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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> they are going strong. this is a look at the house of representatives with the democrats going all night long. they have been staging an extraordinary sit in to force republicans to take a vote on gun control. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is thursday, june 23rd. we will check on what is hatching on the house floor in a moment but, first, meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, watching a beautiful sunrise develop to my right over the exploritorium at pier 15 and i will try to capture that and use the weather app #abc7now . if you see something gorgeous do the same. live doppler hd is showing the marine layer of clouds along the coast spilling into the bay and though are not so thick so the day planner is temperates hanging out in the 60s at the
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coast and 80s inland, and mid-80s by 4:00, grab a coat if you head out, 58 around the coast and 76 inland. the morning commute, frances? >> not too many problems. you can expect usual delays like the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on traffic is stacked up beyond the 880 overcrossing and it is continue minutes. here is a look at the westbound 80 drive headed to the bay bridge with slow and go spots and most usual slow spot are in the east bay. the drive time westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 22 minutes. still happening, the democratic sit in on the house of representatives floors, democrats are not give up in the fit for gun control measures. subcommittees can castro has been watching this. what is the latest? >> we are still goings a handful of democrats are still there and they will not stop the sit in until they force the vote on gun control bills. here is another look.
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we have been monitoring it through the morning. amazingly they are still standing because this has gone on for 21 hours after start at 8:30 yesterday morning. our time. the republicans is said this is a publicity stunt and they voted to end the house of representatives session early this morning after midnight so it is financially over but there are a handful of democrats still there. we have been watching that. a different aspect shows the democrats have said they will stay there even in the cameras stop rolling and the lights shut off. you can see as evidence on social media they have been posting pictures all night long and sit on the floor. we have seen this become something of a social media phenomenon because they have been periscoping from inside the house of representatives chambers and carrying this along on social media because the cameras have shut off. so, what we are seeing is a lost live streaming from inside the house of representatives chamber. in the newsroom we are going to
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be watching every moment of what is happening and you can, too, using our news app or our abc.comwebsite. i check back with any developments when we get them. >> very interesting. >> happening, president obama returns to the bay area. the president and first family were essentially just ear on father's day at yosemite. president obama is coming back to california to participate in the global entrepreneurship summit at stanford university. the conference began yesterday and he is scheduled to arrive at most and will spend the night in san francisco and then travel to palo alto so the motorcade will impact traffic from the city to the peninsula. during the visit he will meet with mark zuckerberg and the two will record a facebook live conversation. president obama obviously gets victim treatment -- gets victim treatment when he visits. and now those who cannot meet
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zuckerberg in person are flocking to the bay area to stand outside the technical companies. matt keller is at google, standing out at company. matt? yes, i feel lucky this morning, right? for locals, google brings jobs and traffic and it is bringing a lost tourists to mountain view. forget going to the golden gate bridge, people want to head to the silicon valley tech companies and give them a thumb's up. a tour company said the silicon valley tour is now the must popular tour in the bay area. even more than the san francisco sites. what are people looking for? the most popular defendant nations are facebook sign in menlo park, the google droid garden in mountain view and apple and tesla headquarters. five hour tours are longer starting at $300 and can go down $1,300. a person. some offer tour force $100 but you have to have a mill of 25 people in the group.
