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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 26th. let's start off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. there are some clouds that will try to make their way in from the coast, but without much success. mountain view 60 degrees. san jose 61, and half moon bay still the coolest today at 50 degrees. also we will see temperatures really come up again today. lots of low 50s through santa rosa, napa, novato and mid-60s
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already in fairfield, concord and livermore. we have the coastal clouds, but they really aren't going to make it much farther than just right along the coast. plenty ever sunshine. another warm to hot day. 70s right near the bay in san francisco and near the golden gate bridge and 90s, even 100s in some spots. we have a heat alert coming up. i'll talk about that more in the next forecast. sunday. >> thank you, this is pride sunday in san francisco. there's something different about this year's celebrations. last night's some participants were milling around, not sure where to go. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana shows us. >> this is the first year in a long time the dike march ended with no street party to go to. this is what happened. confusion and gridlock. police officers tried to redirect traffic but as the traffic poured on to castro street, some motorists were stuck. >> i knew there would be some traffic and activity, but this is -- what would you say,
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surpassed my expectations by far, that's for sure. >> i'm waiting for the cops to come and guide us through. >> her s.u.v. was nearly empty so she was hoping to fuel up but was at a standstill. for about a half-hour the crowd overwhelmed the corner of castro street and 18th street. police certainlied the area and dissipated the crowd. but they hoped to participate in what used to be called the neighborhood street event. >> not everybody wants to have to pay to get into a local place to hang out. so kind of nice to be able to hang out on the street, dance around, meet new people. >> it was cancelled this year because no local group stepped in to sponsor the event. the increased security and visible police presence is the response to a mass shooting at an orlando paraguay club two weeks it's a different period for san francisco pride.
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for those who did choose to go into the local club, they were met with increased security at the door, including metal detector wands and thorough pat-downs. abc7 news. abc7 news was atop san francisco's twin peaks as a band played for the ceremony of the installation of the peak triangle. the triangle covers one acre. stretches 200 feet from top to bottom. it symbolizes the badges that homosexuals were forced to wear during world war ii and now it's a symbol of pride. there will be a lot of street closers for the pride celebration. the area around civic center
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will be closed today. and market street from beale to 8th will be closed for the parade. bart will begin service early at 7:00 this morning and run extra trains. and more encouragement not to drive if you are planning to go to the pride parade. the golden gate ferry is adding two more early morning departures this morning. bags will be searched and riders are asked to arrive half-hour before their scheduled departure time to make sure the ferry can leave on time. developing news out of the east bay this morning. police arrested someone after a car chase ended in san leandro. it happened just before 11:00 last night. in the twiner video you see a car with flashing lights on fire on interstate 580 near the high street exit. police have not said if it's a
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police car or if it's related to the chase. a home is destroyed, several others damaged in a fast-moving four-alarm fire that also scorched an east bay trail. it caused $560,000 in damage to at least five homes. >> huge 50-foot flames whip across the back of homes on burbank way. it didn't take long before the fire took on a life of its own. >> the problem became more complex when the wind and the grass ran the fire from here to deer valley road. >> it was devastating. it blew by in about two minutes. and then it jumped to the housetop. it took over of the whole hill. >> the hillside burned fast. firefighters attacked it from on top of the hill and hem owners
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below hosed down their homes. >> a wind going on, hot outside, and out a lot of houses at risk. >> her house was closest to the ignition site. first it went across her backyard and quickly came in the backyard. >> i saw the burning and grabbed my daughter and went out of the front door. >> two of the three cats were found safe. they were able to salvage a few things like photo albums and things that belonged to her late husband. meanwhile the fire threatened those who lived more than a had brock away from where it all started. the firefighters moved fast to get those people out of their homes just in case. while the fire is considered accidental, the homeowner whose cigarette started the fire could face charges for negligence and reckless endangerment. abc7 news as crews were responding to the fire they found a marijuana grow operation in a house a couple doors down. antioch police officers
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accidentally discovered 800 pot plants at the home as they were going door to door investigating the cause of the fire. are they seized the plants worth more than $1 million in street value. two people have been arrested. the pot growing operation had nothing to do with the fire on top of the fire, contra costa county crews had their hands full with the 40-acre grass fire. it broke out about an hour before the antioch incident. crews were able to put out the fire with the help of two air tankers and a cal fire helicopter. firefighters say it could have been much worse. >> it easily could have come down to the freeway and we would be chasing it over the hill over there. or got up this way and got into communication tower. it could have been significantly worse. >> the fire was contained in about an hour. cal fire stayed on scene overnight looking for hotspots.
