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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves the it is friday, june 24. we will get straight to that in a m but, first, a look at the weather. mike? >> good morning, natasha. doing all right. hopefully you and matt are doing well, and, you, also. live doppler hd shows fog on the coast. some of it is spilling into the lower coastal valleys and across the golden gate bridge. visibility is lower than yesterday for the commute. you can see the bay bridge and patches of fog and 58 to 80 so comfortable at noon. by 4:00 we are 60 at the coast and 80 until a swamming trend today and i will show you the rest the warming trend next.
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frances? >> we have a sig-alert in oakland. in the macarthur maze. it could tie up traffic. westbound 80 the connection ramp to southbound 80, a lane is blocked for an hour. the best bet is to head over to 580 and cut over to 980 and 880 and avoid the mess. two hot spots, the second is an injury crash southbound 680 at sunol. >> we are tracking major breaking news this morning: u.k. voters have spoken. they want to leave the e.u. british prime minister cameron clearly emotional making the announcement overnight he will step down. we will likely feel the effects on the other side of the pond at home. jessica castro joins us. what happens now? this could be the start of a domino effect with money and how the young countries react politically. it will affect the united states. a few minutes ago, the speaker
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of the house, paul ryan, speaking out saying our relationship with the u.k. is special and it will stay unaffected by the vote but that remains to be seen. now, the market, throughout the morning we have watched as the world panics with markets plunging in europe and asia we expect to see this happen with wall street in an hour and a half. futures indicate a on-point drop. the fallout impacting politics in european. throughout the night we have been seeing lawmakers in other european cups call for their own referendum so it could be the start of a trend. we will have to wait-and-see. president obama will be meeting with the u.k.'s david cameron to find out how the change in prime minister will affect the united states relationship with britain in the next three months. that is what david cam reason said. he gives us an october timetable for that. how does it affect us and the 401(k) and what if you are traveling to europe? we will have more on that in a
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few minutes. >> all of this information just coming in and the white house just released a statement saying the president has been briefed on the incoming returns and will be updated as the situation war rantses. president obama is actually in san francisco right now with amy hollyfield bringing us a report on the laps in the bay area today. >> presumptive republican nominee donald trump spoke in scotland a short time ago about the u.k. vote to break away from the european union. donald trump said the british people "taken back their independence with yesterday's referendum." and drawing parallels between the vote and the united states presidential campaign saying america wants to take back their borders. he is visiting a golf course in scotland. >> we are tracking the latest developments all morning with continuing coverage on air and on-line at we down load the use news app with push alerts with instant updates to the phone.
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>> bart is of my forward with development at two major stations and it could mean limited space and bigger traffic issues. our news reporter is in milbrae to explain what this means for the commute. >> good morning, matt, bart owns the land around millbrae station and the board of directors wants to pursue the possibility of a hotel being added from apartments and retail and restaurants and veterans housing. yesterday, in a 7-2 vote the board of directors approved an environmental impact report that is moving the proposal to reality. the report anticipated an officer in traffic from the hotel and the 60 proposed affordable housing units. in west oakland, the extension there was unanimously approved. the plans call for the parking lot to be transformed into office and rural buildings as high as nine stories tall. what is being called the makers bizarre. that development calms for 20%
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affordable housing but the plans would reduce the number of paing spaces and the west oakland lot is the business of the parking lot for bart riders. there has been some push back against that from the community and although the laps are moving toward reality there is no society date for any construction that would begin. the alameda county distribute attorney said that the oakland police sarge. on leave after allowing his ex-girlfriend to work on police reports did not actually break the law. a review of continue cases of sergeant gantt found, gulf transcribed audio interviews but nothing else. the d.a. said that while sergeant gantt pay have violated police procedure use of a third party transcribers is not breaking the law. >> the only overseeing the oakland police department is laying out her goals sitting down with vic lee. he tells us the look of the new direction she is taking the department. >> the only person that sabrina
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erdely reports to is the mayor. -- that mayor schaaf. everyone reports to landreth. >> it is a small number of officers in an agency with almost 800 warn police officers. all the small number under investigation for a seemingly widening sex scandal and racist text and other inappropriate behavior. scandals which have rocked the department, which went through four department heads in nine days. the latest now acting assistant chief david downing. landreth declined to address the changes saying she cannot discuss personnel matters. >> these were decisions we own they are in the best interest of long term health of the institution the she has fired a private investigator to find without is leaking information and said it was not to suppress
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whistleblowers or to stop transparency but to protect the integrity of the investigation. >> the threing of some of the confidential information has compromised our ability to do so. >> landreth said she has order an internal audit of police department. >> to look at early warning systems and background checks. with the new recruits and look at our training. we need to look at overall culture of what is happening that allowed these evens to occur. >> what is more she wants the permanent police chief to be an outsider. >> we do not have a deep bench. it is someone who can come in with some fresh eyes. >> state regulators approve add land to pay for upgrades to the pg&e gas systems. guess whose wallet it is coming out of? a double digit increase in gas bill.
