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tv   ABC World News  ABC  June 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for inviting us into your home. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." triple-digit heat and there is more on the way. over a dozen wildfires burning across eight states. crews racing to push back the flames. we are on the fire lines as 40 million americans are on alert for extreme heat tonight. thousands coming out to remember orlando. a community says good-bye. and at gay pride parades across the country, security now on high alert. new details about the shooter. were warning signs missed? donald trump with some tough words on the attack and what he now says could have stopped that massacre. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it -- and goes boom, boom. the thief who climbed through a store ceiling and made off with a pile of scratchers. he's not so lucky, though, it was all caught on camera.
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but the hottest ticket in town -- game seven. the new record broken even before tip-off. good evening. and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. it is brutally hot for millions of americans tonight. and those searing temperatures are pushing fire dangers in the west to extremes. take a look at this -- the sherpa fire near santa barbara, california, now in its third day, one of more than a dozen major wildfires burning in eight states. gusty winds and dry heat not making fighting those flames easy for the crews on the lines. 7,000 acres burned so far in that fire. hundreds of evacuations under way. and while today may be hot, this heat wave is just getting started. temperatures in some southwest cities expected to climb to 120 degrees by monday. the forecast in a moment. but we begin with abc's neal
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karlinsky on the fire lines tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a weekend of record heat out west is fueling a frighteningly early wildfire season. on the fire lines, north of santa barbara today, fire crews telling us the conditions are ripe for extreme fire behavior. digging and hosing to stop flare-ups. >> five years of drought has really played into it a bit. we all know its dangerous conditions. >> reporter: hundreds of mandatory evacuations under way. but no losses. >> once you see that that many people are coming together to tackle this beast, that's overwhelming. >> reporter: already this year, nearly 2 million acres burned, compared to only a half million at this time last year. one of the things they're worried about around here is what they call sundowners. right as the sun goes down, the wind picks up and that is what really drives the fire and makes it unpredictable. infernos burning in so many western states. in new mexico, 24 homes have been lost. and in arizona, more evacuations.
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12,000 acres have burned. all of this as a heat wave from california to texas bears down on millions, setting off heat alerts in seven states. temperatures in phoenix may hit a scorcher, 120 degrees. and storms fueled by this extreme heat brought down a tree on this georgia home overnight, killing an infant. in california tonight, the containment is up to 50%. but with these conditions, the threat is not over. the flare-ups continue, like this one right over there, but they've cut a lot of fire line, like this charred area over here, which they hope will keep the fire from spread egg, because there's no more fuel. but the forecast isn't good, with triple-digit temperatures in the forecast. they're concerned, cecilia. >> neal karlinsky on the fire lines tonight. thank you. and abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us now. neal mentioned that heat, are we looking at potential records? >> yeah long-duration heat wave. potentially all-time record
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highs. this is not only bad for the fires, dry conditions, windy conditions, this is bad for people, too. 103 in burbank, palm springs, phoenix, vegas, not only tomorrow but monday will be threatening. all-time records. 122 is what the temperature forecast is for palm springs on monday. couple in the humidity. the plains enduring another heat wave for themselves. actual temps will be in the mid-90s in many spots. so, if you're bringing dad to a ball game or some place outdoors, certainly bring a lot of water. >> a hot one. happy early father's day to you, rob. next to orlando, a city tonight saying good-bye. this picture from inside the funeral for christopher leinonen, a packed church to remember him. and you will remember his mother and her powerful plea to help find her son after that shooting. and now, as gay pride parades around this country continue on, there is increased security tonight amid fears of copy-cat attacks. tonight, also, new details coming in about the gunman and possible missed warni ining sig. abc's linzie janis has the latest. >> reporter: today, orlando
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united in love. hundreds lining the streets outside the funeral of shooting victim christopher andrew leinonen, whose mother spoke with abc news just hours after the massacre. >> the last thing i told him was that i loved him. >> reporter: the crowd facing down and drowning out a handful of anti-lgbt protesters. >> hate came to orlando and orlando countered with love. >> reporter: at cory connell's funeral, even the mayor brought to tears. >> i want you to know that our whole community is grieving. >> reporter: she made him an honorary firefighter. a job he always dreamed of. and tonight, new details emerging about the killer's past. records show, in 2007, omar mateen was booted from a training program to become a prison guard. after asking another recruit, "if i was to bring a gun to school, would you tell anybody?" ? from a young age, mateen exhibiting disturbing behavior.