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no injuries reported. >> almeda county was busy with their own brush fires. one scorched more than 200 acres yesterday afternoon. smoke from the fire briefly closed down interstate 580 because driver could not see. it was contained around 10:00 last night. the ultima pacifier was one of ever three that crews dealt with in the area. now to the deadly wildfire in kern county near the lake izabella area. human remains have been found in that raging fire that killed two people and destroyed 1350 homes. flames have burned more than 35,000 acres. abc news reporter cana witworth has more from kern county. >> the largest wildfire in california engulfing home of a home in mere minutes. >> we still have a very ugly fire out there in extremely dry
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fuel. and with the winds we have a monster out there. >> the fire tearing through so quickly an elderly couple could not escape. >> we have confirmed that we have at least two fatalities. >> officials dropping containment levels to zero. the governor declaring state of emergency for kern county. >> wind has been the biggest problem for firefighters, winds between 40 and 60 miles per hour at some points and several downed powerlines. power is out to the whole area. >> authorities telling residence they fear for their lives if they return home. evacuation orders are in place with at least 2500 homes at risk. >> so many people on this block have lost their homes and everything. this is bad. >> her grandparents home burned down. >> they are definitely not coming back in the okay is given. i'm thankful they are alive. >> homes like this that were destroyed, and now there are reports of looting.
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now they may not have no place to come home to, but they are being robbed. they hope to have people back in their homes within days, if not weeks. squaw valley, california. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast, here's frances. >> clear skies over many parts of the area. slather on the sunscreen. another warm to hot day. i'll have your pride forecast coming up. >> thank you, frances. also next a family holding on to hope. one month since a 15-month-old girl was kidnapped in vallejo. and not in their neighborhood. the fight to
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>> welcome back. it's 5:13 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from the abc7 exploratorium camera at pier15. frances will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. developing news in west virginia. this is the mess left behind by devastating floods of that killed at least 24 people. president obama has declared a state of emergency. three counties have already been approved for federal aid. about 32,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity. and dozens of roads remain closed. three men died off catalina island when the boat they were on capsized yesterday. four other men who were on that boat have been rescued. the 15-foot skip overturned off
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the point. the coast guard said the nearby fishing boat pulled some of the survivors out of the water. this coast guard helicopter you see there saved another person from the rocks. two of the men are in critical condition. the other two are in fair condition. family and friends renewed their call to find a teenage girl who vanished from vallejo last month. 15-year-old pearl pinson disappeared near her home while she head today school on may 25th. witnesses say pinson was kidnapped that morning. >> we love you, baby! >> yesterday pinson's family and friends released balloons in her had been nor just a few feet from where they believe she was abducted. tributes cover a pedestrian overpass by interstate 780 where she was last seen. >> we will find someone to help us find pearl and someone will make a phone call to bring her
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home. >> pinson's disappears triggered an amber alert. her suspected kiddnapper, a 19-year-old, died with a shootout with police in santa barbara county one day after pinson vanished. protesters rallied in oakland after a vote that would ban shipping coal from the marine terminal now under construction in oakland. ♪ abc7 news was at the plaza for yesterday afternoon's event. the controversial terminal is being developed at the former oakland army base. it would be the largest coal export facility in the western u.s. critics say it poses significant health and safety risks for oakland and communities near the rail line. >> the we're here to say the city council must pass the ban, pass the ban. pass the ban!
