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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m., this is the aftermath of the brexit vote. world markets destabilizeed. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. we will have full coverage of brexit in a moment and the markets open in half an hour, but, first, a check on the friday forecast. the mike? >> good morning, everyone. damp here at san francisco and up in our coastal valleys heading into the north bay as the fog is more moisture laden and the marine layer, it feels damp and cooler. now, the temperatures in my 12-hour day planner by looking at gorgeous sunshine from mount tamalpais, 50 to 60 as we step out and most of us sunny, 58 at coast and 8 inland and all of us sunny by, a remain a trend today. more of the weekend forecast is ahead. frances? >> we had a lot of activities early. they have cleared. i want to show. >> few camera shots, westbound
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looking good, into foster city with slowing southbound 880 near 92 and a nice looking shot of 280 in san jose, highway 17, across the screen. it will be pretty crowdedded with the necessary weather folks heading to the beach and president obama is here south manager coat area. we have a lot of activity in san francisco that will affect the commute. >>er continuing to track the major breaking news this morning the u.k. voting to break from the european union. early this morning an emotional prime minister david cameron announcing he is step down and will look by october. he said this morning that he doesn't feel that he is the right opinion to lead the country into to new chapter. the vote sent the world market into turmoil and futures are down right now, and european and asian markets are tumbleing some by 10%. jessica castro is tracking this. what does it mean for the average american? >> obviously sit a shock for the
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entire world and we do expect wall street to belong when it opens. many of you probably wonder, what does it mean for your 401(k)? or, maybe, upcoming trip? system suspect indicates we could see a drop of on points of the dow when it opened. that could mean 2,700 hit on your retirement savings. if you are close to retirement this obviously affects you more. if you can wait it out you will likely recover some of the loss. now, summer travel, so at the love people have planned a vacation to london or other british city it could be a good thing for you, americans who go abroad to the u.k. will have more buying power with the steep drop with the pound. on the flip side, british travelers may cut back on their plans to visit the united states. we do picket president obama to speak out today, this morning we have heard from leaders all over
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the world. i will be checking back in shortly, in a moment. matt? >> presumptive republican nominee donald trump spoke in scotland a short time ago about the u.k. vote to break away from the european union. the british people have "taken back their independence," with the referendum and is drawing parallel between the brexit vote and the unpresidential campaign saying americans want to take their boarders back. he is visiting a golf court in scotland. >> we will bring you more on breaking news throughout the morning and we are preparing a special report airing in less than 30 minutes at 6 o'clock. we will bring this to you right here and stream it online at and on the news app. >> bart is now moving forward with development at two major stations right now, and it could mean less parking and more traffic.
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what does it mean? >> big things if you drive to millbrae bart station. a lot of the empty spaces would disappear being replaced with low tells and hops and restaurants and affordable housing. yesterday, the board of directors voted with a substitute vote to approve the environmental impact report for the proposal. it has been in the woulds for years and this is only one step closer to inching it to reality. two of the directors are concerned of the increase in traffic. people who park-'n-ride are more concern on the commute. >> this is critical. for the paing, you probably are going to need more multilevel parking in this area, not less. >> right. >> the board unanimously approved the west oakland extension called the makers'
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bizarre calling for the park lot to be transferred into office and relate buildings nine stories tall. 20% is going to be affordable housing. however, neither of the projects have exact construction dates set. >> the oakland police sergeant on leave for allow his ex gulf to work on the police reports did not actually break the law. that is what the alameda county d.a. found. a review of continue cases sergeant gantt work on found the , girlfriend transcribed audio interview but nothing else. sergeant gantt may have violate ed police procedures this is not actually against the law. >> protecting overnight, you can see where a man was stopped to down san jose. police surged for evidence right after it happened at 11:00 last night. paramedics rushed the victim to the trauma center. this is no word on how he is doing. last night's standing took place
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at interpret 280. law is a land to pay for upgrades for the pg&e gas system coming out of your wallet with a double digit officer in the gas bill. in august your bill will include your indication to make utilities gas system safer at $7 a in. in less than with years the bill will increase 11% and the commission said pg&e gas system is massive and aiming. >> the warriors will introduce the two newest player on the team, last night the goes goes drafted vanderbilt center with the first round make, dame beyond -- damian jones at 7' the warriors paid $2.5 million for the milwaukee bucks for second run pick who was the 38th picture. he has agreed, already to a two-year deal. >> a firefighter be called a hero after jumping into action
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on the off time. big changes could come for riders in the south by after issues were discovered with the company contracted for door-to-door pickup. >> but, first, a miffy morning with beautiful golden gate with beautiful golden gate bridge barely seen with
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>> the roof has a lost dew. now, the temperatures in san francisco, we are mainly in the 50 to 53, and 56 in san leandro and union city. pleasanton. santa clara at 54 and palo alto and petaluma and healdsburg at 52. and pacifica is 51. at beach today, all the way through the evening, strong rip current and large breakers in the waters at 52 to 55. that could be another reason to stay out of it. tomorrow, the forecast is 60 at the coast in san francisco and 70s and 80s an the bay. 90s inland. sunday, into monday, do not see much of a change.