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before you go, this is private prosecute. if you do step on to the campus it is likely you will get a private to you of the parking lot as security escorts you off the property. >> you have been witnessed. >> hundreds of men stepped in to high heels to bring attention to victims of sexual assault in the "walk a mile in her shoes," with the goal to raise $100,000 and bring awareness to sexual assault. issue is getting a lot of tax because of brock turner's six in jail sentence viewed as too lenient convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the district attorney announced he is push for legislation to require a prison sentence in cases like turner's. >> a pet groomer acussed of animal cruelty is scheduled to be arraigned after grooming a dog last month at pet smart
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where he worked after three minutes in his care the dog was pleading from the mouth and having trouble breathing. a veterinarian tried to save the dog but the dog die asked fund to have a punctured lung and two broken ribs. pet smart said any case of animal crawlty goes against everything they believe in. >> hundreds of people are still out of their hope this morning as firefighters battle a rage wide fire. the fire has burned 4,900 acres and 15% contain. crews are doing everything they can to protect the structures. the deep terrain pose as risk to ground crews. mandatory evacuations were lifted for on homes yesterday afternoon. >> fires from alameda and santa clara are both on the frontlies of the fires and this was taken by the strike team in santa clara. some of the tire on the trucks have gone flat or been damaged
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because of the rough terrain. >> three san francisco public universals will expand student housing the next decade. the goal is to help struggling students coach with the affordability crisis. san francisco state university and university of california san francisco, and uc hasting school of law are planning to provide new housing to accommodate hundreds. we students are short term renters and landlords of rent control units can increase rent when the student tenants move out. >> a medical mystery, a woman undergoes security and wakes up with a british accident. >> fighter jets were superintendent out to keep a california-bound plane safe. >> the sun is up and weather and >> the sun is up and weather and traffic can be mon
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>> we have been looking down the
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and san jose 55 and mountain view at 56. bow san diego bay in 40s and brentwood at 61. across the north by or monday dry, strong rip currents and large breakers through tomorrow
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evening. check out the forecast. warmer tomorrow. especially into saturday and sunday. especially if you are away from the coast. 80s in the south bay and minute in the north bay inland east bay but 60 at the coast to 70s an the bay. there are still nice spots to be out and about this weekend. frances? >> if you saw the san mateo bridge during the energy westbound is good. slowing, though, approach the toll plaza. the ride across the bridge is 20 minutes. across dumbarton and richmond-san rafael it is back ing up. toll plaza has a pretty view of the sun and it is backed up 15 minutes to the meters lighting. no major problems in the south bay and light traffic. on northbound 280. highway 17 cross the screen it is fine to santa cruz and through downtown san jose. >> a bizarre story in texas a woman work up from surgery and woman work up from surgery and she had a tick british
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it started in december. she went for surgery for an overbite and came out with an accent. [ inaudible ] >> wow. it is not the upper crust accent >> it is an interesting accent. ♪ consider yourself >> there are 140 cases ever of this syndrome. we promise in more "oliver," reference for the rest of the show. >> airbnb is promising changes do make sure you did not face discrimination when booking. >> showing support for the >> showing support for the victims of the orlando shooti
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the owner of orlando's pulse nightclub and her staff will host a fundraiser party to show the community that pulse will continue and it appreciates all of the help and support following the june 12 shooting. pulse performers are going to dance long the streets and this
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is not going to be held in the club but it will be held at a park. proceeds will go to the victims and the employees of the nightclub. >> a verdict is expected this morning in the trial of a baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. officer goodson is facing the most serious charges in the delegate including involuntary manslaughter and wreck less endangerment. the 25-year-old freddie gray suffered a devastating spinal injury after being placed in a prisoner van. he died a week later. it ignited street protests in baltimore. members of the maryland national guard are watching the city now in anticipation of the public's reaction and possible protests. >> we have new information of a los angeles bound jet forced to make an emergency landing in tucson. here is the reporter from our sister station in los angeles. >> very scary moms for passengers on this airlines flight with 80 people on board when a passenger started to act in unusual ways, walking up and
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down the isles of the flight passengers were very nervous and he was close to the cockpit. two f-16 fighter jets were scrambled intercepting the night. its with then diverted to tucson. the flight did land safely and a police officer then came on board and removed the passenger who was acting in an unruly way. it is not clear what the threat was. obviously it was serious enough to scramble fighter jets and passengers admit it was scary stuff while in the air. from low-to-mid i am john gregory. >> now to the san francisco pride parade on sunday it is crunch time to make the floats. >> we were at bi they are putting the finishing touches on 9 of the floats. they are built for companies like space -- like
