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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> get ready for breezy conditions. mike has a look at the forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone. we are on -- the broadcast center. it is sunny start. the breezes are the big story. cooler-than-average conditions for 23 at sfo and 30 at fairfield, most of us were sleeping the breezes were getting started. check out the beatiful picture from mount tam, show 50s at coast, 60s an bay and only 70s inland. any issue on the compute? >> north bay sig-alert and both northbound 101 lanes near the dump in petaluma or before petaluma closed because of a car fire. they have opened the left lane and cars are by on the center divide with slow traffic but they are getting through at 30 minutes from petaluma into novato. >> we are learning more about
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the shooter in the orlando note club massacre and he could have been hanging out at the club for years. the f.b.i. said they are looking into reports that omar mateen was at pulse nightclub before. a regular said that he had seen him inside at least a dozen times. witnesses say he was a regular at gay clubs in florida and used gay dating apps. a shooting survivor is describing how he hid in the bath almost with 30 other people. >> i got into the stall with ten people in there and another four came with me, we closed the door and we started huddling together for safety at that moment time, you could hear the gunshots getting closer and closer and closer and we were, like, this is real. >> the bullets hit him when the gun mat fired randomly at the bathroom stall. >> we could be thousands of piles away from orlando but it does not mean there is not an impact here. a lost you have been shaken up
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by this inaccident and fining solace in each other by heading to the castro, meeting friends and talking to total strangers to process what happened. the memorial is agreeing in castro. this moment is growing and it tended to lovingly there is a video we shot in the last hour of a couple of people here this morning sprucing it up. many have said they feel comforted here, at 18th and castro and they when to show the solidarity behind the lgbt community say saying they cannot it is at home and encourage others to come here. >> this is just she i am here and dedicating and it is a message that we will not be silent so by stay out of here i encourage everyone to come out to the gay neighborhood and to catch here like we did.
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>> this are other tributes, tonight is pride night at the a's game previously planned they will do a tribute to the victims of the orlando attack including a moment of silence and a mass will be held for the victims this day at noon. >> this morning, president obama is meeting with security advisor s ahead of plans to travel to orlando on thursday. questions persist of the gunman's possible connection to isis. law enforcement official say omar mateen called 9-1-1 dug the attack and pledged allegiance to the group. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson was asked in "good morning america" was directed by isis to open fire. >> investigations do close when this is nothing further to having. the matter has been theirly investigated. we valuate our security posture and whether we should be doing
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something differently. we will continue to do that. >> johnson added that simplistic suggestion to ban people from the united states based on their religion are counterproductive. you can see the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> a san francisco woman is flying to orlando for the funeral of the former girlfriend who died in the shooting working at pulse nightclub only two week ago as a bunser. she moved from hawaii to orlando to take care of her 85-year-old grandmother. we met star who said show and morris remain best of trends despite living 3,000 miles apart and spokery day, including the hours before the shooting. >> sent her a text saying i miss and you she wrote back and i last got "i miss you too," and i am thankful i have that and i am glad she knew i miss her and love her. >> shelton believed her friend
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helped save lives and glad she did not die in vain. >> updates on the orlando terror attack on our news app by downloading and enabling push alerts with instant update on the mobile device. >> a juror in the stanford sexual assault case is breaking the silence and are shocked and appalled by the sentence brock turner received. the palo alto weekly posted part of a letter that the juror sent to the judge persky after being sentenced to only six months saying and i quote, "i am afraid it makes a mockery of the whole rile and the ability of the justice system to protect victims of assault and rape," and lawmakers are working to expand the definition of rape after two charges defense -- against turner were dropped. the victim shared the effects of the assault. members of the congress and the state senate read this outlawed.
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>> to be sold i was assault asked raped out in the open but we did not know counts as assault. i had to fight for an entire year to make it clear there was something wrong with this. >> jackie speier is the leader of the 9 effort an advocate for stronger punishment for sexual assault on college campus were. >> relative hearing in the hit-and-run accident trial involving the san francisco police officer who you know as "the hot cop of the castro," arrested in november akeys hitting two people in north bench with his personal car and ditching it. he turned himself in the, day. he remain on medical leave. in found guilty he will likely has his job. >> now the warriors hadding back to cleveland today, a flight that could have been avoided if they won. they could not get it done without draymond green. green whatted the game in a
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suite at the coliseum along with the general manager and retired nfl player lynch. warriors fans are confident and say they will be able to turn it back on. >> i am sure he has a lot regrets. he will be back and do with we came to do: get the ring. >> our come of game six starts at 5:00 president on thursday and the worse are left a watch party tickets on sale at 1:00 p.m. >> and the hayes mansion could be sold with the deal soon. >> breaking news from southern california, take a look at the sky white, a fiery explosion caught on camera, just feet from a news crew.
