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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this friday, june 10th, making news in america, president obama saying, i'm with her officially backing hillary clinton and another major endorsement for clinton. elizabeth warren blasting donald trump. >> he is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud. he will never be president of the united states. >> plus, the twitter war between the presumptive nominees. we're live in washington. breaking overnight, a massive manhunt is underway after a shooter injured two people klug a deputy. authorities just released the alleged gunman's identity, and that teenager is now on the run. remembering the greatest. muhammad ali laid to rest today. where the legend started his boxing career. we're live in louisville. and get ready for some late night laughs.
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president obama opens up to jimmy fallon talking about his smartphone and all the things it doesn't do. good morning, breaking news from southern california. a powerful earthquake jolted millions awake. it hit after 1:00 a.m. >> the epicenter in borrego felt from western suburbs to san diego. orange county felt it, as well. there have been a series of aftershocks. want to show you a live picture. downtown l.a. people across southern california taking to social media, facebook and twitter full of reports from people who felt it. one woman says, it felt like a soft roll and moments later it was even stronger. pro skater tony hawk who lives in san diego county from his home tweeting, it felt like a bus hit our house. >> here's the seismograph at
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kabc showing the moment the quake hit. it's still early but no reports of major damage. keep in mind in the past ten days two earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby. again a modal earthquake rocking southern california felt from l.a.'s western suburbs to san diego. we will continue to monitor this breaking story. and now to the newest developments in the presidential race. last night joe biden and elizabeth warren backed hillary clinton and megan hughes has the details. >> reporter: the president will be on the ground campaigning with hillary clinton in wisconsin. just another sign that the party is lining up behind their presumptive nominee. president obama coming off the sidelines releasing a video endorsement for his former secretary of state and one-time rival hillary clinton. >> and i'm with her. i am fired up, and i cannot wait
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to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: the video released shortly after the president met with bernie sanders at the white house. the president calling the vermont senator a patriot. >> i know some say these primaries have somehow left the democratic party more divided. well, you know, they said that eight years ago, as well. >> all: thank you, bernie. thank, bernie. >> reporter: sanders campaigning in d.c. thursday night and vowing to stay in until tuesday, the final primary. >> here we are in mid-june, and we're still standing. >> reporter: but sanders has dropped his stump speech hits on clinton and says he'll work with her in the near future to defeat donald trump. senator elizabeth warren also getting behind clinton. >> donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. [ cheers and applause ] and that is just one of the many reasons he will never be president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump meeting with
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donors in new york. he's now blaming political correctness for the uproar over his comments about the mexican ancestry of a federal judge. house speaker paul ryan weighing in to abc's george stephanopoulos. >> that comment is beyond the pale. that's not political correctness. >> reporter: trump and clinton will both be campaigning here in washington today. both will be speaking around midday. kendis, diane. >> yeah, and clinton and the president will be in wisconsin next wednesday, megan. thank you. president obama's endorsement of clinton has sparked something of a twitter war, as well. after trump tweeted, quote, he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does, clinton tweeted this, "delete your account." keeping it simple, but that is now her most shared tweet ever with more than 370,000 retweets. >> but get this, in response, rnc chair reince priebus tweeting at hillary clinton, "if anyone knows how to use a delete key, it's you." a reference, of course, to clinton's e-mail controversy. now to breaking news overnight.
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a tense situation in suburbening, cincinnati. law enforcement officers have been looking for an armed 19-year-old who shot at least two people including a sheriff's deputy, they say. the female deputy was responding to a domestic dispute call late last night. >> we got a call from a subject in the area. they saw a hispanic male with an ak-47. took a shot and possibly got a champagne colored lincoln town car. >> requesting immediate evs reference from gunshot to the abdomen. >> now, the deputy is conscious and alert. the other victim is also expected to survive. the area has been shut down while that search for the suspect continues, and residents are being urged to stay indoors, and we'll, of course, stay on top of this breaking story. today is the final farewell to one of the world's most famous muslims. boxing great, muhammad ali. >> thousands are expected to gather in his hometown today for
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a public memorial. president clinton is among the many high-profile speakers selected by ali himself. abc's elizabeth hur is in louisville, and she joins us this morning with the latest on this. elizabeth. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning to you. yes, it is inside this arena behind me here where the thousands will gather to pay their final respects. now, you do need a ticket to get inside, and we are told all 15,000 made available were gone in 25 minutes. >> all: ali, ali. >> reporter: for the everyday fans and the famous -- >> everybody is coming together from all walks of life. >> reporter: -- this is what muhammad ali himself envisioned. ♪ a sendoff over two days bringing people of all races and religions under one roof beginning with this traditional muslim prayer service. >> he was my hero. >> reporter: this man also named muhammad ali traveled from bangladesh risking his own life and putting a vital surgery on hold for his hero. >> if i die visiting funeral and if i die at the same time at my
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funeral with his funeral, i'll be the luckiest. >> reporter: and it was this type of devotion that moved and inspired ali, the champ in planning this day. there will be a procession through his hometown. then a public memorial with celebrities and dignitaries speaking including bill clinton and billy crystal, a final gift from the greatest to his beloved fans and friends. now, the city together with the ali family also arranged to have that ceremony live streamed outside, this after learning scalpers were trying to sell those tickets that were given away for free. diane and kendis. >> all right, elizabeth hur live for us in louisville. elizabeth, thank you. well, still ahead, more evacuations as a raging wildfire grows overnight. and a tearful reunion as a mother sees her son for the first time since he was abducted more than 20 years ago. >> amazing. plus, stranded. riders at an amusement park stuck hundreds of feet in the air.
