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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 27, 2016 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following for you this morning on "world news now." at least ten people injured after a neo-nazi rally in california turned violent. this as counter protesters confronted the group. several people stabbed. some with life-threatening injuries. they're bracing for more heavy rain today in hard hit counties of west virginia. at least 25 people have died in flooding so far as the search for victims continues. >> crews in central california are making progress against a fire that has already claimed the lives of an elderly couple. the fire is now about 40% contained. hundreds of structures destroyed already. claiming victory in iraq. iraq saying it has liberated
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the city of fallujah after a five-week military campaign. isis held the city more than two years. iraq says mosul will be recaptured soon. those are some of our top stories on this monday, june 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. we begin this half hour with the scene in the capital of sacramento. >> dozens of riot police broke up the clashes between the white supremacist group and counter protesters. ten people were hurt including five victims who were stabbed. lauren lifter with the details. >> reporter: the rally quickly turned to chaos. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: police stepping in to stop kicking and rock throwing. the organization coming under attack, the traditionalist workers' party or twp, known for ties to white supremacy. the extremist group had a permit to march. counterprotesters showed up, and that's when the violence erupted. at least six people from the
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white supremacist organization were stabbed. police say they tried to gain control. that was what our primary focus was, to de-escalate the situation, to return to a situation where we can ensure the safety of all persons. >> reporter: at least seven have been taken to the hospital, two with life-threatening injuries. police have yet to announce any arrests. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. and breaking overnight, a frightening situation on board a packed singapore airlines plane. that is the jet's burning wing as 241 people there on board sat this morning. it was supposed to be flying to italy. but returned to singapore after an engine warning. when it landed the wing burst into flames which were eventually put out with water and foam. no one was injured. an investigation is already under way. and also, an investigation under way at an amusement park in scotland where five roller coaster cars flew off the tracks plunging nearly 20 feet to the ground trapping riders some of them upside down. ten were injured. eight of them were children.
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five years ago, riders were stuck for nine hours on that same coaster. lots of new questions and debates in britain after friday's announcement that the country is pulling out of the european union. leaders are jockeying for power in both major political parties. scotland is also threatening to block with the draw and secretary of state kerry is part of the flurry of diplomatic activity today. more from abc's terry moran. >> reporter: now comes the hard part. after voting to leave the european union, britain must now figure out how to do it. transforming its economy and laws. tearing up decades of treaties and regulations. >> we must now prepare for a negotiation with the european union. >> it won't be easy. it's never been done before. the mirror summing it up, so what the hell happens now? that could take years. and it won't formally begin till parliament acts to officially trigger the process. the brits including former
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london mayor boris johnson who led the campaign to leave the eu and who may be the next prime minister, threw want to go slow to reassure the public and avoid disruption. >> in voting to leave the eu, it is vital to stress that is no need for haste. >> reporter: but european leaders seeking to reduce uncertainty in the markets and to discourage other countries from following the uk's example want britain out now. >> it's important now that these negotiations with the united kingdom start in good faith but as soon as possible. >> reporter: then there's scotland which voted overwhelmingly to stay in the eu. scotland's first minister is looking for some kind of separate arrangement with europe or she may call for a vote to seek independence and break up the uk. >> we will seek to enter into immediate discussion to explore all possible options to protect scotland's place in the eu. >> reporter: one more thing. >> i love this country.
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and i feel honored to have served it. they need a new prime minister after david cameron announced he would be resigning. >> the bottom line, britain, america's closest ally is in turmoil. its influence in europe and the world diminished leaving the famed special relationship between the u.s. and the uk a bit less special. terry moran, abc news, london. two brothers who escaped from a south carolina jail are back in custody. the manhunt continues for a third inmate. michael and matthew chapman the three broke out through a narrow cell window early friday. donald little is still on the run in jail on a probation violation. the brothers awaiting trial on a string of charges. the supreme court is expected to wrap up its current term this morning by handing down rulings in the cases. they could decide the most apportion case in years. it will rule on a ban on gun ownership for people convicted of domestic violence and weighing in on the case of
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former virginia governor bob mcdonald. this is his last hope to have his conviction overturned and stay out of prison. >> donald trump is slamming a new poll calling it dirty and a disgrace. experts says his recent campaign missteps may be to blame for the sliding numbers. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: new evidence donald trump's controversial comments are taking a toll. >> radical islam is coming to our shores. with these people, folks, it's coming. oh, look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? she's a woman that's been very ineffective other than she's got a big mouth. >> reporter: according to a new "abc news"/washington post poll, 66% say trump is biased against women, minorities or muslims. and 68% say this attack against an american judge was racist. >> this judge is of mexican heritage.
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i'm building a wall. okay? i'm building a wall. >> reporter: there are signs trump's proposed ban on muslims may be evolving. >> reporter: would a muslim from scotland or great britain, have you tweaked your policy on that. >> wouldn't bother me. >> reporter: trump now suggests the ban would be focused just on muslims from countries with ties to terrorism. but the damage may already be done. a stunning 64% say trump is not qualified to be president, the highest number yet. the news giving hillary clinton a bounce in her step as she marched in new york's pride parade. she's also taking aim at trump in this new add. >> every president is tested on world events but donald trump thinks how his golf resort can profit from them. >> when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnberry. >> donald trump tweeted clinton
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is trying to wash away her bad judgment call on brexit. >> the abc poll sample he said is heavy on democrats calling it very dishonest. abc and the "washington post" stand by its poll and the sample it represents. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. to colorado now, an investigation under way after a deadly collision involving an amtrak train. five family members on their way to church were killed when their minivan was struck by that train. the parents and three of their daughters died in the crash. a 4-year-old survivor was flown to the hospital in denver with serious injuries. the colorado state patrol says the minivan failed to yield for that train. in southern california, officers hunt fog are a bear that attacked a camper. the victim was laying down at a campsite in altadena when suddenly a bear claude his head. he suffered a severe cut that required two dozen stitches. he never saw the bear but people nearby said they saw the animal immediately afterward. a famous defense attorney has filed for bankruptcy.
