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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this year there's an urgent new plea from oakland police and fire departments about the dangers and consequences if you're caught using illegal fireworks. i'm eric thomas. cornell bernard is live in oakland with a look at how the city is trying to stop illegal fireworks this fourth of july.
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cornell? >> reporter: first oakland police are going to be leaking for folks who celebrate the fourth of july by firing guns into the air and light up illegal fireworks. extra police and fire staffing on duty this week. we're here at fire station number 1 in downtown oakland where personnel on high alert. >> be smart. be smart this fourth of july. >> sending that advice to her oakland neighbors who may be planning illegal fireworks shows like this which lit up the skies last fourth of july. >> don't get in trouble for one night. >> reporter: you may find yourself in a lot of trouble of your caught with fireworks. >> we want people to know that fireworks are both illegal and dangerous. if you're caught with them you'll be fined. >> reporter: fines ranging from 1,000 to $10,000. fire danger is high and the drought is still on. dry grass is everywhere. >> we have had not only houses catch on fire but vegetation fires as well. >> thank you for calling the
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city of he canland. >> you can leave anonymous tips on the hotline and many fire stations have collection barrels. daisy fears it won't stop the party. >> you can fine people, ticket people, they'll do what they want. >> reporter: last year oakland employs made a big bust, seizing $50,000 worth of illegal fireworks from a home on 82nd 82nd and a and a avenue, but tht its still out there on craigslist we found dozens selling fireworks across the bay area. buyer beware. >> abc7 news what at strand francisco as china basin where preparations are underway for the city's legal fireworks show tomorrow night. crews spent hours today setting up launch toupees on three different barges. tomorrow night, silicon valley technology will help propel one.
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>> fired electronically, a computer based program. >> this laos year's show. fireworks begin at 9:30 tomorrow evening and rockets will launch from barges near peer 39 and aquatic park. people who want to report illegal fireworks in san jose can do so online. there's a form on the web site. the address is one your screen and an app where people can confidently report illegal fireworks. all fireworks are illegal in many bay area cities including san jose, oakland, and san francisco. >> we made it easy for you to find all the legal fireworks displays in the bay area. head to tower web site, to a link to the list. other news. fire investigators trying to figure out whether a fire in eastern contra costa county was set deliberately or was a wildfire as a result of an
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accident. you can see where four spot fires burned north of livermore. crews from six different agencies moved in quickly after the fire started, around 9:30 this morning. firefighters suspect the fire started along the shoulder of the road. >> something potentially being drug, hits in a number of different places and then would send a spark and could happen from a catalytic converter. >> flames charred 20-acre of dried brush. >> happening now, 11 major wildfires are burning across california. oakland fire live today posted this video on twitter as oakland crews helped with some 2100 firefighters working a wildfire burning near the american river in el dorado and placer counties. they're seen here setting backfires. the fire has been burning since
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tuesday and has grown to more than six square miles and only 12% contained. firefighters are dealing with triple digit heat while battling a wildfire in the fresno county city of coalinga. the fire has grown to nearly five square miles the fire is 40% contain. >> four people in oakland lost their lives this weekend to gun violence two men were shot last night in east oakland. yesterday man and woman were shot to death inside an apartment on macarthur avenue. witnesses say a suspect was spotted leaving the scene. no arrests were made in either case. one stabbed a teenaged boy at a mountain view park. [sirens] >> an ambulance rushed the child to a hospital after responding to the park last night.
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the "was seriously wounded bet is suspected to recover. investigators return to the scene today. no word on what led to the stabbing. to developing news out of iraq. isis is claiming responsibility for bombings that left at least 120 people dead and more than 180 others wounded in baghdad. the bombings targeted families s and young at restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. a suicide car bomb mitt in a busy shopping district as families were on the streets follow thingrama dan fast. a second exploded around midnight. the attacks come days after iraq declared they had taken over fallujah. the bangladeshi government is denying claims by isis their responsible for friday night's deadly attack at a restaurant. "the new york times" cites a government official who says the attackers were all bangladeshis who were well-educated from rich familiesful two hostages and six attackers died.
