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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  July 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is saturday, july 2nd. good morning. i'm chris nguyen. a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. partly sunny skies through san francisco. it's not too bad out here even though we have gusty winds outside of the delta and the cloud deck is shifting around. upper level low to the north of us allowing for the cooldown to continue. if we just pan the camera a little bit you'll notice all the low clouds. 60 in oakland. mountainview, 61. morganville, 62. half moon bay two to three-mile visibility. look at the clouds in oakland. glowing over emeryville. napa, nevada low 60s. low clouds, the fog with us at half moon bear, montara and
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pacifica, a cool day there. 90s you'll have to head to brentwood and antioch. and liver more low 80s. developing news, a section of contra costa boulevard in pleasant hill is likely to be closed all day after a water main break created a sinkhole. the 12-inch pipe burst around 9:00 on contra costa boulevard near woodsworth lane. it it has since been turned off. crews will start cleaning the roadway this morning. contra costa between woodsworth will likely be closed until tomorrow. a man suspected of driving drunk smashes into a began line in melville. views quickly turned the line off. nobody was hurt. all evacuees are back home.
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an 18 block area around the crash site was blocked off. minister of internal affairs has don firmed in a tweet that an 18-year-old cal student was among those killed in bangladesh. 13 hostages were freed at least 40 people were wounded. six militants are dead and isis has claimed responsibility for last night's assault that ended after a ten-hour standoff. >> reporter: this all began when gunmen attacked the holey artisan bakery. one waiter barely escaped. >> translator: i was working in the pizza kitchen and i saw two men plan their attack. people ducked for cover or started to run. i managed to make it out of the roof the building. they were throwing bombs and the windows were shaking. >> reporter: the popular restaurant in the capital's
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diplomatic area was packed in another day long fast in ra ramadan. most of those were foreigners. neighbors watched in horror. >> big explosion. i heard it. a really large boom. >> reporter: the cafe is just one mile from the american embassy who warned u.s. citizens to shelter in place. >> we're still accounting for all private american citizens who may have been in the area. we don't have finality on that. >> that was alma dies we've since len emvy university in atlanta is reporting two other students died in the attack. one source said the gunmen killed anyone who could decipher the koran. download the abc7 news app or get push alerts as they happen.
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a new wildfire has erupted in central california and quickly growing to 1900 acres. the cal fire burning along highway 198 west of the coalinga. firefighters say the fire is spreading fast box of the wind. a section of highway 198 is closed between coalinga and highway 101 because the fire is burning on both sides of. and a large wildfire burning near the american river is now growing to 3200 acre as. the so-called trailhead fire. the fire has led to mandatory evacuations and it's 12% contained. back here at home, the fourth of july weekend is just beginning and already bay area officials are dealing with illegal fireworks. abc 78 reporter katie marzullo got a look. >> reporter: the firefighters
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took us to san jose just before the sun went down. this is what we saw. >> there's no safe way to do it in your front yards. even the smaller ones, people get hurt from those every year. >> reporter: he's already seen one person this week burned on their face, arms and legs. san jose police have made two arrests. and east palo alto, there have been fires reported. you can go to, you can submit videos and pictures as well. >> reporter: if you're busted prepare to pay. fines range from $100 to $5,000. fines also increased in santa cruz where all fireworks are outlawed. >> this is a all-hands-on deck
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weekend. >> we want to have people come out of the holiday weekend safe with smiles on heir faces and pleasant memories. >> reporter: increased enforcement through july 5th. katie marzullo, abc7 news. investigators arrested two people accused of selling illegal fireworks. the city of dublin has a zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks. it's one of the bay cities still allowing safe and sane fireworks to be sold. a crash happened just before 6:00 last night on broadway and samson streets. the lady was riding a scooter. we're told that passengers on the bus were left off the after the crash. no one else was hurts. police have has determined who was at fault. san francisco police are
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also investigating a crash that involved a limo and pedestrian. it happened at 9:30 last night on 19th avenue and winston drive. the 30-year-old victim was taken to the hospital but there's for word yet on the extent of the victim's injuries. you might face delays if you're heading between east bay and the richmond county. caltran will close one lane tonight and tomorrow night for emergency pothole repair visiting the golden gate bridge won't be easy this holiday weekend. abc7 news is visiting the parking lot as workers closed off car access. north and south will be closed from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you're heading south this weekend, santa cruz, be aware, there are major street closures in los gatos. south santa cruz avenue will be closed at woodsworth and highway
