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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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remember, you can connect 24/7 at abc 7 at this hour, millions now bracing for major storms. from the midwest to the east, tornadoes tearing through neighborhoods, rooftops ripped away already. time lapse video showing this super-cell. flash floods rushing into the subway. and now, tonight, 67 million at risk from minneapolis to the east coast. and the wildfires this evening. our team right there on the front lines amid fears heavy winds will whip up the fires again. also breaking, the dramatic and very rare sit-in on capitol hill at this hour. a civil rights icon leading lawmakers, demanding action on guns. several hours in and counting. donald trump takes aim. >> she's a world class liar. >> and after our one-on-one with donald trump, who weighed in on hillary clinton's faith and religion, what clinton has to say about that tonight.
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and lost at sea. the father and his three children missing off the coast. what's now been found in the water. good evening. and two breaking stories as we come on. that sit-in on capitol hill over guns and we'll get to that in a moment. but first, authorities warning of severe storms, what could be a dangerous night ahead, and let's get right to it. from the midwest, indianapolis, chicago, pittsburgh, all the way to the east, they are warning of high winds and possible tornadoes. after a dramatic 24 hours already. a tornado in maryland, powerful winds and rain there. and, of course, the wildfires in california, and this image from colorado tonight, engulfing and destroying this bridge. abc's alex perez, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, tens of millions in the midwest bracing for a long night of severe storms. this, after a scary 24 hours in the east. winds gusting above 80 miles an
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hour in south jersey, ripping off roofs and flipping over planes. >> i've been here through hurricanes and nor'easters. never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., flash flooding in this metro station, making for a soggy commute. in maryland, a tornado tearing an almost 13-mile path across howard county. >> you're going to see a very clear line of destruction through these yards. >> reporter: trees crashing through homes and crushing cars. james francomacaro's wife lucky to be alive. >> my wife was in the kitchen. if the tree, that tree that they're cutting, had hit the kitchen, it would have killed her. >> reporter: in the west, those twin fires blazing near los angeles. our kayna whitworth, right there. >> right now, you can see firefighters getting ready to lay retardant all along that ridge right there. now, with scenes like that, and winds expects to pick up tonight, nobody is out of the woods just yet. >> reporter: in all, at least 23
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fires now scorching nine states. >> back to alex live now in chicago tonight. and what's the biggest concern there going into this evening, alex? >> reporter: well, david, one of the biggest concerns here is that a huge portion of this severe weather will happen after dark. officials are watching this one closely. david? >> all right, alex, thank you. meteorologist rob marciano is also in the storm zone tonight, he's live in columbus, ohio, going hour by hour as this system moves east. rob? >> reporter: david, it is a large swath of the midwest that's under the gun tonight, from here in columbus, over to charleston, pittsburgh, all the way back through chicago, where the tornado threat is greatest. let's time it out. right around now, the cells are beginning to pop. by 10:00 p.m., they'll be right over chicago. some individual ones might have some rotation there. and then overnight, it pushes across ohio, they are gathering into one large system, damaging widespread winds, potentially. by 7:00 a.m., it stretches across west virginia. pushing to the east tomorrow. philadelphia, baltimore, d.c., we'll have severe weather, as well. so, it's looking like a rough 36 hours ahead, david. >> all right, rob, our thanks to you. you in. in the meantime now, to the
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other headline we're following right now. the dramatic sit-in on capitol hill. some members of congress suddenly staging a protest on the floor of the house. sitting down, demanding action on gun control. they are still sitting there tonight. long-time civil rights icon, congressman john lewis, saying this is about the right to vote on this. president obama thanking congressman lewis today, but here's the question -- will there be a vote? what republican house speaker paul ryan said just moments ago. abc's jonathan karl on capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: it's something we've just never seen before, members of congress staging a sit-in like a bunch of protesters on a college campus. >> we are blind to a crisis. mr. speaker, where is the heart of this body? where is our soul? >> reporter: it was congressman john lewis, who famously led sit-ins in the segregated south, who started today's sit-in on the house floor. dozens of democrats vowing to
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stay as long as it takes to get a vote on guns. the president weighed in, too. >> if we're going to raise our kids in a safer, more loving world, we need to speak up for it. >> reporter: the move incensed republicans, who turned off the cameras, and declared a breach of the rules. but that didn't stop the protesting members of congress, who started broadcasting themselves with their cell phones. the speaker of the house calling it a publicity stunt. >> this is trying to get attention. >> reporter: since the anguish of orlando, there have been pleas for some kind of gun legislation. this mother making her case to congress, posting a picture of her 3-year-old practicing a preschool lockdown, saying, this is the future. but gun rights advocates say the proposed bills won't do any good and violate the second amendment. the battle is growing tonight. democratic senators joining in, too. including elizabeth warren and fresh off the campaign trail, bernie sanders stopping by. >> all right, let's get right live to jon karl on capitol hill tonight.
