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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> we're never going to see that lively spirit again. >> shocked by a sudden loss, a friend of a cal student killed during an attack in bang ladesh. at least 28 people died in the attack and standoff that started friday in a restaurant in dhaka, bangladesh. she was there visiting family and working at an internship. we have more about the loss felt here in the bay area. >> reporter: her friends are devastated. they woke up to the news of a terrorist attack and quickly learned the girl who volunteered and planned to change the world was gone. >> her death has devastated me.
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i'm in tears. >> reporter: dana wrote this facebook post moments after finding out her friend was gone. >> rest in peace. >> reporter: the two lived in priestly hall together, where they saw each other every day. they stayed in touch after moving out in may. she even sent this photo taken at her brother's graduation last month, before she left for bangladesh. >> it's unreal. it's just -- just to process what she might have been going through, the terror, the flight. she didn't deserve any of it. she was a good person, nice, funny. >> reporter: the 19-year-old was serious about her future, though. she wanted to make a difference, so she volunteered. >> her passion in life was helping people in ways that maybe are out of the norm. >> reporter: she planned to major in economics and wanted to
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use business to help others. >> she had her life going for her. it's all gone now. >> reporter: while friends on campus struggle to come to terms with what happened, members of the bay area bangladesh are angry. >> we definitely condemn this activity. we don't want this anymore. >> reporter: jane and 19 other hostages died in what's now considered bangladesh's worst terrorist attack in history. >> 20 of those who died were hostages who were eating when the militant stormed the restaurant. witnesses and hostages who could not recite versuses from the koran were tortured and killed. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. >> it's just so hard to believe
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that she was there and she was suffering for 10 or 11 hours. i don't even want to think about it. i would rather remember her with that smile that she had. >> troops killed at least six attackers. one attacker was arrested. we're updating the latest on the information in bangladesh on our "abc7 news" app. download it for free. new at 11:00, san francisco police are looking for an attacker who stabbed someone who then boarded a muni bus. it happened about an hour ago at market and franklin. the 57-year-old victim was taken to the hospital and police are interviewing witnesses to help finding the attacker. two people were shot and killed this afternoon. the shooter is still on the loose. police responded to the home on macarthur boulevard just before 3:00. they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. both died.
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officers have not released a motive for the double homicide. san rafael police are investigating the discovery of a dead body this afternoon. investigators canvassed the area after receiving a report of the body just after 1:00. police have not released details surrounding the death. a water main break has damaged businesses and part of contra costa boulevard remains closed as crews work to fix it. sergio is live with more. >> reporter: eric, check it out. this is the damaged water line that caused the big problems here last night. it has since been replaced and right now crews are working on fixing contra costa boulevard. now this is where the fourth of july parade is supposed to be happening on monday. the good news is that the crews are making good progress, they are expected to finish all this up by tomorrow. that parade will go on as scheduled.
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crews have already filled in most of the hole, the water main replaced and now working on repairing the pavement. this is what it looked like last night. it was a mess for hours. >> it was all the way down the street by jack in the box. >> reporter: theresa kaufman says her new printing shop was not damaged by the flooding but she is still without water. a few of the businesses also closed today. some serious flooding. >> what we do, there's a lot of wood and paper products in here. and everything was very much sitting on water. >> reporter: this is a line that raptured. it was a 12-inch water main that was about 06 years old. >> it was a significant amount of water coming up through the road. so there will have to be some repaving done. as you can see, there's a lot of debris and rock and mud that
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came up. >> reporter: crews began power washing the mud that caked in the parking lot of the street mall. the repairs should be completed sunday. it may be hard for some people in the bay area to see their fireworks shows this weekend. video from marin, alameda county and san francisco shows fog covering the sky. for more, let's go to meteorologist drew tuma. >> it was a nice start to the weekend today. the 80s was the warmest reading. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s. live doppler 7 hd is tracking fog here, across the bay into emeryville and berkeley. the same cities that have the fog and low clouds are seeing some impaired viewing conditions for the fireworks. monday evening, patchy cloud
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cover. we'll take a closer look and talk about hazards along the beaches this holiday weekend in the forecast. in san bernardino, a brush fur burned five homes and injured three people. the kendall fire broke out after 1:00 this afternoon and charred nearly nine acres. investigators believe someone intentionally started that blaze. firefighters are battling a wildfire in fresno county. the curry fire, which broke out last night, grew to 100 acres overnight. cal fire is managing hot spots and taking steps to stay safe in the heat. >> it's 103 degrees today, dry, and firefighters need to take rest breaks during their 24-hour shift and stay hydrated. >> no structures have been damaged.