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f. lee bailey, one of o.j. simpson's lawyers owes the irs more than $5 million. a dispute over his reportable income from 1993 to 2001. keep in mind the simpson case was in 1995. other high profile clients included dr. sam shepherd whose case inspired "the fugitive" tv series and the boston strangler. >> pat summitt's family is asking for prayers for her. there are reports this morning the 64-year-old summit is in failing health as tennessee's women's basketball coach, she led the school to eight national titles and stepped down because of early on set alzheimer's disease. the family says the last few days have been "difficult," and family and friends are at her side. some of the nation's top athletes are competing in the u.s. olympic swimming trials in omaha including the legend himself michael phelps. before the meet is over, phelps also attempt to qualify in four individual events.
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he's likely to be part of the three-relay teams in rio. phelps already owns some good hardware. 22 olympic medals. 18 of them gold. >> just a few. >> just a slacker on four of those. >> our vote for internet star of the weekend goes to a spectator at a college baseball world series game. he looked right at the camera when he realized the camera was on him and then just kept on looking. >> so there he is. this happened during a break in the action in the seventh inning between tsu and coastal carolina. this kid was serious. he was not going to lose a stare down with just some tv camera. >> the whole thing kept going and going and going. eventually had it to end but not before the kid became a new viral superstar. >> it's sort of ranges in emotions. he goes from angry stare down to oh, well hello. he gets a little saucy with the camera. you're practicing now?
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>> i don't know if i could do it. >> no smiling. > i'm smizing right now. okay, i blinked. >> maybe eyebrows, too. >> yeah. the kid has us beat. >> yeah. we'll keep practicing, kid. thanks for showing us how. coming up, he's being called the miracle cop. a rookie police officer shot seven times delivers a message of hope from his hospital bed. >> and the pooches on parade at this year's ugliest dog contest. so which one took home the top honor? here's a hint. she's blind, wears diapers and as an oozing sore. >> awesome. fantastic. >> enjoy your breakfast. and today's high temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by biotene. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by biotene. weather, brought to you by biotene. multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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rob them. one takes off down the hill and that's when the police swoop in and stop the whole thing as it was in progress. the plain clothes cops had been lying in wait for the alleged criminals. a rookie cop outside philadelphia is making what many are calling a miraculous recovery after being shot seven times by a drug suspect. christopher dorman was shot in the face as well as the chest. his leg, as well. this morning, we're hearing his inspiring message from his hospital bed. here's abc's devyn dwyer. >> reporter: officer chris dorman, on the job just more than a year. proving the remarkable courage and strength it takes to be a cop. >> i'd likes to thank the police, paramedics and doctors. >> reporter: an incredible recovery after he was shot seven times. >> i'm shot! i'm shot! >> reporter: while responding to a call friday, police say dorman was ambushed by this man, now charged with attempted murder. dorman's bulletproof vest likely saving his life. >> need to stop and we need to
2:46 am
acknowledge the fact that something miraculous has happened. >> even more remarkable, doorman's father says he's refusing all pain medication. >> he's alive. he's doing terrific, actually. he was up and walking, joking. >> reporter: and from the hospital, dorman sending out a message to country music star kenny chesney, whose concert he hoped to attend. >> hey kenny, don't forget me. >> reporter: and chesney didn't forget. the superstar called dorman today, and promised they'd grab some beers and catch an eagles game. devyn dwyer, abc news, washington. >> we should point out the officer was a rookie and the suspect is a career criminal. >> the officer has been a volunteer firefighter since he was just 16 years old. that's in addition to him being an officer, as well. and the good news is, he's expected to make a full recovery. >> that's great. then eventually he's going to be bffs with kenny chesney. >> there's that too. coming up, the world's ugliest dog. >> one mutt out of this motley crew that took home this year's dubious distinction. you're watching "world news
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now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting.
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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>> the closest i've been to sharks is >> the closest i've been to sharks is like a movie. >> careful, jesse. you sure you want to do this? let's go diving and hope they don't bite. this week on "good morning america." i get the feeling they're shushing us for a reason. >> like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing. >> that's very specific but something like that. >> okay, so "finding dory" zoomed to the top of the box office for the second week in a row. the film produced by our parent company disney pulled out one of the ten best second weekends of all time. raking in more than $73 million this weekend. >> it blew "independence day resurgence" out of the water which took in more than $41 million, "central intelligence" came in third with just over $1 million. >> in california's wine country it was the worst in show that were celebrated at an annual dog
2:50 am
show like no other. >> it's my favorite actually. there was quite a lot to love at this year's ugliest dog contest. our own indra petersons was one of the judges. >> reporter: 16 pooches primped and preened. >> this is her in all of her glory. >> reporter: well, maybe not. this pack of misfits hitting the catwalk at the 28th annual ugliest dog competition. the event encouraging people to adopt their special companions from shelters and trust me this year's contestants. >> what is that? >> are pretty special. >> i'm a little scared to touch. not going to lie. >> reporter: leading the less than lovely lineup, partially blind bikini clad pup precious. and while there were more than seven chinese cresteds competing, one claims to be the most beautiful. classiest, tremendous of all? the pup with an eerily familiar coif. >> make ugly great again.