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it could be warmer toward tuesday and wednesday. that system coming up and the latest on the pride parade forecast. >> if you want did cool down head to the golden gate bridge where a last fog, be careful driving across the span during the commercial break you may have seen the life shot. traffic is light in the north bay. headed to the gonna, bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup, to the 880 overcrossing and an early injury crash in the macarthur maze and it has been leader. tracy to dublin is 37 minutes, and southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard early injury crash, 26 minutes and slow northbound 85101 to cupertino because of early crash. >> this morning there will an vote on whether to end a contract with the paratransit service after 23 years, with an audit undiscoverring discrepancies in the number of riders being recorded and questionable billing practices
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giving specialized door-to-door service for those with disabilities would cannot ride a bus. in v.t.a. outreach is given a one year notice. >> have your say in new gun control measures in california, the proposal you are asked to vote on in november. >> and severe weather is hitting a large portion of america, and a large portion of america, and the dangerous conditions ♪ a large portion of america, and the dangerous conditions caress presents... the world's first bodywash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. now in 4 unforgettable fragrances
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whoo! i mean, whoo. daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. wild weather is rocking parts of the united states from deadly flooding in west virginia to tornadoes across the midwest. at least 10 twisters were confirmed yesterday in the heartland with trickers pulling over in buckley, illinois, with storm chasers pummeled by the twisters. and here there were winds up to 125 minute tearing 11 mile path through a small town in illinois. >> a five day forecast starts as demonstrators try to draw attention to the closing of diabolo canyon in southern california, the last nuclear power plan. environmentalists say the closure will harm the lean
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energiest. at noon, protesters are planning to march from the parking lot in oakland to sierra club office on webster. this afternoon the demonstrators will take bart to san francisco for professors at greenpeace and natural resources defense council and pg&e. >> california votes have their own say on gun control in november november with the sent state announcing yesterday that the safety for all initiative will be on the ballot. among the providings is a requirement to report lost or stolen firearms, prohibiting possession of large capacity military-style magazines and treats ammunition sales hike gun seals. background checks would be required, am inning is not sold to anyone convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor or anyone with a restraining order or person who has been declared mentally ill. >> first' job never ends. a bay area man jumps into action to save a woman while on vacation. the paramedic and firefighters was with his family in hawaii on saturday. he notice add woman was face down and not moving in a lagoon.