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a news crew. the video is to
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breaking news near los angeles a series of explosions caught on calculate a.
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the firefighters were fighting a three-alarm commercial building fire south of downtown los angeles. we are told water from fire hoses hit magnesium causing the explosion. 3,000 people do not have power. you are looking at pictures as it continued to bun from our sisterrization from their helicopter. we will monitor that through the morning. >> we are off to a sunny start this morning with breezes and the chill in the air. in the east bay we are 52 at danville. along with leften and lafayette and 57 in present wad and pittsburg, and napa is 51 and hayward at 56. san francisco is 53. breeze is good for cited surf but not sailing. watch ought for small craft advisory. cool walking the dog. in san jose, sunshine at 280. notice the next three days are breezy today cooler tomorrow.
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a chance of a showers and storms coming up. sue? >> the north bay marin county sig-alert a car accident and fire near northbound 101. both northbound lanes were closed and she issued aing is alert and one lane is open, the last lane, the right lane is closed and you can see the slow traffic in both directions and the fact that southbound from before petaluma you are looking at 35-minute delay with an accident blocking a couple of lanes and it is ten-minute delay from walnut creek to alamo southbound 680. >> next, stars are coming out to honor the victims of the orlando shooting. also, oprah heads for washington, dc with an event washington, dc with an event with first lady ♪ new aquafina sparkling.
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who are grieving. >> lady gaga is speaking. all around the world hundreds of thousands gather to remember those lost in orlando. she spoke from the steps of city hall in los angeles read the names of the individuals and expressed deepest sympathy to the entire lgbt community. she call the crime an attack on humanity. >> in san francisco, apple's annual developers c.p.s. kick off with a moment silence for the victims. here is the c.e.o. >> senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism and hate aimed at dividing and destroying. >> the apple community celebrates $ty and knows it makes the contain stronger and moves everyone forward. >> hilts girl in orlando is doing her part to reach out to the families of the victims in the shooting. the six-year-old madison stayed
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up late on sunday making cards handing out with a percentage of peace and love bringing a little hope in a time of unbearable grief taking down the street from her school. she said it took so long she started getting sleepy but it was well worth it. >> happening today, two of the most powerful women are coming together for a big cause, first lady is joining oprah for a conversation with young women in washington, dc called the united state of women summit to inspire young women to make a difference in the world and insure that progress continues for generations to come including a variety of speakingers and special gifts. >> we know it will warm up for father's day but meteorologist mike nicco has on his coat. >> it is chilly. you need the sunglasses. live doppler hd shows the commute is cloud free and rain
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and drizzle free. it is breezy. at 27-miles-per-hour gusts we have had at the golden gate bridge. it will keep us cooler than average through friday. tracking showers and thunder for thursday. summer heat is back next weekend. cooler-than-average temperatures but warmer-than-average next week. if you like this weather soak it up. 60 at half moon bay. 76 at antioch. that is the spread. upper 60 to low 70s around the bay. our gusts were around 15 at 7:00 this morning. 15-25 at noon and on-30 headed to 5 o'clock and into the evening hours. the winds were just getting started overnight as they kept you awake. cooler tomorrow. we are cool on thursday with best chance of of in the north bay. saturday we are back to average and sunday and monday the 88 and
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90s away from the bay. >> fun ever develops happening today but you can secretary traffic delays with a's game at coliseum at the bay and giants game expect slow traffic off the bay bridge on 80 and 101 from the peninsula. san mateo county fair through this weekend so 101 is beginning to have delay -- going to have delays. in the north by one lane northbound blocked with a car fire. both lanes were blocked and they issued aing is alert. show traffic from petaluma for three-minute delay into novato. >> the warriors by have last last night but it want because we were not trying. and our viewer shared this photo showing a warriors fan decked out in that special bow. >> great. shay your foes on social media.
