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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. >> and i'm reggie aqui. let's check with your weather and traffic with mike nicco. >> hey, reggie, hey, matt. hi, everybody. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. a little fog pushing into petaluma and along the coast. you're going to find a lot of cloud cover and more widespread drizzle, places like the coast, the golden gate bridge, the east bay hills, the bay bridge. if you run into some, let us know. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner. temperatures well below average. 50s at the coast, 70s to near 80 for the rest of us. i'll take a look at the next three days next. major accident in the antioch area eastbound, the reverse commute, on highway 4. we still have a couple of lanes blocked there. chp is expecting that to be cleared rather rapidly so we'll
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check back on them in just a few. also the left lane still blocked southbound 880 near tennison. >> thank you, sue. we have breaking news out of vallejo this morning. illegal fireworks are to blame for a one-alarm house fire that happened around 1:15 this morning. the garage suffered the brunt of the damage, so one family is displaced and that fire caused $100,000 in damage. crews were able to salvage most of the house, saving an estimated $450,000 worth of it. no one was hurt. developing news, san jose police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. abc 7 news reporter jessica castro joins us live in san jose with what the family says happened before their loved one was killed. jessica? >> reporter: matt, it was a teenager who was killed. it's all quiet right now but we just saw police wrap up their investigation. they left the scene here about 15 minutes ago. it was a very traumatic fourth
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of july holiday for this east san jose family. they are back inside their home right now. the officer-involved shooting happened at this home just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. a family member who claimed to be the teen's uncle told abc 7 news that his nephew was 18 years old, was depressed and had tried to kill himself before police arrived. police have not said why they fired on the man. >> we initially saw a lot of police officers with ar-15s rifles. that's when we heard two gunshots. they sounded like high-powered rifle shots. somebody was screaming. we saw one man in the back of a police car that was banging his head on the window. >> reporter: neighbors who spoke to abc 7 said it is typically a quiet neighborhood and that is what we have seen this morning as well. again, we just saw police leave the scene so that makes it about a 12-hour investigation at the home. we do expect much more information as the sun comes in.
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in san jose, jessica castro, abc 7 news. an el al flight from new york to israel has landed safely after a threat. the flight was headed to tel aviv from jfk when the airline received an anonymous bomb threat. military jets from france and switzerland were deployed. those jets escorted that flight until it made a safe landing. developing news from rome. italian police have arrested a homeless man in connection with the death of an american college student. authorities found the body of 19-year-old beau solomon in a river yesterday. he went missing just hours after arriving in italy for a trip to study abroad. his family says beau was a stellar student and a proud cancer survivor. >> over 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all of that. >> the school in rome said he was last seen in a pub with friends. thousands of dollars had been charged on his credit card miles
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from where he was found. back here at home in politics, the holiday weekend over and the conventions are now looming. hillary clinton is putting a charge into her campaign by appearing with president obama today. experts say that she can use him to springboard her drive to the white house. adrian banker reports. >> reporter: from rivals to political allies, the commander in chief taking to the campaign trail with his former secretary of state this afternoon at their first joint rally in charlotte. >> if she sees the opportunity to pick off north carolina, that means it's even harder for the republicans to win the white house. >> reporter: the tar heel state is a battleground. today donald trump will be rallying in nearby raleigh. clinton hopes obama's presence will be a game-changer. >> it kind of sends the signal of party unity. >> reporter: with just weeks until convention, both sides narrowing their potential vice presidential picks. clinton considering hud secretary julian castro, a young rising star in the democratic
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party. if chosen, he would be the first hispanic candidate on a presidential ticket. there's word trump is considering iowa senator joni ernst but neither side has confirmed that. donald trump criticizing the president's trip to north carolina on air force one. the white house telling abc news that the dnc or relevant committee would reimburse the government for the trip, though taxpayers do foot part of the bill. happening today, a los gatos couple facing charges for sexually abusing their adopted son. the victim, dennis flynn, is now 23 years old. he filed a lawsuit in march. court records show dennis told police his adoptive father, ralph flynn, began abusing him after he arrived in the u.s. when he was 9. his adoptive mother, carolyn flynn, joined in when he was 15. the couple faces 44 criminal charges. they are expected to be in court this afternoon. in the sierra foot bills, cal fire has lifted mandatory
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evacuation orders for some kmub communities in the path of the fire. the trailhead fire is 50% contained. it's charred 5,000 acres. heads up if you drive on the golden gate bridge. a new lane configuration goes into effect today aimed at easing your commute. here's a live look at the bridge right now. adding an extra northbound lane for the afternoon commute has caused long backups for southbound drivers because they lose a lane. starting today the extra northbound lane only will be in effect for 30 minutes instead of a full hour. northbound traffic will only have the extra lane from 4:00 to 4:30 tuesdays through fridays. bridge officials say they'll make adjustments if necessary. good morning, it's 5:06. let's start along the east bay shore where temperatures are a little warmer this morning than we were yesterday. oakland 59. we've got castro valley at 58. you can see richmond, berkeley and alameda around 55 to 56.
