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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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autopilot including this one here where he did avoid a crash. in the fatal crash, a tractor-trailer turned right in front of him and the autopilot failed to avoid the crash. tesla said neither autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor in the brightly lit sky and it collided and the positioni ining across road, caused it to pass under the trailer. the national highway traffic administration say takata air g airbags have a 50% chance exploding in a crash compared to 1% for other airbags. the advisory covers vehicles from 2001 to 2003 model years. repairs should be made as soon as possible. a costa contra sheriff's
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deputy involved in an investigation involving a teenage girl abruptly quit his job today. deputy ricardo perez re-signed his job after being implicated in the scandal involving officers from seven law enforcement agencies. they're accused of having sexual relations with celeste, a self-described teenage prostitute. she spoke with us earlier in the week. >> how many law enforcement officers or higher-ups did you sleep with, do you think? >> in oakland? >> in general. >> about 30. >> joining us at 6:00 with more from his interview with celeste and new information about her alleged relationship with the deputy who re-signed today. richmond police investiga investigating a home invasion robbery. the robber may not have known his victim but president obama certainly does. joining us live outside richmond police headquarters with a story that has angered so many people,
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carolyn. >> reporter: that's because she is an icon. the 94-year-old helped president obama light the national christmas tree last year and the keepsake he gave betty was the most precious thing that was stolen during a terrifying ordeal. >> hi there, how are you? >> i'm still shaking. >> this is not the kind of spotlight betty is used to. at 94, she's been honored as the nation's oldest park ranger, even given a commemorative coin by the president. now, that prized possession has been stolen ar an intruder broke into ther second floor townhouse in richmond in the middle of the night monday and brutally beat her. the city's mayor says everyone is horrified. >> they call her a national treasure. they call her an icon. she's clearly the most famous person in richmond. when something like this happens to her, the whole community can't quit talking about it.
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>> reporter: she leads tours at the world war ii historical park. friends say even though she suffered black eyes and a split lip, she'll soon be back at work and continuing to live her life. >> so she hasn't left her home. she plans to not. she plans to still live alone and be able to reclaim that space for her as her own. >> reporter: white house officials say they'll be sending soskin another presidential coin and police are asking the public to look out for someone trying to sell the original. other personal items were also stolen. we have a link on our website with information on how you can help with donations or cards. in richmond, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. abc7 features her in 2013 for our profiles of excellence special. we learn she has been brave her entire life from her early career as clerk in a union hall
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to activism leading to commitment to insuring the museum and memorial represents all members of the community. we posted the 2007 story on our website on "abc news".com. definitely worth checking out when you get a chance. >> police are identifying the man they say randomly stabbed a moviegoer at santa rosa. it happened at the roxy theater. the manu see has been arrested. jonathan is at the theater with the latest. jonathan. >> reporter: police say the man who was stabbed had just moved here from southern california. he came to see a scary movie but he had no idea he would be scared for his life. now, police say they caught the man responsible though some folks are still on edge. long time residents say santa rosa is changing. >> things are ramping up around here. a big homeless problem. i've seen sketchy stuff. >> reporter: in a normally quiet city the second stabbing in a
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week, this one at a busy movie theater, 10 minutes into the showing of the shallow, a real life horror unfolded. >> the suspect came toward the victim with a kitchen knife and started stabbing him in the upper body area. >> reporter: people came out stre screaming call 911 and the victim was hospitalized with at least one stab in the neck and they arrested this man two blocks away and say 23-year-old delonte hart showed up four months ago originally from baltimore. >> we don't believe he lives anywhere, believe he's homeless. >> reporter: the locals have seen him around. >> he looks like a mentally ill person. he doesn't look like a normal person. >> reporter: now, they wonder if he's connected to that other st stabbing, the murder of a ho homeless poet, known as sirrock. >> it's heartbreaking, you go into shock. >> reporter: nick was walking home a block away from the