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a wildfire in kern county is threatening 400 structures. the deer fire is burning near bear valley springs. it broke out yesterday. voluntary evacuation orders have been issued. more than 500 fire crews have been assigned to the blaze. firefighters continue to battle a wildfire. the trailhead fire has scorched more than 3300 acres and forced ma mandatory evacuations. >> i think it's really important for the public to realize, if they see or smell smoke and it's bothering them, it's a good idea to stay inside. >> the fire is now 12% contained. 2,000 fire crews are battling the fire which began on tuesday. a holocaust survivor and
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beloved author has passed away. still ahead, a look at the life and legacy of ellie weissle. plus, we'll tell you how to find legal fireworks in the bay area. and the closed door meeting between hillary clinton and the fbi today that could shape the race for the white house, wh
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this is "abc7 news." holocaust survivor and nobel laureate elie wiesel has died. he was once called a messenger to man kind.
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cecilia vega looks back on his life and legacy. >> reporter: he was born in romania in 1928. when he was just 15, he and his family were sent to auschwitz. his father, mother and younger sister perished. his life's mission was to make sure the holocaust would always be remembered. his memoir of the camp "night" sold millions of copies and considered one of the most important pieces of holocaust literature. he was also a champion of also victims of injustice and genocide. and elie wiesel died at his home here in new york. he was 87 years old. >> his family says he passed away peacefully today after a long illness. police are cracking down on illegal fireworks this weekend. in fremont, police tweeted out
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pictures of illegal fireworks. fremont has zero tolerance for illegal fireworks. we've made it easy for you to find all the legal fireworks displays. just go to where you'll find a link. america's favorite pastime takes a swing at the record books. ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: it was 25-year-old stacey on the mound. and 17-year-old kelsey whitmore in left field. boys of summer, make way for the girls. >> i'm so excited. i'm honored to be out here. >> reporter: they played their first game friday night for the sonoma stoppers, a professional minor league team in northern california. >> giving us a chance to play as a woman means a lot to me. >> reporter: just like any other ball player, they drew the
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attention of young autograph hounds. >> they said there were two women. i thought that's so cool. >> reporter: until now, women have been relegated to all-female baseball, depicted in the movie "a league of their own." they say their male teammates have been welcoming. >> i love them all. they're like brothers. >> you can't get undressed where you usually do. that was different. but yeah, everything has been fine. >> reporter: the stoppers ended up losing 8-4, but that seemed less important than what happened on the field, where a barrier was splintered like a broken baseball bat. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> "abc7 news" was on fillmore street in san francisco for the jazz festival. this year's festival honored musicians lost over the past year. it's known as the largest free jazz festival on the west coast.
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the festival runs tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening. ♪ a packed house enjoyed a satisfying combo of opera and garlic fries at at&t park. opera lovers had their pick of seats on the field or in the stands. how about a look at that forecast now. our chance of seeing the fireworks on the fourth of july? >> it's all where you live. live doppler 7 hd right now giving us the all clear in terms of precipitation. we are free. we'll take you outside. you've got the low clouds chopping off the top of the bay bridge and many cities tomorrow
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morning will wake up to cloud cover. out there right now, 53 in san francisco, with that cloud cover. 57 in oakland. 54 with cloudy skies in half moon bay. temperature 62 degrees. overnight tonight, whether you're at the coast, around the bay or inland, we're all going to drop into the 50s. but future weather is picking up on a very amount of low clouds. hour by hour, 8:00 on your sunday morning from santa rosa, san francisco, oakland, over into concord, likely going to wake up with mainly cloudy skies. likely starting the day with cloud-free skies. by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, clouds are limited to the coast. you'll see a good amount of sunshine. the coastal clouds keep half moon bay at 59 degrees. san francisco, 63.
