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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. and that breaking news is in antioch where at least five structures caught fire near 18th street and crestwood drive. this started as a grass fire. sky7 hd as you see is live above the scene. >> two of the structures are outbuildings the fire district is telling abc 7 news they've put ott ut flames in at least one of those structures. we'll bring you live updates as they occur right here on abc 7 news and on our abc 7 news app. be sure to enable the push alerts to receive breaking news updates on your phone or tablet. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry we'll. >> and i'm ama daetz. san francisco police are investigating after a woman using a walker was struck and killed by the very vehicle in which she had been riding. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live near the
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scene at geary boulevard and franklin streets. >> reporter: well, ama, walk sf pedestrian at sorrow cassie group siz this is one of the high injury corridors. the woman was apparently in that crosswalk, and she ended up across the street. it was around 10:45 this morning that the deadly accident occurred. the victim who was using a walker had just gotten off a paratransit van and was crossing busy franklin street and geary boulevard. police say she was in front of the van when the driver accelerated, draggingor her 25 feet across the intersection. >> they're still trying to figure out whether traffic signals rg something else happened. there was any kind of mechanical failure. >> reporter: police hope video from surveillance cameras at a nearby church will help investigators. sources tell us the victim was heading to a meeting hosted by senior and disability action, a group that's sponsoring town
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hall gatherings regarding safety on san francisco streets. daisy brooks and joyce ka laub boes are members. >> we need some type of a safety for somebody here guarding us. >> reporter: ironically brooks was heading to the same meeting as the victim and had also planned to take paratransit but was running late. >> i'm happy i dbt get on paratransit today. >> reporter: san francisco paratransit is city run but uses a private contractor. muni says the driver is a veteran operator but it was his first time on this route. he is cooperating with police. at least one other passenger was in the van. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. there are new details on a kidnapping case out of north oakland. >> today oakland police say they do believe yesterday's incident at 65th and herzog streets is connected to human sex trafficking. police officers rescued a
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14-year-old girl that we told you about yesterday along with two other teenage girls, 15 and 16 years old. officers have arrested a 22-year-old woman from oakland in addition to the 21-year-old man who was arrested yesterday. now on to the presidential campaign. president obama, he made it official today. ''s backing hillary clinton for president. >> the president released a video statement and in it he called on voters to unify behind clint clinton. >> i have seen her judgment. i've seen her toughness. i've seen her commitment to our values up close. i've seen her determination to give every american a fair shot at opportunity no matter how tough the fight was. that's what's always driven her and it still does. so i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up. and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> president obama's first campaign appearance with mrs. clinton is next week at a
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rally in green bay, wisconsin. >> in response to the endorsement, trump defeated obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. hillary simply defeated, delete your account. that tweet has been retweeted more than 200,000 times. a little while ago trump responded, how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up and where are your 33,000 e-mails you zleeted? buckle up, there's still a lot of campaigning to come. >> i was just thinking we have nos of this ahead. bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house this morning. it was a meeting that sanders requested. the vermont senator thanked the president for remaining at least up until this point will imparti impartial. sanders did not however concede the nomination. sanders is holding a rally in washington, d.c., right now. this free event in the parking lot of the rfk stadium kicked off just a few minutes ago. this is a live look right now. sanders has vowed to campaign at
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least through tuesday's final pray marry in d.c. and he says the convention in philadelphia will be contested next month. at the white house today sanders says he has a long list of issues he'll take to philadelphia despite losing four of six contests on tuesday. an estimated 8 million people voted in the california primary tuesday. that number was just released by the secretary of state's office. that means more than 44% of registered voters cast ballots falling in line with the predicted turnout. the secretary of state's office says 6 million ballots have been counted, 2 million remain uncounted. state law requires counties to report their final results by july 18th. many polls in the days leading up to the primary had the race between clinton and sanders neck and neck. but one survey many thought was an outlier turned out to be right. hooper institution found clinton holding a 13-point lead over sapders she ended up winning by 13 percentage points. the outrage continues to boil over regarding the sentencing of brock turner.
