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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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just moments ago with the cleveland cavaliers, lebron james and company, in town to take on the warriors for game one in the series starting on thursday. >> a lot of fans waiting hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. >> of course. >> we'll get you more on that. in the meantime, you know, the warriors fans are ready to cheer on the warriors in the finals against the cavs and many are hoping to do so wearing a piece of coveted gear that's sold out just about everywhere. >> boy, that stuff is hard to get these days. laura anthony is live in san here and droe. laura, the hat that the warriors players wore last night is the one in high demand, right? >> reporter: that's a tough one to find. but let me show you what is being made here by the dozens, by the thousands actually. these are the "strength in numbers" t-shirts, the same shirt that's the fans will be wearing for games one and two starting on thursday night. they will end up here. this is the finished product. just a little bit of a surprise in these shirts that folks will see on thursday night. i can't give that away just yet. and as you said, the t-shirts
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are easier to find. those hats at this point almost impossible. the line outside the warriors team store formed long before it opened. many of them hoping to buy the same hats their beloved dubs wore after last night's thunderous victory. but alas it wasn't meant to be. >> i stood in line since 9:00 this morning to get the back to back hats. they waited to let us know they don't have them. >> everyone is looking for the locker room hat. that's what i've been 8ing for. they don't even have it. >> we have the final hats, the gray, blue, black fitted hats but not the locker room. >> reporter: while some left disappointed, most stayed and geared up with what they could find. that is, anything that said "finals" on it. >> got the smalls for my daughter, shirt for my daughter, shirt for myself. >> they load one every four to five seconds. >> reporter: not to worry. there's more finals gear on the way in process here at blue frog
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in san leandro. >> our team is really excited do be here and do these shirts. we love being part of this winning team so it's really fun. >> reporter: the people and the presses will work round-the-clock here for the next several days creating the 22,000 shirts per night fans wear inside oracle for games one and two. those "strength in numbers" shirts that seemed to work so well so far. >> these are official license shirts for the finals that the sporting goods stores picked up all through the night last night. >> reporter: in san leandro, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> fun. let's go back to jonathan bloom. >> live at the four seasons hotel. we've got the audio worked out. the cleveland cavaliers arrived just a few minutes ago. >> reporter: they did. they made record time. they showed up aboard this bus right here, and they didn't really stop to chat. you can see there's kind of a slowly dissipating crowd of fans, and potentially detractors who were hopefully to shout "go
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warrio warriors" as the cleveland cavaliers got off the bus. all of the athletes waving hello but not stopping as they went straight into the hotel. this is an epic rematch from the finals last year. you can see video of what map just a little while ago. here are the fans shouting "war yars" detransactors. those are warriors fans. even fans who aren't from around here our from cleveland were curious to come out and catch a glimpse of lebron james, the basketball player they've heard so many stories about. that player who now with the help of kevin love and kai riff irving will be going up against the warriors this time the cavaliers at full strength going into the nba finals here on abc 7 of course. and maybe these folks will get another chance at some point to get an ougautograph. you but for this moment in time, those folks are focused solely on getting ready 4 the game comp up in a full couple of days. lebron james saying he likes his chances even though the vegas book make errs say the warriors are favored 2 to 1 to win the series. live in san francisco, abc 7
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news. >> jonathan, thanks a lot. and speaking of the odds, will the war yoorz win the nba finals? political prognosticator and sports stat city tigs nailt silver stez it's 69 -- here's the nba finals schedule. game one begins this thursday right here on abc 7. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. on abc 7 news. abc picks up pregame at 5:30 with the game started at 6:00. the finals will continue until june 19th should they run seven games. everybody was just going nuts. it was lx like a concert, people were seeing their favorite fallout boy or one direction or something like that. >> moving on, santa cruz definitely feeling the bern and the candidate is feeling the love. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is turning up the heat in the