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>> the council takes up that band during a special meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening at 5:00. protesters are expected. from scary moments when a bear cub escaped at the zoo in columbus, ohio. zookeepers say the black bear scaled a 12-foot high fence yesterday. the zoo went on lockdown 15 minutes while they captured the seven-month-old cub named joan inside a building. joan is named for rocker joan jett. joan and another rescued cub arrived at the zoo just a month ago. yesterday's escape happened while they were being moved into a new enclosure. >> happenings today tens of thousands less be in in the norh bay for the toyota save march 350 race at sonoma raceway. legendary driver ernie irvan returns this year for a short q&a with fans. the drivers will be introduced
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and the big race starts at noon. afterwards you can participate in a post racetrack walk where you can hunt for prize grads a go pro a camera to a big screen tv. it will be rather hot for the walk, right, frances? >> definitely. bring a huge water bottle. temperatures in the low to mid-90s this afternoon. definitely have a hat handy, as well. and notice live doppler 7 showed just clear conditions around the bay area. temperatures are mainly in the 50s. even some low 60s right now. san francisco 54. half moon bay cooler at the coast where we have a few of the coastal clouds. 50 degrees there. san jose 61. san ramon 58 degrees. right now concord currently at 61 also. but notice some of the cool north bay locations. novato is cooling down. it cools down just before sunrise. drop down to the 40s. here's a pretty shot right now. the bay bridge. you see the clear skies. that means we are going to have another warm and sunny day
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ahead. so we do have some patchy coastal fog. it will stick to the coast for the most part. warm to hot today and then lookout. a heat alert monday through wednesday. i'll let you know how hot it will be in your neighborhood in just a little bit. here are the highs today, what you can expect. close to yesterday's numbers. in san jose 88. mid-90s through morgan hill and gilroy and on the peninsula. evenen a 90 in los altos. but at the coast that's where we see the 60s. if you want cooler weather, that's where you will need to head. san francisco 71. sunset district and daly city only in the 60s, as well. here's where we will have some hot weather. sonoma, napa in the low 90s, as well as calistoga and even a 98 in cloverdale. east bay numbers looking good, more comfortable and mild. 70 eats in berkeley and oakland. low 80s through union city and into fremont. and inland we will see possibly
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triple digit heat. in fairfield, 100 degrees there and near that in antioch and brentwood with upper 90s, as well, all through the san ramon stretch and the valley and through the dub be lynn grade. 97 in pleasanton. if you are headed to the pride parade today you probably don't need a jacket. it will be sunny and mild to start out. even in the morning you will see temperatures in the 60s and climbing to the low 70s in the afternoon. cooling down a little bit later by this evening. a lot of folks headed there to avoid the traffic. temperatures will drop down into the 501's and 60s once gone tonight. and the clouds really can't make their way in. we have high pressure that's really keeping them to the coast. low 50s near san francisco and half moon bay and low 60s, as well, through some inland ars, here's what you can expect. here's monday. in san francisco still 70 but
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notice inland areas where the in the triple ding its, even into tuesday. and wednesday we start to come wn a little bit. but that's three days of a lot of heat in the inland area. lack out for that. be careful. here's the accuweather seven day foreca. nothing but sunshine. hot today but even hotter monday through wednesday. you will notice we will start to cool down by the end of the work week. and be a little bit closer to average next weekend. so enjoy the sunshine, but definitely have a sunscreen and a big botottlef water today. carolyn. >> yeah, definitely. very hot. thank you, frances. up next, firing up the grill. how tech played a part in this year's silicon valley barbecue competition. join us this afternrnoon forelo forelock- for a look inside disney's first place on china. it combines disney magic with the beauty of chinese art and
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tradition. your first look is
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>> you are all excited about an upcoming vacation when suddenly you are too sick to go. so are you out all that money you paid? michael finney helped a san mateo woman out of a jam. >> maria was supposed to go to the wedding of her friends in spain. >> i also wanted to see my family and france. >> however, weeks before the trip she became very ill with
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lyme disease. >> so i had to call and cancel. that's when my trouble started. >> she called velocity hoping she could get a refund for her airfare on british airways. >> i was told i could get a refund and then sometimes they said i can't get a refund. >> she kept getting conflicting information from the airline and travel loss city. finally she was told no refund. she had to use the refund within one year and an exchange fear. >> i was shaky. i couldn't do the flight. >> she felt too sick to fly so she pleaded for an extension of time but no help. >> i called them so many times and it was put on hold, disconnected. >> she contacted "7 on your side." we showed travel loss city the letters from her doctors advising her not to travel. the company came through. >> she called me that week and said you got the refund. and i just was like, yes!
