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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california.
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>> the zoo maintaining it was not negligent and the zoo keeper who has a long relationship going back to his grandparents finds the situation tragic for everyone. >> he was in a situation where there's this strange thing here that i don't know what -- what do i do? >> the boy's parents are taking heat online. a petition demanding they be held responsible for not supervising their child has more than 300,000 signatures and counting. and prosecutors say this incident remains under investigation to see if charges are warranted. this exhibit in the meantime is set to reopen this saturday. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. >> so how safe are our bay area zoos? abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler looks at the stand stchs here later this hour. back to the developing news. king james and company, the
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cleveland cavaliers getting off their charter flight at sfo and heading to their bus to take them to their hotel. >> i'm trying to tell, is he there? it's hard to make everybody out. it's far away. but we are seeing the team members arrive. hopefully we will prevail and be vic for yus as we did last year. hopefully our warriors will win again in the rematch of the nba finals from last year. with hope. rebeat them last year 4-2 and game one of the nba finals here on abc 7 is thursday. so be sure to tune in. the cleveland cavaliers getting themselves argued as they head presumably to their hotel and get checked in and squared away. i don't know if they'll have any sort of drill orz practice tonight. but they'll certainly have a team meeting and all of that and get to work in earnest tomorrow to prepare to face the warriors once again. and we believe that lebron is the one with the blue shoes. the bright blue shoes in. >> it's hard to tell. >> right in the middle? >> yes. yes, he has something white in
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his hand. we'll be at the hotel, too. maybe we'll get a clearer look at them and we can tell you. >> at least you get an idea they are here in town safely. ready to go. you know the warriors must be so thrilled but they've got a lot of resting to do in just two days because they had a pretty intense game last night. >> they certainly did. last night seven game, it protelled a fan sitting courtside to stardom. >> kristen sze is here with the apple executive suddenly holding center court kristen. >> dan and ama, if you saw this morning's "san francisco chronicle" you may be wondering who is the super fan capturing on camera screaming and pointing with steph curry. the man getting his 15 years of fame is already famous in the tech world. meet eddie q, the moment capt e captured in this picture matches this moment in the game, you
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cite back of q's head as the mvp celebrates on the side line. cue is a huge warriors fan. my apple contacts say he lined up this steph curry ad for the iphone 6f. yeah, cue also launched apple pay last year at oracle. the warriors tweeted this picture of him with the team president. he's clearly not your average fan trying on the warriors nba championship ring here to go with his apple watch. and cue is an mvp of sorts himself at apple as one of ceo's tim cook's top lieutenants he's responsible for the itunes store, the app store, icloud services and maps given cue's history, don't be surprised if you soo see him against the finals probably courtside rocking those sandals i don't know if you can tell in this picture with the same intensity as you might expect during an apple product launch. >> thank you so much. be sure to show us your bay
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area finals pride. we received so many great photos and videos from faps and we want to see yours. post your warriors pictures with the hash tag dubs on 7. you might see them here on the air. it looks like august hot out there. pretty warm and getting hotter still. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is in for spencer and has our accuweather forecast. >> dan and ama, temperatures are up today. we'll see more triple digits coming in later on this week. behind me, it is sparkling, the sun is out, it feels good, not too hot or cold here in san francisco. let bhe show you live doppler 7 hd. we'll take a look at where it's going to be toasty again. right now not near the coast. the fog is just socked in. the entire coastline. temperatures are being impacted because of this 57 degrees in half moon bay right now but you get well away from the marine influence and it's 103 degrees in antioch, a good 46 degree difference between the coast and inland. 99 in san ramon, 74 in oakland 87 san jose santa rosa 68 in san
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francisco kgo roof camera, a gentle breeze along the embarcadero, foggy conditions on the coast tonight. a wide range of temperatures tomorrow, the heat peaks late in the workweek and into the weekend. take a look at the temperatures first thing tomorrow morning, a nice cooldown tomorrow night, hopefully good sleeping weather, low 60s to low 70s. fog will be around for your commute tomorrow morning. it will be confined to the coast and bay. by 8:00 a.m. it pulls away from most bayside communities. the coast is still socked in. but look at what happens by 3:00 p.m. looks like the fog will shrink as far as layers is concerned. i think most areas will see the sun with a few exceptions. 60 degrees tomorrow in half moon bay, 68 in san francisco, across the bay in oakland, 74, san rafael mid 70s, 85 santa rosa, low 90s for concord, livermore, san jose 86 and san mateo sfinl. if you want to escape the heat and hit the beaches we have a beach hazard statement through