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his third grade teacher writing omar is "verbally abusive, rude, aggressive, much talk about violence and sex." grade school and middle school records show he was disciplined 31 times for disrespectful behavior and insubordination. and new details about that bombshell from this gun shop owner who said mateen inquired about high-end body armor and bulk ammo. the fbi now confirming they were indeed notified, but couldn't do a meaningful investigative follow-up since this store didn't have a name or any other information on mateen. the orlando city soccer club is playing tonight. they're stopping the game at the 49th minute for a moment of silence to honor the victims and they have asked different sections of the crowd to wear the colors of the pride flag. cecilia? >> growing memorial behind you. linzie, thank you. we want to turn now to the race for the white house. presumptive republican nominee donald trump on the campaign trail in las vegas today, warning the republican party not to bet against him. he is weighing in on the orlando shooting, too, with what he said
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should have happened inside that club. abc's mary bruce is with the trump campaign tonight. >> reporter: in the wake of the orlando massacre, tonight, donald trump is not mincing words. >> this son of a [ bleep ] comes out -- >> reporter: saying things might have been different if more people in orlando had been armed. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom -- you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. >> reporter: there was an armed police officer at the club that night who traded fire with the killer outside near the entrance. as the gun debate hits the campaign trail, trump is also surprising many republicans, telling abc's jon karl he's open to changing some gun laws. >> we have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns. >> reporter: a rare point of agreement with hillary clinton. >> if the fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist links,
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you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> reporter: and tonight, donald trump is fighting back against an internal revolt, with the convention now just a month away. >> we won 36, 37 states. people that won none are saying maybe we can get something at the convention. doesn't work that way, folks. >> reporter: some republican delegates are now plotting a coup in cleveland to block trump's nomination. >> we're going to beat hillary. and it would be helpful if the republicans could help us a little bit, you know. >> reporter: and if they don't? >> if for any reason they get a little bit like they don't want to help out as much, then i'll fund my own campaign, i'd love to do that. i'd love to do that. >> and mary joins us now from arizona. mary, donald trump coming under fire, you heard it there from many in his own party. but tonight, a big hillary clinton ally also had some pretty harsh words for him. >> yeah, clinton's top attack
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dog, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, is at it again, today, slamming trump, calling him, quote, a thin-skinned racist bully. cecilia? >> she's not mincing words. mary, thank you. and our colleague jon karl will have much more tomorrow on "this week." including more from that interview with donald trump. we want to head overseas now, to belgium, and multiple arrests following an anti-terror raid. belgian authorities say they feared an attack was imminent. three suspects arrested after dozens of homes were raided. no specific details on the threat, but the prime minister though, says it is not over. the country has been on heightened alert since the november attacks on the brussels subway and airport. and now, to the latest on that deadly alligator attack on disney world. new signs greet visitors warning about the potential dangers in the water there. there's also tonight a new 911 call released, offering a glimpse into that terrifying
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moment. abc's eva pilgrim is in florida. >> reporter: tonight, those new warning signs at disney world grand floridian resort. "danger. alligators and snakes in the area. stay out of the water." workers putting up temporary barriers at the same beach where 2-year-old lane deprave graves drowned by an alligator. disney now saying it's working on permanent long-term solutions at the resort beaches. "we are reinforcing trains with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife and are expanding our communication to guests." this, as we're hearing 911 calls from that terrifying night. >> 911, what's the location of the emergency? >> someone drowned in the seven seas lagoon. >> reporter: lane in ankle-deep water when he was attacked. the father wrestled with the gator, but it was too strong and fast. family and friends in nebraska are now honoring the young boy's life with prayers. and blue ribbons. images now surfacing of gators spotted all around the resort over the years.