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>> character witnesses who wrote letters in you support of turner are starting to regret it. abc news reporter steph gnaw ramos are the story. >> reporter: of the dozens of people who wrote character letters in support of brock turner, at least two of them have said they regret doing it. turner's high school guidance counselor kelly owens wrote to judge aaron persky saying he was a man of character and undeserving of the outcome. she's now apologizing. in a letter to the judge, turnerer wrote, coming from a small town in ohio i had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol. before the former olympic hopeful was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus last year, prosecutors wrote to the judge saying he was drinking excessively and using drugs before he enrolled at school. prosecutors saying they discovered dozens of text messages to prove it, where turner brags about drinking and hard drugs. >> it's really remarkable that brock turner would write a letter to the court and explain
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that this crime was a result of the alcohol culture at stanford. >> reporter: the victim in that same courtroom read her emotional statement to turner at sentencing. now that testimony reaching women everywhere, including the creator of hbo's girls lena dunham who paid tribute to the survivor by filming this video with her co-stars. >> 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abus abuse before the age of 18. >> reporter: outrage over the six month jail sentence has led the judge to receive death threats and has sparked a movement to recall him. >> his sentencing isn't really out of the realm of possibility. >> reporter: vice president joe biden also weighing in on the case writing an open letter to the victim praising her for the statement she read in court adding that her words are forever seared on his soul. a woman accused of stealing an ambulance, then crashing it on treasure island, pleaded not
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guilty today. 37-year-old veronica bare hone na is charged with fwo felonies including unlawful taking of a special vehicle. police say bare ahone na stole the ambulance from outside a san francisco hotel on tuesday and then led police on a chase onto the bay bridge. they say she lost control and crashed the rig as she was trying to exit on to treasure hield. the ambulance then caught fire and that delayed traffic for two hours. well, it's been mostly a nice day out there. still a little breezy taking a live look from our mt. tam camera. >> spencer christian is here with a look at our accuweather update. >> larry and ama, breezy and cool are the operative words. here's live doppler 7 hd, beautiful day around the bay area right now, just a few clouds around. current wind gusts, though, up to 28 miles per hour at fairfield and sfo, 23 at san carlos. breezy across the bay area as you can see on the 24 hour temperature change most locations are anywhere from 1 to 3 degrees cooler at this hour than they were at this time yesterday. this is the view from the east bay hills as low clouds roll in
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over the bay, 60 degrees here in san francisco, 65 in oakland, mountain view 68, 71 san jose morgan hill 76, 57 at half moon bay. and partly cloudy skies over the golden gate right now as we look at further temperature readings. mainly mid 70s from santa rosa to napa, 70 in fairfield, 71 in livermore. and it's not going to warm up until the weekend. i'll show you the changes coming oufr r our way in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. abc 7 news was at a ceremonial caution tape wrapping marking the start of construction of a new visitors center for the presidio. the center will guide people around the presidio and help tell the rich history of the former army post. that center will open in december. building will be the first project on the parkland site which is where the old doyle drive ran until it was moved underground. the open space on top of the tunnel is being transfer transform into a park. there will ab i wow moment this afternoon at sfo, the first
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flight from iceland's wow air is scheduled to land at 5:55 this evening. the first flight back to iceland is tomorrow. san jose international airport is expanding service to asia. the airport announcing today that air china will offer three weekly nonstop flights to singapore starting september 1st. city leaders say luring more passengers through the airport is critical to paying down the cost of a billion dollar modernization completed in 2010. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, despite a game three mros, warriors executives still have plenty of positive energy for another bay area team. i'm wine freedman in pittsbur pittsburgh. tonight we get up close and personal with the man who practically live was the stanley cup. >> he just was just the greatest. >> new at 4:30, a bay area man who sparred with muhammad ali reflecting on the boxing
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legend's life as the world prepares to say good-bye. and taking a live look at our traffic through san rafael, this is 101 moving in both directions on you your right hand side that is your southbound traffic. stay with us. we are back after a quick break.
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and your voice your vote. you see bern yir sanders here he is speaking live in washington, d.c. right now at rfk stadium. let's listen in for just a moment. >> they are wornl tens of billions of dollars and they are determineded to purchase the united states senate for right-wing republicans.