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thursday evening. large breakers and strong risk of rip currents particularly southwest facing beaches. so just be careful out there. here's a look at what's going to happen on thursday. temperatures s will be a good plus degree difference between the coast and inland. it is going to get hot inlined. friday you see the triple digits, 5 to 20 degrees above average. and we'll maintain that hot weather inland with mild conditions at the coast for your saturday. accuweather seven-day forecast, low 60s to mid 90s temperatures dialing back just a skosh tomorrow rm but they'll come right back up. thursday near 100 degrees and we'll be topping 100 friday, saturday, inland upper 60s coastside summer huh like spread but sunday the cooling begins and we'll drop you out of the triple digits. monday it will be in the 80s. feeling much better by then. coming up next, another airplane kroefrlsor, this time a woman kicked off a jetblue flight because of her outfit. what she was carryi
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>> a. a blew lefk dancer from seattle said her jetblue stripped her dignity when they told her to change her clothes if she wanted to fly. she boarded a flight wearing these shorts. the pilot said no way, which is their right according to the airline. they told her to wear something else or get off the plane. mcmuffin blasted the policy saying it's entirely subjected. >> i would say body shaming more than outright sexism but it is hard to remove those two trings from misogyny. >> the entertainer ran back into terminal and bought the shorts but is disrespected and outraged. she thinks jetblue should offer sensitivity training to its pilots or be more clear. you could see it's super cal freej list tick ex-pea ol doeshs. the sequel to disney's 1964
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classic mary poppins will take place in depression era london. the lead actors are emily flubl who am play mary poppins. mary poppins returns as scheduled to be released christmas day 2018. disney is the parent company of abc. >> that looks fun, the original was such a great movie. speaking of updates how about an emoji version of the king james bible? check this out, the bible with the subheading of scripture for millennials, interprets all 66 books of the bible with yuan i code approved emoji and common internet slang and contractions. it's described as a quote great and fun way to share the gospel. its release comes with declining rats of religious affiliation across the millennial generation. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. >> i'm the only one in the world who could raise nm $6 million for the veterans, have uniform
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applause by the veterans groups and end up being criticized by the press. >> donald trump lashes out at the media over his donations to veterans. plus, the state department issues a travel alert. what they are saying today that you should hear. >> and a live look at sfo from sky7 hd where the cleveland cavaliers are heading out right now on their way to their hotel in san francisco after landing just a short time ago. of course they face the warriors thursday night right here on abc
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines today at 4:30, the two teams accused of fate alley shooting and stabbing a classmate and wounding another will be strieed as adults. sfaechb-year-old juan carlos martinez enreek'snd 16-year-old face murder and tempted murder charges. court documents indicate both teens intentionally killed the victim by means of lying in wait. it also says enreek ease fired the handgun. there's a new warning today on the zeke ask a virus. the world health organization is strengthening its zika guidelines over fears it may live in bodily fluids longer than expected. an sbz 7 news follow-up reporter vic lee tweets the fbi recovers stolen gun in san francisco' bay view after sunday's car break-in over the weekend. and the bay area high school if
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is mourning the death of two students who browned over the weekend. two fund-raising accounts have been set up for them. abc 7 news reporter lianyanne melendez is live from pittsburg with more. >> reporter: it was very tough to go inside that school today. thank you to the principal for allowing us inside. now, tomorrow there will be a candlelight vigil for both students here at the school beginning at 6:00. then next week the graduation and that will be hard. >> she is here. i know. i feel her. >> reporter: maria reese remains stoic as she came to collect her daughter's items left in her school locker. the girl died last sunday during a camping trip. she and her cousin drowned in a river near south lake tahoe. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: she says her daughter won't need these running shoes she now has the wings of an angel.