2:51 am
>> plus. >> sweet pea rambo. >> reporter: this year's crowd favorite coming back for the third year in a row. >> i am a ride or die chick. >> reporter: for some, these are faces only a mother could love. and me, of course. >> i think she's pretty cute. luckily for them, ugly for them becomes the alpha. >> the world's ugliest dog 2016. >> reporter: sweet pea rambo joining the ranks of the pretty pups of years past. the chihuahua mix taking home the crown for ugliest dog in the world. >> a "gma" exclusive this morning. set your dvr. >> sweet pea rambo is going to be on "gma." i kind of want to meet sweet pea rambo. >> hopefully it's the sitdown of the year. >> i like the tongue sticking out part. >> kind of weird. some of the dogs are in diapers. >> remember the whole thing is for a very good cause to
2:52 am
encourage people to get their animals from shelters instead of from the puppy mills. >> it is a good cause. >> first prize $1500. >> that's not bad. >> good job, rambo. ♪ that's not bad. >> good job, rambo. yes, dear? hey, honey? you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand,right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade.
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those are mom's. has anybody seen my pants? lasts up to two times longer. put those on, dad! it's got to be tide. ♪ ♪ hmm. that old familiar music. welcome back to one of our newest favorite segments our wnn inbox. >> so over the course of a week, we get tons of viewer reaction to our stories on our social media pages. >> this morning we're checking out what you have to say. >> we start with a story we brought you friday morning about that pretty cool robot from boston dynamics. >> so the mini spot robot looks like a dog and acts like a dog. even helping out in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and sorting the recycling. >> dog can't do that. >> no. so jennifer johnson writes the robot would be great for my 98-year-old mother. if she didn't have me to help her. >> hmm. roger abrams said they're going to take over the world with them things.
2:56 am
>> deep thought, roger, thank you. appreciate it. >> next, to a story we brought you last week in "the skinny." >> you might remember the big news about the golden girls themed restaurant set to open this fall here in stork city. and betty white says if she's still alive, she will be at the grand opening. but lynn russell writes, awesome, can't believe betty white is the only one living now of that bunch. betty white is a trooper. >> okay. and mike magowan pokes fun at one of the girls favorite desserts saying, so another cheesecake factory is opening. >> good golden girls knowledge. mike magowan. >> nice job there. >> we know what you're doing saturday night. >> but barry was perhaps the most clever. he says thank you for feeding a trend. >> i see what you're doing there. ♪ thank you for feeding a trend ♪ >> good one. >> like that? it's a pun. >> that was -- that was good. >> and finally, remember that
2:57 am
charging rhino we showed you? >> okay. so this guy caught on camera in south africa. do you remember this? this is in kruger national park and then. >> wait for it. boom. >> the rhino changed its mind and ran off. okay, so ricky young writes us, you should have gotten his permission to take his picture first. >> the rhino did not like getting his picture taken. >> one says move the blanking trunk. good advice, thank you. >> and tonya writes, score one for rhino. >> points on the board, rhino. >> val says it's probably about time to call state farm. >> oh, yeah. >> like a good neighbor. >> discount double-check. >> we do appreciate all of your e-mails, your tweets, your letters. >> twitter @abcwnn. we love to hear what you have to say. >> instagram, as well, snapchat. >> kind of. twitter @abcwnn. we love to hear what you have to say.
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this morning on "world news now," an emergency landing as an airplane catches fire. >> the frightening scene hundreds of people on board as the entire wing of the american made plane goes up in flames. hillary clinton is gaining ground on donald trump in the race for the white house. the latest polls show her with a double digit lead. details just ahead. >> thrill ride emergency. several people hurt, mostly children when a roller coaster malfunctions flying right off the rails. the investigation now into what caused this accident. and what happens when a hard-working young man with a sick mother is trying to take care of his family crosses paths with a good samaritan. you won't want to miss this story on this monday, june 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo.
3:01 am
>> and i'm kendis gibson. we want to get straight to the breaking news that is developing right now. that incredible video just in, a packed jetliner on fire. >> the right wing of the singapore airlines plane caught fire moments after returning to the singapore airport earlier this morning. the flames were all around the edge of the wing where the fuel tank is located. fuel leaks aren't usually a problem in flight. but once the plane lands, it can leak on to hot engine parts and ignite. it was heading to milan but turned around follow an engine warning message. >> a frightening scene there. ground crews extinguished the flames using water as well as foam leaving the mangled mess of the right wing all 241 people on board are safe. investigators are now expected to look into whether the fire was caused by maintenance issue or a mechanical failure. we want to move on now to a roller coaster accident. this one overseas in scotland. a full investigation of why it happened under way. >> the inverted roller coaster has gondolas that sit below the
3:02 am
rails instead of on top of them. yesterday some came off the rails entirely, going up to 40 miles per hour. these are the terrifying moments just after the roller coaster flew off rails. >> my god. the ride called tsunami went speeding around a bend when five cars suddenly flew off. plunging nearly 20 feet. >> i see five gondolas connected and a train on the tsunami ride detached and fell. the wheel from the super structure struck the ground. >> reporter: witnesses described the horrific scene. >> saw they had fallen and a lot of screams. >> reporter: riders were trapped, some upside down. bystanders pulling some to safety as paramedics treated the injured and ambulance s brought them to nearby hospitals in glasgow. >> ten people have been injured. >> two injured were standing underneath the roller coaster. before the accident, eyewitnesss said it had been raining heavily.