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he and two others pulled her out and purchased advanced life support until the paramedics arrived. the woman is going to be released from the hospital this week. >> nascar rubs to sonoma kicking off a huge weekend. drivers are on the track practicing. today, twoness car legends will be added to the "wall of honor," and tens of thousands of fans are attending the weekend of events. last year the crowd was the biggest at sonoma raceway in a decade. they do not have air conditioning inside of the cars so we need to be town on the air conditioning. >> we would not know it from the misty conditions. >> if you are headed to miscar you do not have to worry about it this weekend, i have been out in sears point when it has been in the 90s and it is really hot in the stamps, i can imagine
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in the cars. congratulations, for the honorees. breezy at times with afternoon sunshine and the warmest day is tomorrow at 88 and when the main race kicks off on sunday we kick off at 86 but wear the sunscreen. the winds are bombing at sfo at 14, and livermore is ten, and fairfield is 1, and slower sea breeze will allow the sunshine developing at walnut creek to warm us today. the beginning of the weekend warming trend is today with afternoon sunshine and good news is with the above average highs, our nights are still comfortable. low-to-mid 80s for most of us in santa clara valley and morgan hill and gilroy upper 80s to 92 and 76 in santa cruz and from 72 in millbrae to 84 in redwood city, and along the peninsula, mid-60s at the coast and nearly accident in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and 82 at people lute to napa at 89 across the not bay, and 75 in berkeley to 80 in fremont and hercules and oakland at 76 and 90 to 96 is the spread
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inland east bay neighborhoods. at&t park tonight first place giants are back in town, three game win extreme 64 at 7:00, dropping to 57 by end of the game. my seven-day outlook shows away from the coast, 80s and 90s all the way through thursday with 60s to nearly 70 is warmest day on tuesday at the coast. frances? >> a new injury crash came in, in fremont, and this is north 880 at thornton, a motorcycle accident. we will keep an i didn't on this with traffic getting by southbound we have friday "lite" traffic and not much of a delay. we have had quote a few injury citizens this morning and even much earlier we have had thinged tied up out of leften, through the is fell grade, city slow although the crash has been cheered. avoid this, and you may want to consider mass transit, with bart a great option and the few slow spots is but not horrible but
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the stretch southbound 880 from dublin to mission now is 27 minutes and slow traffic northbound 85 heading to cupertino because of another usually injury crash. >> i want to show you a photo a viewer sent, take a look at that, on the ipad, what our viewer called a silky sunset. lucky to be right, right? >> share pictures with us and we will share them. >> michael finney is tackling questions next. today he is clearing up when the landlord can increase your security deposit. >> facebook is taking action >> facebook is taking action after accused of bias
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. facebook has updated training for employ ease after criticism they dismissed conservative voices. menlo park based facebook offers bias train on dealing with issues of race and age and gender. that training will add a political aspect. many americans get their news
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from facebook. they claim they politically "neutral." >> and now time for ask michael finney. can my security deposit be increased, the second time in the last year? "7 on your side" michael finney has the answer. >> yes, thats for question. it depend on two things were. if you have a less the security deposit cannot go up during the agreement. in it is in to month, the landlord can up the security depost but they must give you 30 days' notice. however, in the amount you have already paid equals two times the current monthly rent, your landlord cannot increase the security deposit. hope that helps. >> "7 on your side" wants to hear your questions, and will be at santana row in san jose from 4:00 to 7:00 to mute today and will be set up in the lazy at the chess society. >> eligible amazon customers
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will be seeing credits in their accounts as part after $400 million e-book lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed against apple and five publishing companies for alleged e-book price fixing scheme that caused rices to increase 30% to 50%. customers bought e-books by 2012 and will receive $7 for each e-book that was a "new york times" best seller and $1.50 for others. how about beer with your favorite book? barnes & noble will open four concept stores next year featuring restaurants with expanded menu including beer and wine. the first store will open in new york later this year and the location is planned for folsom. >> we have a news special report and we will take you to new york as the stock markets open for the first time since great britain voted to separate from the european union. >> presbyterian is wake up in san francisco and where you can expect to see major traffic
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trouble and where the president will appear this morning. >> a misty morning for some but that will not stop our weekend warming trend, temperatures today are two to six degrees above average. above average. i will have actives including
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this morning we are bracing for what could be a big sell off on wall street. the opening bell will ring any second after a tough night for investors an the world with the announcement great britain is leave the e.u. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. and we have a special report now from new york from abc. >> this is a special report. david muir is reporting. >> good morning, we go to the breaking news that came in overnight. britain voting to leave the european union and u.k. prime minister david cameron surprising everyone suddenly stepping down. global markets across the world have been in a free fall. there are fears the economy right here at home will follow suit. wall street is getting ready to open and i will bring in our
