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tv   ABC7 News 9AM  ABC  July 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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with the c2 queen mattress now only $699.99 plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. . live, this is abc 7 news. good morning everywhere, thanks for joining us on sunday, july 3rd. let's start with a quick look at the weather. >> hi, good morning to you, we are in the clouds here on the of the roof, and live doppler 7 hd shows why. it's an area of low pressure and in response to that low pressure, we have a steady onshore flow. you can see the fog. it's about 1800 feet doeep, it' sunny in san jose, 63, and 54 in the city. and cloudy in oakland. at the airport, you see a touch
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of the low cloudiness. looking at the numbers, comfortable on the peninsula. and for the rest of the day, we are counting on the sunshine in santa cruz. temperatures 59, and upper 80s out toward the livermore valley. it will be another one of the days where if you are close to the coast, it will be duly. details on the fourth of july, coming up. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news in iraq. isis is claiming responsibility for bombings that have left at least 100 people dead and more than 180 others wounded in baghdad. a suicide car bomb hit in a busy shopping district as families were out in the streets after breaking their fast. a second bomb exploded around midnight. the attacks come days after the iraqi government declared they have retaken the city of
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fallujah. this morning government officials in bangladesh are refuting the claims that isis was responsible for an attack. and the government officials are saying, the attackers were jmb, a uc berkley student was among those killed. she was there in the summer, visiting family and working at an internship. we have more about the loss felt here in the bay area. >> reporter: your death has devastated me. i'm in tears as i write this. >> this was written moments after finding out her friend was gone. >> reporter: the two lived in priestly hall together and then
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stayed in touch after moving out in may. she took this picture before she left for bangladesh. >> it's unreal. it's trying to attempt to process what she was going through. the terror and fright, i cannot believe -- she does not deserve any of it, obviously. she was a nice, funny person. >> reporter: she was serious about her future, and wanted to make a difference. >> her passion for life was helping people in ways that maybe are out of the norm. >> reporter: she planned to major in economics and wanted the use business to help others. >> she had her life going for her and it all gone now. >> reporter: friends on campus are struggling to come to terms with what happened. members of the bangladesh area association are angry. >> we condemn this, and we don't
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want this type of activity anymore. >> reporter: jane and 19 other hostages died. abc 7 news. >> a memorial vigil to honor her and the others will be held tuesday at noon. 20 of those who died were eating when the militants stormed the restaurant and took them hostages. hostages that could not recite versus from the koran, were tortured and killed. two officers died freeing them. isis claimed responsibility for the attack and bangladesh officials are disputing that. this woman is one of the two students from emory university who died, her family lives in miami. >> it's just so hard to believe that she was there and she was suffering for ten or 11 hours. i don't want to even think about
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it. i -- i rather to remember her with that smile that she had. >> reporter: troops killed at least six of the attackers, one has been arrested. and we are updating the information on the situation in bangladesh on our abc 7 news app. you can download it for free, and enable push alerts to get information on your phone or mobile device. police are looking for an attacker that stabbed someone and then the victim boarded a bus. the 57-year-old victim was taken to the hospital, police are interviewing witnesses to help find the attacker. oakland police are investigating a shooting in an east oakland duplex that left two people dead. the shooter still on the loose. police responded to the home on mcarthur boulevard, just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon, that's
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where they found the two people with bullet wounds, both died. a motives has not been released. san rafael investigators are canvassing an area around bell avenue and green way after receiving a report of a body. they have not released details of the circumstances surrounding that death. a water main break has damaged businesses in pleasant hill where a fourth of july parade is scheduled to take place. the repairs should be done by today. >> reporter: crews have already filled in most of the wash-out hole. the broken water main has been replaced and now they are working on repairing the pavement. it was a mess for hours. >> it was all the way down the street. just strong, and all the way around the corner. >> reporter: she said that the new printing shop was not damaged by the flooding but she
