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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. let's begin with the warriors and the deciding game seven of the western conference >> just a thrill. larry is liver at the arena ba home on warrior ground today. safe to say the way the warriors were blown out in games three and four few people thought there would be a game seven. steph curry said the warriors dug themselves out of the grave. they crawled their way out and now it's a winner take all with the thunder from oklahoma city. before we get into game seven we
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have to reflect on what happened in game six because clay thompson was absolutely unbelievable. he hit 11 threes, an nba playoff record. he scored 41 points. when the warriors looked like they were absolutely dying, he saved them. now, clay said today also that was nice but tonight is about finishing the job and moving on to the finals. if you look at clay when he shoots some of these threes, the catch and release is so fast and we timed it out on the video, .6 of a second on catch and release on some of these shots. it's amazing and it's almost impossible to defend. it led charles berkeley to say his name name should be the fisherman because he's great at catch and release. i don't know if there's a worse nickname in sports than the fisherman. we have to come up with
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something better than that. hopefully clay and steph curry are at their finest tonight. we have game seven tonight and we have the sharks in game one of the stanley cup final in pittsburgh. we have live team coverage of that as well. he has win something like 52 emmies by himself. we have deputyized him into the sports department. a special honor for wayne tonight. he is live in pittsburgh which is wayne's world. wayne. >> reporter: you're kbaembarrasg me. welcome to the energy center in pittsburgh. in less than an hour the sharks
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after 25 years get an opportunity to compete for the final in the stanley cup. the ping wienguins have been he before but not the sharks. welcome to pittsburgh where three rivers and the center of the hockey universe will converge this evening. >> we're not alone. >> we're not alone. >> reporter: fans on both sides, especially sharks fans, ready to burst. >> i'm shaking. i've been waiting for this since 12. >> reporter: when the sharks and penguins hit the ice tonight it begins as many as seven games in which players from both sides may get to know each other a little too well. what do people from pittsburgh call themselves. >> the pittsburghers. >> reporter: you might wonder what do penguins fans know about
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us. where is san josejose. >> probably south. >> reporter: how far from mexico? >> not that far. >> reporter: yeah. there are three southern california hockey teams. >> l.a., san jose and who is the third? >> reporter: the ducks. >> oh, anaheim. >> reporter: yeah. >> it's below san francisco and above los angeles but i know it's not in mexico. >> reporter: what do you think san jose is known for? >> i think they have good food. >> reporter: what kind of food? >> i think they have good spani spanish cousine. thank you. >> no problem. >> reporter: safe to say when the sharks and penguins hit the ice tonight maybe in a couple of weeks maybe then the people in
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pittsburgh will have a better idea about where san jose is. live in pittsburgh and waiting for the game wade freedman. our coverage continues back here. david is live at the center tonight. david. >> reporter: you do not have to ask people in pittsburgh what is san jose about. the people here are excited about this match tonight, game one of the final. these people have been lined up for over an hour. they have just opened the doors and they're going inside now to watch the game on the big screen for five bucks. but you don't have to be here. some people have been gathering in downtown san jose. they started gathering at 2:00 this afternoon. the families will enjoy games with kids or enjoy beer and food
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with music in the background. spirits are high as it confidence. fans turned out in teamware. what are you going to buy. >> we're going to buy the patch, a pen and a puck. >> reporter: you have the highlights in your hair. >> yes, i do. i got it before. >> reporter: is that good luck. >> i'm hoping so. >> reporter: is it true that penguin tastes like chicken. >> oh, yeah. >> i've never liked penguin. >> yes, it does. >> reporter: the shark made an appearance. he was mobbed by fans taking photos with him. there was music and food trucks and a beer vendor but there is no big screen there to watch the game so it's not too far to come over here to take advantage of the big screens here. now, back live at the center the price is $5. you can see these people are
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more than willing to pay that. the money will go to the sharks foundation. there is so much energy here and so much excitement and there's also a lot at stake. the mayors of both san jose and pittsburgh waged a bet and they're corresponding county executives. there's a lot at stake. we are going to see some action tonight. we are live in san jose. >> we are for sure. thanks. get the latest on tonights games with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking updates as they happen. turning now to the weather. >> yes. a live look from the east bay hills camera on just a gorgeous memorial day. >> it's beautiful, drew. a spectacular weekend we have right now. memorial day itself kul min
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nating in sunny skies. we are seeing clouds building along the coast and some of that coastal cloud cover is going to try and push into the bay. not from our look from the tour cam live showing you san francisco basking in the sunshine. 65 right now in san francisco and 72 in oakland, 57 at half moon bay. this is the place to be on the holiday. they're just packed on the beach right now. folks are in that ocean water. that ocean water is a chilly 55 degrees right now. 93 in fairfield and 88 in concord and livermore 92 degrees. coastal cloud cover will have a 10 to 20 mile an hour wind with the sun going down at 8:20. as the holiday weekend is wrapping up the heat is going nowhere fast. we'll be increasing the numbers.