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she was just a week away from graduating, a large group of students gathered today around her locker to remember her time here. >> it's sad that she really died, like the week before graduation. like it's hard to believe. it's just crazy. >> they came to school today many having heard about it over the weekend, quite smet. we do have probably a dozen grief counselors and/or just counselors that we work with in general on site today. >> reporter: she was only 18 years old but knew she wanted to be a police officer. today there are two fund me accounts set up for her and her cousin who graduated from pittsburg high last year. >> we will be issuing her a diploma and we definitely have a place for her during graduation. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: her mother told us she wants to be be a part of this year's graduation to receive her daughter's diploma. she says she he will remain strong in the days ahead. in pittsburg, lyanne melendez,
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abc 7 news. recovery teams have now found the bodies of both oakland boys missing since saturday after they drowned in a reservoir near modesto. you're look at video caught by stanislaus county after they scoured the reservoir. both 15-year-old boys vanished after jumping off a boat. family members spotted a teenager earlier today hours before the other was found. now to the race for the white house house. presumptive lk nominee donald trump lashed out at the media while releasing details about the funds he raised for military veterans months ago. this as the democrats battle it out here in california. here's abc news reporter stephanie ramos. >> reporter: donald trump has unveiled his veteran charity list. >> i have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets, almost $6 million. all of the money has been paid out. >> reporter: that figure slightly less than he claimed back in january, some of the contributions coming from trump himself. >> a i gave a million dollars. >> reporter: months after trump says she raised the funds for the vets in iowa he's releasing
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the groups that were paid adding he wanted to keep it private. >> i didn't want to have credit for it. i'm the only one in the world who could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by the veterans groups and end up being credit sized by the press. >> reporter: the veterans group playing out in one of trump's most fiery press conferences yet. the president dernl candidate attacking the press for, quote, making him look bad. >> i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. >> reporter: sleazy, slime, horrible, dishonest, just some of the words trump used to describe the media. with reporters pushing him on the numbers. but veterans outside trump tower protesting the real estate mogul say it's not about the money he he generates but integrity. >> it's that he got caught lying about the amount of money he raised for set rans. we were here last week calling him out. now he's scrambling to explain himself onchtsz. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is raising fund raisers in new york and new jersey but will soon head out west to secure the delegates
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1450e8 need to clinch the nomination. but bernie sanders is putting all of his efforts into next week's california primary to try to prevent that. in california right now there are two lawsuits against trump university, a federal court releasing those documents, including details of how the university was marketed. as for trump he's calling the judge's handling of his kaisz unfair. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. and our california primary is next tuesday. we're one of six states voting on that day. north dakota is only holding a democratic caucus. five other states will cast ballots on the republican and democratic sides. the state department is warning americans traveling to europe about the risk of terror attacks over the summer. officials say that large numbers of terrorists will present greatist targets for terrorists. finding attacks in public locations. advisory points to two events in particular, the catholic church's world youth day in july in poland and the european soccer championship in fransz. france has been under a state of emergency since the paris terror
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attacks last november. there are new details today in that massive wildfire in alberta, canada. it's been nearly a month since the fire started and now some evacuees will finally be able to return home. a phase return of more than 80,000 residents is set to begin tomorrow. they'll be greeted by signs like you see right there. officials say the wildfire is no longer an imminent threat though it does continue to burnment the fire started may 1st and wiped out entire neighborhoods. still to come here on abc 7 news at 4, facebook's newest frontier. the social media company heads to space. what they're doing tomorrow that's just ahead. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. beautiful blue skies to match the bay today. we'll be seeing more of this with some hot summer days inland. we'll take a look at tomorrow's temperatures and where you can go to escape the heat. and sky7 hd is following the cleveland cavs as they head to
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their hotel in san francisco. the cavs face off against the warriors this thursday night right here on abc 7. stay with us. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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all right, looking live again sky7 hd following the cleveland cavaliers head into san francisco. right now they're on 101 heading to their hotel after arriving at just a little while ago at sfo on their charter flight. >> you saw those buses there. this is when they arrived.