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is still without water. a few of the neighboring businesses. >> the restaurant is not able to open because the parking lot. >> reporter: one picture framing shop. >> what we do, there's a lot of wood and paper product in here and everything was very much on water. >> this line ruptured it was a 12 inch water main that was 60 years old. >> a significant amount of water that was coming up through the road. so they will have to repave and then as you can see, there's a lot of debris and skprok mud that came up. >> reporter: crews were power washing the mud that caked in the parking lot of the strip mall, the street repairs should be completed monday and some business owners compare to reopen then. lots of fires around the state in san bernardino, firefighters have controlled a small, but fast moving brush fire that destroyed three homes
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and heavily damaged two more. two firefighters suffered minor injuries related to smoke and the heat. the flames charred nearly nine acres and the cause is under investigation. firefighters have been dealing with triple digit heat while battling a nearly 3,000 acre wild fire in fresno county. this cell phone video shows how big the smoke and flames got. the curry fire broke out friday. and cal fire said that they are managing hot spots and taking steps to stay safe in the heat. it's 103 degrees and dry and firefighters just need to take the rest breaks they need during their 24 hour shift and stay hydrated. that fire is 40% contained, no structures have been damaged. a wild fire in kern county has spread to 1800 acres. it's now threat knowing 300 structures. the deer fire is burning near bear valley springs about 50 miles southeast of bakersfield,
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it was sparked friday. voluntary evacuation orders have been issued. more than 500 crews are on the line. this fire, 40% contained. firefighters also continue to battle a wild fire burning near the american river in eldorado and placer counties, the trail head fire has scorched 3,000 acres and forced mandatory evacuations. air quality officials are asking people to take precautions because of the smoke. >> i think it's important for the public to realize, if they see and smell smoke or it's bothering them or the smell is more than they are used to, it's a good idea to then stay inside. that fire is still 12% contained. 2 thousand crews are battling the fire that began tuesday. let's get a check of the weather
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forecast. here is lisa. >> going for a high in the low 60s. another eight degrees of warming and the sun trying to come out, and most of you enjoying more sunshine. we will tell you about the holiday weekend and the further cooling trend we expect. and ahead, we will take a look at the life and legacy of elie wiesel. and the new app to help you see tomorrow's big fourth of july
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holocaust survivor and nobel laureate has died. we look back on the his life and legacy. >> elie wiesel was a survivor and activist, and now he is known as a one-man testament to bravery and survival. >> i would like to show the tragedy of a person who is not only a victim of his own sickness but of injustice. >> his book, "night," thrust him on the stage. it told of the experience in a
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concentration camp. he writes, never shall i forget those things, even where i condemned to live as long as god himself. never. his commitment to making sure that the world never frets the systemic murder of 6 million jews. earned him a sprawling list of accolades. including the nobel peace >> it's with humility that i accept what you have bestowed on me. president obama said that elie never gave up on humanity and the progress that is possible when we treat one another with dignity and respect. >> we that choose to be silent, remember, silence helps the killers, never his victims. that was dan harris
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reporting. wiesel's family said he passed away peacefully yesterday after a long illness. happening now, caltrans is taking advantage of the light hol bay weekend traffic to make repairs on the richmond san rafael bridge, that work is happening just beyond the area you can see in thispicture. caltrans has closed the upper deck to repair a massive pothole it was significant. three feet wide and extending deep in the bridge deck. the bridge should reopen any minute. three east bay b.a.r.t. stations are closed as they get ready to connect the track to a new maintenance complex that is under construction in hayward. these stations closed yesterday and will not reopen until
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tuesday. bus service is being provided between the stations but there are likely to be delays. san francisco voters may be considering a tax on tack this november. not on the favorite apps and gadgets, but on the companies that make them. the the -- the city is facing a crisis and wants to fix it. >> we can look around san francisco and see with our own eyes what is happening. >> reporter: rising rents and evictions that are blamed on the tech industry. >> of the new employees that have come in during the tech boom has led to a housing crisis. >> reporter: that is why a 1.5% payroll tax is proposed on tech companies. they are some of the same companies that got a tax break a few years ago for moving in.
