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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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waited hours to hear bernie sanders speak. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristin zee. laura anthony is live at the rally happening right now. >> just a huge turnout. >> senator sanders still speaking as we speak, he's been at it now about 45 minutes. this is the second event today. during his speech, we have heard about his speech, his plan to make public college tuition free, climate change, health care, and also, the up coming california primary. >> if we can win here in california, our larger state, one of our most-progressive states, we'll go into the democratic convention with a great deal of momentum and come out with the nomination.
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virtually every state and national poll, we do much better against donald trump than does secretary clinton. >> now, just about 20 minutes ago, halfway through the speech there is a group of protestors that look to be two women and a man that rushed the stage. the secret service was on it immediately. we understand that they're members of an animal rights group. sanders supporters say there is no give up. those here are feeling the bern, they're not ready to throw support behind hillary clinton, at least not before the convention. >> i feel a deep depression at that point. i won't be thinking clearly. we're not going there yet.
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we need to keep our energy here, in the moment. >> i'll still support hillary over trump, obviously. it's a loose situation with trump. >> reporter: some politics mixed in with sanders supporters this morning. before the gates open, that line extended around the downtown oakland area. police estimate that crowd was in excess of they're terribly excited to be here. senator sanders expects to spend more time in california in the coming days. his campaign announced coming to california swing, tomorrow, he'll be in a press conference in emeryville into afternoon he
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has rallies planned in both santa cruz and monterey. earlier sanders held a forum at allen temple baptist >> a great nation is strongest based on how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable among us. if that is gone we're not doing well. >> actor donny glover and acting supervisor jane kim joined sanders. the clintons walked in similar parades in # 999. hillary clinton tweeted quote
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our fallen heros deserve our gratitude forgiving their lives to protect our freedom. >> donald trump courted veterans in a rolling thunder biker rally in washington promising tomorrow he will explain where the $6 million he raised for veterans went. >> announcing tuesday, we've raised a tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. >> the possibility of a third party candidate grew over owe the weekend. the libertarian party selected two former republican governors. >> taking him on when he says mexicans are murderers and rapists? call him out. it's just racist. >> the california primary is
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just eight days away. it's too late to mail in a request. the majority of californians voted by mail in two elections. our state primary is tuesday, california is one of six states voting on that day. north dakota has a democratic caucus. >> the search effort is still on hold for a missing vallejo teenager. 15-year-old pearl pinson has not been seen since wednesday. her family held a vigil on the foot bridge over interstate 780 last seen screaming and reportedly being dragged away by fernando castro. castro was killed during a shootout with police in santa barbara county. broken glass is all that is left after a thief broke into an fbi agent's car, stealing his gun and badge. it happened yesterday in the middle of the day.
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abc7 news reporter vic lee is live at the scene. this isn't the first time a federal agency had this happen. >> it's not, dan. this is pier street. the crosses are haze and fell. this is a small street that attracts a lot of tourists and car burglars unbee known is the to an fbi agent that parked his car down there. >> just a week and a half ago, a cell phone video caught this woman breaking into a car near where their fbi agent's vehicle was parked yesterday. they pretends to tie her shoe, then steals backpacks. it takes a second to smash the glass. neighbors say there is an epidemic of break ins on piers between hays and fell. >> i see broken glass every day. >> yesterday afternoon, another break in, this one, different.
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>> usually there aren't cop cars. that got our attention. >> police responded quickly because the car belonged to an fbi agent. >> not only was the gun stolen, but the thief took a badge and credentials. last year, kate stein on pier 13. last year, the uc berkeley police chief had her gun stolen from her vehicle. last year, firearms were stolen in a vehicle belonging to a hayward cop. >> that is kind of scary someone would leave a gun laying around. it's dangerous. >> greg suhr wrote a letter
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asking their officers and agents hock guns when parking in the city. in this case, the fbi saying only they're looking into it. vic lee, abc7 news. three suspects are under arrest, linked to the shootings that left one novato high school student dead and another, hurt. police arrested the suspect yesterday, his arrest followed the capture of two novato high school students on thursday. they're accused of shooting and stabbing the victims. police are searching for another suspect. >> the search is on for a missing man in alameda. earnesto capollo lenho was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap and black shoes. he is often seen in the marina village shopping center. if you notice him, please call
