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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us. good evening. i'm eric thomas. a fast-moving fire damaged a home in fairfax tonight. crews from several communities raced to the scene. the fire caused extensive damage inside the home but nobody was hurt. investigators are working to find what sparked tonight's fire. a san jose woman is accusing lift of discrimination saying several have refused her seeing-eye dog on board and now she is considering suing. alisa spoke with the woman today. why are driving saying no? >> one driver said he was allergic. another on the list said other passengers might be scared. otherwise, this is against lift's anti-discrimination policy. but the woman i talked to
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recorded some drivers breaking the rules. >> legally blind and relying on her service dog for help, one place aretha can't always guide her owner is on to a lift. she had this encounter saturday. >> she is my service animal. >> no, no -- >> she is my service animal. >> no, no. >> she is my guide dog. >> no, no, i'm sorry. no animal inside. i'm sorry. >> she said lift drivers have refused to pick her up at least eight times. >> yeah, and? >> she is considering suing the ride share company. >> i want equal rights. you know, they shouldn't be disdiscriminating against me and my dog. >> lift told us the company is committed to maintaining a welcoming community. she said that the
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anti-discrimination policy, it says in part, everyone in the car deserves a five-star experience, including service animals. discrimination of any kind may result in the offender's immediate deactivation. >> it is our policy that all service animals are welcome in a lyft ride. >> they are required to call a special number to help make other arrangements. she said she did not get that treatment. >> they say they won't pair me with that driver. that's not satisfactory to me. if i don't get paired with that driver, that driver is the only one working, then i don't get a ride. so how is that, you know, fair? >> she wants an apology and for lyft to make sure drivers are well trained in disability laws. in san jose, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. isis claimed responsibility for bombings that killed at least 120 people and wounded more than 180 others in baghdad. the bombing started at families and young people out at
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restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. a bomb hit in a busy shopping district as people were out in the streets following their ramadan fast. a second bombing exploded around midnight. attacks are days after the iraqi government declared it had retaken the city of fallujah which had been an islamic state strong hold. police are trying to identify a motive in the shooting death of two men last night. men were shot to death on sunshine court near international boulevard just after 9:00 saturday. one victim died at the scene. the other died at the hospital. murders follow another double homicide hours earlier inside a duplex on mcarthur boulevard on mid veil avenue. a man and woman were killed in that incident. >> a 9-year-old girl in los angeles area lost her left hand and several fingers on her right in an explosion today. investigators believe it was caused by illegal fireworks. the girl also suffered burns it her face. she is listed in stable condition. police in new york believe a homemade fire work seriously
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injured a man in central park. someone left behind what police call a fireworks experiment made from household materials. the man accidentally stepped on it causing a severe injury to his foot and leg. tomorrow there are dozen of fourth of july events all over the bay area from parades it fire work shows. some people want to create their own fun which has some on alert during the holiday weekend. . sergio is live with more on this. sergio? >> reporter: eric, san jose has been try to crack down on illegal fireworks. there is a place on their web page showing where people are shooting off fireworks. people are reminded that police will be out in force patrolling tonight. multiple san jose agencies have been on the lookout all week end this year fines are more expensive.
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>> all fireworks are illegal. even the ones that are safe and sane. and still illegal in most of santa clara county including all of san jose. the country club has closed a whole golf course where the city fireworks display is launched. that's because fireworks are launching their own illegal fireworks from the ground. police issuing a warning that if people continue using illegal items they may consider canceling future public display answers tonight some sidewalks are already marked up or cordoned off by residents looking for a good spot to watch the morning parade. >> i usually get here by 9:00 and stay until 6:00. that's about nine hours. >> ray gambucci has an area big enough for four families, all of them hisi neighbors. he come out every july 3rd and pash lint waits. gloria will be one of the them enjoying the space. >> i think it just all-american. it just awesome.
