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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. developing news overseas where a deadly terror attack and hostage standoff is unfolding in a diplomat zone in dhaka, bang lashesh. isis has claimed responsibility. it is happening near the embassy. hostage takers took hostages in a cave a popular. we have the latest. >> reporter: a violent attack in bangladesh. taking hostages in the diplomat area of the capital dhaka. the u.s. embassy putting out in a shelter in place order and the werners are among -- westerns
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are among the hostages but they have accounted for all american personnel. >> we are continuing to work on the -- the accountability of others and we continue to stay in touch with bangladeshi authorities. obviously a very fluid situation right now. >> reporter: the bakery was backed on this friday night during ramadan when the attackers stormed in, exchanging gunfire with security forces injuring several, killing at least one. and high-profile attacks like this have been uncommon in bangladesh. there have been recent murders there linked to islamic extremists. abc news, new york. back here in california, a wildfire burning near the american river has grown to 2100 acres, forcing evacuations and threatening 2600 structures in el dorado and placer counties. we have live pictures coming up. cal fire officials say they are in creasingly worried that the trail head fire will spread out
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of control with hot temperatures. forecast for this weekend -- you could see the smoke coming up from the fire. it broke out on tuesday afternoon. only 12% contained. and air quality are warning those in the sacramento area because of the smokey conditions. happening now, there is an incredible opportunity for whale watching in the bay area. check this out of linda mar beach in pacifica. our camera caught a whale opening its giant mouth and feeding on anchovies and other fish. three humpbacks have been seen close to shore. we saw two of them feeding at this spot today. this viewer shared this video with us taken yesterday. it shows whales jumping out of the water, which is known as breaching. there are several surfers close by. incredible. >> certainly a great day to be out watching whales or anything today. a live look outside from our mt. tam camera. the next big question is how will our weather be for the july
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fourth fireworks show on monday night. >> abc 7 news welcome anchor spencer christian is outside with that and severe weather warnings in the northeast. spencer. >> that is right, ama and larry. things calm here. but we're hopeful for good viewing conditions on monday night. and as you see our calm conditions here, i'll show you in sharp contrast over northern wash washington to boston and tornado warnings in part of new york state and the result of the storms is air travel delays are severe, all the way up and down the north and mid-atlantic coast. around new york, the airports are showing a three and a half hour delay at jfk and over two hour-delays at la guardia and newark and other delays in boston and washington not as severe as that as the storms rumble on. here in the bay area. mt. tam, and calm conditions over the bay. 62 degrees in san francisco.
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67 in oakland. and 73 in mountainview. 81 in morgan hill. and the view from the east bay hills camera capturing the coastal fog toward the bay. 80 in santa rosa, 71 in napa. 79 novato. 89 at livermore and a closer look at our weekend forecast and our three-day weekend forecast including viewing conditions for fireworks coming up later. >> spencer, thank you, we want that. and new danger connected to the zika virus being linked to a serious eye infection that could cause blindness. the first case was reported in the new england journal of medicine. today the president called on congress for funding to kpat this virus. >> we could reduce the risks, if congress does the right thing and allocates the dollars needed right now to get the job done. >> earlier this week senate
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democrats blocked a republican proposal to spend more than $1 billion to combat zika and they say they need to spend twice that amount to meet the crisis. >> there is concern here in california because the type of mosquitos that carry the zika virus can live in the bay area. >> leslie brinkley live in walnut creek with the story. leslie? >> reporter: that is right. mosquitos that can carry the zika virus have been detected so far this year in san diego, los angeles, bakersfield and as far north as fresno, and they could end up here. this white tipped mosquito is like the two spaceys that can -- species that could carry the zika virus. this map shows it extends across the u.s. and well into california and encompassed the bay area. >> currently the spaceys that can transmit the zika virus have not been found in contra costa county but we are actively on
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the lookout for these invasive species. >> reporter: here at the contra costa mosquito lab are some of the 40 traps collected each week from throughout the county. mosquitos are counted and identified. >> we have been getting a lot of phone calls with regard to concerns about the zika virus. >> reporter: last year the species that could carry zika was detected in the men lo packapark and atherton area. >> this is a concern coming from brazil and seeing how bad it is down there. >> reporter: so far 12 babies born with birth defects in the u.s. are tied to travel-related zika infections. >> i don't want to get it and i don't want anybody to get it and i hope it goes away. >> reporter: the bay area is poised to take action if necessary. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. california's top gun control laws just got tougher. this morning the governor signed six new gun control bills into