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>> if you harvard university study finds eating whole grapes can help you live longer if you eat extent grams of whole grains are at a lower risk of premature death and lower the risk of cancer. >> and an unusual situation with a landlord. >> and do you recognized this man? man? if you
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> police in alameda are asking for director help to catch an armed robber targeting two businesses and a bank customer. surveillance video shows the suspect wearing a batman hat. the robberies happened between 9:20 and 9:45 near the south shore shopping center. he fired a gun. no one was hit. officers chased him but it was call off because the suspect was
6:24 am
driving too erratically. driving too erratically. >> now, ask funny our landlord said we must drive the car we park in the drive each day. is that legal? >> this is a unique case, if you have a lease, they reasonable cannot change the rules now but they have to wait until the lease expires. if you are going month-to-month, the landlord has to give you 30 days notice in they want to change the rules regarding packing. if you are in a rent-controlled unit and they reduce or take something away, as they suggest, you can petition for rent reduction. >> if you have a question record it on smartphone or tablet it on smartphone or tablet share it has been ask
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address the sale of a historic landmark, the hayes man, that san jose bought in 1984 for $2.5 million and now owns $36 million on it. a developer offered $47 million for the property including a hotel and a vaunt. the man was built in 1905. >> the next time you notice a co-worker taking on too much responsibility. despite how it could look they are not probably brown nosing. researchers believe there is a fin line between work enthusiasm and addiction. workaholics could have ocd, those who are impulsive or obsessive could take on more projects to reduce anxiety why they take their work home or work over the weekend. >> in the sitting bay a san jose home damaged after a crash and this is not the first time.
6:26 am
>> an emergency room doctor has an emotional response to the orlando shooting after seeing she's shoes he is wearing in a viral statement. >> this is now the cool of the day in the seven-day forecast with a chance of thunderstorms. with a chance of thunderstorms. i will let you kn
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are coming up on 6:30. i am reggie aqui. >> stunning developments in the although shooting it is tuesday, june 14. we are monitoring that and we will get to it in a moment. but, first, a check of the weather. mike? >> yes, everyone, noisy because of winds that are keeping us cooler-than-average and they have blown the clouds away for the most part and we are sunny today. walnut creek is an area that will be warm. look at our temperatures inland only mid-70s by 4:00, mid-60s around the bay, and 60 near the coast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and 70s at noon. not much of a change. a couple of baseballs next. sue? looking at the shot
6:30 am
southbound 680 in walnut creek is moving nicely with if news from early accidents northbound 101 an early accident which is all cleared. you are still looking at 35-minute delay out of petaluma and golden gate transit tweet they have delays out of petaluma. and southbound, it is cleared and you should expect recovery from highway 24. >> here is the question a lot people are asking this morning: was the gunman gay? we are learning this morning the throw shooter was in stranger to the club he attacked. witnesses say they recognized the shooter and he used a gay dating app. our reporter joins us in orlando with the latest on this ever changing investigation. >> good morning, new details are coming from the suspect's farm, saying that omar mateen in their view or their recollection had
6:31 am
been a patron of gay clubs in florida for years. also, workers here at the night club told abc that one of workers recognized him as a regular and also remembers kicking him out for bad behavior. from paris to new york to here in orlando, tributes for the lives lost. >> these are families and friends of victims your city is with you. >> a percentage of hope for communities still reeling from the night of terror. daylight now revealing the wall of nightclub riddled with bullet home home and new information on the swat team moving in. the suspect, 29-year-old omar mateen, killed in the gun battle with police was able to hellly buy the weapons used in the massacre despite having made two trips to saudi arabia and being under f.b.i. surveillance for
6:32 am
nearly a contrary for possible links to terrorism. >> i don't see anything in reviewing our work our agents should have done differently. the f.b.i. said they never found evidence that mateen was a terrorist and the gun shop own are said there were no red flags. >> he passed a background check. >> in ft. pierce at look at his apartment after being raid by the fbi this video provided to abe by a tv crew showing family photos and, spare floridaed if firearms license and the room of the terrorist's three-year-old son filled with toys and a pick with a spiderman helmet. >> as investigators continue to sort out all of this new information in their ongoing sent for a motive, in an hour from new we expect to hear from some of the survivors and their surgeons at the hospital and hear some of their incredible
6:33 am
survival stories. >> all 49 victims have been identifyied. katie marzullo is in orlando and was add a vigil, a church bell tolling for every victim. they ranged in age from 18-50 from different walks of life. people gathered to remember and mourn in the flow of candlelight and spoke with a trend of a victim who had an agonizing wait. his friend was the last victim to be identifyied. >> we were frantic. with did not hear from him we knew he was at the club. i feel deep in our hearts we sort of felt he was gone but we did not want to accept it. ♪ speaking words ♪ of wisdom >> residents say it was a chance to grow closer and vow to be
