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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking overnight. crews are on the scene of a massive explosion at a gas plant. the details and the video coming in. proposal shift. donald trump appearing to back away from his controversial plan to temporarily ban muslims, as we learn who is formally being vetted by hillary clinton. for a possible vp pick. and we have a consumer alert. ikea is recalling millions of pieces of furniture after another child dead. and a race against time happening right now. why this 70 foot long blue whale is in desperate need of help. and we do say good tuesday morning, everyone. we want to get straight to the breaking news.
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that we've been tracking overnight. a natural gas explosion at a bp plant in mississippi. >> new video shows flames lighting up the sky in pascagoula. a pair of workers were on duty at the time but they're actually okay. >> some nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution. officials now saying the fire is contained. all fuel lines have been cut off. no harmful chemicals have been detected in the air. an investigation will get under way once the fire is out. of course we're going to stay on top of this throughout the morning. new developments in the race for the white house. donald trump is making what some are calling a shift in one of his signature proposals. seeming to soften his controversial call to ban muslims. >> this as trump pivots to the general election. facing new attacks from hillary clinton as well as elizabeth warren. his campaign is sending conflicting messages about what the immigration ban will now entail. we get the latest right now from abc's lana zak live for us in washington. >> reporter: good morning,
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kendis and diane. donald trump is giving a speech on the economy today. we'll also be listening to see if the candidate himself addresses changes to his ban on muslims. donald trump may be walking back his controversial call to ban all muslims from entering the united states. eric trump explained on fox why the ban would not include muslims from a country like scotland. >> the difference with somebody of a muslim faith coming from scotland is you can actually vet them. >> reporter: back in september, this is what donald trump announced. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: but now, the campaign says the ban would only apply to immigrants from, quote, terrorist countries who could not properly be vetted. according to the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, an overwhelming majority of people think trump is biased against muslims, women, and minorities. on the democratic side, clinton is formally vetting elizabeth warren as a possible vice president. >> donald trump says he'll make america great again. it's -- it's right there.
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no. it's stamped on the front of his goofy hat. >> reporter: the two all smiles in ohio. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> reporter: joining forces in attacking trump and his response to britain's decision to leave the eu. >> within 24 hours, americans lost $100 billion from our 401(k)s. he tried to turn a global economic challenge into an infomercial. >> reporter: and clinton may be facing a tough day with the possible release of the house benghazi report today. already, even before it's been released, kendis and diane, her campaign is denouncing it, calling it partisan and a waste of $7 million taxpayer dollars. kendis, diane? >> lana zak. house republicans could release their findings today.
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democrats on that same committee have already published their findings. their report says then secretary of state hillary clinton never personally denied requests for additional security at the u.s. outpost that was attacked on september 11 of 2012. the report also says the u.s. military could not have done anything different to save the lives of those who were killed. abortion rights advocates say a landmark supreme court ruling in their favor does not mean women in texas will see new abortion clinics anytime soon. they were cheering outside the courts yesterday after a judge struck down a texas law that required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. and demanded clinics meet surgical center standards. the 5-3 majority ruling said the restrictions placed an undue burden on abortion access. >> many states have restrictions like texas'. i think those are quite likely unconstitutional after today's ruling. >> hillary clinton reacted to the court's decision on twitter calling it a victory for women in texas and across america. there's been no comment from donald trump.
