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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> big day. good morning. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. on wednesday, june 8. we have full coverage. only in the past hour that we got the official california returns in the democratic primary race. and weather and traffic.
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we start with mike nicco. awful come of the forecast right new. as you leave the isolated nature of the drizzle compared to yesterday in the light are nature and there is no fog on live doppler hd. we will look at mount tamalpais at 2,800' above the partner layer. expect sunshine the same timeframe administration yesterday. we are 58 at the coast. 72 inland. mild at lunch. breezy at 4:00. more cooling in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> past the shark tank, we need a win. 87. moving nicely through san jose. no problems in the northbound direction. slowing out of the central valley. we do have the accident in the ditch on 680. we have slow traffic southbound because of "lookie-loos" in that area. >> hillary clinton has shattered the highest, hardest glass
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ceiling there is...first woman ever to secure a presidential nomination. ashe claimed victory after taking california and three other states that held primaries. here is where we are and the numbers are just in this morning: 56% for hillary clinton in california. 43% for bernie sanders with 94% reporting. when we went to dead we -- bed we did not have the definitive numbers. tiffany it was not chess. >> it wasn't close in california. hillary clinton this morning is absolutely celebrating her historic achievement. the united states has hosted 56 presidential elections. industry have feature add female nominee from one of the two major political parties. until now. >> with early wins in new jersey, new mexico, and south dakota it was a huge night for hillary clinton and a milestone for american women. >> first time in our nation's history a woman will be a major
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party nominee. >> she passed unifying the california. bernie sanders in santa monica you haved to fight to the convention despite the math. thai is a very, very steep fate. but we will continue to fight for every vote. >> president obama weighing in calling both candidates and congratulating hillary clinton for securing the delegates. he brady to meet sanders at the white house on thursday. donald trump indicating he is ready to take advantage of any fractures. clinton brushing it off in a one-on-one with david muir. >> i will be working on a lot of the same issues that senator sanders and i spoke about, we both care about, and that we have so much more in common than we do with the republican presumptive nominee. >> hillary clinton said she is reaching out to the sanders campaign and president obama is expected to endorse hillary clinton by this week.
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>> as expected donald trump when five more states. california, montana, new jersey, new mexico and south dakota. he has already secured the nomination but there you have it. in california, trump has 75% of the vote with 94% reporting. john kasich and ted cruz trail ing there. they are in longer in the race. donald trump is trying to calm republicans with the g.o.p. primary soap over. yesterday, he said he is a fater prepared to take on hillary clinton. early in the day, paul ryan the highest ranking republican called the donald trump remarks about a that danny drug "racist ." ryan reiterated his support for the nominee. republicans gathered for a watch party last night happening in the middle of democratic san
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francisco. many g.o.p. leaders in the bay area are looking to create some party unity. >> when he wants something he does go for it. >> we will be united against getting hillary clinton. >> the republican national convention starts july 18 in chef. >> in (, -- in san francisco a measure would require an investigation when a san francisco police officer shoots anyone at 80% after the resignation of police chief suhr and intense scrutiny over the lived going forward. janet o is at city hall with what is next. a meeting today county janet? >> yes. the meeting will take place at 5:30 tonight. they will continue the discussion of the "use-of-force" policy. it is something the department has been criticized over. especially with the recent fame
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shottings by san francisco police department officers. with the approval measure "d" it ensures the san francisco office of citizen complaints will be required to lunch a formal investigation when this is a shooting by an officer. this is after police chief suhr's resignation and months after the mario woods killing, the eighth person killed by san francisco police department last area prompting many protests from the community to transform the department and change the culture of police brutality. critics are call on the mayor to rebuild trust and work on fining a new police chief and drafting a new policy on use of force. >> moving to the race to replace senator boxer in the united states senate retiring after 24 years in office. >> kamala harris has 41% of the vote with 94 mrs. report -- 94%