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that's awesome. >> travel loss city tells us airlines is he the rules on refunds. british airlines denied her claim for money back cue to illness. but travelocity said we realize it may have not been made fully clear in her calls with us so we made the decision to credit her account for the full price of the ticket. >> oh, my gosh, when i got the refund i just felt like something good happened for me. >> most airlines won't refund your air fare if you get sick but will give you one year to as you your ticket. usually you will have to pay a change fee, as well. a good precaution is buy trip insurance that covers you in case of an illness. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> sometimes great power does not come with great wealth. the wife of maine governor paula page has taken a summer job as a waitress to earn extra cash.
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that's her taking orders at the harbor side seafood restaurant. her husband owns the distinction of being the lowest paid governor in the country, earning $70,000 a year. so when they needed extra cash she turned to a local favorite restaurant. >> it's ball the money. it's all about the money. but i told him my money that i earn here i'm putting it in a little kitty. i want to buy a car this summer. >> the idea came from her daughter who waited be tables at that same restaurant last summer and made $28 an hour after tips. >> it is the dog days of summer and yesterday it was the day for corgis. hundreds. the little dogs wad he would across the san francisco beach for a corgi-con. some dressed up in costumes. money raised goes to rescue organizations that help find homes for corgis. these pictures were sent using
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the # abc7now. barbecue grill masters competed against one another for top honors for the silicon valley barbecue competition yesterday. abc7 news was at the park in santa clara. one team showed off their barbecue adapter but the technology wasn't enough to beat that couple. an old-fashioned recipe from that husband and wife team. the couple are originally from the south bay. it is the 30th barbecue competition they have won. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. twin natural disasters on both sides of the country. historic floods wash out towns and a raging inferno burns through more than 100 homes. and san francisco is just one of
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several cities holding a pride parade today. we will tell you which sports league will be the first to participate in new york city's pride march.
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. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. we have coastal clouds but they are going to stay there throughout the day. they are trying to make their way in. you can see some of it right now. we've been looking through some of those clouds. they are going to pull back to the coast very quickly and they aren't going to make it very far inland. in san francisco 54, oakland 58. san jose 61, morgan hill 56 and half moon bay 50 degrees. it be cool because of the clouds. look for mt. tam. you see the clouds trying to spill in over from the coast.