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battle for california. sanders has wrap md up a fiery speech in front of a massive and adoring crowd. abc news reporter chris nguyen is live at the santa cruz wharf. chris, people were actually turned away? >> reporter: kristen, so many people came out it definitely felt like a rock concert at time iz actually had to cover my ears because it was so loud in there. the candidate stress that he's the one with the momentum heading into the california primary. outside the kaiser permanente arena, a long line formed on laurel street with bernie sanders supporters, many who wound up not make it inside. >> to see hall these people, this is wonderful. incredible how many people are here in sue 230r9 of the guy. >> reporter: the venue packed to capacity. when the time finally came for the senator to take the stage. >> stand up, fight back and create a government that works for all of us. >> reporter: the democratic presidential candidate captivated the crowd from start to finish, thanking supporters for their time to their
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campaign. >> which candidate has the type of grassroots campaign that has the momentum that has the energy that has the excitement to bring people out? that's right, we do. >> reporter: a rally that at times sounded more like a concert than a political event, attendees feeling the bern ahead of next week's primary. >> a political presidential candidate that people are as excited about as they would be be about some teen pop star, which is amazing. >> reporter: sanders spoke for about an hour, addressing a range of topics including his desire to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and protecting a woman's right to choose. >> i think that our system is sort of dependent on the super pacs and big money and bernie is not big money. 'ses a man of the people and we need somebody like that to make change and i'm not going to give up hope. >> reporter: bernie believers saying they're proud of their guy win or lose. >> i am so proud of bernie for sticking with it and not giving up when so many people are telling him to quit. >> reporter: sanders is scheduled to hold a rally in palo alto tomorrow. in santa cruz, chris nguyen, abc
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7 news. well, despite sanders attracting the big crowds a new poll shows that former secretary of state hillary clinton holds a double digit lead still heading into the democratic primary one week from today. stanford's hoofer institution founds clinton leads sanders 51-38 among likely voters next week. california surveyed also favorited clinted by dvg. >> governor brown is endorsing hillary clinton for president. he says he is deeply impressed by sanders but adds the senator has no chance of winning and the stakes could not be higher. brown says, quote, i've decided to cast my vote for hillary clinton because i believe this is the only path forward to win the president densecy and stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. abc 7 news asked sanders about the endorsement at a campaign event earlier today
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at a.m.ryville. >> we have won 20 saits to is no not spliezing to me that we will have other democratic establishments supporting hillary clinton. but you know, i'd rather have these guys than the democratic establishment. >> you can stay up-to-date on the race for the white house with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking election updates as they happen. a man suffered severe burns toefd in a house fire in san francisco. san francisco police tweeted these pictures of crews on the scene in visitation valley. firefighters say they found the victim inside the house on the floor. he suffered critical injuries. fire crews say it appears the flames were concentrated in the back of the house. there's no confirmation yet on what caused the fire. 14 people need to find a place to live for the time being after a morning fire drove them from their homes in martinez. you're looking at the dangers firefighters faced when they
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arrived at really an inferno in an apartment complex on arnold drive near morell low avenue. the fire broke out just after 5:00 this morning. >> when we arrived on scene, the back of the building as you see behind me was fully engulfed and two units possibly three or four units. it is the better part of one building. >> one person suffered a minor injury. investigators say it will take police a day or two to find out exactly what started this fire. a former top state official is sentenced for bribery. that's next. plus, a horrifying road rage caught on camera. a car does -- goes airborne with the witnesses who stepped in to help. a rematch is unfolding in the south bay. the congressional fight that could last for months. and another wayward sea lion. why this one though needed a bathing suit. and the high cost of weddings. "7 on your side" reveals 31 ways to
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there's been a rash of guns stolen from parked cars in san francisco. abc 7 news learned three guns were stolen from a citizen's parked car in japantown just this afternoon. the fbi recovered a gun today that was stolen from an agent's car parked near alamo square over the weekend. agents searched a home in the bay view this morning after surveillance video showed the suspect's car. a neighbor who did not want to be be identified told us what he saw. >> i heard a loud bang, and then it woke me up. and i thought that pg&e had blew up the transformer. but then i saw fbi right here, one against the gate, one around the corner with eight s.w.a.t. >> a source with knowledge of the investigation tells us the a agent was from oklahoma and was here to watch the warriors? thunder game. the aim source says the gun was not in a lock box, which it should have been.