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starting august your bill includes a contribution to make them safer, at $7 a month. and in less than two years the bill will increase by 11%. the utilities commission said the gas stem is massive and aging. >> a new investigation is answering. are you charged more than you need to be for cable? some cable company representatives are being told try to not reduce your bill. here is our reporter. >> tonight, the fission's largest cable company is called to capitol hill to answer in what has outraged so many americans, this question from congress today aimed directly at the executive. >> will you all make a commitment to advertise the lowest price available? any of you? silence. all the bipartisan investigation finding overchargeing and upselling. >> their report said they discovered inside time warner cable's own internal play back instructing employees in the
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customer wants to lower the bill you try and avoid that and, perhaps, even raise the bill. and, to be successful, you have to do the opposite of what the customer is calling in for. charter merged with time warner telling abc that charter customers are given definitely month credit for the fees. and it will proactively issue a one month credit to any time warner cable customer overcharged. >> this afternoon the warriors will introduce the two newest players on the team, with golden state drafted vanderbilt extra damian jones, the 7' jones will miss summer league after surgery the warriors paid $2.5 million to the bucks, drafting the 38th pick who has agreed to a
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two year deal. >> warriors all star clay thompson committed to play for team u.s.a. in the summer olympics in brazil according to our sister network espn. he will be joined by draymond green who has accepted an invitation to play for the olympic teams but steph curries havely announced he will not go to rio de janeiro so he can recover from ankle and knee injury. yesterday, lebron james confirmed he will not be joining the olympic team. >> 5:10. in the north bay we have occurrent temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s so it is warmer this morning a lost low-to-mid 50s. can you see san rafael at 57, a warmer spot. we are in the mid-to-upper 50s up and counsel the bay shore with daly city cooler at 51 and san jose is 57, and san ramon is 56, and brentwood and tracy, low-to-mid 50s. we have a beach hazard, the north bay and the monterey bay
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are still influenced by strong rip current and large breakers through the evening. we will see more sunshine at peaches so the allure is there to head to the beach and get in the water. it is still 52 to 55 degrees. tomorrow, 60s along the coast into san francisco, and 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s inland and minor fluctuation as we head to sunday and into monday. we will look at rest of the forecast and the of veterans happening this weekend next. frances? >> we have a traffic alert in oakland in the macarthur maze. this is westbound 80 on the connection ramp to southbound 880. the right lane is blocked and it will be blocked until 6:00. because of a serious injury crash and they are able to get the parties extricated from the vehicle. they are out and emergency crews will block it. avoid the area.
