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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it is saturday, june 4th. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are in for another hot day across the bay area. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast for us. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we saw several records yesterday. we could see a few more today. here's live doppler hd. a lot of cloud cover around the bay. we are mostly cloudy, but still on the mild side. swee have an area of low pressure that will drift over much of california today. that will bring some clouds and also an increasing onshore flow. cooling off some communities around the bay. here's a look from the tower camera. 66 in mountain view. 68 in san jose. it's 52 on the coast. 63 in morgan hill. oakland sitting at 61. and from san jose this morning you can see a few clouds around. 55 in santa rosa. 54 novato. 55 in napa. 59, i should say. mid-60s fairfield and livermore and concord at 64 degrees. with the high clouds we will see
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temperatures still very, very warm in our east bay. 90s there. 80s fremont. upper 80s san jose santa rosa. 60 and foggy at the beaches. chris. >> thank you. breaking news. he called himself the greatest and backed it up with speed and power that took your breath away. muhammad ali, the boxes legend, died last night at the age of 74. ali, who could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, passed away at a hospital where he was taken last thursday because of his respiratory issues. in his are a prime he was part fighter, part promoter. the show man. his post career was marked by a battle with parkinson's disease. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez looks back on the life and legacy of the champ. >> he called himself the greatest and told us how pretty he was. for more than 20 years he backed up his words with his fists. beginning with a gold medal he -- at the 1960 summer olympics,
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cassius clay took the boxing community by storm. for his big pro fights he brashly predicted an upset. he won that fight in february, 1964. then he announced his conversion to islam, and his new name, muhammad ali. a storm of criticism did not sway him. >> whatever the punishment is, the persecution for standing up for my religious belief, even facing machine gun fire, i will stand up for it. >> he found a supporter in sportscaster howard cassel. >> i'm always confident. >> you are being extremely succulent. >> whatever that means, if that's good, i'm that. >> but the friendship was more than just an act. when ali was stripped. his boxing title, citing religious reasons, cassel spoke out in his defense.
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a court restored his boxes license, allowing him to return to the ring after a three and a half year absence. >> it was wrong what they did, and they admitted it, but by then all the harm was good. this kid was so good at that time. electrifying. >> ali's comeback included some of his best remembered bouts. in 1974 he defeated george foreman and regained the heavyweight title. and three times frazier. in 1978 he won a rematch against leon spynx. about becoming put first boxer ever to earn the heavyweight championship three times. ♪ happy birthday to you >> his retirement was marked by the advance of parkinson's disease. america's most beloved athlete became a champion for victims of the disease and an advocate for parkinson's research. his devoted wife, lonnie, became his voice when he could no longer speak for himself. but no matter now disabling the
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disease became, he never lost his quick mind or the twinkle in his eye. to many he remains, in his own words, still the greatest of all times! >> abc news, new york. >> muhammad ali was one of the most recognized people in the world. even if you didn't know him, you likely new of him, and that included people all around the bay area. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard continues our coverage. >> float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. >> muhammad ali, a true original. the most celebrated boxer of all-time. >> my heart is so heavy. >> reverend jesse jackson, visiting the bay area, was his long time close friend. >> a champion in the ring. a hero outside the ring. a social transformer. an anti-war prophet. >> he was last seen here in april looking frail and drawn. for the last 30 years he's been afflicted by parkinson's
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disease, the possible toll to the blows to the head. >> muhammad ali has made us better. >> hands up, hands double jab. >> this boxing club owner called ali her hero. his pictures and fight posters cover howard's wall. >> it's very sad because he's someone i followed pretty much my whole life. >> she met him in the '90s and she never forgot how he commanded the room. >> i just saw him and, you know, it took my breath away. >> ali's life led howard to her own career in boxing and in kickboxing. she learned a lot from the man who invented self-promotion. >> he was trying to draw people in, and he was good at it. >> the reaction to his death was quick across the bay area. >> his voice and character played off very well. and same as an influence on the world. >> it was just sad to see his quality of life somewhat diminished in the last couple
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decades. >> i can think back to my childhood of being definitely a hero. and now in an era there are many -- aren't that many heroes anymore. >> a boxer and legend forever. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown was also a friend. ali. he talked to abc7 news about his legacy. >> he set a standard that i don't think any other athlete in the world has ever, ever met. he was never a superstar under any circumstances. he was always just another person. >> the two met during one of ali's many trips to the bay area, which included charity fundraisers. abc7 spencer christian wrote a heartfelt good-bye. he said it was a privilege spending time with him.