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a driver in florida faces multiple felonies in a violent hit-and-run accident that appears to have been an act of road rage. here it is. a gray sedan veers to the right and mows down a motorcycle. the man and woman sitting on it just go flying. the guy who recorded the ordeal says it all began a half mile down the road when the driver of the car cut off the motorcyclist. that's when the yelling started. >> i knew something was going to go down. i didn't know that extreme at all. but people are crazy, man. anywhere your life -- >> police arrested the driver, 31-year-old robert vance. he's been charged with aggravated battery and hit-and-run. the two people on the motorcycle suffered only minor injuries. well, cell phone video captured a frightening scene on board a united airlines jet flight from texas to new jersey. you're looking at something a passenger never expected to see, of course, ceiling panels came loose exposing wires and inlsz laigs above their heads on the boeing 767.
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it happened while the wide body jet approached newark liberty airport near new york city today. no one was hurt. the plane is now grounded while united investigates and makes rehe pairs. a week from today, voters in silicon valley will see a rematch between two democrats to represent the 17th district in congress. the race pits incumbent mike honda against row qana in the only asia american district in the mainland. david louie has been covering both candidates. he joins us live now from san jose. david? >> reporter: well, kristen, congressman mike honda won his seat or for the ainl time two years ago by a margin of less than four percentage points so a primary rematch against row qana will be closely watched. if they end up being the top two vote getters in the primary, they'll face off again in november. it was standing room only at the political science club at mission san jose high. the guest speaker was row qana running the second time to unseat eight-term incumbent mike honda. >> how many people here are sons
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or daughters of immigrants? >> reporter: most of the students raised their hands. qana's parents immigrated from india. that's not uncommon here. and he's urging these teenagers to encourage their parents to vote next tuesday. >> what results have you done? how many decisions have you made as a policy maker? >> reporter: honda has the advantage of incumbency and seniority serving on the powerful house appropriations committee which sets priorities for federal funding. qana by contrast has never held elected office. but he was an obama appointee no the kmersz appointment. kahn ha has the clout over his head whether he used district staff to do campaign work two years ago. that matter is still open. >> well, they see the word "alleged," may have, could have, are all squishy words. they're not really saying that i have been convicted or accused. >> reporter: was it revealed a systematic pattern that the office was giving expedited
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services to those who gave money and we've got to get that money out of politics. that's why i've taken a pledge with ten other candidates federally not to take a dime from corporation lobbyists or pac money. >> reporter: another democrat is also running as are two republicans and a libertarian. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. a former head of cal perz, the state public employees retirement system was sentenced to 4 1/2 years for bribery. he admitted accepted $200,000 in cash and casino chips for making investment decisions. benefitting the clients of a cal perz board member. the board member is the lake tahoe investment banker who has pleaded not guilty to fraud. the judge in the case calls it troubling. we have some breaking news right now. this is coming out of san joaquin county. take eye look at this giant sinkhole. it just opened up along highway 5, interstate 5, by highway 132. many of you of course know that
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as a turnoff to yosemite. northbound traffic all the lanes right now on i-5 completely shut down in that area. no word on what caused this, but you can see clearly it is huge and clearly will take some time to evaluate and then repair. so no word right now as to how long traffic will be detoured. but of course i-5 a major thoroughfare so this will cause some inconvenience. >> boy, that's a stunning sinkhole actually. absolutely massive. well, the peak season for weddings is under way right now, costs can skyrocket, keep in mind especially because there can be so many hidden fees. >> 7 or on your side's michael finney partnered up with "consumer reports" on ways to save on weddings. michael? >> weddings are way expensive, $10,000 to $30,000 is now considered low to mid range. so here are some tips from "consumer reports" to help keep your costs down. jackie and adam fletcher did everything they could to save money on their wedding. the key they say was