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they were about 20 minutes when they landsed or so. coming for the nba finals. they took a team picture on the tarmac. game one against the warriors at oracle is this thursday. of course you can watch it here only on abc 7. >> absolutely. and abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom is live on market streetout side the four seasons where the cavaliers will be be staying. jonathan? >> reporter: you know, the cavaliers could be arriving here just a few minutes before 5:00, but the fans are already here. they're going to walk through this door, those unusually tall people and here are some folk whoz are already gathered hoping to get their autographs, get some picture was them. one of them we spoke to a few minutes ago. this is juan. juan, who are you hoping to see? >> i want to see lebron james. >> reporter: you have a camera, right? show me how you're going to take your picture with lebron james. >> i'm gooding to follow him. >> reporter: why do you want a picture with lebron james? >> just one of the best players.
4:41 pm
we know about la john graimz james an curry. >> reporter: lebron james probably walking through these doors in 10 or 20 minutes depending on how long the bus takes to get to the four seasons hotel. those cavaliers having a rematch in the nba finals with the golden state warriors. folks here even in the golden state turning out to see the cavaliers. >> xlebt. thanks. facebook, fwiter and youtube and microsoft are teaming up with the european union to crack down on hate speech online. the internet giants have signed up for a new set of rules designed to stop racist, violent or illegal content from going viral. they agreed to review a majority of flagginged content within 24 hours and then remove it if necessary. facebook is going live in space. mark zuck ergberg will speak with three astronauts aboard the international space station tomorrow. he's expected to ask questions submitted on nas at that's facebook page. you can join in on the earth to space call which will be streamed live on nasa's page at 9:55 tomorrow.
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the video call is supposed to last about 20 minutes or so. well, it's time to turn to our forecast, which is unofficial beginning of summer. it just feefls like summer. >> feels like summer big-time. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it sure does. we have our summer microclimates in place today. they're going it continue the rest of the week let me show you live doppler 7 hd. it is clear inland but fog is holding on near the coastline. here is a look at highs for wednesday around the state. it's going to get hot in fresno, 105, 107 in palm springs, certainly signs of summer there. los angeles morning fog giving way to sun, 77. 78 degrees in tahoe. now, highs here in the bay area will be in the low to mid 90s inland so definitely hot inland. don't worry. along the coastline we'll keep uf in the low to upper 60s with a few patches of fog lingering. so obviously not so hot there. now you take a look at the temperature trend, and we're going higher. thursday friday will be the hottest days for san jose, low to mid 90s average high is 77
4:43 pm
degrees. with the heat, though, comes a deterioration of the air quality. what you see there will look very different. four-day forecast, poor inland for the east bay thursday/friday and also for the santa clara valley on friday. moderate air quality on saturday. i'll be coming up here at 5:00 p.m. with the accuweather seven-day forecast to let you know how long the hot wirth will last. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, will cheating on your diet help or hurt in the long run? what you should know before you bite into that cookie. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. a rare recall from general mills.
