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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on back to work tuesday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> it will be a from day. >> trying to get people back in work mode. >> now, a check on the weather and traffic. mike? >> we have some rested people.
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>> quick bouncing off the walls, some of us are working. >> quarter-mile in petaluma. same in san jose. from the east bay hills camera, that is the backdrop for the day planner, temperatures are cool this morning. most of us in 50s. 60s at the coast. and mid-70s an the bay at noon to low 80s at 4:00, already nearly 90 at noon, inland, and low-to-mid 90s by 4:00. be came. if you are inland. another day of hot temperatures. a nation stream of traffic on the east shore freeway and the westbound direction of highway 80, from golden gate field to san francisco, still very minor, at 15 minutes. we have slow traffic with a stall reported when 580 at 205 so that could be reason for the solid red traffic and c.h.p. doing a traffic break in san jose near alum rock.
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we will update that in a couple of minutes. >> one student dead another hurt and police say their own classmates are to blame. it has been a rough week for the novato high school community. they are back to work for the first time since the shooting. amy hollyfield? >> we go to novato. >> we are having trouble with the audio and we will get back to that soon. >> santa rosa police are looking for suspects in a stabbing on a trail that happened last night at 8:00 on the trail at westfield lane, a 23-year-old said three his pang men told him to quit walking and he refused. one of the men wrestled him to the background and stabbed him. >> a big day for presidential politics in the bay area, bernie sanders will be in emeryville
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talking about health care. he will stop in santa cruz this afternoon, before holding a rally tonight in monterey. he spent the day in oakland yesterday and held a community meeting at alum temple baptist >> whoa! >> you can hear the cheering. he walked out of oakland city hall to the cheers of crowd speaking about making college tuition free, and removing big money from politics. on wednesday, he will hold rallies in two college towns, palo alto and davis, college students have been a substantial part of sanders' support. >> this is making headlines: a scary moment at the sanders rally, four animal rights protesters jump the barrier and tried to rush the podium. they were grab by secret service agents. you can see one agent in the center of the screen whacks at
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the leg of a man who jumped the barrier. the man and three women were cuffed and led away. >> his popularity is causing hillary clinton to change her plan. after marching in a memorial parade on monday in new yorks she canceled her remaining event and planned a return trip to california instead. she will begin a five day swing on thursday. >> donald trump will also return to california tomorrow holding a rally on wednesday night at the sacramento center at the airport. he is holding a news conference this morning at trump tower to discuss how much money he has raised for veterans in recent months. the california primary is next tuesday. we are one of six states vote that day. north dakota is only holding a democratic caucus, and favor other states cast ball the althoughs on the republican and the democratic side. >> the hottest tickets in town are on sale today as they the warriors sell tickets to games one, two, and five. they knocked out game seven last
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night. they held on to win 96-1980 after trailing three straight and moving to the finals to face lebron james and the cavaliers . >> dubs nation and the ultimate warrior are confident the wore yours will be back-to-back champions. fans everyone loud. and proud. >> fantastic. i have been a season ticket holder 30 areas. the greatest night. ever. >> our type. our year. >> i have no nails left. amazing. >> watch next week. it is the beginning. >> fun to see them having fun. >> they partied long after the game ended. they will have a couple of days to recover.
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get ready. we are headed to the finals. >> printing thousands of championship t showers as soon as they beat the thunder, with sales going on at wal-mart and target. we are the home for the nba finals on thursday at 4:00, and at 5:30, n.b.a. countdown, and game one with the cavaliers is at 6:00 p.m. only on abc7. . >> a highway in the north bay is reopened after a big fire, flames tore through a bar next to highway 116, and firefighters closed the road for three hours out of fear the flames would spread to the grasslands. they prevented that. people in santa rosa could see the smoke of the no one was hurt. >> in the warm weather has you thinking of a trip to the ocean you can see how dangerous the surf is, a 13-year-old was
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rescued year as she got into trouble after wading into the water. the fire department said the water temperature is in the 50s and waves have been breaking close to shore. >> heads up, san francisco mayor lee will announce his proposed budget for the next two years as city hall. the proposal is streamed live on the web site starting at 11:00. >> new legislation is going to the san francisco planning committee this week about banning chain stores. the residents have sent 100 letters to the commission ahead of the vote on thursday. the neighborhood association argues that chain stores increase rent, squeeze out small business. san francisco previously banned chain stores in north beach and chinatown. >> glad you mentioned the peaches because we will have strong kip -- rip currents until thursday. the east bay shore we have richmond and berkeley at 54. castro valley is 53.