3:03 am
one commented about how ram shackle the rides appeared. five years ago, riders were stuck for mine hours on the same inverted coaster. >> the park safety concerns don't end with the tsunami. in march, eight people had to be rescued when another roller coaster ground to a halt 20 feet in the air. many new developments regarding britain's vote to leave the european union. scottish leaders are threatening to block the so-called brexit. scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the eu. european leaders aren't backing off their calls suggesting britain should be allowed time to reconsider. there is intense jockeying in britain over who might succeed prime minister david cameron in the next few months. >> there's also intense pressure on financial markets this morning. asian markets are mixed. there are indications the u.s. markets are hdst -- are headed down again today.
3:04 am
how far, many believe the worst is over for the u.s. markets and note that stocks usually rebound in a few months after shocking events. a neo-nazi rally in california turned violent leaving at least ten injured. streets around the capitol in sacramento were closed as more than 100 police responded to the chaos. one officer says the fight started when 30 members of the traditional worker party were met by roughly 400 counter protesters. at least five of those injured were stabbed, at least two with life-threatening injuries. areas of west virginia face more heavy rain today. at least 25 counties are under a flash flood watch. the death toll stands at 25 as the search for victims continues. abc's eva pilgrim reports from the disaster zone. >> reporter: a devastating picture emerging in west va -- >> if we didn't have an upstairs, we may not be here right now. >> reporter: stuck on the second floor of her home for two days, this family is finally on solid ground. but facing another uphill battle. >> that's decisions we're trying
3:05 am
to make. you know, do you try to rebuild or do you just go somewhere else? >> reporter: many of the state's deaths happening right here in this county where the destruction is everywhere. you can see people pitching tents, trying to make the best of the situation. this area was covered by water. people were able to come off that holler and go and get help. the water pushing the side off. debris cluttered all along the edge. everything families own, in giant piles. so much, it had to be hauled off with heavy machinery. but in the middle of the ruin, heroes. >> that's all we did all night long was grab people, grab people. >> reporter: michael mitchum commandeering a boat to save his neighbors. >> i got nine kids that have to look at me as a father figure and also a hero. my daughter thinks i'm better than superman. >> reporter: through these west virginia hills, the search goes on for others still missing. one of the major issues, many roads are still blocked. this house was pushed off its
3:06 am
foundation and is now sitting in the middle of the road. cars having to go around it. it is going to take several days if not weeks for them to get this type of stuff cleared away. eva pilgrim, ruppert, west virginia. in central california, crews are making progress against a wildfire that already has killed two people. they've established a perimeter around the 58-nile fire in kern county. an elderly couple in the area died of smoke inhalation, and there may be more fatalities. 200 structures destroyed. many more are at risk. we'll have much more in our next half hour. the mayor of central florida town was robbed and carjacked right in his own town. sanford mayor jeff triplett says had he just parked outside a friend's house a little after 2:00 a.m. when he was approached by three teenagers when all of a sudden, he had a gun pointed at his face. >> very violent act. it was a very scary. they said some very -- i'm going to kill you.
3:07 am
and you just don't say that, and you shouldn't be able to get away with that. >> they drove off in his mercedes-benz but crashed the vehicle. two have been arrested. he praises the police department, but triplett admits being robbed was unnerving. he says it was just a crime of opportunity. he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. hillary clinton is gaining ground on the road to the white house, opening up a double-digit lead over donald trump. what's behind those numbers? let's go to abc's mary bruce for a breakdown. >> reporter: hillary clinton all smiles this sunday at the pride parade in new york. her appearance along with other speakers like the dalai lama and lady gaga comes after good news in the polls. >> you can't respond with a snarky tweet. bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows a dramatic shift in the race for the white house. clinton leading donald trump 51-39. the 12-point gap the biggest so far.
3:08 am
trump spent saturday in scotland promoting his golf course and fielding questions about the campaign. >> would a muslim coming from scotland or great britain, have you tweaked your policy on that? >> it's early in the game. >> reporter: trump's proposed ban on muslim immigrants appears to be evolving. the latest numbers suggest damage from that policy proposal and others has been done. 66% of americans say he's biased against women, minorities and muslims. a stunning 64% say he's not qualified to be president. the highest number yet. the billionaire's supporters admit he has work to do but say he can bridge the divide. as for the question of who will help him do that as vice president, one man thought to be a contender says he's in the dark like everyone else. >> nobody's called me. nobody said would you like to be. nobody said would you be willing to be considered. nobody's said anything.
3:09 am
he's probably going to thinking about it about two days before cleveland. >> reporter: that unveiling now likely less than a month away. mary bruce, abc news, washington. labor secretary tom perez also railed against trump saying clinton is about we, and trump is about me. the clinton supporter and potential vp pick also criticized trump for saying the uk's decision to leave the eu would be good for his business ventures. so while he was president, george h.w. bush famously said he didn't like broccoli. and that he didn't like it since he was a little kid. now a kid, a 5-year-old named cooper, is trying to convince the former president that broccoli is a good thing. >> i don't know about this, cooper. cooper wrote to bush saying in part he recently had a meat, sweet potatoes, and broccoli dinner. he says he not only all his but he ate his brother's broccoli, and he wishes mr. bush liked broccoli, too. then he would have less broccoli to eat. >> i love the way he signed the note, love, love cooper.
3:10 am
the former president replied to cooper saying proud of young cooper's interest in healthy eating. he declared love of broccoli is genuine if only unpersuasive. >> so close. >> not even a 5-year-old could convince a former president. >> no, but look on the bright side, cooper -- if you ever have dinner with the president, you won't fight over who gets the last piece of broccoli. >> way to who all of your brother's broccoli. coming up, growing outrage over ticketmaster's class action settlement. >> consumers are very confused this morning how to get their supposed refunds. vouchers for events in high demand are nearly impossible to get. we'll tell you how to go about getting your money's worth. lending a helping hand. you'll meet an inspiring teen who is taking care of his ailing mom, working odd jobs and still pulling down straight as. find out what a total stranger did to help out after a chance meeting. remember, find us on facebook. and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." @abcwnn.