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law and include a requirement that those who own high-capacity magazines get rid of them and background check for ammunition sales and the bullet button is now banned as well. the governor vetoed six other gun bills, one requiring people to register home made firearms and another that would require people to report lost or stolen weapons to authorities. heart break for a san jose family after a trip to oakridge mall turned deadly. >> a family who had just finished shopping was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot. one child died. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the latest. >> reporter: it is typically one of the south bay's busiest malls but thursday customers at oakridge mall saw a tragic scene unfold. >> sadness, anger, frustration. >> reporter: around 9:30 last night, a family including a young boy holding hands with his mother and sister were hit in the parking lot while walking back to their car. police tell us the driver of a
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2015 gray mercedes who was moving at a low rate of speed was responsible for the accident. >> the driver in the mercedes did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. currently we don't believe that alcohol or drugs was a factor in the collision. just a very, very tragic situation and tragic incident. >> reporter: the six-year-old boy who is identified as aniket gadre were rushed to the hospital where the child was pronounced dead. this area of the mall is often congested and wasn't sure if the driver was distracted or didn't see the family because it is dark outside. many shonners are in -- shoppers are in disbelief. >> i can't imagine a mother losing a child in front of her eyes. it is sad that she had to go through that, especially being next to the child. >> and the family is requesting privacy as they deal with their unmanageable loss. police are looking for witnesses to step forward with information and will be reviewing the mall surveillance video. >> just knowing that you could do everything right and something bad could happen.
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but it is sad that that had to happen to a little boy. especially here, at a place where a lot of people come. >> a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> the man who died at the wheel of a tesla car on auto pilot had a history of speeding. joshua brown of canton, ohio, had eight speeding tickets in three years, according to records obtained by the associated press. brown was killed in a cash in florida back in may when his tesla auto pilot sensors failed to see a tractor-trailer turning on to the highway in front of him. the u.s. government has launched an investigation into the crash. that started yesterday. in a statement, brown's family said while the public's fascination with this new technology is understandable, the grief which the family continues to endure is personal and private. three east bay bart stations will be closed this holiday as they get ready to connect tracks to a maintenance complex under construction in hayward.
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the hayward and fremont stations won't reopen until tuesday and free buses will operate to serve those stations. an undercover sting operation led to a big illegal fireworks seizure. dublin police identified two people trying to sell in the city via the internet. one of them had additional fireworks at his sunnyvale home and police found 400 pounds of illegal fireworks there. dublin is among the few bay area sits that still a -- cities that allow the sale of safe and sane fireworks but they have a zero tolerance for illegal fireworks and additional officers will be on patrol this weekend. still ahead at 4:00, an amusement park and zoo has been evacuated after an animal escaped an enclosure. and starting taye, four bay area cities are paying a higher minimum wage. >> what loretret lynch is -- loretta lynch is admitting today after her visit with former
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president bill clinton. >> and pose your questions at hashtag ask finney and we'll answer those questions in minutes. and as we approach friday and holiday weekend, let's look at the skyway in it san francisco. it is slow in both directions. left hand side, that is your bridge traffic approaching the bay bridge to the east bay and 101 south, slow in both
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happening now, a tense situation unfolding at busch
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gardens in tampa, florida, after an orangutan escape its enclosure. this was taken moments after the animal got loose. the park has been evacuated. some visitors are looked in a food court as they try to capture the escaped orangutan. it is the second time in as many weeks that it has escaped from its enclosure. on june 16th a young animal wandered into a area off limited to zoo visitors but later led back to his enclosure. a thief brazenly stole a woman as she was feet away pumping gas in west los angeles. this is surveillance from the mobile gas station. the thief worked on the other side of her car. her purse was on the front seat. the thief opened the driver's side door and grabbed her belongings and walked away and the woman didn't notice it was gone until she got back into her
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car. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the warriors made their pitch to kevin durant today in the hamptons and they send the entourage and they have others in the meeting. it reportedly went for about three years. durant also has meetings with a handful of other teams today and tomorrow. he is expected to make a fairly quick decision to maybe by the end of the weekend. the expectation is that he will stay with his current team in oklahoma city. okc can offer him the most money. after the meeting iguodala sent out a couple of cryptic tweets that had twitter abuzz but shed no real light on what is happening unless you happen to know what nahb means. an interpretation. or the fam deaf got blessed today. it might have nothing to do with