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everyone else is around 55 to 59 the warm of the temperatures, antioch, and brentwood in the low-to-mid 60s. contrasted with the 40 around napa. santa rosa is 47. heading to oakland and san carlos, 55, in san jose, 59. the activity planner, breezy, and walking the dog it could be too hot in the afternoon, especially inland. the pavement is going to be really hot. it could be more than 100 degrees. maybe too hot to wake the dog. wait until the evening. swimming, you can find it, it will be a if way to beat the heat. you do not see fluctuation in the temperatures, and upper 60s in san francisco, mid-to-upper 80s around the peninsula and east bay and mid-90s and a few 100s inland. >> now, our traffic map, yes, early morning commuters, we are seeing slow traffic and we have
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a stall reported. it is westbound 580, just after 205 in lane three and that is why we have a delay here. you are looking at 40 minutes from tracy up and over the altamont pass and the dublin/pleasanton area. a backup in san jose as the c.h.p. is on the scene with flares and they had a tree near and car fire in the right hand lane. i am seeing slow traffic back to tully road. >> one student dead. another sure, and the classmates are to blame of the back to novato high school right now and that is where amy hollyfield is right now. the first day of class since the horrible indent last week? >> yes, an administration official said keep your eye on the kids and talk to them about what happened but there will be grief counselors. it must be traumatic to see this video of fellow classmates being
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arrested by the swat team. two teens are in custody, still searching for a third teen. the officers say they are looking into charging them as adults. they are not releasing their names because they are minors after shoot asking stabbing two classmates on a trail in the country club neighborhood here in novato laugh wednesday. one victim survived. one victim was killed, 17 -year-old guerra and they are still trying to determine the mive. school was canceled after the shooting in the interest of safety. officers are still looking for the third suspect but they will have classes today. >> thank you. it is a traffic shortcut that has a bay area town saying "enough is enough." next, who neighbor say is directly to mail. >> eat like a warriors, a favorite spot could be
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> north korea has failed at another missile launch. this is a video of previous launches. the missile exploded on the launch pad when the button was pushed. this will make the 4th failed missile launch by the north. president obama said north korea is a big worry and appears to be
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committed to advancing their weapons program. >> a driver is in custody this morning after the latest wild chase in southern california. watch as the driver narrowly avoiding hitting other cars and a bicyclist. the chase travels across multiple freeways all with light traffic, and the driver slowed to a stop in the middle of the 405 freeway in long beach and surrendered peacefully. the chase started when the police tried to stop him because his car was reported stolen. >> residents of south bay city are really angry at rage. drivers are avoiding heavy traffic on highway 17 account republican could be the navigation app. the waze lets you choose the quickest or a detour so off the freeway is what it noons on to the small are side streets which is not working for a lot of the residents in the area the ait is not doing what it is supposed to
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do as far as giving the quick of the route. >> i don't think we can do a lot. those who do not want to tolerate it will move out. >> the town asked caltran to close downtown highway 17 on-ramp but no luck. last summer, los gatos blocked off neighbor streets as last resort. all the warriors slogan is "strength in numbers," but "strength in waffles," according to a restaurant owner. she things her waffled help them win. >> it is not the kind of fancy place where you could think celebrities would detain but brown sugar kitchen in west oakland has become a destination sin it opened in 2008. now, it is discovered by warriors players like harrison barnes. >> french trained chef whipped up elevated soul food featureed
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in "new york times" and several national tv shows. chicken and waffles is the specialty, and the choice for barnes who said the teammates have been told and now they customers. >> they are eating with us and that feels great. >> she is g love to go there. she has a lost personality, and keeps it super fun in active. >> not only is their strength in numbers, but there is strength in waffles. >> i swear, harrison plays well a couple of days after coming here. >> she say he was here on friday so hopefully that will help help the team win. >> in oakland, for abc7. >> i believe in the power of waffles. >> mike nicco?