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17. this is the second year in a row for the closure. the city wants to keep beachgoers from parking up and down the streets. the south santa cruz avenue north ramp from northbound 17 is open. whale watchers are flocking to the san mateo coastline to see an amazing show. a humpback whale has been beaching off of pacifica. >> reporter: this is a spectacular show that people have been watching at pacifica state beach the last few days. >> we saw so many is whales. we saw it over there, you could see the spouts coming up. every once in a while they pop their heads up. >> reporter: they've been among the dozens of surfers that have gotten a look at the whale. >> like right there. there's a whale. >> reporter: the word is out, this is the place for easy whale
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watching. these folks are from missouri. >> my father lives here in pacifica. he's been telling us about the whales. >> several up there, i mean, they just come up and dive up and back down. they're absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: scientists tell us recent weather patterns have pushed schools of fish closer to shore and the whales are coming in to feed. >> it's called lunge feeding, the whales will do a circle under the water below the school of fish to try to corral them into a tighter school. and then they'll come up through the middle of the school with their mouth open. >> reporter: what we don't know is how long this will last. residents and surfers tell us they're enjoying the show. in pacifica, abc7 news. and we are in for a beautiful weekend throughout the bay area. lisa is tracking the temps. >> 60 degrees in the bay area. we do have a mix of clouds and sun. 69 degrees in oakland.
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cooler at the city. cloudier at the coast. warmer inland. we'll have the details if just a few minutes. also ahead, it's not a league of their own. the pro teams going coed and making
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welcome back, everyone. the movie "a league of their own" famously celebrated women in baseball during world war ii. now 70 years later two women are making history. abc7 has more from sonoma. >> reporter: that's the 25-year-old on the mound making history. >> i tend not to think about the hype of it. >> reporter: stacy is not alone. kelsey whitmore is in left field. kelsey is only 17, a southern california softball player. >> it felt right. >> reporter: this is history in the making. the first time since the 1950s two women have been on the same team in a men's professional
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league. the idea came from none other than hollywood director frances ford >> reporter: some guys on the team have mixed emotion. >> they deserve the opportunity to be out here. >> reporter: even in a shared locker room. >> no one is walking around naked. >> reporter: team owners say this is no publicity stunt but it did fill the stands. >> women in baseball, it's time. >> reporter: they realized the instant role model thing is real. >> paving the way for young girls, it's amazing and great. at the same time, we're doing this because it's the game we love. >> reporter: stacy and kelsey are back in the lineup this weekend, playing on what has to be their field of dreams. in sonoma, cornell barnard, abc
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news. and now almost every child is vaccinated before they can attend public or private school. as abc7 news reporter lee melendez tell us. >> reporter: this is one of the few opposed to the law. >> i'm opposed to the state m e making medical choices. >> reporter: she asked that we not show her 2-year-old. >> fortunately for us, we have the option to home school him. >> reporter: a few other parents have decided to move to other states, rather than be forced to have their children vaccinated as a requirement to enroll in schools. the deal was prompted by a measles outbreak that started in disneyland last year. 113 people got sick. the governor signed it into law last year. only those with a medical
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condition can request an exemption from a doctor. box of the hipaa privacy law, the doctor doesn't have to disclose the ailment. some parents tried to circumvent the law? >> yes. >> reporter: amy zackeric is one of the founders of vaccinate california. >> it's important to know that the vast majority of californians do vaccinate. >> reporter: california is already seeing a decline in a number of exemptions. the department of public health collected data during the 2015 fall semester showing 90% of children in kindergarten received the vaccines. that number is expected to increase by the fall. leanne m lean