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durant. ponder all of this while we wait for durant's decision. >> still working on it. well thousands of workers in the bay area will have more money to spend beginning today. >> the minimum wage just went up in four cities. kristen sze is here to break it down. >> those in sunnyvale, el serro and emeryville are taking home more pay. sunnyvale is up 70 cents and el cerrito is up to $11.60. the san francisco base rate is now $13 per hour, up 75 cents and emeryville is now $13 for small businesses, up 75 cents. and $14.82 for larger businesses, up 38 cents. so emeryville has the second highest minimum wage in the country, right behind seattle. san francisco mayor ed lee said today marks a big step in a region hit by huge cost of living increasing. >> there is still an
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affordability gap. this will help people and i suggest that there are still a lot of people working two jobs to support their families. >> but some say continuing to hike the minimum wage will hurt workers. the owner of cj olson cherries in sunnyvale said with rent and labor cost going up, she has to cut back for the business to survive. >> i have to cut people's hours, our part-timers, and therefore they are counting on a certain amount of income but i can't afford to have them. >> despite the heated debate, the state minimum wage of $10 per hour will reach $15 by 2022. making bay area cities have built in increases that will surpass the state before then. >> kristen, thank you. a busy holiday weekend around san francisco. visitors are reminded that fireworks are prohibited at golden state recreation sites. beach fires are only allowed on certain parts of ocean beach.
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glass bottles aren't allowed at any beach and for those heading to mere woods, remember, parking is extremely limited. speaking of parking, we were at the north parking lot at the north and south lots closed this weekend from 11:00 until 5:00 in the evening. on monday, july fourth, the north visitors lot will be closed all day. tour buses and taxi and uber and loift could drop off at the south end welcome center. >> what is the weather for this holiday weekend. >> we need to know. spencer. >> you turned to the right guy. okay. it looks like today's weather is fairly representative of what is coming our way over the three-day weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have mostly sunny skies across the bay area with a little bit of coastal fog developing. that is the pattern for a while and will continue to have. temperatures right now range from upper 50s at the coast to 70s around the bay and some upper 80s, at livermore and concord and places like that. this is a view of the golden
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gate bridge. looking murky. foggy on the coast and bay overnight. foggy over the fourth of july weekend. and fireworks viewing so far looking favorable. if the fog stays at the coast monday night. that is where it will be tonight with low temperatures mainly in the mid-50s. a few upper 50s in the east bay inland locations. and let's take a look at our fog cast animation. starting at midnight, by 7:00 fog will filled in fairly densely in across the coast and through the bay and inland locations. so that will be the picture at 7:00 a.m. but at 10:00 we see the fog pulling back toward the coastline and a still will linger over the bay and by the afternoon we'll have a bay much like today, sunny and inland over the bay and foggy at the coast. and high temperatures in the south bay under sunny skies from upper 70s in santa clara to cupertino and on the peninsula, 71 and 77 palo alto and mountain
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view and on the coast foggy and upper 50s in daly city and the sunset district and 50 the high in downtown san francisco. 75 in napa, 82 at santa rosa. 69 in oakland. 74 at union city. 76 at fremont. and the inland east bay is warmer than that with highs in the low to mid-80s and maybe upper 80s at locations like antioch and livermore. and let's move to the santa cruz beach. temperatures in the upper 60s on saturday, sunday and monday. beaches to the north are cooler but that is the place to go if you are looking for beach-side activities. fourth of july, fireworks forecast, it looks like the fog will still be near the coast. but at 9:30 on monday evening. so fireworks displays probably will be viewed fairly easily inland and out over the bay.
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here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. look for upper 80s inland. saturday through tuesday. we'll see mid to upper 70s around the bay. and upper 50s to about 60 on the coast. and then our inland areas cool down a bit by mid-week next week and that pattern will continue the cooler inland pattern through the end of the week. fireworks viewing conditions still looking pretty good for monday night. larry and ama. >> we'll take pretty good. >> thank you, spencer. up next, two huge jackpots up for grabs. if you are feeling lucky, there is still time to get your tickets. how about lucky in traffic. this is a rough weekend for that. but here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. eastbound traffic on the left-hand side heavier which is normally the case but not as bad as the hot spots around the bay area on this getaway friday. back with more on abc 7 ne
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you're looking at a
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captivating image of sand dunes on mars. that was captured by the nasa rover curiosity. this image prove that earth and mars share similar characteristics with big and small sand ripples but on mars they look like what would form under moving water on earth. they believe mars once had a much thicker atmosphere. who wouldn't want matthew mcconaughey as a teacher. stop, larry. he is teaching a film class at the university of texas at austin this fall. he will co-teach with director gary ross. they will take 30 lucky students behind the scenes of the movie free state of jones. >> and ama is enrolling in classes at the university of texas in austin. you could call it lottery fever. times two. >> tonight's mega-millions lottery draw is the third largest in the game history. an estimated $415 million.