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in 1998 ali gave spencer a portrait for his last day on "good morning america," signing it, "to spencer. you are the greatest." >> and last night the news was broke to the audience. >> this legend, and a wonderful american, a good friend of mine and he's not anymore with us. >> the italian tenor made his remarks during the concert at his shark tank. >> the concert was originally scheduled for tonight but he agreed to move it up one day for the sharks stanley cup final game. on social media reaction came quickly. fellow boxer george foreman tweeted, "a part of me slipped
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away, the greatest piece." mike tyson wrote, "god came for his son and so long, great one." >> and this picture with manager bruce bochy, he called him a true icon. >> this is a quote, he, who is not courageous to take risks, will accomplish nothing in life." >> here's from jack dorsey. "service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth." and mc hammer tweeted, "respect and love to the greatest." stay with abc7 news on the continuing coverage on the passing of muhammad ali. you can download our app and get push alerts as they happen. >> yesterday we had triple digits in in spots, including mountain view. that's where there were high school seniors graduating, and there was no escape from the swelter. we have the story. >> it feels good because we are graduating but it's pretty hot out.
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sweating a little bit. >> mountain view class of 2016 managed to make it through four years of high school and more than 400 students' names as they received their diplomas in black caps and gowns under the sweltering sun. friends and family members be had a bit more choice when it came to their wardrobes. >> cool, cool, cool. >> many used whatever they could to stay cool from hats and umbrellas to the commencement program and even a patch of grass. >> we figured the lower you get, the more shade you find. >> for some it was all about the shade. they stayed off the field all together. >> i just got off work. did a ten-hour day. i'm not going to go back in the sun. >> as some said on graduation, they did eventually get on to the field. >> shade is coming in, breeze, turning out nice. >> some members of the class of 2016 will stay close to home. others will travel great distances. but first, they will head to grad night.
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>> maybe hang out together one final time. >> where at? >> a surprise location. in mountain view, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. crews are repairing a 60-year-old water main that broke yesterday. harkness avenue buckled under the pressure of the water. crews shut off water to 25 homes to big up the street and replace the main. 6:10 is our time. in san francisco several buildings sheltered in place because of a bomb threat. it was called into dna lounge on 11th street yesterday afternoon. sky 7hd shows the large police response, that included an anti- -- and a surveillance robot. you have can see officers searching the concert room. they found so trace of a bomb. >> could today be the hottest day of the week? meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the conditions. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. wow, you have to look at this.
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a beautiful sunrise. it was at 5:48. this was our sutro tower camera. temperatures in the mid-50s right now. san francisco, numbers just a few degrees above arranged to. but still, 10 degrees above average in our inland east bay for a spare the air alert there. details next. >> lisa, thank you. police in san jose responds to the violence that erupted over the donald trump rally. find out why officers didn't break their line. but first, officers respond with guns drawn. the tense moments behind a standoff in the city. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. powders, concealers and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins
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in san francisco six officers were injured while taking a burglary suspect into custody in san francisco's chinatown. police ended a five-hour standoff yesterday afternoon using a flash bang to chase the suspect out of the apartment abc7 news was at powell and pacific where he ran into a nail salon before taken into custody. >> suspect went inside. he violently fought with officers. he was covered in glass and resisting by biting and spitting at officers. officers were slashed by the glass and there was blood on blood contact between the suspect's blood and the officers' blood. >> the suspect was not seriously hurt. stanford public safety officers are on the lookout of a man who has been sneaking into the rooms of students. twice yesterday morning women awoke to find a man in their
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room lifting up their sheets. in both cases they were able to chase him away. officers told students to lock their doors and windows at night. in politics this morning, republican presidential candidate donald trump is going after the african-american vote. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? do you know what i'm talking about? >> during a rally in redding yesterday, trump praised a black supporter who beast up a protester in a kkk outfit in a previous rally and then he was identified as a local congressional candidate. gregory said he was not offended and got up and got two autographs out of the mention. >> he's a mexican. we are building a wall between here and mexico. the answer is he is giving us very unfair rulings. >> trump is also defending his criticism of the judge in a lawsuit against trump university. the candidate said the judge is biased because of his mexican heritage, and that he is not racist for pointing it out.
