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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 3, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news. an anti-trump rally turning bloody in california tonight. hundreds of protesters clashing with trump supporters and police. campaign chaos turning unruly and violent. hash tag airbnb while black. frustrated users of the website say hosts are rejecting them because of their race, igniting a fair storm on social media. some say they change their profile pictures and even having white friends book for them and one taking the company to court. ultimate showdown. the nba finals are here. the golden state warriors take one. we go inside with steph curry
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good evening. breaking news tonight as the race for president turns violent. anti-trump protesters clashing
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with trump supporters throwing eggs, bottles and punches outside a rally in california. abc reports from the middle of the melee. >> for at least 45 minutes there was chaos in downtown san jose as the trump rally was ending, skirmishes took place right in the street. we saw several fights and at one point mobs of protesters started beating up trump supporters as they were exiting the rally. we saw people getting sucker punched, couples getting harassed as they were walking out. at one point protesters stormed a garage and started hitting cars as they were trying to leave. the police were on hand but they never intervened as people were getting beaten up. it seemed like they were trying to hold the perimeter. that has been the worst clashes we've seen between protesters and supporters since the campaign has begun. >> stay safe.
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now to vacation controversies. accusations about airbnb the home sharing site where many hosts are being called out by users for rejecting them based on the color of their skin. who is to blame for inequality in the sharing economy? sunny hostin has the story. >> feel at home anywhere. >> reporter: it's the room and home sharing site whose slogan is belong anywhere. but today some users are feeling anything but welcome. >> being denied because of the way i look, i mean, it sucks. >> reporter: for this 23-year-old securing a place for a girlfriend get away in miami seemed nearly impossible. >> every single message that i got had the worst excuses in the world as to why they weren't accepting me. >> reporter: she believes she was denied by hosts because of the color of her skin. when she tweaked her profile
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picture, she says her suspicions were confirmed. >> i changed my name to tina and changed my picture to a city scape. then i never had a problem. >> reporter: she ignited a social movement under the hash tag airbnb while black. and she realized hundreds of people had similar stories. some caming to wear their army uniform hoping to avoid rejection. others commissioning their friends to book places for them. >> on a place like airbnb, the person has discretion about accepting or rejecting you, it invites the kind of discrimination we've seen for a long time in accommodations. >> reporter: and just this week, a host in north carolina blatantly rejecting a black user with a racist rant of messages dropping the n word and adding this is the south, darling. the ceo tweeting yesterday the
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incident in north carolina was disturbing and unacceptable. racism and discrimination have no place on airbnb. we have banned this host. it seems to be so widespread. a new york based coalition is launching a national ad campaign. >> i get declined all the time. >> reporter: this comes at a time when the population continues to soar on airbnb. there are more than 2 million listings worldwide. and over 60 million people have booked spots since it first launched in 2008. the site's popularity attracted this new couple when they were looking to book a three-month european tour. they decided to update their profile picture. >> we had become an official couple. she wanted to best represent us when it came to trying to stay in people's homes. >> reporter: they say when they switched their profile to one of
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her alone to this photo that rejections began to trickle in. >> being a blonde white woman, this isn't something i come across every day, so he would say i think it's because of the profile picture. maybe you should consider taking it down, and i'm like no. that's not it. you know, no. i don't think so. >> reporter: after suspecting the photo was in deed the culprit, the couple claims they went onto report a number of hosts to airbnb for alleged discrimination. >> it's not our responsibility to figure out how they achieve it. it's their responsibility. >> reporter: the company feeling the pressure after a class action lawsuit against airbnb. the virginia user claiming a host rejected him because he's black. >> what is being argued in this case is that airbnb is functioning like a hotel. it's taking the place of a hotel. the lawyers are arguing that airbnb shouldn't be allowed to engage in race discrimination or facility others doing it either.
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>> reporter: airbnb declined our request but provided a statement saying while we do not comment on pending litigation, we strongly believe that racial discrimination is unacceptable. and adding we prohibit content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, harassment or harm against any individual or group, and we are taking aggressive action to fight discrimination and eliminate unconscious bias in our community. >> airbnb a house in the hills or a place in mall knew. malibu. >> reporter: airbnb saying they're launching a review on the issue. the company hiring laura murphy, a former head of the aclu to spearhead the efforts. but there's a suggestions that names play a role. the requests made with distin
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distinctively black sounding names got 16% few er positive responses than names deemed white sounding. >> the internet is not a you -- utopia. >> reporter: this is a professor. he focus on race and technology. he argues that on demand sites have the potential to fight discrimination. >> they have the data on how people are using their service. and they could use that to surface the sort of discrimination that is otherwise often quite invisible. >> mobile ride sharing app uber tackled that age old frustration people of color often experience hailing a taxi. >> we are going to request our uber. >> reporter: the app's interface makes it harder for drivers to refuse people on their race or destination. >> what information do you get? >> your address just the address to where you should arrive. >> reporter: no personal information that can hint at
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your race or perceived socioeconomic status. >> what's nice about uber is there's no discretion for the driver or the passenger in this kind of instant match making. it reduces the amount of discretion where either party could discriminate against the other. >> reporter: sites like airbnb are built on personal information, crucial when you're opening your home to a stranger. >> people want to know about you and your interests and why you're traveling. so the more information you're willing to tell, the more likely you are to get booked on airbnb. >> reporter: he would know. he's a super host who has made hundreds of thousands renting properties on the site. he says he doesn't discriminate but notes the screening process can be complicated. >> i don't think discrimination on airbnb is as simple as black and white. it could be for gender, age, nationality. people don't want to be hosting