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about 77. 83 concord. 69 oakland. and napa, up to about 75 degrees. something to keep in mind, though, if your travels take you to the coast both tomorrow or even on monday. not only the combination of strong rip currents but ocean water temperatures are rather chilly right now. that could lead to hypothermia. so if you're headed to the beaches, take extra precautions and always swim near lifeguards. clouds first thing in the morning. get some peeks of afternoon sunshine out there. you will see some sunshine. 59 half moon bay. remember, we do have those strong rip currents through the holiday weekend. monday, similar pattern setting up. we have those low clouds on a lot of cities around the bay. they pulled back to the coast. however, those clouds are moving right back into the evening on july fourth. so viewing conditions across the region, if you're in areas to
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the east, you'll have clear skies. here's the issue around the bay. perhaps you're in oakland, san francisco, san rafael, mostly cloudy skies. not ideal along the coast to see the fireworks. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tuesday, breezy. look at wednesday and thursday. this is cool for july air. but by friday, especially saturday, we have that steady pattern of morning fog and sunshine. temperatures bouncing back to normal conditions this time of the year. so the further away from the coast, the better viewing for fireworks. >> all right, drews, thanks for the info. still to come, these shoes are making waves with environmentali
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adidas is out with another running shoe made with recycled ocean plastic. they use gill nets and plastic bottles to make the shoes. people have until the end of the month to sper a contest to earn one of the 50 pairs made. all right. those shoes might have given you another second off your 40. >> i heard nike is coming out with a shoe made of sea wood. a's with a stroke of bad luck tonight against the pirates. this probably counts as a hole in one in
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giants and arizona, trying to boost their six-game lead over the dodgers in the west. the sharks, jeff samardzija looking for his ninth win. hunter pence back on the field, doing some exercise, still a few weeks away. second inning, tejada with a base hit. crawford scores from third. offense not done. fourth inning, crawford with a home run. team leading 53rd rbi. next pitch, williamson, 460 feet. 5-1, giants. so they're well on their way to a win. bottom nine, 5-3. samardzija gave up a double to start the inning. then he gets goldsmith to fly out, but bruce bochy goes to the bull pen. strickland gives up a three-run
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shot. the bull pen blows it. giants fall 6-5. a's hosting pittsburgh, trying to end a two-game slide. josh redick with an opposite field base hit in the third. coco crisp scores. redick 4 for 4 in the game and had the best and worst of luck in the fifth. he hits underneath a gap, so that means a ground rule batter. next batter, a ground out to end the inning, game remains tied and we go to extras. in the 10th, david freese with the base hit. that scores a run. the a's lose their third straight, 4-2. josh redick, talking about that unlucky hit after the game. >> over the years, i've obviously seen it. but you never really pay attention to it. and then after it happens, it
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was literally a three-inch gap to put a baseball in. never hit a hole in one before, so i guess that counts. >> espn sources are reporting that the mavericks intend to sign barnes to a four-year max contract july 7. warriors can match the offer for harrison, four years, $95 million. kind of awkward to bring him back as the highest paid player on the warriors. harrison can't feel much loyalty coming from the ws. stay tuned. the celtics pulled out all their stops with kevin durant, bringing tom brady to their meeting. hopefully durant knew who he was, and have to give them credit for thinking outside the box. good to be kevin durant these days. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.
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coming up, extended version of sports. stick around. eric? >> so they bring steph curry one day and tom brady the next. >> good to be kevin durant right now. still to come on "abc7 news" at 11:00, climbing yosemite's half dome is a huge accomplishment, but nothing compared to what this hiker did to prepare for it. and how california officers end a tense standoff without seriously hurting a mountain lion. also, your fourth forecast with drew tuma when we come back.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> good evening, i'm eric thomas. classmates are remembering a uc berkeley student killed in that terror attack in bangladesh. she was in dhaka for the summer working at an internship. she was one of the 20 hostages who died in the attack. back in the bay area, crews are making progress fixing a broken water main that flooded some businesses. the 60-year-old water main was replaced today after it sprang a leak yesterday. crews are now repaving a portion of contra costa boulevard. the world is remembering holocaust survivor elie wiesel. he authored one of the most important pieces of holocaust literature "night." he was 87 years old.
