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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the defending champions are
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heading back to the nba finals. >> now at 11:00, back to the finals, down three games against the thunder, the dubs stage a spectacular come back and face a rematch with the cavs for the championship. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we start with sports director larry beil who is live at oracle arena. that must have been a thrill to be there. >> this place was unbelievable. the energy was rocking especially when steph curry got going. the warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit and finish off the okc team. i tell you what, steph curry is proving again why he is the mvp. he is the baddest man in town and maybe in any town. it is what president easy. the -- it wasn't easy. it started raining three's. he had a playoff record seven
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in game seven. the warriors beat the thunder 96-88 and they capture the western conference crown. >> it is pretty remarkable come back. it shows a lot about our guys and their will and their grit. >> that's all that matters right now for us is we put ourselves in a great position to realize another goal and have to get it done. >> the warriors will host cleaver lend in game one of the finals right here thursday night at oracle arena. it is the rematch everybody wanted. the thunder didn't want it, but pretty much everybody else did. that's what we have. lots more coming up later on in sports. for now, live at oracle, larry beil, abc7 news. >> we can live with the thunder's disappointment. >> thanks, larry. let's continue our live team courage.
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>> katie is live where the fans are elated. >> dan and kristen, i saw some oklahoma city fans leaving. one was in a cowboy hat and it didn't go well. a lot of booing. tonight's win proved the warriors are an exceptional team and the fans loved the drama. >> warriors fans keep the party going long after the win. a win the hard way. >> i'm a little shaky, but i'll be all right. it comes with the game. >> the warriors were down until the end of the third quarter. >> i have no nails left it was so amazing. >> curry, thompson, everybody is unreal. they are undefeated, can't be stopped. they are unhuman. they are unhuman. >> fantastic. i have been a season ticket holder for 30 years. this is the greatest night ever. >> excitement on the stands as well as the court. bernie sanders showed up at the game after giving a speech in oakland.
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>> people were coming through to take pictures and we cooperate see the game. that was a bummer. once security stopped that it was cool. >> warriors kept their eye on the prize and they never doubted their team. >> it is our time and it's our year. >> we are going all the way and then we are playing cleveland next week. >> it is only the beginning. watch what we do next week. >> confident, loyal, loud and proud warrior fans. abc7 news. >> and the warriors treated this message after the big victory. nba finals tickets go on sale tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. get yours early with the exclusive pre sale. >> and happening now, hundreds of warriors fans are lined up tonight to be the first to get their championship gear. abc7 news was at dick's sporting goods in daly city. it was unreal. this is one of the several
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stores that reopened. they closed and then reopened after we won, after the game, to sell to eager fans. they will also be open at 7:00 in the morning if you cannot make it tonight. >> that's amazing. >> and abc7 news was at graphic sports wear in south san francisco as they started to print the warriors western conference championship t-shirts when they won. 8,000 shirts were printed and they will continue to print until 6:00 in the morning. these shirts will go on sale in the morning at target and wal-mart stores around the bay area. and abc7 is your home for the nba finals. game one is on thursday right here. coverage begins with abc7 news at 4:00. at 5:30, it is espn on abc with the nba countdown pre-show. and then tipoff between the cavs and the warriors at oracle. it is at 6:00 only on abc7. >> and it is not just the warriors. the san jose sharks made their stanley cup finals debut in
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pittsburgh tonight. >> the sharks and the penguins were tied late in the third period when he scored the game winner. san jose loses 3-2. >> we can't win them all i suppose. reporter wayne freedman is in pittsburgh. >> if you look at the stanley cup games at individual acts of on going drama it hits at something very historic. we already know the shark lost, but let's get some context. let's start with brent burns. >> it is pretty cool at the end of the day. >> cool even in somewhat muggy pittsburgh. a moving sea of yellow and black as the sharks fans look like an endangered species. >> i never had this feeling before. we are soaking it in. >> for sharks and shark fans it was history.