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police. >> well, the weather has been pretty much perfect for folks enjoying a long holiday weekend. take a look at beach in santa cruz. just packed all day long. and up, into the mountains check out this live look from our heavenly mountain camera. drew? >> we've seen a spectacular day today. tons of sunshine and the highs today about a 40 degree difference from coast to inland locations. 59 in half moon bay for a high today. antioch, 99 degrees so somethinq for everybody out there on this memorial day. 66 the high in san francisco. and 80 in napa. lakeport up to 92 degrees, temperatures now very warm inland. 95 in antioch. 86 san ramone. you notice vallejo, oakland have
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dropped into the 60s and thanks to this, right here a live look showing you marine layer thickening and moving onshore. what is helping it, coming up, we'll talk about who will wake up with fog on tuesday morning and when the heat will peak in the accu-weather forecast. thank you, drew. the holiday weekend is a good opportunity to hit the beach. right? >> that wasn't an option. >> next, the attack that shut down the hospital and shut down access to the water. >> downtown los gatos has shopping, restaurants and traffic. what neighbors think is the unlikely source of the cars, ahead on abc7 news. >> conmen are using i tunes as part of a scam. we'll have details coming up on 7 on your side. >> the
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take a look, as for holiday traffic, we haven't found it. it's slow out there. nothing as bad as a typical commute day. so if you're going point a to b, they didn't do it right. a beach along the stretch of orange county is still closed today as a woman was attacked in the water, possibly by a shark. >> reporter: lifeguards ride up and down the water line at
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corona del mar beach. lifeguards closing a portion of the ocean after a woman was bitten by a shark sunday afternoon. >> we had a rescue on the water. they noticed a long distance ocean swimmer all of a sudden struggling and yelling for help. >> reporter: crews say she appeared to have bite wounds on the torso. paramedics took the woman to oc medical center. the wounds are expected to be shark bites. she's expected to survive. lifeguards continue to take every precaution during a busy holiday weekend at the beach. >> you know, hope she's on the mend and they figure out what this is. we can have our beaches back and be safe. >> life guard and boats patrolled and looked for signs of the sharks. they kept the water closed. >> we are have not seen marine life, and yesterday, we didn't see marine life. we're continuing to evaluate.
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>> reporter: many beach goers understand it's a rare occurrence. >> that comes with the territory, we're sharing waters with the rest of the sea life. >> the water remained closed for a mile and a half. lifeguards will decide whether or not to reopen the water. abc7 news was in inside of the warriors practice facility. the team went through a shoot around ahead of the decisive game seven. this is just miles away from what is becoming the brent hot spot for some players. the owner thinks her food is a good luck charm. she calls it strength in waffles. >> reporter: this small building has been a destination res
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straunlt since brown sugar kitchen opened in 2008. now, you might see a warrers player. harris onbarns has become a regular. >> i learned about some of the top restaurants and everyone kept talking about brown sugar kitchen. i had to try it. >> french-trained chef tonya holland whipped up elevated soul food. she's been featured on several national tv shows. chicken and waffles is her specialty dish. the go to dish for barns. he told teammates about the spot. now, they're customers too. >> these guys can eat anywhere. they're selecting to have our food and eat with us. that feels great. >> tonya is great. i love going in there. she has a lot of personality. >> we caught up with barns at the warriors practice facility
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this morning with the deciding game seven on the line, chef holland believes there is strength in numbers and in waffles. >> i swear, harrison played well after he came here and ate waffles. and festus. >> perhaps the new breakfast of champions. >> abc7 is your home for nba finals game one, will take place thursday night and espn coverage starts at 5:30 here on abc7. >> is this a great time to be a bay area sports fan or what? that is the sharks in the playoffs for the first time in history. hundreds lined up today and they're watching their team take on the pengiuns in game one,
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right now. >> we waited 25 years and we're excited. we're going to feel like we're there. >> civic pride is at stake and there is not the silicon valley sharks, this is san jose's team. >> well, our own wayne freedman my grated east to swim where fans converge. he ran into fans for both >> i'm shaken. i've been waiting since i was 12. >> where is san jose? >> where is san jose? california. >> i would say probably in san diego, inland. >> my mother thought it was in
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mexico. >> what? one fan thought it was known for good food. that would be spanish cuisine, of course. >> they're not "national geographic" winners. >> yeah, i know. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. gorgeous and warm. >> it's beautiful. blue skies behind me. first thing on your tuesday. live doppler 7, a lot of nothing in terms of moving away from the coast you have beautiful and bright skies.
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half moon bay, 55 degrees. these folks have two more hours left of sunshine. napa, 74. 86 concord. and there is that fog. foggy coast and bay. more sun and heat be the difference is your location in terms of cloud cover. oakland, hayward, san francisco, south san francisco, vallejo first thing. by 9:00 it's going back to the coast. a sunny tuesday, a little bit
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fog on the coast. 86 in mountain view. pacifica, morning fog. high 67 degrees. 86 in napa. oakland, 75 degrees. inland we're hot again, 99 antioch and 91 walnut creek. we lose a sea breeze thursday. it's a 34 degree summer spread from the coast to inland. then, temperatures jump. 10-25 degrees above average. accu-weather forecast morning fog, sunshine through thursday.