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when you have a handful of billionaires spending unlimited sums of money, you can call it whatever you want, but it sure is not democracy. >> all righter, that was bernie sanders. senator sanders speaking in washington, d.c., this afternoon after meeting with the president today. we'll turn to sports for a moment. the sharks are in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, hoping to stave off elimination in the stanley cup final tonight. >> they trail the penguins 3-1 and are on penguin ice. abc news reporter wayne freedman joins you us live from the arena. wayne? >> reporter: and we can report that the stanley cup is in the house. the revered trophy since 1892 is here. and the worst case scenario for the sharks the pittsburgh penguins will be on the ice celebrating with it. the sharks wafrnnt to see that trophy go back to san jose permanently. the job of taking care of that cup not to be taken lightly. we found him at the arena just
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beyond the shadow of mario lemieux. he was handheld once again answering e-mails from around the world. >> i don't know if anyone can really get used to this. >> reporter: for phil pritchert it's that time of year where everyone wants to talk from tv networks to average joes all because of what he carries around in the trunk of his car or takes on airplanes or sleeps with in hotel rooms. yes, that's the stanley cup and it's all documented on social media. >> 94,000 followers. that's what i have? >> reporter: as any hockey fan will tell you, this is a holy grail of their sport. when a team wins the stanley cup, every player has his name engraved on it and now every player gets the cup to do with as he pleases for one precious day wherever he lives anywhere in the world. for 28 years, philip pritchert from the hockey hall of fame has served as the cup's chaperone in 25 countries. how many miles, you ever figured that? >> that i haven't. we've been east to west and
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north to south but we've never been below the equate or in its history, the cup has been hoisted, paraded, drunk from, swum with, dropped in a river, and twice had babies baptized in it. philip has his twitter feed he keep a's journal. the stanley cup may be the most broadly traveled and photographed object in human history is the cup taking you or do you take the cup? you know what i mean? >> yeah, yeah. i mean, hey, we participate in the greatest sport in the world and to hang out with the cup, it's okay. so i'll go anywhere the cup goes. >> reporter: which could still conceivably be san jose. and it's worth noting in all those years only one fan has attempted to steal the stanley cup. that was in 1962, in chicago the cup was on display. the fan picked it up, tried walking out the door by it. the police stopped him and said, what are you doing? he said, i'm taking the cup back where it belongs. they said, where is that? he said, montreal.
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which means clearly he never heard of san jose. in pittsburgh, wayne freedman, abc 7. >> all right, wayne thank you. if we could listen to the cup, if it could tell stories as to where it's been, most of them we probably wouldn't be able to say on live television. >> that's true. >> just the way it goes. >> the sharks will be getting a boost from an elite group that really knows how to come from behind and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. >> yes. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze now with more on the vips who will be at the sharks/penguins game tonight. >> if you're a warriors executive, you're in cleveland and have free time today before tomorrow's game four of the nba finals, what do you do? you get in the car and drive two hours to pittsburgh to cheer on the sharks. warriors gm bob byers, assistant gm kirk and a few others are attending tonight's sharks game courtesy of sharks general manager doug wilson. the sharks are on the brink of elimination so this is a must win, something the warriors seen here practicing today understand all too well.