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orinda 54. let's take a look at the rest of our neighborhoods. drizzle in san francisco, 55, drizzle in pacifica, 52. novato 54 along with napa. 60 in fremont. mountain view 61. 58 in concord, pleasanton and livermore. it's going to be breezy across san pablo bay into the delta communities north of the bay bridge, east of the golden gate bridge. same areas as yesterday. swimming, sure, you can do it. it's a little cool in some areas so make sure you wear that sunscreen. the dangerous surf is starting to pull back just a little bit and that's good news. here's a look at the next three days as we look at san rafael. notice temperatures will fluctuate just a little bit the next couple of days depending on which way the wind blows. it's going to come out of the southwest today, northwest tomorrow which means the south bay is a little cooler. on wednesday all of us should be the coolest. we'll see if we rebound and how much as we head into the weekend. that's next. here's sue.
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36 b.a.r.t. trains all running on schedule on this tuesday. ace train number 1 is rolling on time as we speak. no problems with the golden gate buses or ferries that we know of. slow traffic out of tracy up over the altamont, early morning commuters are back at it. better news in antioch, eastbound 4, we had an earlier accident, very serious injury accident. they are all cleared now. lanes remain wide open and chp has just lifted that sig alert. so better news there. we'll come back and check on a new accident for the hayward area in just a few minutes. >> thanks, sue. well, this is not how it was supposed to go. next, the fireworks show that went terribly wrong. also some arizona prison inmates are sporting new uniforms this morning. uniforms this morning. why a small
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oops. nee near the end of a fireworks show in massachusetts, a malfunction caused an explosion and fire on the barge that they were using to launch the show. witnesses say the fireworks show had been going on about ten minutes when there was a big boom on the barge, followed by bursts of fire. no one was hurt. happening today, pretrial motions are beginning for the fourth baltimore police officer to be tried in the death of freddie gray. lieutenant brian rice is facing
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four charges. among them, manslaughter and assault. gray died last year after suffering a spinal injury that occurred while he was being driven in a police van. rice is expected to ask for a bench trial with no jury before the same judge who acquitted two other officers in the gray case. a third officer's proceeding was declared a mistrial. the arizona sheriff who once made inmates wear pink underwear is facing new criticism over clothes. sheriff joe arpaio of maricopa county assigned inmates who are military veterans who hand out striped jail suits with u.s. flags stitched into them. a longstanding federal code says you can't wear the american flag as apparel. arpaio says this is about something more personal. >> this is one way to display that love, loyalty, patriotism, even in a jail environment. >> critics say arpaio was looking for cheap publicity on a
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slow news day in an election day. arpaio is running for a seventh term while defending himself in a federal racial profiling case. after spending nine years with the oklahoma city thunder, superstar kevin current making his way to oakland. he shocked the nba as he agreed to a two-year, $54 million deal to join the golden state warriors. with the thunder he played nine years, won an mvp award and made seven all star appearances. so here is oklahoma's general manager on durant's exit. >> we're not going to be deterred. we're going to continue to advance. there's a new beginning here for the thunder. and we have to embrace that. we have to -- we have to lean into that. >> despite durant's loyalty to okc, he felt like it was time for a new life and new chapter in his career. draymond green was the first warrior to congratulate k.d. he said welcome to the family. let's just do what we're setting
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out to do. #block out the noise. raiders quarterback derek carr tweeted can't wait to go watch these games right next door. wow. and kevin durant's mother said congrats, you have a great player coming, i'm excited. #new beginnings are good. love all the excitement for durant coming here. >> people were just like thrilled yesterday. it was the best news ever. >> i kept googling when does the season start, because now we have to wait. >> at least you have something to look forward to. so i'm wondering when we have to wait for summer to begin or did it already end? >> it's come and gone, yeah. yeah, i think you were on vacation that day. >> okay. >> that day. good morning, everybody. no, it's coming back sunday and monday but nothing excessive. you can see the marine layer right around 2,000 feet once again. it's a little juiced up this morning so watch out for some drizzle. we'll go from clouds to sunshine except at the coast where we'll go from clouds to partly sunny. cool to mild highs today.
