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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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don't forget polls in california are open until 8:00 p.m. >> see you at 6. breaking news as we come on the air in the west tonight. hillary clinton makes history. the first woman to become the presumptive nominee for a major party for president. what she will do tonight before sitting down exclusively with us. plus, donald trump moments ago issuing a new statement on that judge after a republican revolt. >> tropical storm. slamming into the coast. flash floods and a reported tonight. tonight, you will see the damage. the swimmer convicted of sexual assault. the outrage of what his father said. and now the judge the center of the storm after a six-month sentence. road rage with a pickup truck forcing a couple off the road. tonight, a new case and how police used these images to catch the drivers. a baby kipnapped at the mall. tonight, how they caught the suspect. and made in america.
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the victory this evening involving something right on your dinner table. good evening and as we come on the air in the west tonight, we begin with history in the making. hillary clinton clinching the democratic nomination for president. the first woman to be a nominee for a major party. tonight, six states holding contests coast to coast. let's get to cecilia vega on the campaign trail. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton making history. a turning point in american politics and a moment of reflection from clinton herself. >> we are on the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment. >> reporter: she's been on the brink before with a much different ending. exactly eight years ago today, that concession speech to barack obama. clinton alone on stage, her
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supporters, including her own mother, in tears. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it. >> reporter: then, at the party convention in denver, chelsea introducing her to a standing ovation. clinton's message, unity. >> whether you voted for me or you voted for barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. >> reporter: their battle ending with clinton working at the president's side. she now hopes to heal wounds with bernie sanders after a bruising primary and win over his millions of supporters. >> how are you feeling on this election day? >> i'm feeling great. >> reporter: the vermont senator, defiant and desperate
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for a california victory to keep him in the race. >> we are going to go into the convention with enormous momentum. >> reporter: but clinton's lead is virtually insurmountable. sanders would need to win all of today's primaries by more than 40 points and convince almost half of her superdelegates to back him instead. clinton's sights now set on beating donald trump, who says he's made history too. >> number one, i have great respect for women. i was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of a women more than anybody in the construction industry. >> cecilia vega with us live tonight. hillary clinton already shifting her focus to the general election. you learned of her schedule next week? >> reporter: david, people are still voting but hillary clinton is already in this general election. her campaign telling us tonight that early next week, she is are headed to the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania for campaigning. david? >> thank you. as i mentioned at the top of the broadcast, we will sit down with an exclusive one on one with the presumptive nominee
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later tonight. asking about the history made, about donald trump and will she have a message for bernie sanders and his supporters. tomorrow morning on "gma". and tomorrow night right here. in the meantime, breaking developments involving donald trump tonight after a republican revolt from some of his own supporters. trump issuing a statement late today about that judge born in indiana, a judge with mexican heritage. trump saying his remarks have been misconstrued. also, the first republican to take back his endorsement of donald trump. abc's tom llamas on the trump campaign. >> reporter: tonight, as donald trump's republican coalition starts to crack, the billionaire trying to contain the damage. trump setting off a firestorm by attacking the judge in a trump university lawsuit because of the judge's mexican heritage. >> this judge is giving us unfair rulings. now i say why. well, i want to -- i'm building
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a wall, okay? and it's a wall between mexico, not another country, and -- >> but he's not -- he's not from mexico. he's from indiana. >> in my opinion, he is -- his mexican -- mexican heritage. and he's very proud of it. >> reporter: it didn't stop there. >> if it were a muslim judge, would you also feel like they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? >> it's possible, yes. yeah, that would be possible. absolutely. >> reporter: today, the most powerful republican in washington calling trump's comments about judge gonzalo curiel racist. >> claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be absolutely disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says he still supports the billionaire. but tonight, senator mark kirk of illinois locked in a tough re-election fight, becomes the first republican to withdraw his endorsement of trump. >> too racist and bigoted for the party of lincoln for me. >> reporter: and now, one republican after another urging trump to shape up. >> it's time to quit attacking various people you've competed with or various minority groups in the country and get on message.
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>> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger tweeting, "judge curiel is an american hero. i was proud to appoint him when i was governor." and from ronald reagan's son michael, "this most likely would be the first time if my father was alive that he would not support the nominee of the gop." overnight, trump trying to soften his tone. >> i don't care if is he mexican or not mexican. i want him to be -- all i want him to do is give me a fair shake. >> reporter: and tonight, not an apology, but this statement. "it is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of mexican heritage." and while trump still insists he's not getting a fair trial, hehe now says, "i do not feel tt one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial." defending trump tonight, the one time rival who's been behind him for months, new jersey governor chris christie. >> i know donald trump. i've known him for 14 years. and donald trump is not a racist.
