love a baby. but yeah, the doctors and nurses at the hospital have done a fantastic job of raising our babies since they were premature and getting them to health. so, you know, now that they're almost ready to come home it's been great. >> that's amazing. speaking of boston, my dad works
8:34 am
at that hospital. it's all in the family this morning. but there was a meme that went viral of you lately. i think we've got it right here. you dancing. can you re-create this? any chance you can re-create this? >> of course, of course. i'm a big dancer. >> there we go. i think we're going to put up a split shot. go for it. so -- nice. well done, well done. i love it. you get paid extra this morning. gentlemen, thank you very much. great to have you on this morning. we'll send it back -- by the way, i should say the copa starts friday, june 3rd. i'll be putting this on and swimming in it for the next several days. back to you guys. now to oscar nominee saoirse ronan. the brooklyn star is taking on
8:35 am
broadway in the tony-nominated "crucible." she recently sat down with our jesse palmer to talk about her transition from the big screen to the stage. >> reporter: she has one of hottest acting careers around. at 22 she already has two oscar nominations and now she's captivating theater audiences in the crucible. she's here to describe the character. >> she's the worst. she's got a reason to be the worst. i don't think it would be fair to say that she's sort of a simple, black and white villain. i think usually the best antagonist to begin with in the play, everything's sort of taken away from her. she's desperate for a purpose and authority and things like that. i think that drives her to do what she does. >> this is your first time working on broadway, what's been the biggest surprise for you leaving the silver screen and now being here back in new york on broadway?
8:36 am
>> i realize you can lose your voice. everything's so minimal i should be with film. with a camera right there. it's different with theater, it needs to be more physical and the stamina needed to keep that up every single day, six days a week is much greater. >> and you just turned 22. >> yeah. >> high five, happy birthday. >> a great age. >> i heard your 21st birthday was epic. >> it was the best. it went down for like two weeks. first of all. i decided to go to america. i have been to america since i was a kid. while i was a teenager and had legally been allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in ireland. i have been turned away from pubs and clubs and things like that in america. and so, as soon as i turned 21, i'm like, i'm going to go over there now and i'm going to go into a bar and order a drink and
8:37 am
there's nothing they can do to stop me. i went to a music festival which was fun. and then the next day i went to disneyland and it was honestly the most incredible experience. i wonder if they'll give me free tickets to go back since i mentioned it on "gma." >> welcome back to new york city. i know you were born in the bronx. you grew up here until 3. you moved to ireland and moved back. what it's like to be back? >> i love it. i love it so much. to come back here, i can be able to wander around the village and stuff's wonderful. i just really, i'm really in love with the city. >> the city's happy to have you back. thank you so much for being here with us. >> all right, jesse, thank you so much. the crucible is on broadway now. let's go outside to ginger. >> we're just chatting out here.
8:38 am
girls from arkansas, celebrating 40th and 50th birthdays. i just gave you guys a shoutout for what city again -- we have to get to the pollen report brought to you by claritin. but as we get into later the spring, pollen becomes more widespread. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. a look at the highs from 69 in san francisco, mid-80s to mid-90s around the bay and inland and hot away from the coast, all the way through friday. a little deficit a break this weekend. we've got good vibes and "bachelorette" fans behind me. it's about time to talk about the exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode. jojo fletcher has a myriad of
8:39 am
suitors to choose from. take a look. >> chad's missing. >> where is chad? >> hi, what's going on? >> hey. >> hi. >> are you kidding me? >> hi. >> chad walks in with jojo and everybody's mouths collectively hit the floor. >> how sketchy was that. >> we don't know what his relationship with jojo is like. >> that could get dramatic. you can watch an extended sneak peek on our website. amy. >> all right, ginger, thank you. coming up next -- the new cast of "roots" opens up about remaking that famous series. we'll be right back. "good morning america's"
8:40 am
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so come to the place where summer dazzles. it has been nearly 40 years since the ground-breaking
8:43 am
miniseries "roots" captivated american audiences right here on abc. and now the story is being retold for a whole new generation. "nightline's" byron pitts sat down with the cast. >> reporter: for eight consecutive nights in january 1977, a record-breaking 140 million americans watched a captivating miniseries "roots" on abc. >> kunta kinte. >> that's your after can name. we'll give you a new name. >> reporter: the now-iconic program followed several families enslaved in the south. shining a well-needed light on that aspect of america life. and sparking poignant conversations across the country. >> can't imagine that people, your ancestors would do this stuff. >> reporter: and now, almost 40 years later, "roots" has been redone for a new generation. the four-episode series
8:44 am
