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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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again try to fend off challenger row qana to represent the most heavily asian-american district in the nation. >> reporter: we are live in san jose with a closely watched race. >> reporter: hi, kristen. you know, the fight for district 17 is on. there are six candidates but mike honda and row qana are definitely the two front-runners. right now row qana is in this neighborhood walking around with his wife nik nocking on doors and asking people to get out and vote. it has been a very different campaign for qana so far, who has really been focusing on local issues and holding more than a dozen town hall meetings. so the numbers look like they are in his favor. qana says he's not taking anything for granted. >> the momentum looks great, and i'm very optimistic. and you our message of not taking pac money, not taking corporate money, focused on education is really resonating in the district. people want change.
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>> reporter: abc 7 was in cupertino where we caught up with congressman mike honda this morning at the fire station. the seventh term congressman then headed back to washington, d.c., for general votes that are taking place early tomorrow morning. but his supporters are holding down the fort at honda's campaign headquarters in san jose. meantime, qana, as you might recall, lost to honda back in 2014 by just four points. live in san jose, abc 7 news. we are seeing busy polling places across the bay area. abc 7 news was in in places where we saw brisk turnout and lines of voters waiting to cast their ballots. we knew this would be a busy day in terms of turnout. election officials have seen a surge of new voters in the past two months which could change the historically low turnout for the primaries. >> in 2012 we had a 38% voter
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attorneyout. we're anticipating a 55% to 65% voter turnout today. >> no officials numbers on bay area turnout are out. santa clara county expect it's to be on par with the last open presidential primary in 2008 at 66%. abc 7 news viewers are sharing their photos after voting today. mike norris rode his bike totz polls because parking is much easi easier. >> christina is a first-time voter and proutd of it. send us your pictures after casting your ballot using the hash tag abc 7 now and we may show it on air or online. stay on top of the race for the white house with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get election updates. san jose police have identified four men they have arrested for the violence that followed a donald trump rally in the city last week. the men are all residents of the south bay and range in age from 18 to 19 years old. three face felony assault
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charges and one is being charged with a misdemeanor on a refusal to disperse. more arrests are imnant and investigators are identified or suspects involved in last thursday's violence with the help of videos. breaking news in san francisco where police are search forge a 10-year-old girl who's been reported missing in the bay view district. police say the girl's mother reported her missing near third and hudson streets about two hours ago. the mother called police after she did not see the girl pour more than 15 years. the girl may be on muni on the 19 polk 54 felton or t third lines. in vallejo tonight, police searching for a gunman who killed a man on springs road between westwood and oakwood. police searching door to door after a man was shot in the head and killed. abc 7s news reporter wayne freedman is there live with the latest. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, dan. to our knowledge, that search for the shooter is still going on in vallejo.
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we say to our knowledge because we have not heard from valet row police for several hours. we know just before 1:00 p.m. in the ickor store behind me there was a shooting in the parking lot. one man dead. identities, motives yet to be determined. neighbors say this has become an all too common sight on the streets of vallejo, police tape, shell casings, a man shot dead. it happened within just a few feet of courtney purdue who was parking her car. >> he had a wound to the head. >> was he moving? >> from what i could see. i didn't see him moving but they say he was still breathing. >> reporter: the suspect left the scene and led them on a chase through the neighborhood. they described him as being african many american or hispan hispanic. sandy sing works in the store. he said he haird more than he saw. >> i was kind of shaking at that moment. like shook up. that's all.