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if that isn't enough, the powerball is $243 million and climbing. players are looking for any edge. we dropped by 19th avenue liquors which has already produce twod millionaires. >> i know they won from a couple of times from here, so why not try again. >> we sell a lot of tickets and we get a lot of winners and people tell each other. >> people are definitely telling each other about this. registers are very busy. if you are feeling lucky, and do you? figure this. clint eastwood there. no one has won the mega-millions, including us, since march, even though we keep putting our dollars in. 31 drawings without a winner. ama, we're due. we are long overdue. >> can't win if you don't play. >> thanks. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, there is increased security at transportation hubs across the country this fourth of july holiday.
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what travelers can expect and the best time to head out. plus, attorney general loretta lynch addressing her critics. why she regrets her meeting now with former president bill clinton. and later sh the gop and donald trump supporters are making a pitch at the marin county fair. is it a sign of a strained republican party.
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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here are the headlines at 4:30. isis has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack and hostage situation unfolding in dhaka, bangladesh. attackers killed two police officers after storming a restaurant in a diplomatic zone and are still holding others hostage there. abc 7 news reporter vic lee rode in a brand-new tesla today with a new owner and they tested out the auto pilot in light of the crash in florida.
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we'll show you how that drive went on abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez looking at the california law that went into effect today requiring all school children to be vaccinated. more parents are complying but some are taking extreme steps to keep their kids vaccine-free and you'll hear about that at 5:00 as well. today attorney general regrets meeting with former president bill clinton in phoenix this week. that meeting happening as her department is investigating hillary clinton's private e-mails. lynch said she will defer to the fbi director on this case. abc news reporter megan hughes is live in washington, d.c. with more on how lynch is vowing to move forward. ? >> reporter: larry, good evening, the attorney general taking all of this head-on. no question this was bad optics so they trying to draw a line between herself and the investigation. attorney general loretta lynch at the aspen ideas festival
4:31 pm
answering the questions republicans and democrats have had for days. >> what on earth were you thinking? what happened. >> reporter: she reiterated they engaged in small talk about grandchildren on the tarmac of a phoenix airport. aide tods both say it wasn't arranged but a chance encounter but she understands how people view it. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. and because i think it has cast a shadow over what it should not. it is painful to me. because the integrity of the department of justice is important. >> reporter: as for the e-mail investigation, lynch vows to defer to the fbi director and agents working on the case. >> and i will accept their recommendations. >> reporter: trump expressing skepticism that it was small talk. >> i love my grandchildren so much, when i talk about them for more than nine or ten seconds -- >> reporter: at the western conservative summit in colorado. >> but it is not a joke. it is a serious thing.
4:32 pm
and to have a thing like that happen, it is so sad. and as you know, hillary is so guilty. >> reporter: white house spokesperson josh earnest distancing the president as he prepares to campaign with clinton for the first time in north carolina on tuesday. >> he believes this matter should be handled without regard to politics. >> the attorney general was also asked about when the e-mail investigation would conclude. and she didn't have an answer. saying she's not involved in the nuts and bolts of the investigation. in washington, megan hughes, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to developments in the bombings at istanbul airport. authorities have identified two of the three bombers responsible for the deadly attack. and say they were from russia, kirzig stan and uzbekistan. one suspect was identified through a copy of a passport submitted to a realtor in order to rent a house in istanbul. they have yet to identify the third bomber. security at airports in the u.s. has been increased in response to the attacks head of the busy
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fourth of july travel weekend. here is marcy gonzalez with the latest. >> reporter: a potentially record-setting travel weekend. as many as 43 million americans expected to hit the roads, rails and skies. >> everybody heads out of town or going to a lake or family reunion. >> reporter: just on friday alone, three million people flying. that is half a million more than on an average day this summer. >> we actually are expecting -- we are a little late. >> reporter: and the crowds at the airports across the country are seeing extra security. >> there will be so many security personnel you won't notice, including plain-clothes troopers. >> an added precaution to the holiday and in response to the deadly terror attack in istanbul. >> once i got to the airport, i was just that much more aware. >> reporter: added awareness and patrol at train stations and bus terminals and tourist hot spots. >> we are very vigilant and will
4:34 pm
have exceptional nypd presence to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: but most holiday travelers, about 36 million, are opting to drive to their destination in part because gas prices are at the lowest in more than a decade. the average gallon, 50 cents cheaper than a year ago. >> prices are low and i figure give it a shot and travel. >> reporter: and try to avoid traffic the travel experts say the best time to head out is saturday before 11:00 a.m. or after 1:00 in the afternoon. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. for the first time we're hearing the emergency call between air traffic controllers and the pilot of prince's private jet about a week before the pop star died. they were requesting an ambulance to meet them at an illinois airport because prince was unresponsive on the plain. >> we did call the airport hopefully they'll have someone standing by for you. >> thank you. >> was it a male or female?