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>> i notice a lot more yuppies and that when i panhandle, it's harder to get food money. >> twitter opened a daycare facility. and there's other efforts. >> the technology industry has stepped up across the board. >> technet favors this, but calls the tax unprecedented. >> i don't see a support of taking this industry and saying there's a tech tax that be should be paid for being a tech company. >> he will only tax those making over a million a year, and it will be earmarked for housing and homelessness. >> if you think the people on the street is bad now, there's going to be a massive explosion unless there's a serious commitment by the city to address the crisis. >> the tax gets six votes at the board of supervisors, it goes
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straight to the november ballot and the board could vote as as november 2nd. >> if you cannot make it to watch the fireworks, you can watch it on your smartphone. it will allow those not near the show to experience the music in real time. the app called pyro spectaculars, and it free on the app stores and google play. 200,000 people are expected to go to the show. and we have made it easy, first of all, let me tell you to find all the legal fireworks displayed in the weekend. go to abc 7, where you will find a link to the list. and lisa, what i was going to say, that fog obscures the fireworks. >> you are right, and the lower it is, the worsity. so the deck of low clouds could be as low as 400 feet and we
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need that ceiling to come up higher for the show to be pretty good. and a this point, it's looking like in san francisco, the deck will be low. and it also moving across the bay. that is classic summer time weather in san francisco. and live doppler 7 hd, shows us why it an intense marine layer. in response to that pressure, the steady onshore know. you can see the leaves are blowing and nothing but overcast. up above. but down below, it's brightening up. san francisco 56, and 61, oakland, still with the clouds. and sunny, san jose, nice, 63, and morgan hill, 59. and here's a look at the breeze outside our window here. you see the flags blowing, and a southwest wind going. keeping it pleasant. concord and livermore, mid 60s and 50s with the clouds in san tan rosa.
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here is san jose, and a place that is beautiful. just about 81. and the average high 84. cooler than average today, and today happens to be the warmest day of the week for you, san jose. mist and drizzle this afternoon and afternoon sun, fog and fireworks for the fourth, beach hazard statement through tomorrow night from the national weather service, 53 degree temperatures. cool and limited sun around montero, and water temperature though just 54 w a good chance of those rip currents going all day long. so, be careful, 69 in santa cruz, and 59, half moon bay and 64 in montrae. the fire that is burning in he will d -- in el dorado, nearly
9:22 am
4,000 square miles have burned. so, we will be looking at more sun in the east bay today, a nice afternoon, average high, low 70s, close to that. hopefully the a's not getting swept today by the pirates. richmond, a few degrees warmer. there's isolated areas that are surrounded by water, it's breezy and cool and the fog is near. but for the fourth of july, we are looking at cloudy conditions for oakland, heyward on the edge. and san matteo partly cloudy. clear spots in the south bay. mountain view and inland east bay. 60 san matteo. and upper 60s, you look clear. the accu weather forecast. we have fog and clouds theed and tomorrow, and should mix out tuesday. the numbers come down through the rest of the week. and by next saturday. something interesting. one forecast model wants to bring a bit of precip our way.
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the trend is cooler weather. >> this is typical, right? >> yes. >> thank you, lisa. up next, these shoes are making waves with environmentalists. how designers use the deadly problem in the ocean to create these special edition sneakers.
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right now, a school teacher from southern california is attempting to make history, her goal is to run 3,000 miles to new york city in less than 69 days, which would break a world record. she left l.a. friday. she will have to run 50 to 60 miles a day, basically the equivalent of two marathons a day, every day for two months and we wish her luck. adidas is out with a new running shoe made from recycled ocean plastic. you cannot buy it. the company released video showing the making of the shoe. plastic bottles and bags and gill nets are used to make the shoe. they teamed up to honor world ocean's day, people have until the end of the month to earn one of the 50 pairs made. the union city police department celebrated the 50th anniversary by throwing a big party for the public.