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reporting. voters could pick candidates from any party because it is an open primary. now they advance to the general election. the only state proposition the ballot, proposition 50, passed by a huge margin, 75% only 25% say "no," with 94% reporting, allowing the legislature to suspend members without salary or benefits. it passed. >> voters have approved imposing $12 a year tax in nine bay area counties to restore wetlands surrounding san francisco bay. a two-thirds vote is required ask right now you can see we are at 69% to 31% with all precincts reporting. so it is a "go." >> our temperatures are uniform on the peninsula, either 57 or 58 degrees everywhere and even san carlos. heading southbound, 59, to
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mountain view, and fremont, concord, oakland, and all of the 57s in napa, mill valleys san ramon and livermore. very unified air mass. because of the cloud cover. we will see the microclimates and the sun comes out. it will be breezy. great for kite surfing. but not for silling. 60s at the coast into san francisco, sausalito, oakland, 70s an the bay and 80s inland and we drop tomorrow with a sea breeze picking up and we are below average through friday. the weekend forecast is. coming up. >> the busy drive times show highway 580 from tracy under 40 minutes, westbound 4, an together to concord is not bad and san rafael interest san francisco is looking pretty if. walnut creek southbound beyond north main to the 24 junction, you are looking at eight minute drive from highway 4 to highway 24 and smooth sailing from 24 all way through the funnel for
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10 minutes the friend is -- ten minutes. >> bay area company helping ensure that everyone in the community is prepared for an earthquake. >> new details on a case sparking growing national outrage and had we have learned of the
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>> we have breaking news in the east bay in oakland firefighters are on scene of the early
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morning car fire, at 41st avenue. firefighters found a convertible burning around 2:30 this morning, they quickly got the flames under control. the cause of the fair is not known at this time. it break out two miles from this car fire on bromley at 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning, a minivan and pickup were scorched in the fire with no word on how it started. >> a full-fledged recall campaign has now been launched to oust the judge who gave a former stanford student six months in jail for sexual assault. hundreds of thousands are seeking the ouster of the judge with handed down the sentence for brock turner a form stanford swimmer. as you know, that is more a symbol ice but now there is an actual written signature campaign launched with 70,000 signatures needed to qualify, because victims movie this creates more trauma.
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>> to go through the offense and the trauma in and the experience and then to go to court and have that happen i is like a second rape. >> according do mercury news the prosecutor sentencing memo states that text and photos found on the cell phone showed he used alcohol and drugs you including lsd in high school which is important because in the trial he claimed he did not have experience with alcohol. the cell phone showed that turner smoking from a bond and drinking out of a bottle liquor. >> if you are planning a trip to south lake tahoe a chipmunk tested positive for the plague which is spread by rodents and fleas. there are tips to stay safe. do not feed any wild rodents, do not catch near the dead redemocrats, and use repellant with deet and leave the poets at
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him. >> pg&e will test the new earthquake technology with the new system that generates rapid estimates on prioritizing where to dispatch assess in and repair crews. the u.s. geological survey called the hayward fault the most dangerous in america and predicted it is on the cusp of a huge earthquake. police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash in hayward with aup man killed when he lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a parked car near san antonio last night. witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding before he plowed and the vehicle. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol may have been a factor. >> in michigan, five pickives are dead after a hit-and-run accident part of a group that right each weekly south of grand
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rapids. the driver ran away and police later arrested him. he was driving erratically before the crash. >> homeowners and businesses are cleaning up a mess left by tropical storm colin with some families needing a boat to leave home. dozens were evacuated in a high water vehicle. firefighters rescued babies from the water. storms spawned waterspouts off the cost and the weather service said that this is a confirmed tornado caught on home surveillance cameras in jacksonville. >> now a check of our weeks ago at home and live doppler hd is pretty clear right new. >> a it is. we have isolated areas of drizzle. the commute will be dry and unevenful. we will talk to sue about that in 30 seconds, and isolated drizzle the next three hours and from mount tamalpais the sunshine is at the coast with widespread presses an the bay