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outside the wedding pavilion. >> an alligator! an alligator! >> we believe there should be signs on all bolds of water that people have access to. >> reporter: disney is still trying to decide what to do with all of its beaches. it is possible those beaches could stay closed for good. cecilia? >> eva, thank you. and next, to oakland, california. that city's police department in disarray tonight. rocked by multiple scandals. in the last nine days, three chiefs stepping down. the major there now comparing this department to a frat house. abc's aditi roy has more. >> reporter: tonight, chaos in the oakland police department, amid growing scandals over racist text messages and sexual misconduct. >> as the mayor of oakland, i am here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> reporter: more than a dozen oakland police officers are under investigation for having sexual relations with an
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underaged prostitute. . >> we are hell bent on holding those accountable, responsible for those misdeeds. >> reporter: the scandal has resulted in a shake-up that reaches the highest levels of the department. oakland has lost three police chiefs in the last nine days. sean whent resigned over allegations he had mishandled the sexual misconduct case. he was replaced by ben fairow, who was fired after five days. reports have surfaced that more than a decade ago, he had an extramarital affair unrelated to the current scandal. his replacement, paul figueroa, resigned without explanation after only two days as chief. the department is also under investigation for text messages sent by officers who were "engaging in hate speech." >> this is an appropriate time to root out what is clearly a toxic, macho culture. >> reporter: in a final rebuke, the mayor has taken the rare step of placing the department under civilian control.
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cecilia? >> aditi, thank you. we want to turn next to a dangerous mission to rescue a desperately ill worker at a research center in the south pole. the evacuation now under way, but the operation treacherous and in conditions unlike anywhere else in the world. abc's david wright on the plans to bring this worker home. >> reporter: tonight, at the end of the earth, an emergency airlift, in the middle of the antarctic winter. >> we're working really hard to make this a positive outcome. we're very hopeful that it can be. >> reporter: the national science foundation dispatched two twin-engine otters from canada on the five-day flight to the most remote corner of the planet. all the way to a lonely research station at the south pole. average daily temperature? 70 below. cold enough to freeze jet fuel. there's no runway. only an endless stretch of ice and snow. and it's nighttime. the sun set in march and it won't rise until august. there's moonlight, right now,
5:44 pm
but only for the next ten days. >> now we are waiting to get just the right weather windows to do what we need to do. >> reporter: the weather is crucial. this is only the third time in history they've undertaken a soh pole rescue in mid-winter. this footage from a previous rescue mission shows the brutal conditions. >> ultimately, it is the guys in the plane that have to make that decision on continuing or not. >> reporter: at least one worker at the south pole is in urgent need of medical care. they can't wait until the weather improves. david wright, abc news, new york. and we have some baby news tonight. one political family just got bigger. chelsea clinton and her husband announcing a baby boy, aidan clinton mezvinsky, aidan joins older sister charlotte. grandparents hillary clinton and former president bill clinton say they are, quote, over the moon about the new arrival. and there is still much more
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ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the new olympic blow to russia, just ahead of the summer games in rio. and this man may seem lucky. he appears to be cashing in a winning lottery ticket. but what police say he was up to behind the scenes. it was all caught on camera. fact. there's an advil specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil.
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viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. next tonight, the sheriff in palm beach county, florida, is on the hunt for a burglar who was lucky to get away. the loot? a stash of scratch-off lottery tickets. you might be able to guess why he returned to the scene of the game, tickets in hand. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: you're looking at the boots of a burglar who appears to be overly confident, or oblivious. watch as his entire caper is caught on security cameras from a convenience store in florida. he shimmies down from the roof wearing gloves but no mask.
