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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sze. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. >> bye bye. as we come on the air tonight, we have just finished our one-on-one with donald trump. the first interview after the attack today from hillary clinton. his reaction. plus, what trump says about his campaign manager being fired. trump's disappointing fund-raising numbers. and what trump now says about clinton's growing lead in the polls. he says, not so fast. and will his children have a formal role in a trump white house? also developing tonight, the major bust just outside a major new york city tunnel. a car loaded with weapons. police say rifles, handguns and body armor. escaping the flames. we're right there tonight, as dangerous wildfires close in. emergency evacuations at this hour, as a new storm now moves into the east. breaking now, the wife of the gunman in orlando, and what she has just revealed. and a major development
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after that actor was killed trapped between his suv and his gate. what drivers need to know. good evening. and we begin tonight with our one-on-one just moments ago with donald trump. it's been a tumultuous 24 hours inside the trump campaign. firing his campaign manager, new and disappointing fund-raising numbers revealed, and tonight, a new and blistering attack from hillary clinton. tomorrow, donald trump will get his turn. but he's right here tonight, for the first time since the clinton attack today, trump now responding to her, to his fund-raising numbers, to the national polls showing clinton growing her lead. but he says, watch ohio and pennsylvania. our sitdown came a short time after clinton made the case, calling trump's economic policies, quote, "dangerous." >> just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. >> right afterward, we took
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those very words to donald trump and here's what he told us. hillary clinton said of you just today that, "just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy." were you watching? >> i was not watching. i heard what she said. i built a great, great company. it's worth tens -- i mean, it's just a very, very valuable company. some of the greatest assets in the world, including with what we're sitting on right here. she has a bad temperament, she would do so badly with the economy. >> but you know their argument, that president obama inherited the great recession, that he created 14 million new private sector jobs in six and a half years. >> but we haven't come back. we have a dead economy. we are dead stagnant. we're losing our jobs to mexico. we're losing our jobs to so many other places. i mean, you look at mexico, what they're doing, it's unbelievable. it's like a modern-day miracle, where the companies, whether it's carrier or ford or so many other companies just pouring into mexico. >> you bring up carrier, ford, you criticized apple for taking jobs overseas and hillary clinton said something today
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that we'll likely hear again from her in this general election, that the trump ties are made in china, the trump suits in mexico, trump furniture in turkey, trump barware in slovenia. >> it's true. and you know why? because they devalue their currencies and they make it impossible for companies to compete. and she doesn't have to say that, because i say it all the time. i say, unfortunately, my ties are made in china, and i will say this, the hats, make america great again, i searched long and hard to find somebody that made the hats in this country. >> but back to that point. when you criticize carrier and ford and apple, you know what the clinton camp is going to say. they're going to say, how do you criticize them when you're doing the same thing? >> i openly say i do it. but you know what, let them charge me a tax when the ties come back in. i'd love to be able to not do it. and the way we're not going to be able to do it and the way people will stop doing it and stop moving -- as an example, carrier announced they're leaving 1,400 great people that have worked for them for many, many years and they're moving to mexico.
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but if we put a barrier from them and we have to do it -- we have no choice. because we're losing all of our companies -- >> what kind of barrier are you talking about? because argument is that -- >> a tax. a tax. it's not going to hurt the economy. it's going to make america much richer. >> there was something that she said today, she pointed to something that you have said out on the campaign trail, saying, "i'm going to do for the country what i've done for business." but then she argued that you've intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt. you've bankrupted your companies not once, but four times. and that hundreds of jobs were lost. how are you going to respond to clinton? and were average americans affected in any way by these bankruptcies? >> okay, so, what i've done is, i've used, brilliantly, the laws of the country. and not personally, just corporate. and if you look at people like myself that are at the highest levels of business, they use -- many of them have done it many, many times. >> but did any average americans pay the price, though, for that? >> no, but i'm running a business. you have to understand, i'm running a business. i'm running a business for myself, for my company, for my employees, and for my family. hillary wouldn't have any idea how to do that. don't forget. somebody has to understand debt. she doesn't understand debt. >> we know this will be her argument this fall. that every major candidate in
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the last four decades has shown the american people their taxes. she says maybe you paid nothing or close to nothing. maybe you're not as rich as you say you are. maybe you haven't given away as much to charity. so, i wanted to give you the opportunity to respond right now to hillary clinton. will you reveal your taxes to the american people before the election? >> as soon as the audit's done. i'm under a routine order, and i've been ordered it many, many years in a row. they're audits, they go, and they're routine. and by the way, you don't learn very much, if anything, from a tax return. >> but they'll learn your tax rate. >> no, but i filed papers with the federal elections. now, when the audit's complete, 100%, i don't care. a lot of people haven't filed their tax return, a lot of people haven't given their tax returns, prior to a number of years. >> what if that audit is after election day? is there a chance your tax return won't -- >> i don't know that it will be, i hope it's not. but you know what, if it's before, i get my tax returns, i have no problem with it. >> there's a chance we won't see them? >> there will be a chance. i think it will probably be done before. it's very routine. but there would certainly be a chance. >> and about this question over charity that she brings up on
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the campaign trail, do you want to reveal how much you paid to charity? >> i give a lot of money to charity. i would certainly tell you about it, but i would give you -- i'd have to come up with a number. i think i revealed over a period of years i've given over $100 million to charity. i think $102 million or something there. >> but you can come up with that number for us? >> i think i would. yeah, i would have no problem with it. >> your former campaign manager, corey lewandowski, fired in the last 24 hours. he told us that he didn't see it coming. your son, don jr., told me this morning that he was in the room for that firing. how big of a role do your children play in these decisions? >> i really have them involved mostly with the business, and, you know, they're people that i have great respect for, they're my children. i have great respect for them. >> but back to your son being in that room, don jr. that was pretty eye opening for a lot of people, i think, and will there be a role for him, a role for ivanka in the trump white house? >> probably not. i would leave them to run the business. and i think that's what they really like doing and that's what they're doing now.