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we'll have it in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. more news now. search efforts remain on hold for the 15-year-old missing pearl. family members believe she's alive. they hield a vigil yesterday. they saw the teenager being dragged last wednesday as she was going to school. the suspect was killed last week. screws are searching a county reservoir for two oakland teenagers who vanished after jumping off a boat. they were reported missing saturday morning. across the nation today this memorial day people honored those who gave their lives to the country from georgia to minnesota and california, there were flags and parades and a lot of pa traitism.
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>> president obama residlaye lah at the tomb of the unknowns. in his remarks the president called for americans to honor the fallen by caring for those they leave behind, both their families and those who fought at home. >> for us, the living, those of us who still have a voice, it is our responsibility, our obligation, to fill that silence with our love and our support and gratitude and not just with words but with our actions. >> 20 members of the armed forces have died in combat in the last year. thousands paid tribute in san francisco today. it's one of the largest memorial day events in the nation. this year there was a special tribute to veterans of the korean war.
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and the 150th anniversary of the first al african-american army units, the buffalo soldiers. two helicopters offered air support to memorial day ceremonies today. the ceremony included the gold star tribute wall, the only traveling memorial honoring the fallen from the gulf war, iraq and afghanistan. it was built by a local nonprofit. firefighters and volunteers cooked up pancakes this morning for a good cause at fire station 61 as veteran address and people in the community sat down for a holiday meal. it's a memorial day tradition. the event raises money for the local vfw. the race for the white house still in full force this memorial day. the surprise visitor to a bay area come men rash. eat like a warrior, one of the team's favorite spots in the east bay. could it be helping them win. the incident that shocked the nation, a child trapped in
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an enclosure
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happening right now a live look at the plaza in oakland where bernie sanders is holding a rally that should start within the hour. it is the latest stop on a tour around the bay area. at least 20,000 people are gathered to hear him speak. sanders is scheduled to start speaking about 5:00. we will bring you some of that live when it happens. just a short time ago bernie sanders wrapped up his first
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official event in oakland. >> he spoke at the allen temple church. >> sanders told the crowd you will make campaign finance reform a priority. >> we are going to end a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. >> earlier today sanders made a stop at san francisco's memorial day ceremony. >> we are joined live with the story. >> reporter: it's not unusual to have elected official addresss memorial day ceremony but they're usually not political events so it was something new to have a democratic presidential candidate here. ♪ on a day of military marching bands and the memorial day ceremonies, bernie sanders slipped right into the events.
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he answered one political question. >> senator sanders, how are you feeling about california? >> i have a good shot of winning and maybe winning big. >> reporter: his campaign staff he was not here to sideline politics. they said he always attend a memorial day event. there was no public announcement he would attend. >> i did hear a tip he might be here. >> reporter: the memorial day ceremony is one of the biggest in the country and this year a special tribute was made to veterans of the korean conflict. some of the most meaningful tributes were made by people who lost friends at war. >> i enjoyed the services but i don't know if i'll make another one. >> reporter: this 93-year-old army captain was involved in three invasions during world war ii. not everyone in his unit made it back. sanders presence did change the
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dynamics here but not saying a word seemed to earn a lot of goodwill. >> instead of a day of politics it was a day of remembrance and i thought that was good. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. let's return now to the warriors. we are less than two hours from tipoff in the western conference fines. >> larry is live. >> reporter: fans are starting to come in. you can start to feel the energy and the buzz here. rick barry is here. this place is going to be wild tonight. now everybody knows the warriors' slogan is strength in numbers. one local restaurant owner has another slogan, it's strength in waffles. she believes her food is helping the warriors win.