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>> announcer: cupertino. concord. wine country and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. cheat days, a break from your diet. >> the question is, does indulging once in a while help or could it actually be hurting your die eliminadiet? >> mara scheve calm poe is getting to the bottom of it. >> reporter: cheat days, an indulgent break from the drudgery of dieting, often shared on social media. for the rock, mountains of
4:47 pm
fudge, peanut butter brownies and cinnamon buns. jennifer aniston goes for mexican food. and for the kardashians? boxes of fried chicken. what do you see people eating on their cheat days? >> i think them eating things from chips to cookies to popcorn, chocolate, cakes, huge sandwiches, pizzas, ice ream, you name it. >> reporter: wu can giving in to cravings one day a week help your diet or hurt it? the science is hazy, but some say cheat days may help but upping production of the hormone leptin, decreasing appetite and also helping the body burn more calories after overeating by increasing mee ing metabolism. they may also have a psychological benefit. does it release a little bit of that pressure. >> you can feel motivated to stick to your diet plan, right? because you know you have a day before where you get to eat a little bit of whatever you want. >> reporter: but for a lot of people, these days may actually be counter productive. you gave me a full day to eat whatever i wanted, i could ruin weeks of good work. >> absolutely.
4:48 pm
i mean, you could take in upwards of 5,000 calories. that would be a disaster. >> reporter: experts say it can also be hard to get back on track with a cheat day turning into a cheat week. >> when i counsel my patients i actually don't talk about using cheat days. i talk more about moderation. have one meal that is a little bit more decadent. >> reporter: mara schiavocompo, abc news, new york. >> so many choices. with michael finney has details of an unusual recall. >> the 10 million pounds of recall flour is possibly linked to an outbreak of e koco-lie. the recall includes nine different flour products all from general mills, half the people who became sick said they had made something homemade with flour. general mills says no e. coli has been found in any of its products but it issued the recall as a precaution.
4:49 pm
the company says those who became sick may have consumed raw dough or batter which of course you are never supposed to do. we have a link to a list of recalled flour on our website at abc 7 just click on "7 on your side." wow be willing to participate in a study if someone paid your monthly rent and picked up your cost of food? the city of oakland has been chosen as a test site for a new pilot study on what people do and how they feel when their basic expenses are met. why incubate out of the silicon valley is conducting the study and those oakland for its economically diverse population. researchers are hoping to find people from various socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in this long-term project. each participant will likely receive anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 a month. now, if you have any thoughts on the study or perhaps you would like to join in, you can contact basic income at i've posted that e-mail address on our website so that you can get it there if you didn't write
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it down here. electronics makers samsung is reportedly working to include moy r more ads in its mart tvs. the internet connected televisions will be embedded with what's called hardware baked advertising towers to make that ponl. ed ads will be embedded on the menu bar. sax sung is reportedly looking to increase its profitability beyond a raiser-thin margins of its televisions. software updates will also make it possible to increase the amount of ads in older models as well. >> interesting. michael, thanks a lot. painkillers could be making pain even worse. and nestle is on a health kick. here's jane king with today's wellness report. researchers at the university of colorado have discovered a potential new problem with painkillers, results of a three-month study released on monday by the university shows that opiates such as morvan cause an increase in chronic pain in lab rats, something that could implications for people. opiates have come under fire
4:51 pm
lately for abuse, addiction, and overdoses. well, professor of human sciences and psychology at ohio state university set out to understand if and when women seek validation on facebook for their roles as mothers and whether they're at greater risk of depressive symptoms when they do so. the social media platform can offer guidance and support from a large community, but frequent posting for some users can also amplify their anxiety about motherhood. the study found that nine months after giving birth mothers who posted a lot reported more depressive symptoms like not shaking the blues, experiencing restless sleep. nestle is moving into milk allergy testing, the world's biggest food company is spending $111 million to develop and market an experimental milk allergy test for infants. nestle has been doing a lot of deals like this lately to create a new kind of business midway between food and pharmaceuticals. the way is to -- gi problems to alzheimer's. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king.