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only finish has the powerball to take on anything. from the land of the midnight sun comes the world's largest bonfire at 155 feet tall. it breaks the previous record set back in 2007. residents of the norwegian town build the big fires to celebrate the birth of st. john the baptist. it usually takes about 30 people to stack the packing crates
3:15 am
before they're finally set on fire. >> a bunch of people in the san francisco are looking at that going now we know what we're doing for burning man. here at home, controversy heating up following a class action suit involving ticketmaster. >> many fans are frustrated after receiving vouchers to shows that would sold out hundreds of miles away or by artists they've never heard of. here's lauren lister. >> reporter: music fans hoping to get in formation for beyonce tickets. ♪ >> reporter: those aspiring to say hello to adele from the audience at her summer tour outraged that free ticket vouchers they received from ticketmaster as part of a class-action settlement over alleged excessive service fees seemed far more likely to get them into see pearl jams, yes, that's with a z or
3:16 am
wonderful as in the stevie wonder tribute band. a few lucky enough to get free tickets to the handful of hot actions like brad paisley and gwen stefani. disgruntled fans are calling the giveaway a joke. stephen colbert turning it into one. >> ticketmaster just unveiled the list of available concerts. a who's who have definitely not the who. >> reporter: most customers not able to redeem their vouchers at all. >> there was no shows with any available voucher tickets. >> reporter: many fans found all the shows they could be used for totally sold out. >> put them in and wawa, denied. >> reporter: fans feeling left out for living in a state with no eligible concerts at all. >> they're being offered ticks to shows they don't really care about at venues they don't care about in many, many miles and hours away from where they live. >> reporter: ticketmaster says it can only give away tickets
3:17 am
in its live nation owned or operated amphitheaters or clubs which aren't in every state and often don't include massive arenas that make up many of the most in demand tours. lauren lyster, abc news. >> i don't think they're giving enough credit to this tribute band thing. have you ever seen a tribute band? >> i love tribute bands. >> and unforgettable fire, so much better than seeing u2. and voyage so much better than seeing journey. you get to be up close and personal and they're exactly like bono and steve perry. >> they sound the same. >> look exactly the same, sound the same, do the same mannerisms. i might prefer the tribute band. >> i was trying to get beyonce. instead i got bjork in reykjavik. this settlement didn't work out at all. this suit started in 2003 when a marketing consultant tried to get four wilco tickets in chicago and it turned into a hot mess where there were different fees he thought ticketmaster was pocketing. you know, some 13 years later, to do the math -- >> now they're finally getting this payout not quite working out as planned.
3:18 am
the company says more actual tickets are coming out. they're just limited in terms of which venues they can use as part of the settlement. >> which means we get additional tickets for bjork. > voyage or unforgettable fire. coming up in our next half hour, the deadly lightning that killed a woman on a florida beach. the bolt literally from out of the blue that sent other beachgoers scrambling for safety. what you need to know before you hit the sand and surf in summer. first, the chance meeting at a grocery store in memphis, tennessee, that brought two strangers together and changed both of their lives. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. "world news
3:19 am
but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit
3:20 am
>> a newfound friendship. pretty special started as a random encounter between two strangers. now it's changed both of their lives. >> down on his luck, chauncey black says something told him to go to his local kroger store in memphis, tennessee. >> what he got there was much more than a bag of doughnuts he had been hoping for. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: it was a chance meeting at a grocery store that ended up changing lives. it all started when chauncy black offered to carry matt white's grocery bags to his car in exchange for a bag of donuts. >> you could tell he didn't have anything, and he was asking to work to get some food. you know, and it just broke my heart. when's the last time you had some, like, you got clothes? >> three years. >> three years. >> three years. >> three years. >> reporter: chauncy, a straight "a" student, lives with his mom, who's too sick to work. so chauncy does everything he can. cutting grass, washing cars, working hard to keep food on the table. >> you don't have any furniture in your house? >> got one couch.
3:21 am
>> yeah, you got one couch. >> and i'm sleeping on the floor, too. >> reporter: white says when he saw that, he had to do something. he launched a gofundme page that ended up raising close to $250,000. >> you're going to be able to get a house, a nice house, it's going to be yours. >> i don't know what to say, i don't know what to do. chauncy told me not to cry, but i don't know, i might break down in tears. >> reporter: chauncy has changed matt's life, too. >> i couldn't do what he did at 16 years old. i couldn't go out and earn keep for my mom like he did. he just makes me humble. >> reporter: all because of some groceries and a bag of donuts. david wright, abc news, new york. now, the whole point of the gofundme page originally was just so they could get a new lawn mower. obviously the donations far exceeded the cost of the lawn mower. people have donated gifts including a new lawn mower. >> now they can buy the lawn mower company.
3:22 am
>> a new business. coming up, some pride proposals. >> and what one son did for his dad looking for love in all the wrong places. >> dad. what one son did for his dad looking for love in all the wrong places. >> dad. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that.
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we're going to kick off the mix" with a little bit of love. there are pride celebrations in san francisco, new york, all the big cities, london overseas. and a lot of people took the opportunity to use pride to propose in new york city this scene. mid parade. these two lesbian couple got engaged and both of them members of the new york fire department emt squad. mid parade. >> lots of people around for that one. >> yeah. exactly. and then across the pond as they would say, another heart-warming scene. this was two members of the london metropolitan police here who mid parade once again decided they would do the whole proposal thing. >> he said yes. it's a good thing.