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they were down 3-1 in the western conference finals against oklahoma city before stealing okc's thunder and winning the next three to advance to the nba finals. >> hockey is even different than basketball. i feel like this if hockey the games are so close and on the margin. 3-1 doesn't mean you're out. it will be fun and a great atmosphere. hopefully the sharks get it done. >> the sharks are determined to channel the warriors' come from behind mojo. here is a clever tweet from the team today borrowing from "game of thrones" what do we say to the god of death? not today. game five. let's hope the sharks live up to that meme tonight and team executives can take bob myers up on his invitation for them to attend the warriors game tomorrow night in cleveland. >> thank you, kristen. nice the bay area support. don't miss a moment of the nba finals. of course it's exclusively on abc 7 tomorrow join us for abc 7 news at 4:00, then "world news" at 4:30 followed by a special warriors pregame edition of abc
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7 news at 5. then at 5:30, abc's coverage of game four begins here on abc 7, warriors/cavs in cleveland. tip-off at 6:00 after that, join mike shumann sitting if for yours truly for "after the game" analysis from ex-warriors center adonal foyle. we will be broadcasting live from oracle arena and i can tell you it was crazy last night. the fans were in there with a special watch party, and it's going to be sold out. they have sold 19,000 tickets to friday night's watch party at oracle. >> that's going to be incredible. >> yeah. >> dub nation we still want to see your warriors pride ahead of the big game tomorrow night. just post your photos on social media with the hash tag dubs on 7. you could see those pictures on air or at sbz 7 a little more sports news for you. giants outfielder hunter pence resting you up following surgery on his ailing hamstring today. pence tweeting out a photo saying thanks for the well wishes. i'll be back in a flash. he looks scared there going into surgery. the giants placed pence on the
4:20 pm
disabled list after he tore his hamstring, a week ago. you can see him hobbling there against the braves. he's expected to miss at least the next two months of the season. thais big loss for the giants because pence is so important to their offense and of course he plays great defense as well. >> definitely. let's check on our weather. i'm waiting for the breeze to subside because i don't know about anybody else but my allergies are just kicking. >> that's -- i could say that every day almost. >> this is a day that's challenging for allergy sufferers because it is quite breezy. it but it's quite beautiful as well. here is a l look at live doppler 7 hd. we have a few clouds near the coast and moving locally over the bay right now. this is the view from our rooftop camera here at abc 7 looking across the embarcadero and over the bay. you can see the leaves on the trees sort of swinging in the breeze. these are our forecast features, partly cloudy overnight. we might even see another spot or two of drizzle overnight. tomorrow will be breezy and cool, again perhaps even breezier and cooler than today. and it will be warming up over the weekend.
4:21 pm
but the warm-up will probably last only through the weekend. here's our fog cast forecast animation starting 9:00 tonight. might see a spot or two of drizzle over the peninsula near the coast and even over in the east bay by 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the morning commute gets under way, visibility will be reduced in those areas where clouds low clouds and fog have settled in. up in the north bay, it will be mostly clear and a bit chillier up there. low temperatures ranging from right around 50 at places like santa rosa and napa to mid 50s in other locations and once again along with the reduced visibility in the morning maybe a wet spot or 2 on the roadways because of drizzle. let's resume the animation 5:00. later in the day, most the low clouds move out. a little thin area of high clouds sweep through but it will be mainly sunny by afternoon and it will be even cooler than today before that weekend warm-up begins. look for breezy coastal conditions with a high right around below 60 degrees in most coastal locations, upper 60s to
4:22 pm
low 70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. san jose will be our indicateer of the high temperature trend. notice how temperatures bounce up sharply on saturday and sunday into the low to mid 80s and near 90 in inland locations. but the warm-up lasts just those two days. next week it starts to cool down a little built. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, highs up to 90 on saturday, upper 80s on sunday. 80s around the bay over the weekend and mid60s on the coast. the cooling begins on monday, continues into the middle of next week as temperatures settle back down into a more average range for this time of year, right around 80 inland, up to about 60 on the coast. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, the center of it all. there's a new tourist attraction in san francisco. the significance of this
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♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ you're looking at a map showing the geographical center
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of san francisco. it's on corbett avenue at row main street just west of market street in the upper market area. now, this small brass marker on the sidewalk there, surveyors for public works did research and found this spot on a quiet residential street in the corbett heights neighborhood is smack-dab in the middle of the city. while some see it as nothing more than interesting trivia or not so interesting trivia, city surveyors say in there's a real benefit in case of an earthqu e earthquake. >> developed a precision network throughout the city of monuments that if there's a seismic event we could go back out and measure those monuments and we could tell direction and distance of motion in most of the city down to probably an eighth of an inch. >> now, this measurement may be a little bit controversial because it did not consider treasure island or the fair alon islands as part of san francisco. a new report indicates google co-founder larry page has