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>> we brought up corey lewandowski, he's now out. so, you fired your campaign manager. some pretty disappointing fund-raising numbers for may. >> well, not really. i mean, i think there was only one day that was reported, and just so you understand, we've actually had some very good days, but they're not reported yet. >> let me just ask you, in the same time frame, though, you raised $3 million. mitt romney had raised $23 million in that time frame. john mccain, $20 million. and you are up against hillary clinton, who raised $25 million. >> well, no, she's getting her money from the wall street guys and all the special interests, and i really don't -- i'll be honest, i've never raised money before for this, because i've never done it before. i think i'd be very good at it. as far as i'm concerned, i'd be very happy to continue to self-fund. i have -- >> are you going to continue to self-fund? >> i may, because i think -- >> how much? >> i don't know. i can do whatever i want. she's going to spend $1.2 billion on an election, and i'm trying to say, where do you spend that money? remember this. i spent $50 million and i won. other people that were running against me spent many times that amount, and they lost, not even close. >> will you spend another 50
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million in the general or more? >> i might. i might. i really might decide to do that. >> more of our one-on-one with donald trump on the way. he points to the very close polls in pennsylvania and ohio tonight. he also weighs in on hillary clinton's faith, as we ask him what he would like to know about her and religion. and we ask, what would be off-limits in going after clinton in the general election now? that's later tonight on "nightline" and tomorrow on "gma." in the meantime, after hillary clinton's attack today on trump and the economy, arguing, in her words, "we can't let him bankrupt america like we are one of his failed casinos." donald trump will come out swinging tomorrow, taking on both hillary and bill clinton. so, let's get right to abc's cecilia vega in columbus, ohio, tonight. cecilia, quick question on this before we move on. is the clinton campaign ready for what's coming? what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, david, they say they're not worried. they don't expect donald trump to reveal anything about the clintons that hasn't already been said about them in the past. we are hearing from trump sources, that he does plan to talk about her role in benghazi, he will talk about donations
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made to the clinton foundation. but look, you'll remember, it wasn't that long ago that both sides seemed to be friends. you remember that photo from the trump wedding. they were both there. today, though, the gloves are off. hillary clinton hit donald trump for 45 minutes straight here in ohio, and her aides tonight, david, are telling me there is more to come tomorrow in another policy speech in north carolina, they're calling this a one-two punch. david? >> all right, dueling speeches tomorrow. cecilia, thank you. in the meantime, to other news tonight. there is a new storm system moving into parts of the east this evening, while in the west, right now, heat warnings amid deadly triple-digit temperatures. all of it, of course, fuming fueling more than a dozen wildfires in seven states. two fires side-by-side north of los angeles. the giant plumes of smoke seen over the city skyline there. and this boy, helping his family flee their home in the shadow of the fires. mandatory evacuations for hundreds of people at this hour. and then, that other storm, 30 million americans are in the path in the east. we've got it all covered, beginning with abc's matt gutman on those evacuations right now.