4:35 pm
>> it is a mael passenger. >> he was never named in the call. abc news sued to obtain the recordings from the airport in illinois. the artist was well enough to get back into the air within hours but he died at his paisley park, minnesota, estate days later. a woman found in a flood control channel a day after flooding inundated the city. people rescued people east of the strip yesterday and authorities are working to identify the suspected drowning victim. take a look at how severe the flooding was in some parts of the city. entire streets were turned into raging rivers. severe thunderstorms dumped heavy rain and up to two inches of hail yesterday within an hour. >> wow. still ahead on abc news at 4:00, san jose airport adds another big overseas destination. >> but first, the odd couple at a california zoo. how zookeepers say they became
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besties. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is ahead and so i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them at the hashtag ask finney. i'll answer your questions right here live in just a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian from mt. tam we see fog beginning the daily push-out over the bay. how much sunshine for the fourth of july weekend? i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment as abc it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online.
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carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy.
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in land -- thailand, moesha has a new prosthetic limb. she lost her leg to a land mine decades ago. she show she is doing well on this new leg. in fact, this is her ninth leg. she regularly receives new limbs to support her additional height and weight. oh, my goodness. hate to burst your bubble, ha ha, but twinkie the jack russell is world record fast and he knocked out 100 balloons in 39 seconds. that is 2.5 balloons per second. the old record for a dog was 41.67 seconds. >> he seems to enjoy his work. >> i think so. clearly this is the animal section of the program. as we go from dogs to cats. an unexpected friendship between a cat and a bear is causing
4:40 pm
quite a stir at the folsom city zoo. >> zookeepers say this little cat started showing up at the barren closure a few months ago to grab food scraps. the black cat didn't scare away the 550 pound bear named sequoia when they crossed path. >> the two like to hang out together. they have now named the cat little bear. like the tv show. little bear. zookeepers say the besties have a lot in common. they are both older and serene and they love the shade. don't we all. that is unlikely. you would not think that -- you would think that -- >> they probably keep the bear well-fed, right? >> i know. but why would he hang out with a cat? >> i don't know. it is a cool cat. you are a cool cat. >> speaking of cool cats. professional segway to spencer christian. >> i hope my weather forecast is not too much to bear. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies and quite bearable. and lovely conditions.
4:41 pm
it looks like this pattern we have now will continue right on through the three-day holiday weekend. coming up tomorrow, look for sunny skies over the bay and inland. a little fog lingering at the coast. highs range from up 50ers at the coast -- 50s at the coast to 60s and 70th around the bay and to maybe 90 degrees in antioch tomorrow. on we go to the tahoe forecast. i had hoped to have the tahoe camera but it has been changed. so here we go. saturday, sunday and monday and high temperatures at tahoe under sunny skies. right around or just above 80 degrees. mid-40s in the early morning hours. and the accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this -- we'll have high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in our inland areas right on through fourth of july which is monday. our viewing conditions for fireworks looking pretty good right now for monday evening but late at night we expect the fog to return as it does in this kind of early summer pattern. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead --
4:42 pm
>> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, as ama said, one bird's up close encounter with a wild encounter. >> e interrupted you. >> a 10-year-old boy from the east bay gets help from his mom for what was a big night for him. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney and i'm answering your questions on fin
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the san jose international airport welcomed lufthansa. today's inaugural flight was greeted in san jose with a water cannon salute and a celebration at the gate. the airline is operating nonstop five times a week and british airways began in may from its hub at london heathrow. police in pacifica are warning people to be aware of a mountain lion that crept into a holm -- a homeowner's backyard and something unexpected happened that scared the animal away. >> a chore became memorable for a pacifica family early
4:46 pm
wednesday night. >> my sister was washing dishes and said there is a mountain lion. >> come here, quick. >> reporter: and they took this cell phone video, from inside. >> i was pretty shocked i got that video, too. >> how glad were you to be on the other side of the glass. >> very happy. >> and as soon as it appears, it disappeared. >> it hopped the fence next door. >> like it was nothing. >> right on over to the bernardy's backyard. they wouldn't have known except for police knocked on their front door. >> when the officers came in i warned them we have hawk and she is capable of letting a blood curdling scream go which is hurd houses away when she is inside. >> and sure enough as she took the officers out back, almost on cue -- hawk, the mccaw, said good-bye. >> i told the officers, the cat is gone, i'm sure by now. scared everybody. they were glad i had warned them. >> reporter: a mountain lion hasn't been seen since.