4:26 pm
his eyes on the sky. bloomberg news is reporting page and his company z arrow are working on a flying car. yeah, take a look. here is the schematic of what it looks like. word is he spent $100 million on it. the report says z arrow has two prototype flying cars at a hangar in hollister where they make regular test flights but at that peers page isn't putting all his eggs in one basket. the report says he's also funding mountain view's kitty hawk also working on a flying car. >> the midair collisions. i don't even want to think about that. >> right? still to come, california's end of life law went into effect today just ahead, reaction from the widower of the woman who inspired that law and the east bay activist who thinks it's a bad idea. also, signs of a possible change in the bay area housing market. one expert thinks prices will be coming down. but when? and the commander in chief about to become the outdoorsman in chief. de
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. taking a look at headlines at 4:30, a woman using a walker was hit and killed by the pa paratransit shuttle van she had just exited. it happened just before 11:00 in san francisco. police are using surveillance video to help them try to
4:30 pm
determine what happened. vice president joe biden is stepping into the controversy surrounding the sexual assault involving a former stanford university swimmer. biden wrote a letter to the victim calling her courageous for speaking out. abc 7 "world news tonight" has much more on biden's message coming up at 5:30. and abc serve news reporter chris nguyen is tweeting san jose photos of people investigators are looking for in connection to the violence that erupted after a donald trump rally last week. he'll have that story live on abc 7 news at 5. california's controversial right to die act became law today. it effectively opens a new conversation between terminally ill californians and their physicians. we will have more on this coming up a little bit later. let's turn to politics now. the waigs right now in terms much the election, you've got hillary clinton who pick upz a
4:31 pm
huge endorsement today, donald trump organizing for the general election and bernie sanders meeting with the president right now to figure out his role establishing the upcoming democratic platform. all of those things are going on at the same time. abc news reporter lauren lyster wraps it all up from washington. >> i'm with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: president obama endorsing hilary clinton via this video. >> in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> reporter: coming out shortly after president obama and bernie sanders were seen talking and laughing at the white house. tagt together for a shutdown fresh from sanders' defeat at the polls this week and hillary clinton now the presumptive democratic nominee. after the meeting, sanders still in the race. >> i will of course be competing in the d.c. primary chl be held next tuesday. >> reporter: but sanders also railing against donald trump and striking a conciliatory tone when it comes to clinton. >> i look forward to meeting
4:32 pm
with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: the candidate then on capitol hill back in his office in the senate and then more meetings with the vice president and also senate leaders. >> he knows how important it is to win this election and beat donald trump. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump in new york for a meeting today with donors building out his general election operations. while still facing a backlash after his controversial comments about the mexican ancestry of a federal judge. wisconsin governor scott walker sounding off. >> i want to make sure that he renounces what he says. >> reporter: in wisconsin next week, president obama will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton at an event in green bay. in washington, lauren lyster, abc 7 news. with the primary season all but over, the race for political donors is hitting high gear now. some experts think spending on the presidential campaigns will top a billion dollars. that high price tag does not worry the head of map light, a bay area organization that
4:33 pm
tracks money in politics. the bigger concern is figuring out who is secretly financing the campaigns with so-called dark money. well, for more information on dark money and politics, check out map also starting today, you have to be 21 to buy tobacco products in california. the minimum age was raised from 18 in an effort to deter young people from taking up the habit. now, this also includes vaporizers, vape liquid and other electronic smoking paraphernalia. hawaii is the only other state where you have to be 21 to buy tobac tobacco. is the bay area economy in a bubble? one financial expert says it's getting close. wayne best is chief economy for ziza. today he spoke in san francisco. best says there are sign aifz housing bubble forming. he points to san jose and san francisco where the ratio to
4:34 pm
home prices to income is three times higher than what is considered worrisome. >> there is concern relative to affordability of these types of homes. >> best says a correction is still one to two years away. he does not anticipate a bubble burst, but more of a sizzle likely caused by a slowdown in the tech industry. authorities in houston are investigating a small plane crash that killed three people today. the 2012 serious fixed wing single engine plane crashed into a kr in a hardware store parking lot. officials say all three people killed were in the plane which was equipped with a parachute, but it wasn't deployed. no one was in the car and no one on the ground was hurt. officials are unsure if the plane had just ache at thatten off our was trying to land at nearby hobby airport. and hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes in arizona as crews work to try to contain a wildfire near the town of yarnell.