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leanne mendezez. numbers 20, 41, 42, 45, 49, mega number 14. we also have the numbers on our website don't feel bad about missing the mega millions prices there's a chance to win the powerball. the jackpot stands at $243 million. the philmore jazz festival kicks off in san francisco happening today. the two-day event is build as the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. there will be 12 blocks of music, fine arts, class and food and drinks. this year each will play a full set or song dedicated to a museum we lost in the past year including prince and david bowie. just in time for a hot weekend, the water features at
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two danville parks will be flowing again. just this week, danville officials were notified by east bay that they were good to go with the water. the features will be turned on this morning at 10:00. the temperatures won't be too bad over the holiday weekend. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. it's going to be quite pleasant today? >> that's right, it will be in the low 60s. right now, we're enjoying some sunshine. that's where i am. if you go farther right or left and we've got a cloud day. and it's going to stay that way and retreat to the coastline. as we take a look at live doppler hd, an area of low pressure to the north. and i'm showing you this, because this is the source of our cooling. this is what got us going the past couple of days, marine layer, low clouds morning and night for us. and with those temperature highs for the next several days. here's our east bay hills
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camera. the fog flowing through the valley 53, san francisco, 60 in oakland and san jose, 61 in mountain view. two to four-mile visible. 54 in morgan hill. if you check out the left-hand side of your screen, you can see the fog deck here. and the peninsula looking nation and clear. 56, santa rosa. 57, napa. novato. and a breeze your way, low 60s concord and livermore. 24 hours ago we were even warmer. we're looking at the cooldown to continue to influence parts of our inland, to two to seven degrees cooler for most of you. this is the south bay will san jose will enjoy low 80s and cooler for the week ahead. fog answer the coast and bay. typical pattern for the fourth of july weekend. and we will see the fog right here at the short line for
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monday. santa cruz if you're redded that w headed that way. lots of showers. closer to home only in the 50s. half moon bay, pacifica and ocean beach. how about pleasanton. alameda county fair looking at numbers upper 70s. warm spot, upper 80s 3:00. not as breezy by 7:00, and high temperatures around the bay will range for upper 50s. low 70s in san mateo. look for 76 in oakland. 76 in freemont, 83 in morgan hill. if you're headed to the game for tonight, the pirates, hopefully, the a's can turn this around. 64, sun sets at 7:05. the embarcadero, shooting that off above the marine layer.
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sunny skies turn into a clear evening with mild temperatures. low 60s. 58 at the shoreline near 90 at brentwood. slight shift tomorrow. coming up a few degrees for the 4th. but then the trend gets cooler and we'll see temperatures below average for the middle of next week until end of the week. we will be shivering in parts of the bay area like usual for the first week of july. chris. >> those people looking outside are thinking, it looks all gloomy. but the sun's coming right? >> that's right. coming up next, gearing up
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the july 4th holiday weekend is under way, and that means the summer vacation travel season is in full swing. how do you know if you're got a good deal on your vacation? here's 7 on your side michael finney with answers. >> reporter: booking travel is not cheap, sometimes is feels worse than it is. is travel cheaper or more expensive? >> it seems to be more expensive. i wonder why the gas prices aren't translating to the fuel. >> reporter: she's like most travelers, she thinks that costs are going up. but a study shows that travel costs are a mixed bag. >> plane travel has gone 6.5% on
8:25 am
average. hotels have actually increased a little bit. >> reporter: nicky veerical is vice president of travel at adobe. an unique view of travel. >> trillions and trillions of transactions flow through our tools every year. and this gives us an ability to look at aggregated data and pull those up into trends. >> reporter: and the adobe trends show the best day to buy tickets is 90 days before the flight. >> 90 day is consistently the best and lowest prices. then is plateaus. let me tell you the worst time to start buying tickets is 20 days or less. what we see on average is that prices start to go up 3% a day. >> reporter: so, buy the day of the flight and you're paying 60% more than other passengers which brings us back to kay and carter
8:26 am
standing at the airport. the price of travel is actually going down. >> that's good because we're going to hawaii next year. >> reporter: adobe has come up with a formula to judge if you're getting a good deal. for domestic flights paying less than $230 plus 32 cents a mile. you're getting a deal. i checked the formula. and it really does work. the formula generally lands in the middle of what you can pay. you're looking at san jose's joey chestnutt at yesterday's weigh-in. he hopes to gain it from this man, matt stoney. one of the prolific eaters on coney island. he downed 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. chestnutt inhaled 60 dogs last year. much more ahead on the abc7 morning news. the vision on the campaign
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trail. you may have heard about a contested convention but what a contested honey bear.