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>> san jose police chief admits that 250 police officers, they said, were not enough to handling the protesters outside a donald trump rally thursday night. those beaten, injured or threatened criticized police for police were ordered not to break from their line to cause an escalation of the rioting. hillary clinton is in a final fleury of campaign events in california. clinton will be in southern california for most of today, and then in fresno later today. last night she was in san bernardino after four other stops. recent polls show her in a close race with senator bernie sanders. the senator finished yesterday campaigning around the north bay in sonoma county.
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thousands waited to see him speak at the cloverdale airport. he held an earlier rally at solano community college in bayfield. dave matthews is feeling the burn. sanders will join matthews for a free concert on monday at crissy field in san francisco. other performers include fantastic negreto and fish bone. gates open at 3:30 p.m. monday. there will be limited parking so people are encouraged to take public transit. for the first time the copa america soccer tournament is taking place in the united states. levi's stadium in santa clara hosted the opening game between the united states and colombia. come because scored two goals in the first half. and although the united states had its chances, they lost the opening match. sergio quintana was there for us. >> copa america, the 100th year of this tournament, opened with a bang.
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the 100th year. team usa is hosting 16 other teams in the oldest soccer tournament on earth. >> my head is in the united states but my heart is in colombia. my heart is bouncing up. the stars and stripes of the usa were well-represented, but there were plenty of people wearing yellow jerseys here, supporting colombia. >> she just flew in. >> i love it here! this is my first time here. >> and we noticed quite a few split households. >> we have colombians who came from all over. not just the states, all over the world. >> and americans from different cities, too. >> whatever. >> and these two are visiting from atlanta. they battled over a big bet all the way here and pablo is going to have to pay up. >> there's one big bet. it's surprising to others taking the other person out. >> it's the first of 32 matches played in ten u.s. cities. the sold-out stadium was packed you will of a multi-national
6:19 am
collection of sports fans. mexico, chile, argentina. the next match played here will be monday. sergio quintana, abc7 news >> let's send it over to meteorologist lisa argen now with a look at the full accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. yesterday the livermore airport 101. redwood city, you were at 99. this morning looking at plenty of cloud cover from a weak system overhead, spreading the high clouds and increasing our on shore push. but the marine layer is compressed and we aren't seeing a lot of it. what we do see will keep our beaches foggy today. this is santa cruz. 70s with partial clearing. we will also see a little bit of sunshine at the coast closer to home. but temperatures in the 60s. it was 64 yesterday. half moon bay. about the same today. 61 oakland. 66 in mountain view. good morning to you, san jose. 68 for you. 64 morgan hill. half moon bay 52.