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and jon, they are several hours in now, they say they have no intention of leaving, but will this actually force house speaker paul ryan into bringing a vote on this? >> reporter: ryan just spoke a few minutes ago, he says he is absolutely not budging. he points out that the bills that they are demanding votes on have already failed in the senate. but david, those protesters show no sign of leave egg, in fact, we've just seen them bringing in blankets and pillows. apparently ready to go through the night. >> all right, a long night ahead for you, as well, jon karl. thanks, jon. in the meantime, next to donald trump tonight, who has said himself he does not believe people on the no-fly list should have access to guns in this country. but today, he wasn't talking guns, it was all about hillary clinton. in what the trump campaign billed as a major speech, he called hillary clinton a, quote, world class liar. abc's tom llamas with what trump said, and with a fact check on some of the points trump made. >> she's a world class liar. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump, back in the ring, delivering a scathing speech against hillary clinton. >> her decisions spread death,
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destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched. >> reporter: trump, trying to make the case clinton cares more about dollars than diplomacy. >> she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund. >> reporter: in his address, the presumptive nominee mixed fact with fiction. on benghazi. >> our late ambassador, chris stevens the, he was left helpless to die as hillary clinton soundly slept in her bed. >> reporter: our fact check shows this claim is false. the defense department's own timeline shows the attack started at 3:42 p.m. eastern, not in the middle of the night. clinton's own e-mail shows that she was still awake. and a new line of attack on bosnia. >> her phony landing in bosnia, where she said she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers, a total and self-serving lie. >> reporter: our fact check? true. clinton later apologizing for the description.
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>> so, i made a mistake. that happens. it proves i'm human. >> reporter: trump noticeably held some of his fire when it came to bill clinton. trump telling david muir last night, he would prefer it be about hillary's record, not about personal attacks. >> what will be off-limits for you? >> i would much rather, david, have it be policy and issues, if we can do that, i'd be very happy and i think we do very well on that basis. >> tom, as we all just heard right there, trump told us he would prefer policy over personal attacks. we didn't hear him going after bill clinton in the same way he has in recent weeks. is this the policy speech some in the republican establishment had wanted from trump? >> reporter: david, no talk of some of bill clinton's most infamous scandals. he mainly stuck to the prepared speech. but if there's one thing that trump and the republican establishment agree on, is that foreign policy is one of hillary clinton's biggest weaknesses. david? >> tom, thank you. hillary clinton, meanwhile, fired back today after trump's speech, and after donald trump's one-on-one with us. and she seemed to react to something he said right here, about hillary clinton's faith and what he doesn't know about
5:39 pm
it. you have brought up her religion, saying, we don't know anything about hillary in terms of religion. >> i don't know much about her. >> what would you like to know that you don't note about hillary clinton and her faith? >> nothing, whatever it is, i just don't know. somebody asked me the question -- >> so why bring it up? >> i didn't bring it up. somebody asked me the question. i said, i don't know much about her religion. >> so, how did hillary clinton respond to that? abc's cecilia vega in north carolina tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a counterattack from hillary clinton. >> think about it. he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> reporter: she called donald trump's speech today conspiracy theories, firing back on his questions about her religion -- >> that's even why he's attacking my faith. sigh. as we methodists like to say, do all the good you can to all the people you can in all the ways you can. >> reporter: and his charges about the clinton foundation.
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>> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life-saving aids medicine. donald trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties. >> reporter: i tried to ask about some of his other accusations. secretary clinton, donald trump called you a world class liar today. would you like to respond? no comment. >> we gave you credit for trying, cecilia. a lot of speculation, as well, about hillary clinton's possible vp picks. and word today that she'll be campaigning next week with senator elizabeth warren. it would appear she's possibly on that list. what are you hearing from the clinton camp tonight? have they narrowed this down? >> reporter: well, david, you're right. she is rumored to be on this list. this is what we know. that search is still under way for a vp pick. and hillary clinton herself has said that she's looking for a running mate who will help take on donald trump. david? >> cecilia vega with us again tonight. thank you, cecilia.