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>> reporter: sing told abc 7 there is video of what happened. a vallejo police officer has confirmed it. there are also reports that the suspect dropped his wallet. all evidence perhaps of what had been just another day outside the springs town bottle shop until it wasn't just another day anymore. >> i'm ready to move. i'm scared for my life. i'm ready to move. because like i said, if he's still out there on the loose, who's to say if he seen me? >> reporter: in vallejo, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. more fallout from the controversy sentence handed down to a stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault. we're hearing from brock turner's grandparents. he wrote to the judge saying, we were shocked and stunned by the outcome. brock is the only person being held accountable for the actions of other irresponsible adults. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story from stanford. >> reporter: the new recall site is trying to collect the 70,000 signatures needed to remove judge aaron purse ki stanford
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law professor michelle doper says the global outrage over the six-month sentence gip given to formerer swimmer brock turner. >> there is supposed to be a role for the voters to engage and for the public to engage. like any other elected official, this judge is subject to the will of the people. >> an abc producer found the judge today but he has not responded to my request for an interview. the court says he cannot comment on an active case. no one is alleging misconduct but some recall a 2011 case when an alleged rape victim -- the judge allowed seven photos into evidence that showed the woman partying a year after the incident, a decision some considered damaging to her case. >> the whole world is watching him and hopefully the superior court will begin to look at it
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more carefully. and look at him and his decisions more carefully. >> a co-founder of a group on sexual assault prevention hopes the anger against the sentence will turn into positive change. >> it pervades every corner of this campus and there's so many angles to this issue, so many people that need to be involved and hopefully this case will be that first spark to that fire. >> reporter: at stanford, david louie, abc 7 news. a 12-year-old boy who was stabbed at random during a robbery yesterday is recovering after undergoing surgery. officers arrested 32-year-old dee own na hom ond from oakland for the attack. she will be arraigned tomorrow on robbery and attempted murder charlgs. police say the boy was visited with his family from out of state when hammond stabbed him three times with a par r pair of scissors. police say she doesn't suffer from mental illnesses and they're mystified as to why she went after the boy. >> completely unprovoked. completely by surprise and right
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now we can only call that senseless. we don't have an answer as to why she did that. >> the boy is currently in stable condition at children's hospital oakland. new details tonight on the fremont police officers shot in confrontations with a driver last week. fremont police just tweeted that the most seriously injured officer is improving now. he's still in critical condition, but is doing better. the other officer continues to make progress as well. police say the suspect shot the officers after a traffic stop and standoff last wednesday. the coroner says the man shot himself in the head at a home where he was hiding out. a woman is in custody after crashing a stolen ambulance which led to big backup getting on to the pay bridge during this morning's commute. the nearly $250,000 san francisco ambulance was in charred ruins after the suspect crashed it. it happened on the eastbound off-ramp to treasure island. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington has the story that began with a medical emergency
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call in the tenderloin, right? >> reporter: that's right. and everybody wants to know how this happened. now, there is a chance that the ambulance was left running. it's something that paramedics do to keep their kpimt charged but there asafety locks in place so firefighters are a bit baffled how and why this person stole their vehicle. the wild chase across the bay bridge ended in a fiery crash. police say a woman stole this ambulance and lost control while exiting on the treasure island eastbound off-ramp. the bizarre events unfolded around 8:00 a.m. paramedics were called to tthe ambassador hotel in san francisco's tenderloin. >> they went into the building to treat the patient. when they came out with the patient to go to the hospital, their ambulance was gone. >> reporter: jonathan baxter says there's a no drive feature on the vehicle so even if the engine is left running the ignition is locked. >> you have to push a button, use your foot on the brake and move the key into the drive
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position in order to put the transmission into a functioning driving position with that ambulance. so that's a lot of procedures for somebody off the street to know. >> reporter: the doors were locked but the driver's side window was broken. they're investigating if the suspect may have found an extra set of keys. the fire department has been criticized for slow ambulance response times but baxter says another one was dispatched immediately to tend to the patient. the suspect was not hurt. >> she's facing vehicle theft and possibly endangerment to the victim as well. >> reporter: the $225,000 ambulance was badly damaged. on treasure island, alyssa harris ton, abc 7 news. more election coverage straight ahead. how will hillary clinton get bernie sanders supporters on her side? plus -- >> i'm not going to defend these kinds of comments because they're indefensible. >> more harsh criticism for donald trump from members of his own party.
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plus, momentum is on the warriors side. what will be key to game three in cleveland tomorrow night. > also, home wi-fi fix. 7 our your side michael finney with a device. why gps signals may be blacked out for several days in a california desert this month.
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>> announcer: novato. oakland. sunnyvale. and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. a live look right now inside san francisco's city hall. this is a polling place of course and polls throughout california are open until 8:00 as we have our big election day primary day. one of six states voting today. >> that's right. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is expected to address supporters at 6:00 p.m. from his golf course in westchester county, new york.