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shore and all of us are breezy this afternoon through the evening. below average highs on friday and brief. watching trend for three days. in san jose the average high is 77. you will get up there probably at 3:00 and fall back to 75 at 4:00 after start out at 58 this morning. we will look at the rest of the neighbors, mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay and los gatos and gilroy into the low-to-mid 80s. the peninsula is low-to-mid 70s and millbrae is 56. a few breaks in the cloud cover but otherwise gray and 60, 54 in san francisco and downtown to south san francisco and sausalito and petaluma is stuck in the 60s and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70s through the north bay develop. long the east bay more from richmond at 6 a oakland is 67 and fremont at 73. headed inland check out the temperatures, 77 in men, and brented would at 85. my seven-day outlook shows the presses are faster on thursday and friday and the temperatures are cooler, and the breezes taper and we have a remaining trend on saturdays sundays and
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monday. we have a lot of drizzle along the east bayshore freeway yesterday. how is it looking? >> better. a solid river of headlights westbound direction from golden gate field to the macarthur maze and the golden gate bridge. it is hazy on the cameras. expect 15 minute drive all the way to san francisco. not bad. c.h.p. has just issued a sig-alert with the car in the ditch in the sunol grade and he have lane three the right lane block off with a tow truck to will cleared in an hour at 6:20. i am seeing a hot of slow traffic tripoli after this time of the morning out of the pleasanton area on southbound 680, no cut "lookie-loos" slowing things in the south direction. we will look at the bay bridge in a now minutes. >> the united states navy has started testing a device in southern california that has the potential to jam g.p.s. signals
5:18 am
for six hours each day centered navy the naval air weapons center stretching for hundreds of miles in each direction including interest none california. pilots are being window of the tests between 9:30 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon give days this month. the navy will not say what they are testing. >> this is an amazing photograph. i find it disturbing. >> this is...we have all been this fish. >> paragrapher captured this image of a fish inside of a jelly fish. it was in oakland water when he came across this very unusual sight, followed it around for 20 minutes and...a first expert said there is a if possible they
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are co-existing and the fish is just swimming looking out for the jelly fish. >> that is a glass half full. >> mom saved her daughter. >> that fish is dead. >> here are the tech bytes. >> today, siri is credited for saving a life. a mother used the voice activated system to call 9-1-1 while she performed cpr on the hilts girl, and it want viral when she reached out to thank apple. >> samsung's newest smartphone could be fordable. the company said they are work on two new devices like this from two years ago, with a large screen that is bendable. >> it did not score great reviews but "fuller house," is the most watched series so far this year. episodes average 14.5 million viewers more than "walking
5:20 am
dead," and "sunday night football." policemenning -- filming for the next season he already begun. >> two bay area charities will have more money because of the giants picture serving drinks, and posed for perks at peet's coffee yesterday in san francisco. peet's promoted the special giants club house coffee with 5% going to the giants community fund and donated $2,500 for his favorite charity which is youth development program. >> want to go for brunch? jack-in-the-box is hopping to make brunch fast a thing, with those in the know expect it to be an early break fast for second breakfast later in the day. >> between break fast and brunch
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angel soft. a leading consumer testing the top laundry detergents. the winner - persil 2 in 1, didn't only beat tide... it beat every single detergent tested. boom. switch to persil proclean 2 in 1. #1 rated. >> here's the seven things you need to know. hillary clinton has won the california primary 56-43% over bernie sanders. with the victory bringing her the first william ever to to be her party's nomination. bernie sanders will lay off half of the campaign staff. >> bernie sanders unopposed won all five primary on tuesday and california with 94% the precincts reporting he had 75% of the vote. >> three, it appears cam --
5:24 am
kamala harris secured a spot to replace senator boxer in november. >> off to a cloudy start with less drizzle than yesterday. our temperatures this afternoon, cooling trend continues and watch out for the pres, those will pick up, also, today, tomorrow, and friday. >> five, following your hump day commute, this morning, a nice look at the bay bridge with necessity delays in the westbound direction and eastbound we have stalled muni because headed to treasure island. it should be out of this in 20 minutes. >> in sunnyvale, crews knock doubt a ferocious fire at a gas station that jumped to a tree. it was stopped before it spread to the if, itself. >> warriors will try to take a commanding three game to nothing when the dubs battle the cavaliers in cleveland. tick off is about 6:00, you can watch it only right here on abc7