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you may want to consider heading to 23580 and cut over to 980 and back to 880. this is the area getting backed up and slowing down at the bay bridge toll plaza. another injury crash in the sunol grade beyond southbound 680 and the accident is blocking a lane there and we have another accident, eastbound 4, beyond 680 blocking the lanes and it appears to be a noninjury crash and they will clear it quickly. the drive time on the southbound from dublin to mission boulevard is 18 minutes. >> you are watching abc7 news tracking the break story of the effects of brexit and what it means for your money. >> a lost big events in the bay >> a lost big events in the bay area this weekend and
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> california have their own say on gun control in november. the set of state announced safety for all initiative is on ballot including provisions which 10 requirement to report lost or stolen firearms prohibit possession large exist military-style magazines and treat sales of am mission like gun sales. background checks are required and ammunition is not sold to anyone convicted of felony or violent misdemeanor or with ary straining order or person who has been declared mentally ill. >> a firefighters' job neve
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ends. a man jumps into action during vacation to save a woman's life in hawaii on saturday, a woman was face down and not moving in the lagoon. he and two others performed her out of the water and performed advanced life support. the woman is scheduled to be released from the hospital this week. >> wailed weather is progressing parts of the united states from deadly flooding in west have have to tornadoes across the midwest. at least ten twisters were confirmed in the heartland yesterday. truckers were forced to pull over in illinois. storm chaser was caught in the tick of it and pummeled. this were winded up to 125 mitch with an 11 mile path through with an 11 mile path through point -- >> in the south it is usually, february, march, and april. and may and june and july it
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moves into the midwest and migrates the severe wet system. for us, though, we get most our wet weather not this time of area, and this is one those weekends where the warmth will start to build, and as we look at live doppler hd, you can see there is no need to worry. this is fog out this if you drive into it it could be misty but the bay bridge is quiet, just a bit of gray. afternoon sunshine everywhere and over were the coast with dangerous rip current and large breakers. above average highs each day and overnight the heat relief is there and that is why we not going to be in any advisories although temperatures are soaring into the 90 we seeing that around gilroy and upper 80s around peninsula is 84 in redwood city and a lot of low-to-mid 80s to the south, and 78 in san mateo and breezy in millbrae is will stay at 72. and with the sunshine, mid-60s along the coast today, and we
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are around 70 in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and you head up to the north bay, petaluma is 82 and over to napa valley, wine tasting and 89 a warm spot and the east bay shore, berkeley at 75, oakland at 76 and we will hit 80s around hercules, orinda and to fremont and in the inland east bay, wipe country and livermore at 90 and everyone is low-to-upper 90s and now what will happen at at&t park, tens are going to run around 64 degrees dropping down to 5. first pitch is 7:15. steady for the most part and warmer on tuesday and wednesday. >> we are start off with a traffic alert in the oakland macarthur maze area because of a serious injury blocking a lane and it has been for a while westbound 80 connecting to southbound 880 until 6:00 this morning, so the traffic c.h.p. has issued a sig-alert and the best bet is to take 580 to 980
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and back on to 880 and we have a serious injury crash southbound 680 as you make director way law sunol grade traffic is backing up through the area and a crawl is apporach the scene and another accident and ill be cleared quickly but they does do damage to the guard rail and you will see the repairs eastbound 4, beyond 680 not the commute direction. it will not cause too much of a delay. there are beginning to be big delays in san francisco with president obama in south of market area and we have the trans mart from delores park and giants game so take mass transit >> are you a big instagrammer? >> no. >> for those at home, this is a new feature meant to let you view more video based on what you are interested in. >> i feel lonely. >> here are the tech bytes. >> there are new videos case on your personal previous republics and you do not need to set the
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previous republicans because they know how you like to use the app. >> a car is doing what no other has done before, going from industry to 60 in two seconds. >> it only took a 1.5 second to get this break the world record developed by a swiss student. >> check out the spot mini robot making itself around getting an the dining room and it ducks under the table. >> and as for as flexibility it looks like it blogs on the dance floor and most impressive it can help you load the dishwasher and do the recycleing. >> terrifying. >> i would be so afraid in it was move when i was sleeping. >> now, the food with your favorite books? barnes & nobles will feature restaurants where an expanded menu including beer and wine. the purse store opened in new york this year with the location
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? we will look at behalf is going on at half moon bay. maybe you are thing of heading to the beach or you want relief from the heat. today, temperatures start off at 53 at 6:00, notice by noon we are at 58 with sunshine breaking out this afternoon. we will top out around 64 degrees. during the afternoon. here is a look: the marine layer and how slow it looks to be moving. it is rolling in on 20-25 miles per hour wind. the reversal from yesterday with the average, the warming trend is beginning, from 2 degrees warm neither san francisco to 70 and san rafael is 84, and we will be 84 in san jose and redwood city which is three degrees warmer. santa cruz is gramming the beach
5:24 am
right now ready for weekend where the temperatures are going to be 56 in the water but temperatures are going to be right around upper 60s as we head into the low 70s so enjoy that. >> frances? >> yes, it has been a busy morning and we have had half a dozen citizens and several injury crashes, as well, and hads with an injury crash in san jose south 101 so keep you posted on that. here is what we have been watching the past half hour, a sig-alert westbound 80 to southbound 880 the connection is blocked because of a serious injury crash and blocked until 6:00 this morning. traffic is backed up approach the scene, but you can notice the connection to 580 is moving so head to 580 and 980 and back to 880 of the drive time right now westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is only 18 minutes and not bad because it is friday light so if you can head to the bay bridge toll plaza you will notice this is not were of a wait there. it is just the big backup at the
5:25 am
connection. avoid that if you can, the other injury crash southbound 680 has been backed up through sunol and that different time has been grown, dublin into mission is 24 minutes. >> it will be a from weekend to be outside and enjoy the from weather. if you look for something fun to donnaary has a look at what is happening. >> hoodline has you recovered from pride, to music in japan town. you can lend how to play a special instrument free on saturday. look at the phone, a photo ofly mother growing up in a tokyo geisha house. >> as long as i can remember, this music stayed with me since this music stayed with me since i was born.