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murder. >> the first thing i thought was that could have been me. >> reporter: police are looking into whether the could be involved in that attack. >> based on the fact they both appear to be random we are looking for a connection. >> reporter: the victim in that stabbing is expected to survive. abc7 news. a woman in a hospital this evening following a bizarre incident involving a good will employee. authorities say the woman stabbed herself as she assaulted the worker who was manning a donation ban at the blossom hill light rail station parking lot around 10:20 this morning. the good will employee wasn't seriously hurt. california's tough gun control law mays get a lot tougher. today, the legislature passed a dozen bills some restricting sale of ammunition and others regulating homemade guns. bills vary in approaches, one bars possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds and another tightens deadlines of reporting lost or stolen
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firearms and another determines who can borrow a firearm from a gun owner. >> i don't know how much more blood needs to be spilled in our schools, community centers and public spaces and elsewhere until the members of congress act and we can do this nationwide. >> governor jerry brown says he'll sign some of the gun bills, he'll very toe othe-- he veto others. rolling out a pilot program that could help improve safety and hopefully save lives along cal can tracks that run to the city. more on the new high-tech efforts. chris. >> reporter: the tracks have seen a number of tragedies in recent years. officials at city hall are turning to the bright lights of silicon valley, all with the goal of keeping residents safe. near the intersection of east meadow and mail in paolo alto, neighbors say they have seen
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their share of heartbreak through the years. >> i cringe every time i hear the sirens going on. >> reporter: whether preventing a tragedy involving a vehicle or train and pedestrian, education is key. >> we want to do the things we can do to mitigate it and perhaps intervene at that critical moment. >> reporter: the city will soon be piloting what's called a system that can detect heat sensors more than a mile away. officials say the technology developed by a south bay start-up can distinguish humans from animal. >> what we're evaluating formally is efficacy of artificial intelligence known as video analytics. >> reporter: it will undergo a 60 day test run this summer followed by approval of the city council this week. multiple teenagers have taken
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their own lives by entering the tracks in this area and since then they have made fence installation and vegetation and brush removal and higher of around the clock security. >> the cameras are good for monitoring 24/7 and picking up maybe what a guard is not seeing with traffic crossing over. >> reporter: security guards will remain at the crossings for now. in paolo alto, abc7 news. utility officials are still working to repair a broken main in berkeley. they aren't sure when the 16 inch steel main broke. utility workers still trying to figure out the cause of that break and how many customers are without water. the local news site shut it off at berkeley and marin avenue and that cut water to some customers. charring over 1200 acres since tuesday, cal fire officials say the fire continues burning in rugged terrain on the northern edge of the el dorado
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national forest, only 12% conta contained. cruise are using eight tankers and helicopters to fight the fire and getting help from around the state including an alameda strike team that left today. evacuations remain in place for many streets and roads in el dorado and other counties. the cause of the fire is still unknown. the fourth of july is coming. people want only one thing. >> for years i've been coming down here to buy fireworks. >> suddenly some fireworks are getting hard to get. taking uber to get into the united states. sounds okay until you get arrested. >> i think cell phones are ridiculously expensive. >> smartphones for less. michael finney has what you need to know. a sweet treat that will
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with the fourth of july just days way now, bay area police are cracking down on illegal fireworks. they seized 12,0$12,000 of ille fireworks from a house in palo alto, about 600 pounds of high grade explosives. dick lee is live in san francisco where police are going undercover to crack down on illegal fireworks in chinatown. >> reporter: this is chinatown as the saying goes. in the old days, street sellers would set off the small fireworks on grant avenue to let the buyers know where they could get the big stuff. grant avenue was filled with young street sellers. it was that brazen. times have changed. in chinatown, you will still find the so-called runners, neighborhood chains who will take you where you can buy fireworks. usually, they're in a sowf near
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store right under the counter. this year, the runners are ha harder to find. just ask edward, who came here. >> for the past i don't know 40 years i've been coming down here to buy fireworks. this is the very first time i've been here since roughly 10:00 a.m. and not one person has asked me to buy any fireworks. >> reporter: we asked street barkers where we could buy fireworks. they were no help. simonte and other buyers believe it's because many are turning to the internet and there's also increased police presence in chinatown this week. >> we want to make it a safe fourth of july for everyone. >> reporter: the san francisco police department held a news conference. bottom line. >> all fireworks are illegal in san francisco. >> reporter: even spark lers and other so-called safe varieties. this resident tells us she was