4:47 pm
in pacifica, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> i like that bird. santa cruz is reminding visitors about illegal fireworks and open alcohol container this is holiday weekend. abc # news was in santa cruz where signs were up warning about the bans. people caught with fireworks could pay upwards of $1,300 in fines and fees. police say they will increase patrols. >> you'll see atvs on the beach and added foot patrols. again, this is an all-hands-on-deck weekend and we'll have every available officer patrolling the streets. >> and the penalties are in effect beginning sunday night through tuesday morning. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side michael finney is here asking questions sent to him via facebook, twitter and e-mail and the first one comes from ben in san mateo who asked when it comes to applying for a new credit card where should one go and which ones are most beneficial in terms of rewards and low cost.
4:48 pm
>> great question. go online. there is a bunch of websites, credit cards, bank or some that come to mind, and they list a bunch of cards. you look for a card that doesn't have a annual fee with a good point structure. sometimes that is hard to put together. right now there is a city double cash card that is paying 2% back on all of the purchases you make. it is a very good deal. one drawback, you have to pay in full every month or you don't get your points. so you have to make sure you read the fine print. and by the way, if you plan to carry a balance, the most important thing you are looking for is zero percent interest. there are cards out there right now with 18 months of no interest. sow need to be looking for one of those cards. >> that is outstanding. patricia p. e-mails, i have an inheritance check to deposit and how do i choose a good investment adviser. >> it is tough. you have to do some work yourself. no doubt about it. ask friends and colleagues.
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go it alone and if you are gutsy enough and want to take the time and learn it. cfp. a certified financial planner, those are the three letters that are the biggest in this industry. not all good financial planners have them. but it is a good starting point and gives you something to look at and start making decisions with. this is going to be a long process. you don't want to just trust anyone. and what you want to do is check with the s.e.c., security and exchange commission, and you go online and it is very easy and the cfp organizations to see if your guy has been in trouble before. if she or he have been in trouble, you might want to steer away from them or find out what the issues are. but it isn't fast. this is all of your money -- your retirement we're talking about so be careful. >> perfect. well santa rosa e-mailed, is there a way to get out of an early disconnect from dish without paying the full amount they want. >> i wish you thought about that before you signed the contract. the bottom line is if you sign the contract, you have to live up to it. you expect them to do the same.