5:26 am
three stinged instrument. he has played for 50 years but he has played for 50 years but it does not sound the same. that plays on post street. rsvp. more than 600corgi tags at ocean beach for the contest from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> finally, you can take part in creating a visible and ice conic symbol, the pink triangle at twin peaks. value steps are needed from 7 to 10 a.m. to put it up and then, again, to take it down. again, to take it down. >> we have
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is friday, june 24. a lot is going on with the brexit vote and david cameron stepping down and emotional announcement with big rib peoples at home. >> now a check of weather and traffic. >> big ripples at the ocean. >> now, we have a danger of rip currents and breakers at the ocean. that is what i am trying to say with fog. 1.5 mile up, it has been as let as half a mile at half moon bay spilling across the golden gate bridge and our coastal valleys. reduced visibility or reduction in visibility is likely the next two or three hours. in the 12-hour day planner at
5:30 am
pier 15 the fog is there. 78 at the bay. 88 inland. just the king of the warming trend of the frances? we are going to start off with the traffic alert in the maze may pause of an injury crash westbound 80 to southbound 880 the right lane is blocked. remark is picking up approaching the connection. you want to consider 580 to 980 back to 880 as the alternate and avoid that. go around it. also, the other injury crash southbound 680 it is backed up several miles through the sunol grade with the drive time getting slow. it is growing, 24 minutes now from dublin/pleasanton. we have a few more accidents. >> now the breaking news, the united kingdom breaking free from the european union sending ripple affected across the globe this morning including the financial markets. our reporter is here with more
5:31 am
from new york city. >> yes, we are hearing from top world leaders and politicians including presidential candidates and the ceo's major companies. it has a huge ripple apicket and we hear from the heads of the european union saying britain needs to go as soon as possible. >> the emotional decision for britain to leave the european union comes with a resignation of prime minister cameron. >> the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. >> many would voted are concerned of immigration and the threat of terrorism. with the patting of the british exit from the e.u. comes more control at britain's border currently open. >> there is for reason i cannot go from turkey across europe and into britain. we could have paris here. >> people with more papers we have more control. >> world markets are in panic.
5:32 am
the british pound dropping to the lowest level since the 1980's. in the united states stocks are pointing sharply lower. the dow is expected to open down 700 points and financial shockwaves that many dismissed that brexit would pass and it could be devastating to the world economy. face the new create, some strategists remain optimistic that markets will rebound. >> it would actually be sustainable and i. not throwing myself out of window. >> i reassure the markets and investors that the economy of britain is strong. >> prime minister cameron saying, too, he will stay in office through october but this is really causing a double warm my with the announcement of britain looking the e.u. and his resignation and goldman sachs chairman saying in the united states they have been preparing for brexit for months.
5:33 am
ought lead candidate to replace david cameron is this man, former london mayor johnson, a native new yorker campaigned to leave the e.u. both belonging to the conservative party of parliament. >> we will bring you more on the breaking news through the morning and we are preparing a special report about an hour from now at 6:30 and we will bring it live right here and stream it live to local devices at >> this morning, president obama is waking up in the bay area and last night he had dinner with silicon valley victims -- v.i.p.s and today will share the stage with mark zuckerberg. >> good morning, matt, look at the security here at the intersection. it is obvious someone important is in town. look at the officers and the barricades at howard. the president is staying on howard at the enter continental
5:34 am
hotel tucked away but some were lucky and saw it last night. he attracted quite a crowd where he had dinner with silicon valley v.i.p.s and one tweeted pictures and a passerby shares the president's arrival on periscope. he has created a lost excitement. >> we are lucky. who knew? we made a reservation because the restaurant is very close to my son's work and we were picking hill up -- him up. we had no idea we would get to see president obama the athe president lap at crissy field at 6:00 last night. he is here for the globe a.m. entrepreneurship summit at stanford. he will appear in a pan will discuss with together heavy hitters including the ceo's of google and facebook. traffic down here in san francisco will have to make its way around the barricades today. it is then to create huge delays so keep that in mind while planning your day.
