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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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they closed out 96-88 in game seven of the finals. a huge feat. only the third in history to come back 3-1 to win the finals. now they are headed to the finals for the second straight season and face the same team, calf laters. fans are line up to my gear. matt? >> our first fan is here this morning excited about releasing the finals' gear. >> go warriors! >> dix sports goods has merchandise, with the final gear hanging on the rack.
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>> we are going to win. go, warriors! it is the hats. the famous finals hats on the near during the celebration. last night hundreds of fans lined up in daly city and dix opened up late after the series win to sell championship exercise. they open up early today. you can gear up starting at 7:00 a.m. last year they sold out quickly and were sold for hundreds of dollars on ebay. everyone wants the n.b.a. championship hat. we will see if we have a 2016 championship happen. >> tickets are on sale today. season ticket holders get first crack at 10:00 a.m. and at noon it opens up to 29,000 on the
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priority wait list. american express cardholders can purchase at 3:00 and the general public have availability at 5:00. we are the him for the n.b.a. finals with coverage on thursday at 4:00, and at 5:30, it is the countdown and game one between the cavaliers and warriors starts at 6:00 p.m. only on abc7. >> dub nation is sharing their friday, and we have a lot of great photos. we want to see yours # dubson7. you could see them here. game one of the stanley cup finals did not go so well for the sharks. after falling behind 2-0 they scored twice and made it even but pittsburgh scored the game winner with 2 1/2 minutes left and sharks lost 3-2. in we are, they play on wednesday and then shifts to s.a.p. center on saturday.
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>> bernie sanders has two stopped today in the bay area after a rowdy event in oakland where self people tried to rush the podium. tiffany is here with what is expected today. >> we are a week away from the my marry and bernie sanders is hitting the trail. hard. the democratic presidential hopeful has stopped in emeryville and santa cruz today. sanders health care proposal gathered attention that will cost much more than the campaign suggests. he is expected to talk about that at a news conference in emeryville this morning. from there, he will head to a rally at kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz, first-come-first-serve. he is expected to take the stage at 1:00 o'clock p.m. after a rally outside oakland city hall. animal rights activist jumped barricades and interrupted the speech. security teams stepped in. the senator who now trails hillary clinton said he can come
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back just like the warriors. >> they down 3-1. they came back. we fell far behind and we will come back, as w. >> sanders will hold another event in monterey and return to the bay area tomorrow. >> hillary clinton is abruptly canceling an event in new jersey to focus on california. the former secretary of state will spend five days here starting on thursday. she spent part of the memorial day marching in a parade in her adopted hometown in new york. shell pick up key endorsements including from the action fund the first ever presidential endorsement for the environmental group. >> presumptive nominee will discuss how money he has raised for vets after say he raised $8
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million for vets but will be back in california tomorrow speaking in sacramento at 7:00. >> this is your last day to ask for a ballot if you want to vote by mail next week. online vote by mail politicians have to be submitted by midnight. politicians returned by mail must be round by the department of elections by 5:00 today. >> when you live in contra costa county you have more flexibility to casting a ballot early. starting today you can vote any of seven regional early voting sites, a movement for make it easier for california to vote. for a list of hours operation go to >> you can stay up to date on the race for the white house with news app, by everyone abling the push alerts for protecting election updates. >> novato high school is back in class for the first time sin a student was shot and killed. another student was hurt in the attack. grief counselors are on campus for those who want to talk.
