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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ever seen between protesters and supporters since it begun. beating them up as they were exiting the rally. one man was attacked as he was protecting elderly people. people were getting sucker punched and harassed. police were there but never seemed to intervene while people were pleading for help. >> they were hitting and spitting on me and stuff. >> reporter: they were attempting to surround a large number of protesters. helicopters announced them to disperse. there was no significant property damage reported. one officer was assaulted. san jose police say they'll release more details later today. >> it's really stunning video. matt, thanks for that. inside the rally, as matt mentioned, a much different story. the crowd inside peaceful as trump continued his attacks on
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hillary clinton. he said if hillary becomes president, we won't have much of a country left. >> i watched hillary today. it was pathetic. it was pathetic. it was so sad to watch. you know, she's up there and supposed to be a be a foreign policy speech. it was a political speech. it had nothing to do with foreign policy. she made a political speech and it was a pretty pathetic time. >> trump says she should do jail for her e-mails. they want to get the cost of college down. she says she agrees with limiting the number of abroad students here in california. >> i have to say i approve of that because the reason it got higher and higher is because they paid the full cost, but we've got to get back to using
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public colleges and universities for what they were intended. if it's in california, the children in california. if it's in new york, for the children in new york. >> clinton will be in the l.a. area for four different events today ahead of tuesday's primary. so much going on. bernie sanders also continuing his california campaign with rallies in cloverdale and fairfield. susan sarandon will be there as well. he heads to cloverdale at the afrmt doors open there at 5:00. the big event is monday, though. that happens in san francisco. a free concert featuring dave matthews band and fish bohn. that will happen at christy field and the gates will open at 3:30. the field poll shows clinton has 45% of support compared to 43% for sanders. that's within the margin of error. this survey is similar to other
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pools within the last week. stay on top of the race at the white house with the "abc7 news" app. you can download that for free and enable push alerts. >> we have new information about a man who shot two police officers and was holed up in a home. it ended up in fire. the house is destroyed an their dog is dead. abc's janet o has the story. hi, janet. >> reporter: he had a violent past leading back to 1986. this is the latest mugshot of gerald villabrille. according to the news group he was confirmed to be a gang member. it started as a traffic stop on wednesday. police say he shot two fremont police officers in trying to get away. an all out search was launch and he was found at a stranger's
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home nearby. he claimed to have a hostage which ended up not to be true. officers shot tear gas into the home sparking fire. hours later they found villabrille. >> he had barricaded himself in the house to a location we were unable to get to. >> police arrested two others that were in the truck when he was pulled over. they're facing unrelated charges. the officers are still being treated. one officer remains in critical condition, the other is stable. in the news room, janet o, abc news. >> thank you, janet. so many of you wrote and asked how they could help. they lost everything. their dog died in that fire. a gofundme page has been started. they need a place to stay.
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i just tweeted this out. stay with us for continuing coverage. we're going to bring you updates as they come in. you can get them on the phone the moment they happen by uploading our abc app. confidence. i think that's a term you can use for dub nation and the team itself. the dubs handily beat the cleveland cavaliers in front of a packed house. king james, he couldn't believe it. he was digging every minute of it. most of it brought on by a brilliant warriors. >> winning three straight to just get here and it taught us a great lesson of how important it is to obviously start a series off on good foot and win game one. >> all right. the warriors practice at the
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facility at 10:30 this morning. look at that. following the dubs' victory, they're ready for another warriors championship judge big the wayway the team played in game one and in the words of mc hammer, "you can't touch this." >> come one more time and give king james real whipping. we're going to take the "king" off of james after this. >> ooh. underneath he had a dub shirt on just in case. keep it right here. coverage of game two begins sunday afternoon at 4:30 ahead of a 5:00 tip-off. games three and four, they're in cleveland next wednesday and friday, with that coverage beginning at 5:30 right here on abc 7. >> you know, we welcome any new
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fans. dub nation showing its pride. we have a lot of videos. we want to see yours. post yours with the #dubson7, and you might see them here. klay thompson, harrison barnes, and shaun livingston will join oakland mayor. it will show new technology and science technology. today's festivities kick off at 2:30. big changes could be using for all of you who use airbnb in san francisco. they're looking to crack down on places never registered. they'll fine them $1,000 for every day that there's an unverified listing. that proposal passed unanimously