5:35 am
>> a lot of traffic problems. in menlo park, firefighters are still mopping up the fire you can see the flames at 1.5 acres of brass and brush burned. officials say it likely started in one of the homeless encampments before midnight. it took crews 90 minutes to get it under control with no injuries. it is the third fire in the area this year. awe have developing news from kern county with a wildfire slowedded in size destroying 80 homes. you can see entire hillsighs are burning and 5,000 acres are scorched. we are getting the video downed from the fires that show what going on, on the group, the destruction of homes getted by flames. athis isad. the first started before 4:00 people today, burning hot. dry. fast. it has moved over two ridge
5:36 am
lines and burned through several communities with evacuations set in place new. >> 1,500 people have been evacuated. some are refusing to leave. on firefighters are on the front lines and more help is on the way which is zero percent contained. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's help after two separate crashes killed bicyclist. one man faces charges of vehicular manslaughter running a red light and killed a bicyclist. a man spray painted the memorial. across town, heather miller was killed when a speeding car hit her as she was riding her pick in golden gate park. a patch left flowers at the site of the crash riding behind mill we when she was hit and caused 9-1-1. in arrests have been made.
5:37 am
>> happening today, suspended raiders line backer submit will return to santa clara county. he will be arraigned for probation violation. he was arrested in august in santa clara on misdemeanor hit-and-run accident and d.u.i. the 49ers released him and he was signed with the raiders and then was suspended for substance abuse. he can return november 7 when he was resigned. >> bart. start a new law on seat hogging in september. first you get a written office fence and second time the wanting is written, the fines start at $100, and the 4th time you will be arrested and it is a one person one seat rule during the weekday commute. >> uber is making it easier to see how much the fare will cost but it will be more difficult for riders it know in surge
5:38 am
pricing is in affect. the new app version requires customers to enter the destination before requesting an uber car, and the fare will be shown to the customer, but the lightning bolt icon that indicated surge pricing is eliminated. >> happening tonight, san francisco mayor lee will participate in the trans mart celebration for lgbt pride, and this is the march in the city, with more than 7,000 people are expected to attend, and the mission of march is to inspire people to create a safe space for the diverse communities. the march is the largest trans ride event if the nation starting at 6:00 people tonight. >> in new york, police department vehicle got a rainbow makeover before the lgbt ride mark on sunday. the badge on the hood is now in rainbow colors and you can see the word "ride, equality and peace," on the vehicle. it reads ride 2016 with heart
5:39 am
shaped rainbow. we want to see your photos for ride week by sharing it with #abc7now . visit we have a complete list of all of the road closures you need to know about this weekend. >> the finishing touch on my pride forecast. now, the next three days in san francisco, 55 to 70. morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine the total sunshine tomorrow, 54 and 72 and o clouds pulling back to the coast and a bruise around 55 to 68 on sunday. on sunday we have natasha and drew. drew and natasha and the parade. we will damage about it. 63, and sunny, and 1:00, 68, but cooling off by 4:00, 66 and breezy 65 by 6:00. wear the sunscreen. temperatures are 54 to 56 on the peninsula until woodside at 50, and most of us in mid-to-upper
5:40 am
50s but mill valley is 50. san carlos and mountain view and san jose is 2357 and oakland and fremont and san ramon at 56. we have dangerous rip currents and big breakers at beaches, with a few breezy spots north of the bay bridge. from sutro tower you can see the clouds but warming trend begins today and tomorrow we will pull become a little bit, and sunday we have another surge of warmth. frances? >> yes, i have better news, we had quite a few serious citizens this morning. but the one in the macarthur maze has been cleared. it cleared earlier than expected and everyone is flowing well, westbound, 80 to southbound 880 or eastbound 580. there was an early accident and it is off the shoulder now, southbound, 101 in san jose, and northbound traffic beyond 880 looking good but slug iran, --
5:41 am
sluggish and another injury crash, on the shoulder, as well, southbound 680. traffic is still backed up through the sunol grade and hopefully it will recover because we do have friday "lite" and as amy mentioned, avoid south of market area it will be a disaster. and a mess. you could be stuck in traffic for an hour. the president is here and howard is closed between 4th and 5th and 5th is closed but that creates a traffic jam for south of park coat area. in addition we have rolling closures septembered in 280 or 101 as president obama makes his way down to stanford there will be closing of the on and off ramps could a lot going on in san francisco, avoid driving in the area with president obama's visit and the trans march tone at 6:00 and we have the giants game, at 7:15. so it will be really tied up. mass transit is best bet, and bart, great, caltrain and muni reporting no delays.
