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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm kristen sze. >> tonight, the airport terror attack. new details about the suicide bombings. more than 40 killed. security video captures the horrifying moments. including an image of one of the bombers. those three terrorists launched a well-planned assault. terry moran takes us inside the airport. on alert. the terminal at a major american airport evacuated. bomb squads called in. a major warning from the cia chief about possible attacks here at home. white house takedown. newly released video shows a shooting outside the white house. the gunman refuses to drop his weapon. the secret service opens fire. tonight, what we're learning about the gunman. extreme weather. 100-mile-an-hour wind gusts and hail shoveled out of the stadium. the new round of storms we're tracking tonight. and hitting the books. children reading to a surprise audience.
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you'll see why it's a win-win for everyone. good evening. we begin with the terror attack in turkey. and warnings that similar attacks could happen here. tonight, we have a more clear picture of how the latest assault went down. three men working together, armed with guns and suicide vests. security cameras capture the siege. that's one of the gunmen running and firing until a guard shoots him. seconds later, he detonates the explosives. and later, the difficult task of identifying the dead, treating the wounded. but within hours, the airport open again, temporary walls hiding the damage, passengers on the move. that is one sign of turkey's resolve, but also of how familiar scenes like this have become. abc's terry moran is at the ataturk airport tonight and takes us inside the horrific attack.
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>> reporter: the chilling airport surveillance video shows the moments before chaos unfolded in a flash of fire. and tonight, for the first time, we see the face of one of the attackers. the man in the baseball cap there, wearing a winter jacket on a summer day. just before 10:00 p.m., officials say, he and two accomplices pulled up in the taxi. the attackers got out of a taxi here at the front of the aport, where the first layer of security is. they were spotted and scattered. one heading down that way, opening fire, detonating his explosive. another making it into the terminal there, you can see the busted windows, blew himself up there. the third going downstairs, where people were waiting for rides and detonating there. the attacks inside the airport happened first. passengers fleeing in terror as the gunmen opened fire. >> few minutes that he was spraying and it was nonstop, automatic rifles for sure. >> reporter: steven nabil, a freelance journalist working for abc news, pulled his wife into a storage room and locked the door. >> that's when i found the tea
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kettle with hot water. and i figured, if he opens the door, my last resort would be dumping the water in his face, at least give her a chance to run while i wrestle him to the ground. >> reporter: in the airport terminal, surveillance cameras capture this image, a man believed to be one of the gunman. some people cowering in terror. others running for cover. and then, an explosion shaking tiles from the ceiling. >> first, we hear the gunfire. after, we hear the screamings. and everybody started running. after one minute was the explosion. >> reporter: but in the confusion, acts of bravery. this video shows the seconds before an extraordinary takedown. as families flee, a gunman rounds the corner, chasing them. but he's shot by a police officer and collapses, his gun sliding across the floor. the officer approaches, but then runs for cover, as the terrorist writhes on the ground, fumbling to detonate his suicide vest. one of the attackers detonated his explosive right here and this area is the arrivals hall, where people were waiting for their loved ones. but the terror wasn't over.
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as people ran out of the airport, a third attacker was waiting, detonating his suicide vest near a line of taxis. you can see the force of the blast. tonight, new video from inside the wrecked terminal. bodies among the debris, littering the ground. ceiling panels collapsed. this team using a luggage cart to carry one of the victims. 42 dead and over 200 injured in the attacks. some, the walking wounded. others dazed on the ground, as dozens of ambulances rushed victims to the hospital. and tonight, the airport is open, but evidence of the horror remains. bullet holes riddle the walls. glass shattered from the impact of the blast. security guards using bomb-sniffing dogs and thoroughly searching cars before they approach the terminal. a final note on that turkish police officer who took down one of the terrorists, as you could see on the security camera there. what happened, tonight, he is in the hospital, he was actually shot during that takedown.