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chase, mome details. >> we have a crew of 20 running around and glittering, glueing, sawing, everyone that goes into putting this together. >> you can future have enough glitter. the more glitter the better for pride. some added signs or memorials to show support after the orlando shooting. the theme is "economic and social justice," and look for miss natasha. we have a disney/abc7 area. >> can you share your photos #abc7now . we will find your videos when you post the >> we hope for good weather. motorcycle said it would be warm, even in san francisco on sunday? >> warmer-than-average temperatures. we will look at the sunshine,
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grab the sunglasses, my three day forecast starting tomorrow at 68, 70s for saturday, and 71 on sunday. our average high 68. not kuwait -- quite so warm but a comfortable weekend in san francisco. the next three hours, no worries other than low clouds along the coast and trying to spill through our valleys like sfo. no delays. you may want to check on delays on the east coast. we have a sea breeze and sunshine like yesterday. cool nights. even with the row fresh breeze relaxes, it is still going to feel nice overnight. we have upper 70's sunnyvale and milpitas and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of the south bay and mid-to-upper 70s and afternoon sunshine, low-to-mid 60s into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 70, through the north bay we have upper 70s to a few mid-80s around santa rosa and
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cloverdale and the east bay shore a lot of low-to-mid 70's and hercules in the upper 70s, and may not need the air conditioning today inland at 82 in san ramon and the breeze is moving through the san ramon gap to 90s around antioch and brentwood. my seven-day outlook shows slight deficit warming tomorrow, but nothing like the waxth we will have on saturday and sunday, and again on tuesday when we are hottest. the day planner coming up next, frances? >> no delay thursday through walnut creek southbound 680, you are fine moving to highway 24 and problem-free to the maze and we will check out another shot north bay commuters have an easy ride southbound through san rafael on 101 down to the golden gate bridge. there are a couple of slow spots but nothing out of the ordinary, we have had a few fender benders and debris. westbound 205 out of tracy is under 20 minutes into the am d
6:21 am
into the altamont pass. >> facebook wants to build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge at the new campus in menlo park. it would go over bay grant expressway. right now menlo park bell hey belle haven does not have access it would change that, going from a public park define two new facebook buildings to the bay front. >> everything of getting rid of your car? something to consider. something to consider. >> and
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airbnb is meeting with groups to combat discrimination, receiving mounting reports of bias by some of the hosts. customers report some hosts decline to rent to african-americans, trans gender and other minority groups. arab around said they are committed to end discrimination and could ban loves who are screening out gusts based on race or sexual orientation. >> facebook executive cheryl sandburg launches "together women can," an awareness campaign to encourage women to be mentors and allies for other women at work. it is the latest initiative from
6:25 am
the organization called "lean in." and the facebook c.e.o. said there are ways women can help other women in the workplace. >> there are small every day things women can do to help other women in the workplace, men get credit for ideas easier than women. coming to the table and say this is a great project and based on amy's idea is another way to celebrate each other. >> there is a p.s.a. with megyn kelly and serena williams and others at the top of the game, describing how women have helped their years. >> more of the interview is on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. >> now, we ask michael finney. how do i get rid of a car i for long are drive. michael finney has the answer. >> if you own the car you can sell it. but be careful who you deal with. i say, do a deal in the parking lot of your local police
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station. if you are leasing the car, consider going through a special website www. swapaleasecome. >> michael finney whens to hear your consumer questions and he will be an san antonio row in san jose tomorrow from 4:00 to 6:00 to meet you set up in the plaza. you can ask question on social media # askfinney. as you head out the door you will want to plan ahead for the drive another another and why it could be more of a mess than unusual. >> we are tracking the democratic sit in with pelosi. we will hear from a local neighbor. >> attention costco, a change at the check outline you need to know about before stocking up. >> the battle between extreme sunshine and the cool sea breeze is won by the cool sea breeze
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with temperatures average to below average with warmer below average with warmer weather in
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> house of representatives is
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in order. the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding decorum. >> chaos in congress, democrats protest as speaker ryan loses control. this protest continues as we speak. you can see nancy pelosi right now all night sit in and not showing any sign of become down. >> you could face chaos in your commute in the next few days. president obama is heading to the bay area and what you will want to know before leaving the house. >> had could be danger in the front seat your s.u.v. with new crash test results showing who is most vulnerable person in the car. good morning, at 6 o'clock. i am reggie aqui. >> it is thursday, june 23rd. glad you are here, here is what you can expect this morning. meteorologist mike nicco? >> we can see the bright sunshine behind me. it is going to be here today. be careful.