6:34 am
strong. >> we saw this video this morning from the large memorial outside pulse nightclub in orlando as you can see, a man who is homeless want through the memorial a short time ago taking time to re-light all of the candles that had blown out. >> we have put together a full list on our website with the list on our website with the victims' names and photos, married and will have a egypt funeral. >> this woman was third in class, going to college in the fall. it is worth reading the stories and hearing from the families and friends, you can see it on our home page. >> since we came on the air at 4:30 we have watched the number of people donating to the gofundme account for the pulse nightclub victims. we were at $2.8 million on gofundme and new we above $3 million. close to 70,000 have donated and
6:35 am
florida's largest lgbt rights group is making sure with the federal government that all donation go to the victims. apresident obama will be briefed on the latest on the investigation by security officials and meeting with the normal security council and is expected to hold a news conference before 9:00 a.m. our time. he is traveling to orlando on thursday to meet with the victims' families. ♪ we are gentle >> in the bay area people gathered outside walnut creek's oldest gay bar to show their support. an emotional memorial paid tribute to the victims of the shooting holding candles and raised rainbow flags. organizers wanted to gather because the club was one of the first gay establishments in contra costa county. it opened 40 years ago. >> our only choice to go to another place to drink with one of our own kind was san francisco so when we did open we
6:36 am
were all blown away how many people lived out here and how many would come to the bar but we had to credit a very safe environment. >> the orlando shooting changed things and prompted the club 122020 increase its security. >> we saw a town tribute at oracle arena a special moment for thousands packed inside and millions watching on televison, before tip-off a moment of silence for the orlando shooting victims. official orlando magic all star grant hill leading the tribute. >> we saw this photo on facebook getting a lot of attention, showing the blood stained shoes of an orlando doctor who treated victims of the fight club shooting. the doctor said they will forever remind him of the innocent victims who lost their lives say he will wear the shoes until the very last patient leave his hospital. we will monitor the story with tributes and the investigation and the latest information down
6:37 am
lloyd our news app with push alerts as breaking details arrive. >> back to the breaking news of a giant commercial fire that continuing to bun in los angeles this is south of downtown los angeles with smoke burning. the issue is there is magnesium at the fire and it is dangerous. when water touches it it causes loud explosions. they are let this bun, i have never seen an explosion like this, just white, with a violent reaction weapon the magnesium was hit by water from the firefighters' hoses. dangerous explosions. this is one of many. a news crew shot this video. the crew is fine. the firefighters have evacuated surrounding apartment buildings.
6:38 am
>> breaking overnight in the south by a home owner dealing with a mess. a car stick out of side of his house. we could not believe how many times he said this has happened. matt keller is in san jose. mat? >> good morning, we jut heard from police and they say that the driver was taken to the hospital with no word on his condition. no word on whether he was arrested. the home owner is outside and talking with neighbors. get this, he said this has happened to him 19 times. a crash on his rot. this is the four this time it has crashed into his home. the video is amazing, a fur door gmc pickup came off the 80 exit at south jackson, want through a chain fence, concrete filled pole into a honda parked in front and pushed the vehicle all the way into the garage. the homeowner said the driver get out and said he was drunk and the neighbors hell the
6:39 am
driver until the police arrived. how fast was the drive going? >> over 90. the last car that hit thattent with the poles going 70 miles per hour. the highway patrol was after hill he was begin 70. it bent the poll and messed up the car. this guy, no skid marks, nothing, separate through. >> he has lived here since 1960 and most of the crashes were drivers turning from south jackson avenue. four of the 19 crashes have been driverring coming off of 680 and his mother lives with him. she is okay but is stay elsewhere. they have a cat who may have been in the garage and they are afraid she was killed. they have insurance and hope to rebuild with more concrete polls in front. >> what a scene. >> to the surprise of so many dubs fans and disaboy, there is a game six, the warriors could
6:40 am
not look it up before the crowd at oracle arena. a couple of bad circumstances with draymond green suspended and center injured. with that, the warriors fell to the calf alreadies. game six is thursday in cleveland and they could still win it all with a watch part at oracle arena. tickets are on sale at 1:00 o'clock with all the information at >> we are the home for the finals. we have a special warriors pre-game abc7 at 5 o'clock. at 5:30, special coverage and it is game six with tip-off at can people. abc7 is the only place to much watt game. after that, join abc7 spores director larry beil and mike shumann for after the game with analysis from warriors ambassador adonal foyle. we will broadcast live from oracle arena.