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and from san jose right now notice the cloud cover with 55. up in the north bay, 55 napa. 56 by the delta. numbers are warm this morning with low to mid-60s from concord and livermore. and they would have to be so because by the time we got that sea breeze or the little bit of con shore flow to spread a tiny bit away from the coast, didn't do much to cool us off. starting out 7 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures around the bay today still as much as 10 degrees above average. we still have the declining air quality in the inland east bay with the warm temperatures. a spare the air alert. coastal fog. a little cooler over the weekend with further cooling into next week. a couple more days with 90s inland. but then we will see some very comfortable weather. the air quality is poorest in the inland east bay. good idea to use transit or carpool, bike or walk. temperatures here not going to hit the 100s today i don't
6:21 am
think, but we will be in the 90s nonetheless. it will feel very warm once again. as we check out the cloud cover the next several hours. notice we have the high clouds, and we will end up with partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. notice the reds here. warm numbers from antioch to livermore. concord still cooler, though, than yesterday. and the sea breeze keeps fran? the 630s, half moon bay. a nice change in hayward. 83 redwood city. by tuesday we are pretty much back to average. 81 napa and 70s from petaluma to santa rosa. we have to wait a couple days for the inland valleys to really cool off and feel the break from the heat. but in the north bay today you are ten degrees cooler. upper 80s today. and after monday back to the 70s. how about the mid-80s replacing the upper 90s on the
6:22 am
peninsula? 78 oakland, 889 vallejo and 96 livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the warmest day out of the next seven today with the poorest air quality in the east bay valleys. then notice the trend for mid-90s tomorrow. just low 90 eats on monday, and very pleasant into next week. chris. >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, what not to do in a museum. why these two curious patrons prompted a warning from a national
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>> dan hairs joins us from new york telling us what's coming up on "good morning america." >> the sad, break news overnight, the death of the legendary boxer and three time champion muhammad ali. he died last night after a 32-year-old about parkinson's degrees. he was 74 years old. he was known for grace, speed and power in the ring and also wit and pouret try outside. but he was also at time a polarizing figueroa, weighing into national debates over race and religious. we will look back at a towering figure in american sports and
6:26 am
culture. hearing from friends and experts, and from the man himself, all coming up on gma. see you soon. in columbia, pennsylvania a unique clock was knocked off the wall by two overly curious patrons. the museum uploaded this as a warning to others. the couple is seen reaching out to see how it works and then has to catch it after it fell off the wall. the clock is doing fine but will need from tlc. much more ahead. remembering muhammad ali. a live report on the impact he had on american culture. and plus we return to a neighborhood where a standoff who shot two officers came to a deadly end. [burke] at farmers,we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a ufh2o. [man] that's not good.
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>> it is great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the latest with live doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. we are going to get some better air in here. the air quality still poor in the east bay. it will be warm there but not as warm as it's been. hopefully that's what you want to hear because it was a lot one yesterday. widespread 90s. triple digit heat. the fog is back. 61 oakland and 66 mountain view,
6:30 am
68 in san jose. 64 morgan hill and at the coast 52 degrees. bringing you some cool shots here. santa cruz in the 70s today. only partial clearing. mid-50s santa rosa and novato. this morning still pretty mild in the delta, and also in livermore. 66, and both 64 in concord. today we look for the hot numbers, but still cooler than the 102 in concord yesterday. we will see mid-90s to upper 90s and cloudy and cool at the coast >> lisa, thank you. the man known simply as the greatest, has died. muhammad ali was 74 when he passed away last night. he passed away at an arizona hospital. his hometown, louisville, kentucky, will lower flags at half-staff today in honor of the man who brought power and also controversy into the ring. we have the latest from ray. good morning. >> chris, good morning. messages from across the globe
6:31 am
have come in. from the boxes world and beyond. muhammad ali has transcended american culture from stand up to government to advocacy for parkinson's. all, if not some, are celebrating his life and legacy. >> i am fast, i'm handsome, i'm pretty, and i can't possibly be beat. >> he will be remembered for his personality. a man who was quick with his wit as much as he was with the mighty punch. >> still the greatest of all-time! >> indeed he did call himself the greatet and many say he proved it with his fists. for two decades he dominated the square circle. gold medal wins, all part of his mantra. the first big win, sunny. >> if you like to lose your mind -- >> the boxes legend winning that
6:32 am
fight and the heavyweight championship just four years later. 1964 symbolic for the champ as it also marked the clear that cassius clay converted to islam and would be forever known as muhammad ali. >> he was unquestionably the dominant figure in the world of sports in the second half of the 20th century. >> his decision not to serve in the armed services would be one of several profound impacts he would make on american culture. from vietnam to civil rights, he was on the front line of historic movements. >> he were outside the ring, a social transformer, an anti-war prophet, a man of sacrifice on his own dignity. ♪ happy birthday to you >> his dominance in the ring would be damaging. all battled with parkinson's disease for 32 years. he became an advocate for parkinson's research. >> i'm going to remember him as just a very, very courageous person.
6:33 am
courage in taking on a disease that no one has a cure for. and living that life with dignity. he was not afraid to be seen in public. >> memorial services and tributes are already being planned in his hometown. lexington, kentucky. one memorial service is about to take place in a short time from now. his body is being transported from arizona to lexington, kentucky, where he will be laid to rest. his family says thank you for everyone who continues to provide support, thoughts and prayers doing this difficult time. we will send it back to you. >> ray, thanks for the live report. 6:33 is our time. it's been three days since a suspect shot two fremont police officers. one of the officers is doing better, but the other remains in critical condition. suspect died early thursday morning after hiding out in a house. alyssa harrington revisited the house to see how the neighborhood was doing.