6:30 am
chief business correspondent outside the stock exchange as we hear the bells tolling. rebecca? >> that right. this move, the vote to leave the e.u. caught so many veteran traders on wall street by vice. the number them said until the last minute they mostly believed the britain would stay in the european union. that is why we are seeing the sell off on wall street because of the shock, the surprise. there is fear of the domino affect. the far county that britian has left. will that snap vice other cups to leave? the major question now on wall street: what does that mean? what is the unchartered territory going to look like now we have entered into a new and different world? the world at home, united states most immediate impact people will likely see this in their
6:31 am
401(k) and you can see the dow jones industrial average is falling and the s&p 500 falling and you will see that backing your 401(k). in it holds where they are now and close out the day where they are, the average 401(k) retirement savings account would lose $2,700. the longer term question, what does it mean for the world economy? in britain, in the european union, slows down, that would not be insignificant. it could spill over to the united states. there were a number of companies in the united states that have warned of the impact the move would have on their business. caterpillar hassations in blip. ford has operations there. a number of multinational companies names we are familiar with in the united states have operations in europe and britian and this could have a lasting
6:32 am
exact on their business. the banks have major operations in europe. london is a major financial center for the entire world. that adds to the uncertainty and unchartered territory. jamie dimon has an e-mail to employees saying you could see in cost employees and jobs overseas in the united kingdom. >> thank you from outside the stock exchange on wall street. the screen is down 458 popes. we have seen the slow can steady drop now up to 462 points. rebecca will stay with us. i will bring in our chief foreign current. you have been on this all night heed us in london. the foundation of this and what we are seeing in the united states, fears of the u.k. of immigration and the economy and
6:33 am
fears of terror and driving donald trump's campaign and he is in scotland opening the golf course and at the center of a global headline. he has dad timing the same cause a drove the stunning results in britain. this was a revolution in many ways of people not panting in all of the market maneuvering rebecca describeed. they are angry. immigration. a huge concern. when europe widened the european union and cups like poland and rome main i don't and low wage countries came in they had a right to get a job moving here and get a job. there was an enormous tide of
6:34 am
new low-wage workers disrupting towns and cities and labor markets. you have the pressure of migrants and refugees from the middle east the european union has done a bad job handling. that was the tinderbox. the was the same that donald trump has ridden the same issue of immigration and concerns in the country and how it changed the economy and the culture of the country. that was an argument. it is parallel. the question, what can the next britain out of the european union do to help those people? after the shock wears off, this is a great deal of uncertainty. going into the vote in britian i was tied. that is what we so in america in ohio, pennsylvania, and
6:35 am
margin in britain, the choice to leave. terry, you reported on "good morning america" the prime minister now shocked britain by stepping down meeting with the queen any guess meeting is about? >> great quote. what is role of the queen? there is a formal role. david cameron has to visit with the queen to inform her he will step down. that is a formality. in the turmoil and uncertainty as the pound cbss and people's jobs are on the line and everyone wonders what is next,
6:36 am
the monarch has been the island of stability where the country can rally. when princess diana was killed in paris and a huge outpouring of grief she stepped forward to share the grief and it calmed the waters. she could have a role to play and beyond that the royal family has a role to play. the queen was queen when britain lost the empire and presided over that in a way to keep britain strong and connected. her children and grandchild could have a role in helping britain remain international and strong country now they are out of europe. the dow is down 508 points after being down further but it is
6:37 am
leveling out around 500 which is still a significant drop on a friday morning. rebecca you are a student of the markets. people are worries about their 401(k)s. is this a leveling off or a big day ahead? it is coming bag at least -- coming back. >> the veterans i have been talking to on wall street expect volatility today and the days and weeks ahead because of this unchartered territory as they try to wrap their head around how big an impact this is going to have on the european union on the european economy and our economy in the up. fin who is watching this should know that if you were thing of purchasing a him but worried about where the interest rates were going or mying a car or expanding your business but worried about interest rates, and they could climb higher,
6:38 am
this event seals interest rates lower for the time being particularly potentially for the rest of the career. we have heard from fed chairwoman watching the over vent in britain and will monitor it. it could have an impact on our economy. the big thing for machines, this will likely maintain interest rates where they are. we will likely not see a hike in interest rates as a result of the brexit so going out and getting new loans to purchase a home or buy a car or expand your business or credit card the rate on those loans will remain. >> it will remain unchanged because of worries of because of worries of instability in the economy.