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next this evening, there is breaking developments in the search for a family missing at sea off the gulf coast of florida. a father and his three teenage children set out on their boat sunday afternoon, later making a phone call to say they'd encountered six-foot waves. tonight, a discovery they had feared, the body of one of the family members has been discovered, as the search for the others goes on. abc's steve osunsami is in st. petersburg. >> it's with a heavy heart that we announce that about 4:30 this afternoon, one of our coast guard helicopters located a deceased person in the search area. >> reporter: hope began to fade away when they found a debris field full of belongings, tennis shoes, water bottles, a propane tank, kayaks, and most alarming, six empty life jackets. about 33 miles off the west coast of florida. 45-year-old ace kimberly, his 17-year-old daughter becca lynn, 15-year-old son donny and his 13-year-old son roger were all living on their 29-foot sailboat.
5:42 pm
they disappeared sunday after they left from sarasota to ft. myers to get the boat repaired. the mother of the children raced to florida from indiana. we spoke with her family before they got the terrible news. >> she said that she was on her way down there and she wilfind her kids, come hell or high water. >> reporter: the national weather service says it's possible they ran into storms. they were warning boaters about high winds sunday morning. authorities say the father was able to call his brother on sunday, saying they were running into rough seas. and that's the last anyone heard from the family. david? >> steve, thank you. overseas tonight, and to the life-saving mission to the bottom of the world. a small plane has made the treacherous journey to the south pole and has now reached two sick workers, flying through the darkness, dark 24 hours a day, having to heat the fuel. here's abc's alex marquardt on what comes next as they now try to fly those sick workers to chile. >> reporter: tonight, the first look at the daunting and dramatic rescue in one of the harshest and most remote places in the world.
5:43 pm
in the 24 hour darkness of the antarctic winter, the twin otter plane on its skis pulling up to the american research center. soon after, those two crew members were flown out of the south pole and on their way to urgently needed treatment. this high-risk rescue mission, just the third in 60 years, appears to have gone exactly to plan. a window of good weather allowed a quick turnaround. the only real light coming from the bright moon illuminating the snow. >> it's about the most dangerous kind of flying you can do in the world. it was something that required an extraordinary level of skill and courage. >> reporter: two twin otters flew from canada to chile to antarctica. then just one undertaking the 1,500-mile flight to the south pole. the second plane staying behind at a british research station to ferry out the sick. little is known about the patients or their conditions, but tonight, the most dangerous part is over. alex marquardt, abc news, london. >> alex, thank you. back here at home tonight, and to former house speaker dennis hastert, once one of the
5:44 pm
most powerful men in washington, tonight, behind bars. he arrived in a wheelchair at the federal prison in rochester, minnesota, today to begin his 15-month sentence for a hush money conviction. once second in line for the presidency, the trial revealed that he had sexually abused at least four boys when he was a high school wrestling coach. hastert could get out in a year. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday, and a real concern for parents across this country after the midair scare for a teenage girl flying alone. and what happened to her on that passenger plane. that concern for parents about keeping your children safe when they travel without you, and one family now taking on the airline. also, the deadly infection at a popular water park. the brain-eating amoeba blamed for the death of a teenage girl. the case coming in now. and then, look who is back tonight. >> across the street. a bi-pedal bear. >> this family couldn't believe it at the time. that famous black bear, walking on two legs. it would appear the bear is back tonight. pictures coming in now. ow.