4:35 pm
this is the same place where 19 firefighters were killed in a blaze in 2013. officials say the fire burning now has grown to more than 600 acres. you can see the big flame thz this video. crews are hoping to lift the evacuation order by the end ever the day. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, sheep on the loose. the mistake that led to more than 1,000 sheep entering a small town. i'm spencer christian. here's the view on this breezy and cool afternoon from you our east bay hills camera. just a few clouds traveling through the bay area sky but we're a day or two away from the warm-up. i'll have the accuweather forecast in a moment. this is the macarthur maze, it's backed up eastbound 80, you can see the line of cars just inching their ways on the right hand side of the screen folks making the right hand turn back into san francisco moving at a more rapid pace. more rapid pace. back with more more rapid pace. back with more hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything.
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california's controversial right to die act became law today effectively opening a new conversation between terminally ill californians and their physicians. leslie brinkley is live in walnut creek with the story. >> reporter: i can tell you the kaiser permanente system is going to start offering the option of taking medication to end the life of terminally ill patients. but they will reserve the individual choice of doctors to decide whether or not they want to participate just as the new law intended. in order to be prescribed end of
4:39 pm
life medication, you have to be terminally ill, be able to sign a document, meet doctors and be able to self-administer the drug. it mirrors the 18-year-old law in oregon. that's where britney maynard had to go to die with dignity in 2014 after being diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor. >> within five minutes of taking the medication, britney fell asleep very peacefully and within 30 minutes her breathing slowed to the point where she passed away. that's the gentle passing that this program affords, a terminally ill individual. >> reporter: but the patients rights action fund has launched a new website in response to the new law in california, a place to collect stories of what they call the mistakes and abuses of offering end of life medication. >> direct coercion isn't even necessary. if an insurer simply denies your expense of life sustaining treatment or even delays approving it, you are being
4:40 pm
steered towards hastening their death. >> reporter: 48 catholic hospitals in california according to the ceo of alliance of catholic health care will utilize a provision in the law allowing hospitals and physicians to not participate. and most terminally ill patients opt for palliative care and hospice. >> it is that recognition, dying and death is just a part of living. >> reporter: but the conversation britney started is now one that individual patients can start having with doctors who are open to end of life medication right here at home. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> to exercise their right to die, patients must prove they're a resident of california and have a physician who has diagnosed them with six months or less to live. patients must submit two oral requests to their doctor at least 15 day as part as well as one written request. both the patient's doctor and a second consulting physician must agree that the patient is capable of making medical decisions and isn't being
4:41 pm
coerced. start to think about weekend plans and the weather. spencer christian. >> it's a good time to start thinking about it because the weekend is almost here. it's going to be a warm one. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. not warm today but beautiful, mainly sunny, breezy, little cooler than average. probably have a day like that tomorrow. statewide mainly sunny skies, it will be warm in interior sections of the state but here in the bay area once again breezy with high temperatures below average but mostly sunny. we'll see highs up to 60 on the coast, 70s around the bay and mainly mid and upper 70s uninland. check out the warmup on saturday, northerly winds flowing offshore will warm temperatures up to the upper 80s to near 90 in our inland areas. we'll see low 80s around the bay and mid60s on the coast. sunday will be a little cooler at the coast but will remain warm inland with highs in the mid to upper 80s at most inland locations but cooldown is coming our way next week. >> thank you, spencer.
4:42 pm
bad news for a sheep herder in spain. i don't do a good sheep. 1300 sheep wandered off on monday and made their way into the northeastern city of wesca. the shepherd says he he fell asleep. >> oh. >> not a good excuse. >> no. >> wesca found the shepherd and the sheep and helped guide the flock out of the city. first they woke him up. >> yeah. how about this, domino's allows customers to track the delivery of their pizza. now the company is about to track its customers. on monday, domino's in australia will start using satellites to follow customers as they approach stores to pick up orders. now, the company says by tracking customers it can wait until the last moment to start cooking and ensure freshness. the surveillance measure comes a decade after domino's started to let customers track their own orders. what do you make a side trip and
4:43 pm
stop for gas? >> big brother watching you and your pizza now. >> totally. well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 4. it's almost the weekend. next what events you won't want to miss. and no sleeping at work. the priceless reaction after richard branson catches one of his own workers napping on
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be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks.