6:39 am
we will continue to monitor through the day. we will return to regular programing >> this has been a special report from abc7. >> now a special report with analysis from new york. the dow is down more than 480 point. world markets are respond telling this. >> what does it mean for us? we will see the impact in our 401(k) but enters are seal lower for the time being and this is the silver lining. we will have more on the brexit bombshell. we will go to jane king on how the united states markets are responding and will continue to spend with full coverage online at >> now mike has the weather.
6:40 am
>> gray this morning and as i look to berkeley and angel island i cannot see them because of mist and drizzle. foe that as you commute. the fog is thickest at the coast and petaluma. it will go away quickly. the strong sunshine is going to start or 51 start the minor warming friend and more so tomorrow. we are 58 at the coast, and 62 at 4:00, 70 around bay to 8 at 4:00, and 80 inland to 8 at 4:00, comfortable in the evening and 60 at the coast and local 70s at 7:00. frances? >> the commute is bad 880. there are three new citizens. we have had quite a few injury accidents, northbound 880 fremont, and north 880 at thunderstorm ton and an accident approaching that accident and northbound traffic is fine. commuters are heading mostly
6:41 am
southbound so there is slowing beyond 84. with the injury crash it could cause a distraction. that is why it is slow down southbound. san mateo bridge is hooking good across the span. now, frances, president obama is waking up in the bay area have deeper with silicon valley victims and will share stage with mark stuck. amy hollyfield is in san francisco. >> people would work in the area say they are not looking forward to the day. they have tight security with the presidential visit. the streets are blocked off around the hotel on howard street. it caused huge traffic problems. it blocked off between 4th and 5th. the president landed at 6:00 last night. he is fear for the global entrepreneurship summit at stanford and will be part of a panel discussion with silicon
6:42 am
valley vip's including the ceo's of facebook and google and while talking technical people in san francisco deal with the visit traffic effect. >> i work down the street and the traffic is blocked. as for as you can see. >> we try to get trucks in for deliveries, it is unsane. all the president created a last kit president last night at dip per at the crew gathered to see him. an insider tweeted pictures and us with showed his aralph. people were excited about it. today the blocked off streets will generate some complaints. avoid this area if you can. >> a bit a mess. >> in menlo park firefighters are mopping up this fire with flames and smoke at 1.5 acres of
6:43 am
grass and brush in bay front expressway. officials say it likely started in a homeless encanment before midnight. it took crews 90 minutes to knock it down. it and the third fire in the area this year. >> united states stocks are still sliding in early trading after the breaking news overnight. britain leaving the european union down 425 points. we will go to the new york stock exchange for update and closer exchange for update and closer look at the reaction
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6:46 am
>> the u.k. voting to leave the e.u. and announce 349 from prime minister cameron that he is step down. world markets are tumbleing. jessica castro is following the development. >> it was a shock. world leaders rating this morning and as i walked over here the united states treasury department put out a statement the secretary lieu saying they will monitor the financial markets working with london and brussels to make sure it does not affect the united states and they are disappointed with the announcement and the vote but they respect the decision by the u.k. we have not heard from the president this morning but he is here in bay area. we expect him to seek out leaders this morning. vice president joe paid were spoke to abc saying we would have preferred a different
6:47 am
outcome but respect the decision european leaders feel the vote would have a big political effect on them and their relationship with britain and the french president and german chancellor expressing disapit but it has translated to market turmoil. we have been tag about that, there is concern for the average american's 401(k)s and we have detailedness on that on "good morning america" next. >> thank you, jessica. the united states stocks are reacting with the world on the news that britain is leaving the e.u. and jane king is extraing the markets. a rough start to the day. >> now, how the stork market is looking, the dow is down 400 points right now. but it was worst in the premarket down 700, so we are hooking better. the s&p 500 and nasdaq trading
6:48 am
down around 2-3%. the value of a britain pound is at a 30-year low the biggest drop in history. so that affected asia and europe, so the prices are plunging. so a very volatile day with comments from the treasury secretary jack lew cutting with counterparts overseas to make it orderly transition with the federal reserve saying they are standing by in case this is anything they need to do to inject cash or figure into the economy so people do not panic. the trading volume in london was 700 times what is normal. certainly a lost interest in this and it looks like a volatile day of trading ahead. >> hang on. >> financial ripples from the brexit bombshell will be felt here in the united states. >> absolutely. we are hearing from entrepreneurs this morning would will attend the summit at
6:49 am
stanford attending a reception for silicon valley tech companies to net with those around the world and saying great britain's vote to leave is bad for business. >> there are struggles and immigration crisis, the economic crisis, and some of the member states but as far as germany, we do not see the separation to individual member states as a good solution. many of the entrepreneurs predict more of what is happening already which is the instability of the financial market. abart is of my forward with two proposed land to develop space near the west oakland and millbrae station. the project has been in the woulds for years and moved a step closer yesterday when the board approved the report. it includes hotel, restaurant and shops on bart-owned land and they approved lands for a mixed use development transforming the parking lot around the west oakland station. in doubt is set for either project to begin.