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i don't think you find this in very many places. >> the community comes together regardless of who you are. >> this year, any items left on the street unattended will be confiscated until 6:00 this evening. other than that, people could leave their items until the next day. >> you're looking at some of the work done today to light up the san francisco waterfront tomorrow night. launch tubes to launch a skyrocket are on three barge is. shells will be fired into the air, all synced with music. >> a total of about 10,000 effects in 23 minutes. and this is how it all came together last year. tomorrow night's show starts at 9:30 sharp and skyrockets will rise near both pier 39 and aquatic park. >> tonight there is an urgent new plea from oakland police and fire departments about the dangers of illegal fireworks and the consequences if you're caught. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has details.
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>> this year many will leave fireworks to pros but others prefer a little dyi. the city is trying to stop it. >> don't get yourself in trouble for one night. be smart. be smart this fourth of july. >> daisy is sending that advice to her oakland neighbores who may be planning displays. the fire department has its own warning. >> we want people to know that fireworks are both illegal and dangerous. if you're caught with them you will be fined by the oakland police department. >> fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. fire danger is high this summer and the drought is still on. dry grass is everywhere. >> we've had not only houses catch on fire but vegetation fires as well. >> thank you for calling the city of oakland fireworks tip line. >> you can leave anonymous tips on a city hot line and many fire stations have collection barrels
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to help get fireworks off the streets. daisy fears it won't stop the party. >> you can look as many policies and fine people and they will do what they want. >> oakland police made their biggest bust in decades. seizing $50,000 worth of illegal fireworks from a home on 82nd avenue. two men arrested. but the threat is still out there. check out these ads from craigslist. we found dozens selling fireworks across the bay area. buyer beware. in oakland, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> buying and setting off safe and sane fireworks is legal in several bay area communities. at the mall in san bruno, it was brisk business at a fireworks stand benefiting the st. andrews. when buying fireworks, they were given information on safe fireworks. they can only be set off in san bruno and pacifica. >> selling a lost packages and
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sparklers, morning glories so the kids can sparkle away. >> also very popular this year is a purple rain sparkle fountain in honor of the late recording artest, prince. b.a.r.t. will run longer to get people to and froo the celebration on the waterfront. they will operate on sunday schedules. b.a.r.t. will operate extra event trains in the evening as well. >> for some in the bay area, there is a pollity fog will block the fire work displays and check on your fourth of july forecast and find out who will have the good viewing is meteorologi meteorologist drew. >> in the marina and into the north bay. the day start out pinpoint
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exactly which cities will have fog for the fourth of july evening coming up in that whole accuweather forecast. >> drew, see you then. thanks a lot. still to come on abc news at 11:00, scientists believe millions of trees in the sierra are dying and their death could leave a permanent scar on the region. and what nasa hopes to learn when the first ever mission to jupiter reaches the planet's orbit
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it's been five years but finally nasa's juno space probe is about to reach jupiter's orbit. gathering date why and images from solar system's largest planet and help us understand how the earth was formed. reporter mark from our sister
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station in l.a. has details. >> we get to see those in 3-d. >> reporter: spacecraft set to arrive on jupiter july fourth. >> after the the fun formed, nasa gave us new data. >> convert need audio, if you listen closely, you can hear the spacecraft passing through jupiter's magnetic sphere. >> so we're there. we still got a lot to do on july fourth and i'm still nervous. but we crossed it. we're in jupiter's domain at this point. >> reporter: scott bolton, scientist leading the mission, says everything about jupiter is extreme. and as juno prepares for actual orbit the stakes only increase with the electronics protected to buy 400 pound of die tan yum. >> we have to shield it because jupiter is basically the
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harshest region in space. >> answering questions about the gas giant and the origins of our solar system. >> we basically have scientific instruments that look inside the planet in every way we know how. >> scientist steve levin says the most important number gathered is how much water is on jupiter. >> just by measuring that one number, the amount of water inside jupiter, we can learn a lot about how jupiter formed and that teaches us not just about jupiter but about the whole solar system. >> from water content to other component without data most everything we know right now is just based on theory. >> it's really important to us and we're about to jump on the jupiter train. >>. >> reporter: the nasa scientist you just heard from said things could go wrong on the fourth. >> rocket motor could fire at the wrong time or wrong direction or here is a real bad scenario, he says that