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there's san francisco in the distance. we have a beautiful day ahead. sunrise in just about 20 minutes. santa rosa at 50. novato just dropped down to 46 the past hour and check out the low 60s already inland. fairfield, concord and also in livermore. the highs for today are going to range. you've got 60s at the coast. 70 in san francisco and temperatures really start to climb up near 100 as you head farther inland. the heat alert coming up >> thank you, frances. in the wake of the orlando shooting that targeted members of the lgbt community, there be a increased police presence at events today. there's a security checkpoint screening at every entrance to pride fest. safety is the mantra of today's celebrations but there's mixed feelings. >> i think it needs to be implemented and it's a good
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idea. >> we have metal detectors we should all be safe but we are still always looking over our shoulders. >> i do not think more police presence will make us safe. the attack in orlando was one lone gunman. >> an estimated 1 million people will line market street for the parade which is described as the largest gathering of lgbt people in the nation. the parade starts at 10:00 this morning. there will be a lot of street closers. the area around civic center will be closed today and market street from beale to eighth will be closed for the pride parade. uniis asking people to take public transportation and will reroute buses away from the closers. bart will begin service early at 7:00 this morning and will run extra trains. we are using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate lgbt
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pride where you live. here you see members of the center's dynamic youth program march necessary the santa cruz pride paw ray. you can learn more on our abc7 news bay area instagram feed. today's pride march in new york city will be the biggest one in history. a record 32,000 marchers and more than 400 groups are expected to participate in the manhattan parade. last year's event had 20,000 marchers and drew more than 2.5 million expect taketors. the nba will be the first sports league to ever participate with more than 100 employees and their families marching today. in texas thousands of people attended the houston pride festival and parade yesterday. organizers there also beefed-up security this year. bomb-sniffing dogs checked out dogs along the route. the orlando shooting victims' names were written on a giant rainbow flag you see in the
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yellow portion there. a marine that worked as a bouncer during the shooting was the grand marshal of that parade. and in florida more than 100 marchers from the lgbt community in orlando led the hajj st. petersburg parade last night. they carried signs with each of the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. event started with a moment of silence. this parade is the largest in florida, usually attracting 100,000 people. states of emergency are in effect this morning in west virginia and california. out west it's the massive effort to stop a raging wildfire. and in coal mining country at least 24 people have died in historic floods. abc news reporter chuck severson has the story. >> the search for the missing still underquay after epic floods devastated wide parts of west virginia. one family is trying to find their son's girlfriend who was
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in this home that was ripped off the foundation. >> the last thing we heard is she was floating and we don't know if she got through. >> it trapped hundreds of people in their homes. >> we weren't sure when it was going to stop. >> 48 hours after the waters rose, over one hundred homes are damaged or swept away. ryan christie lost his home. >> it was tragic. i mean, just like my home, it's completely destroyed and everything in it. >> it's going to take years, probably, to recover from this disaster. >> out west in california, devastation of a different kind. walls of fire engulfing home of a home in near seconds. so quick an elderly couple could not escape in time. >> we have confirmed we have at least two fatalities. >> california's largest wildfire has destroyed at least 150 buildings. more than 35,000 acres have gone up in flames. evacuation orders are still in place with 2500 homes at risk. so far a land and air assault
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has not stopped the fire. chuck severson, abc news, new york. >> overseas the fallout continues this morning of a britain's decision to leave the e.u.. senior e.u. politicians are demanding britain cut ties quickly to limit shockwaves. and now there's a call for a do-over. more than 2 million people signing a petition for a second vote. abc news reporter has more from london. >> the reality sets in. >> i'm uncomfortable. >> the questions and the regrets. >> i think we've been taken advantage of. >> do you regret the fact you vote today leave the e.u.? >> i'm not regretting it at the moment. possibly. but i need time to tell. >> now more than 2.5 million people and counting signing this petition asking for another chance to vote.
5:37 am
political pundits don't expect it to happen. one even says there is zero chance. the e.u. delivering this message in britain, leave now. but it's britain's call deciding when to trigger the divorce and britain is in no hurry. >> i expect other countries will make it difficult for us. >> what is next with david cameron's stunning announcement he will step down? the new prime minister could turn out to be this man, american born brixit champion johnson. a former mayor known for his eccentric personalities, stunts like this, and, yes, his hair. facing the rath of the voters friday as he was leaving his home. >> shame on you! >> this is uncharted territory. no nation has left the e.u. in modern times. the netherlands, be france and
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italy are considering now having their own votes. abc7 news, london. new this morning donald trump is back in new york after sharing his opinions but i think land's brixit vote while visiting two golf courses he owns in scotland. he has praised british voters for decide to go leave the e.u. yesterday trump spoke about british prime minister's david cameron's decision to resign following the vote. >> it it was a sad way to have o resign t shouldn't have taken place. the whole thing shouldn't have taken place. i guess he was misled. i felt what happened was going to happen. it was sad for david cameron. it was very pathetic for president obama, and was certainly pathetic for hillary clinton, who called it wrong. >> democrat hillary clinton did not campaign yesterday, but released this ad. it criticizes donald trump for his response to the brixit vote.