4:50 pm
the one exception is if you have been forced to move a loved one or somebody you lived with, dies or you lose your job, give them a call and say these horrible things happened to me and i want to you be human and help me out. often they will go for that. but if you just want to get out of a contract because you don't want to pay it any more, they won't go for it. >> thank you, michael. zeroa fears are growing among women in the u.s. >> here is jane king with a wellness report. >> doctors in the u.s. are being inundated with questions about the risk of pregnancy in the age of zika. the "wall street journal" said doctors caring for women with zika offer closer monitoring, performing ultrasounds every three or four weeks to check for head circumference. so far the cdc has reported 12 babies in the united states with birth defects tied to travel-related zika infections. the suicide rates are highest among farmers, lumberjacks and fishermen. the highest suicide rates in manual isolation and face
4:51 pm
unsteady employment. the lowest rate was in teachers and librarians. and the transgender has doubled to 1.4 million adults. federal and state data found that is raising questions about the sufficiency of support. more surveys are expected to be taken. and yoga breathing techniques could slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure. a medical research report does show that breath control or extension could slow the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. the "wall street journal" said yoga classes are increasingly being filled with police officers, firefighters and other people who experience routine spikes in stress who can benefit from the deep-breathing exercises. from the nds, i'm jane king. here is to your health. a brilliant ten-year-old pianist por formed at carnegie hall last night. >> onnor has played at the same
4:52 pm
place five times and he was a huge hit. ♪ [ music playing ] >> wow! his family shared this video with us. connor exposed his first piece at the age of five. when he grows up, he has plans to be a pediatric surgical oncologist. >> he is ten. he is ten. what have i done with my life. >> nothing. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. politics at the marin county fair. donald trump supporters and the gop are sending out messages separately. and now kristen has what is coming up at 5:00. >> coming up, vaccinating your child. the controversial mandate that has families choosing sides. and emergency landing, claiming tires. a fire fighting plane suddenly needs help of its own. and deep diving. the white shark cafe, how
4:53 pm
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we've seen iowa politics play out at straw poll but now it is our turn. marin county fair opened today and that is where we find wayne freedman. >> when the summertime comes you could count on sun and fun and county fair and it happens in a political season, you don't know if you could count on anything. how about birds of a feather not flocking together. >> it is as american as the red, white and blue, your local county fair where in between boos were whirly gigs, we find another war going on, even slightly subtle. a booth for the republican party, sure you would expect that. but -- >> we don't have anything for donald trump at this booth. there is stuff at the booth next door. >> on the other side of the wall --
4:57 pm
>> he is a formidable person and a large formidable person. >> dislikes? >> close. >> in this heavily democratic county one might think the republicans would stick together, but no. on one side we have donna fife who ran the ted cruz campaign locally and on the other karen molden who is still running trump's. >> is there something symbolic in that. >> how do you mean? >> reporter: and two doors down, the democrats. >> it is parallel of what is going on in the real world. obviously -- if republicans are embarrassed by him. >> while we haven't got a nominee yet so we are skill representing all candidates. >> reporter: as the trump site tells it, they wanted a bigger booth for everyone but the party would not pay for it so karen molden put up more than a thousand dollars of her own cash and she needed room for her trump stuff, she told us. >> it was our choice. but they made their choice and i made mine. >> and the rest of us can wait until november.
4:58 pm
>> have you seen the democrats booth over there? >> nope. >> you haven't looked? >> nope. not interested. >> reporter: at the marin county fair, duane freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with larry and kristen. >> are we on auto pilot? >> we should be. >> put to the test. one day after learn being a fatal tesla crash a bay area man finds the auto pilot system is not easy to navigate. accusations of fraud against bay area jiffy lubes and now this. and a fireworks mistake destroys the stage for the san rafael big event. and into the breach. whales putting on quite a show right in our backyard. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. the holiday weekend is here and i'll let you know if the weather will cooperate for the fireworks shows and also for your barbecues coming up. live from the kgo broadcast
4:59 pm
center, this is abc 7 news. the florida crash that killed a tesla driver is the first fatal accident with a computer in control. what does this mean for autonomous driving? one bay area man puts the system to the test. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. that crash could set back self-driving cars for a long time. 40-year-old joshua brown was behind the wheel and letting his car do the driving. vic lee today is live at a tesla dealership in burlingame and you saw how the auto pilot system works and what do you think? >> for one thing, if you've never been if a tesla, it is quite a driving experience. and thanks to ronald trugman of redwood city, we got a chance to ride in his brand-new tesla. and he tells us, he is undaunted by that terrible accident in florida. in fact, he was looking forward to using his auto pilot.
5:00 pm
>> it is a wonderful car. it drives beautifully. >> reporter: ronald had just picked up his new tesla model s. yesterday. he was at the dealership today picking up last-mit pointers. he saw first-hand how the car can back into a parking space. and the only one inside was the dog, who looked a bit nervous. and he heard about the accident in florida. where tesla owner joshua brown was killed when a tractor-trailer turned in front of his car which was on auto pilot. the self-driving mechanism failed to stop. trugman said that doesn't worry him. >> there have been a lot of cars and they've been driving for -- been on the road for some time and accidents do happen. >> reporter: trugman graciously allowed us in as he drove his car for the first time with the auto pilot on. it began with a warning. >> auto steer requires you keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. do you want to enable it? yes. he trouble with the auto pilot. it just wouldn't


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