6:31 am
another day full of sea breeze. afternoon temperatures are close to average. fairfield is winds at 16 miles per hour. we had gusts at 39 at 3:00 this morning. so it was noisy. the day planner is low-to-mid 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00, and low-to-mid 70s at bay. low-to-mid 80s with a few 90s in the forecast. and 100s will return and that is ahead. >> westbound 80 out of fairfield a new accident just reported. c.h.p. will head to the scene. westbound 80 in the left lane approaching the junction. with a shot to richmond-san rafael the right hand cash-paying lanes are backed up with an early overturn that was cleared and in delays. westbound 80 move through berkeley and emeryville it is crowds but, over all, no major delays for you. westbound 4, antioch to hercules is 40 minutes and westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is 25
6:32 am
minutes not too bad. >> still happening, the democratic sit in on the house of representatives floor. democrats not giving up in the fight for down control measures. we have been watching. what are you seeing? >> it is still going. 22 hours at this point the we hit the mark, with a full day of the it is in and the house session is technically over. if you are just joining us, again, it ended after midnight but a handful of democrats including some bay area congressmen have held on all might and all morning. here is another look at several people taking the podium we saw nancy pelosi, minority leader, step down. she has been speaking through the night. you can see several congressmen and women have taken the podium. it started 8:30 yesterday morning. the republicans voted to adjourn for the fourth of july recess but republican speaker paul ryan has called all of this a
6:33 am
publicity stunt. it has been a showdown all morning, not only live but also on social media. democrats want to force a vote on gun control bills. >> they chose to come to the wonderful the people's house and explain to the public why? why is it wrong to prevent a terrorist from obtaining a gun? or an explosive? why is that wrong? i understand why they did not want to debate the issue. there is in reasonable argument. >> you her from fairfield representative getting very emotional at the podium while he spoke. there seems to be no end in sight to the sit in. i mention nancy pelosi spoke a few minutes ago and security telling the democrat they would have to leave for security sweep this morning and the minority house speaker nancy lows said
6:34 am
"no." we will see what happened with that. fall along on our news app for this developing story. yes, it is still going. >> thank you jessica. president obama is coming to the bay area and plans to take the stage tomorrow with mark zuckerberg at stanford. what does it mean for us? two days of track problems. amy? >> natasha, look what they have ready to go on howard street. barricades. street closures are coming. this is in front of the hotel intercontinental on howard stride. the president will be staying there. here is a look at closures. how arrest is shut down between 4th and 5th and mission and howard. we talked to a taxi driver. he said he will work on the outskirts of the city while the president is here. he said the street closures makes being downtown miserable.
6:35 am
>> if you have a fare or not you are stuck for up to an hour and hour and a half in one spot. it could take an hour to go one block. in the customers does fought like -- not like it and the driver cannot like no fare. >> now he mes to avoid the area. president obama will attend the global developship summit at stanford tomorrow. you can see him when he makes the facebook appearance with mark zuckerberg the c.e.o. of facebook who said video is the future of facebook. he is helping the president's appearance will give it a basketball. the president arrives tonight. expect it to be jammed in the area. tonight and tomorrow. take the cab driver's advise and ayou have the area. >> san francisco police are investigating two deadly hit-and-run accidents involving bicyclist.