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in committee yesterday. the full board expected to take it up next week. you know that sinkhole that shut down both directions of southbound tracie? that will not reopen until tomorrow. it's on the shoulder, only about a foot wide. take a look at it now. it spans about two lanes. work is going slow ear than usual. caltrans thinks an abandoning irrigation pipe might be the reason here. and in more news, no more city from moraga. they denooid nigh funding to help them prepare a big sinkhole there. the federal highway commission turned down the town's kwft for nearly $3 million. the deep sinkhole opened up after a storm. the town says it just doesn't have enough money to repair it. temperatures on the rise today. one south bay city is opening some cooling centers to help
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cope with that heat. in santa clara city hall, library, and senior center will be open tomorrow for those looking to escape that hot weather. >> it's going to be much needed for a lot of us. if you can get to the coast, that would be a free place to go to get free air conditioning. 52 in lake merced, park presidio, glen park, downtown at 57 degrees. about a 5-degree spread across the city. petaluma. santa clara, speaking of that, 54. look at these 60s. walnut creek. air quality, potential to be poor once again especially inland east bay and also in the south bay. it could expand tomorrow as it's going to be hot but notice the sea breeze kicking in sunday. let's take a look at your numbers. you can see after today being the warmest, 60s at the coast in san francisco, 70s and 80s
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around the bay. then they'll stay inland sunday and again monday. so while the rest of us are starting to taper a little bit, it will still be hot. we'll have more on the seven-day forecast coming up soon. >> taking a look at our traffic map, we have green. green is good. fingers crossed for friday light, we hope. we have an accident at eastbound 580 right at the exit ramp. they got that cleared up. just roadwork out there. we do have roads closed here until 6:00 this morning. the detour is in place. come back and look at the golden gate in just a few. >> thank you so much, sue. hundreds of people gathered to remember the ucla professor. up next the people the gunman was
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@ who live with hearing loss. of that 50 million, one in five are teenagers. hearing health foundation is working to restore hearing. to learn more about their research for a cure visit hearing health foundation dot org. help us make hearing loss a thing of the past. a public service from hearing health foundation. developing news in texas were four soldiers are missing after being swept away by rushing water. their troop carrier was washed away yesterday. five soldiers died. this happened during training at
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video. a pilot died after his plane went down outside of nashville. you can see the flames and smoke that followed after yesterday's impact. no one was on the ground. it happened while the team was practicing for a weekend air show. they're expected to perform at fleet week. that was so sad to see. >> terrible. an air force thunderbird crashed after flying over air force academy cadets. it happened just after the president spoke. he ejected. the president met with him and thank him for his service. the ucla gunman planned to kill at least one more professor. the man he did kill was his former mentor. last night they held a huge candlelight vigil for the victim. profess professor klug.
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he had a kill list that included his estranged wife. she was found dead at home in minnesota. the list included another professor who happened not to be on campus that day. h suffered from mental health issues. an attorney who represents a doctor said he did not give prince drugs. he died of an accidental overdowel of fentanyl. it's a powerful painkiller. the examiner said prince self-administered the drug. he was found dead in april at his estate. rallies took place on the bridge for stricter gun laws. part of nationwide movement on national gun violence. victims shared their stories. >> a semiautomatic gun. 30 rounds of bullets went into
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my son. to this day his case isn't solved. >> as i understand the gun she was shot and killed with was some type of military gun how do these guns get on the streets. >> he said gun rights groups who oppose stricter laws must be taken on. two tech giants are close to a possible merging. according to a possible post, yahoo! met with twitter for a possible merger. twitter tried to get information from yahoo! because they left the bidding process soon after. and ceo jack dorsey didn't even show up to the next meeting. with the warriors in the finals right now, a lot of us, of course, have been focused on baseball, but the most popular sport in the world has something going on in the bay area. one of the biggest soccer games
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is going on. it's the first time it's been held outside south america. levi is one of the two sights. and the opening game tonight, the united states takes on colombia. takes off at 6:30. three more scheduled. one more note for those going tonight, singer jason fourroux lowe is going to be performing. you can do something really great with the weather. >> you really could. you could stay inside. go shopping in the frozen food section. that's always my favorite. let's talk about soccer. you know levi's stadium can be blistering hot. it's going to be about 84, dropping down to about 74 by the time we get to the end of the game. let's talk about what's going to happen right now along the coast. fog that's about a mile and three quarters at half moon bay. notice the fog isn't nearly as