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one surviving gunman is being interrogated. a vigil be held for a uk berkeley student who died in the attack. tarishi jain was in bangladesh for an internship. two other students from georgia died, including a young woman from miami. a memorial to honor the lives of the victims is set for tuesday at noon at the cal campus spral campus. a memorial is growing at the blast sight. they were dining together at the restaurant when it was attacked. nine italians were killed, all working in the textile industry. one victim was five months pregnant. a big bang causes other big scare in new york's central park. >> i have no idea what it was.
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sounded like a cannon. >> witnesses share their account of a powerful blast at the park. what investigators think happened. a fourth of july celebration in the true spirit of independence. what makes this community gathering in the east bay different from the rest. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. the sunshine giving way toking around the bay and that fog is going to try to hang with us for their the fourth of july. how that will impact the fireworks? coming up in the forecast.
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an explosion shook new york city and sent the bomb squad rushing into central park. a man suffered serious injuries. witnesses say he just climbed down a large rock when he stepped on what police believe was a homemade firework. >> a small explosion and then dust. >> beyond the caliber of fireworks. >> looks like a divot where there's an explosion. >> we have no evidence this is related to terrorism. there are no specific credible threats directed at new york. >> it may have not gone off at an earlier time and was left there. >> the victim was rushed into surgery at trauma center. new details on a broken water main in the east bay. we were in pleasant hill today as crews repaved part of contra costa county boulevarder in gregory lane and expect to re-open the road this evening. today's repairs followed
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flooding front a broken water main. an oakland neighborhood celebrated the healthier path it's taken over the past few years. we were there in west oakland. this weekend is the tenth anniversary of the mandela foods cooperative. >> getting people the food we need and the story has changed. oakland is no longer a food desert. >> the market strives to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to neighbors. don't usually hear reports of a stolen car but this isn't just any car. the thief stole years of hard work. fog is rolling in. we will find out if it will impact or 4th of july fireworks. now a look at what is ahead on world news. >> coming up, the explosive scare in new york city.
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it's a mystery blast that severely injured a tourist in central park, plus this small plane crashing into a lake and sinking. the miraculous escape. we areles following the toxic invasion keeping families out of the water in florida this
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>> a vintage car owner opens someone comes through and finds a stolen car. 'er looking at a ford model-t that belongs to a man who was as a car show in new mexico who
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discovered his car was gone and so was the truck and trailer. and the has harsh words for the crook. >> we's rough him up and then turn him over to police. >> not only did the thieves steal this vintage wheels they took some practicalwhile wheels, too the wheelchair he uses to get around. a team from uc berkeley is in running to build a prototype of the hyper loop transport system. this is the concept from the group who calls themselves berkeley hyper loop, or eloop. it's a 40-member team in an open source design competition through spacex. the prototype is far from reality. the forecast now, meteorologist drew tuma telling us if the fog is going to impair
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our vision of the fireworks. >> as is always the case on the fourth of july location is key, as to who sees the fog and who has clear skies. right now that fog already trying to make it inland, live doppler 7hd in terms of recent, way are free from that but we turn on the fog, and it's live doppler 7hd is tracking that fog, pushing through the golden gate strait. moving into the financial district, foggy in daly city as well as sunset and richmond district. and live look outside, see the picture from mt. tam cam to the west. that fog is making its way east and there will be widespread fog overnight tonight and first thing on your fourth of july tomorrow. current temperatures, typical spread this time of the year, half moon bay, 57. total sunshine in antioch, you're warm, near 90. 67 in oak land. 76 san jose, santa rosa, 74.
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overnight tonight a couple spots with the fog, like san francisco, likely dropping into the upper 40s. most spots holding in the mid-and-low 50s. notice the future weather picking up pockets of green along the coast so coastal drizzle also very likely the next 12 hours overnight. future weather, first thing on the fourth of july, 7:00 in the morning, notice a spare amount of low clouds. not only along the coast but around the bay, even into san jose and working east into antioch. we'll have the typical weather pattern. by 10:00, 11:00 a.m., the clouds are pulling back to the coast. highs, no intense heat. 85 in antioch. oakland, afternoon nine, 80, san jose, 62 san francisco, morning fog. 59 half moon bay. santa rosa, 74.