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he says he did not feel any of the bullets hit him. turkish officials are saying what he did saved many lives here. george? >> incredibly selfless. okay, terry moran, thanks very much. there is still no claim of responsibility for the airport attack. but cia chief john brennan is among those who say it has all the hallmarks of an isis attack, and he warned today that isis is trying to strike here in america, too. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with more on that. and brian, you've been talking to officials, especially worried about this july 4th weekend. >> reporter: that's right, george. counterterrorism officials say the airport surveillance video provides clues through the calm and confident demeanor of the suicide bombers and gunmen, each taking different positions, of an attack that was well-planned. further evidence, they say, of isis direction and training. but the officials say that that kind of coordinated attack is less likely here, because it would be much more difficult to form and maintain an operating cell in the united states. even so, i spent the day today with the new york police
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counterterrorism squad, and they're gearing up for a long july 4th weekend, especially given the end of ramadan on july 5th. isis has claimed that jihadists will earn ten times the rewards if they carry out suicide attacks during the holy month. >> always so many alarms around these holidays. okay, brian ross, thanks very much. airports here in america stepping up security after the istanbul attack. emergency response plans kicked in here at new york's jfk today. passengers ordered out of the terminal after a homeland security dog raised suspicions about a bag. but should more be done to secure america's airports? abc's david kerley reports. >> reporter: evacuation in new york at a jfk terminal. an unattended bag, which turned out to be harmless, but frightening for passengers already on edge after istanbul. that, as some major u.s. airports increase security, more officers, while others made their security more visible. passengers who left turkey just before the attack, some learning in the air watching tv, were shaken arriving here. >> i couldn't believe it, because we were just there a few hours ago.
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>> we are still in shock. >> reporter: istanbul, following march's attack on brussels airport, are two successes for the terrorists. and a concern here in the u.s. you think it's absolutely time to do something? >> they've achieved success. they've achieved what they wanted. max number of casualties, world attention and an economic impact on airports, and that's their goal. >> reporter: there have been nearly 60 airport attacks in just the past year. most in europe, africa and asia. not one in north america. but some security experts do worry about u.s. airports. >> we've built up checkpoints and screening procedures and screening technologies, but the front of the airport is vulnerable. >> reporter: secured areas of airports are from the tsa checkpoints on, that's called the back of the airport. but should we push security out to the front door? and maybe use a model from world trouble spots, pushing security to the entrance roads? some suggest at least we should harden the front of the airport, physically and with personnel. >> highly visible armed officers in the front of the airport does
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act as a deterrent. >> david kerley joins us now. and david, how feasible are these ideas? >> reporter: well, george, it's really a question of balancing the risks against the cost. airports are run by the local entities. they're secured by the local sheriff or police, including the front of the airport. so, if you wanted a national standard that all airports had to change the way they secure the front of the airport, you'd have to pass either federal rules or regulations. >> and then come up with the money, too. okay, david kerley, thanks. the terror attack in istanbul is prompting tough talk from donald trump. at a rally in maine today, he called for stronger u.s. action and blamed the rise of isis on hillary clinton. but as abc's tom llamas reports, she now has the edge on who american voters trust to deal with it. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump calling the terror attack in turkey a bloody and violent wakeup call for america. >> isis is looking strong. they look like they're winning. we have to give them a big, fat ugly defeat.
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we have to defeat them fast. >> reporter: trump now renewing his call to waterboard terror suspects. >> they said, what do you think about waterboarding? i said, i like it a lot, i don't think it's tough enough. we have an enemy that's chopping off people's heads. >> reporter: but despite trump's tough talk, our abc news/"washington post" poll finds voters trust hillary clinton more to handle terrorism. clinton has yet to address the istanbul attack on camera. in a statement, she said it "strengthens our resolve to defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world." >> she hasn't done anything about what's going on, all right? isis was formed during her tenure, isis is now worse than ever. >> reporter: trump cites clinton's handling of the 2012 benghazi attack as proof she's soft on terror, and today, he's getting help from the nra. a new ad featuring a security contractor who was there. >> hillary as president? no, thanks.