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next tonight, to the midair scare for a child flying alone. alaska airlines diverting a flight after a passenger in the next seat allegedly tried to kiss a 16-year-old. this is the second disturbing case in just a week. abc's david kerley on protecting children traveling without their parents. >> reporter: it was an alaska airlines jet making the unplanned landing in seattle, so a 23-year-old man could be taken off, booked for trying to kiss a 16-year-old girl who was sleeping after taking off from portland. a week earlier, a 13-year-old girl allegedly assaulted on an american airlines flight. the 26-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of abusive sexual contact. the girl's mother paid the $150 unaccompanied minor fee expecting her child would be safe. she plans to sue. >> nobody came to her rescue when she attempted to confront him the first time. i promised her she was going to
5:48 pm
be okay, so, you know, i'm heartbroken. >> reporter: and these cases are not unusual. the fbi believes sexual assaults in flight are underreported. no firm numbers, but the bureau estimates there is some kind of an assault once a week on flights in and out of the new york area alone, often a crime of opportunity on evening and overnight flights. >> lights down low, not many people walking around. we've seen it often where the victim has taken some kind of anxiety medication. >> reporter: parents should know that airlines are not required to provide constant supervision of unaccompanied minors. minors who should quickly alert flight attendants if they feel uncomfortable. david? >> really disturbing case. david kerley, thanks. when we come back here tonight, the case going to the jury tonight. the famous band accused of stealing their music. also news tonight about a rare and deadly infection at a famous water park. also, the famous athlete now adding his name to the list tonight. he's refusing to go to the rio olympics because of zika. and it would appear the
5:49 pm
mystery is back tonight. so many theories, remember this about this bear, why he walks on just two legs? it would appear the bear has made a big comeback tonight. ppear the bear has made a big comeback tonight.
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. to the index and news tonight about a rare and deadly infection. an 18-year-old girl from ohio died from what's being described as a brain-eating amoeba. health officials believe she became infected while visiting the national white water center in charlotte, north carolina. that amoeba, they say, entered through the nose, likely, while she was under water. the cdc does report that a handful of such infections happen every year. one of golf's biggest stars is out of the olympics in rio. rory mcilroy says he will not play for ireland in the summer games over fears of the zika virus. he says it's a health risk he is unwilling to take.
5:53 pm
mcilroy is ranked fourth in the world. five other well-known golfers have also said they will not go. a jury in los angeles is tonight deliberating over a rock and roll classic. the estate of the lead singer from the band spirit suing led zeppelin, accusing them of stealing the melody of their song "taurus," and using for it their classic, "stairway to heaven." here are the two songs, the spirit version first, then zeppelin. ♪ zeppelin band members robert plant and jimmy page both testified during the trial they did not steal the song. and we've been saying a celebration fit for a king. look at this. more than a million cavaliers fans packing the streets of cleveland for today's victory parade. that's more than three times the city's population. the nba champs winning cleveland's first title in 52 years. the team mobbed in the street. superstar lebron james confirming today, by the way, he plans to stay with the team next season. when we come back here tonight, our own ron claiborne,
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5:58 pm
>> i don't see it. >> reporter: now, nicknamed pedals, he was first seen and captured on video back in august 2014. >> there it is. there it is. >> does she know that's a bear? >> you know that's a bear, right? >> i know! >> more than likely it was a car accident. bears can walk on their hind legs very well. and it's just, they don't choose to do so. >> reporter: at one point in the new video, pedals does go down on all fours, but then he's right back up again and on the move. there had been concerns that pedals could not survive in the wild. today, state and wildlife officials said, if it is the same bear, he's still going strong and is testimony to his indomitable will. so, they'll just let him keep roaming, or, in this case, walking. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> ron claiborne, back on the case for us. and thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir. i'm see you on "gma" in the new lawsuit accuses a gilroy
5:59 pm
school district of failing to protect students from a sexual predator. >> i'm drew tuma. a bit of a cool down that will not last that long. temperatures in the highs and the details in the accu-weather forecast. >> why saturday will look different than in years past. >> professional arm wrestling is not for the faint of heart. one of the world's best headed to compete this weekend ahead on abc7 news. >> our client was seriously harmed and impacted by the failure to protect us. a scandal using online trickery known as cat phishing. the response is now the subject
6:00 pm
of two new lawsuits by gloria allred. >> police say the male teacher posed as a girl and tricked high school boys into sending him naked pictures. >> we're live with the developments. david? >> reporter: the two new lawsuits are details that classes taught at gilroy high school may have been subjected to sexual explicit videos and verbal harassment and the school district may have been in a position to prevent it from happen. the complaints by two under aged males students of the teacher at gilroy high school. it alleges he showed videos with sexual content and used language so graphic, attorney gloria allred and colleagues would not say them outloud. >> such graphic language, it's frankly, i don't want to say it. she's not going to say


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