6:36 am
most recently at 7th and howard before 8:30 last night. police say the driver ran a red light and hit a man on a bicycle. a viewer shared this video as papers arrived. the man did not survive. the driver took off but was arrested a short time later. >> the other deadly bicycle crash in golden gate park. police are still searching for the to men who ran from the scene after hitting a woman on the bicycle at 30th avenue at 6:00. the driver abandoned the car. a white honda. with dealer plates quarter-mile away. witnesses say they were going 50 or 60 miles per hour and crossing into oncoming traffic before crash. >> nearly when support opposite direction of traffic. and far enough over to the bicyclist head on. >> the woman bicyclist just passed us and i saw her fly up and i saw her bicycle fly in the opposite way. >> the car was not reported
6:37 am
stolen. >> oakland. and the oakland police department reeling from a string scandals. we are hearing an apology from the police department. >> on behalf of the oakland police department we are sorry. this has caused embarrassment for our department and the city of oakland. >> let us review why they are apologizing. in two weeks, chief sean whent abruptliry signed. the mayor schaaf appointed two interim chiefs one removed in a week and the other stepped down a couple of days after being appointed. the department has been hit with a growing sex scandal involving an underage girl. on top of that, some officers are under investigation for send ing racist text and a sergeant let his mystery write up his police reports and some are calling for the mayor to resign over mismanagement >> the san francisco police commission aafternooned new use of force rules for officers. it would require officers to use minimal search with the public
6:38 am
and banning a chokehold and strengthen the discipline torrential profiling. the police union and cities still have to north the language and the policy's the commission can sign off. >> gruesome new details surfaced in the novato murder investigation involving high school students. the prosecutors say the two victims were liared into an ambush on a hiking trial last month. that is according to the marin i.j. and attacked by three teens. diaz was shot in the chest and played dead while the suspects went after the other victim who was shot in the head. diaz survived. to wered is were arrested and appear in court. the third remains loose. all the man charged in bizarre vallejo kidnapping case is scheduled to be back in sacramento court today, with matthew mueller chargeed with
6:39 am
kidnapping denise huskins in july. a judge will decide whether to suppress evidence gathered as a result the cell phone of the we suspect. >> fires though have a small grass fire extinguished this morning that break out yesterday afternoon in cascade canyon. it only burned half an acre but it is tough terrain and firefightersed that use air drops. crews have been there all height to make sure the fire does not flare-up. no hopes are threatened. >> the hot weather has been raising fire conditions at the parks and here in san jose no open flames or barbecues are allowed through at least today. >> now, what will you do today in the, extreme sunshine and cool sea breeze? my activity lander has resolved around the beach because we have issues. dangerous surf today through tomorrow evening and rip currents and sneaker waves.
6:40 am
breezy this afternoon and if you are outside garden, the sunshine can burn you quickly in 1010 to 15 minutes. temperatures starting at 11:00 at the fair at 74, and 3:00, 81 and 71 at 7:00, and 60 at 11:00. this is a gorgeous shot from sutro tower, checking out the temperatures the fiscal year three days, today is the coolest, minor warming tomorrow and the heat returns to the bay and inland on saturday. i will let you know how much hotter it will be in the seven-day forecast. how is the commute? frances? >> good morning, everyone. if you head to petaluma heads up a new crash reported south 101 at east washington, injuries could be involved so it means we could see delays. also, the early crash i just mentioned last report has been cleared to the shoulder but westbound 80 is slow out of fairfield and not horrible, into the cordelia junction.