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then, friday, numbers jump. and numbers are closer than average to this time of the year. >> coming up next, a deadly encounter between a 4-year-old child and 400 pound gorilla. >> it's horrifying to watch. officials
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you might say it was a wild day at work for this inspector. patty ruiz was on duty. a car pulled up and a man handed her a baby opossum he found on the freeway. these pictures he was taken to the animal shelter, employees are taking good care of it. >> zoo officials insist they had no choice. employees shot and killed a gorilla to save a child. >> on saturday, the 4-year-old boy fell 15 feet into a shallow moat inside of the cage. next to a 400 pound gorilla. >> the gorilla dragged the child while people watched in horror. the zoo says tranquilizing the
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gorilla could have been more dangerous. >> officials say they had no choice but to shoot and kill the animal. >> naturally, we did not take the shooting lightly. but that child's life was in danger. and people who question that, or are monday owe morning quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. they're three times bigger than a man, six times stronger than that. this is a dangerous animal. >> today, animal rights activists held a vigil. the child had nonlife threatening injuries and is now recovering. the exhibit will remain closed indefinitely. >> drivers trying to avoid traffic are add being traffic to what used to be a quiet downtown. >> tonight, why i looks like they're just following
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directions. >> a surprise and visit by a presidential candidate in san francisco. see how the bay area honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice today.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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abc7 news was in south san francisco. firefighters got up early to host a pancake breakfast. the supplies were donated by members of the community. 130 people were served. the event raised $855 for the vfw. nearly $300 more than last year. >> memorial day observances were held in san jose and hayward. >>. >> reporter: "taps" consists of only 24 notes and is played to honor american men and women who died in a war. earnest orta served in vietnam, and his father in korea. he made it a tradition to come to oak hill park every year.
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>> it's an opportunity to connect. >> i feel a responsibility as a veteran to make sure i'm a voice for veterans. >> this man came to honor his son and daughter, one is a marine, the other in the army. >> there was a special service to honor japanese-american veterans. >> sacrifices people make in the drying times and darkest of days. >> locals attended a dedication for a new september 11th memorial. the new memorial will serve as a gathering site where people can reflect on what happened on september 11th and sacrifices
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made by veterans and first responders. it was said today, gone, but never abc7 news. >> and across the country, americans paused to remember those who made a sacrifice. this morning, the president went to arlington national cemetery and the speech, he said the fallen asked we remember them. >> those who rest beneath this silence, not only here in arlington but across the country and around the world and still remain main missing they didn't speak the loudest about
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patriotism. they let their actions do that. whether they stood up in times of war, signed up in times of peace, or called up by a draft board, they embodied the best of america. >> this morning here, bernie sanders made an unscheduled stop in the presidio for an event. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> this is what you'd expect to see at the presidio. a vermont senator locked in a race is more unusual. >> we were surprised. it's great, he's taking time out to be here. >> sanders only answered one question during the parade. >> how are you feeling about california? >> great. this is not a campaign
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>> he agreed with that every year. not speak. >> this is one of the biggest events in the country. a special monument was made. for some, this is a chance to honor friends lost at war. he hasn't lost his humor but involved in three invasions. >> i was fascinated to see him. i'm sorry he didn't get a chance to say two words, but i understand. >> hemk sped off to his next event. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> new at 6:00 tonight, new support for a military veteran in honor of memorial day. squaw valley just donated $150,000 to support the military to mountains program which showed you what the group does in february when 20 wounded veterans got the chance to see and snowmobile. the donation will help 22 veterans experience the outdoors next year. >> car dealerships know they can take advantage of the memorial day weekend. >> yes. michael finney explains why it's to your advantage as well. >> this is crazy. >> next on abc7 news, one maybe's complaints to the test to see
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gift cards are the new tools for scammers. >> conmen have long told vichls to woir wire money through western union or money gram. now many of are aware of the
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scheme so thieves are demanding payments through prepaid debit cards, now, the bad guys are moving on to i tunes cards. the ftc says the scam sisters are demanding payments through the cards because as soon as the number is given to the con, the money disappeared and advise is never use a gift card for anything that isn't from that retailer. >> dealerships have everyone working and plan to make big bucks. and this is a great be buying. summers are expected to be, sales are expected to be down nearly 5%. because of that dealers are rolling out great deals to lock in sales.
6:40 pm
this time of the year is like christmas for flag makers. this year, we can see flag sales on the rise. and an improving construction industry is contributing big time. why, you might ask? new buildings often need new flags. >> it's true. >> thank you.