6:34 am
>> this is what is left of the house on robert avenue in fremont. monday a suspected gunmen holds himself for hours after shooting two officers. neighborhoods struggled to return to their normal routine. >> it was like a war zone around here with the bombs going off. it looked like bombs going off and the gunfire. so just really tired. i was up the whole time. >> police knocked down melissa's fence during the frantic search for the shooter. she's worried the noise scared off the mother of these baby squirrels that she found abandoned in their nest. the suspect shot off a lock to their neighbor's door to enter. luckily they weren't home. >> he could have very easily broke our door down and come into our house. we were there and we have an 18-month-old baby in the house. we are very thankful that he didn't choose our house. >> friends of the couple who were renting the now
6:35 am
burned-down home are raising money to give them a fresh start. the hardest part, they lost their dog, huckleberry finn, in the standoff. his doghouse is still in the backyard. the suspect had a lengthy criminal history. he was wanted for meth possession and identity theft. >> the house has been boarded up, but people have been coming by throughout the day. some left this sign that said blue lives matter. the officers are still being treated at the hospital. in free throw mont, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. a san francisco supervisor wants to bar the blue angels from flying over the city during fleet week. he told the san francisco chronicle he plans to introduce a nonbinding resolution by august. it would only allow the team of fa-18 jets to fly over the bay during practices and the airshow. he said the fatal crash after -- of a blue angels jet in tennessee thursday prompted him to act.
6:36 am
the bodies of four missing soldiers who were swept away in a rain-swollen creek in texas have been found. the four of them disappeared thursday after their two and a half ton truck overturned in the rush were water. five will soldiers were killed and three more injured. southeast texas has been inundated with rain in the recent days and more than half of the state is under flood watches or warnings. at least six other people have died in the floods. a river is spilling into paris streets and is forcing one landmark after another to close down. it's at its highest level in 35 years, following several days of heavy rain. the sun is expected to peak in paris today. authorities shut down the louve and the national library and other famous landmarks. curators were scrambling to move 250,000 pieces of art from the louve basement storage area to an upper floor. 6:36 our time. back at home, more than 100 wounded warriors from across the
6:37 am
country are at coast guard island in almeda to compete in the valor games. the veterans and active duty service members with disabilities will participate in olympic-style events all weekend. the athletes hope to inspire others as they compete. >> i want them to realize that just because something has happened to you, just because your arm has been amputated or whatever has happened to you, you can still drive toward something. >> spectators had to undergo a screening process, which is now closed. so if you are interested in supporting our wounded warriors, consider attending the games next year. still ahead on the abc7 morning news. the stanley cup final is headed to san jose today and the city is ready to show off how much it's changed over the last decade. first, a live look from outside from the south beech camera pointed at the bay bridge this morning. a beautiful view outside. lisa argen will have the full
6:38 am
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>> when a final sports series is underway like the dubs and cavs, the mayors of the two cities usually make a bet involving regional food. but not this year. no bets, but plenty of food. this year the mayors will support fundraisers for food banks in oakland and cleveland.