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>> taking a picture of the ballment -- of the ballot in the booth is illegal. but one member wants to make the ballot selfies legal. he used a vote-by-mail ballot for the election and s us this picture. >> and audio exerts from a speech in 1969. you will recognize the spoker, a 21-year-old hillary. >> we are not in a position of leadership and power but we do have an indispensible element of criticizing and convictive protest. we just don't have time for it. not now. >> that is interesting to hear. 50 yours later he has compared the choice between trump rum and herself as a choice between a fierceful america and a strong
5:26 am
confident america. >> "star wars" is poking fun an the nature of 2016 campaign with a mock political attack ad. >> become first senator of the new republic but she is not even a real princess. [ inaudible ] she said she is the champion of small pice but would she murder an entrepreneur in cold blood? >> the marriage to the fame out smuggler should disqualify her from running. the commercial is fake. do we fed to say that? disney is the parent company of abc7. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including our election coverage, our real election coverage and how local voters are reacting. >> in the east bay overnight a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:29. a lot of you want to bed without knowing the election results. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and right now, hillary clinton is making history this morning. but, first, a check of weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. wondering if you need the umbrella, not is likely as yesterday. very isolate asked a lot lighter. you can see on live doppler hd, we are still cloudy and look at this, golden gate bridge is not is wet as yesterday, but it is breezy so watch out, with the jerking of the steering wheel. the day planner, we will hang out in the upper 50s to increasely 60 along the coast and mid-60s to 70 around the bay and noon to hour inland, and 72 to 78 for the same timeframe. >> slow traffic from the central valley, at 50 meant -- 50-minute
5:30 am
drive. sunol drive southbound, c.h.p. is finally getting the direction right, and now we are able to tell you it is a sig-alert southbound after sunol with a car in the ditch and the right lane is blocked with tow trucks trying to get that out of there at 30 minutes from 580 to the scene. >> new to those election results and what was a historic note for hillary clinton. the democratic presidential candidate now declared the winner over senator bernie sanders in the california primary. you can see the limits with 94% reporting at 56% for hillary clinton and 43% for bernie sanders. hillary clinton has laid claim to the nomination because of wins in new jersey, new mexico, montana and south dakota but we have the highest number of delegates in the state. sanders won low delegate states like montana and north dakota. he is refusing this morning to throw in the tour we will. with such a decisive win the
5:31 am
head makes we are seeing read "first lady." no matter how you vote it is impossible to deny that history has been made here. our reporter is here with the report. >> hillary clinton said her victory is for every limit girl who dreams big, tweeting out "yes you can be anything you want even president. tonight is for you." eight yours after she concedeed to president obama she celebrated in new york, and we were with her as she saw the supporters for the first time. she said her victory as a first fee may democratic presidential nominee was because of generations of men and women who sacrificed and praised bernie sanders who refused to drop out and she attack her republican rival, donald trump. >> the stakes in the election of high. the choice is clear. donald trump is temper meant eel
5:32 am
up fit to be president of the united states. >> overnight, president obama called both bernie sanders and hillary clinton con grade laying hillary clinton say her historic campaign inspired millions. president obama is expected to be force her as early as this evening. >> in san francisco hillary clinton supporters packed the audio nightclub to hear the speech embraced by oakland mayor schaaf. >> campaigning is difficult but what is more difficult is governor help asking that is where i have so much confidence in hillary clinton to actually translate her values, her ideas interest action, into results, in the incredibly complex and difficult environment of washington, dc. >> schaaf added her eight-year-old daughter cried pause she was too cringe to vote for clinton. >> sanders supporters jammed a
5:33 am
beer garden in oakland on telegraph. many were thrilled when they heard sanders would for it on but we found evidence that some are starting to accept that he is unlikely to pick the democratic nominee. >> we can make big changes to the dment -- the democraticment form. that is we can expect from this campaign. >> it is reported bernie sanders campaign will lay off half of the staff. >> donald trump won california, montana, new jersey, new mexico and south dakota. he is not facing any competition. he has secured the republican nomination. in california, donald trump has 75% of the vote with 94% report ing. donald trump welcomed bernie sanders with open arms after being last out in a schooled by a rig system of super delegates.