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a truck driver is alive after a spectacular crash on a new york expressway. >> check this out. that is an 18 wheeler outside. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. it's believed a van may have cutoff a semi. police say the driver climbed down the cab to the roadway
6:44 pm
below. >> for two hours a driver of a stolen car led police on a chase across los angeles narrowly avoiding hitting other cars and a bicyclist at one point. the chase traveled across multiple freeways. the driver slowed to a stop in the middle of the 405 freeway in long beach and surrendered peacefully. >> it was a sunny day across the bay area making this memorial day a perfect day to head to the beach but there is one town not so happy about that. this one. the one that has to deal with the traffic, of course. there may be a reason why it's getting worse. >> memorial day, unofficial start of summer, for downtown los gatos, the start of summer traffic. backed up as far as the eye can see. >> i've lived in this neighborhood. it's hard to go to the grocery store on the weekend.
6:45 pm
>> on a sunny day, most are headed to the coast, probably avoiding this traffic. >> it's crazy. >> when exiting the freeway, it's bad news former chants. >> people can't get to parking places or the stores to work or shop here. so it's affecting our business. >> locals say they don't think it's crafty drivers and they say this started about a year ago. they think the reason is this. >> i think they're using mobile apps. >> navigation apps are used for the quickest route. waze districts drivers and tries to spread them evenly across the streets. >> last year there are times people couldn't get out of the driveways because of the traffic. >> our second try sent us the other way. >> turning us through downtown. >> it's in terms of giving you the quickest route.
6:46 pm
>> some wish it would take locals into account. >> i love waze. it doesn't show how it integrates with a small town pattern. >> the town asked caltrans owe close the onramp. last summer, they blocked off streets and traffic cleared around 2:30. about the time waze reported speeds above 25 miles per hour. >> it is what it is. i don't think we can do a lot about it. those of us that don't want to tolerate it will move out. >> nearly 40 years after "roots" aired on abc, it's being retold with new insite about the lives of slaves from the mid 1700s to the end of the civil war. >> look up, little one. >> based on the novel and mini series, the 2016 version provides a contemporary perspective of one family's
6:47 pm
life. the cast includes anna paquin and forest whitaker. >> there is a gold mine of information available for us now. it wasn't available when doing original research. >> part of the reason people retell that story is to ensure people don't forget what happened. >> the original won nine emmys. the history channel will air the updated roots, four part series beginning tonight tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> there is no arguing we enjoyed beautiful weather for the holiday. >> rachel captured light clouds in this shot of a fly >> we're going to have a nice
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sunset. live doppler 7 giving us all quiet except cloud cover pushing into the bay. so oakland and richmond will have low fog. fog burns off by 9:00. 99 in antioch. 80 in san jose and san francisco, 69 degrees. friday, into saturday, a lot of spots are going to head into lower 100s to round out the weekend. >> excellent. thank you. >> abc7 news sports director larry beil is back. >> we're going to have a nail biter again, it looks like tonight. >> if you thought game six is stressful, i just want to survive game seven. steph curry trying to do all he
6:49 pm
can in game seven. to keep the warriors in this game. but so far, it's been an uphill climb. sports liv
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good evening, everybody. okc and warriors in a do or die game seven. and you'll recall that is what he did in the fiems last year. steph curry, the mvp. never lost a game seven. is curry the key? the miss and steven adams is a beast inside. steph starts to heat up. a deep, deep three, just within one. the step back jay. eight points early on. kevin durant is so talented.
6:53 pm
he knocks down a three of his own. driving and scoring on the reverse, dubbs within one. durant, westbrook, again. 21-15, thunder. a muscle here, down low. scores and score was a dunk with 37-33. also happening the sharks in game one of the stanley cup final as well in this game. they gave up two goals and fell behind early on. right now, in the second period off a goal, the sharks have closed to within 2-1. the team has the worst home record in baseball. the teams well represented in
6:54 pm
the stand. barriers and giants, deep and out from the fifth home run of the year. giants have a 1-0 lead. and bases loaded from alex smith. line drive here. let's go for a bases clearing triple. to the sixth and trouble for the giants, the wrist by a fast ball, 96 miles an hour. it's not a break, it's day-to-day. come back up the middle. bounces off the mound. kelly johnson, problems, giants down 5-3. next man up, >> the oakland a's across the way, looking for a win, hosting
6:55 pm
the minnesota twins. some fans went to the a's game early and coco chris with a 16th career lead off homer. top of the second, robe grossman with a foul play to left. brian dossier with a fly to right. and chris krodlin makes a catch. look at the collision right here, it's frightening. it's off the wall and going to score to tie it at two. going to the 7th, sean doolittle 2-1 for the twins and a line
6:56 pm
drive that ends a threat. a's win it, 3-2. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. the story on the warriors and sharks, tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> fingers crossed and nose crossed. >> coming up, the plan to boost tuition at the university of california. for some, it could cost as much as stanford. >> then, at 11:00 a barn burner in the north bay, tonight at 11:00. and look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, i'm dan ashley. >> from the entire abc7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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