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mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is so great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look of the weather. mears meter rolling lisa argen. good morning. >> hey, chris, nice and sunny
8:30 am
here. you can see the fog sitting over emeryville and parts of oakland right now. that's where we take you to see how pretty it is where you see the deck of clouds. a little sunshine for some of you there. 60 in the city. 61 in mountain view. morgan hill is cool southwest half moon bay. and napa. a good dose of clouds and fog heading towards the shoreline. napa 57. and fairfield, gusty winds at 33 miles an hour. so here is the fog plan. it's going to be situated along the coast. so don't expect any sun or limited sun, at our local beaches. more sunshine down around santa cruz. sunny inland. and a look right now at san jose. it's got a wonderful day in store with low 80s for you. 60s and 70s els where.
8:31 am
i'll have the details. new this morning president obama says we should all look into how we can serve the veterans and military families in our community. that was the subject of this morning's weekly address, the president who said he will spend the 4th with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. >> until recently, when these spouses were asked to move across the state line, and had to recertificate for a job they're already qualified for. a nurse with years level of experience would have to take entry level courses or pay a fee or wait months to be processed before he or she could get back on the job that they love and lets them support their families. 8:31 is the time. the fbi could interview hillary clinton within the next few days into the private investigation
8:32 am
into the use of her private e-mail server. a source familiar with the d.o.j. investigation said its doing is to make recommendations before the two party's conventions take place. that will be towards the latter half of july. last year, it was revealed that clinton had exclusively used her private e-mail server for official communication during her tenure as secretary of state. you've seen it played out in county fairs and straw polls. now it's our turn. partisan politics clearly on display. wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: it's the kind of place where we might assume all americans could get along. the marine county fair. if we made such an assumption, we'd be wrong. >> right before our eyes. i wouldn't give him the time of day. >> reporter: so said the woman in the democratic booth talking about the republicans not far
8:33 am
away. and over there, no love lost right back at you. have you seen the democrats? >> nope. >> reporter: you haven't looked? >> nope, not interested. >> we don't have anything for donald trump. stop at the booth next door. >> reporter: yes, on the other side of the wall, he's a large formidable person. >> reporter: this large? >> close. >> reporter: in a heavily democratic county, one might think the republicans would stick together. instead, we found two booths back to bath, karen morgan is running trump's. is there something symbolic in it? >> how do you mean? >> to say what's going on in the real world. >> reporter: yeah. >> obviously, republicans are embarrassed by him. >> well, we haven't got a nominee yet, so we're still representing all candidates. >> reporter: as the trump side tells it the party would not pay for a larger booth and they had
8:34 am
too much stuff for a smaller one. karen put up more than $1,000 of her own money for this area. >> they made their choice, i made mine. >> i have no idea how this all came about. >> reporter: it's a little awkward? >> not for me. >> reporter: the rest of us can wait until november. at the marin county fair. abc7 news. california has already some of the toughest gun laws in the nation but yesterday governor brown tightened them even further by signing a half dozen new bills into law. critics accuse of governor of exploiting recent tragedies. here's abc7 news anchor eric thomas with the story. >> they're going to make people into criminals that are not criminals. >> reporter: the gun store owner scott jackson is showing us how one of the new laws will affect the so-called bullet button on the rifle. you needed a tool like an ink pen or bullet to remove the
8:35 am