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hillary clinton sat down with the fbi for 3 1/2 hours today and the outcome could shape the race for the white house. clinton voluntarily answered questions about her e-mails and a private server she kept as secretary of state and it didn't take long for donald trump to pounce. mary bruce has more from washington. >> reporter: at 7:40 a.m. on this holiday saturday, signs of movement that hillary clinton's d.c. home. clinton possibly slipping out to fbi headquarters in an interview that could shape the race. for roughly 3 1/2 hours, clinton's questioned about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. shortly afterwards, suvs are spotted returning to clinton's home. in a statement, her campaign says clinton gave a voluntary interview and pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the justice department in bring thing review to a conclusion. the long-awaited interview, one of the final pieces in an
11:37 pm
investigation into whether classified information was mishandled. clinton has denied my wrongdoing but admits using private e-mail wasn't the best choice. >> as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. >> reporter: clinton handing over more than 52,000 e-mails, 22 of them withhold from publication, upgraded to top secret classification. the investigation has dogged her campaign from the start, raising questions from rivals about her judgment. the rnc today blasted clinton's interview as unprecedented. the sit-down comes amid a firestorm over bill clinton's private meeting with attorney general loretta lynch, who has final say over the outcome of the investigation. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: hoping to quoit the uproar, she says she will accept the fbi's recommendations whether charges should be filed against hillary clinton. donald trump just responding tweeting, it is impossible for
11:38 pm
the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. >> that was mary bruce reporting. bill clinton also regrets the conversation with loretta lynch and says he recognizes how others could view it as something more than a random encounter. some street bible preachers in spokane, washington are going to court after they were attacked last month. a 17-year-old girl punched two street preachers. she was arrested and charged with assault. the preachers claim their first amendment right was violated. the chair of spokane says it's disappointed with the plan. fish and wildlife officials worked with police to capture a 70-pound mountain lie job. it was first seen dangling from a tree. there were several attempts to
11:39 pm
tranquilizing the big cat. eventually they cornered the animal and subdued it. >> during our efforts to capture this thing, there were people coming out of houses, people on the streets. this could have taken a bad turn and luckily it didn't. >> they couldn't have did a better job. it was amazing. >> the cat has been tagged, collared, and released into a remote area. now to a story of extreme weight loss with a big goal at the end. reporter veronica miracle followed a woman who once weighed almost 400 pounds. >> reporter: a climb without an uphill battle would be no journey at all. s >> i have to make it to the top. >> reporter: it's before dawn, and she faces 16 miles for a round trip. >> it's always been in front of me. i just never thought it was possible. >> reporter: the first part of the hike, she's speeding up the mountain, driven by her friend, part trainer, part motivator.
11:40 pm
but something else was pulling her to the top, her dad, who died when she was 25. >> he taught me a lot about working hard for what i want. >> reporter: and she's been training for this climb for more than a year. >> five years ago, i wouldn't have even set to the in the park. >> reporter: back then, she weighed almost 400 pounds. >> i remember thinking this is ridiculous. i can't even hardly walk at all. i get out of bed and almost fall over. i was like, something needs to change. >> reporter: with gastric bypass surgery, in one year she dropped eight dress sizes. >> getting to this point was not easy. i know my dad is looking down and is proud of me. i am feeling it in my feet and legs. >> reporter: for the unprepared, the subdome is one of the hardest parts of the climb. it's the final ascent before the cables, where your physical strength and mental vigor is vital. >> my biggest goal in life is
11:41 pm
staring me in the face. this is probably the hardest. my body is starting to feel what we've been going through. >> the human body is capable of doing some amazing things and she's proven that to be true. >> reporter: the final 400 feet is arguably the hardest. it's on this part of the hike where people have died. >> this represents a lot of things. getting through so much pain and heartache. oh, my gosh, this just happened. almost there. oh, my god. oh, my gosh. wow! the entire world.
11:42 pm
i didn't even know i could do that. >> reporter: overcoming an obstacle never meant so much. >> i wish my dad was here to see all these things. he pushed me every step of the way. >> reporter: and a dome this size never seemed so small. in yosemite national park, veronica miracle -- >> this is one of the best days of my life. >> reporter: abc news. >> it's not your usual fourth of july reunion. sex on "abc7 news" at 11:00, these one-time strangers come from across the country once a year to see people who act and look just like them. how a bay area man is connected to it all. a foggy vantage point right now. a lot of fog tomorrow morning. and we'll talk about how th
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family reunions are a staple of the fourth of july weekend. but one family visiting seattle has a unique bond. they're traveling thousands of miles, some of them meeting for the very first time. suzanne was there as a sperm donor from the bay area met with his biological children. >> that was a good idea. >> reporter: they came from all over the country. they barely just met.
11:46 pm
but they get along better than best friends. they're very special siblings. twin sisters sarah and jenna, and brother gavin didn't grow up together. but because of a single sperm donor, dr. todd whitehurst from scan, they share an incredible connection. >> that was the first time i met todd. >> reporter: they're going to meet up again for an annual family reunion. five siblings and todd, this year in seattle. it's joy and jubilation when todd arrives with another sibling, kerry, then kelly arrives, a sister they never met, but they share that family bond. >> it's crazy. it's definitely like looking into four mirrors at once. like we all kind of look the same. >> reporter: they saul share the same sweet tooth, the same pail skin. there's actually 25 of them around the world.