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trump struggling to defend those comments he made regarding the judge in the trump university case which is outraging members of his own party. >> too outrageous and bigoted for the party of lincoln for me. >> claiming a person can't do a job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> trump accused of judge of being biased because of his mexican heritage. we want to talk a little bit more about politics, presidential politics. join us for more is carla marinuc marinucci. >> carla, how much does it matter when bernie concedes, tomorrow, next month, maybe at the convention? >> i think bernie has said he's going to assess what happens tomorrow and i think democrats will be watching to see what his response is. i mean, this case, we're talking about going forward to the
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convention. a lot of democrats are urging him to fight on. supporters last night in san francisco did. the fact is it's going to hurt hillary clinton if that's what he decides to do. the longer he stays in the mix, the more work she has to do to get democrats together to get ready to fight trump. >> how will clinton be able to win over those sanders supporters to her side? and she needs them for the november election against trump. >> absolutely, kristen. that is job one for hillary clinton starting tomorrow, whatever happens in california. she's got millennial voters, younger latinos and younger women. and those are the people that bernie sanders was very successful with. those are the people she's going to have to tailor the message to and work hard to win over from now until november. >> carla marinucci, thank you so much for your time. look forward to talking to you again. moving on for the moment san francisco city vehicles could soon be equipped with black
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boxes. >> supervisor will norman ye -- >> supporters say it would save the city money, reduce collisions and lead to safer driving. police, sheriffs and probation vehicles would be exempt because some argue making the information public could jep oar diez officers' safety. steph curry says the warriors won't be overconfident heading into game three of the finals. the warriors are feeling good being up 2-0, but curry says the dubs can play even better and will need to on the road. >> this is a hostile environment for sure and one that we remember from last night. so you've got to get off to a good start and play with energy. >> for the cavs, forward kevin love did not practice today. he took a shot to the head in game two and left the game after feeling wassy. he's been mraiszed in the league's concussion poet kol listed as questionable for game three. don't miss a moment of the be nba finals here on abc sechbz
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tomorrow join us for abc 7 news at 4or, then "world news tonight" at 4:30 be, followed you by a special warriors pregame edition of abc news at 5. >> tip-off is at 6:00. >> after that, join larry biel and mike shumann for "after the game" for analysis from adonal foyle. we'll be broadcasting live from oracle arena where warriors fans will be watching at a pauch warty. a struggling ralph laufrn is hoping for a fashion comeback. he hopes to save $220 million over the next year. ralph lauren wants to bring its brand more in line with today's trends and new style preferences. yahoo! shares are down slightly after a report that verizon is expected to bid $3 billion for the sunnyvale
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company's internet business. verizon is a front-runner to buy yahoo!. their telecommunications giant acquired aol last year and analysts say buying yahoo! could give verizon more scale on the internet. there's a new way to get wi-fi, we hear, in every corner of your home. >> that's right. it can be spotty in your house sometimes. "7 on your side's" michael finney tests this home wireless fix, michael. >> i hear about this problem constantly. getting good wi-fi signal in every room of your house, it can really be tough especially if you have a large house for lots of brick walls that block signals. the "consumer reports" have tested a new product that just might help. jim wilcox knows a lot about tvs and streaming media with devices. he writes about them for "consumer reports." but when it comes to getting a wi-fi signal throughout his house, he's at a loss. >> the signal is fine at the foot of the bed. but we don't get a snool at the head board. >> so "consumer reports" wi-fi export brought the new wi-fi
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system so jim's house to replace his old router. >> this is a new way of getting good wi-fi all over the home. it creates a mesh network. >> a measure of mech erb network is made up of multiple units that talk too each other wirelessly. "consumer reports" found that the signal is very impressive even at the furthest test spot. easeup is easy to. the you plug the first unit into your modem, the rest with an app on your phone. but it can be pretty pricey depending on how many unit uz need. $200 for 1, $500 for 3. a wi-fi extender can be chiefer but it's not as effective. >> it cut yours signal in half. they only have one wi-fi radio that's used to send and receive signals. >> the signal is faster because it has two radios, one to send and another to receive. as for jim, he bought a system and you now can can get wireless all over his you house, even at the head of his bed.
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if you have poor wi-fi in your house, it could because your router is more than just a few years ago. consum"consumer reports" recomm the following routers. >> thank you, michael. well, we have an update on some breaking news we had just a few moments ago. a missing san francisco girl has been found safe. >> great news. police just updated us and they say somebody spotted that 10-year-old girl and she's being reunited with her family right now. >> great relief obviously for everyone involved there. let's focus on the forecast for a few minutes as we hit midweek. sort of breezy and cooler. >> definite live cool but still pretty, sand you yeah. >> it is gorgeous, but you need the layers it's cool dan and
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kristen right now and the marine layer is making a good push. let me show you live doppler 7 had hd. this is responsible for the continuation of our cooling trend the rest of this workweek. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, you'll see it's cloudy at the coast and even near the bay we're seeing the low clouds. winds right now gusting to 32 at fairfield, 20 in san carlos, 21 in oak land. we're getting a good onshore breeze coming off the cool ocean water. the flags are blowing. you can see the breezy conditions here. 61 in san francisco, 67 in oakland. it's in the low 70s for san jose and this is something you can never get tired of. just a beautiful you view looking at our marine layer from our mt. tam cam. temperatures are quite nice in the north bay, low to nooid 70s from santa rosa to napa, pleasanton mid70s. many of our inland areas were in the low to mid 80s along the coast in the low xiz 60s. get used to 0 this view. i'll be seeing more low cloudiness and spotty drizzle
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tomorrow morning. cooling trend through friday turning warmer this upcoming weekend. here's what's going to happen tonight. the low clouds will once again fill into many of you our valleys. tomorrow morning when you get going if you're taking the ferry across the bay, it's going to be a gray sky out there. and you will see some spotty drizzle. temperatures will begin in the 50s so a good idea to have that extra layer as you get going. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow the low clouds and patchy fog and drizzle will give way to higher clouds by noontime in the north bay and the high clouds will continue to filter the sun around the bay area. cool at the coast, 60s. mild inland we'll go with the 80s. june is typically a month where we see the overcast skies. this is not oustd ordinary. that will be out of the ordinary is cooler weather dropping us below average by friday. tomorrow afternoon, breezy at the coast with lingering cloudsor, loy 60s there, 60 half moon bay, 74 santa rosa, 69 oakland getting you up to 74 in va loy hoe, 71 in san mateo.