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spacecraft could simply bypass the planet all together. i think the term nervous might be an understatement. abc 7 news. >> back here on earth, trees have been ravaged. nasa scientists say millions of trees are dying. stressed by ongoing heat, weakened by drought, which weakens resistant to other plants and insects. there could be a permanent change to the sierra. millions of trees that are decades and centuries old could be gone in a few decades. scientists emphasize the need to fight climb ate change though they fear it might be too late. let's check the forecast now and see who will have a good view of the fireworks. drew? >> that's the big question, eric. we are seeing that fog and explain to the coast and areas around the bay tomorrow evening, pinpointing which cities in seconds. live doppler, see the all-clear in terms of rain. we are rain-free right now but
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we have the fog along the coast and cool temperatures. 55 outside in san francisco. 54 in half moon bay. 63 san jose. same in antioch. and checking with the temperature of 57 degrees. overnight tonight, next six hours, that fog is going to thicken and spread around the bay area. can you see future weather really picking up on the depth of it pushing inland. many of us will wake up to gray skies first thing on fourth of july. picking up on a pop of rain around the coast and we could have drizzle the next six hours but that is confined to the coast. future weather as we go hour by hour. and 7:00 on fourth of july morning there is that chance of drizzle. widespread fog and around the bay and probably only exception. probably waking up with clear skies and by 10:00 in the morning, that fog will pull back to the coast. we will see a lot of sunshine away from the coast. very similar pattern setting up to what the weather has been like for the past 48 hours.
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highs for our monday, pretty comfortable. 68, oakland for the afternoon, high 80 in san jose. 59, cool high there. 65 in paolo alt why. and fairfield up to about 78 degrees. if you are heading to the coast tomorrow, beaaef beaches, it wi cool day. late day peaks of sunshine but the clouds will cling to the coast. one thing to take notice of, beaches, you want to swim near lifeguards. something else to keep in mind even if you are not at the coast and perhaps around the inland tomorrow, sunny sky we have has uv index on it. enjoy the day tomorrow, key time about 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. picking it up in the afternoon and we good into the evening. 9:00 in the evening. see the marine layer is
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thickening. one location, clear skies. san jose and south bay. here is your planner into the evening hours. by 6:00 in the evening, by 9:00 down to 66 and by midnight cool temperature right around 61 degrees. there will be foggy spots around the bay especially in san francisco. a lot of cloud cover. at 9:30 in the evening. even half moon bay, san ra fael, oakland and patchy fog and generally clear skies and accuweather seven-day forecast calls for fireworks to be somewhat foggy in san francisco tomorrow. sunshine on tuesday. wednesday, total sunshine. no fog, no marine layer but thursday, friday and saturday, look at those numbers. is cool for july. sunday, temperatures warming up rather quickly around here. so the further inland you are, the clear the skies. >> drew, thanks a lot.
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>> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, it looks and plays like pac man. researchers hope they can use it
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micro biologists in norway have created research, with a looks like a pac man game. there are predatory organisms that prey and look like just like the character pac man. scientists are using it to learn behave your patterns. they believe they can learn more from a complex maze than a petri dish. takes me back to college. a lot of quarters on that. >> i used to dominate pac man. >> did you? >> all right, eric, 3 of 4 odds getting swept by pirates before they hit the road. d-backs behind craw fords
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defense and timely
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good evening. start you off on the diamond with a giants and d-backs in arizona. albert suarez on the hill. gave the lead but the bullpen faultered again. tough time for fans in arizona. defense up 2-1. belt shot to left. looks like he has a bead on it. dives, can't make the catch. two runs score. just like last night. other, brandon crawford, making a case to start in the all-star game.
11:29 pm
bare-hand dwrgrab to get the runner. bullpen blows it again in the eighth. up two runs and tied at four. we go extra. top of the 11. pulls to a right for a double. 5-4 your double. 52 wins now, most in national league ps gearing up for the fourth of july. game tied at 2 in the fifth. cocoa crisp takes care of that and goes opposite field for base hit. mcbride scores from second. going up 3-2. lasting 5 1/3 innings, top 6, grounded, mercer gets in the way of tyler who can't make the play. run scored. close to interference there but pirates take 4-3 lead. a's have a chance to tie. runners on corners. vogt lines out the three.