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and in an exclusive interview, mitch mcconnell will explain his comments about donald trump need to go become a serious candidate. you can watch the full interview is on "this week" at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. still ahead on the abc7 news, a little boy in the east bay with big dreams and his impressive talents to match. his impressive accomplishments at the age of 10. here's a live look from the east bay hills camera. warm, even hot, and sunny today. a heat alert. way above-average temperatures. frances dinglasan will have your forecast in just a few.
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new this yellow guitar owned by prince sold at auction in indianapolis. indianapolis colts owner and music collector jim ersay bought the yellow cloud for more than $130,000. heritage auction said the guitar was a favorite of prince's back ins '80s and '90s. prince died in april in his a paisley park home in minnesota from what has been determined an accidental overdose of fentanyl. he was 57 years old. get ready for some really hot weather. here's frances. >> yeah, we will see triple digit heat inland. but check out the low clouds at the coast. that will keep things cooler, in the 60s. ail let you know what you can
5:43 am
expect and the very hot temperatures that will continue with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, madison bumgarner takes the ground on bobblehead night. rick quan shows us if the giants ace will leave the phillies
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>> in sports johnny johnny cueto takes his is 1-1 record to the: and madison bumgarner tried to extend the team's four-game winning streak. here's rick a quan with all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, giants pitcher madison bumgarner was begunking for his ninth win of the season as he took the mound against the neis. madison bumgarner is also dangerous at the plate so his bobblehead give away at&t park didn't end in pitching, but batting.
5:46 am
the grounder should be the third out but tommy so jeff busted and that allows posey to make it 1-30 in the second. johnny cueto had a no hitter in the fifth. and in all he had 7 strikeouts. but in the seventh the phillies got to madison bumgarner for three runs. two coming on this home run deep to center field by cameron r upp. that ended bumgarner's night. this one tyler makes the catch and it doubles off joe panik who was already at third ways. phillies cool off the giants 3- 3-2, snapping their four-game winning streak. a angels stadium, somebody check out the calendar. there were snowmen in the outfield. in the third, danny any valencia connects to give the angels the 2-0 lead. and he got to the rookie for back-to-back home runs.
5:47 am
first cole calhoun and then mike trout, his 15th of the year. oakland regained the lead with the run in the third and then in the fifth chris davis drives in coco crisp with the two-out single. it's his 50th rbi of the season. albert pujols cuts the margin back to one with this solo shot. the 574th home run of his career puts him 11th on the all-time list. but breathing room in the sixth. crisp drives in a wear and oakland wins 7-3. overton go the victory. the copa america wraps up tonight at chile takes on argentina. last night the u.s. scared off with columbia for third place. team usa had a chance to high in the 62nd minute but bobby woods' shot hits the post. colombia wins 1-0.
5:48 am
america's fourth place finish ties its previous best. l. a. scored in the 69th minute in this game. it was 1-0 galaxy. stayed that way until the 90s minute. one last shot for the quakes and chad barrett ties it up. the contest would end in a 1-1 tie. that's sports for sunday morning. i'll see you again tonight at 5:00. >> well, a warm trend is on the way. frances, is this the -- are these the highest temperatures we've seen so far? >> you know, carolyn, they are actually going to get even higher. so today is going to be another warm to hot day, and then lookout for triple digit heat the next few days. live doppler 7hd showing clear skies over the bay, but we see some coastal clouds trying to make their way in. temperatures right now range from the 50s. 50 in novato and santa rosa and
5:49 am
half moon bay. those are the cooler spots, all the way to the low 60s, even mid-60s in antioch. and 61 in san jose right now. check out this really pretty live shot. this says a lot. we are looking from the east bay out toward san francisco. you see the coastal clouds. it's a very thin marine layer were you can tell because you still see the top of sutro tower. it will mix out but the clouds will stick to the coast. we could see some patchy coastal fog even later today. warm to hot elsewhere. and the heat alert is monday through wednesday. i'll let you know how hot it will be in your neighborhood. here is how it plays out. we have the cloud at the coast. that mixes out. then a few clouds by this afternoon. lots of sunshine inland and that's going to allow temperatures to warm well above average. and that means 100 in fairfield today. antioch, also one of our arnold spots at 98. concord 97. oakland more comfortable at 97 degrees and san jose 88.