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i served in benghazi. my friends didn't make it. >> and tom, president obama went on what he called a rant against donald trump today, he called trump a demagogue, saying his rhetoric isn't populism but actually, quote, nativism or xenophobia or worse. have any response tonight from the trump campaign? >> reporter: george, we reached out to the trump campaign, but at last check, there had been no reaction to the president's comments. now, for his part, the president is getting more and more involved in this campaign, and we now know for the first time, hillary clinton and president obama will be campaigning together on tuesday in north carolina. george? >> first of many. okay, tom llamas, thank you. we have new insight tonight about hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server, from her long-time aide, huma abedin. in a deposition for a lawsuit, abedin testified that she and secretary clinton were both frustrated once, when clinton's private e-mails were blocked by
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the state department's spam filter, causing clinton to miss a phone call with a foreign diplomat. abedin also said she could not recall whether she or clinton ever discussed with any state department official her use of the private server. newly released video shows that violent encounter at the white house last month, between a gunman and the secret service. here he is marching towards the white house gate. you can see the gun in his right hand. moments later, a guard shot him in the chest. and court documents now reveal the attacker said he was there to shoot people. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: it's a jarring scene. a man with a gun walks right up to a white house checkpoint, strolling past officers, a semiautomatic handgun clearly in his right hand. instantly, secret service officers react. they repeatedly tell 31-year-old jesse olivieri to drop his weapon, but he brazenly ignores them and continues on. an agent shoots him once. he falls to the ground and clutches his chest. officers rush in, kicking the gun away. the shooting happened right here, at this busy time of day,
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with tourists and civilians passing nearby and next to this guarded checkpoint, and this driveway, which leads directly to the white house. according to authorities, olivieri later said he "came to shoot people" and planned to die from "suicide by police." instead, he was handcuffed and given medical attention. in court, olivieri's attorney said the suspect had no prior criminal record and had previously sought psychiatric treatment. and tonight, olivieri is behind bars, appearing in court in a wheelchair. his request for release before trial was denied. the judge saying, quote, he's a danger to himself and the community. george? >> mary bruce, thanks. the bodies of two workers have been recovered from the wreckage of a train crash near amarillo, texas. a third one is still missing. two freight trains collided head-on yesterday, triggering a massive fire. one worker escaped. the company that owned both trains said if positive train control technology had been in place along that line, the accident might have been prevented. it's slated to be installed
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there later this year. and there are new revelations tonight from the investigation into the egypt air flight that crashed on its way from paris to cairo last month. egyptian officials say that the flight data recorder points to the possibility of a fire onboard, and wreckage from the plane shows signs of high temperature damage and soot. specialists are still trying to access data on the voice recorder. severe storms are threatening the center of the country tonight, including areas still reeling from damaging storms. a hailstorm in denver delayed the rockies game for hours. the grounds crew used shovels to clear the field. and powerful winds in nebraska turned this rainstorm into a white knuckle commute. as abc's linzie janis reports, more is coming. >> reporter: tonight, parts of the heartland bracing for another round of punishing winds. in the last 24 hours, gusts over 100 miles per hour sent debris flying through this nebraska town. and in oklahoma, this semi
5:44 pm
overturning on i-40. >> there's a lot of units on scene here, ambulance and fire trucks. >> reporter: in colorado, a massive downpour. this man, one of four rescued from rising floodwaters in denver. >> water is very, very fierce. it can twist you, it can turn you. it's very unforgiving. >> reporter: outside the city, hail blanketing this neighborhood like snow. and at the rockies game, water rushing into the dugout from the field. the storm delaying play by nearly three hours. george, this will be the third night in a row that the plains are hit by severe weather, but those thunderstorms are expected to move east by tomorrow. george? >> coming our way. linzie janis, thank you. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the police takedown caught on camera. a man thrown to the floor. the video raises questions about use of force. what police officials are saying about that trooper tonight. scary fly-by. cruise passengers frightened when a low-flying jet nearly rocks the boat.
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there are new questions tonight about police use of force after a trooper in new orleans was caught on camera body slamming a man on bourbon street. but police officials warn, the video doesn't tell the whole story. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> stand back, stand back. >> reporter: here's the body slam on bourbon street that has everyone's attention and more than 700,000 views on facebook. >> give me your hands. put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: police say 39-year-old michael hoffman was that drunk guy in the restaurant, still up at 4:00 a.m. saturday morning getting belligerent. and tonight, they're asking everyone shocked by the video to rewind to the beginning and see how hoffman wasn't listening to the state trooper, or even his own brother, in the black t-shirt, when they were asked to leave the premises. >> how is this okay?