11:30 pm
swept by pirates with a 6-3 loss. >> we didn't pitch very well. when we had the chance to score, we didn't score. >> little retro mustache there. 139-year history we have play on the middle sunday at with imbell don. bonus coverage today. serve them up. facing annika beck. serena comes in and found herself trailing in the first set after this unforced error. beck led two games to one. but all serena from there. winning 11 of the next 12. winning for the 300th time in grand slam. moving on to fourth round with straight victory. >> now there's a marathon match for the men usually taking on
11:31 pm
messen messener. fourth longest set. isner had 17 more aces, 13 more wins in the match but falls 19-17 in fifth set. great gift there on the dropped volley. moves on with five-set victory. the sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. little golf coming up. stick around. i know you will be there eric, back to you. >> yes, you will. because i have a mortgage. still to come, a gunman saves the day. how a sharp shooter helped rescue a bald eagle. plus -- >> just to survive a crash and now i'm going to, you know, drown. >> amazingly, the people on board this plane did not die. they tell us what they did go through with their minds as the plane hit
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good evening. tonight's headlines, it's been a violent weekend in oakland. two accept root shootings left four people dead. the latest at 9:00 last night. two men shot to death on sunshine court near international boulevard. fast-moving fire damaged a home in fairfax tonight. fire crews raced to ridge way avenue to help battle flames. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. in new york city police say a homemade fireworks seriously injured man in central park. in manhattan today. the device was made out of household items and apparently left at the park. a man accidentally stepped on it and suffered a severe leg and foot injury after it exploded.
11:36 pm
>> there will be no holiday break for hillary clinton. she will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow with the e-mail scandal still overshadowing her. abc reporter mary bruce has more from washington. >> tonight hillary clinton is hoping to put the e-mail scandal behind her. >> i've been eager to do it. i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing it to a cannot collusion. >> clinton says the 3 1/2 hour interview was civil and business like but donald trump today again seizing on the controversy that has plagued her campaign for months. tweeting only a fool would believe that the meeting between bill clinton was not arranged. the tarmac between her husband and attorney general, clinton now weighing in. >> i think you know hindsight is 20/20. both the attorney general and my husband have said they wouldn't do it again. fbi is now close to completing its investigation into whether
11:37 pm
clinton mishandled classified information on her private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. and if charges should be filed all this as candidates look to pick a running mate. democratic contenders today were koi. >> she has a great core of people to choose from and we'll see. >> if you have a question like that please direct it to the clinton campaign. >> i'm not going to speculate. mean while trump spent the weekend at the new jersey golf course getting to no indiana governor mike pence. also on his list, gingrich getting advice from an unusual source. president shouting to grinning rich in an audience. >> knew he was going to do it. >> he needs the help, yes. >> and both candidates have a big week ahead on wednesday. donald trump will be unveiling the much-anticipated list of speaks for the gop convention and hillary clinton will be hitting the trail with the vice president and president obama. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> in bangladesh, police have
11:38 pm
identified five of the men who carried out that country's worst terror attack in the capital city on friday. attackers were known to authorities, the group islamic state claimed responsibility but the government denies that. officials instead blame a local militant group 20 hostages died when the militants stormed a cafe popular with foreigners. a missionary from visalia two blocks away. >> he wanted to protect several ladies who were there and they killed him along with other young ladies he was there to protect. >> uc student was among those killed. she was in the capital for the summer visiting family and working at an internship. >> police in reason why shot and killed man officers say drove into a crowded street festival.
11:39 pm
investigators claim he refused to pull over for officers when she tried to stop him a few blocks from downtown. police opened fire when the man plowed through a barricade and into the biggest little city wing fest on virginia street. the driver died at a hospital nobody else was hurt. kenny chess any concert in pittsburgh, pennsylvania turned to chaos yesterday. 25 people taken to the hospital and several others arrested in alcohol-related incidents. police cited 36 people for underage drinking before kenny che chesney even took the stage. an amazing story here on texas, plane crashes into a lick and all three passengers walk away. it happened on lake travis near austin yesterday. witnesses reported hearing the plane sputter before it hit the water and flipped over. miraculously only one passenger had minor injuries and was not even taken to the hospital. >> we can see the propel are
11:40 pm
making a sputtering sound and getting closer and closer to the water. once the planes hit the water we were upside down. trying to get these like harnesses off. >> the plane will remain submerged until the owner pays for it to be removed. >> you will have to see this to believe. abc news reporter has the story. >>. >> reporter: today a bald eagle in a cage. but that is because it is healing. bouncing back after this. midweek the bird was dangling and dying. 70 feet off the ground. its right talon tangled in a rope caught on a tree branch. for days passers by tried to get help. >> everybody has the same thing to say that they were all aware and they had been aware for 2 1/2 days. but unfortunately it wasn't within their jurisdiction and the safety measures that were going to be compromised. >> then jackie turned to her husband, jason.