premieres tonight on the history channel. i got a chance to sit down with the cast. i watched the original 1977 it made me angry and proud. and when i watch your version it made me angrier and prouder. why take on this project? >> because it's necessary to continue to tell this story. >> i grew up in zimbabwe africa. this is one of the most respectful and ambitious portrayals of african history. >> you see it as an african story. for more of us we see it as an american story. >> it's an american story but it's also it would be disingenerous that we can tell the history of american without telling the history of africans. because it's intertwined. >> i'm london born. one of the biggest things i took from playing the character. the strength he took was from
8:45 am
where he was from. >> reporter: he plays the brutal slave owner tom lee who fathers a child with one of the slaves. >> these guys were the part that made you proud. i was the part that made you angry. >> what do you know about children? >> may i ask, what did you prepare to play such a dark character? >> i accepted that i was the villain and i had to be as brutal as possibly could be. >> a moment in your performance that was particularly difficult? >> i think definitely for me, the hardest day in some respect was the whipping scene. because of the original and it being so iconic. >> what do you want people to take from this? >> this will bring a sense of healing and clarity. >> reporter: for "good morning america," byron pitts, abc news,
8:46 am
new york. >> it airs tonight on history. coming up next here on "good morning america" -- toast the dog is still here, with sara. we have the ultimate memorial day dishes next, we're eating. orial
8:47 am
amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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back now with the best dishes for your memorial day. chef enrique olvera is here. his restaurant pujol in mexico city is ranked 16th in the world and he stars in the netflix series "chef's table." take a look. >> most people in mexico will tell you that the best type -- so, it was a challenge for us. how can we make a better taco? than the ones that are sold in the streets. in order to produce a taco that's amazing you must understand how a taco is built. >> okay, so, i guess the question is, how do you build a better taco?
8:49 am
>> you need flavor, it's very important that your sauce is extra spicy, that the tortillas have at lot of flavor. obviously whatever you're putting into a taco is the main component. so, today, we're doing a tortilla that's made with poblano peppers. we add a little juice into the tortillas. you can make tortillas out of any flavor. we made dessert out of them, too. >> how are you keeping not losing the authenticity of this food because you're taking it up a level. >> well, i was born in mexico. >> so it's authentic -- >> it's easy for me to stay within a flavor profile. what's important in a taco, you have a little spice and a little acid and then you can play with your food and you don't have to remain traditional. >> okay, i don't want to rob america of this taco built.
8:50 am
>> right, this is kind like a guacamole but a puree. >> i want to ask you guys to see if you can tell what the special ingredient is in the guac. do you want me to give you three options? >> yes, please. >> because i feel like you might need help. asparagus, peas or kale? only one answer. you can't phone a friend. people, what is this? >> peas. >> kale? >> kale? >> you're going go with two -- they're soccer players, people. >> i'm stumped. >> you got it wrong. >> nope. it's peas. >> of course, peas. >> well played. >> so, basically, the idea of putting peas into the guacamole it's just about flavoring. it's not a color or texture thing. it's having an extra layer of
8:51 am
flavor in your guacamole. >> i have a question from viewers posting, if they want to get grilled flavor but don't have a grill at home on this memorial day what can they do? >> you can add a little into the oil. sit overnight and the oil will get the flavor. >> so, you can fake it until you make it? >> you can't fake it. that's the best option. >> now, we're going to have you guys, i think amy -- where are my eaters? >> don't worry about it. >> ginger, ginger, amy. >> okay, and by the way, "chef's table" isn't just a cooking show we learn how you became a chef as well. stories are shared. >> we wanted to share the inspiration we have. the places we go and how we goat to our cooking. i think it's a beautiful documentary about the chef and the team. >> how is that, ginger? >> it's delicious. i love that you put the flower on top?
8:52 am
>> and those are usually made with corn and that's what you would eat on a rainy afternoon in mexico. so, it's like corn with mayonnaise and cheese. but you take the corn off. >> it's really good. oh, my goodness. >> chef's table, streaming now on netflix. get these recipes on on yahoo!. thank you, enrique, for these
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. amy finished the bowl. >> no, i'm almost finished. >> thank you, enrique, for joining us. and toast for joining us. thank you for watching. >> enjoy your memorial day. thanks for joining us. bye. >> bye!
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now from abc7 news. good morning on this memorial day. i am natasha zouves from the c abc7 morning news. good morning natasha zouves and hi everybody. it's starting to warm up nicely. check o out the temperatures. already 70 in antioch. it's going to be 95 in antioch. check out the string of 90 degree temperatures all the way through friday. we could hit the triple digit and then the heatff1 is going t break over the weekend. in terms of traffic expect the heavy traffic to hit between 1:00 and 4:00. we're seeing a lot of green and top seeds all through the pass and then a live look through the cam and 101 is really looking
9:00 am
nice. time for >> it's "live with kelly." today, recording artist and superstar, mariah carey. and the newest toys for your summer fun in the sun. plus, from the hit series "empire," jussie smollet is kelly's holiday co-host, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by espn, inc.] >> and now here are kelly ripa and jussie smollett. ♪


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