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two novato high school students were arrested on thursday and a san rafael man is held without pale on accessory to the crime. police are look for a four the person. no word on a motive. it could have involve add sexual assault two weeks ago. the shooting happened off campus. >> thieves are running around with a fully loaded gun stolen from an fbiing a's car, a story we first break on twitter. it happened on sunday. the thief took the agent's badge and credentials. cell phone video of a previous theft shows how the area is then for break-ins. >> this are not cop cars so that get our attention. >> scary. someone would leave a gun laying around. it is dangerous. >> you may remember last year kate steinle was shot to death on pier 14 and the tran cent charged used a gun stolen from a failure row of land management ranger's car. former police chief suhr pushed for officers and agents from
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other agencies to lock their guns when packing in the city. >> a san jose city councilman will look for founding to add lack station stations to city owned facilities. he wants facilities at the children's discovery museum, happy hallow park and zoo and san jose city hall a private room providing a clean and safe space for mothers to nurse. >> he is asking for $55,000 per facility like the one here at san francisco city hall. >> in santa rosa you could get a letter from peg on removing trees on roar property that block emergency access. according to the press democrat letters are sent out to owners in six areas of santa rosa starting today, pg&e recently surveyed the areas and found a thousand trees that can be a problem, 5 foot few of gas lines need to be removed. >> starting with a picture from mount tamalpais of the crescent
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moon and the fog and low clouds that are hanging around this morning. now, a look at our temperatures, in san francisco, it is cool. 51 at lark merced and mission. and park presidio 54. ferry building and financial district at 53. inland we are at 60 at walnut creek and union city and santa clara at 55 and petaluma at 49 to 50. same in pacifica. tomorrow, the building heat continues. the local sea breeze is keep you in the 60s and 70s and the rest of us are in the 80's and 90s. and then we are warmer, up 30 techs, on thursday and friday, then, is the hottest day with 100s inland, forward, concord, antioch, clear lake, clover came, 95 santa rosa and san jose, and mid-to-upper 80s around hayward and redwood city and comfortable at the coast at
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69. >> the drive in the central vietnam this morning, we see slow traffic for the early morning commuters get up and at it. speeds up, say, 16-32. slowing at 29 out of tracy. i checked the terrorism time at 40 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. not too bad. we have flares out this morning and traffic brake happening northbound 101 before alum rock, a car fire, a tree was down in the middle of the road and it planed in and it has been there for a couple of hour trying to get that cleared from the lanes. they are running a break northbound. we will check back with that in a few minutes. >> we are basking in sunshine the middle of the nation is bracing for more wild weather with a danger facing thousands. >> apple dragged back to court with a famous university claiming the iphone
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wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. the apartment building where the fire was.
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when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is incredible. >> this is a caves road rage that turned into a violent hit-and-run accident in florida. this is cell phone, a driver deliberately plowed down people on a motorcycle.
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the motorcyclist confronted the driver when the car cut him off. the light turned green the driver tried to run the man and woman over. >> driver tack off. the driver was arrested minutes later down the road. >> we are watching the impact of severe weather across the country this morning. the water continues to rise on the brazos river in texas and tornadoes remain a threat in the plains. now from washington we have that report. >> this morning the floodwaters in texas still rising. >> we have never seen it this high. everyone thinks i'm crazy for not leaving. all the swollen brazos river has invaded several communities in houston area and many more evacuations. >> thought we would be safe. >> the historic flooding has turned deadly. six people are killed. self are picing. in parker county, texas, a set back for crews for missing ten-year-old boy, with more
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water and debris rushing in making the search difficult. >> it is frustrating the family is here and we cannot give them closure. >> in the heart line, flash floods. and tornadoes. a will could come twister touched down near the nebraska border and the severe weather watch continues for the plains. >> on east coast from the carolinas to new york, people are dealing with bonnie. the system dumped 8" of rain in south carolina shut down parts of busy i-95 on memorial day. all the good news is upon any is weakened but this week residents have to deal with rain and rip currents at the bench as she crawls up the coast. >> we want to update story of the man would three women say drop add substance into a woman's game. michael schu dropped a substance into his daughter's drink and they warned her.
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the restaurant manager looked at the video and called the police. one of the women posted details of what went down on facebook. >> amaze how many people sincerely thanked us because they had a personal experience. we all have the ability to speak up. >> they posted this picture of of the picture that went viral. >> apple is being sued over allege infringement of wi-fi technology. cal technical was granted patents for wi-fi signals to improve the flow of data. the technology is included in wi-fi chip that apple uses clouding the latest ipads and they want the court to stop the companies from selling hardware that uses the technology. the school is demanding unspecified amount of money in damages. >> meteorologist mike nicco said we have a heat up on the way? >> i think so.
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>> supposeed to get hot? >> do we get anything for this other than a smaller wallet? all the ins are 15 miles per hour at fairfield and ten at sfo. some of us are not dealing with a breeze this morning. from our east bay hills equal a the patchy nature of the many layer clouds and the fog, the man laser a thousand feet, and we will have sun quicker than yesterday. pore inland east but it will be cool at the coast, cool to comfortable if you occupy -- open the window and tracking the possibility of storms on sentence. as far as today you can see the fog in the north bay. and the low clouds hanging around the bay. by noon, they are gone, other than possible finger of fog moving through the golden gate. 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay, to 90s and even 100 will show up today. i will show you that in a second. los gatos gets to minute and most of us in the mid-to-upper 80s like san jose at 8 and 72
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in santa cruz, and 76 in millbrae and 86 in mountain view, and mid-60s for the most part along the coast, and low-to-mid 60s and we are nearly 70 in downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, and 79 in petaluma, to 86 in napa and along the east bay shore, richmond 71 and fremont at 83, and antioch at 100, and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 90s inland and we will fall back into the fists again tonight but we will have the heat return tomorrow and it will peak on friday with hundreds holding on for saturday. all the golden gate bridge, showing nothing right now. a smooth sailing ride from sausalito up and over the waldo grade. in novato, into the city it is 22 minutes. green sensors but for the commuteers from the central valley. we have a break happening in san jose a fire at a downed tree, and the right lane is blocked.