5:34 am
he is trying to ease tensions with the republican part trying to recast himself as a fighter ready to take on hillary clinton. >> i understand the respondibility of carrying the mantle. i will never, ever let you down. too much work. too many people. mood. sweat. tears. i will never left let you down. i will make you proud of director party and our movement. that is what it is, a movement. >> speak paul ryan the nation's highest ranking republican called donald trump's remarks of a latino judge racist but he reiterated support for the presumptive nominee nominee. we are watching santa clara county after it appeared there could have been an issue with election rules reporting. >> they have faced remembers years ago. we are at the registrar's office with the latest. matt? >> good morning. the latest update is 65% of the
5:35 am
ballots have been counted. this is the night crew now the morning crew. they sorting and countrying. all 932 precincts are reporting. why does it seem like the county is slow for cup -- for counting votes? they have to count them here before being counted at the registrar. it is the only county what does it that way. the vote-by-mail ballot is being turned on election day. and santa clara has convenience to voter 72% vote by mail is obviously when those ballot could back we have to check the signatures on the envelopes before we can open them and checking signatures on 72% of 788,000 ballots taxis some -- takes some time. >> workers count the ball thes 24 hours a day until all are conditioned and mail-in ballots will have to be countried. they are expecting a last votes
5:36 am
with 50% to 60% turnout in 2012 with all the votes counted and certified in 30 days. >> moving on to the race to replace senator boxer and the senate she is retiring after 24 years in office. kamala harris has 41% of vote. sanchez is trailing at 19%. 99% of the precincts have reported. this is an open primary race. the voters can pick candidates from any party. the top two advance to the general election. >> harris dressed supporters if san francisco from the district attorney of the city, to california's attorney general and now she has a if chance of becoming the second african-american woman to be a united states senator. >> we have a lot to do. we know the stakes are high. the eyes of the country are on
5:37 am
us. i know we are prepared to do ourselves and our state and fellow californiaians proud. >> we are going win, we are going up and down the state asking every voter, every police, to come out and vote for us. >> sanchez in orange county will likely oppose harris in november. >> this is a rematch from two yours ago, 38% to 38% with all precincts reporting so both have secured spots fore will bat local. 117 votes splitting them so honda could be in trouble in
5:38 am
november. so the san jose mayor and a lot of volunteers celebrated in santa clara. the challenger is appealing to a younger democrat graphic and to those who want district 17 to be something different the >> we will send a message to the country the that change is coming, it is coming from the heart of s veal, and we are going to make our democracy what it should be the >> in san jose, honda's volunteers made phone call and knocked on doors he greeted voters in cop attend before flying to washington, dc for a general vote this morning. the office put out a statement last night saying that honda will "fight tooth and nail to turn progressive ideals into results." >> we will have results with the abc7 news app with push alerts. >> now temperatures long the east bay shore.
5:39 am
we have a last money 50s. berkeley is 56. san leandro is 57. alameda is 58. and research -- and richmond is 59. a few 60, san jose and los gatos at 57 in san carlos and livermore and san francisco and napa and santa rosa. a hottest neighborhoods is below average. it is breezey. the average high in antioch is 84. today is 78. young tomorrow. 78 on friday. back to average or above average on saturday and sunday and monday. more cooling on tuesday. the next three days san francisco hangs out in the mid-60s. possibly only 50s tomorrow. the sea breeze is kicking in. peninsula is going mid-70s but we could be in the upper 60s by friday. south bay we are going to be upper 70s to mid-70s by friday. inland east bay, mid-80s and it will be most steady and the
5:40 am
temperatures are close to average or below. sue? >> beautiful shot on the top of mount tam. we have metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:29, stacking to the maze. not a bad ride into van. we have a sig-alert on the sunol grade southbound 680 after the exit. it is 30 minutes from 680, 580 to this area. you can take 84 but 20 minutes beyond the scene of the accident. we will have the south by commute in a few. >> did the san francisco sheriff's department drop the ball? a deputy is acussed of staging inmate for its and mayen needed to be watched more closely. >> you can share ga you can do in oregon.