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young bachelor parties. >> reporter: airbnb offers an option to land a rental without getting screened by the host. >> they can be booked like a hotel with no prebooking communication or discrimination possible. >> reporter: as for this woman, she's moved onto other options, a home sharing site that doesn't require profile photos. but she leaves the door open for a return to airbnb. >> even though the company has some responsibility to make sure they have a handle on discrimination, i don't blame them as a company for what's happened to me. so i have no problem using their platform as long as they take the right steps to fix it. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm sunny hostin in new york. up next, it was a huge game tonight. we take you inside the steph, lebron showdown. plus the hottest thing on
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>> we we all know the nba finals got underway tonight reviving an epic rivalry between two legends in the making. the record shattering sharp shooter steph curry and cleveland's own king james. t.j. holmes breaks down the clash of the titans including a look at the off court stakes of the superstar showdown. >> your defending nba champion, golden state warriors. >> reporter: will it be the repeat or the revenge tonight the cleveland cavaliers faced
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off against the golden state warriors. odds makers given the warriors a slight edge tonight and they didn't disappoint. leading the warriors, the baby faced assassin, steph curry. >> back to curry. >> reporter: leading his team to a record 73 wins. a commentator says he has never seen a shooter like him. >> as a marksman, steph curry is the greatest shooter in the history of basketball as far as i'm concerned. >> curry the three. >> reporter: with those shots, the 28-year-old point guard has broken records and taken them to extraordinary records. >> all time three-point field goals in a season. >> last year he set the record with 286. this year 402. he's an nba champion. and he's an mvp. >> reporter: then the king of the eastern conference. >> james pulls up. that's a three. >> reporter: with two nba championships, two olympic gold
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medals, he is making his sixth straight finals appearance. >> you've never seen a physical specimen like him. >> lebron james spent the previous six years widely recognized as the best player in the world. >> reporter: but even he acknowledges who's the man this season. >> steph was the mvp of our league. what he does for this league is amazing. >> steph insists he isn't trying to take the crown. >> that's not what i'm playing for, to be the face of the nba or take lebron's throne or whatever. we're changing rings. >> reporter: all eyes are on the superstars as they go head to head for the championship trophy. >> the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions. >> reporter: last year they won their first championship title in 40 years. for james, that title would have
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made for a momentous homecoming returning after four seasons with the heat. a decision that broke hearts. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach. >> reporter: for cleveland those were devastating betrayal of words from the hometown hero. the superstar from akron gracing the cover of sports illustrated before he could even vote. a teen performing under the pressure of bright lights and a big stage, and reveling in every second of it. >> number six. lebron james. >> reporter: which is why his decision to bolt for south florida cut so deep with cleveland fans. >> what does this mean for cleveland? >> we're in trouble. it's cleveland. a huge disappointment. >> reporter: the backlash was so intense, lebron and his key endorser did damage control releasing this ad. >> should i tell you i'm hear for the money or the rings?
12:57 am
should i accept my role as a villian? >> reporter: now he has a second chance to claim his chance as a hometown hero. >> the city of cleveland, ohio, has not had a championship in any sport since 1964 when jim brown led the browns to the title. they want to call themselves champions again. >> reporter: on and off the court they're scoring big. lebron reportedly earned over half a billion in endorsements, investments and contracts. there's rumors he's setting his sights on hollywood after last year's breakout role in train wreck. they welcomed me back with open arms and an open heart. >> reporter: and a sequel to
12:58 am
"space jam". >> reporter: steph curry is showing his range off the court from endorsements with muscle milk, under armour, and apple. >> there it is. >> reporter: to his record breaking sneaker line. and now even his own emojis. while many may pit the two as rivals, they may be more alike than they seem. both were born in akron and married their high school sweet hearts. doting dads to their kids and never far from the game. from the sidelines to the court. steph sharing a special moment after the warrior's won the western conference finals and who could forget her stealing the show at the post game press conferences. >> i feel best. >> you want to say that? >> the now father of two appeared on the cover of parent's magazine. he said being a dad may be his most important position. >> they mean so much to me.
12:59 am
to take the advantage to support my family and be able to involve them in every step of the way in the journey is a special thing. >> reporter: a journey started by his own father. >> my dad involved me and my brother and sister and all that he did. to be able to pass that on is a special thing. >> reporter: and outside of the families, the players are inspiring the next generation. this nine-year-old fan had his hat signed by curry. >> why him? >> he's an mvp. >> reporter: what do you like about his game? >> he shoots threes and they're really good. >> reporter: are you any good? you have a pretty good jump shot? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you really? >> yeah. >> warriors take game one. >> reporter: i'm t.j. holmes in oakland, california. >> up next, some are calling him the handsomest horse in the world.
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finally tonight, a horse is a horse, of course, of course. but not if he's frederick the great, the stud blowing up the internet. nick watts saddles up with him. >> reporter: imagine one being with brad's body, clooney's charm, harington's hair. he exists. he's a horse. frederick the great recently unofficially crowned the most beautiful horse in the world, that word all over his youtube channel and facebook. >> he enjoys his followers. and when he posts that on his facebook, he does mean it. >> reporter: age 15, nationality, dutch, gender, stallion, of course. residents, 10 out of 10. for sexiness. did i cross a line? >> sexy? i think the media has called him that because of fabio.
1:06 am
>> reporter: please. fred rix's fed rick's ancestors carried people into the war. frederick has the hair. >> usually takes about three hours to wash his mane and condition his mane and dry his mane. >> reporter: oh, frederick, you're so worth it. sorry. that's weird again. "nightline," los angeles. >> tune in tomorrow. we're online out and our facebook page. good night, america.
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