6:41 am
across the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction an early stall and traffic is sluggish beyond the toll plaza is i will check owe the drive times on the westbound 92 ride, san mateo bridge 25 americans and slower then normal and across the bay bridge in is a way to the lights but across the span it is 16 minutes with no delays across the golden gate bridge. >> we are hearing from you costco members having trouble with your new costco visa card. a major glitch. >> golden gate bridge, alcatraz, now facebook and google the latest boom in bay area tourism in the most famous tech companies. >> but, first, "good morning america" and what is coming up next. >> good morning, next on "good morning america" she down in washington, dc. house democrats staging a sit in overnight and demanding a vote on gun control. lawmakers using periscope and twitter for images of the
6:42 am
twitter for images of the protests to
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6:44 am
>> summer visits come to the bay area so they go do alcatraz, right? yes, you can go in now. but this is a new trend where people visit tech companies. all they can do is look at ings. matt keller is at google with the details. >> good morning. we had security come up to us and ask us, what were we doing and make sure we are not on the property. thousands of people come here to google in mountain view to work and a lot of people are coming
6:45 am
here to watch them work. silicon valley is a hot tourist spot. that is because people are coming to see the hot technical companies like those that offer tours of the tech world on the web site, with prices from $300 to $1,300 depending what you want did see. and one company said silicon valley tours are the most popular in the bay area even more than the van sites. the must popular defendant nations are the facebook sign nations are the facebook sign in menlo park, the garden and take your >> it is very impressive selfie from matt. >> new survey reveals the most
6:46 am
unaffordable place to live in america is not san francisco or manhattan it is...brooklyn. followed by marin at home and santa cruz and then, san francisco at number four. maui rounds it out. brooklyn and marin and santa cruz all require the average wage earns to spend his entire salary and more to buy the median home price. >> interesting. a mobile advertising company you have likely never heard of or will hear of, is beginning to pay $1 million for illegally tracking consumers' location. the federal trade mission said the company was tracking hundreds of millions of mobile app users including children without their con sent. investigators say the singapore company violated federal laws protecting children's privacy. they blamed it on a technical glitch and said they will delete the data already collected. >> a new study shows front seat passengers do not have same protections as drivers in s.u.v.
6:47 am
crashes. according to the ininstitute for highway safety citizen small suvs rated "good," for front crash test on the driver side but when it came to the passenger side, only one, a 2016 hyundai tucson received "good." other popular models include 2015 honda crv with "acceptable ." and 2015 devote rav, got "good," for the driver but "poor," for the person in the passenger seat. >> flash flooding around london is causing chaos as voteers go to the polls to decide in britain should leave the european union. thunderstorms have been causing major problems with polls opening for the historic vote and some polling places were moved and others are closed. conservatives push for the split from the e.u. which destroys jobs they say. 46 million people are eligible to vote today. polls suggest that it is still a
6:48 am
very tight race. >> investigators keeping a close eye on vote in great britain. here is a check of stocks. jane? >> good morning, everyone. wall street thinks the brits will vote to stay because that is what wall street wants. the dow is up 145 and nasdaq is up by 30 and s&p up by 14 points. costco switched from american express to visa but it is fought going well with problems with the new costco credit card complaining this they could not on the new accounts, or pay existing balances that were transferred to the new cards, and the such was supposed to be automatic. costco said this was tremendous response so there were delays with customer service and the call volume is back to normal. san francisco is the second best city in the world to start a women-owned business. that is what dell and technology
6:49 am
and entrepreneurship center at harvard found weapon they look at the best cities tore female entrepreneurship. the top world city for women to start a business york. and burger king had a new venue item, mac and cheetos what it sounds like, a typical cheeto is stuffed with macaroni and cheese. available at unspecified bug are kings for a limited time starting june 27 sold in orders of five pieces for $2.49. >> is this really happen increasing >> here? >> they have fought said which bug are king restaurants are serving this so look for that if you happen to see one did a taste test. >> mike, i am told you to grab me a jacket because there was cold wind. can we expect more today? yes, the breeze will be slower but it will held our