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more drizzle tonight and cool through the early part of the weekend. here's a look at the next three hours and just drizzle is possible, no steady rain anywhere. let's take a look at the cloud cover and watch as we head towards the noon hour. you can see it's all the way back to the coast except for a little fog rolling across the golden gate and trying to reach over towards berkeley. temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. sounds like a really widespread and it is. the temperature today in san jose is supposed to be 84 degrees. only 78 degrees. on the peninsula, low to mid-70s. we're supposed to be around 83 in redwood city, 75. upper 50s along the coast. 69 in san francisco, only 62 today. up through the north bay, low to mid-70s. how about a high of 84. that's what you should be in santa rosa. along the east bay shore, mid-60s to mid-70s. we'll be 66 in oakland, normal high is about 72 degrees. inland we're looking at upper 70s to low 80s with absent yo h
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normal high around 90 degrees. going to the game, the rockies and the giants, but everything is correct, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. you're going to see a little cool trend friday into saturday and temperatures bump back closer to average sunday and monday. sue. good morning. feels like a monday morning but caught ya. it's actually tuesday back to work so we're checking your drive times out of the central valley. a moderate 42 minutes into dublin/pleasanton. westbound 4 is looking great as is san rafael into san jose. don't forget the fog up on the golden gate. this orange does represent fog up on the north coast. otherwise green is good. a couple of accidents to update for you. this one in hayward, southbound 880 near tennison has been out there for about an hour now, partially blocking the left lane. a we'll check back on both with the chp in just a few.
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a las vegas collector made a rare find in a box of old documents that he bought. he discovered a printed copy of the declaration of independence produced in the 1830s. kevin costener paid $75 for the documents at auction. that copy of the declaration of independence may be worth about $35,000. 201 copies were originally printed. only 50 are known to exist today. costener's copy has value since it was an early printin >> pretty much a stained old piece of paper in there. when i unfolded it, i realized it was an old copy of the declaration. it really connects you to the founding of our country. >> costener says he's going to frame the copy and hang it to his wall. ♪ happy birthday dear malia ♪ happy birthday to you
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>> oh, dad. >> that is a hard song to sing, isn't it? >> there's not a good note in that. president obama hugged and sang happy birthday to his daughter, malia. she turned 18 yesterday. the commander in chief and dad serenaded his eldest daughter during an independence day celebration at the white house last night. the first daughter got a birthday shoutout earlier in the evening. >> i just got a free dinner at denny's on our birthday. our lives are different. >> they're a little different. did you have moon over miami? >> no, i had whatever the hamburger was of the night. any have a grand slam, no. facebook is defending itself against charges from an important u.s. ally in the middle east. >> here's this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, israel says facebook isn't doing enough content control. the jewish state says the social
5:19 am
network should move more quickly to remove messages that insite violence. >> and facebook doesn't cooperate with police investigations. facebook is defending how it moderates its content. and the senate is finally tossing those blackberry phones in favor of android or iphones. >> blackberry phones will no longer be issued to senate staffers. that is due to blackberry disp discontinuing some of its models. apple has released new emoji sticker packs in the app store. they are available for use inside the imessage application. >> they can be purchased by ios 10 beta testers. >> more to search through. those are your tech bites. straight ahead, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. also the promise of tasty burgers at a lower price. the hands-free kitchen headed to the bay area. and does the high cost of bay area housing get you down?
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it is 5:22. here are the seven things you need to know. look at that, number one, breaking news out of vallejo where illegal fireworks are being blamed for a one-alarm house fire. firefighters say it's $100,000 worth of damage to the house. no one was hurt. number two, people in oakland still shot off illegal fireworks after police and firefighters said they would crack down on them this year. still waiting to hear how many people police actually caught. >> number three, waking up to passing drizzle, cloud cover and mild temperatures. by the afternoon hours we're anywhere from 5 to 11 degrees below average in the 60s and 70s. and number four, you need to know back to work this morning there was an earlier accident on the bay bridge. that has been cleared. look at this, traffic is light so far. no metering lights. >> looks like people are taking
5:23 am
a longer vacation. an el al flight from new york to tel aviv has landed safely after a bomb threat. military jets were deployed to escort the flight until it made a safe landing. uc berkeley will hold a vinl ill for the student killed in the bangladesh attack on friday. tarishi jain was in dhaka for the summer for an internship. the vigil starts at noon. number seven, a major comeback for twinkies and the most awkward dessert out there, ding dongs. hostess will become publicly traded four years after filing bankruptcy. it will happen later this year after a private equity firm completes the purchase of hostess. for the purchase of a modest apartment or condo in the bay area, you could instead buy an entire town in colorado. the owner of cabin creek has listed his community for $350,000. prospective buyers should know it really is a ghost town. the old service station, cafe
5:24 am
and motel on the property are in states of disrepair. the owner, though, says he seize opportunity. >> i want somebody to come out and see the potential like i did and do something cool with it so i can drive by in ten years and go finally. >> cabin creek is commuting distance from denver, which is about 45 minutes to the east. >> that is some pig. a prize animal sold for an incredible $108,000 at the alameda county fair. the money raised by the sale of this pig will go to a 5-year-old boy who has cancer. keegan is fighting leukemia. his family's medical bills top $12 million. long-time friends decided to train and auction off the pig to help out with expenses. the shop asked for and received thousands more in donations. the fourth of july is a huge fund-raising day in san bruno. abc 7 news was at the shopping
5:25 am
center as local groups set up booths to sell safe fireworks. san bruno allows the use of legal fireworks. >> you get a lot of grief about still offering fireworks. but for us that are here, you know, we make $12,000, $13,000 in five days of business and there's no other fund-raiser in five days that will bring that kind of money into a program. >> most people were spending way more than $100. fireworks are only legal if they're set off within san bruno city limits, but people can still face thousand dollar fines for lighting fireworks in parks or at schools. a newburgher joint is headed to san francisco but instead of humans flipping burgers you'll find a robot-like machine dishing up your dinner. >> they listed a job posting on craigslist looking for people to work with essentially robots that make the burgers. this photo shows supposed to look like.