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
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a raging wildfire in arizona is growing and forcing more evacuations. 9 blaze in yarnell near prescott consumed 1300 acres of brush and grass and destroyed three unoccupied structures. the fire is believed to be human caused. just three years ago you may recall another fire near yarnell killed 19 elite firefighters. three people are dead after their small plane crash near houston's hobby airport. the plane coming from oklahoma missed multiple landing attempts. for eight agonizing minutes the controller tries to help the pilot land. but on the final attempt the plane was just too high. that pilot, a mother of six, was
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taking her husband and brother-in-law to visit their sick father. an investigation is now under way. and congress is moving to rescue puerto rico's debt stricken government and the house voted to allow them to restructure their $72 billion debt in return for federal oversight of puerto rico's government. the bill had bipartisan support but still needs senate approval. a $2 billion payout on puerto rico's bonds is due in just three weeks. when it comes to eating mexican food apparently designers are opting away from chipotle. a survey finds mow's is now the most popular brand in that specialty. well, after a rough year with food safety problems, chipotle fell from first to fifth. mow's is known for a wide selection of ingredients for build your own menu items. >> now i want a burrito. >> i'm starving. as britain celebrates queen elizabeth's 90th birthday this weekend we're seeing new royal portraits. the queen with her husband prince philip. it was taken by photographer annie liebowitz just after
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easter. the queen's birthday is actually in april but it's always celebrated in june and by the way today's also prince philip's 95th birthday. >> so it's birthday but they're celebrating hers. >> way was in april. >> makes sense. when we come back, vice president joe biden now weighing in on the stanford sex assault writing an emotional letter to the victim. home alone with a baby on the way. a mom delivers her own daughter. hear the dramatic 911 call. do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda? acids in everyday foods and drinks may weaken and erode your tooth enamel over time. damaged or lost enamel can lead to yellow, dull and thinning teeth. that's why there's pronamel and pronamel for kids. designed to strengthen enamel and help protect against acids in your diet. start protecting your enamel, with pronamel. the #1 dentist-recommended brand for strengthening
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i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. the remnants of tropical storm colin may be out to sea but central and south florida are still in for a good soaking. that means there is a threat of flooding in urban and low-lying areas. there may also be strong winds and waterspouts. well, that means drivers in florida and much of the gulf coast should watch out for flooding. flooded roads are also likely in the upper midwest and near the great lakes. just beware, wet roads in new mexico, the rockies and the northwest. and if you're flying, delays are most likely at airports in minneapolis and miami. let's get to the latest on the stanford sex assault case which, of course, has generated so much outrage. we have actually just learned that the former student athlete convicted in the case, brock turner, has reportedly been branned for life by usa swimming. >> and petitions demanding the recall of the judge in the case
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are being delivered to a california judicial review commission. that judge has been criticized for giving turner a six-month sentence, which was much less than the guidelines. >> and vice president joe biden is lending support to the victim in the case releasing an open letter to the woman. the vice president writing, "i do not know your name but your words are forever seared in my soul." and a driver from battle creek, michigan, charged with five counts of murder following the horrific hit-and-run crash earlier this week. charles pickett jr. did not appear in court, but the prosecutor says he'll be arraigned when he's medically able. pickett is charged with driving his pickup truck into a group of cyclists tuesday night. five people were killed. scary moments at an amusement park in charlotte after the power were out. people were stranded on three rides for more than an hour. among the rides affected was a rotating swing ride. that's called the wind seeker it's the tallest in the park. everyone was eventually lowered to the ground manually. and in california, a mother, son reunited after 21 years apart. maria mancia had not seen her
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son since he was 18 months old. the boy allegedly was taken by his father in 1995. she immediately reported that he was missing, and the investigation has been active ever since. steve hernandez, now 22, was eventually found in mexico on thursday. mother and son were finally able to embrace. now to another mother. this one in texas who has a pretty remarkable birth story to tell. she delivered her own baby. alison marquardt was home alone when she suddenly went into labor. she called 911 when she realized no one was going to arrive in time to help her out. the operator talking her through it all until this. >> oh, he's out. >> he is out? >> yes. >> okay. okay. >> is the baby crying or breathing? >> yes. [ baby crying ] >> okay, very good. i hear that. >> i was a little freaked out but there wasn't anything -- i mean, different i could have done. >> nope. the whole thing, by the way,
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took about ten minutes. and little augustine now four weeks old is doing fine. and now some sports. fans were up late or if they were late to last night's game five of the stanley cup final in pittsburgh, then they actually missed quite a bit. . take a look. the penguins and sharks scored four goals in over five minutes, that, by the way, the fastest opening four-goal sequence in stanley cup final history. san jose scored their go ahead goal later in the first. that made it 3-2. and then there was this empty netter. the sharks still alive. final score, 4-2. game six sunday in san jose. win or go home. and this was the scene in paris early this morning as the french capital gets ready for the start of the european soccer championship. last night it was a whole different thing as about 90,000 people gathered for a concert at the foot of the eiffel tower. >> now, security is tight for the month-long event, which takes place all across france,
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especially following the european terror attacks. now, the tournament's first match is today. romania facing the home team, france. the final, sunday, july 10th, and that's when the french will face somebody else. >> kendis is rooting for the french in case you can tell. however, portugal plays tuesday. >> that's -- and it's portugal day so everybody should have to root for portugal. >> everybody roots for portugal. >> up next in "the pulse," president obama cracking jokes talking about his very low-tech smartphone. plus, meeting his match. justin bieber picks a fight with the wrong person. >> ah.