magazine. the new law requires a permanently fixed magazine. rifles with removable magazines will be classified as assault weapons and those are illegal. jackson is not a fan. >> every time there's more terrorist attacks, there's a to try to cut down on the gun laws and take our rights away. and criminals are exempt from the law. >> reporter: and lawmakers were spurred on by last september's terror attack in san bernardino that killed 14 people. and last month in orlando that killed 49. >> i think the american people are ready for a change. how many people have to die before we say enough is enough. >> reporter: the state senator lonny hancock authored a law that would ban the high capacity magazines. would ban the loan of a weapon to anyone without a background check and make it a crime to file a false report that a gun was lost or stolen. >> the gun safety regulations
8:36 am
are good for california, and they do good for the country if we can get washington to take some action. >> reporter: the governor did veto four other bills passed by lawmakers and the new laws are expected to be challenged in court. eric thomas, abc7 news. san francisco police have arrested two men in connection with a union square jewelry store last week. this surveillance video shows one of the burglars smashing it on grace jewelry. police say the thieves stole $500,000 in merchandise. the owner says the value was closer to $2 million. investigators arrested 24-year-old andreas garrick and lonis pitts. 8:36 is the time. santa clara county patrol have confirmed that two mosquitos
8:37 am
have tested positive for west nile virus. this affects 91225 and they have scheduled fogging for next week. west nile virus doesn't cause symptoms in most individuals but some people fever, headache, and body aches. after a five-year journey to jupiter, juno will arrive on the fourth of july after traveling five years. as juno crossed the boundary of the magnetic field nasa recorded the sound of its supersonic sound. it's much like a sonic boom you might hear. take a listen. and that sound is coming from
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1.7 billion miles away. if everything goes as planned juno will orbit the planet polar poles 37 times gathering data. and when its mission is over it will point itself and dive to a fiery death. a stanford student said he's helped fight 160,000 parking tickets. how you can use his virtual lawyer for free. but first, a live look outsid
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welcome back, everyone. we celebrate our nation's birthday this weekend, las vegas casinos also having a celebration. stations casinos put on a huge celebration. the company started as a single bingo palace in 1976. vegasgoers know it as palace station. they now have 19 properties and still growing. they recently announced acquisition of the palm 50 resort. lisa has more with the holiday weekend. >> hey, folks are heading up to lake tahoe, 52, and 57 at south lake. how about 82 for a high today. 81 tomorrow. 80 for the 4th.
8:42 am
does it get any better? we'll talk local weather when we get back. the giants have a lot of injuries but
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giants will try to get their third straight win on the road in arizona. first pitch is at 7:05. here's abc7 sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. good morning, everybody. after dropping three of four in the bay bridge series the giants flew to arizona. they got there 3:00 in the morning. johnny cueto going for the ninth straight win. who wants a dip in the pool. down, conor gillapsie. down the line. gillapsie singled and doubled. and he gets the win because the offense came alive led by the squad. in the sixth trevor brown in for buster posey. g-men, in the eighth, it's parker, extending. his fifth of the year, solo off
8:46 am
of grandono. the a's, getting in on the big head races, that is the fastest elegant in baseball. marcus, whatever he's eat ieg want some. bottom of the first two-run hit off of jeff locke. and 12th of the year came in the andrew mccutchen force. lost seven runs on seven hits. josh harrison knocks in a pair. and the pirates take the series opener 7-3. >> the warriors made their pitch to kevin durant yesterday. the clippers also wooed the okc star. l.a. went out to jettison their whole roster and they can't pay him. durant is expected to decide where he will play soon.
8:47 am
the 'hawks, they come to terms with kent bazemore. he got his car filled with popcorn. a guy who has worked hard to make him into a better player. and st. mary's saw dellanui va'a. and a speedy forward, 17 goals. splitting time between the coyotes and david schlemko. to the pitch, the earthquakes and the fire.