3:26 am
>> it would have been embarrassing. >> it would have been tough if any of those were a no. >> a lot of people did that. new york apparently had the biggest event in its history yesterday. >> you know who else is all about love? apparently a very loving beverly hills father who decided he's had enough of waiting for a grandson. so he took matters into his own hands and put out a want ad on behalf of his son. the thing is, dad lives in beverly hills. his 48-year-old son lives in salt lake city, utah. but he took this ad out in a local idaho newspaper. among other things, he says, applicants can't be too tall, old, liberal or far from where barron is located in salt lake city. from there, his dad, arthur is offering to interview the applicants and those you know selected via the vetting process will then be flown to salt lake city to have dinner with the son
3:27 am
to stay in first class accommodations and have everything paid for. >> that's kind of nice of dad. >> barron says he had no idea his dad was doing this. he did add he can't hurt. he also said in the newspaper interview he is seeing two women right now but none of them are marriage material. i'm guessing they probably would probably rather have not found that out from a newspaper article. >> now we know why barron is still single. all right, this is adorable. it's one of the highlights for many parents when they go to pick up their kid at school and their kids' reaction. luckily hopefully they're into it. this dad decided that he would record his kid bader every time he goes pick him up. look at the reactions. they go from complete and utter excitement to thrill. >> that's awesome. >> speak of excitement and thrills, check out rosie playing in a field. she is pumped. rosie can't get enough. >> papa.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," financial anxiety across the globe as the world reacts to the uk leaving the european union. the news completely wiped out u.s. stock gains for the entire year. we're tracking the markets overnight. wildfires in the hot dry west are turning homes into wildfires in the hot dry west are turning homes into charred wreckage. crews are hoping to gain the upper hand in what seems like a never ending fight against these massive flames. and new, a biker takes a licking but keeps on ticking. >> a motocross rider suffers a major spill during a race. wait till you see how he ends up get together finish line anyway. >> interesting. and the stars, well, they were on parade last night at the 16th annual b.e.t. awards. we'll check out the night's biggest moments along with a red carpet wrap-up later on "the skinny."
3:31 am
it's monday, june 27th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. first up this half hour is how events in europe may affect your finances. >> okay. so stock futures rights now indicate that the u.s. markets will be down again today after britain's vote to leave the european union. however, the drop may be made less severe by investors seeking bargains. analysts point out that the u.s. markets have bounced back from other plunges within a few months. >> already this morning, asian markets mixed with japan and china shrugging off the so-called brexit vote. japanese authorities say they are prepared to intervene. the uncertainty in the financial markets is compounded by the uncertainty in britain itself. llama hassan has the story. [ applause ] >> reporter: chaos and confusion in great britain. this result has turned politics upside down.
3:32 am
>> reporter: that brexit vote leading some to bregrets. >> i think we've been taken advantage of. >> reporter: nearly 3.5 million people have signed a petition to hold a second referendum. >> this was a once in a generation vote and the result was final. >> so it is irrevocable? >> it's irrevocable. >> reporter: new concerns brexit will trigger more anti-immigrant sentiments. >> stick them on the boat. see you later. >> reporter: worldwide, it could set off a global recession. more than $2 trillion in global assets wiped out on friday as markets tumbled. >> we could see further selling on monday. this is all short-term. if you are investing and saving money in a 401(k) for retirement, you should not be focused on this at all. >> reporter: but that advice aside investors and ordinary people alike are bracing for more volatility when the markets open on monday. lama hasan, abc news, london. in california, several people were stabbed when violence broke out during a neo-nazi rally at the state
3:33 am
capital. police in riot gear descended on the scene. ten protests were hurt. five of the injured were stabbed. the violence broke out at different locations around the capitol area. california highway patrol officers and sacramento police say they were ready for this. >> that was what our primary focus was to de-escalate the situation, again to return to a situation where we can ensure the safety of all persons. >> this morning no arrests have been made. police are still investigating exactly what happened. iraq claims fallujah is now fully liberated from isis. government forces launched a an offensive to reclaim the city five weeks ago. nearly 2,000 militants were killed during the battle, but it's uncertain when displaced residents can return to their homes. the prime minister says the recapture of another major city will happen very soon. a couple of stories from overseas. an investigation is underway at amusement park in scotland to find out why five roller coaster
3:34 am
cars fell off the tracks plunging nearly 20 feet to the ground trapping riders. some of them upside down. ten people were injured, eight children. two of the injured were standing underneath the roller coaster. images from the scene show the detached wheels of one car on the ground. five years ago, riders were stuck for nine hours on same coaster. and that is the burning wing of singapore airlines wide body jet that had 241 people on board this morning. it was supposed to be flying to italy from singapore but returned to the airport there after an engine warning. when it landed, the wing burst into flames which were eventually put out with foam and water. and passengers and crew left the plane on a mobile set of stairs. no one was injured. damage to the wing was extensive as you can see there. an investigation under way. residents in west virginia are bracing for more heavy rain after days of deadly flooding. flash flood watches are posted for at least 25 counties including hardest hid greenbriar
3:35 am
people have been returning to their flood-damaged homes. some pitching tents in their front yards. statewide, 25 people have died, and the search for the missing continues. crews in central california are gaining the underhand on a california fire. omes were spared. abc's kayna whitworth is in the danger zone. >> reporter: nearly 2,000 firefighters digging in, trying to beat back the deadly fire that's now destroyed at least 150 homes. >> we weren't that lucky. again, mother nature and a spark collided and this fire moved extremely fast. >> reporter: residents denied access to their own homes and the catastrophic destruction left behind. >> kind of a helpless feeling. >> reporter: you feel helpless? >> yes. homeless and helpless. >> reporter: the blaze already killing two people and officials trying to confirm if more died in the fast-moving fire, combing through charred out buildings
3:36 am
with cadaver dogs. for the people that have been evacuated they have no idea if their home was destroyed or left untouched like that one, so authorities are hoping they can let people know address by address what's going on. brandi pettit is one of the unlucky ones, told by a neighbor her weldon home didn't make it. >> losing a house at age 29 is hard. >> reporter: yeah. >> i don't wish this on nobody. >> reporter: and fire season still hasn't started. but nearly 2 million acres have burned in california already putting it ahead of last year's record-setting pace. those cadaver dogs along with assessment teams are in this area of squirrel valley which means we could still learn of more deaths and more destruction. in the meantime, fire crews are taking advantage of favorable conditions. kayna whitworth, abc news, squirrel valley, california. >> now to the race for the white house and donald trump slipping in the polls.