5:42 am
>> so much going on. >> so much going on. you are watching abc7
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5:44 am
>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> president obama is reassuring millions of people they do not need to fear immediate deporting. this is after the supreme court decision struck down president obama's executive action. we have reaction from santa clara county which has the third highest number of undocumented immigrants in the state. >> small group with a strong message. awe are hurting, our community and mother rally and society. >> everyone has a story of struggle, and desire for the american dream.
5:45 am
it is no coincidence this 22-year-old is holding a sign, her mother is at risk of being deported. the program who have protected her from being forced out of country because her child was born in the up. law is a reason we are leader and want a better life >> in east san jose. people acting together in community, rushed to organize this forum so members could understand the supreme court decision and the potential impact on the south bay community. the father of two would have qualified for the program. he said after 22 years in the country working hard and waiting he was sure it would be okay forly family and, more importantlies for his daughters. he and many others insist they will not be separated from their families even in it means living
5:46 am
a life on the run. >> french investigators will try to extract information from the two black boxes of an egyptair flight that crashed into the medicine train. all 66 people died weapon the airbus plunged into the sea. investigators had trouble getting data from the recorders and hope the friend speakers can remove the salt deposit on the memory chips. they have more advanced equipment that may help. >> google efforts to provide high speed internet service to san francisco is speeding up acquiring a company that is high speed broadband prayers using wireless and fiber connections to provide internet service. google has been trying to introduce internet service without building a new fiber optic network. it could expand service more quickly in san francisco and the rest of the pay area.
5:47 am
>> a new attraction on the bank tower in downtown los angeles opened. it is called the sky slide. the glad slide hangs over the streets and takes people from the 70th floor to the 69th and the highest open air observation deck can costs $25 but tickets to the slide confidents an additional $8. >> who can you pay to fought go on this. >> you get into a sack and you lung almost 70' down into nothingness. >> you have see the videos on facebook of the we chinese glass bridges? >> yes. >> people crawling, crying, across. i am sure what it will be like. >> severe fear of heights? >> i got over my fear putting up crime lights on to story house does that. >> a on the roof.
5:48 am
>> i have to my solar panels so i have to get on the roof and do that but i used to be but it is a last money for a three second thrill ride. >> new, the winds, you can see around me the cloud deck is thicker and there is mist and drizzle in the air this morning. do not be surprised if you need to use the windshield wipers the closer you are to the coast. sfo is 18. concord is 13. fairfield is 17. we still is a healthy sea breeze. you can see it is cloudy in san rafael and temperature right there is 2357. all of us going to see sunshine this afternoon, above average highs every day in my seven-day outlook and overnight heat relief continues and we do not have advisories although we are getting warm the next couple of days. today we are back to above average, low-to-upper 88 for the south bay like san jose at 84 and los gatos upper 80s to low 90s and 76 today if you are headed to the board walk, low-to-mid 70s around millbrae and upper 70s around san mateo
5:49 am
and low-to-mid 80s for the rest peninsula and mid-60s along the coast, nearly accident in downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, and heart to plaintiff how moist it is this morning. temperature is 82 in petaluma as 8:00 as it is in the north bay valley up near 90 in napa and santa rosa and calistoga, mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay shore with low-to-mid 80s around hercules and castro valley and fremont and low-to-mid 90s inland east bay. the first play giants pack in town today and they are going to be kick off a home game at 6:15. dropping down to 58 by 10:15. lows tonight are again in the money 50s with less cloud cover tomorrow morning and that will spring board us to temperatures at four degrees warmer and with the warmest temperature looking around tuesday and wednesday. we have friday light traffic and an early traffic alert and recovers quickly.