6:41 am
the almeda county food bank is hoping to raise $68,000. their theme is "strength in neighbors." abc7 is the only place where you can see every game of the nba finals. our coverage tomorrow starts at had 4:00 tomorrow with a special warriors pregame edition at of abc7 news. then at 4:30 coverage of game two begins here on abc7 with the warriors and cavaliers in oakland. tipoff at 5:00 p.m. if you are not planning to be at oracle, abc7 is the only play to -- place to see the game. then join larry beil and sports anchor make shumann live from oracle for "after the game" along with ambassador for basketball adonal foyle. we are kicking off the weekend with mild temperatures. lisa argen is tracking the heat on wait for us. hi, lisa. >> good morning. this is live from the east bay hills camera. 64 concord. livermore at 66. still some mid, maybe a few upper 90s today in the east bay valleys with a spare the air
6:42 am
alert. but that's still cooler than yesterday. details on a cooling trend coming up. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the sports world lost a giant. the greatest of all-time. larry beil will have more on the
6:43 am
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>> in sports, the stanley cup final game comes to san jose for the first time in their 25-year history. pittsburgh leads two games to none. in baseball, the giants are out another outfielder. hunter pence will need surgery after tearing his hamstring earlier this week. here's larry beil with this morning's sports report. >> good morning. he was bold, he was brash, he was the greatest. muhammad ali passed away last night at the age of 74. at one point ali was the most recognized human on the entire planet. the three-time heavyweight champion was hospitalized in the phoenix area with respiratory issues. he's been dealing with the debilitating effects of parkinson's disease for many years. he was so good inside and outside the ring. he was courageous. he had brutal battles with joe
6:46 am
frazier and joe foreman. muhammad ali, gone at age 74. local sports now. with angel pagan out, the last thing the giants needed was another outfielder out. hunter pence will have surgery after tearing his hamstring on thursday. k -- on wednesday. and while the giants are continuing their road trip. in st. louis. top of the fourth tied at one. brandon crawford, base his. 2-1 giants. johnny cueto pitching. walked five. not his usual stellar control, but got some defensive help. jared parker in right field in place of pence. back to the wall, and makes the catch to take extra bases away from molina in the sixth. way to go. about tied for tops in the majors. 5-1, giants, the final. they ron their last 18 of 22. the a's in houston. jesse hahn got the start. it did not go very well. first inning, three runs in. chris cogland, i got it, i got it -- they scored on the two-run triple.
6:47 am
i think it was an error, but 5-0, houston. still two outs in the first. george spring we're his second hit of the inning drives in travis. that was run number seven, and his day was done early. 12-2, the final score. copa america started last night in santa clara. this is the first time the u.s. has ever hosted this tournament of north and south america soccer areas. the bay area getting the opening match between team usa and colombia. at levi's stadium. where do i get a hat like that? eighth minute. columbia with the corner kick. he blasted it home for a 1-0 columbia lead. 42nd minute after a controversial handball called. the penalty kick and he buries it. 2-0 at that point. team usa had their chances. clint dempsey denied. the diving save. u.s. drops the opening match
6:48 am
2-0. san jose's chris, he's on the roster, but did not play in this match. and warriors and cavs, abc's coverage of game two of the nba finals begins sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon on abc7. and do not forget, after the game, live from oracle arena, all the highlights and the live postgame interviews. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> a nice morning to head outside for a run, especially before things start to heat up a little bit. lisa argen has been track being live doppler hd and has more on the weather conditions where you live. good morning. >> good morning, chris. we have a lot of cloud cover on live doppler 7hd. this indicating a weak weather system heading across the state, allowing for the high clouds to stay with us today. and just a limited on shore push. so as i widen the view, you will notice how expansive the cloud cover is. despite that, we will still see temperatures up near 100 degrees in the sacramento valley. a live look outside from
6:49 am
emeryville. see the cloud cover. 66 mountain view, 68 san jose, 64 morgan hill. at the coast a cool 52 degrees. 64 yesterday half moon bay. well into the 90s here in san jose yesterday. but upper 80s forecasted today. so cooler, just slightly around the bay today. right now in santa rosa it's 55. 54 in novato, 59 napa. 64 concord. 66 in livermore. still widespread 90s in our inland east bay. that's why we have another spare the air alert with the poorest air quality here. and with all the heat yesterday, starting out warmer today with y at this time in livermore. check out san jose. everyone, yeah, you had the warm night last night with the air conditioning going. today iscology. maybe even ten degrees cooler here. coastal fog this morning. a little cooler over the weekend. further cooling into next week. taking all of the 90s out of the
6:50 am
forecast by about tuesday. and right now from our exploratorium camera, we talked about spare the air alert. notice medium air quality everywhere and notice in our inland east bay, still a day where you will feel that oppressive heat. we have the high clouds. filtered sunshine today but with a strong ridge of high pressure still overhead, we will see widespread 90s inland and limited cooling around the bay. foggy at the beaches. notice the reds in the inland east bay. we still have the heat today but a few degrees cooler. 72 oakland or we should say mid-70s. this is tomorrow. and 60s along the coast. look what happens on monday. just a couple of 90s with that stronger sea breeze. so it's going to begin to feel like typical june weather. by tuesday we are just in the 80s with 60s and 70s primarily around the bay. so you know it takes a couple of days longer to spread the cooling inland. that's exactly the trend over the next few days. so there's our heat from chico
6:51 am
to sacramento. 107 in fresno. temperatures pretty tolerable in los angeles at 83. so really not bad. some upper elevations thunderstorms possible today in the sierra nevada. highs today from the mid-and upper 90s. liver more than, antioch and 80 on the peninsula. mid-80s palo alto. the seven-day forecast, the spare the air alert inland east bay today. slightly cooler numbers around the bay, that trend continues tomorrow into monday. just a few 90s, and more upper 80s mid-70s for tuesday. and that really will hold us through the rest of the week. chris. >> lisa, thanks so much. as we mentioned earlier, game three of the stanley cup final is tonight. the sharks will try to get their first win of the series in san jose. the match will be a chance for the city to showcase itself like it never has before. >> in san jose there's enough shark spirit for everyone and the players themselves will tell you how much it means. >> you can feel the energy going around the city right now. everyone is excited for this game here.