3:37 am
hillary clinton now holding a 12-point lead in a new abc news/"washington post" poll, with 51% compared to 39% for trump. this, of course, follows a string of controversial comments and missteps by the trump campaign. 64% of americans now say he is not qualified to be president and two-thirds see hip as biased against groups such as women, minorities or muslims. well, trump is hitting back, this time on twitter. he's calling the poll dirty and a disgrace. the campaign says they are fully integrated with the republican national committee and hiring staff in 16 key states. he's still facing lukewarm support and outright opposition within his own party with the convention now just three weeks away with when asked if trump is qualified senate minority leader mitch mcconnell told abc's george stephanopoulos said he would leave it up to the american people to make that decision. hillary clinton marched in new york city's gay pride parade along with the governor and mayor tweeting support for
3:38 am
gay rights and changed her profile picture to rainbow colors. she later blasted trump saying bombastic talk can cause more turbulence. switching gears to the copa america tournament. it is all over. it ended last night in the rather dramatic fashion. more than 82,000 fans showed up in new jersey to watch argentina and child. the match was ill tempered with both sides losing a man in the first half because of red cards. eight others received yellow cards. the match was scoreless all way to penalty kicks. argentina's superstar lionel messi missing that kick. oh, man. moments later chile sealed their second straight copa title winning the shoot-out there 4-2. but really, really, really the big news out of all that -- that's great, that's exciting as a 0-0 game goes. this is the big news. messi indicated his career with argentina's national team is over. he said after playing in four major tournament finals and losing all of them, quoting here, he said "it's not for me." messi is widely regarded as one
3:39 am
of the best if not the best soccer players in the world. he's won plenty of championships with his club team barcelona. now it seems it will be the only team he suits up for. no longer for country but till -- still for cash. >> one missed penalty kick and he's out? >> that's it. just imagine if ronaldo did that? his career would have been done decades ago. messi says no more. next world cup, no dice. while we're talking about international sports, there is a wild scene going on at this weekend's dutch grand prix motorcycle race. this actually happened during the qualifying runs, not even the race itself. >> mark marquez went down sliding onto the infield but knew he had to qualify. so he ran off in search of a way to get back to his pit crew. so marquez finding a photographer's scooter and riding off on it. >> sorry, hope you didn't need that. eventually, did he make it back to the pit and finished
3:40 am
qualifying on a replacement bike. got to do what you got to do, right? >> how is that legal? >> i admire the creativity. we should try to bring this into more sports, i think. just have random little obstacles around that people can choose to participate in. >> like a little scooter or hoverboard. should point out he did qualify and he came in second in the race. >> worth all the effort and theft. coming up, rapper 50 cent has another run-in with the law but this time, it's authorities outside of the u.s. who have detained him. what he did at a concert in front of 40,000 fans that got him arrested. and the bolt out of the blue that turned deadly for one of florida's most popular beaches. what you need to know before you head into the sand and the surf. first, here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol click gel. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol click gel. k gel.
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well, some sports fishermen well, some sports fishermen off tampa got a close-up look of sharks feeding frenzy here. first, the hammerhead chased the tarpon which even landed on their boat for a moment as it tried to get away. >> oh, no. >> my gosh. and then the shark caught up with it. and then the two fish thrash around in the water as the fishing group watched. it looks as if the shark had the big catch of the day. oh, poor tarpon. >> sorry, tarpon. well, beachgoers on florida's atlantic coast had to deal with another deadly hazard of their own. >> the sky was clear. the sun was actually out at the time. and friends were walking in the sand at daytona beach and thought the storm was behind them when a deadly bolt of lightning struck. marci gonzalez with the story. >> lightning strike. people at 3200 south beach. >> reporter: lightning striking
3:45 am
on this florida beach, killing one, leaving two others injured. >> it was just a loud explosion, and like a flash, and my head felt like it was going to explode off the top of my head. >> reporter: anna said she was walking along daytona beach shores with a friend saturday, never imagining she could be hit. >> we were in the sunny part. the storm was behind us. >> it can be very deceiving to people. it starts to clear up. the sun starts to come back out, people want to get back in the water. >> reporter: lightning strikes in the u.s. now claiming the lives of seven people so far in 2016 and 31 people on average each year. first responders warning, if you hear thunder, presume lightning is nearby. take cover. >> start heading for your car or a nearby building. get away from the objects that are more conductive. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. we actually had a lightning strike hit during a community picnic once. it's crazy to hear the sound and see how quickly it travels.