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a live look from the santa cruz camera. finally they're seeing sunshine. most of the day they were socked in so folks enjoying the few hours of precious sunshine. a similar setup for tomorrow. late-day sunshine and we have the strong rip currents along the coastline, so always swim anywhere lifeguards and something else to keep in mind, whether you're at the coast, reasons the bay or inland, as your outside tomorrow, perhaps bar cueing, enjoying the day ex-uv index is high so use the sun screen, 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. monday evening, future weather. unfortunately, yes, showing a return of the marine layer. here's the specific forecast. tomorrow evening at 9:30 at night. san francisco fog, oakland fog, half moon bay fog. san rafael fog. some patchy fog in santa rosa and san mateo, and concord, areas to the east, you'll have clear skies. so choose wisely.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast, fogs for the fireworks in san francisco, lots of sunshine on wednesday, fog-free, but cool. thursday, friday, saturday, before temperatures warm up quickly on sunday. so not looking the best in san francisco tomorrow but perhaps moving inland you have a better viewing point. >> we can still hope. fingers crossed. thank you. now a preview of sports. >> the july 4th weekend in baseball go hand in hand. giants were cruising until the bull pen failed them again. i went extra innings as a result
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>> the giants and d-backs were in arizona. albert suarez gave them the lead but the bull pen falters again. this family has their giants gear and great seats. brandon belt, solo shot. actually a shot to left. brandon dives. can't make the catch two runs score. giants up 4-1. the other brandon crawford making a case starting the all-star game, and then off the ricochet, having to gun down the runner at first. bull pen blows it again in the eighth. giving up a two-run homer, now tied. top 11. peña, pulls it to right for a double. parker scores from first. giants give up the lead but come back to win, 5-4.
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55 wins, most in the n.l. >> a's. coco crisp for the base hit. the a's take a 3-2 lead. mingden gave up four runs. mercy gets in the way, can't make the play. pirates 4-3. a's had a chance to tie it bottom half of the inning. one out, runneres on the corner, steven vote lines out to first. a's swept by the pirates with the 6-3 loss. the fourth time in it's 139 year history we have play on the middle sunday at wimbledon. we had bonus coverage today. serena williams facing annika beck. serena, 299 career wins at majors and found herself trailing in the first set.
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after an unforced error on this return. annika beck leads but all serena from there. wins for the 300th time a a grand slam. seven wins away from the record. moving on to the fourth round. she is a player. if there's a marathon match it usually involves john isner, taking only tsonga. match took two hours the fifth set taking two hours. fourth longer fifth set in a major. he falls in the fifth. match point. tsonga gets it to just in time. moves on to the fourth round with the five-set victory. to the pitch. europe cup. iceland taking on france. french team running away with this. 12th minute. it's drilled and he had two
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goals. 4-nil by halftime. 45th minute. the chip over the keeper. france faces germany in the semis with the victory. stage two of the tour de france. wet conditions led to small crash causing a little traffic jam. peter seguen gets the stage win in four hours, 21 minutes. the win gives him the leader's yellow jersey. the warriors jerry west call kevin durant trying to make the case. >> the guy on the nba logo called me to come, would come. >> thank you. >> up next, learn about he things president obama does when he is alone and nobody is watching. that is when abc7 new
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. prime parade seats. we're live where people are staking out real estate for the fourth of july parade. a space journey five years in making. why everyone is buzzing about the biggest planet in the solar system. now we know what president obama likes to do during his alone time. "the new york times" reports that after dinner with the first family the president gets a little me time. he has a snack of seven -- count them -- seven salted almonds and usually reads, or watches espn.
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we'll see you again at 6:00. take care. tonight, holiday on high alert. the explosive scare in new york city. a mystery blast severely injuring a tourist in central park. the bomb squad on the scene, a nation on edge. from thousands of extra officers at airports to extra searches at fireworks shows from coast to coast. more fbi fallout. inside hillary clinton's three and half-hour interview. grilled over her private e-mail server. as donald trump calls for criminal charges. a small plane crashes into a lake. the fall from the sky. >> did i seriously just survive a crash, and now i'm going to drown? >> how they all managed to make it out alive. a toxic invasion this holiday weekend. dangerous, foul-smelling algae. closing beaches. keeping families away. is there an end in sight?


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