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we more on that story to carolicarolyn tyler. >> reporter: do you like chicken and waffles, some of the warriors guys do. call it the new breakfast of champions. it's not the kind of fancy place where you might think celebrities would dine. the brown sugar kitchen has become a destination since it opened in 2008. now it's been discovered by warriors players like harrison barns. >> it's one of the best places i've ever been. >> reporter: the french trained chef whips up soul food. she's been featured in the new york times and several national tv shows. chicken and waffles is her specialty dish and the go-to choice for barns who has brought teammat teammates and now they're customers too.
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>> these guys could eat anywhere and they're selecting to have our food and eat with us so that feels great. >> ton yeah is great. she has a lot of personality and keeps the place fun and active. >> reporter: we caught up with barns this morning with the deciding game seven on the line the chef believes not only is there strength in numbers, there's strength in waffles. >> because i swear i heard he played really well a couple of days after he got here to get waffles. >> reporter: she says harrison was here friday so hopefully that will help him help the team win tonight. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> reporter: those look good. they had me at waffles. whatever clay thompson was eating before game six i'll have some of that because he went on for 41. warmups going on right now. i'll tell you what, i hope
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everybody is enjoying their waffles, warriors included, on thursday because that would be when game one of the finals would start right here at the arena. we will find out tonight. back to you. >> thank you. we're all going to eat waffles. we want to see your warriors pride when you post your pictures to social media. >> we would love to do that. on to the forecast for the gorgeous day if you've been spending any time outside today hope you've enjoyed it because it's lovely. >> i was out on the coast for a little bit. the sun came out there. >> we're calling it strength in sunshine this memorial day. it's beautiful and that sunshine very effective at warming us up especially inland. we're 100 degrees at this hour. we do have on that coast there w was sunshine earlier and now there's clouds going back in as
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the marine layer develops and it's bringing a cooling effect specifically to san francisco and along the coast. once you're away from the marine influence you're at 91 and 93 in fairfield. and the south bay at 82 degrees and nevada equally as warm. overnight we have the fog that will move around the bay and outside of the bay you will have have clear skies and 50. there's that fog. we'll show you around oakland, richmond, san francisco, that fog will be with us first thing. by 10:00 it burns off and we're on our way to a sun filled day again for our tuesday. starting in the south it's going to get warm.
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88 san jose and 86 for mountain view. more in the way of cloud cover and 85 in sonoma. 83 in freemont. inland it's hot again. 99 in antioch. that's going to increase our temperatures. temperatures on wednesday will be a local for 60s on the coast. we jump on thursday, a 34 degree spread in temperatures and watch what happens friday, 10 to 25 degrees above average in a lot of spots are going to surpass that 100 degree mark.
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some patchy morning fog and tomorrow a steady pattern through thursday and friday we are hot and that continues on saturday before sunday and monday. clouds move in and that sea breeze strengths and everyone begins to cool off. so the heat is going to peak by the end of the week. >> i want to come out there. >> come on up. >> thanks, drew. up next, a historic shift where the men are starting to outnumber the women. the bay area connection to the bachelorette. in honor of asian-pacific heritage month we're using our instagram feed to honor people making a difference where you live. today we honor a freelance photographer, videographer and editor of hyphen magazine.