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time now for "the pulse," and we'll start with president obama having some laughs on "the tonight show." first he slow jammed the news, the highlight of which was his dropping of the microphone. when it was all over. >> then the president sat down and told jimmy fallon that despite now having a smartphone, he's worried about being out of touch with technology. >> i get the thing, and they're like, well, mr. president for security reason, it's a great phone, state of the art but it doesn't take pictures. you can't text. the phone doesn't work. you know, you can't play your music on it. so basically it's like -- does your 3-year-old have one of those play phones? you know, it's got like -- >> that's what they gave the president. >> it's got like the stickers on it. >> yeah. i'm going to call minnie mouse. i'm going to call minnie mouse. minnie mouse, are you there? >> your imaginary friend. >> he needs to get a boost wireless. it wasn't all laughs. the president also talked about his daughter malia's high skool
4:23 am
graduation, which is today. >> and he has sunglasses in the event there are some presidential tears he wants to cover up. >> there will be many. it was throwback thursday on capitol hill yesterday as lawmakers and aides donned some seersucker recalling the time when congress was literally filled with hot air in the days before air-conditioning. >> a lot would say it is nowadays. the tradition of seersucker thursday died out a few years ago but a senator from louisiana made it back. it keeps you cool and doesn't need ironing. >> i like that. >> they're all coordinated. very nice. well, it wasn't just the golden state warriors who got quite the beatdown in cleveland earlier this week. so did our good friend, the biebs. justin bieber mixed it up outside his cleveland hotel after game three of the nba finals. >> video obtained by tmz shows it started with a shoving match twice his size, and he launched a flurry of punches, and his opponent then slams him to the ground. now, it's not known what started the fight, but police were not
4:24 am
called. and to another save by the glass at the zoo. this woman in russia is posing outside the tiger enclosure. she just takes a peek then behind, and you can guess what happens next. >> oh. the only thing that saved her from the tiger is the glass. >> and perhaps you'll recall this moment from japan. this week, the little boy outside the enclosure. and he makes a move, and the lion charges. again, the only thing saving him is that pane of glass. the kid gets a good little scare. he turns around and keeps his cool. >> this is an epidemic. >> continuing coverage of this throughout the week. >> you can't turn your back on the big cat. you can't do it. more news coming up after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are tracking a huge shakeup in the oakland police department. chief sean whent is out as chief. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> that was a surprise last night. welcome to friday. june 10. drew is here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. we are seeing clear skies. you can see the embarcadero lit up in warriors colors. game four is tone. a nice day shaping up in the afternoon. a ton of sun. highs from the 60s along the coast and 70s at bay and 80s inland. >> a couple of issues for the friday morning commute. the san mateo bridge, a nice drive from hayward to foster city. there is road work on the high-rise westbound direction. there could be slowing until it
4:29 am
is gone at 5:00 this morning. san francisco has a couple of incidents with two accidents one on 280, and that is pushed to the shoulder. 101 is blocking lane three. more road work ahead. >> back to the developing news, oakland police chief is officially out, a sudden shakeup confirmed last night. tiffany is outside of oakland police department. >> mayor schaaf said chief sean whent turned in his resignation for personal reasons but sources said he was forced to turn in the resignation under pressure. chief sean whent took the job three years ago after the previous chief abruptly retired. he is a 19-year veteran of the oakland police department and was praised for reforms. the department has been criticized for handling of a case involving sexual slow
4:30 am
tation of an underage woman by multiple oakland police officers but no official reason other than "personal," have been given mayor schaaf said she grateful for his service and "oakland has gotten safer, experiencing a 39% decrease in shootings and murder since 2013 and 46% year to date reduction in homicide." the deputy chief of bart police is the new interim chief of oakland. he was a captain in the police department. the city will begin a national search for a new permanent police chief immediately. the mayor, the city administration and the new interim chief are all expected to hold a news conference at 9:00 this morning. >> chef's departure is less than a month after suggest suggest lost his job as san francisco's police chief.


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