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>> i like them but not together... >> you do like chicken and waffles together? >> i like them separate. >> you are separating the food groups. >> i have to try it see what the key is because everyone kills me i an crazy but i will try. >> now, everyone, nothing is happening on live doppler hd. we are going to watch the cloudser real estate quicker than year as we look from the sutro tower a gorgeous morning unfolding, above average highs where it is cool again, and the good news is it is not staying hot, 50s and 60s and more to deal with dome in the north bay valley and along the coast. and a chance of storms is possible on sunday, the temperatures are close to 90 in los gatos the warm spot in south bay and 86 to 88 for everyone else, and 72 headed to santa cruz, and mid-80s is where we end up in mountain view, and mid-70s in millbrae and low-to-mid 60s for most of the cost today, upper 60s to
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nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco and sauce least. petaluma is 79, and everyone else in the north by valley and low 70's around richmond and hercules and mid-70s to 80's in san leandro, and inland, 93 to 100 is the spread. this is the longest heat streak we have had, my goodness, i don't thing we have had one this long last year, and a chance of showers and cooler wet on sunday. >> we go from 104 to a chance of showers is widespread. now, traffic map, green is good, we had an early stall, up and over beyond 205 on westbound 580, and that is why we have slow traffic, and you are look at a solid hour from tracy up and over the altamont pass, and interest dublin/pleasanton. we have a stall partly blocking the slow lane, westbound 37 near
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29 and i am seeing a little bit of slow traffic and that is a heavy commute. debris in the lanes, westbound 80, causing cars do pull over with flat tires so they will have a c.h.p. break to get things out of the lanes. we will check back in san jose traffic break and see how they are doing next report. >> this time of career is like christmas for flag makers with him day, flag day, and then fourth of july. flag sales are rising. patriotism is high and the economy is doing better. an improving construction industry is also contributing to flag sales. why? new buildings often get new flags. >> and netflix has the summer lineup. >> a heaping helping of entertainment from netflix adding dozens of new shows and
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movies, 42 debuting tomorrow alone. >> if you are trying to get in touch with someone and you can, now you know. more competition from apple from the other side of the world. computer company has introduce add new laptop the ultra portable zen book three is lighter and more powerful than a mac starting at $1,000. >> they are practicing the art of citizen in in row -- of zen in robots. they say it could be useful for elderly to remind them to take pills and calling for help in an emergency. >> in it can do our laundry, all for it. >> have a great day. >> cute new rival is debuting today, a baby baboon is get ready. he is nape zachary. zachary is playing with his
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i smbut ended up nowhere.a lot now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. you didn't listen to your parents. you ignored every piece of advice. you failed over, and over, and over. and look where it got you. time to shine. orbit. >> now, the seven things you need to know. starting with the warriors, they will sell nab tickets starting today for the finals. they go on general sale at 5:00. all the sharks and their fans
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are looking ahead to tomorrow, with a chance to tie the stanley cup finals. they lost game one. 3-2. to the penguins. the series shifts to s.a.p. center on saturday. bernie sanders continues to the bay area campaign swing today. he will speak in emeryville about health care and move on to santa cruz and then monterey. >> year, he spoke to a huge cloud promising to work to make college tuition free. >> police have three suspects in custody over a novato high school student killed. they are looking for a four the suspect. >> we are bringing you a look at flooding in texas, with lib stock and -- livestock and 20" of rainfalling. swollen rivers will climb well above flood stage. >> day two of above average heat look at livermore, 96, 17
5:25 am