5:48 pm
how is this okay? >> you all got to take a walk. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the trooper and say there's no need for an investigation. the head of the louisiana state police tells us in a statement, "the trooper acted appropriately under the circumstances." >> can you explain what happened? >> yeah, can you get out of my face? >> reporter: the witness who recorded the video on his cell phone thought the body slam was too much, and up until then, sided with the trooper. >> i saw him practice patience when he was listening, and i respected that, like i said, up until the part when he put his hands on him and shoved him down. >> reporter: hoffman was visiting from illinois, and his lawyer says he was frustrated because he couldn't get his credit card back from the bar. he now has a court summons for public intoxication and other charges. george? >> thank you, steve. when we come back, a new health headline. questions about something found in almost every school and workplace. and images coming in at this hour. riders trapped on a roller coaster high in the air. the scramble to get everyone safely back on the ground. means.
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. in tonight's index, a new scare at the amusement park. eight riders, most of them children, stuck on top of a roller coaster in oklahoma city. the silver bullet stopped in its tracks about 100 feet in the air. firefighters climbed their way to the top to help everyone get say on the ground. check out the low-flying jets making waves. passenger on a cruise ship took this video as a plane soared a little too close for comfort off bermuda. it happened the next day to another ship. the jets belong to the french air force. no word why the pilots were flying so low and so close. an investigation is under way. and there's a new headline tonight about hand sanitizers. almost every school and workplace in america has them, and now the fda wants proof they actually work.
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federal health officials are asking companies to release safety information about the products, including the long-term effects of daily use on children and pregnant women. and the oscars are trying to fix their diversity problem. the academy today invited more than 680 people to join, nearly half are minorities, making this the largest and most diverse class ever. some of the names include "star wars" actor john boyega, idris elba and america ferrera. the academy came under fire in january when no minority actors were nominated for a second year in a row. and when we come back, a new program to get kids reading. it's exciting the kids, calming their surprising audience down. we'll show you how. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast,
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finally toni finally tonight, we all know that reading to young kids can help them thrive. now, watch what happens when you add a twist. have the kids do the reading to dogs. here's abc's david wright. >> was someone mean to you? >> reporter: think of it as reading to a captive audience. you can see that little black lab is anxious at first. >> did someone say "bad dog?" >> reporter: but as 6-year-old amelia garavaglia settles in for the story, so does the puppy. >> do you guys agree that animals have feelings just like we do? yes, they do. >> reporter: that's what the shelter buddies reading program at the humane society of missouri is all about. >> this role as a volunteer is to be simply a friend for these dogs. >> reporter: for kids like amelia and their parents -- >> i just like dogs. >> reporter: the draw is obvious. >> the kids are learning better strategies for reading.
5:58 pm
the dogs don't care if they mess up. >> reporter: the dogs get something, too. even if they can't exactly follow splat the cat. >> what it's doing is, it's bringing them to the cage-front, and that helps them become more adoptable more quickly. >> lucy's been here less than two days. >> reporter: now amelia's reading buddy lucy has a new home. >> lucy, i hope you have a great home. i'm going to give you three kisses. one, two, three. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> a story and three kisses. all right. that is all for us tonight. thanks for watching. and i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." have a good night.
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powerful words from rape survivors as they call for the resignation of a judge today. and crumbling at cal. the new confirmed about uc berkeley's edwards stadium, and a tragedy that motivated fans to ask the creators for a new character. >> it's been happening and is going to continue a stand. the judge has a responsibility to say rape is wrong. tonight, dozens of victims joined the calls now growing louder to remove the judge who sentenced the former stanford swimmer to sexual assault. ro many feel the sentence
6:00 pm
handed down by the judge was far too lenient. vic lee is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: it was sad, gut wrenching. their personal stories, they very much wanted to talk to the commission on judicial performance about efforts to remove the judge. outside of the state building an emotional gathering of rape survivors. >> the worst part is having to tell my >> i was abducted and raped by a stranger two years ago when i was walking home. >> over the course of high school career, i have known too


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