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in one of our volcanoes, to see some lava you're probably gonna be disappointed. ♪ >> a fail shooting near a home depot in oakland. someone opened fire on a silver sedan near 880 after midnight. a woman inside the car was shot. she made it to a hospital but she died. i is fought clear in had was anyone else in the car with her. no arrests have been made. >> happening today the three suspects in a deadly novato
5:44 am
shooting are pack in court. they will enter their pleas, two of suspects are novato high school students and will be tried as adults on murder and attempted murder accused of shooting and stabbing classmates, two novato high school students. one victim died and the other is still recovering. a third suspect will be charged. >> the san francisco fire department is trying to figure how this happen: a woman bypassed an antitheft system and stole this ambulance. paramedics responded to a call yesterday morning. the ambulance caught first because she load police through a chase, crashed the ambulance on yerba buena island off-ramp of the bay bridge. the woman was not hurt. she is waking up in jail this morning. >> this morning we have learned a former san francisco sheriff deputy suspected in a jail fight scandal was at the center of 11 allegations of excessive force. the discipline records reveal foam deputy on the left may have
5:45 am
needed additional eversight by the sheriff deputies. most of the allegations did not hold up but he was fired last year after he was accused of helping stage fights between inmates at the jail. >> firefighters help to put out a grass fire burning at state park east of morgan hill. we were at the fire minutes after it started your afternoon. it has burned 100 acres of grandson near the santa clara county line. the fire appears to be packing down. a crew is watching to main sure it does not jump the containment lynn. >> thousand of fans be at oracle arena at dubs if el cleveland. >> they have sold 12,000 tickets for the watch part. tickets are still available. they are $20 each. doors open at 4:30.
5:46 am
the crowd is responding to this. what is interesting, game four is sold out. you can get why, right? a lost people think it will be a sweep. and though will close it out on friday night. that would be great. abc7 has several crews in cleveland including our morning reporter. >> she is sloping in this morning. it she has a lot of work ahead of her. >> i am in cleveland reporting for duty ready to cover the warriors. we are looking forward to good basketball and warriors victories or victory. do we when to see them sweep? on win it at home. what are your thoughts? we start at 4:00 and on after the game. we know you will watch the game on channel 7 and we look forward to you joining us for our coverage here in cleveland.
5:47 am
>> she is happy. this clearly grows with her. >> do we want a sweep, mike nicco? do we want to get it over with? >> absolutely. that sounds like the right choice. lows stress better. >> i understand that, good morning, everyone, from the roof not carrying an umbrella the drizzle is less widespread and less in intensity. we will look at the winds, the big step today, 26 in forward, napa is 14 and sfo is 12, they will pick up this afternoon, along the bay shore into the delta where we have small craft advisory and starting at 2:00 through 5:00, but the wins will make it inland like yesterday evening, maybe faster. we will have delays at sfo and i will let you kow when they tell me. clouds and sunshine, and
5:48 am
widespread presses. below average highs through friday and aing trend to follow after that. nothing too excessive. at 5 o'clock through lunch hour, everyone is cleared but for the heart of the bay and the coast afternoon where the clouds remain. the temperature spread from 50s at the coast and 70s and 80s elsewhere. in the south by, mid-to-upper 70s in most areas including los gatos. low pressure 70s on the peninsula but millbrae is 6. mid-60s downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito. petaluma is 69. everyone else is 72 to 76. oakland is 67. present is 73. 77-85 inland. my seven-day forecast shows faster presses and cooling is sharper on thursday and friday. warmer on saturday, sunday and monday. sue? >> video a couple of trouble spots, one is not here. this is san rafael, southbound
5:49 am
101 beyond the north gate mall at 22 minutes. slow out of the central valley, fairly typical, with no stalls or citizens and we have a big problem on the sunol grade a sig-alert issued southbound 680 after sunol with the right lane blocked, a car was in a ditch. they new say the time it will be cleared is 6:15, another 20 minutes or so, to get it clears and 84 is a good alternate, saving you ten minutes. 30 minutes southbound and 20 minutes southbound on 84 or foothill would be another from alternate. we will check back in a few. >> new this morning an unusual sight in the c.h.p.: c.h.p. officers herding dozens of goats. most of them stayed together but