6:50 am
>> big events this weekend in the bay area. and now the weather. >> good morning, everyone, i was check out it is misty. >> according to the seagull. but why have any food for the seagull. anyway...moving on. it has been a noisy morning and not because of sea fog horns. no rain. it is isolated where the 50 and drizzle is, no delays at sfo, afternoon sunshine and coast this afternoon and above average highs. it will be calm. 65 at half moon bay and isn't in san francisco, and 76 in oakland, and san jose, 84 and santa rosa 88 and low-to-mid 90s inland east bay neighborhood. the latest on my pride lapper forecast, 70 today, 72 is where we top out, and cooler on extend
6:51 am
at 78. for the parade 63 and increase sunshine. and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of afternoon. there are other events alameda county fair, mid-80s to low 60s and mid-60s and nasa car fans are at sears point 84 today. 86 when we have the big race. temperatures are above average away from the coast and probably peaking tuesday and wednesday. >> a crash off the dim dumb bridge at university. fog across the bridge, and bay bridge toll plaza a big accident early this morning and that is cleared and now we have a normal backup to the foot of the macarthur maze so it is 20 minutes. slow cross the dumbarton bridge at 28 minutes because of the crash.
6:52 am
the san mateo bridge is sluggish at 26 minutes westbound from 880 and interest pass step city and san mateo is looking good. also, there are a couple of accidents, three citizens northbound 880 but southbound 880 through fremont is sluggish. >> a court victory means occurent and former lyft drive h drivers cash in on $27 million settlement much the lawsuit failed to resolve in the drivers are emmyees are on independent contractors. drivers argue they should be considered employees and allowed to form a union. 163,000 drivers will split the $27 million. >> stay tuned.
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6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. take a look at the big pardon, the dow is stumbling, following britain's vote to break from the european union. it is down 440 points. it dropped as low as 536 points minutes after the opening. the european stocks also are flinging, down 8 mrs. london and 10% in ireland. >> british prime minister cameron announced he will step down in the wake of the brexit vote after urging british citizens to vote for staying in
6:55 am
the european union. cameron's conservative party is still leading parliament. >> traffic delays this morning as president obama heads from san francisco to stanford scheduled to specific at the global entrepreneurship summit with mark zuckerberg. >> 100 homes and structures are destroyed by a fire near bakersfield with over evacuations underway as the fire climbed to 8,000 acres. mayor lee will participate in the traps march celebration in san francisco. this is the largest trans pride event in the nation. it starts at 6:00 at delores between 18th and 19th. >> in the commute goes to the coast or ferry, we will have mist and drizzle through 9:00 and total sunshine and jump start the were watching trend with san francisco 70s and the rest of us in the mid-80s to mid-90s inland. >> major traffic jams in san francisco with president obama south of market headed to stanford with rolling closures and trans march at delores park
6:56 am
and the giants. if you can avoid driving that is the best. bart. caltrain. even muni all good options. >> thank you. this is a look at the big board the dow is down 394 points.
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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breaking news, britain voters stunned the world choosing to go it alone and leave the european union, then suddenly the prime minister vows to resign. >> i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. >> markets plunging around the world as panic and confusion sets in. the u.s. stock market bracing for a deep dive. donald trump is overseas this morning calling it a great thing, saying they took their country back. our team covering every angle for you this morning. also this morning, happening now, deadly floods rocking the country. this home in the east consumed by flames, a flash flood carrying it down that river. 500 people trapped in this walmart. as wildfires explode in the rest. >> this is really surreal.


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