degrees above average and the closer you are to the court like san francisco, it will be nice, at 69. >> seven, sue is following your tuesday morning back-to-work commute. bay bridge is looking okay. no metering lights yet. we had a traffic break in san jose on 101. we will check on that in a few minutes. >> a truck driver is alive after spectacular crash on the new york expressway. that is an 18 wheeler hang off the side of the road outside the bronx. the cause of the crash remains "under investigation." it is believed the van may have cut off the semi. the driver climbed down the cab on to the roadway below. >> disneyland is get letting go the past with the new "star wars" area, you may remember this at disney land, the sky try that want through the mountain, and it close add long time ago in 1994 and disney is moving forward with plans to get rid of
5:26 am
the skyway chalet where you got on and off. officials have filed a permit with the city to make the changes. the "star wars" area is 14 acres in the north western part of the park above frontier land. crews have been busy since john. disney is our patient company. >> scientists are trying to save a frack. -- a frog. a consultant has been searching for them in watsonville area to figure out in it is a growing or shrinking population. he is nickname the frog whisperer. now the land trust of santa cruz county has hired a local company to put up song meters to record the sounds 24/7. algorithms comb through the data to find the frog. it is used more and more to
5:27 am
study endangered animals and threatened habitats. >> warriors fans are eager for get their
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no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we are here to get you back to work. it will be great. >> it will be awesome. >> now the weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco we have nice weather? >> we do. something foreign. fog. the lowest visibility is petaluma at quarter-mile. three-quarters around santa rosa and half moon bay. the sfo camera shows no issues getting in and out of the sfo today. the day planner shows temperatures are mild and dropping into the 40s, mid-to-upper 50s and as we head throughout the afternoon,
5:30 am
we stay in the 60 at the coast as the sunshine is at limited nature. we will hit the mid-80s to 90s around the bay and i land. more heat is. coming up in the forecast. sue? >> right now, slow traffic out of the central valley, an early stall, westbound, 580, near 205. it is cleared. you are looking at an hour. debris not lane, westbound 80 near highway 12, it is a bail hay. it is fought doing a lot damage but it is a nuisance. c.h.p. may have to do a traffic break. we had an early car fire and tree down. c.h.p. had to do a traffic break. they are now cleared. but the damage is done. for 20 minutes beyond tully road on northbound 101. >> four more wins. that is all that remains for the warriors to been n.b.a. cams
5:31 am
champions again. >> a lot of us were asleep while this happened or anxious to figure out what happened this morning. and look at that 96 to 88 at oracle arena, gale seven of the western conference finals last night. a huge feat for goes goes all golden state only the third team to be down 3-1 and end up winning. they face the same team the calf laters. warriors fan off off are lining up to prepare the official gear. one dude got there early. >> and now we have two dudes here early as will with as the workers getting the final t-shirts ready for all of the fans to come in and pick them up and buy them. we will talk to the dudes.
5:32 am
we have ryan, from san jose, he now live here in fremont. you are a big warriors fan. why did you show up at 4:30 in the morning? >> because weapon the mrs. want something you get to get it. >> what does she want? >> warriors hat. >> what do you want? >> happy wife? of course. without that i don't know where i would be. >> good thing you are here and first in line. whatever sheen whats she gets. they said they will release new hats. yesterday they released a special cap on the floor. >> everyone wants that cap they were wear when they clinked the -- they clinched the win. a lot of people were in line trying to get the gear, hundreds looking for the hat on the floor or a t-shirt that said the finals, dix across the bay area
5:33 am