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there are more economic repercussions to britain's brexit vote. u.s. financial markets have lost almost $1 trillion since the vote buzz announced. there could be a slight turnaround today. the british pound keeps falling. two credit ratings services have downgraded the united kingdom. both say further cuts are possible. american diplomats in moscow are complaining of stepped up harassment and intimidation by russian agents. the u.s. diplomats say their families have been followed and tires slashed. some say their apartments were broken into and furniture moved around. things have gotten so bad, secretary of state kerry complained directly to president putin. so far, it hasn't helped. back here at home, rain stopped falling in west virginia overnight, a state of course crippled by historic and deadly flooding. thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. thousands more need to be rehabbed. there is still no water or electricity in many areas. and hundreds are spending another night in shelters. the governor concedes that state officials were caught off guard
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by how much rain fell in a short period of time. in central california, residents are returning to see the damage after a wildfire ravaged their neighborhoods. many in this part of kern county are finding that they have nothing left. at least 250 structures were destroyed. abc's kayna whitworth spoke to one homeowner who was just overcome with emotion. >> reporter: so many of your neighbors lost their homes. how did that make you feel? >> sad. >> reporter: yeah. >> especially when there was lives lost. >> reporter: yeah. >> and there were. i know two. >> reporter: yeah. >> a couple of old people down on mcrae. they didn't get out of their house. >> that elderly couple he was speaking about was apparently overcome by smoke. the cost of fighting the fire was nearly $8 million. full containment is expected by thursday. investigators are still looking into what sparked it. south of the border, an
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earthquake struck southern mexico yesterday afternoon, shaking buildings and sending people running outdoors. the 5.7 magnitude quake was felt in mexico city, 225 miles away and was felt in five mexican states in all. no significant damage or injuries were reported. a suburban philadelphia police officer is recovering at home after being shot seven pat sum it has died. she was the winningest coach in basketball history. leading the volunteers women's team to 8 national championship titles, but she stepped down as head coach just a few years ago as she battled early i don't know set dementia. as her son tyler said in a statement this morning, we can all find peace in knowing she no longer carries the heavy burden of this disease. again, pat summit has died at the age of 64. we'll have much more later on "good morning america." still ahead, millions of dressers being recalled from ikea after the death of another child. plus a boy is taken from his
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home at gunpoint. this morning family members are describing the dramatic moment around his rescue overnight. caught on camera, an suv a
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service in washington, d.c.'s metro system should be back to normal this morning. a track fire broke out last night in downtown d.c. during rush hour. it was caused by debris burning on the tracks. at least one person was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the metro is undergoing major maintenance blitz. a virginia man is in custody
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after threatening several senators on twitter. the suspect, man named kyler george schmidt communicated with another user on twitter about purchasing a gun. ikea is recalling dressers that could tip over. six children have been killed. they're offering a recall repair kit. the offer involves 29 million units. some sold more than a decade ago. the price tag to settle volkswagen's emissions scandal is going up. drivers could get as much as $10,000 apiece. the settlement includes fines. diet pepsi pulled from shelves last year is now making a comeback after sales of the reform lated soft drink plunged. in september, the company will
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resume offering the soda made with the artificial sweetener aspartame. they'll continue to sell diet pepsi made with splenda. the fda stands by its safety. a small plane comes down in a neighborhood injuring a woman on the ground. new details about what caused the crash. and people jumping into action, trying to help a massive blue whale.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. the afternoon commute in north texas was a rainy mess after flash floods moved in. southwest ft. worth was hit the hardest with up to three inches of rain in less than two hours. the storm then moved out. there is a chance of rain in north texas. thunderstorms a risk along the gulf coast. severe storms possible in the northeast. and it could be a tough day for air travel with delays possible in atlanta, houston. new orleans, new york, philadelphia. >> wow. >> and washington, d.c. >> it's going to be busy at the airports. >> just a few delays out there. now to a 10-year-old boy back with his family after he was kidnapped during a terrifying home invasion in dallas. >> robbers kicked in the door of his relatives' home and demanded money. when they didn't find any cash, they took nicholas, as his
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frightened teenage cousin hid in a closet. >> i just hear them, like, coming into my mom's room and my dad's room. i didn't know what to do. hey, grab the boy. the cops are coming. >> nicholas was found safe eight hours later on a street corner about five miles away. police say the kidnappers may have been targeting his father. who owns a construction company. okay, before you look at the video in this next story, we want to tell you, the motorist involved only suffered minor injuries. now watch. on interstate 94. this is in minnesota. watch a guy in the left lane there. the guy on the bike comes up behind the boat when a big object gets loose. and takes him down. ouch. again, only minor injuries. the motorcyclist was inexperienced. he had only been riding for a couple of weeks. he learned a memory there. okay, now, to a crash landing in detroit. a small plane coming to rest in a residential neighborhood. police say the 18-year-old pilot was towing a banner over fireworks when he ran out of fuel. the plane brought down overhead
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power lines, and a woman getting out of her car was shocked by a live wire. she is in serious condition this morning. the pilot was not injured. rescue efforts resume for a blue whale off the california coast. about 70 feet long, the whale was entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line, probably crab trap lines. there are still some lines around the whale's flipper. the whale was off orange county yesterday, but dove out of sight at nightfall. rescuers have tied a tracking buoy to the whale to find it in the morning. all right. let's move on now to baseball. >> for some of last night's highlights, let's go to our guys at espn. >> the cubs taking on the reds. what a game for kris bryant. first player in the modern era to hit three home runs with two doubles in the same game. how about that? 6 rbi for bryant in the game. 16 total bases for him. that's the most since josh hamilton four years ago when he had 18 total bases.
