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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 24, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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the maine voets are at 48%. now the latest in london. >> in one of the most dramatic days in decades, the people of britain have spoken. the campaign just pass the 16.8
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million mark needed for 50% of the vote which means this country has voted for a british exit, dubbed brexit. immigration at the forefront of the new campaign making the argument for britain to take control of the borders and its economy. taking pack the country's national identity and culture. make no mistake. this referendum is huge. monumentous. the political ramifications, the pound falling to the lowestga level since the 1980s overnight. plummeting against the dollar which will impact wall street and global markets. the camd=$gn june 23 is britain's independence day. >> the president just released this statement. he will be updated by the team.
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we expect the president will have an tub to speak to prime minister cameron. >> the president happens to be in the bay area. many attending the sum were gathered for an event in sframpb tonight. many predicting real trouble ahead. hive in san francisco with what they're saying. >> reporter: yeah. we broke the news to many entrepreneurs who were in up to for the summit. many completely stunned tonight. they say it won't be good for business. >> i think it is a crazy decision. >> the irish tech entrepreneur was stunned to hear the news. great britain voting to leave the european union. for michael, the timing couldn't be worse. >> bad for business as an entrepreneur. i move to london on monday. that really places that future in doubt. >> he is in the bay area for the global initiative sum at stanford. this reception for tech company to network with those around the world.
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but for many here the focus just changed. >> the businesses that operate both in the uk and the of europe. >> christian from berlin knows the vote was not a simple one. >> the struggle, the migration crisis, the economic crisis, some of the member states. from a german perspective. >> many of these entrepreneurs predict more of whatá? happening already. chaos in the financial markets. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> asian stock markets went into crisis mode on brexit. the a stunning fall that caused trading to be briefly stopped. the hang seng lost more than
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1,000 points. the shanghai composite is down 43 points. we'll see what happens in our markets tomorrow. we'll have the very haste latest on the voting on our website and on the abc 7 morning news beginning at 4:30. we have breaking news from kern county. wildfire has destroyed 50 to 60 homes just this evening. this is happening about 41 miles northeast of bakersfield. the fire is running near lake isabella. incredible video showing the entire hillside on fire. 4,000 acres so far. video from firefighters shows the destruction of homes, gutted by names. firefighters describe conditions on the lines to abc7 news. >> this is bad. it started about four chog p.m. today. hot, dry, fast. burned through several communities. we have evacuations set in place now.
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>> 1,500 residents have been evacuated. firefighters say some have refused to leave. tonight at least 500 firefighters are on the front lines and more help is on the way. fire is 0% contained and officials expect to it continue on grow and expect more homes to be hossa. we'll have updates on the fire on abc7 news bay area. >> as i am, president obama is in the bay area tonight. he touched down aboard air force one. he then hopped on marine one and headed to san francisco. he made an up expected stop tonight. kate is live. >> reporter: we're seeing the usual road choesh urslosures. president obama's biggest fans brave a very cold and wind night just for the chance to catch a glimpse of him coming or going from that unannounced dinner.
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despite the cold snap on townsend street, a sizable crowd waited on the sidewalk to see president obama. most stumbled upon the scene by accident. >> i was walking home from work and saw the police around the corner. >vkárq president had dinner with silicon valley vips. aaç pierce by shared this. most spectators on the outside didn't see much. then it was enough. >> i would stay overnight to see him. >> i was feeling really excited to know that i was so close. >> this couple happened to have reservations. >> as he left, we were taking pictures. we got our own picture and did a standing ovation and yelled i love you, obama. >> he handed around 6:00 p.m. people were pleasantly surprised to be this in the same place at the same time as president obama. >> pretty amazing. this is the first time i'm
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seeing the real thing. >> it was fun to see. i'm glad i stuck around. >> reporter: so the president will leave the same way he came. you can expect a similar scene tomorrow morning. of course, he'll be headed for that global entrepreneurship at stanford. this abc7 news. >> you can keep track of the president's visit and related traffic back-ups by downloading our news app. just enable push alerts and we'll send you the latest alerts. the officer on leave after allowing his mistress to work on police reports did not break the law. a review of ten cases mike gantt worked on found that the mistress helped transcribe audio this but nothing else. the use of a third party transcriber isn't against the law. the high court blocks the
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president's man to help millions of the immigrants. also, addressing seat hogs. how b.a.r.t. man's to to that people from taking up too much space. >> and barnes and noble. the heat will be cranking up over the next few days. first, a look at what is coming up hive on jimmy kim he will live. >> this is what we have for you. >> we'll reveal the new album on the show. can we do it now? >> any time is the right time. the key is it is alway
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introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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today the highest court helped block obama's plan. president obama said it is frustrating for immigrants who wants to work and contribute to the economy. >> the fact the supreme court was not able to issue a decision today doesn't just set the system back even further. >> this is a win for the
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constitution. a win for congress and it is a win in our fight to restore the separations of powers. >> president obama has promised to make the immigration debate an election year issue. abc news reporter has reaction to the supreme court decision from san jose. >> it's a small group with a strong message. >> it is hurting our morale. >> everyone here has a story of struggle. of perseverance. and of a desire for the american dream. it is no coincidence the 22-year-old is holding this sign. her mother is at risk of being deported. the program would have protected her from being forced out of the country since her child was born in the u.s. >> there is a reason we're here. there is a reason that we want a
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better life, always just a sense of fear and uncertainty that we hold. >> meantime in san jose -- people acting in community together or pact rushed to organize this forum so members could understand the supreme court's decision. and the potential impact on the south bay community. the father of two would have qualified. jorge mendoza says after 22 years in this country, working hard and waiting, he was sure it was going to be okay for his family and more importantly, for his daughters. he and many others here insist they will not be separated from their families, even if it means living a life on the run. in san jose. aebs 7 news. san francisco police are asking for the public's help after two separate crashes killed bicyclists. this man faces charges for felony hit and run.