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this is interesting. for the first time in sweden since recordkeeping began there are more men than women in that country, 12,000 more in fact. statistics women will remain in the majority for most european countries for decades to come because they live longer but the number of men is increasing across the continent. you probably know some men are vying for jo jo's hand. we spoke with the star about the crazy arrival so far. you probably haven't forgotten that unicorn. 25 men showed up to compete for the final rose and two are from san francisco. grant is a 28-year-old firefighter and nick is a
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26-year-old software salesman. >> can you give us a hint if either of the guys make it to the end. >> i can't give away anything. you'll have to watch and see. i can't tell you if i found love but i can tell you that i am happy that i don't have any regrets and if i had to do it all over again i would. >> reporter: we can spill the beans a little bit. the road ended early for nick. he went home. grant seems to be doing well. if you want to check out his chances you can watch the ba bachelorette tonight. this is a live look from oakland where we're waiting for bernie sanders to stay the stage. plus severe weather in america's heart land. are shark attacks on the r
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here are your headlines at 4:30. relatives of a missing girl say they believe she is alive. officers have stopped searching for pearl in an area of sonoma county. witnesses report seeing her abducted wednesday. the suspect was later killed in
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a shootout with police. we're learning more about a boy falling into a gore lila enclosure. the gorilla appeared to be protecting the child. hear how the zoo is defending its decision to put the animal down later in the hour. hundreds waited in long lines to attend a bernie sanders rally today in oakland. people started lining up six hours before the event. about 20,000 are there waiting for him now. this memorial day some presidential candidates are taking a break from campaigning. hillary clinton attended a memorial day parade in new york and donald trump took a break all together. >> reporter: you wouldn't really expect to see donald trump here. >> i really appreciate being invited. >> reporter: trump spending his memorial day weekend recruiting support at the motorcycle rally in our nation's capital. the presumptive presidential nominee trying to appeal to
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military vets. >> we're going to rebuild the military and we're going to take care of our veterans. >> reporter: according to trump the $6 million he's raised is doing that and he's now promising to announce which veteran groups received the donations at a press conference on tuesday. >> we just raised almost $6 million for the vets. >> reporter: today trump tweeting about a plan to build a wall along mexico's boarder, defending at after president obama went after the proposal. trump not saying much about his comments last year about his former pow senator john mccain. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. >> reporter: in an interview on cnn trump supporter bob doyle calling trump out saying trump should apologize. as for his democratic opponents hillary clinton marking the holiday as she does every year marching in a holiday parade in new york and it's no day off the
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trail for bernie sanders. he's still working hard to get the nomination ahead of california's big primary next week. now there's a third-party candidate, two term new mexico governor gary johnson. libertarian activists say this could play a pivotal role throughout the campaign. a new poll finding americans feel a disconnect with their political parties. the associated press poll shows just 14% of republicans consider the republican party to be responsive to ordinary voters while 25% of democrats said the same of their party. pollsters say the numbers help explain the number of outsider candidates like donald trump and bernie sanders. british airways is apologizing for delays at the kennedy international airport in new york city. the delay comes after a computer sever crashed and stalled operations yesterday afternoon. at the peak 1,500 customers were waiting to checked on.
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tropical storm bonnie has been down graded to a tropical depression and in the heart land at least six people have been killed from flooding. that area is about to be hit with more rain. we have the latest. >> reporter: deadly flooding striking texas with back-to-back storms leading to more evacuations near houston. >> i thought we were going to be safe. >> reporter: the river reaching major flood stage as emergency crews go door-to-door performing one rescue after the next. entire neighborhoods now under water from some 20 inches of rain. >> i got to leave. i got to leave. >> everything is lost. nothing's safe. >> reporter: at least six people have been killed, authorities here recovering the body of a man seen swept away by flash flood waters. >> they saw a person holding on to a pole. >> reporter: the coast guard is helping search for another man
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washed away during a rescue while in kansas crews look for an 11-year-old boy who fell into a fast moving creek. the region not getting a break either. bracing more more heavy rain through the week. while on the east coast families are cleaning up from bonnie. >> shouldn't be weighaiding par lot. >> reporter: the storm has shut down this highway. that storm is creating dangerous driving conditions up the east coast. families heading home can expect wet roads throughout the nation's mid section. a 13-year-old boy is recovering this afternoon after being seriously injured in a shark attack in florida. police say the attack happened in chest deep water yesterday west of jacksonville. the boy was bitten behind his right knee suffering an eight inch gash. he's going to be okay. a stretch of newport beach in southern california is closed today after a woman is believed
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to have been attacked by a shark. it happened yesterday. lifeguards pulled the woman out of the water. she was bleeding heavily from bite wounds on her upper torso and shoulder. two shark attacks on each coast. >> frightening. still to come, what would you do. >> i thought he was trying to lace our drink. he dropped something in her drink. >> the heroic actions of three women who may have prevented a date rape. i'm michael finny. ask finney is ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. i'll answer your questions live later. look outside live at the golden gate bridge getting gobbled up by fog as the marine layer develops this afternoon. we'll have t
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almost 40 years after "roots" first aired the series is being retold. >> look up little one. based on the novel and the 1977 original mini series the 2016 version of "roots" provides a perspective of one family's life in slavery.
4:40 pm
the original roots star is one of the producer. >> there's a gold mine of information available to us now that wasn't available before. >> part of the reason that people retell that story over and over again is to ensure people don't forget what happen happened. >> the original "roots "one nine emmies. the history channel will air the up dated "roots" four part series beginning tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> i look forward to this new one. let's talk about the weather forecast as we start another week with a gorgeous day and holiday. >> yes. more of the heat wave to come. that's right. this is the start of this heat cell. numbers are going to increase as we go throughout the week ahead. we've got all clear in terms of we are rain free and coastal clouds will be with us tonight. hot in sacramento tomorrow.