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a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, spotty drizzle for the morning commute, the cooling continues for thursday and friday. that's when you'll see those temperatures below 80 degrees. now, that's different for a change. we'll warm you up for at weekend at look at monday. we start to see 90s inland, mid 60s coast. we have to be fair to everyone, for those of you who like the warm weather. wul get did back. >> the popular social app snapchat makes some changes and may enter another dimension. we'll explain ahead on absz 7s in 5. plus -- >> it was only when i talked about "7 on your side" that i got results. >> michael finney gets results again. new at 6, the issue with the new armchair that just didn't sit well one bay area woman. that's
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and every day you promise toor protect off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours.
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sc johnson, a family company snap xhant what it used to be. >> the app has under gone a big redesign. you see the new look of discover
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there on the left snapchat replaced the channel's individual icons. for those who don't know, discover is a channel where publishers post content. snapchat also quietly purchased 3d face scanning app which posted this video on youtube. it allows creators to create 3d scans from a smartphone. it's not clear how the device will be integrated. today the u.s. navy started testing a device in southern california ha that's the potential to jam gps signals. it's centered near the naval air center. the lost signals will stretch for hundreds of miles in each direction including into northern california. pilots have been warned. people on the ground will not be affected. the tests are between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on those dates. this month that you see on the screen. today thursday the 21st, 23rd, 28th and on the 30th. the navy will not disclose
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exactly what they are testing. >> there will be a lot of people getting lost? >> right. >> up next, warriors pride, oakland pride. >> more tributes for the warriors to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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breaking news in morgan hill. sky7 hd is over a wildfire at henryco state part. it's estimated at 30 to 50 akers and is spreading at a dangerous rate it's windy. we'll stay on top of this situation. look for updates on twitwitter. ama daetz is here now with more on what we'll have at 6. dan, we are going to have breaking election results as the polls close in the midwest. plus, there's a conspiracy theory about last week's big melee at the trump rally. one supporter says he has proof. also an east bay rabbi received a surprise from mohammuhammad ali's family. he'll be front and center friday. and roger dood goodell isn't
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dead. the nfl was hacked. we investigate how someone broke into the league's twitter account. much more at 6. we all know the warriors are an amazing basketball team. >> now their performance is worthy of a museum exhibit. >> the oakland museum of california will open a new exhibit later this month called warriors pride oakland pride. >> these are pictures from the museum's website. the exhibit honors last year's championship and this year's record-breaking 73 win season with a signed jersey, signed basketball, last year's championship ring and sneakers worn by some of the players. >> the exhibit opens june 17th. remember the only place you can see the nba finals between yarz and cavs is here on abc 7 new. >> that will do it for now. "world news with david muir" is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. before we leave, we want to look at the brooklyn navy yard in new york city where hillary clinton supporters are gathered.
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>> clinton is leading sanders. don't forget polls in california are open until 8:00 p.m. >> see you at 6. breaking news as we come on the air in the west tonight. hillary clinton makes history. the first woman to become the presumptive nominee for a major party for president. what she will do tonight before sitting down exclusively with us. plus, donald trump moments ago issuing a new statement on that judge after a republican revolt. >> tropical storm. slamming into the coast. flash floods and a reported tonight. tonight, you will see the damage. the swimmer convicted of sexual assault. the outrage of what his father said. and now the judge the center of the storm after a six-month sentence. road rage with a pickup truck forcing a couple off the road. tonight, a new case and how police used these images to catch the drivers. a baby kipnapped at the mall. tonight, how they caught the


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