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injured by one of them. i just left the restaurant after eating dinner. as i walked outside, bang, i was hit in the face with one. she took us to a store where we found smaller fireworks, which are still illegal, brazenly displayed outside on the coun r counters. inside, we were told more powerful ones. vic lee, abc7 news. a 17-year-old boy suffered four fractured vertebrae and lacerated spleen when a hit-and-run driver slammed into a pole in dublin last night at vomac road and shannon avenue. the driver hit the pole and the pole fell on the teenager. they found the car involved this morning and the investigation contin continues. human traffickers may be using uber to smuggle migrants across the border. five cars carrying 34 undocum t undocumented migrants in two states were stopped near the
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texas border, four cars were registered with uber. it's not clear if the smugglers used the app to hire the cars. uber mexico is cooperating with authorities but denying responsibility. the company says its drivers are independent contractors, not employees. what kind of cell phone do you have? some of the most popular are among the most pricey. >> trying to find some cheaper options for you. >> you guys both have kids. how many phones have you bought? then you know. apple's iphone, 6s and samsung's galaxy s7 both cost around 6$65. "consumer reports" says you can find great smartphones for less. >> people love their cell phones but hate the prices. >> it's insane. >> i think cell phones are ridiculously expensive. >> reporter: "consumer reports" have some in its ratings
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including the apple ise that is 4 $400. >> 4$400 may seem like -- >> it performs like the iphone iss offering apple pay and the hey siri voice assistant. the se has very good battery life with nine hours of talk time in "consumer reports" te tests. one of the biggest things you're giving up with an se is larger screen. "consumer reports" also recommends lgs escape 2 for 1 $180. this android phone has a slig slightly curve standard play with home and volume buttons on the back. it's a watered down version of lg's flagship phones. >> the escape has a lower resolution display than some pricier smartphones and only available on at&t. >> reporter: if you prefer a larger phone check out the asus zen phone 2 and blue vivvo 5.
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they have 5 1/2 inch displays and cost 2$200. both are unlocked, means they can run on a number of different carri carriers. they scored very good in "consumer reports" battery te tests. >> the cameras aren't as good as our top rated phones but do take decent pictures and videos. >> reporter: they offer two sim cards so you can have a work account and home account on one phone. another option, consider buying a model that it's a year or two old. companies often sell them at a discount, i should say deep discount. they tend to be pretty cheap then. >> i've learned to buy the insurance for my loving children who lose the phones or drop them in the water. >> all right. let's check things out with meteorologist andy pat-- sandy patel. it's breezy out there?
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>> it is. a little warmer. we will talk about your holiday weekend coming up quickly. only patches of fog along the coast. most areas, early burnoff allowed temperatures to rise. a little bit of fog from the golden gate. 66 in san francisco, 71 in oakland. in the low 80s for morgan hill and san jose. from our east bay hills camera you see the sun shining and it will stick around through the n inland areas through the weekend. swroez in the upper 80s around concord, livermore, 91 degrees. highs so far in the upper 50s to the upper 90s. lovely day to head to the beach. santa cruz camera showing you that's exactly what people are doing. coastal fog tonight with spotty drizzle tomorrow morning and cool to warm tomorrow afternoon and seasonal temperatures for july fourth weekend. tomorrow morning, there will be fog especially near the coast, temperatures in the 50s and
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antioch, mild in this 60s. here's what will happen later on tonight. the fog will fill in along the coastline and tomorrow morning we will see drizzly spots for the commute or friday get away. by the late morning hours, the sun is out and those of you who love the fog, you're in luck. tomorrow in the afternoon we will still see patches of fog near the beaches. 62 tomorrow afternoon in san francisco, across the bain oakland, 72 degrees, 78 san rafael. low 90s, livermore, antioch, concord. 71 in san mateo, 58 in half moon bay and 63 in san francisco, as i mentioned a nice day. the lake tahoe camera showing you the sun. if you're getting away for the weekend, showers and thunder expected friday afternoon. saturday and sunday could still be showers and thunderstorms and warm sunny forecast for sunday, temperatures in the 80s. fourth of july forecast, in case
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you're wondering about the clouds and low fog, right now we will have what we typically see most fourth of julys, which is the marine layer around. temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s for the bay area. accuweather 7-day forecast, upper 50s to mid-90s for your friday. we're looking at a slightly c l cooler pattern for the holiday weekend. near average. saturday, low 90s inland. sunday, upper 80s. fourth of july, upper 50s to mid-80s, if you're barbecuing or doing outdoor activities on the fourth of july, do expect the comfortable conditions during that time period and we will keep it in the 80s the rest of the work week as you head back, upper 50s to the low 60s near the coastline. what we really expect this time of year. we have our summer microclimates today and that will continue as we head to tomorrow. larry, kristen. >> just about perfect. thank you. who needs the real thing when you can make your own?