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c.h.p. is on the children. i do not see a lost slow traffic. follow captured a pair of mountain lion cubs play fighting in the national forest. a mother and her two kittens made the entertaining and playful appearance over the weekend. they sound ominous. the videographer has seen the family in the past but never this close. he said he hopes the video will raise awareness of keeping natural habitats safe for wildlife. >> a wild day for this muni inspector on daughter near at&t park last week, a car pulled up and a man handed her this baby that he said he found on the freeway. pretty cute. the co-workers took the possum to the animal shelter.
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>> very nice, but what an odd thing to give someone. here, you deal with this. >> the plan to open the university of california to more students, and who may end up paying a steep price for it. and pack to work blues, back into to groove, but, first, america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, an end of one of the largest strikes in history, 40,000 verizon workers are due back on the job after a tentative contract agreement. it includes nearly 11% in rays over four years and changes in health care plans. >> it is back to welcome today on wall street after the memorial day holiday. but overseas, markets were open. >> most asian markets rose on good economic news from japan and growing acceptance that interest rates are going up. soon. >> n.b.a. finals gear is already available. all the league wasted no time releasing warriors hats and
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shirts after beating oklahoma city, the calf laters gear -- cavaliers gear has been available since they clinched a spot last
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> look at this, officials say a taxi crashed into the sliding glass doors at terminal three of
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o'hare airport in chicago. the shattered glass doors can be clearly seen. the driver was cited for "failing to reduce speed before crashing." do you think? >> new york senator schumer said "pet are -- "better," is not good enough at the t.s.a. security lines. he is supporting giving homeland security $28 million in additional funding to help hire 600 new actions around the nation and convert 2,700 more interest full time employees. >> united will separate the long of the regularly scheduled flights, from sfo, nonstop, and it goes from here to singapore and it will make united the only airline to flight nonstop from the united states to singapore. the flying time is 16 1/2 hours eastbound and 15 1/2 hours on the return to sfo. but who is counting?
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when. >> life it is two days later local time. what a joy! united is using the boeing dream liner for the new route. >> chances are you could be wake up this morning and feeling down about going back to work after the three day weekend. many call it the "back to work blues." the crankyness is real. and it is treatable. they are offering tips on how to get back in the greater including easing back interest work, not all at once. interact with people even if you do not family like it. think positive. >> what? those are the tips? >> right, that is helpful. >> optimistic is important. >> know, mike, does that work? >> is that real doctor advise? >> what is "easing" back at work we come in at 7:00 a.m. rather
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than 3:00 a.m.? >> good morning, everyone, how about the a's? winners of three in a row. 65 and dropping to 59 by the time the game is over at 10:00. triple digit through the central valley. be careful, 105 in palm springs is cool. los angeles is 75, and monterey is 67. at half moon bay, free air conditioning, if you are so tired of the heat, it will be warm on friday, by their standards at 69, and 67 on saturday, that is better than 100 inland. >> bay bridge, a couple of cars are packed up in the cash-paying lanes but not too bad this morning. no metering lights, and cars are flowing nicely into san francisco beyond the minor back up. san jose has an early car fire and tree in the right hand lane, c.h.p. son the scene doing a traffic break and we are seeing
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a backup. >> this is a tough story, the search resumes for a seven-year-old whose parents intentionally left him alone in a forest then for its wild pair population. it happened in japan. boy was on a day trip with his parents on saturday, and he got in trouble because he was throwing rocks at passing cars. as a punishment the parents dropped him in the mountains and history him this. when they went back later to fund him he was gone. more than 150 people searched for the boy since saturday. >> tuition for out-of-state students could skyrocket after a proposal considered by the state legislature. approved it would open up enrollment to 30,000 more residents by 2022 but to pay for it. tuition goes from $37,000 to $54,000 over six years. they are worried the increase will drive talented students
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elsewhere. they point out in three areas, it would be cheaper to attend stanford than uc. >> sorry music fans, katy perry and taylor swift have not made up. perry did not tweet her rival say she misses her, her twitter account was hacked. the internet intruder sent confusing and ugly tweets to perry's 89 million followers which have been deleted. perry is the most polled -- followed person on twitter. >> next, heartbreak facing students this morning as they return to school for the first time since the death of a fellow student. all the battle over a contain store in one of san francisco's oldest neighborhoods.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on back to work tuesday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> it will be a from day. >> trying to get people back in work mode. >> now, a check on the weather and traffic. mike? >> we


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