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105 palm springs. 69 for san francisco tomorrow. 75 in oakland and up to 88 in san jose and 86 napa and 93 livermore and antioch 94 degrees. ocean water temperatures will be cool though. 56 degrees. very high uv index. the seven day forecast patchy fog tomorrow with a steady pattern through thursday and friday temperatures take off across the entire bay area. they stay above normal on saturday before cooler air moves in with cloud cover both sunday and monday. >> thanks so much. we have a real life what would you do, three southern california women rise to the occasion, what they did coming up. live at the arena. i tell you what, the warriors wanted fans to come in here early. this place is feeling up and you can feel the energy and
4:42 pm
anticipation of a do or die game seven. we'll tell you why history is on the warrior's side coming up. on 7 p on your side can, we are closing in on primary day but what happens if you don't want to cast your vote for every single candidate in every
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it's down to the wire in game seven. can the warriors do it again. >> larry is live tonight where it will happen soon. larry? >> reporter: 19,000 people are hoping they can do it again. when this series began a lot of us expected this thing could go seven games and here we are in game seven but we didn't expect all the twists and turns and the highs and the lows. the warriors come into this game tonight facing elimination for the third straight game. the difference is that for the first time in the series the thunder are also in danger of going home should they lose. this is it. win or go home. history tells us that the home team wins game seven 80% of the time. the warriors trying to become
4:46 pm
the tenth team in 233 tries to come back from a 3-1 series deficit and now the challenge is to finish the job. >> game six was phenomenal. we can't be satisfied with it because it's the hardest one of them all. they haven't won a title and you can tell they want it so badly and so do we so it makes a great competitiveness and great basketball. just because we're showing up tonight doesn't mean we're guaranteed to win. we have to play that same kind of force and allow that atmosphere to take over. >> reporter: abc 7's mike joins me now. road team and conference finals are 6-16. warriors won saturday in
4:47 pm
oklahoma city. one of the greatest sporting events i've ever witnessed and big time players show up in big time games. game seven is the holy grail of sports. that would be steph curry. steph looks spry. we have more coming up at 5:00. we'll hear from steph heading into this game. let's go back to the studio. >> thanks guys. abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. game one will take place thursday night on abc coverage starts at 5:30 right here on abc 7. time now for ask finney. he answers questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. if a person does not vote for a candidate in each office does
4:48 pm
the whole ballot get thrown away. >> that's a great question. if you've ever voted here in the state of california you know our ballots gets so huge and there are so many offices, very doubtful that every single person voting knows every candidate and every issue. you're allowed to skip any issue or any candidate that you want. the only votes that are counted are the ones that you actually make the check off for. good question. only vote for what you're comfortable voting on. pamela e-mailed do you have a credit repair company you can recommend? >> no, no i don't. i have to tell you the security and exchange commission has really been cracking down on these guys over the last few years. let me give you a law that almost no one knows exists. these credit repair companies aren't allowed to ask you for a single dime until after they repair your credit. you can do the work yourself.