5:50 am
you will find low 90s napa, sonoma if you are headed to the raceway, as well, and hot in morgan hill. at the coast half moon bay will be more comfortable at 68 degrees. here's the beach forecast for other areas. bodega bay 68. also santa cruz a little more sunshine. 79 degrees. definitely have the sunscreen handy because you will need it, even at the beach. okay. so here are the highs around the state. we will see 111 in palm springs. even 105 in fresno and 102 in sacramento. and this trend is going to continue for the next few days. in fact, it's going to get even hotter. a lot of folks headed to the pride parade today. it will be comfortable and mild. at 10:00 in the morning you decent need the jacket at all. temperatures in the low 70s by this afternoon. once again, plenty of sunshine. especially through the downtown area heading to the civic center. the closer you are to the coast, the cloudier it it will be and
5:51 am
slightly cooler. overnight lows mainly in the low 50s. even low 60s in fairfield and antioch and san jose. here's a look at the week ahead. the heat alert monday, tuesday and wednesday. we will be above 100 degrees in antioch, and closer to normal for the end of the work week. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the trend, as well. even around the bay temperatures will be in the upper 80s monday, tuesday and wednesday. so things are hot today. they are going to get even hotter for the beginning of the work week. and then we will be cooling down for next weekend. and if that's too hot for you, carolyn, head to the coast where temperatures will be much more comfortable and mild and in the 60s all week. >> that is uncomfortable for me. thank you, frances. a ten-year old boy from the east bay is preparing to embark on a musical journey of epic proportions. on thursday he will perform at carnegie hall in new york. abc7 news reporter katie
5:52 am
marzullo has the story from san ramon. ♪ >> ten-year-old connor is on his way to play at carnegie hall. ♪ >> it will be his fifth performance there. but his first time on the main stage. >> i wanted somebody that was blindfolded then and they will not say it he did it for his age and somebody will say he it like arthur rubenstein. he's not the least bit nervous. >> it's the big stage and the fun you have playing on it. >> his mom a scientist and his dad, an engineer, are nervous and also proud and excited. they have been nutterring his gift from the beginning. >> he was one-year-old when i noticed he's listening very carefully to my piece and waited until i finished and he would clap for me. >> when he was like three or four years old, he could play any music he would hear. >> at age 5 he composed his
5:53 am
first piece. connor can hardly explain his love for music. >> it's like some kind of passion when it comes into you. >> but ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and the answer comes easily, a pediatric surgical oncology. >> i want to be the one that cures cancer. >> in the meantime, he has his time on the piano and for his other hobby, cars. >> bravo, connor. up next a new observation deck on the
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5:55 am
>> here's the mauer ball. no one got all six numbers and wednesday's jackpot grows to $222 million. take a look at this.
5:56 am
thrill seekers can now ride a glass slide attached to the tallest building in the state. it's called the sky slide. it's in l.a. the sky slide is 45 feet long and connects the 70sth floor to the 69th at 1,000 feet high. the glass is just a little more than one inch thick looking down to all the traffic in the streets below. riders will have to shell out $33 just a glide down the slide. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00. hot temperatures and dry brush contribute to a fire that destroys an east bay homes. what officials say sparked those flames. and increased security at san francisco pride ahead of today's parade. why there was confusion and a traffic jam in the castro last night.
5:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 26th. let's start off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. another sunny sunday ahead. it shows some coastal clouds here. they are trying to push in but they aren't going to get very far. you see some of the clouds from the sutro tower. thena reason layer is fairly weak so it will pull back quickly. oakland 57, mountain view and san jose 630 degrees. ha


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