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>> reporter: tonight, those two fires perched just outside metro l.a., threatening to merge into one explosive inferno. aircraft buzzing canyon walls and tree tops, the flames seeming to leap up and the choppers. named the fish and reservoir fires, they've devoured over 5,000 acres in a single day and spewed embers skyward like volcanoes overnight. one of the fires allegedly caused when this pick-up crashed off the road. >> mandatory evacuations to the residents. >> reporter: officials ordering hundreds to flee their homes. this family now packing up what's most important. their three kids. >> it's very terrifying to see all the fire, just imagining it coming down. >> reporter: one of the reasons this fire exploded overnight is because of this terrain. it is incredibly steep here. now, fire crews haven't been able to make their way up these steep mountain walls, so, the only way to fight this fire has been the air attack. with little wind, the heat has kept these fires alive.
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that heat wave topping out at 118 degrees in phoenix, blamed for five deaths. paramedics responding to more than 100 calls for those suffering in the blistering temperatures. david, some of the brush that you're seeing around me hasn't burned in decades here. which has made it very hard going for the firefighters here. and they're encountering conditions that they would only expect much later in the season. david? >> all right, matt gutman with us again tonight. thanks, matt. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano. we've got storms in the midwest and in the east, but rob, you were telling us, this heat in the west, we don't usually see this early. >> reporter: it's extraordinary for june. phoenix didn't get under 90 last night. heat advisories through wednesday. vegas, you hit a record today, probably will do it again tomorrow, as this heat expands out to the east. into kansas city, st. louis, over 100 degrees tomorrow. those storms in the east today from west virginia into new jersey, 80-mile-an-hour winds in south jersey, doing some damage there and we look for more storms to fire up overnight tonight. in the upper midwest, on the doorstep of chicago tomorrow morning, then lifting north throughout the day.
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the red and orange zone includes chicago, ft. wayne, damaging winds likely there. continuing into the overnight, so, a situation we'll have to watch tomorrow. >> all right, tracking it through tomorrow. rob, thanks again. here in new york city tonight, the joint terrorism task force was called in for a time after a stunning discovery in a vehicle just outside a major tunnel into new york. inside the vehicle, this arsenal. police say they found guns, ammunition, knives, camouflage equipment and more. they arrested three people in the truck, and here tonight, abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: the arrest taking place during morning rush hour, at one of new york city's busiest tunnels. this distinctive truck stopped by police for a cracked windshield, but inside, an arsenal of weapons found. seven guns, including an ar-type semiautomatic rifle and a shotgun, body armor, knives, 2,000 rounds of ammunition. even a military-grade helmet. >> we had the driver exit the vehicle, and when the driver got out, he noticed a .45-caliber handgun on the driver's seat
5:43 pm
that the driver was sitting on. >> reporter: but early fears of a terror connection gave way to something else. according to police, the three people in the truck said there's a reason for it all. they were on their way to rescue a 16-year-old girl from a new york drug den. it turns out the driver, john cramsey, just lost his 20-year-old daughter to a suspected heroin overdose, according to a medical examiner. cramsey, who owns a gun range in pennsylvania, alluded to his plans to rescue the 16-year-old on facebook, telling one of his friends, quote, "how about a road trip to new york to do an extraction? saving a 16-year-old girl is priceless." and david, tonight, cramsey and those two passengers have been charged with illegal gun possession. and in another bizarre twist, police say they found the girl cramsey was looking for, and they say she told them, "i don't need to be rescued." police are still investigating. david? >> gio benitez tonight. thanks, gio. to orlando this evening, and this question. could the nightclub massacre have been prevented?
5:44 pm
a source close to the investigation now telling abc news that the gunman's wife told investigators she saw him leave with a bag of guns that night, and that she tried to stop him. abc's linzie janis is in orlando. >> reporter: tonight, omar mateen's wife telling investigators more about the night of the massacre. a source telling abc news, noor salman saw her husband leaving the house with a bag of guns. also describing her attempt to stop him from leaving, saying she was, quote, concerned. soon after, mateen opened fire inside that nightclub. it was there that the husband and wife exchanged text messages. she seemed to not know where he was. investigators also revealing that the day before the attack, someone in the mateen family bought three tickets to fly to san francisco in july. and david, the fbi says it looked into mateen twice in 2013 and once in 2014, each time, finding no evidence to suggest he was a threat. david?
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>> linzie janis, thank you. and to a developing story overseas. the final leg of that life-saving mission to the south pole. we are now told it's been completed. remember, they're flying in complete darkness. dark 24 hours a day. and look, the small plane making that treacherous 1,500-mile trip from the edge of antarctica to the research station at the bottom of the world. they have landed on skis over the icy terrain, where they have just arrived. at least one worker there is in need of medical help. that rescue crew will now wait ten hours before deciding when they might head back out. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. we have new reporting tonight after that young actor was killed, trapped between his suv and his gate. questions tonight about his jeep, which had been recalled. the fix had been revealed just days prior. we have much more information and what drivers need to know tonight. also this evening, the major recall of frozen foods that may be on your dinner table right now. and then, the young children out with their father, suddenly carjacked in the parking lot, in their father's car. a woman driving away with the children in the backseat.