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>> reporter: an instagram tonight this message from trump. anyone who thinks i'm over is sadly mistaken. he was criticizing hillary clinton for using teleprompters in her speech. but tonight, he is using teleprompters. they want to make sure he stays on message. and want absolutely no mistakes. david? >> thanks, tom. we turn next to the tropical storm that slammed into the coast. tropical storm colin bringing a tornado in jacksonville, caught on this home surveillance camera. flooding roads in sarasota, as much as ten inches of rain. abc's steve osunsami tonight. >> reporter: some of the families in this tampa neighborhood needed a boat to leave their homes today. dozens had to be evacuated in a high-water vehicle. >> as you can see, the area is very flooded. water is up to the wheel well of the cars.
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>> reporter: firefighters were rescuing babies from the water. the tropical storm poured nearly eight inches of rain in the creek nearby, and flooded them out. where are you sleeping tonight? >> well, i don't even know. probably in my truck. >> reporter: the storm spawned waterspouts off the coast and tonight, the weather service says this was a confirmed tornado caught on home surveillance cameras in jacksonville. here's the moment when the high winds destroyed wayne mcdowell's backyard and tore off part of his roof. >> if it'd had been 30 feet back this way, and got the house, and my wife and daughter was in there, it could've hurt them. >> reporter: today, visitors trying to save what's left of their florida vacations ran into high surf and potentially deadly rip currents at the beach. families in this flooded neighborhood are hoping it gets better. at one point, the water was waist high. if the rain lets up, all of this will drain, david? >> steve osunsami tonight. next this evening to growing anger of the sentencing a of a stanford university athlete, a star swimmer. but the anger is focused on the judge. the swimmer had hoped to be on
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his way to the summer olympics. instead, brock turner is spending six months behind bars after being convicted of sexual assault. but hundreds of thousands have signed a petition saying that is not long enough. here tonight, abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: rage tonight, shifting from the man in jail to the judge who put him there. a petition to recall palo alto's judge aaron persky seen here today slipping into his office, gaining nearly 400,000 signatures in a day. social media posts branding the stanford alum as an apologist for sentencing the stanford swimmer brock turner to just six months in jail for sexual assault. >> i definitely think the was some sense of entitlement. the way in which they presented their case as though the victim lang liked it. >> reporter: the victim wondering in her impact statement, "if i had been sexually assaulted by an unathletic guy from a community college, what would his sentence be?" the prosecution asked for six
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years for turner's assault. of his unconscious victim. carl arndt and a friend put a stop to it, telling cbs -- >> the guy stood up then we saw she wasn't moving still. so we called him out on it and the guy ran away. >> reporter: tonight, brock's father who called the verdicts a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action, insisting his words were misinterpreted. even the d.a. defended the judge. saying he was following the probation department's recommendation. and the judge isn't going any where soon. he is running for re-election unopposed. david? we turn to overseas and a car bomb that shattered a historic neighborhood in in a morning rush. the bomb went off just as riot police went by, killing seven officers and four civilians. the fourth bomb attack this year linked to kurdish rebels or isis. no one has claimed responsibility but four people are under arrest.
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back here at home and to new images of a baby being kip napped at a mall in pennsylvania. it was this surveillance video that led to a kidnapper's arrest in hours. tonight, how that woman made friends with the mother and slipped away with her child. here is abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, surveillance video shows exactly how this woman managed to steal a newborn baby. the suspect, 32-year-old cherie amoore, seen striking up a conversation with malika hunter, a mother with her toddler and 7-week-old baby boy at this philadelphia area mall. the two strangers walk through the mall talking. they sit down at the food court. after a while, amoore picks up the crying infant while the mother tends to her other child. with the baby still in her arms, amoore grabs her purse, throws away some trash.