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here's to your health. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. up next, an endangered gorilla was killed after a child got past the barrier and into the enclosure. could it happen here? what one local zoo is doing to keep its visitors and animals safe. and kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5. coming up, an inferno at an apartment building in martinez. mover than a dozen people are looking for a new home. and nine seconds of terror. a car runs over two motorcyclists. the witnesses who stepped in to help. and "7 on your side's" michael finney shows you how to save money on your wedding when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5. and we're taking another live look from sky7 hd as the cleveland cavaliers arrive in san francisco ahead of thursday's game. >> what you can see here, of course, right here on abc 7 they should arrive at the four
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and you are taking a live look as the cleveland cavaliers arrive at their hotel, the four seasons in san francisco. they are arrived at sfo about a half hour/45 minutes ago. they landed in town and now they are here at their hotel. of course, they take on the warriors this thursday night. you can see that game only here on abc 7, and of course we are hoping for our warriors to be victorious over the cavs as they were last year. all right, well, zoos across the country are examining their safety standards fold foling the killing of an eeb dangered gorilla after a little boy fell into the exhibit. carolyn tyler looks at vivor safety at one bay area zoo. >> reporter: oakland zoo officials call the cincinnati case a tremendous tragedy and are scrutinizing their 100-acre site. >> let's try to understand that situation and, you know, what we could do to prevent that kind of an accident. but accidents do happen. >> reporter: in fact, 21 years
4:57 pm
ago this month at the oakland zoo, a lion named maddie jumped the fence which was already higher than industry standards. the zoo was evacuated. maddie was shot with a tranquilizer dart. >> no one was hurt. and barrier upgrades were put in place. the zoo now conducts monthly drills. >> we practice emergency scenarios. we practice evacuations. >> reporter: at the san francisco zoo, christmas day 2007 tatiana the tiger escaped her grotto, killing a teenager. now the fence is electrified. san francisco officials say their hearts go out to cincinnati colleagues who killed a beloved gorilla in order to protect ai little boy who fell into the enclosure. parents visiting the oakland zoo also expressed sympathy. >> an animal like that to be killed is tragic. >> i think it's a responsibility all around, the zoo and parents'
4:58 pm
responsibility as well. >> reporter: in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. and thank you for joining us for abdz 7 news at 4. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. a rock star type reception like crowds for presidential candidate bernie sanders look a lot different from his stop in san jose just two weeks ago. plus -- >> the total is $76.65. >> everybody wants a little piece of the warriors after the team's dramatic comeback. but there is one thing fans are having a hard time getting. also tonight, the cleveland cavaliers have just arrived. that's lebron james with the sky blue shoes. we're live at their hotel. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know how long the hot weather will last. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. the cleveland cavaliers have just arrived in the bay area for the nba finals.
4:59 pm
sky7 hd was over sfo when the team arrived less than an hour ago. we showed you their arrival live on abc 7 news at 4. players took a team picture, then boarded the bus. on their way to the hotel in san francisco. it is on soon. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. with lebron james devin love and other stars, they attract a big crowd wherever they go. >> jonathan bloom is live at the four seasons hotel in market on san francisco where the team just arrived, jonathan. >> reporter: hoping to grab pictures, selfies. >> well, unfortunately we can't really hear jonathan but let me tell you what's going on. they arrived just a little while ago on nir delta charter flight and these buses just pulled in in front of the four seasons
5:00 pm
just moments ago with the cleveland cavaliers, lebron james and company, in town to take on the warriors for game one in the series starting on thursday. >> a lot of fans waiting hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. >> of course. >> we'll get you more on that. in the meantime, you know, the warriors fans are ready to cheer on the warriors in the finals against the cavs and many are hoping to do so wearing a piece of coveted gear that's sold out just about everywhere. >> boy, that stuff is hard to get these days. laura anthony is live in san here and droe. laura, the hat that the warriors players wore last night is the one in high demand, right? >> reporter: that's a tough one to find. but let me show you what is being made here by the dozens, by the thousands actually. these are the "strength in numbers" t-shirts, the same shirt that's the fans will be wearing for games one and two starting on thursday night. they will end up here. this is the finished product. just a little bit of a surprise in these shirts that folks will see on thursday night. i can't give that away just yet. and as you


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