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be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. well, if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have some ideas for you. >> abc 7 and hood line have your weekend covered. it is time for a summerer celebration of good eats at a pop-up restaurant on the treat and at the ferry building. let's start with some adventure. for the next few weeks only you can taste a hard to find chinese snack is in the outer sunset. we stopped by to check out this crepe called general dang. i got to take a crack at spreading the fresh batter. it is harder than it looks to make a crepe without holes. once you get an even thing going, it's topped with -- he started it here in part out of home sickness. >> i made it when i was in primary school. and i just want to introduce
4:47 pm
this to american people. >> he uses local organic ingredients. it will be here for about a month at 2445 noriega street. you can also dance eat and buy arts and crafts at the haight ash bury street fair. on sunday. and finally fraesh berry and the colors are summer are coming to the ferry building. for one night only, celebrate the summer harvest. 40 bay area restaurants and 20 bars and wineries will offer a walk-around feast. sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. if you want to get tickets go to abc 7 we'll link you up with the info. san francisco has been named one of the top destinations for summer. it came in ninth. orlando, florida, was at the top of aaa's list. the lowest summertime gas prices in 11 years are prompting americans to drive in record number thz summer. and the outdoorsman in chief will visit yosemite national
4:48 pm
park next week. the white house announced today that president obama will make a trip to the iconic national park from june 17th to the 19th. now, officials haven't announced precisely where in the park the president will be visiting. the park service celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and yosemite is one of the most popular parks in the entire nation. tinder is refusing to comment on reports it's preparing to ban users under the age of 18. reports say the social network will begin barring underage users starting next week. tinder launched in 2012 and allows anyone 13 years and older to use the service. it's matched teenagers with others in the same age range. the change if made will impact less than 3% of tindorrer's global user base. and twitter is denying reports of a massive hack. reports say hackers may have used mal ware to collect 32 million twitter log in credentials that are being sold on the dark web. twitter says it's confident there hasn't been a data breach saying it's keeping accounts protected by checking data
4:49 pm
against what's been shared from other recent password leaks. the report initially came from a leaked source a site with a search engine of leaked log in credential. popular vitamins have been recalled for sal na nil la kearns. >> and how ofb should you wash your hair? jane king is here with the reliness lort. several varieties of nature's made are being recalled that may be contaminated with staph or salmonella. following the discovery the gummies were not properly tested for certain contaminations and could contain salmonella for staph. the company is working with the government to locate all of the vitamins sold and get them out of consumers' hands. the fda is warning that taking high err than recommended doses of the common over-the-counter and prescription diarrhea medicine amode yum and similar store brand versions can cause serious heart problems and could possibly lead to death. the majority of reported serious heart problems linked to the
4:50 pm
medication the fda says occurred in individuals who were intentionally misusing and abusing high doses in attempt to self-treat opiate withdrawal symptoms. ow probably wonder how often you need to wash your hair and there are lots of different answers. people swear by. scientists say one thing is for sure. no one should wash their hair every day. but in terms of how often, that depends on a person's hair texture and skin type. and there's a slew of shoes on the market that purport to reduce running injuries. while studies are lacking most exercise experts told the "new york times" the shoes won't hurt your running. they do provide two to three times as much foam padding between the foot an the pavement as the other running shoes do. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. well, we have a warning for serial work napperers. if you try to sneak a nap at work, make sure your billionaire boss isn't stopping in. >> this is what happened at virgin airlines. one of the employees in
4:51 pm
australia, he's napping on the couch when company founder richard branson just dropped in to say hi. branson posted this photo on his blog saying the employee was shocked when he woke him up. then he went back to xleep! >> no. >> branson says it's okay because the employee he was on standby and getting much needed rest. in defense of flight attendants, you get stuck, you've got a long layover, flight is delayed, they allow you to nap. >> very true. abc 7s in at 4 continues. up next, remembering that famous rumble in the jong-ung jungle. hear from someone who sparred with muhammad ali before that famous fight. coming up, unraveling the mystery surrounding the murder of a millbrae father. >> looks like a conspiracy to kill this guy. >> only on abc 7 news, the death of keith green and what may have led to breaking the case wide open. and are we seeing a different colin kaepernick? why the 49ers say he's feeling