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negotiating. >> everything from my wedding dress to the flowers to the decorations. >> they also bargained with the caterer to allow them to provide their own alcohol. >> we probably saved somewhere between 3,000 and $5,000 on the alcohol. just buying it ourselves. >> "consumer reports" has just investigated the high cost of weddings and has come up with 31 ways to save. >> we found ways to save on everything from the venue and the dress to the photographer, the food, the flowers and still have a beautiful, stylish day. >> one great way to save, schedule the wedding for anytime but saturday night. or go for january or february, those are the cheapest months. and don't let vendors charge more just because it's a wedding. >> i am calling because i'm trying to get some est mats. >> "consumer reports" secret shoppers found a good percentage of businesses do just that. >> in our calls we found photographers and limo services often charged more for queds. >> when asked, some businesses suggested lower priced
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alternatives. some other ways to save, limit the entree choices, limit the hours of the open bar, consider serving only beer and wine, send the photographer home an hour early, a lot of guests will have left by then. and a final tip from the fletchers, when it comes to flowers, let your florist pick what is in season. they'll be the least compensative. >> to this day, people say it was the best wedding they'd ever been to, and that feels really good. >> the most important advice, remember to read the fine print. i know, i know, you know you're supposed to do it. you just don't want to. "consumer reports" says some contract show a built-in tip as high as 26% so look for that. and one that they checked out charged a $7 per person fee to cut a cake brought in from the outside. >> what? >> 7 bucks? that's ridiculous. >> and how much to smash the cake? >> is that like a corkage fee for cake. >> unbelievable. >> thanks, michael. meteorologist sandhya patel
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joining us now. and what a fabulous day. >> fabulous day, warm, very warm. but lovely outside and sandhya it will stay hot it sounds like. >> that's right. you're just going to have to get used to the heat, dan and kristen. inland areas sizzling right now. but i'm waiching the fog looking to the north. it's coming in and that will help you keep comfortable near the coast. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. amend you will in the that there is some fog right near the beaches. it will be heading towards the bay by morning hours. here's a look at the highs so far. 103 degrees in antioch, but it was 61 in half moon bay. so a good 42 degree spread between coast and inland. 92 san rafael, 74 oakland 89 santa rosa and san jose 85 degrees in redwood city. a live look from our emeryville camera, still sunny outside, temperatures in the low 70s around san francisco, mid 70s oakland, 86 san jose morgan hill you're cooking at 94 degrees from our east bay hills camera air quality is still looking good. but thursday friday as the heat builds the air quality will
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become obviously poor in parts of the bay area. upper 80s santa rosa 85 in livermore. you know it's summer when you see the big spread with the fog near the coast from our mt. tam cam but hot conditions inland. foggy coast and bay overnight, a wide range of temperatures tomorrow the heat peaks late in the week. first thing tomorrow morning a nice cool jun. temperatures beginning in the low 60s to 50s. watch out for the fog around the bay and beaches. it will be limtded visibility across parts of the bay area. the fog pulls away by 8 click a.m. it's just sitting near the coast. and then as we head into the afternoon, not a whole lot of fog left so most areas should see the sun for the afternoon hours. temperatures will look like this. 86 in the south bay and san jose and gilroy 85 milpitas sunnyvale on the peninsula 82 degrees in redwood city, san mateo 79 degrees, fog will keep you quite mild along the coast in the low 60s, downtown san francisco 68 degrees. daly city 61 and you will see