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>> in hayward the farmers and monarchs send the seniors into the world this afternoon at 6:00 at 65 under sunny skies and 61 at 8:00, it will be breezy. same if you headed to the san mateo fair, the sunshine is strong but you may not feel it with temperatures in the 60 and the breezes. now the oakland coliseum 61 at 7:00, 56 at 10:00, and cooler at at&t park at 7 color -- 7:15 dropping to 65. dress accordingly. a chance of thunderstorms in the seven-day forecast. how is the commute? >> good for some, not so good for others. bart is looking good with 57 trains on tie. ace train from stockton are on tie. we have delays on the golden gate bus because of the sig-alert accident northbound
6:42 am
and southbound out of petaluma is very, very slow causing the northern marin buses to be late and some of the canceled not due to the accident but typical they do nut have enough drivers and you can fine those with a re-tweet of those. the sig-alert accident in petaluma or on 101 north of novato is clear but slow traffic for 30 minutes remaining. >> we hear of the terrible stories of people leaving kids their car by accident and a new technology helping parent remember their most precious cargo. >> honoring the individuals of >> honoring the individuals of orlando with events
6:43 am
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> new this morning, britain's prince harry and his wife kate honoring the lives lost in orlando, with the royal couple stopping by the united states embassy in london this morning to sign the book of condolences for the 49 victims of the nightclub shooting. >> look at this sight in honor of the orlando shooting victims in australia. the harbor was lit in the rainbow colors to show solidarity and to remember those impacted by the attack. the orlando shootings have shaken so many of you to the core and you are finding solace in each other and in strangers by heading to the castro trying to process what happened. amy hollyfield is at 18th and
6:46 am
castro where memorial is growing >> a look at the statement being made at 18th and castro people continue to bring flowers and candles to the sight and a couple of people have been lovingly tenning it, sprucing up the memorial very early this morning and it is quite cold. company have said they feel comforted we and want to show the solidarity behind the lgbt community. some say they are drawn here and they cannot just sit at home and encourage others to come here. >> this is 9/11 to me, and to a lot of the lgbt communities the attack on gay community. i am gay. and why have time to rest because those people did not have time to rest my friend did not have time to rest when he was in the club. >> there are other tributes around the bay area tonight, is
6:47 am
pride night at the a's game and it was previously landed, but they will do a tribute to the victims of the orlando attack including a moment of silence and santa clara university at noon today they will say a mass for the victims and their families. so towning to see the man appearing to be homeless re-lighting the candles that had blown out. >> public safety workers showing solidarity with the lgbt community and the families of the victims, take a look, we were in oakland and you can see the police officers wearing rainbow ribbons on the uniform and wear them all week. >> we are in san jose where county officials raised the rainbow flag in honor of victims of the attack, hundreds of people listened as the name of the people killed were read allowed and hope to send a message to the world we do not stand for violence and hatred the. >> jetblue is offering free air fare on domestic pans of the
6:48 am
shooting victims would need to travel to or from orlando. they have agreed to waive changes and cancellation fees for flight ms. and out of the city, they can rebook the nights through tuesday and want do their part to help the victims and support the community in orlando. >> the underage sex scandal involving east bay officers continues to grow. the woman at the center is claiming she had sex to two dozen former officers from five departments, some while she was still a minor and most recently the contra costa county sheriff confirmed the deputy has been placed on leave according to the east bay times. it reports that richmond police have opened an internal affairs robe and the alameda county sheriff is investigating possible involvement. five oakland officers are on leave. >> this morning a new battle system memorying for control of yahoo. jane king is at the nasdaq with that story and a check of stocks. jane? >> good morning the we are
6:49 am
quiet. so far. we had a huge sell off year, and the dow and s&p 500 are lower but the nasdaq is up 6 1/2 points, starting a two day meeting today that could be quiet ahead today and tomorrow. it look like verizon may have competition for yahoo righters reporting a showdown teen verizon and at&t will likely come to fruition in the third and final round of bidding for yahoo's business. verizon bid $3 billion for yahoo core intent access a few weeks ago and general mores is doing more to prevent child hot car deaths with a feature inrow duesing in the 2017gmc akiddia working like a seatbelt reminder a warning tone that sounds and alerts drivers to look in the rear seat with a message in the center of the vehicle. the company said it will integrate the tool into other g.m. models in the future. father's day is tops with were showers as the best time to bay tools. it is just like black friday