6:52 am
you know, the crowd that shows up and makes the tank what it is, it's pretty cool. pretty special. >> the fans and atmosphere is always awesome. its a tough building to play in. it was cool to be on this side and see the support we do get. >> with an international audience of millions, the stanley cup final will shine the spotlight on san jose. many will see the city for the very first time. for those who have been here before, they will notice how much downtown has changed over the past decade. no longer a place to see on outboard monopoly board in the park. they are banking on showing off a new city and new life. >> we have opera and performing arts center and plays and bars, entertainment, excellent food. >> different ethnicities and different cultures and different walks of life. to have it combined today in a city like san jose is very unique. >> tourism officials say it's too early to tell how much an impact the stanley cup will have as a whole but aren't denying the publicity that comes with
6:53 am
being in the final. so many great things for people to come see, do and hang out and play. it's a great chance for us to show the world that. >> the sharks take the ice saturday at 5:00. >> san jose isn't the only bay area city being showcased. the city of pittsburgh has been transformed in honor of the men in teal. it's now officially teal town. pittsburgh didn't want any confusion with with pittsburgh in pennsylvania where the penguins are from. they are putting all their support behind the sharks in their first-ever chance for the stanley cup. coming up, a tradition featuring fashion, technology, and, of
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions drawing. nobody picked all six but a ticket that matched five of the numbers was sold in long beech. that ticket is worth more than $900,000. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $260 million. happening today the 40th annual union street festival in san francisco. the festival not only features food, art, and the always-popular fashion show and stand-up comics, but other activities like health and fitness and a technology exhibit. the fun begins at 10:00 this morning, as well as on sunday. it's on union street between goff and fillmore.
6:57 am
let's get a final check of the forecast with meets lisa argen. >> hi, chris. you may have noticed all the cloud cover that came in overnight. a weak sea breeze out there. enough to cool parts of the bay today. 80 san mateo. look for mid-and upper 90s in the inland east bay. that's why we have a spare the air alert there for poor air quality. 88 napa and san jose a bit of a relief for you. accuweather seven-day forecast slightly cooler. as much as 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. 80s arriving by monday or tuesday and very pleasant around the bay. chris. >> thanks, lisa. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. for lisa argen and the rest of the abc7 news team, i'm chris nguyen. the news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. gma is next. we will have local news updates throughout the show and we are back for another full hour of abc7 news at 1:00 a.m. see you then.
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good morning, america. we have breaking news. >> i'm the world's greatest. i'll whip all of them. i'm the greatest. >> muhammad ali passing away overnight. the larger than life boxing legend known for his grace, his power and his poetry. >> i murderer the rock, injure the stone, hospitalize a brick. >> winning olympic gold and then stunning the world to become the champ. >> 22 years old, i must be the greatest. >> ali, known for his fights in and out of the ring. >> i'm handsome, i'm fast, i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> standing up for his beliefs, refusing to serve in vietnam, taking his case all the way to the supreme court.


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