9:27 am
yesterday, we were at civic center park for the festival marking the department's milestone, families enjoyed food, games and police demonstrations all day long. and no celebration is complete without cake, served up by members of the department. we were on fillmore street in san francisco for the jazz festival. there's 12 blocks of music, arts and crafts and lots of food. this year's festival is honoring musicians lost over the past year. it's known as the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. and the festival runs again today from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. it's my favorite. much more ahead on the abc 7 sunday morning news t closed door meeting between hilary clinton and the fbi, that could
9:28 am
shape the race to the white house. and how california officers ended a tense stand-off without seriously hurting a mountain
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live, this is abc 7 news. welcome back everyone, it's 9:30, we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with lisa. >> hi, it's getting nicer out here, minute by minute we are getting more sunshine and we had sunshine in the east bay. concord and livermore in to the mid 60s. here is our view from the camera. 60 and sunny in san jose. clouds in half moon bay and from this viewpoint, you can see the clouds over oakland. cloudy for you and mid 60s toward the delta. we are looking at more sunshine
9:31 am
of course inland, how far will it reach to the shoreline? partly sunny skies around pacifica and half moon bay. with 60s to upper 80s. looking forward to it, thank you, lisa. new twist in the controversy that has been dogging hilary clinton's presidential campaign for months. we are learning more about clinton's meeting with the fbi yesterday morning over that e-mail scandal. abc news reporter, mary bruce has more from washington. it's a 3-1/2 hour sit down that could change the shape of the presidential race. hilary clinton slipping out of her d.c. home saturday for the long awaited interview at the fbi about the use of a private e-mail server. saturday night, clinton seemingly at ease during a phone interview with msnbc. >> i've been eager to do it and i was ploeased to have the
9:32 am
opportunity to helping the department bring the review to a conclusion. >> reporter: they were deciding whether charges should be filed against clinton. >> i said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. >> reporter: clinton has denied any wrongdoing and turned over more than 52,000 e-mails. 22 of which were later deemed too classified to be made public. the controversy has dogged clinton's campaign from the start. and this morning, the findings loom large as clinton gets ready to accept had her party's nomination in three weeks. donald trump pounced, tweeting, it is impossible for the fbi to not recommend charges against hilary clinton, what she did was wrong. the outcome will rest with loretta lynch, who sparked a political firestorm when she met
9:33 am
privately with bill clinton last week. >> i would not do it again. >> reporter: she said that she will accept whatever recommendation is made. mary bruce, abc news. washington. >> some preachers in spokane are taking that city and pride parade organizers to court. after they were attacked on the street during pride last month. video of the incident shows a 17-year-old girl punching two street preachers. she was arrested and charged with assault. the preachers are claiming their first amendment right of free speech was violated. the chair of the lgbt group out spokane disagrees and said he is disappointed to learn of the lawsuit. part of an alaska national park is closed after a grizzly bear attacked a visitor. it happened friday night at the national park. this is video from the park website. a 28-year-old woman was hiking with two other people and scared the bear off, then played dead
9:34 am
when it charged at them, but the bear scratched and bit her. the animal has had other encounters with park visitors in the past couple of weeks and officials say because of its behavior, the bear will be located and put down as soon as possible. a scary sight in one neighborhood. fish and wild life officials worked with police to capture a 70 pound mountain lion. the big cat kept moving and made its way in to somebody's backyard. finally the animal was cornered and subdued. >> during our efforts to capture this thing, there were people coming out of houses and people on the streets. this thing could have taken a bad turn and luckily it did not. >> they could not have done a better job at all. it was amazing to me. >> the cat has been tagged, collared and released in to a remote area.
9:35 am
>> smoking may soon be illegal on california's state beaches. california lawmakers will tau up a ban on smoking at beaches and parks once they return from summer recess in august. proponents of the bill say it's crucial to keep butts from littering recreation areas. but some lawmakers believe enforcement would be difficult. >> well, enforcement is tough. we have so miles of freeway, do we enforce everyone that goes 60 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone. it's not a reason to not have a good law. i think there's going to be a lot of self enforcement. >> if approved and signed by governor brown, the law could go in to affect on 2017. you could start reserving your spot tonight to watch dan ville's fourth of july parade, 50,000 people will line the 1.2 mile route. this year's theme will honor vietnam war veterans. organizers will allow veterans to put chairs, tape and other
9:36 am
items on the street after 6:00 tonight. to reserve their space. the parade starts at 9:00 tomorrow. santa cruz is reminding visitors and locals about higher fines for illegal fireworks and open chol containers this holiday weekend. people caught with fireworks could end up paying as much as $1300 in fines and fees. police say it's an all hands on deck weekend. every available officer will be out patrolling the streets to make sure that people were safe. the penalties are in effect today through tuesday morning. and oakland police and fire departments are working together to plan for a safe fourth of july. they want people to celebrate, but not by shooting guns or setting off illegal fireworks. the city is famous for illegal fireworks displays like these. tomorrow night, police will have
9:37 am
extra patrols in areas with the highest gunfire and firework activity. they will arrest anybody firing a gun. and have collection barrels for illegal fireworks at six stations. still ahead on the sunday morning news, nothing can be more reassuring to children than their mother's voice. why researchers are saying, mom's voice may be a key to social development. and here is a live look from our mount tam cam, you see the clouds are still there. lisa will have your holiday weekend forecast in just a few.