4:49 pm
anything that's wrong on your credit report you can challenge. the reporting agency has 30 days to prove they were correct or it has to come off and it's pretty quick. anything that you actually did and that's on there that isn't good is going to stay there until the seven years runs out. >> richard e-mailed my shower tub is clogged and the landlord can't fix it right away. is this legal and what are my rights. >> landlords have to give you a unit that's liveable. what does that mean, liveable. there's a law that says if there's something wrong with your rental you can fix it and then deduct that money from your next month's rent. don't do that. i've got to tell you it's a tenuous situation. a lot of people have found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit or getting kicked out of the unit. try to work with the landlord. if that doesn't work out i want you to contact the tenant's association and spell out what's
4:50 pm
happening and see if they think you can move ahead by yourself or you need an attorney. an incredible story three southern california women are being called heros stepping in to save a stranger. three friends noticed someone acting suspiciously and their decision to speak up may have saved someone's life. >> i think i'm going do to go to the bathroom. >> reporter: people tested how they would react seeing a woman's drink drugged but three women say they saw it happen in real life and stopped a definitely dangerous date. don't hurt someone on our watch. it was shared over 100,000 times. you're at happy hour and what happened next. >> i noticed a gentleman at the table next to me acting pretty suspicious. >> reporter: what did you think
4:51 pm
he was doing. >> i thought he was trying to lace her drink. he for sure dropped something in her drink. >> reporter: the trio taking action, one finding the woman in the bathroom to tell her she thought something wasn't right. >> it was a weird thing to be like i know this is really weird but we saw the guy you're with put something in your bring. >> reporter: what did she say. >> she said he's one of my best friends. >> reporter: another alerting restaurant staff in a hotel where they were eating. the manager saying the security camera corroborated their suspiciouses. police showing up the hotel and arresting the suspect. now holding him on $1 million planning to charge him with two felony counts. >> i was relieved he got busted. >> i'm full of gra theitude that we were able to help another woman out. >> reporter: according to the cdc 1 in 10 women have been victims of rape involving drugs and alcohol and half know the perpetrator. what inspired you to post this
4:52 pm
on facebook. >> i really wanted people to know that if they say something it can make a difference. >> reporter: abc news. the u.s. postal service is honoring veterans with a new stamp. the awards are for we continue. up next a child in danger. a gorilla killed, today the debate over whether it was really necessary to kill the endangered animal. what some call an epidemic of car break ins and now the fbi becomes the victim. find out what was taken. plus michael finney shows you which bike helmet offers the best protection. and why so many people thought it was a good idea to run down a hill. those stories and
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the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo will remain closed after a child fell into the enclosure. today animal rights activists gathered outside the zoo for a vigil. >> reporter: the video is disturbing. a 4-year-old boy coming face-to-face with a 400 pound gorilla after crossing through a barrier and plunging 15 feet into the moat. >> the barrier is adequate. we need to work to make sure our kids are safe. >> reporter: his mother watched in horror from above until the scare ended with the zoo response team shooting and killing the endangered animal. >> i wish i wasn't here right now. i really do.
4:57 pm
this is a tragedy. >> reporter: these concerned community members want to make sure the gorilla is never forgotten amid anger over the entire situation. >> obviously people are out with pitch forks and torches for the mother but at the same time nobody's perfect. >> reporter: the boy's mother in a now deleted facebook post responding as a society we are quick to judge how a parent takes their eyes off their child calling this an accident and the zoo defending its decision to use lethal force. >> when it was determined that the child was being injured we felt we had to make a decision and we did. >> reporter: that 4-year-old is now home recovering. zoo officials say they have not been in contact with the family. they maintain the zoo was not negligent. abc news. thank you for joining us at
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now. >> the windows are broken out. an fbi agent's car was broken into. a sea of people waiting for bernie sanders. what hillary clinton has just done to try to stop the sanders upset. remembering the heros lost in battle. today's special service to honor japanese-american veterans. we're live with the western conference fi conferen conference finals. >> the last game almost gave me a heart attack. happening now more than 25,000 people are gathered in oakland waiting anxiously to hear from the man they want to be the next president of the united states. good evening. democratic candidate for president bernie sanders is about to address his largest
4:59 pm
crowd today after a series of stops through the bay area. abc 7 news reporter is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: hi. we are expecting senator sanders to come out within the next few minutes. the supporters started lining up here early this morning before the gates opened. at last count more than 26,000 people out here. the line extended all the way around the downtown area. the math may be against the folks but there's no give up and those who are here are feeling the bern. >> feel bern. >> reporter: they lined up early and fought to see bernie sanders in downtown oakland and they brought with them faith that his candidacy is far from over. >> bernie! >> there's a lot of energy and a lot of excitement and i think
5:00 pm
people who are out here hours early are really enthusiastic about wanting to see change and believing in a candidate. >> reporter: the line to get in before the gates opened extended more than one dozen city blocks up broadway and around the city center and beyond. it was a perfect opportunity for vendors like this woman who sells her brand of bernie but n buttonsenbutton and a few anti-trump. >> i stay on my side of the aisle. >> reporter: though sanders chances of securing the democratic nomination are getting slimmer his supporters believe he could influence politics and the course of the country going forward. >> his policies with wars and he stood against the war in iraq and hillary clinton doesn't represent my values and doesn't represent what i think oakland needs and the bay area represents. >> reporter: what about those who say he should step aside and


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