6:50 am
temperatures average to below average like yesterday. good morning, everyone, we will hack at live doppler hd and you can see the low clouds clinging to the coast. we are mostly sunny around the baylor, and sunny inland. so the early sunshine could push the temperatures a degree or two warmer than yesterday but mostly it will feel almost the same. because of the refreshing breeze. walnut creek is sunny and 54. a warming trend this weekend. and inland heat is going to linger into next week. woodside is 46, and menlo park is 50. and everyone else is 53 to 56. same temperatures elsewhere, until the hills in los gatos at 66, and concord, 58, and antioch is 64 and oakland is 56, mill valley and santa rosa upper 40s. now, the microclimate high, 79 in sunnyvale and everyone in the low-to-mid 80s in the south bay like san jose at 80. mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula and redwood city a warm spot at 78, and with more
6:51 am
sunshine, only low-to-mid 60s along the coast into downtown san francisco and south san francisco and sausalito we touched 70s and deeper into the north bay valley, a few mid-80s and along the east bay shore a lost low-to-mid 70s but the exception is richmond and hercules and temperatures around 82 in men with low night and antioch and brentwood. the pride parade begins at 10:30 under increasing sunshine and 6 a degrees and check owe the temperatures in the afternoon at civic center, temperatures are running in the low 70s. my seven-day forecast shows warm of the this weekend, start, but nothing like the heat well deal with next tuesday. frances? >> yes, we have quite a few accident on the roads. it has been quiet until the last 10 or continue americans. in san jose a new crash reported and it looks like it could drop lanes near 11th with traffic slow northbound 280 and brake lights on northbound
6:52 am
101. we will keep you posted. in the north bay, the injury crash has been cleared to the shoulder but the message crews could slow things down use make your way southbound 101 through petaluma with heavy traffic. slowing to 23 miles an hour. out of fairfield another early accident is off to the shoulder and traffic is slow on westbound 80 headed to the cordelia junction. drive times for you, right new, slow spot southbound 101 from santa rosa to san francisco when hour and four minutes. >> i will send you some time because i will play on our ipad and you can see the new "frozen," ride that just opened at epcot with people waiting four and five hours and fans just loving it. you go to the ice palace is there is el 10.
6:53 am
♪ let it go ♪ >> and there is elsa, amaze, if you want to want the full ride, you want to want the full ride, go to our
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>> he are seven things you need to know. we have been watching all might and all morning as house of representatives democrats are staging a sit in to force a vote
6:55 am
on gun control legislation. residence adjourned the house of representatives overnight and a handful of democrats are still there. >> president obama is coming back to the bay area today. he is scheduled to arrive at moffett field at can p.m. and will spend the night in san francisco. tomorrow, he will travel to palo alto to participate in the global entrepreneurship summit. at stanford. >> san francisco police investigateing two separated fatal hit-and-run accidents, bicycle crashes. officers are looking for a driver and passenger in a woman's death in golden gate park last night. a man was also killed on 7th and howard after investigators say a driver ran a red light. >> four, if you liked yesterday's weather you will like today. trillion not be so breezy but temperatures are close to average to not below from 66 at san francisco to none inland east bay. >> we have a developing hot spot in san jose, and this is northbound 280 beyond 101 an injury crash is blocking the lanes and traffic is slow from the intersection. >> six, national weather service
6:56 am
crews are have thing damage caused by four tornadoes that touched down in northern illinois, with no injuries, and more severe storms are expected today. >> the race is on to get the colorful floats ready for pride, cruise working away the clock in time for the sunday parade the biggest ride festival in the nation. watch out for drew and natasha on the abc7 floats. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the historic sit-in showdown stopping congress in its tracks. as the battle over gun control boils over, house democrats shouting down the speaker. >> radical islam -- >> as the republicans battle back, the fight raging all night long as lawmakers still refuse to leave the floor. also this morning, tornadoes touching down. >> big tornado. >> wild winds rocking the midwest ripping the roof off this gas station and bringing down a radio tower. more than 30 million americans in the storm zone with more fierce weather on the way. midair terror. a passenger making threats midflight forcing the jetliner to make an emergency landing. >> it's a security issue, sir, i cannot tell you over the frequency.


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