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welcome back, everyone, this is a live look from our south beach cam in san francisco, you see the clouds just hang engine there. cool temperatures around the bay area today. lisa will be along with the facts and figures shortly. it is the busiest time of the year for the dixie flag company in san antonio. their american flags hang all over the country, including at ground zero at the world trade center. the company has been around since 1958, and still making their flags the old fashioned way. by hand. >> we are part of, i think in this country, a heritage of small independent businesses. and it's what is the backbone of the country. and to be part of that, and at the same time, be involved in manufacturing our nations colors is something to give us double pride. >> the company is the busiest between memorial day and the fourth of july. >> and lisa, anyone flying a
9:41 am
flag today may not see it with some of that fog. >> yeah, early on, but it is expected to clear to the coast, right now, taking you to the sierra nevada, lake tahoe, tahoe valley airport, 65. 80s and hazy this this afternoon, because the fire outside of auburn creating poor air quality there, but still beautiful nonetheless. your local forecast with the extended outlook coming up next. thank you, lisa, and next, harrison barnes to the mavericks, dallas offers hb a four of year max contract. we have all the details coming up in sports.
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have you evfelt that your ks are not listening? a study suggests that your children may be hearing your voice in a way you have not imagined. we have details. >> you see how it's the corner, right? >> reporter: for many kids hearing their mother's voice is a soothing experience. what is going on inside their brain to make them feel that way. >> for much of your hearing becomes active when hearing your mother's voice. >> reporter: they used mri scans to see how children process the sound of their mother's voice.
9:45 am
>> and the fetal heartrate goes up if the baby hears the mom's voice. >> reporter: the team had mothers and other women with similar voices read short made up words in to a digital recorder, and the kids were placed in the mri. >> and we say, you are going to hear voices that may be familiar to you. >> reporter: the voices were played in different order, but still when they began to compare the pathways that were only activated by the mother's voice, they were stunned. pathways lit up and different centers in the brain that process emotions and facial recognition and reward behaviors. >> it's a wide broadcast of the mom's voice to all of these emotions and reward processing areas in the brain. >> reporter: they say it's too early to draw affirm conclusion from the finding and they believe that having varied parts
9:46 am
of the brain keyed in on the mother's voice could be a key on the influence of the child's social development. what they don't know is if other important voices in the child's life are processed the same way. >> parents are asking the most about fathers voices and i got a bunch of e-mails saying, what about dad? >> reporter: answers could be coming. the team said that the study will now provide a baseline for future research and as any good mother will tell you, if you want to learn, you have to keep listening. >> the team said that another potential avenue for future study is autism, to learn whether children with that condition process early voice cues in the same way as other children. lisa, you are not my mom, but i certainly like to listen when you speak weather talk. >> thank you. and i love listening to you as well. so, good morning everywhere, yeah, we do have a lot to talk about, because conditions are varying all around the bay area, like usual, we are in a classic
9:47 am
summertime pattern, where the low clouds and fog is dictating temperatures and as we widen the view, it shows why. there's a system to the north and the more we see the troughs push engine to the north and west of us, the more the marine layer responds with cooler air and that steady onshore flow. here is emoryville, 63 in oakland, and mountain view 64, and cloudy all day at half moon bay, 54. the view, the marine layer is 1800 feet deep and we are cloudy in parts of the north basement58 santa rosa and napa 59, and it's 66 by the delta, and concord and livermore, sunny with comfortable temperatures in the mid 60s. look at the people there. sun is coming out and in santa crui cruz, they don't care about that, right? temperatures will climb through the 60s with partly sunny conditions. that's the good news, you will be in and out of the sun.
9:48 am
mist and drizzle along the local shore line. morning gray, and afternoon sun for most and looking at the fog pattern tomorrow the fourth of july. a beach hazard statement continues. and the coast line, low 50s the water temperature, that could lead to hypothermia, but the wave height, 3-6 feet, southwest facing beaches 7 feet. over in pleasanton today, beautiful afternoon. numbers climbing in the 70s and late morning, 86, 3:00 and mid 70s by evening. the county fair will be a nice day. sunny conditions, and 64 by 6:00. you will need the jacket. in the south bay, 78 milpetes, and 59 in half moon bay. temperatures downtown, low 60s.