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bryant said he never had five hits in a game before. had three home runs once in college. he's done it again. 5 for 5 with three home runs and 6 rbi. listen, cleveland has not won since the cavaliers -- has not lost, the indians, since the cavaliers won the nba title. >> so it's lebron? >> it's dellavedova. lonnie chisenhall. he hit that to lake oswego off tyrell jenkins. this is in atlanta. atlanta is a struggling franchise. it will all be better when they move into the new park. jason kipnis. off matt marksberry. the jk kid. cleveland, 8-3. ten in a row. >> lebron james, triple-double. >> lebron james, yes. dellavedova, the assist. >> back to you. okay, here's a play that no one in the nba would ever get away with in an actual game. >> yeah, but since it happened at a basketball camp, you can't
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fault houston rockets star james harden for trying to just watch. >> right here. right here. [ laughter ] oh! >> they should allow that in a real game. >> no, that would be cool. you saw it there in slow motion. harden tossing the ball with his left hand over the kid's head. and then throwing it down. that poor kid. >> i love how enthusiastically he's still watching. the kid was playing defense. seemed to get a laugh out of the whole thing. the other campers absolutely loved it. i think harden had a good time, too. >> i thought they were supposed to make the kids win. >> not at this camp, buddy. wrong camp. up next in "the pulse." the next big name in american sports. the gymnast on top of the world even before the olympics. and a humane society shelter cleaning up after a flood. and the animals are to blame.
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4:22 am one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. all right, time now for your tuesday morning "pulse." starting with our old friend, tim tebow. the heisman winner taking action during a flight from atlanta to phoenix. >> tebow was on board when a man in his 60s suffered an apparent heart attack. he was seen trying to comfort the man's family and praying with them when the man was receiving treatment. >> when the plane landed, tebow helped carry the family's bags and went to the hospital with them. and get ready to hear this name a lot. simone biles. she's the new it girl in american gymnastics. >> yeah, she's pretty popular. with 38 days left until the summer games, biles is
4:23 am
dominating the sport. her floor routine was recently posted online. it racked up 12 million views. just fantastic. the ladies are coming off a big win four years ago in london. >> wow. i'm speechless. look how high she gets. >> i know. exactly. >> oh, wow. >> about three times her height in the air. >> i'm excited to see her perform in the actual tournament. the 19-year-old is from columbus, ohio. on sunday, biles won her fourth consecutive national championship. the first gymnast to do that in 42 years. >> very cool. now to south florida, where an animal shelter is looking for some help. all because of a cat accused of what it's accused of doing. >> this happened at the humane society in pompano beach. one of the cats turned on the faucet last week when no one was around. and the water kept running and running and running and running. 17 hours later, the place was flooded. the walls were soaked. the cabinets were ruined. the cat even soaked the kitty
4:24 am
litter and the food. didn't think that went through too well. >> nope. >> now the shelter is seeking donations to help restore the place. and you can now sing one of the most popular songs in the world in public free of charge. >> yes, you can. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ >> a judge has approved a settlement ending the long-running copyright dispute over the happy birthday song. putting it in the public domain. warner chapel music agreed to end its claim of ownership of the song and refund $40 million in licensing fees. >> they had collected $14 million for the happy birthday song. >> over the years. >> now, the company had actually collected up to $2 million in royalties for the song every year. now anyone is free to sing it anywhere. >> off tune. in tune. however you like it. you're not going to get sued. >> you might not make friends. you won't have to pay royalty fees. more news after this.
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.. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 4:28 in the morning. i am reggie aqui. >> we are glad you are here, 4:30 club. i am natasha zouves, it is tuesday, june 28. now a check on the weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will start with live doppler hd. you can see the cloud cover is right along the coast and it is fog. you can see how clear from the east bay hills. a few clouds will try to move in. 52 to 64. by noon, 88 inland. hurricane the heat alert inland and flirting with 100s but 58 at coast. a "spare the air" day. >> now to the san mateo bridge, eastbound, at high-rise we have lane close ire because of road
4:29 am
work in the non-commute direction. westbound, it is looking great for 12-15 minute drive from hayward to foster city and this is the freitas parkway and it is distracting to see the light through the area. the freeway is fine northbound. there are a couple of lanes closed. sound is clear. no problems due to road work southbound. >> we have breaking news from san jose. police are investigating the shooting death of a man in his east side neighborhood. the victim was found near buffalo drive in the area of berryessa road. no one has been arrested. >> breaking news, a legend, of college woman's basketball has died, pat summit changed the world of sports. we have the details. jessica? >> in the past hour we learned
4:30 am
pat summit lost her battle with alzheimers. she was a winningest coast in history winning eight national titles at tennessee with reaction pouring in. look at social media posts we are already seeing. including one from her beloved team, the basketball saying "pat, unparalleled impact." that says it all. pat summit put women's sports on the mat name coach of lady bulls bulls and was head coach for nearly 40 years with tributes. here is a look at the university of tennessee near the pat summit statue where you can see flowers in her on. in her career she won numerous awards including the medal of freedom. she was 64. her death is not a surprise. family announced yesterday they expected her passing some


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