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some lingering fog in the north bay mid 70s around san rafael 85 santa rosa 83 napa temperatures dialing back just a little bit tomorrow, 74 in the east bay and oakland 80 hayward inland areas 92 convict order 96 antioch 93 in livermore we'll have to watch out along the coastline if you are going to the beach to xaech the heat. we have a beach hazard up for a strong rip current possibility through thursday evening, current w56 heights are 4 to 5 feet. look what's going to happen you thursday. you're going to see a good 30 plus degree spread between coast and inland. you'll be in the upper 90s inland by friday, triple digits 5 to 20 degrees above average. so it is going to get hot inland and on saturday we're looking at hot conditions lasting but mild at the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast, a wide range of temperatures carrying you through the workweek, hottest days will be friday, saturday with those 102s inland upper 60s at the coast second half of your weekend is cooler and you're in the 80s
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early next week. that will be a welcome sight after some tril triple digits. >> sandhya, thanks. why are bees so fuzzy? do you know? turns out there's a good reason. that story next. then at 5:30 on "world news" -- kristen, dan, the breaking news tonight, the deadly shooting rampage, the young army sergeant opening fire. we now know 212 rounds police talking a short time ago. and the child and the gorilla. what the cincinnati police have now revealed right here after abc 7 news. >> david, thanks very much. new at 6, a thief uses your card. you don't have to pay for this, but there it's a catch. "7 on your side's" michael finney
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a state of emergency has been declared in southern russia after a huge swarm of locusts spread and attacked acres of crops. millions of these insects are racing across the sky. drivers are having to swerve to avoid them. look at this.
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it's like a more movie. farmers have started fires to stop the insects. so we go from locusts to bees. a new study is shedding light on why they're so buzz fuzzy. it turns out the hairs are necessary to pollenate the flowers. they use them to detect electrical fields. it helps them forage by detecting charges on flowers. researchers from brichtd ol university says this ability is usually limited to animals who live in the water since water can conduct electrical currents. well, a rescued sea lion is doing very well after being discovered waurpding along the great highway in san francisco. officer tracy turner was called to babysit the animal until the marine mammal center could arrive and take care of it. it is estimated the pup is about a year old, also very malnourished and dehydrated so it's getting good care now. >> good. keeping with the animal theme, up next, we'll introduce you to the newest resident calling the oakland zoo home sweet home. >> abc 7 news at 5 continues in
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just a moment.
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>> i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, an exclusive interview with the estranged wife of a suspect in a high-profile murder case. why she says no one should believe a word the man says. also, the new video that offers a satirical take on anti-muslim sentiment.
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it's something to chew on. >> and get this, a museum of broken relationships. we'll give you a tour of the new facility and its relics of lost love. it's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6. >> didn't know we wanted to keep those relics. thanks ama. a baboon boom is happening at the oakland zoo. a baby born in april now brings the zoo's total to 16. >> we were at the oakland zoo as zachary hung out with his mother today. there he is clinging to her back. the zoo has the second largest baboon troop of any zoo in the nation. north carolina zoo has 20. >> it's very exciting. there's like the baboons are happy. the people are happy. oh, it's like look at the baby, look at the baby. >> this is video provided by the zoo. zachary is the seventh baby baboon born over the last three years named 56 an elephant keeper who shares his same birthday. >> how can they be so cute? >> they are cute. >> "world news tonight with
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david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we'll see you tonight, breaking ee you developments in the child and the gorilla. what the cincinnati police have just now revealed. after that 3-year-old boy falls, the gorilla then shot and killed. investigators now say they are reviewing the actions of the parents. also breaking tonight, the deadly rampage. police talking just a short time ago, after the young army sergeant opens fire. multiple victims. they now say 212 rounds. donald trump's promise of millions for veterans. was it kept? tonight, he makes his case and then takes aim with the cameras rolling. the school bus scare, crashing down a 30-foot embankment. the children trapped. >> the bus just crashed into a house. and caught in the act. what three women say they witnessed in a suburban american restaurant. tonight, what this man is accused of doing to his date. authorits


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