3:46 am
it traveled through the picnic tables and yes, completely clear, no serious injuries but there were people who had to be hospitalized. >> you never know. last night's biggest moments at the b.e.t. awards. and the "game of thrones" season finale. don't worry, no spoilers. >> so here's what happened. so it started out with the -- >> no. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. so it started out with the -- >> no. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
p) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny," starting with the stars on parade last night in los angeles. >> and you couldn't have asked for a more spectacular opening of the 16th annual b.e.t. awards than this. ♪ freedom, freedom, i can't move ♪ ♪ freedom cut me loose, yeah take us home. ♪ >> a surprise performance by beyonce performing "freedom" from her hit album "lemonade" joined later by kendrick lamar who is rapping, stomping in a pool of water. >> queen b may be a tough act to follow. but not so much if you're jennifer hudson. ♪ only want to see you dancing in the purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain purple rain
3:49 am
can you all sing it with me. >> nailed her version of "purple rain" as part of the tribute to prince. she even wore a short white dress with a hood. very similar to the outfit prince himself wore to the 2005 people's choice awards. >> is that called j-hud's hood? there was this. >> if people loved each other as much as they love me, it would be a better world. >> that was laila ali echoing the words of her late, great father, muhammad ali, of course. dazzling off stage on the red carpet. >> as always, kicking off our red carpet roundup, tracee ellis ross host and star of "blackish" dazzled in this curve hugging max i dress with a hint of skin. >> this fashion segment is written by our producer matt who has a way with words when it comes to these. >> we don't understand half the words in them.
3:50 am
we might skip a few. >> alicia keyes stunned in this silky black jumpsuit with shimmering silver headscarf and say something earrings. >> and check her out. our own mara schiavocampo in a off-the-shoulder gown. candy apple red with a multicolored choker, as well. >> very nice. >> stunning. >> and these days the guys are now turning heads on the red carpet. hip-hopper fabulous with splashes of color on his shoes and shirt and decked out with plenty of hardware. >> wrapper jermaine dupri pulled on a glittering red bomber jacket with gold rimmed glasses. i don't know if that one worked or not. >> i'm not feeling it. >> and rapper two chains wearing a floral embellished fleece-lined jean jacket and boots in the hot l.a. sun we should point out. >> a fleece lined jacket into it gets cool inside there. >> i'm getting sweaty just looking at him. >> rapper 50 cent was not at the awards last night because he was facing criminal indecent language charges.
3:51 am
>> it's been ten years since he was relevant. it happened on the caribbean island of st. kitts which has very strict laws against using profane language in public. >> they invented 50 cent to perform? >> 50 cent whose real name is curtis jackson had reportedly been warned several times. that didn't stop him from letting it rip in front of a 40,000-person crowd concert. all at the st. kits music festival. >> jackson paid a fine and was sent on his way home last night. now he's learned. finally. it was the television event of the season. the season six finale of "game of thrones." >> don't worry. no spoilers here despite kendis's best effort. here's a little sample of what you're in for if you still haven't seen it which we have not. king john stark tweets finally after six seasons, winter has come. >> isaac tweets, no lie, that may have been the most dramatic
3:52 am
15-minute sequence in tv history. he's isaac from "the love boat " >> nat there says that was so -- natalie abrams says, that was so much cooler than i could have imagined. >> here's what really happened though. at the end -- though. at the end --
3:53 am
3:54 am
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absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always. ♪ when the shark bites with his teeth dear ♪ ♪ scarlet billows start to spread ♪ >> all right. so we've all heard the blue shark, the hammerhead and, of course, the great white shark. >> but how about the nuclear shark? it's the focus of discovery channel's annual "shark week." abc's adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: "shark week" has strapped in with great white serial killers. >> reporter: shark week" has strapped in with great white serial killers. and put divers within feet of air jaws. but now, discovery's annual tribute to one of nature's deadliest predators is braving a whole new world of devastation. the site of 23 atomic bomb
3:56 am
blasts. the largest dubbed castle bravo erupted in a toxic fireball over four miles wide leaving the islands here in the bikini atoll a radioactive wasteland. >> sharks were wiped out. nothing survived. >> reporter: above ground it is still not safe for life but below, the marine ecosystem has been surging back. >> testament to the destructive power that humanity has but then to see nature come back was also a testament to the power of nature to renew and restore itself. >> it was just sharks everywhere all around us. >> reporter: leading the way jean-michel cousteau, grandson of legendary oceanographer jacques cousteau, along with his wife, following rumors of gray reef sharks now reigning over the waters of the atolls. the accuse toes along with a marine biologist tagging the sharks with trackers to solve a big mystery of this massive comeback. how and where these resilient creatures came from and what threat could pose them more harm than any nuclear explosion ever could.
3:57 am
>> almost 50% of our sharks were illegally fished even after the worst thing that humanity can throw at something, a nuclear bomb. these sharks were able to come back and thrive. and now they're being threatened by humanity. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. pretty cool jacques cousteau's grandson is following in the family's business. >> "shark week" kicks off today. "gma" will have week long coverage, as well. >> first "shark week" aired in 1988. >> wow. i was a mere embryo then. they tried to get me after my snake encounter to do a shark tagging story they love sending you on these wild adventures. >> abc adventure guy. what the heck. don't miss our updates on facebook. >> coming up, for news from abc. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. up, more news from abc. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, financial markets around the world opening overnight, the first full day of trading since britain voted to leave the eu. britain's treasury chief trying to calm nerves just moments ago and some voters now regretting their choice. we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, a plane bursts into flames on the runway. see what led the pilot to make an emergency landing just moments before. gaining ground, hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump in a new national poll, and trump now making an adjustment to his proposal to temporarily ban all muslims. and talk about horse power. see how drivers in texas jumped into action after this riderless horse came galloping down a busy freeway.


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