5:50 am
others did not cooperate. a goat is going to move. this was a mess. the officers got the animals away from the traffic. they are now in a safe location. all the goats have been used for fire pressure abatement programs in the past. >> goats wondering around for fun. >> a rare sighting along the west coast has some people very excited. >> an amazing tribute to muhammad ali and thousands are standing in line in his hometown. >> a warning of a popular snack the unwanted product that
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> first in a series of events to memorialize muhammad ali. louisville is hosting a festival with a prayer program, a funeral scheduled for friday. 15,000 tickets will be handed out. fans are already in line. ali personally requested berkeley rabbi to speak. they met in the 60s after both were indicted for refusing to fight in the seem -- vietnam war. >> he said i can boat up someone in ring to make a living but i was not going to kill anyone. >> the funeral is extrad live. president obama will not attend because it conflicts with his daughter's high school
5:54 am
graduation. ali died on friday after a lengthy battle with parkinson's disease at 74. >> the oakland city council unanimously passed a resolution urging lawmakers to expunges pot-related criminal reports. they make it hard for individuals to turn their lives around. the resolution asks state legislators to waive fees red to this. >> the warriors are amazing and now the performance is worthy of a museum exhibit. >> the oakland museum will have a new exhibit this month called "warriors pride oakland pride," with perks here. it honors the championship and this area's record-protecting 73-win season with championship ring and sneakers worn by the players opening june 17. >> they are building the other wing for the championship, right? now, the game three watch party.
5:55 am
from the roof, i an not using the umbrella because it is misty. 64 at 6:00 at oracle arena, 8:30 it will be 59, clouds increasing and breezy. you will want to address warmly headed to at&t farm, second game with the red sox is 59 at 7:15 dropping to 55. it will be windy in the mountain s, lake tahoe is 78, and upper 80s to low 90s, sacramento and chico, 99 in palm springs and 107. i will look at our day planner ahead. sue? >> a good drive across the bay bridge. not a problem with metering lights still on at 5:29. not a bad delay from golden gate field. a problem over the sunol grade with a sig-alert southbound you can use highway 84 and you will
5:56 am
save 10 minutes to avoid this scene estimated to open in 15 or 20 minutes. >> a recall of some chips because they could be tainted with peanut residue. the products include the billions of rolled gold terrorists and things, and sticks and honey wheat. the products contain flour previously recalled. they have fresh dates between june 28 and august 23 with number "32," in the second and third position of the nine-dig it code. >> if you plan a trip for the summer or fall the next 48 hours is the time to ship for air fare deals. southwest airlines is announce ing a sale with round trips as let as $100 from the bay area to las vegas and $260 from the bay area to houston or
5:57 am
chicago. i recommend chicago. other airlines expected to match the prices. you have to fly between august 23 and december 14. the lowest fares are tuesday, wednesday, and saturdays. black out days apply to labor day and the holidays. >> hillary clinton will unify the democratic party claiming big victories in the provide marry. -- in the primary. >> a big fire in the east bay and not the first time this
5:58 am
♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. victory in california for hillary clinton. the democrat now name the winner in the democratic primary. bernie sanders said he is not backing down. yet. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is wednesday, june 8.
6:00 am
we have complete coverage in a moment. first, we have meteorologist mike nicco. what can we expect? mike? good morning, everyone. welcome to wednesday morning. it is not so wet as yesterday just misty. there are pockets of drizzle and no fog. mount tamalpais is stunning. it is the backdrop to talk about mild conditions at noon. 72 inland. 78 inland and breezy this afternoon with temperatures average or below average. grab a coat this evening. sue? >> troubles on the sunol grade with a car in the dip. southbound 680 is blocked with c.h.p. issuing a sig-alert. it should be cleared by 6:20 in 15 or 20 minutes.


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