11:41 pm
the idea he would shoot the bird free with his 22 caliber rifle. >> it was weird shooting in the direction after bald eagle. >> right. not shooting at the eagle but darn close. chewing away the tree branch it was caught on bullet by bullet, not easy. here is what gave jason the skill and confidence. two tours of duty in afghanistan. >> took about an hour and a half, about 150 shots. >> we watched it fumble down into the branches. >> scooped up and rushes to a nearby center specialized in medical care for aeg ems and similar birds, this eagle picked up a nickname. >> freedom's the name, over fourth of july weekend. >> the perfect name. >> coming up next at 11:00 -- >> the family takes thousands of dollars for a new sewage line but it started flooding their bathroom all over again. i'm michael finny. 7 on your side is coming up.
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no doubt the worst plumbing problem in your home has to be a sewage backup. one family knows that all too well. they paid thousands to have a plumbing problem cleaned up.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: it happened more times than vivian pitt cares to recall. >> that's what it was. sewage. >> reporter: the sewer line kept backing up into this downstairs bathroom. >> we called rescue rooter out. >> reporter: it began when these roots from the juniper plants clogged her pipes. she called rescue rooter. the backup stopped at least for a while. >> couple of years after, it kept doing the same thing. >> reporter: three years later, sewage began backing up again. ? just flooding. >> reporter: rescue rooter discovered roots in the pipe again and vivian inspired her own technician who inserted this camera to look inside the pipe. >> i see a lot of roots. >> reporter: roots that were not replaced. >> roots are back and we are supposed to have it done. >> reporter: vivian said rescue rooter should have replaced the
11:46 pm
entire sewage line. she hired another contractor to do the root and commented that rescue rooter covered the $9500 cost. we took her case to rescue rooter and they tell us the contract was vivian called for replacing only section of the pipe marked in green on this company diagram. rescue rooter said it did not replace the other sections because ats the time no roots were growing there. rescue rooter said the work we performed six years ago was both necessary and completed in its entirety. in accordance with the contract. however the company did refund vivian all of the money she paid rescue rooter for the sewer line and later worked to unclog it. $8,940 in all saying our highest priority is to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with our company. >> if it wasn't for michael finny, i would never have gotten anything. i feel great! >> that was michael finny reporting. vivian says it took all of her savings and her husband's to
11:47 pm
cover the cost of the new pipe. so the refund from rescue rooter really came to the rescue. we thank the company for stepping up. richmond kicked off an early start it fourth of july celebration by holding an independence eve music and fire work fest at crane way pavilion. jonathan bloom had the honor of emceeing tonight's performance, including the oakland symphony. now a check for the forecast. here is drew. >> we are talking about fog for the fourth of july evening. low cloud cover for the fireworks. right now tonight you notice a lot of low clouds pushing in around the bay. 52 overnight in richmond. 56 in san jose. about 57 in antioch. and san francisco a little bit of that marine i flew enfrom the ocean water getting done to 49 degrees overnight. highs tomorrow, very similar. a lot of sunshine. 85 antioch. 80 san jose. oakland, pretty comfortable high
11:48 pm
of 768 degrees. advancing into tomorrow evening that marine layer will stick in again. here is the look at who will have fog and who will have clear skies at 9:30 tomorrow evening. you notice our typical area. half moon bay in san francisco. oakland. patchy fog in hayward likely and on the north bay and outside there and clear skies and ample conditions to see the fireworks shot off. sunday forecast, tuesday, fog to sunshine. on wednesday, cool. thursday, friday and saturday or sunday, lots of sunshine on the way as we end out next weekend. >> thank you very much, drew. from weather to sports. find out what's going on. here's drew. >> drew, shoe -- yeah -- >> drew shoe. >> waiting to hear from kevin durant will play next season.