are opening up early today and not just here in fremont or in daly city but at all of the stores of the fans can gear up starting at 7:00 a.m. and the line started here, and it was early, so if you want your gear and the first choice you have to get here early. >> that second guy dropped the mad hat knowledge. thank you. tickets for the finals are on sale today, and the first crack at 10:00 a.m. and at noon it opens up to 29,000 members on the priority wait list. presale starts at 3:00, and tickets for the general public are made available at 5 o'clock. we are the home for the nba finals so coverage begins on thursday with abc7 as 4:00, and 5:30 is the countdown. game one at oracle arena is five o'clock p.m. only on abc7. exciting times. we want to see you show your pride, so we have received a
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lost videos and photos but we are always looking for more. post them on social media # #dubson7. >> across the country, game one of the stanley cup does not go so great for san jose. after falling behind for penguins they considered twice in the second period and made it even and then, they score with 2 1/2 minutes last and sharks loose 3-2. >> in politics, bernie sanders will have another stop in the bay area today. this follows the event in oakland where several try to rush the body". tiffany is here with what is expected today. tiffany? >> good morning. the california primary is a week from today and bernie sanders is hitting the campaign trail. hard. the democratic presidential hopeful has stopped in
5:35 am
emeryville today with the health care proposal garnering thank as a report said it will cost much more than his campaign suggests. he is expected to take pout that at a news conference in emeryville this morning. from there, he will head to a rally at the kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz. he is expected to take the stage at 1:00 p.m. these ever veterans followed a rally yesterday, a group of animal rights activitied jumped barricades and the security team stepped in. the senator who currently is trailing hillary clinton said he feels momentum is on his side. >> maybe we are making everyone nervous. the first poll done in california had her 50 points up. last palm had her two points up. >> bernie sanders will attend an events in monterey before holding events in palo alto and davis tomorrow. >> sanders must be putting
5:36 am
pressure on hillary clinton's campaign because she canceled an event in new jersey in order to come to california again. she spent part of memorial day marching in a parade in her adopted hometown of character -- >> trump will discuss how much he raised for veterans and where it went. he skilled a televised event and had a charity for vets saying he raised $6 million. he will speak in sacramento at 7:00 tomorrow. >> this is the last day to ask for a ballot to vote by mail in the primary. they have to be submitted by midnight. you can register on the california secretary of state website. >> if you live in contra costa county you have more flexibility forecasting your ballot.
5:37 am
this is part of a h by state lawmakers to make it easier for those in california to vote. for a list of hours of operation go to our use, where you can stay up to date on the race for the white house, by downloading it for free and enabling push alerts to get breaking election update as they happen. >> novato high school back in class for the first time since a student was shot and killed, and another student was hurt in the attack, and grief counselors are on campus for those students with would like to talk to someone. to novato high school students were arrested on thursday and a san rafael man is held without bail on suspicion of being an accessory to the crime the police are still looking this morning for another person involved, and there is no word on a motive for the shooting, and we are told it may have involved a sexual assault. >> in san francisco, thieves are running around with a fully loaded gun stolen from an filing a's car, it is a story we first
5:38 am
break on twitter. the break-in happened on sunday. the thief took the badge and credentials, cell phone video of a previous theft showed this area is notorious. >> usually they are not cop cars. that get our attention. >> scary someone would leave a gun laying around. it is addition. >> we remember last year when kate steinle was shot to death on pier 14 of the transient charged with her murder used a gun stolen from a bureau of land management ranger's car. police chief suhr pushed for actions to lock up their guns when parking in the city. >> and from the east bay hills camera, the sea of fog is around a thousand feet and you can see it is barely over twin peaks and sutro shut -- and mount sutro.