5:48 pm
next, investigators say, he hits the lottery ticket dispenser. stuffing 57 scratch-off lottery tickets, worth nearly $1,300, into his bag before making his getaway through the roof. now, for the real head scratcher. authorities believe that's him. back at the same store just days later to cash in at least some of the winning tickets. again, in full view of security cameras. the palm beach county sheriff's office releasing its own version of the footage on facebook. publicly ribbing the robber with subtitles like -- "glad you thought this through." as ill-planned as this break-in seems, so far he's gotten away with it. now, authorities in florida are asking for help in identifying him. cecilia? >> and that video may help. gloria, thank you. there's still much more coming up on "world news tonight." the first family coming in for a landing and getting a front-row seat to one of the most beautiful places on earth. and, another family in the headlines tonight. when everyone steps up to help
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and a first family-style family vacation this father's day weekend. the president, first lady and their daughters all touring yosemite valley today. some fourth graders there even getting in on the fun, too. president obama also taking a moment to say that he believes climate change is the biggest threat to u.s. national parks. and a family in texas and their very special delivery, all 8 pounds, 11 ounces of early. the whole family was packed in the car when dad had to pull over to deliver quite the father's day gift. mom is healthy and happy. >> my kids were in the backseat, like, this is so cool! >> so cool. all the kids right there along for the ride. and still ahead tonight, on the verge of basketball history. a new record on the eve of game seven. the biggest ticket price ever? so, just how much will it cost to see this game in person? a lot. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress.
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so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit finally tonight, these two greats behind me right here about to face off in an epic court clash. it is all on the line. but especially for cleveland. the last time they won a championship in any sport, lyndon johnson was president. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: it's basketball's two biggest stars on the stage every player dreams about. >> two of the greatest words in the world and that's game seven. so -- i'll play it anywhere. >> curry blocked by james! >> reporter: lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers trying to become the first team to win the title -- >> alley-oop to james! >> reporter: after being on the brink of elimination, down three games to one. warriors' star stephen curry looking to rebound after being ejected over a very un-curry-like outburst. >> on curry. and curry is going to get hit with a technical.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: that hurled mouthpiece earning him a $25,000 fine. >> it was frustrating to foul out in the fourth quarter of a clinching game and not being out there with my teammates. so -- it got the best of me. but -- you know, i'll be all right nor next game. >> reporter: so, now it all comes down to one game. a game so big, a pair of courtside tickets just sold on stubhub for a record $99,000. the warriors trying to win their second straight nba championship and cement their place as one of the greatest teams in history. cleveland hasn't won a championship in any sport since the browns back in 1964. >> we got to do it for cleveland they're waiting on us. >> reporter: cleveland wants this badly, but the warriors' say, you want it? you've got to take it from us. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> $99,000 for tickets. the big game is right here, tomorrow night, beginning at 7:30 eastern on abc. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. have a great night.
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next at 6:00, fire rips through half dozen san francisco buildings, destroying businesses and forcing people to run for their lives. plus. >> it's kind of weird right now. >> saddened. the people of oakland react to ongoing controversies and turmoil in the oakland police department. >> going to be a hot father's day. find out how much it will heat up where you live. abc7 news starts right now. fire destroyed or damaged six buildings in san francisco today. it started this afternoon at mission and 29th. the flames quickly spread through businesses and homes. right now people are being told to shelter in place because of heavy smoke, while some evacuees have no homes to return to. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas.
6:00 pm
let's go to lisa amin gulezian who begins live team coverage on the fire. >> reporter: the fire is still not under control. there's a lot of smoke out here, which is why firefighters have given us the smoke -- these masks just in case. but take a look behind me. you can see the focus continues to be on this three-story building. four hosers on it right now. they've been pouring water on it for hours. the fire is believed to have started at cole hardware and it is affecting eight addresses. there's a shelter in place order in effect for those within a five-block radius, so parts of cesar chavez, folsom are affected. the smoke has been thick and heavy. the fire has been hard for firefighters to fight. >> what i do know is at this time, listening to my radio, we're taking a defensive mode to


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