8:48 am
and allowing john goodness to drill it past david bingham. that was the lone goal of this match. and the quakes fall by a score of 1-nil. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great holiday weekend. i'm larry beil. time is 8:48. let's send it out to meteorologist lisa argen. how is the weather out there right now? >> well, you fauknow, it looks little deceiving. cooling off the inland east bay and keeping it brink at the shoreline. here's a look at live doppler hd. you can see not much going on in the picture but i widened the perspective and this is the presence of our cooling. the gusty winds around the bay at times and the fog moves in and retreats outward. but overall, through the afternoon, it's sunny and it's nice. we're looking right now from the
8:49 am
camera where you can see pockets of sun here. temperatures in the low 50s. 60 in oakland. 61 in mountain view. 60, san jose. 50s morgan hill and half moon bay. the east hills camera right here, not often we see the movement of the fog here. a beautiful day, 80s for you. low 60s for concord and livermore. napa has breezy winds and novato at 67. finally, we're looking at the cooldown. you can see that represented here by the 24-hour temperature change. two to six degrees cooler right now in livermore than it was yesterday at this time. even the north bay, though, it's pretty cool. so from the south beach camera, some sun right over here, looking pretty nice. throughout the rest of the morning, we'll have foggy conditions at the coast. two to four-mile visibility and that beach is there for the
8:50 am
coast, typical pattern for the fourth of july. and limited fog for fireworks meaning it will be clear around the bay and inland but closer to the water -- yep, you know the drill, foggy and cool. 65 in monterey. very cloudy from monterey to santa cruz and the central coast. 80 in the north sierra. 93 in the southern ssierra. speaking of the beach hazard statement, chilly at ocean beach. and santa cruz, afternoon sun and 68. in san jose, a high of 82. shy of the average. a little change for the 4th about the same. dip down to 80s, wednesday, thursday, friday, the coolest days of the week below average for much of the south bay. the rest of the south bay, 76
8:51 am
milpitas. and 77, palo alto and mountain view. most of the clouds stay put from sunset to daly city. look at the wide variety. 72 in the south. 80 in santa rosa. berkeley, 68, 70 in san leandro. then it gets warmer. a cool day, 84 in pleasanton. 88 in pittsburg. 64 in oakland at 9:30. the seven-day forecast, today, continued cooling inland east bay. tomorrow, another dip there but then we might see the numbers come up another degree or two for the 4th. the more dramatic cooldown gets under way, temperatures drupg the low 80s. and still chilly and blanket up the coast enjoy your weekend. chris. parking tickets are more
8:52 am
expensive than ever before. but now, there's a way to get out of them that won't cost you a dime as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains it was created by a student who is getting worldwide attention. >> these are just a few. >> reporter: 19-year-old josh browder has a problem with parking tickets. >> after about four tickets, my parents said you're on your own. >> reporter: in his hometown of london, josh researched the law. >> using the freedom of information act i found the 12 most popular reasons tickets are dismissed. >> reporter: to some he became a hero. >> i ultimately couldn't help them all it was taking up too much of my time. >> reporter: josh goes to stanford, a world leader in machine learning. >> i thought maybe i should teach the robot. >> reporter: he built a chat bot on facebook. but this bot is different.
8:53 am
>> i got a parking ticket. >> reporter: do not pay is a robotic lawyer who works for free with a series of questions with a sound legal defense. >> there you have it. it really details what the relevant laws are, for example, new york. >> reporter: so far, it's successfully overturned 160,000 tickets. now josh has a new problem, fan mail. >> i get like 1,000 e-mails a day. >> reporter: josh has big plans for his bot and some of those plans have nothing to do with parking tickets. >> over the summer, i'm looking at doing this for asylum applications for the uk for refugees. >> reporter: and using it to ibm watson to chat in english. >> people ask about the parking tickets when the economically disadvantaged got these really expensive tickets. >> reporter: do not pay works in
8:54 am
london and new york. seattle is next. >> after that, it would be great to expand to the bay area. >> reporter: in palo alto, jon nanny bloom, abc7 news. next, thousands will the disneyland resort diamond celebration. it's been 60 years in the making. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain...
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and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles.
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happening today -- the unlikely combination of opera and baseball come together at at&t park. it's the annual opera at the ballpark in san francisco.
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a free live simulcast of masterpiece carmen. it will be performed at the opera house and simulcast to thousands at the ballpark. at 7:30 tonight. let's do a final weather check. >> hey, chris, temperatures in the 50s. bring the jacket. it's sunny here right now. feelings pretty good. we're going to get some sun at peninsula beaches. it's still going to be cool. 69 there, 71 in san mateo. you're going to stay cloudy at the coast. the seven-day forecast, upper 40s there. but still upper 80s to near 90 inland. mregsent summertime weather there, chris. >> thank you. thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. for lisa argen and the rest of the abc7 team i'm chris nguyen. the news continues on twitter
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