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police say he killed a bicyclist last night. a man spraying a memorial ghost bike today. man's to leave it there. across town, heather miller was killed when a speeding car hit her as she rode her bike in golden gate park. this picture is from her facebook page. one man left flowers. he was riding behind her when she was hit and called 911. no arrests have been made in that incident. a firefighter's job never ends. the valirginiallejo firefighterh his family on oahu when he noticed a woman face down and not moving in a lagoon. he and two other men pulled him out. they provided support until paramedics arrived. the woman is scheduled to be released from the hospital this week. >> b.a.r.t. police described how officers would enforce an anti-seat hogging law that would
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take effect september 1st. officers will question violators the first time and have their names recorded with a verbal warning on the second offense. the warning will be written. the fines start on the third instance of seat hogging, starting at $100 and going from there. on the fourth time, they face arrest. officers will enforce the one person, one seat rule during weekday commute hours. why not some booze with your favorite book? barnes and noble will have a menu with beer and wine. the first store will open in new york later this year. let's turn our attention to the warming accuweather forecast. >> here with the haste. >> summer's sheet cranking up. we have mainly cheer skies right now with a little bit of low cloudyness and some fog. it is really a cheer evening. here's the camera looking westward out over the bay.
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the colonel temperature readings, 62 degrees in oakland. mountain view, 63. morgan hill as well. 55 degrees, the cool spot at half moon bay. looking out from san francisco. 64. hoe to mid 60s at fairfield and a cool 59 at livermore. and we have a beach hazard advisory in effect you this tomorrow night. the surf is rough. wave heights are rising. large breakers are a possibility. so bear that in mine. here's our roof top camera. the warm he pattern will be with us for the next several days with inland temperatures near the triple digit ratings on the warmest days. the heat will linger boo next week. we'll see a little low fog as i showed you. some of it will spill across the bay. tomorrow this will be the pattern. it will move away from the coastline quickly.
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the beaches will be a pretty good place to go. high temperatures tomorrow. in the low the mid 90s. mid to upper 90s on sunday as the summer heat lingers. speaking of sunday, the pride celebration takes place sunday under sunny skies and mild to warm conditions. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. look for temperatures in the mid to upper 90s beginning on saturday. the warmest day, maybe warmest days inland monday and tuesday next week. upper 60s to near 70 on the coast. it will be a warm summer week ahead. >> this is not for the final of heart. >> where you can try out the new clear slide opening in california when abc 7 continues.
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a new attraction in downtown l.a. opens this weekend to thrill seekers. it is called the sky slide. california's highest open air observation deck is located there. >> admission costs $25. tickets to the slide costs an additional $8. i would try that. that looks kind of fun. >> i'll pay $25 not to go up there. >> i'll pay both of you. >> cal bears get picked and did the warriors just sele
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for the warriors still depressed about the finals, the nba draft was held tonight. draft day used to be like christmas for golden state. we would spend months talking about which lottery pick we would get. now it is an afterthought. they took damian jones for the 30th and final pick in rounds one. he just had surgery on a torn pectoral muscle. he could wind up replacing festus ezeli. the man has tools. >> we like the idea of being more athletic, getting bigg. even though he played small quite a bit. it is hard to final big guys. it is hard to find big guys in free agency. if we get them in the draft, we think it is a good value. he was projected a little higher than he ended up. so we are fortunate he was there. >> the warriors paid $2.4
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million to buy a particular in the second round. they took unlv guard patrick macaw. 6'7". comes out after his sophomore season. 6'7", 180. he needs to eat some more. let's go to the top. cal forward jalen brown taken third overall by the celtics. jumps out, average 16 points per game. his teammates with the 60th and final pick of the draft. at the very top, ben simmons number one. brandon ingram. brown was third. the suns took bender fr er froe croatia. baseball now, the giants wrapping up their road trip. joe panik had only one hit in the game and it was a good one. bases loaded triple in the third. jarrett barker, conor gillespie,
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dennard span. in the sixth, connecting on a blast. measured somewhere between 431 and 446 feet. my tape measure broke there. the giants win 5-3. back home tomorrow against philly. tim lincecum making his second start for the angels. the oakland hitters fared better. marcus semyon had clout. 3-0, a's. timmy just three nnd allows. the first starter to get a win since june 1st. three weeks. 6 2/3. danny valencia, a gorgeous may. the a's hold on 5-4. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we want to go back to check on the forecast. >> a quick recap. i want you to know this. very warm weather coming our
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way. the heating up continues. we'll see the clouds burning off and that will give us high temperature from mid to upper 60s at the coastline tomorrow afternoon to upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. inland areas, we'll see high to this mid 90s. and check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see inland highs in the had mid 90s. highs in the upper 90s to near 100. we'll see mid 80s all the way through. the coast, beach weather from start to finish with high temperatures climbing, 60 to around 70 degrees on the coast. a warm one. >> toasty. abc7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook, and all our mobile devices. >> be sure to tune into our next nuke at 4:30 tomorrow morning. we'll have the very latest on this global financial tail spin following the brexit and the


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