6:50 am
with tools the third most popular federal's day different with gift cards at the top and dinner or brunch second. >> in tie. >> no tie. >> no tie. >> dad, sorry. >> now, we have not had a chance. congratulations on your son congratulating. >> thank you, a very proud moment and happy and exciting and looking forward to seeing what is in his future and ours, also. now, in our future weather-wise the sun is on my back and it is warm, wind in my face is cool. check out winds on live doppler hd. can you see 23 at sfo, and 30 in fairfield and the fastest winds are still ahead of us, with small craft advisory so if you on water in matter where it is, it will be rough, through 4:00 tomorrow morning. we will look from mount tamalpais where we have had guts
6:51 am
over 30 miles per hour the better part of overnight, and high cloud today, fat of the a chance of shower on thursday and summer heat begins on father's day, today, though, democrat in 50 at los gatos and san jose at 56. that sums up the temperatures calistoga and bodega bay in the upper 40s. we are in the let 70s in the south bay inland east bay and the north bay and mid-60s to low 70s around the bay and low-to-mid 60s half moon bay into san francisco. lows tonight 40s in the deepest valley and home 50s elsewhere. my seven-day forecast shows the breeze are not so fast tomorrow it will be our coolest afternoon and our best chance of a shower and thunderstorms are north of the bay bridge on thursday and we will get back to average and not quite is breezy on friday and saturday and sunday and monday, 80s and 90s away from the coast. sue? >> a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge in your travels take you through the robin williams tunnel interest san francisco you can see everyone is moving at the limit,
6:52 am
and four lanes in the south direction for the drive into san francisco and from san rafael it is 2 minute drive and slow traffic out of central valley and slow on the south of 238 there is an accident partly blocking a lane. we have an accident northbound, that is making for slow traffic through the hayward side of things. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on at 5:38. >> who is tired of springing forward and falling back? we are a step closer to we all it in california so there is a bill to eliminate daylight savings timeç that cheered the first committee yesterday. an alternate option of keeping the state on daylight saving time year round cleared the committee. two-thirds of the votes are needed to put either option on
6:53 am
the ballot so be respected to set your clocks back an hour. set your clocks back an hour. we have seven from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. >> he are seven things you need to know before you go much the suspect in there shooting had been to the pulse nightclub before. a regular said he had seen omar mateen inside a dozen times. he had used gay dating apps.
6:55 am
>> people like you in the bay area and around the world are honoring the orlando victims. a memorial grows and gofundme campaign hit $3 million for victims this morning. >> three, talk about bad luck, the owner of a mangleed house in san jose said this is the 19th time a car has struck his property! a truck barreled into the garage and car and all the people are fine, the owner is new calling his insurance company. >> it is back to cleveland for the warriors still a chance after they lost game five, both were injured and draymond green is out. our pre-game coverage starts at 5 o'clock. >> grab the sunglasses and the steering wheel with both hands and we are off to a chilly start, but, file, can you see we will have high clouds and sunshine with temperatures well below average in san francisco at 63 and the prosecute of us in the low-to-mid 70s. >> our early accident are cleared out of the lanes with a beautiful sunrise over the bay
6:56 am
bridge toll plaza with the car toolers getting by a good way to go. here is looking at under an hour from hercules into san francisco. all the las vegas strip now without part of the iconic riviera hotel and casino. imploded last night. it opened in 1955 and was the first high-rise and now will be part of the new convention center. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking new details overnight on the terror in orlando. what we're learning about the gunman at the center of the worst shooting in american history. >> we are going through the killer's life as i said especially his electronics. >> the fbi tears apart the suspect's home. his wife provides key information and new questions about his motivation. reports he often went to the pulse nightclub for years before the attack and used gay dating apps. >> when he first contacted me he was saying like asking like what clubs in his words like what clubs are popping. >> now survivors revealing how they stayed alive during those terrifying hours inside pulse. our interview with the man shot four times, who hid in a crowded bathroom stall huddling with others when the gunman came in. how he finally managed to escape and the family of the victim who


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