11:49 pm
we the introduce to you mike brown. track, field and swimming, namely the fastest man and woman in the u.s. 100 meters of speed next in sports. ♪
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steve kerr didn't take long to find a replacement for head assistant coach. irony, mike brown, head coach from cleveland. taking cavs to final in 2007 but losing. named coach of the year in 2009. fired in 2010. lakers job for a season. returned to cavaliers for 2013 and 2014 season. a bit of a surprise as ron adams already on the roster but also good with players. i think a good hire. rio around the corner. more qualified in swimming.
11:53 pm
already competing in the olympics in 100 meters, looking to add 50 meters to her event list. won her semifinal heat but finished second today. final hub top two compete in the olympics. congrats to simone to hopefully sprint her way to gold in 50 and 100 free. on the men's side, competing in 1500 meters and went into the pool but two blew everyone out of the water. and jordan destroyed the competition to qualify for rio and time of 14:47.49. this is a good 19 seconds ahead of third place. track and field qualifying in eugene, oregon. justin gatlin ran the fastest 100 dash this year and second in olympic trial history, 9.83. he has four olympic medals on his resume. only sprinter to reach the olympics from the u.s. since 1912. in the women, second fastest
11:54 pm
100, in the world this day, 10.74 seconds, joined by reigning world champion who will also compete in the long jump. what a story in women's 400 meters. allyson felix, running despite a strain, runners hit the straight away but find another gear and qualifies for rio with a time of 49.86. rio will be her fourth straight olympic appearance. she is trying to represent the u.s. in 200 meters p. men's long jump, combining with speed with hop, man, this guy can fly. qualifying for second place while jeff henderson, ninth in 2015 world championships in this event, chance of gold with a jump. 28 feet 2 1/4 inches. mean while, i struggle to jump up one step to this podium. justin johnson, shooting and
11:55 pm
birdie on 17. in the clubhouse at 6 under. after a beg bogey on 15, and second shot to the other side of the fair way, third shot winds the water. he doesn't like this hole. double bogey 7. two over for the day. john son wins by a stroke. and he is the favorite going into the british open. >> i'm definitely more relaxed on the golf course especially coming on the stretch today. i felt you know, in a really good place, really calm. collected. just you know, focused in on what i was doing. >> my goal is to try and win. every time i tee it up i'm trying to win it all. unfortunately i fell short. so, disappointed but you know, i have to try own focus on what i did great this week. >> over to women's tour for portland classic. final tournament before the u.s. women's open which begins thursday in st. martin. here in the south bay. brooke henderson led wire to
11:56 pm
wire. three birdies two bogies final round 71 finishing 14 under par, four strokes ahead of stacey lewis. to the pitch, quarterfinals, iceland taking on france. france running way early. oliver jarude, 45th minute, antwoine, shifting over to the keeper. france facing germany in semis with 5-2 victory. tour de france, wet conditions led to a small crash. causing a little bit of a traffic jam. roads dried up allowing peter sagan. and for the state win in 4:21, win game sagan the leading yellow jersey. reports brought to you by river rock casino.
11:57 pm
kevin durant is supposed to announce where he will play tomorrow. and my guess is nobody can talk to him until june 7th. so we will find out tomorrow and everybody anxiously awaiting to see if the warriors will be his choice. >> the whole basketball world. we're waiting. thanks a lot. >> that's it for tonight. i'mer uk thomas. abc news continues tomorrow. thank you. have a great evening and better morning. see you.
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♪ >> from market street in downtown san francisco, it's the 46th annual san francisco pride parade on kofy tv, presented by airbnb. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the 46th annual san francisco lgbtq pride parade. i'm donna sachet. >> and i'm michelle meow. >> i couldn't be more excited to be here. it just started. first, of course, the dykes on bikes, we love the first contingent of the parade. >> this year's theme is for rachel and economic justice. it's been an emotional, ride celebration this year. and so, a very happy to see the dykes on bikes kick off the


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