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their first appearance in a stanley cup final. >> it means the world. >> the world. sharks was rocked. they scored two goals and then looked to be in command, but they came back with two goals of their own in the second. then a sea saw third and a game that seemed destined for over time before he put this one into the penguins. sharks fans? >> i am proud of the way we fought back. i think we played well tonight. obviously not well enough to win but we'll take game two. >> it was fewer than 48 hour away. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> fans at home got to watch the game at the shark tank. >> lilian kim is live at the center in san jose. lilian? >> christian and dan, sharks fans left disappointed, but it was a great game and now
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nothing but optimism for game two. it sure felt like a home game. the sharks fans say the stanley cup final game one viewing party was the next best thing to being in pittsburgh. >> i want my fellow fans and i want to yell with them and scream with them. >> and scream they did. never before have they cheered this team this deep in the season. >> i just didn't know when and it took 25 years, but we are here and they are looking good so far. >> it was a nail biter and tense up until the final second. many are confident that their beloved team fought back. >> first time in 25 years. we can do it. >> at sap center in san jose, lilian kim, san jose news. >> yes, we can. wayne freedman is staying in pittsburgh and will bring us coverage of the game two on wednesday and then games three
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and four are at the shark tank in san jose on june fourth and 6th. flames tore through the barn forcing a major highway to close down. it happened north of petaluma. highway 116 near stoney point road was closed for nearly three hours. the firefighters kept it from spreading to nearby homes and vegetation. the smoke though could be seen as far north as santa rosa. no one was hurt. now to a story abc7 news broke on twitter. san francisco thieves are running around tonight with a fully loaded gun stolen from an fbi agent's car. the break in happened yesterday on pierce between hayes and fell. the thief also took the agent's badge and credentials. cell phone video of the previous theft show how the area is notorious for the car break ins. >> usually they aren't cop cars so it got our attention. >> it is scary somebody would leave a gun just laying around and it is dangerous jie. last
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year kate steinley was shot to death and the transient who shot her used a gun stolen from a -- from an agent's car. they pushed for agencies to lock their guns when parking in the city. still ahead on abc news bay area, the secret service rushes to bernie sanders' side during a bay area rally. >> and outrage tonight. the zoo that shot and killed a 450-pound gorilla explains why it made such a deadly decision. >> plus, the group of female friends who stopped a date drugging for the first time they are coming forward about the story earning them internet fame. >> the fine ending to the holiday weekend. a live look at pier15 and the fog is making a come back. who wakes up with fog and how hot we get in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmle live. jimmy? >> here is something from me
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campbell and all of the bay area. this is abc7 news. >> senator bernie sanders is spending his night here in the bay area. he attended tonight's warriors game after a full day rallying supporters. >> abc7 news president arer melanie woodrow is live in the newsroom with the latest. melanie? >> senator sanders comparing himself to the warriors appealing to california voter right here in the bay area. a cheering crowd greeted presidential candidate senator bernie sanders outside oakland city hall. senator sanders immediately appealed to the crowd with his warriors baseball cap. >> does this guarantee me the california primary? >> it wasn't lost on the democratic candidate or his supporters that this rally coincided with game seven. >> they were down three games to one, right? they came back, yes? well we fell pretty far behind and we will come back as well. >> ahead of next week's primary election both
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democratic candidates have their eye on california. hillary clinton changed her plan and will return for five days. >> i think maybe we are making her a little nervous. >> she sound scared because she refews to meet. >> senator sanders rallied the crowd when he spoke about taking big money out of politics and making public college tuition free. earlier in the day he made an unannounced stop at a memorial ceremony in san francisco and spoke at alan temple baptist church in oakland. approximately 10 minutes into his rally outside oakland city hall animal rights activists rushed the stage. secret service agents cuffed and removed them. million knee woodrow, abc -- melanie woodrow abc7 ?iews. hillary clinton stayed in her hometown. she and husband bill clinton marched in the memorial day parade. it is a yearly tradition for the clinton. donald trump plans to prove how much money he raised for veterans and where the
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money went. during a rally for bikers on the national mall yesterday he said he raised $6 million. stay up-to-date in the race for the white house. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking election updates as they happen. criticism and condolences for the cincinnati zoo after the decision to shoot and kill a gorilla after a boy sliped into its enclosure. the zoo's director said he does not regret the decision saying the boy's life is in danger and he would make the same call again. animal rights activists protested the killing of the endangered gorilla. three women out for happy hour are considered heros for stoping the date drugging of a woman. this man, michael shoe, is accused of dropping an unknown substance into his date's drink. they noticed the man or a man putting something into the drink and the manager reviewed
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the security video and called police. one of the women posted details about it on facebook. >> the amazing thing is how many people sincerely thanked us because they had a personal experience. >> we all have the ability to speak of. -- to speak up. >> there was a charlie angels-inspired meme that has gone viral. >> don't just be a bystander. >> we will talk about the weather that is warm and going to get warmer. >> right, how many more days ahead of the warmth, drew? >> we have several days. if you liked this weekend you will like what we have on the accu-weather menu. we are getting the all clear. we have some mist and fog pushing through the golden gate straits. overnight more sunshine and more heat on your tuesday and this heat is going to peak later in the weak on friday. the current temperatures out there right now, we are still rather mild in spots.