4:52 pm
good about reclaiming his old job. these stories and more when dan and i join you for abdz 7 news at 5.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
fans and lf loved ones are play p mra ping to say their final goo guys po muhammad ali. ali's funeral will take place tomorrow. one of ali's most famous fights came in zaire in 1974. the rumble in the jungle. we talked to a former bay area boxer who sparred with ali in
4:56 pm
the days before that fight. >> that's where i won the state title. >> reporter: terry lee of concord spent a lot of years in the fight game starting when he got out of the navy in the mid-60s. under the name irish terry lee he punched his way to the california state light heavyweight championship but the pin akell of his career came when he went to oakland to check out the new heavyweight champ george foreman. >> he looked at me and he he said, hey, do you want to spar? i said sure. he seen the speed i had and stuff. >> reporter: foreman needed spar with someone fast and elusive to mohammad haumly so they take him with them in zieary now known as the democratic republic of the congo. even though he worked for foreman, his heart was in the other camp. >> the first time with mohammuh ali was in the gym over there i asked him if i could spar. he said, yeah, you're fast for a white boy. >> reporter: he was ringside the night that ali recaptured the title with a stunning ainl round
4:57 pm
knockout when many people thought ali was washed up. terry says it's been difficult watching the champ's health deteriorate over the years. it's even more difficult watching preparations for a memorial service in ali's hometown of louisville, kentucky, where muslim prayers are being said today in advance of tomorrow's funeral. terry says sparring with the legend taught him a lot. >> he was very intelligent and very fast in the ring. he could take a punch. if you can't take a punch when you're a heavyweight, you better give it up. >> reporter: he says in or out of the ring there was only one muhammad ali. >> he just was the greatest. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 will carry live coverage of muhammad ali's funeral tomorrow anchored by george stephanopolous. the coverage will preempt tomorrow's episode of "general hospital" so you'll see a rebroadcast of gh tomorrow at 2:00 with new he seepisodes retg
4:58 pm
monday. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. what a travesty. >> uproar over a sexual assault case at stanford reaches the highest levels of the government, even the white house now weighing in. plus -- >> the mob just started following them. >> it was just really tough to see. >> a new push tonight by san jose police. finding the people responsible for attacks on trump supporters outside last week's rally. also ahead, why the government is suddenly investigating tesla's top selling car. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. we're in a breezy pattern this afternoon, but the weekend will bring changes. details coming up. >> announcer: live from the k fw o-tv broadcast center, this is abdz 7 news abc 7 news. you have heard the judge in the brock turner case is receiving death threats. now comes word tonight that turner himself is in protective custody in jail because of concerns about his safety. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. a major expansion today in the outcry over a judge's light sentence for a former stanford
4:59 pm
swimmer convicted of sexual assault. there are new developments with regard to recall petitions and new federalor intervention. david louie joinses live. >> reporter: kristen, the sentence was handed down just one week ago today and pressure is moupting now that we're learning that turner is going to be released from the santa clara count ji jail on september 2nd after serving only three months out of a six month sentence. while the victim assaulted by former stanford swimmer brock turner wants to remain anonymous, her case and the short sentence handed down by superior court judge aaron persky is reverberating in the halls of congress. >> turner will probably serve three months. why? because the judge said longer sentence would have a, quote, severe impact, unquote, on turner. a severe impact. what a travesty. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spear is sponsoring new
5:00 pm
legislation to address the rise in reported rape cases on campuses and to provide more funding for enforcement. close to 1 million signatures will be delivered tomorrow at noon to the california commission on judicial performance to remove judge persky for the lenient sentence he imposed. stanford law professor michelle dawber and leaders of ultra vie leapt a women's advocacy group have been leading the charge. the outcry has also been held at the palo alto courthouse where the judge presides. the judge had to excuse about ten prospective jurors because they didn't want to is serve in his court. and the brock turner case has become part of an ongoing campaign by vice president biden and sinner lady gaga to stop the sexual assault of women. the vice president wrote an open letter to the brock turner victim. quote i do not know your name but i know a lot of people failed you that terrible january night and in the months that followed. david louie, abc 7 news. tonight at 6:00,


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