5:39 am
los gatos is at 1,800' at 71 degrees. this is warm air right above this cool air. bodega bay is 53 in san francisco, and san carlos is 52, alameda and newark 55, and fairfield is 58, danville is 59, and brentwood is 62. starring tomorrow, 60s around san francisco and sausalito, and 80s elsewhere until inland east bay, 90s and look what happened on thursday, the 90s are spreading into the south bay and into the north bay and the 70s start to spread to san francisco. as the 90s take over the north bay and south bay completely with 100 showing up on friday and this is not the last day of triple digit heat, i have another one in the seven-day forecast. >> hazy. if you are traveling on the east shore freeway, fog is out, as mike has been telling us and we
5:40 am
are looking at solid stream of headline -- head lights. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are turned on at 5:39. regularly right around 5:30 and starting to fill in nicely, by, still, relatively minor difficulties from the back of line at 10 minutes. we had an early stall before the altamont pass westbound 580 at tracy; that is cleared out of lanes and we are seeing typical early morning commute with an hour drive from tracy to dublin/pleasanton and a bail of hail all over the lanes, westbound 80 near highway 12 causing slow traffic as the hazy is being cleared. and a slow commute with an early traffic break near alum pickup northbound 101 and solid to minutes from the expressway. mass transit options coming up. >> whats will not be considered against the pains of the wrong boy who got into a gorilla
5:41 am
enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. a special team that fear for the boy's safety shot the endangered gorilla. video showed the gorilla grabbing boy and dragging him through the moat, the director said he does nature regret the decision and would make the same call again. >> city council member on san jose will look for funding to add lack laquan -- place for mothers to nurse and is asking for $55,000 for each facility like this at san francisco city hall. >> in santa rosa you could get a letter from pg&e on removing trees that block emergency access on your property. according to the press democrat letter are sent to owners in six areas of santa rosa starting today. pg&e surveyed the areas and found a through trees that can
5:42 am
be a problem. trees 5' of gas transmission line need to come out. >> next, road rage caught on camera, the certificate action that led to the unbelievable footage. >> the reason a cam
5:43 am
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petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we could not believe the video. this case of road rage turned so violent, a hit-and-run accident in florida. cell phone video shows the driver deliberately plowing down two people on a motorcycle. this is at a red light. witnesses say the motorcyclist confronted the driver of the car after he said the car cut him off. when the light turned green, the driver tried to run the man and woman over. the driver took off. he was arrested down the road a few minutes later. we looked into this and both passengers on the motorcycle were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. >> they are very lucky. the search resumes for a seven-year-old whose parents intentionally left them alone in a forest that is known for the wild bear population. this happened in japan, the boy was on the day trip with his parent and sister and he was in trouble for throwing problems at passing people and cars. as a punishment the parents dropped him in the mountains and left him there.
5:46 am
the parents want back later and the boy was gone. more than 150 people have been searching for the boy since saturday. >> killer floods in texas could cause more trouble today. six people have died so far. in the flooding. the river is expected to crest at 53.5', 3' above the previous record. locals are stunned by the amount of water. >> we have never seen it this high. everyone thinks i'm crazy for not leaving. >> thought we would be safe. i did not know it would come up this fast. >> prison officials are evacuating 2,600 inmates. authorities say the water levels are so high they are overwhelmed the pumping station is not working. >> the cam institute of technology in pasadena is suing apple over alleged infringement of wi-fi technology.
5:47 am
they code asked dedeaded why guy signals to improve data flow. it is includeed in apple chips that are used in iphones and ipads and cal technical witnesses the court to stop the company from selling hardware that uses the technology and is demanding money in damages. >> now the back did work commute with sue hall. sue? >> san jose we have 101 looking pretty nice. this is beyond the 880 evercontractsing here with traffic letting in the northbump direction. but 101 is very slow, with an early issue near alum rock. it is cleared. traffic is stacked to the expressway and right around here it things out -- it things out
5:48 am
the we have 40 bart trains on time. no delays from the central valley on ace. muni is not reporting problems. so far. is meek on the roof? >> yes. it is a nice chill. the clouds are rolling in. light winds in the neighborhoods. check out live doppler hd. you can see how light they are at 12 in fairfield. everyone else is less than ten miles per hour to nonexist end. 87 near the shark tank. weighing up sunny. more inland heat and cool at the coast, patchy fog, and cool to comfortable conditions. and tracking the chance of storms on sunday. today, watch the cloud cover, the fog in the north bay evaporating by 10:00, and through the golden gate, the clouds will hug the coast, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
5:49 am
only 90s in los gatos officially, 86 to 8 for the south bay, and on the peninsula, from 76 in millbrae to 86 in mountain view, a lot of low-to-mid 60s and nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco, and petaluma is coolest at 79, and everyone else is low-to-mid 80s and we have 71 in richmond, and oakland, 75, and fremont at 83. inland we go from 93 in men and pleasanton and antioch is our first 100 this week with more in the forecast. manley on thursday, friday, and saturday. in the 80s an the bay and 70s creeping into the coast on friday and saturday before the cooler weather and the chance of a storm on sunday. guys? >> 104 degrees? surveillance video captured a pair of mountain lion cubs play fighting in the national forest. a southern california mountain lion mother and her two kittens made the entertaining
5:50 am
appearance. about, listen to that growl. playful but, man...the videographer has seen the family in the past but never this close. he hopes the video raises aware ness of keeping habitats safe for wildlife. >> now, more of a tame day at work for the inspector commentaried to a mountain lion but that is a baby possum. while on duty a car pulled up and a man handed her this baby that he said he found on the freeway so she said okay. >> a it is cute. >> really cute. this photographs were provided. the coworkers took the possums to animal shelter. >> woman nearly banned from a jetblue flight for her attire. is this appropriate? what do you think? a major move propped by a
5:51 am
senator to get t.s.a. line moving along. >> a particular student could dish out a lot more money to attend uc ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks.