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it is still holding at 78 degrees. 65 in concord and a bit cooler in oakland and with that fog a cool 52 degrees. earn will drop into the 50s. 52 in oakland and 52 in san jose and 51 in san francisco and napa is dropping to 50 degrees. future weather will show you that some of us will wake up to some fog. we will have the fog first thing in the morning. the city of san francisco and even huh ward and half moon bay. we will wake up to low clouds. it is a short time in the cloud cover because that cloud cover pulled back to the coast by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. lots of sunshine again for the bay area. we will call it a blend of sunshine and cloud cover right along the coast. once again a wide range in temperatures. highs in the microclimate 88 in san jose and we are a warm 87 for cupertino. 82 redwood city and palo alto and san mateo a high of 79
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degrees. afternoon sunshine and 69 degrees. 60 for daly city. the north bay,83 san rafael and napa a warm 86 into the east bay tomorrow. oakland 75 or warmer in union city at 82. richmond is up to about 73 degrees. inland will be hot once again in the 90s. 93 pittsburg. here is the seven-day forecast. you notice tomorrow patchy morning fog and it is a steady pattern through thursday. by friday look at that. we are heating up rather nicely. triple digits inland. still hot on saturday and then sunday and monday we will cool off and coastal sea breeze kicks in and the cloud cover rolls back in. a couple more day of the heat peeking. >> thank you,
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a great way to celebrate a birthday especially if you are on the team. after the game warriors' forward harrison barnes posted this picture on instagram with the message, left to go to the finals with my brothers on my
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birthday. he played in 56 game with the warriors. so happy birthday to mr. barnes. >> he is 24 and accomplished so much. >> check out the front page of the san francisco chronicle. it says come back completed. it has a picture of steph curry celebrating big time. >> the warriors gave everyone a nice gift tonight. it was a thrilling way to get back into the finals. >> they went down in the beginning just to give us a good show and keep us on our toes. >> oh we were on our toes. we were just dying, actually when they were down 13. there is nothing quite like a game seven especially when you win it. the warriors celebrate tonight after they complete the come back against okc. the next stop is the finals.
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you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening, everybody. larry beil is live at oracle arena. the warriors are going to the nba finals in back to back year finals since 1947 and 48. the dubs complete an epic come
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back against the thunder and it was wild. steve customer told his staff he knew steph curry would have a big game seven. okc was up in the first half. look at steph with a big finish before half time. klay thompson one of his six leigh's and in route to 21 points. tied at 54 and the mvp delivers the first lead of the game and steven adams has no prayer of hanging with the baby face assassin. kerr said this dunk with authority. with the turning point in the game and this place exploded. four minutes left and green makes it an 11-point lead. 145 remaining and kevin durant and it is down to a four hpoint game. he delivers the dagger. the dubs a winner 96-88 and they are heading back to the nba final for a rematch with the cleveland cavaliers.
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>> i can tell in game six he was starting to feel like himself. he looked better. i told our coaching staff that i have no doubt steph will have a huge game. it is a cool moment to enjoy the fan noise and understand that we are on the brink of doing something very special and coming back from down 3-1. this is an unbelievable accomplishment to go back to the finals and continue this journey . >> they are the 10th team to come back from the deaf pho it is. the debut in pittsburgh joe thorton waited a longtime for this. patrick marlow with a wrap
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around. the finals tie it at two. late third it is tied at two. pittsburg's nick benino givers them a 3-2 lead and that was the final score as san jose drops the series opener 3-2. >> we know we didn't play our best. we are not -- i don't think we feel too bad. it would have been nice to win , but we feel good with our team. >> all right. the giants lost in atlanta and a's beat the twins. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we will be back here thursday night for the warriors and the cavs in the finals on abc7. it is gonna be fun. >> it is gonna be a blast. a photo finish there tonight, larry. thank you so much. >> great match up again. >> thanks so much,


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