5:50 am
westbound 80 to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were turn on so starting to back up to 880 overcrossing and the other scene, on the drive, the fog on the golden gate bridge but no major problems in the north bay into san francisco we have quite a few injury citizens, not blocking any lanes but you can see the traffic is back up for a few miles, slow through the sunol grade and, also, early accidents have been cleared but heavy, northbound 880 approaching 17. >> current and former lyft drivers can cash in on $27 million settlement that increases regulations against being fired but it failed to resolve in the drivers are employees or independent contractors. the drivers argued they should be considered employees and allow to form a union. 163,000 drivers will submit the $27 million.
5:51 am
>> we are here to help you start >> we are here to help you start the day with news and weather
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news thatlies where you live. a hearing is held for a lawsuit filed by a lafayette neighborhood group trying to stop a housing development. though want the judge to stop the project or to let the citizens vote. they say the city is already overrun by traffic allowing too many other developments. the site is over 22 acre deer hill property. developer reached a compromise to build 44 system family homes and a full sized soccer field. aone of san francisco's eldest
5:54 am
family run restaurants at wharf is sold, the grotto is sold to chris henry. the family said they decided to sell because everyone is get old and the next generation does not want to carry on. henry expected the transfer to be completed by early september. all the image is among the most iconic troops raising the american flag after the battle of in world war ii, decades old but now the marine corps investigation shows that one of the men in the photo from 1945 was misidentified for years. john bradley was not one of the six pictures and we know the true identity of the marine is private first-class hair harold schultz. >> he was part of the day and the excitement, but it was different. skit an important story to
5:55 am
share. >> the marine will use the name of schultz rather than broadly when reference the flag raisers. >> grab a coat if you heading outside it is misty and drizzle drizzley. now, in san jose hour by hour, 6:00, it will be around 57. we will top out around 84 at 3:00, and the am high is 81. at 6:00, it will be 80. at noon, a comfortable 76. pleasanton, the alameda county fair, 73 weapon we occupy. -- when we open we will drop into the 60s after the sun is setting at 8:30. at sonoma,ness car is here, and 84, breezy, and 88 and remain withest tomorrow, but strong sunshine and 86 on sunday when we with respect up. on friday heading up to lake tahoe, 78.
5:56 am
my minute through the central valley. los angeles is only 80. palm springs is only 111 down from 122 early this week. frances? >> we will start with a look of the toll plaza but it is friday and not backed up, just 880 slow on fast track. but we have a lot of things going on today so heads up, amy has been covering rebound's visit at howard closed in south of market between 4th and 5th and 5th is closed and it will tie up traffic through the area and there will be roll closures on 280 and, pole, 101 as president obama makes his way down to stanford. i will have the update and other thins to avoid for traffic in the next report. >> today is the day to spread the love because it happened to be national kissing day.
5:57 am
>> you don't say. >> had year, it will be bigger and better than ever marking the 10th year for "national kissing day," in the united states and the u.k. the idea is for all of us to better appreciate the response of a kiss whether it is a dog, a feline friend, kiss on the cheek... >> let me reiterate the pops of kissing the right person. in not...saturday will be...national eating by very sell day. or "national pick your stuff up day." >> absolutely. >> we follow breaking news, u.k. voters have spoken, they want to leave the e.u. so we look at the impact on your 401(k) and how it impact on your 401(k) and how it affects
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv
6:00 am
broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m., this is the aftermath of the brexit vote. world markets destabilizeed. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. we will have full coverage of brexit in a moment and the markets open in half an hour, but, first, a check on the friday forecast. the mike? >> good morning, everyone. damp here at san francisco and up in our coastal valleys heading into the north bay as the fog is more moisture laden and the marine layer, it feels damp and cooler. now, the temperatures in my 12-hour day planner by looking at gorgeous sunshine from mount tamalpais, 50 to 60 as we step out and most of us sunny, 58 at coast and 8 inland and all of us sunny by, a remain a trend today. more of the weekend forecast is ahead. frances? >> we had a lot of activities early. they have cleared. i want to show.


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