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then she takes off out of sight in roughly ten seconds. other cameras catch her as she hurries up the stairs, two at a time, and into the parking lot. just hours later, the baby found was safe at amoore's home. the suspect's own family calling police after seeing her in a security camera image. >> it's opened and closed as to what happened. what is not closed is why it happened. >> reporter: police say amoore told them she had recently given birth to a baby that died and she was overcome with emotion. she has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping charges. david? >> thank you. we turn next to the service they are planning for muhammad ali and questions to what led to his parkinson's disease. it all comes as his daughter laila releases these images of him as a loving father after she was born. this image, decades later, taken before he died, the power there in his face. but ali's longest fight of course was against the parkinson's. and some doctors are not
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convinced the boxing led to it. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: questions tonight about the punishing hits muhammad ali took and whether they contributed to his debilitating disease. >> he personally felt that he did not get parkinson's from boxing. >> reporter: while some would presume those thousands of blows to the head would be a factor, studies show only a slightly higher risk for parkinson's in people with repeated head injuries. >> muhammad appeared to have very typical parkinson's disease. i think the only real difference is his young age of on set. >> i can't talk no more. i'm all messed up. >> reporter: in fact, one of the doctors who diagnosed ali with parkinson's in 1984 now says he believes ali had the disease even earlier, before he climbed into the ring with larry holmes in 1980. >> he never said why me. and that can be encouraging for some other parkinson's patients. >> reporter: encouragement that can be found in these pictures taken just three months before his death, showing his capacity
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to persevere, ever the fighter, displaying that signature pose. among those honoring that strength at friday's memorial service, actor will smith, who played the legend in the movie "ali," is slated to be a pallbearer. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. and from boxing to football now. and to an alarming headline for a time today about the head of the nfl. the league's twitter account was hacked today. someone posting that commissioner roger goodell had died. the tweet was quickly deleted. commissioner goodell is fine. the nfl has asked authorities to investigate the twitter hack. twitter and facebook users are reminded that you can increase protection for your accounting with an added step. sync your account to your mobile phone and you will get an alert if someone logs in using your name. we have more on our website for you. there is much more ahead on this tuesday. a made in america victory tonight. and the road ridge epidemic. the danger on highways. first it was the pickup truck we showed you forcing a couple right off the road.
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tonight, the new case and how police use new images right here to catch both drivers. also ahead, the sister accused of killing her twin by intentionally driving over a cliff. one sister air lifted to safety. now facing charges tonight. we'll have more. and later this evening, we celebrate the 9/11 search and rescue dogs at ground zero. and a tribute to this guy here. we'll be right back. ot double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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helped them bust two drivers behaving badly. a mustang and a motorcycle. sparking one to go down. the rider okay. as summer heats up, please warn more drivers are taking the low road. in tampa, this car revving and rolling right over two people on a motorcycle. >> we just got run over by a car. >> reporter: the driver charged with attempted murder. and in oklahoma this pickup truck ramming two teenagers off the highway. slamming their car into a guardrail. here in colorado, road rage complaints are way up. more than 74,000 calls to state patrol just last year. that is a record, an average of over 200 every day. this crash, the police arrested the mustang driver. the motorcycle driver for harassment. and tonight, the police have a plea of their own, to not take matters into your own hand. clayton sandell, abc, denver. >> clayton, thank you. when we come back --
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the new headline for anyone who uses a uber, keep the car waiting two minutes or more and you will get charged. also, the sister charged with killing her own twin, driving her off a cliff. the sister who is a suspect being carried away. and we celebrate the 9/11 search and rescue dogs and a incredible story and a salute to this canine hero right here. what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what
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finally, made in america. many cities and towns and the military try to buy made in america when they can. but what happens when the label is wrong? we have been asking the question for so long, they see us coming. i'm david muir from abc. >> i know you. >> reporter: they usually know what we're going to ask before we ask it. where was this made? >> made in china. i know, i know your show. >> reporter: the newest question didn't come from us. it came from a factory in up state new york making american silverware. asking why is it sold on government websites to towns and cities labeled made in america even though some of it is made in china. >> nobody can tell us white. >> reporter: this is why the workers are mad. >> think about this. every $100,000 we sell, it's probably a job. that is 30, 40 more jobs we can provide in new york. >> reporter: turns out the government says they don't
5:58 pm
police the website. it's the third party listing their own information. after our report that website gave them an ultimatum. correct the listings or bar them from selling. and word of a victory. cheryl manufacturing saying the other silverware made overseas has now been removed from the gsa website. they say it's not small victory. they're convinced it will create american jobs. >> made in america! >> keep the made in america tweets coming. i'm david muir. i'll you here tomorrow night. good night. breaking news, a 60-acre fire is burning in the south
5:59 pm
bay, firefighters are relying on to stop the flames. >> this is what we live for. we love election day. >> super tuesday comes to california. live team coverage counting down the conclusion to the primary season. >> as the evening arrives so does a little spotty drizzle. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. the hack that killed the nfl commissioner, but only for a few hours. breaking news is in the south bay, firefighters are battling a 60-acre fire in ab area known as dell puerto canyon. you can see the smoke. >> flames shot up in the canyon, the fire is located in a remote area of the park closer to the stanislaus county side.
6:00 pm
>> we're going to bring updates as we get them throughout the newscast and twitter at abc7 news bay area, so stay with us. good evening. this is the last super tuesday of the primary season, and california has the most delegates to award. >> the polls just closed in new mexico and already closed in new jersey, south dakota and north dakota just holding a democratic caucus today. and two hours remain in california's vote. >> polls closing in california at 8:00 p.m. you can still vote if you have mailed it should be postmarked today. >> let's begin our live team coverage of the election with


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