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next tonight, to gwi next tonight, to growing concern across this country over a vehicle recall after the tragic death of that rising star, trapped between his suv and his driveway gate. here's abc's clayton sandell on the fix that had been revealed just days before the accident. >> may i have your attention please? >> reporter: tonight, it's still not clear exactly how actor anton yelchin was pinned and killed by his own car, a 2015 jeep grand cherokee. but last summer, federal safety investigators began looking into complaints about the gear shifter in jeep grand cherokees, chrysler 300s and dodge chargers. by april of this year, chrysler issued a voluntary recall. reports of rollaway cars leading to 212 crashes and 41 injuries. but judy borlin says, a month later, she still didn't know about the recall, when her car
5:49 pm
that she thought was in park rolled over her legs. that recall notice arrived a few days later. chrysler says the shifter did not fail, blaming the rollaways on drivers who didn't realize their cars weren't in park. the company is now offering a software fix and a new warning system for those recalled cars, but you'll notice, in the 2016 model, chrysler has gone back to a more traditional shifter design. >> bottom line is, what chrysler has to do is to fix it, fix it soon and get it right. >> reporter: and tonight, there are more than 800,000 affected cars that need fixing. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> all right, we'll stay on this. when we come back tonight, there is news this evening about a major frozen food recall. also, the children carjacked in the parking lot. their frantic father chasing after the car on foot. and the new lawsuit tonight against starbucks about how much they're really pouring into your cup. ou have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, anu're talking to doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil. to t to the index of other news tonight. the stolen car with two children inside, a father parking at a gas station just outside san diego, leaving his children in the backseat. surveillance video showing a woman stealing the car. their father then chasing after them on foot. he ran back into the store, frantically telling the clerk to call 911. the woman, a stranger, was arrested minutes later. the children were returned to their father, unhurt. and we're glad about that. a major food recall tonight. the national frozen food corporation has now issued a voluntary recall of frozen peas and mixed vegetables possibly contaminated with listeria. the products were sold under several brands between last september and june 2nd. there's the list, including great value and bountiful harvest. no illness reported, but the full list at our website. and to the latte lawsuit tonight. two customers in california suing starbucks for fraud and false advertising. they claim the company knowingly
5:54 pm
underfills lattes by 25%. a judge allowing the case to move forward tonight. starbucks says the suit is without merit and, quote, "if customer is not satisfied with their beverage preparation, we will gladly remake it." when we come back tonight, get your smartphone ready. we want you to tweet us a photo. because, it turns out, everyone else is doing it. (vo) they say big can never be good. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing. big is exciting... daring... for everyone. pets don't just make life better - they make it bigger. purina. live big. jen stops working,
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presidential wannabes all getting in on the act. hollywood stars, too. this remains the most retweeted selfie of all-time. "if only bradley's arm was longer." most popular selfie spots? clearly the ballpark for these sorority sisters. their selfie game upstaging the ball game. there's big ben. disney world. and at number one -- the eiffel tower. bonjour, madame! it just so happens, june 21st is also the summer solstice. the longest day of the year. and that may not be a coincidence. and the lighting? that's critical, right? lighting and the right look. #bluesteel. david wright, abc news, new york. >> got to love david wright. thanks for watching here on a tuesday night. tweet us a selfie. keep it classy. we'll see you tomorrow night. a new digital campaign to
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get a judge kicked off a bench for handing down a six month sentence for sexual assault. and i'm drew tuma. some communities near 100 degrees this afternoon and hotter air is on the horizon. the numbers in the accu-weather forecast. >> caberet opens in san francisco tonight. how the home of two buck chuck is spending $2 million to help reduce global warming. >> i don't think the answer is changing the law. i think the answer is change the judge. >> that is the message thousands of people are seeing along highway 92. opponents of the judge who sentenced the former stanford swimmer launch a month-long ad campaign against him. >> the judge is known around the
6:00 pm
nation for sentencing brock turner to six months for sexual assault. >> he is due to be released in september. >> vick slee live with the story. >> the judge has been criticized by victims' advocacy groups after sentencing the former stanford swimmer, brock turner. he is running unopposed for reelection but after that, he may have to deal with yet another election. protect survivors, not rapists. the digital bill board was up on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge. a message to drivers that santa clara county superior court judge should be removed from office. the sign put up by a group called ultra violet. they submitted a million signatures to the commission on judicial performance demanding his removal from the bench after he


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