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why would any want to create their own lava anyway? that's next. then at 5:30 on world news. coming up the holiday high alert, stepped up security from coast-to-coast, the new image of the suicide bomber smiling moments before the attacks, was it an ambient nightmare, the 911 call about plane crash that never happened next. >> and a new battle on clogged
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- good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. heart stopping surveillance video out of illinois. one moment people were working and then look at this, a car plows through the front window barely missing two workers. an 83-year-old driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. customers jumped out of their seats and the driver and two workers went to the hospital to get checked out. good thing, they were not seriously hurt.
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massive 3$300 million fiberoptic cable running 600 miles underseas, it's dubbed faster backed by google and five other companies with a band width potential 60 terabytes per second connection, that's fast, the highest connection of its kind. it allows google to bypass the internet. the company revealed its next generation of its mobile operating system. each version is named after a sweet treat. this one is no different. meet android nugget. google unveiled a statute f forring now got for ing n ing n now g now -- nougat in mountain view. learning how to cook their own lava, using a high powered induction furnace to meltdown the rock.
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once it hits a certainly level it's ready to pour. it can cause huge explosions and unleash toxic gases and researchers say studying their own homemade lava will be cheaper than studying an active volcano. >> why would i want to go to hawaii when i could make my own lava in the backyard? brilliant. history in the making, up next, madison bumgardner and what giants plan to do with him no pitcher has done in 40 years. a. when it happens where you live? >> the "abc news" team covers your neighborhood. your story. >> you have questions, we have answers. >> i cannot say enough about you g guys, thank you so much. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for
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coming up on "abc news" at 6:00, the expand big area, some are calling it the mega region, what this means for jobs, transportation and housing. also, break through for many kidney patients, how technology developed here could help them take control of their treatment. something big is brewing out of one of california's most celebrated breweries, all coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. if you're still looking for ideas what to do this fourth of july, we have a full list of fireworks on the bay area on the front page of our website, "abc news".com. >> you can share your photos on july 4th, add the #abc7now to your pictures and videos and we will be featuring them online
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and air throughout the holiday weekend. >> i hate to say i told you so. >> i know how much you hate that. >> tonight, we should see something that hasn't happened in 40 years i was hoping for. >> yes. and pushing for. giants have decided not to use a designated hitter despite the fact they're playing in an american league ballpark. they will have starting pitcher, madison baumgarner hit instead. 13 lifetime home runs, he's lobbying to compete in the home run derby during the all-star weekend. something a lot of fans, including kristen would love. >> you're pointing out good reasons why he should be cautious. >> they're concerned he will get injured swinging a gazillion times. do you want him in the playoffs or home run derby. bruce boettcher does not want him in the home run derby for sure. >> i do respect his opinion.
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he knows a little bit. >> see you in half an hour. tonight, holiday high alert. stepped up security from coast to coast. heavily armed police at major airports. millions hit the road this fourth of july weekend. and another warning tonight, the severe weather on the way. the new image of the suicide bombers, smiling moments before the massacre. and the hunt for isis. the u.s. unleashing air strikes. tonight, donald trump telling our tom llamas how he would fight the terror group. the new report slamming the navy. those ten american sailors captured by iran. one sailor praised. what she managed to do while guarded at gunpoint. the man swinging wildly in the city square, beating victims to the ground. what some say is to blame for the rise in violence. and was it an ambien nightmare?


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