11:47 pm
todd, a physician, was a sperm donor while in graduate school in stanford. >> people have kids and take them for grant it. people who go to a sperm bank really want kids badly. >> reporter: he was contacted by the registry and started meeting the kids years ago. >> i love it. this is so enriching. >> reporter: each year, the reunion is a little sweeter and a lot more fun, where they go next and who joins the family next, only time will tell. >> i think there was a movie made about this. let's move on to the weather now. and drew tuma. >> we're seeing a lot of fog right now. we're going the see it in the morning. even just to the north of fremont, we'll see the low clouds first thing tomorrow morning.
11:48 pm
the coast will be the only area really dealing with the cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. highs about 59 at half moon bay. 72 for san mateo. 77 fremont. 81 in san jose. 75 in napa and santa rosa up to 78. the beaches, morning clouds with peeks of afternoon sunshine. the clouds will linger for much of the day. we also have strong rip currents and cool ocean water at 56 degrees. 66 in santa cruz. monterey bay, 64 degrees. going to repeat this again on july fourth. we see a lot of cloud cover first thing, pulling back to the coast. then the coast in the bay will likely see more cloud cover on the fourth of july for fireworks. so the closer you are to the day the more you see with cloud cover, impairing your views of the fireworks. some coastal clouds monday, cooling off into wednesday and thursday. temperatures going right back to normal. still, that pattern of normal
11:49 pm
clouds with afternoon sunshine. >> drew, thanks a lot. seven days after nascar spent the day up in sonoma, you think traffic is bad here in the bay area, this is what happens when you tailgate, boys and girls. wow. 22 car mixup. and yes, we have your winner, next in sports.
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well, due to the bad weather at wimbledon, tomorrow's normal rest day will have matches just for the second time in the history of the event. but today was a continuation of last night's match between novak djokovic and san francisco native sam query.
11:53 pm
djokovic has a 30-match win streak in grand slam events. now to the fourth, joker can't return the volley and the joker not happy. query down 5-4 in the fourth set. joker, another unforced error, evens the set at five games apiece. then the third rain delay of the game halted play again. when play resumed, query did not look back. we go to match one, and joker, wide on this forehand. and query wins it in four sets. it took two days, four rain delays. the first man to beat the number one seed at a grand slam since 2002. biggest win of his career. >> he's so amazing, arguably one of the best, on his way to being the best ever. so you knew he was going to come back. >> again, the opponent is -- was
11:54 pm
playing on a very high level and he deserved to win. >> the joker's loss good news for andy murray. he breezed through his match against the australian to advance to the round of 16. match point, murray serving, he's going to win in straight sets. madison key making on elise coronet. the 21-year-old made it three sets, up 4-2. down the line, got it. advances to the fourth round with a three-set victory. good day for americans at wimbledon. let's see it up on the pga tour. akron, ohio, home of lebron james. there's the trophy. scott piercy shot a three under 67. tied for the lead after this birdie on 13. but a bogey on 16 has him one back.
11:55 pm
so piercy will play the final round with jason day. three birdies, two bogeys, including this on 15, makes him the co-leader at 5 under bar. nascar and daytona for the coke zero 400. a 22-car wreck endues here. nobody hurt, but a lot of beat-up cars. look at that. brad kazlowski takes the checkered flag, his third win of the season. soccer, euro championship quarterfinals. germany and italy. 18 total shots taken, seven missed oar blocked. germany's keeper denies him in the ninth round. converts on the shot here, and germany moves on to the semis. they'll face iceland or france. stanford and cal, well represented on the u.s. olympic team trials for swimming.
11:56 pm
we start with the 50 meter event. nathan adrian and look at this race. adrian just wins with a time of 21 .51. both will make the olympic team. irvin becomes the oldest u.s. men's swim tore make the team in an individual event since 1904. in the women's 100 meter event, stanford's simone punches her picket to rio. she'll swim tomorrow for a shot at the 50 meter, as well. she's already going in the 100 meter. mia duerte took on missy franklin in the 200 meet backstroke. time of 2 .06. finally, michael phelps will be returning to the olympic
11:57 pm
team, thanks to his best event in the 100 meter butterfly. just narrow he wit out tom shields. shields finished second and will also be heading to rio. >> eric? and that is it for tonight, folks. i'm eric thomas. "abc7 news" continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. have a great evening and a fantastic morning.
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