9:49 am
below the average of 67. breezy at the coast and looking at low to mid 70s in nevada, our near east bay, a bit breezy and sunny today for oakland. 69, 77 union city in newark. pretty nice from castro valley to fremont. cooler than yesterday. heading inland, 75, and livermore, 88. tomorrow, you have the clouds from san rafael and santa rosa, and mountain view will be clear. and san ramon valley. clear, and the temperatures from the upper 60s to low 70s by the delta. 60s, san matteo. some of the areas closer to the peninsula and the bay will be border line for the fireworks and along the embarkadero -- upper 50s to and 80s. barbecuing in the afternoon, late afternoon looks fine, but
9:50 am
that may also keep you warm if you are at some of the cool coastal beach locations or around the bay. >> so, lisa, when you are talking about the ceiling at the embarkadero in san francisco, are you saying yes, we will probably see the fewireworks? >> they are forecasting 400 feet. and usually it's higher and better, so it's -- if you ask my professional opinion. >> maybe it will lift tomorrow. thank you. let's check out sports. the giants will try to rebound from a tough loss. and the bullpen had a late inning lead that slipped away. here are the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, baseball top of the order. arizona looking for a win, and trying to boost a six-game lead over the dodgers in the west. samardzija looking for a ninth
9:51 am
win. pence on the field going exercise. second inning, 1-0 giants. base hit off of corbett. and crawford scores from third. 2-0 giants after two. offense was not done. crawford, eighth home run of the year. made it 4-1. next pitch. williamson, see-ya, third home run of the year, 5-1. the giants well on their way to a win. bottom eight, 5-3 g-men. samardzija gives up a hit and bochy goes to the bullpen, 7-1/3 for the shark. walked a batter and then strickland gives up a three-run homer to ka cist castillo. and the giants fall 6-5. hey, pittsburgh, reddick off the dl with an opposite hit.
9:52 am
just like last night, pirates roar back. scoring two in the fourth. a single off of rich hill, and starling marte ties the game at 2. hill pitched six innings. david freese caught looking on the breaking ball. freese got his revenge in the tenth. base hit. scoring from second and that turned out to be the winning run. 4-2 the final. espn sources are reporting that the dallas mavericks intend to sign warriors restricted free agent. now, harrison is in limbo as they wait to see if okc's kevin durant is willing to join the dubs. it would be awkward to bring him back as the highest paid player on the team and it could be a
9:53 am
chemistry issue. harrison can't feel much loyalty coming from the dubs, stay tuned. meanwhile the boston celtics pulled out of the stops in their meeting with kevin durant bringing patriots quarterback, tom brady to the meeting. have to give them credit for thinking outside the box. it's good to be kevin durant these days. and that's the way the ball bounces. have a great day. up next, most folks will celebrate independence day tomorrow, but all of the action happens tonight. for one bay area city.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $243 million powerball. the powerball number 4. no one picked all six numbers. and remember, tuesday's megamillion jackpot is estimated at $249 million. the third of july is not too early to celebrate independence day in richmond. abc news reporter, jonathan bloom will emcee the event tonight. it is free for the entire family. live music, a petting zoo, and a fireworks display over the bay.
9:57 am
and let's get a final check of the holiday weekend forecast with lisa. a high of 65. 69 in oakland today, and 77 fremont, palo alto with a bit of sunshine along the san mateo county coast, and we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50s and upper 80s today and tomorrow, and trending cooler, that is below average, and more below average around the bay. carolyn, have a great day. >> thank you, thank you for joining us. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day and happy holiday everyone.
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on today's special paid presentation ) for cindy crawford's new meaningful beauty ultra, brought to you by guthy-renker, you'll discover the secrets to not only aging gracefully, but beautifully while looking your absolute best every step of the way. i think my philosophy on aging is really more my philosophy on living, which is just do it well, take care of yourself. it's about celebrating where you are and being the best you that you can be in that moment. then it's not aging, you're just living. (female narrator) in the next few minutes, some of the world's most inspiring women will share with you the secrets to looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside. (valerie) i am 54 years old, and i feel like i have that little extra oomph that i need because my skin looks good. i love my skin now. i love it. there's no question that my skin is better now than it was five years ago.


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