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widespread. so let's talk, mostly sunny. hottest day this week. likely again tomorrow. our hottest lows are going to follow our hottest highs. tomorrow morning is going to be a little stuffy. here's a look. milpitas, 89. heading to santa cruz, about 40. 90 at palo alto. a comfortable 76. mid to upper 60s along the coast today with a little more sunshine than yesterday. we'll have mid-70s in downtown san francisco and south saleh ta. 80s for the rest of our east bay shoreline and inland, upper 90s to triple digits. now, if you're going out tonight, temperatures are going to fall back into the 70s. on our way to the 50s and 60s tomorrow morning. look for the greatest amount of cooling at the coast and along the bay. it's going to be in the 90s
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through at least monday. sue? >> let's look at the golden gate bridge. looking like a great drive through the waldo -- pardon me, the robin williams tunnel and over the waldo grade. still three and three, the lane configuration. they'll get out there shortly and change it to four lanes. san rafael looking great. smooth sailing here. no fog. that's good news. green. look at all the green. we do have an accident in the napa area. this is an overturn. they're waiting for a flatbed truck to show up on scene there. we'll check back. >> thank you, sue. still ahead, a toy jewelry kit is pulled from store shelves. the danger it poses to children. do you remember the boy left by himself by his parents to fend for himself in the news, giving thanks this morning. first, american's money report. good morning.
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bp is cutting another deal over the gulf oil spill. >> the company will pay $175 million to its own shareholders. they sued bp claiming they were mislead about the see vary of the spill. >> they will pay $19 billion in penalties. >> united airlines is introducing its new airs cabin. the service started wanna drink more water? with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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parents in a japanese forest as punishment. when they got back to the woods, he was gone. the area is known for being packed with bears. hundreds of people have been searching for him amid thunderstorms hitting the area. the boy somehow found his way to a military base yesterday four miles from where he was left. the boy told soldiers he was hungry. they gave him rice balls and water and otherwise we're told he's doing okay. boxing legend muhammad ali is in the hospital this morning. actually are we going to weather right now? let's go to weather. we'll get to the muhammad ali story in just a moment. mike is going to tell us about the hottest day. >> in it's going to be there in
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san francisco. let's talk about san jose. 77, 55, that's where we start, june, 82, 58. our third warmest month. look at what's going to happen this weekend. they just happen to be featuring the great festival. 90 today, 84 tomorrow. let's take a look at what's going on around the state. triple digits through the central valley. 82 is a record high. 70 in monterey. 80 in l.a. if you want it even hotter, head to palm springs. >> 118, holy cow. you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. so far, so good. a hue in the sky with the sun starting to come up. 87 in san jose. this is by the s.a.p. center. it's going to be a bit busy with
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a concert. get yourself there early. green is great. no fog at golden gate, which is great news. we have a sonoma sports festival today and you can expect herb traffic on 27 and 131. >> thank you. let's get back to the news. muhammad ali is in the hospital right now. he's got a respiratory issue. he's listed in fair condition. doctors expect a brief stay. he was diagnosed with parkinson's in 1994. he has pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. they were inspired by the damage caused by the napa quake in august of 2014. school districts would be mandated to assess the way they fail to meet the safety guidelines as well as an estimate on how much it would cost to comply.
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furniture and equipment may not be properly anchored. that bill now goes to the senate. walmart is giving uber and lyft a test drive for online grocery delivery. they're using the drivers. now, customers pay the delivery charge online and make no payment to the driver themselves. it will be tested for the next two weeks in denver and phoenix. get your head around this one. starbucks is teaming up with anheuser-busch to produce a ready to drink tea. starbucks will provide its expertise. starbucks says sales of brewed and iced teas reached more than 1 billion bucks. here's something you don't see every day unless you live in alaska. take a look. this moose gave birth outside the store last week. mom and baby getting acquainted.
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while we don't see it here, they say it's normal for them to give birth in town because they feel safer from bears and wolves. >> a warning for students in antioch. why they're being told to avoid a popular school. punches, rocks, and even eggs flying through the air after a trump rally. why some are questioning the actions of police.
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