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> look at this. officials say a taxi crashed into the sliding glass doors of terminal 3 of o'hare international airport. you can see the shattered glass doors. no one was injured. the driver was credited for failure tory dues speed. obviously. >> new york senator schumer said better is not good enough for the long waits at airport
5:54 am
security lines. he said 200 additional t.s.a. agents only minimally helped. he wants to hire 600 newing as and convert 2,700 more into full time employees. >> you do not want to wait three hours with a flight that lasted 16 1/2 hours which is about to happen. united will operate the largest regularly scheduled flights or longest in the world that goes from sfo to singapore and it mays united the only airplane to fly nonstop from the united states to singapore. the flying time is 16 1/2 hours eastbound. 15 1/2 returning to for. when you arrive it is two days later. united is using the dreamliner for the new route. >> chances are you waive up feel -- are you wake up feeling down
5:55 am
after the they day weekend in the pack to work blues but that feeling is real. it is treatable. tip on getting back into the groove include easing back into work. enter aing with people even if you do not family like it. and thinking positive thoughts. >> no thank you. and no way. and no. >> being optimistic is important to overcome the feeling of being blue. >> we will interact with meteorologist mike nicco but we always feel like it. >> mike? mike's face said it all. how do you ease back into work? >> moving on, everyone, hopefully you had a great three day weekend and are well rested and interacting with the co-workers. we start at 60 at 7:00 in san jose. by noon we are knocking on 80. at 5:00, 86 degrees.
5:56 am
three in a row and what we have done, going for four tonight, dropping down to 59. watch out in the central valley through the high desert, triple digit heat. >> this did not interact with our co-workers, do you think? but traffic through traveller, southbound 101 beyond the mall is not a problem. the sun is coming up and looking great at the golden gate bridge. ace train one is delayed an hour because of mechanical issues. that messes up that commute. ace train three is on time. we will come back and look at the north bay drive and golden gate bridge. >> thank you. tuition for out-of-state constitutes at uc schools could skyrocket under a proposal being considered. it would open enrollment to 30,000 more residents by 2022
5:57 am
but to pay for it tuition tore out-of-state students goes from $37,000 to $54,000. it will drive talented students from other states elsewhere. in three years it would be cheaper for out-of-state student to attend stanford than uc. >> the hand bag you have to see to plaintiff that sold for more than a quarter million bucks. >> stay tuned.
5:58 am
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i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> he fires. yes! >> just like that they did it. fans pumped up. golden state is headed to the finals for a shot at a second
6:00 am
consecutive n.b.a. title. >> congratulations. >> a good way to wake up on back to work tuesday. now, starting with a check of weather with meteorologist mike nicco on the roof. >> good morning, everyone. the sharks lost but they played well. quarter-mile visibility is what we have in petaluma. be careful. three-quarters pile there. the marine layer is compressed. a lot of sunshine in the day planner. temperatures stay in the 60s at the coast, mid-70s to upper 80's from the bay to inland by noon and low 80s to low 90s by 4:00. more heat coming up in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> we are looking at the golden gate bridge and the fog is settling on the span. you can see a little bit so you have limited visibility. use caution up and over


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