5:26 am
they have created this complex, automated system to make burgers delicious and affordable. >> and you don't have to pay them $15 an hour either. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a look at the widespread damage caused by severe weather in the midwest. severe weather in the midwest. plus, hey, they'd be lucky to have you. don't be nervous mommy. you're so smart. good job. just like bunny ears. you got this. do i? really? come on! nature valley. with you every day. everywhere. with the energy you need.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. it is 5:28. i know a lot of you are getting up and saying i've got to get to work. you've had off a few days, it's time. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm matt keller. maybe people are taking extra time this week. >> it's not as busy as we
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thought. we'll get to the traffic in just a second but let's start with weather and mike nicco. >> it looks like the fog isn't taking fourth or the rest of the week off as it's out there once again and dropping some drizzle. here's a look from mt. tam and you can see that 2,000 foot marine layer. notice we stay in the 50s at the coast, low 70s at noon. only upper 70s by 4:00. well below average today. here's sue. >> there's a beautiful shot above the fog. let's see what it looks like on the roadway over the golden gate bridge. look at the shiny roads. it is definitely drizzly out there. you will need your windshield wipers this morning. the yellow on the screen or orange, if you will, that represents fog in the north bay and we do have a couple of accidents out there to update. both are cleared out of lanes, that's the good news. southbound near tennison, northbound 880 at dixon landing, that one off to the right shoulder as well.
5:30 am
breaking news out of vallejo, a family is out of its house this morning after fireworks burned down a portion of their home. amy hollyfield is live. good morning, amy. >> reporter: look at the damage, reggie, left behind by this fire. they had to board up their garage overnight. look at all of this stuff that was burned, all because of fireworks, according to firefighters. fireworks they do believe did cause this fire. we do have video of what it looked like while it was burning. look closely at what's on the floor. debris from the fireworks. firefighters do think that's what caused this fire that started in the garage. the family who lives here now trying to find another place to stay. >> no injuries were reported to firefighters. one family is displaced at this time. two adults and one >> reporter: vallejo firefighters got the call to
5:31 am
come here at 1:15 this morning where the fire was. they estimate that it did about $100,000 worth of damage and they say all because of illegal fireworks. but they do tell us the good news is that no one was hurt. reporting live in vallejo, amy hollyfield. an effort by oakland police and firefighters to crack down on illegal fireworks seems to have done little good. check it out. people began launching fireworks throughout the city before the sun went down last night. neighbors reported seeing illegal fireworks everywhere. peter posted this video on youtube. still waiting to hear how many people were actually caught by police. this is the first year san jose offered an online form on its city website and an app to report people using illegal fireworks. almost 300 people used that.
5:32 am
they wanted people to go to organized events instead of shooting off their own. in san francisco, someone setting off illegal fireworks in or near north beach. >> investigators haven't ruled out illegal fireworks for sparking a fire that drove a woman and her dog from their home in the oakland hills. abc 7 news was there as firefighters looked for hot spots inside that burned-out duplex last night. the fire broke out on reuben drive just after 6:00. nobody there got hurt. crews stopped the flames before they reached other people's homes. thousands of people enjoyed the fireworks show along san francisco's embarcadero last night but some were overtaken by fears of terrorism. most of the people enjoyed the safe fireworks but some set off illegal ones on the sidelines but the party atmosphere failed to win over some tourists. >> actually we are worried so we want to go back to the hotel. >> reporter: you're not going to stay for the fireworks? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: because your worried about? >> yes, about the terror.
5:33 am
came out for gay pride last weekend and i think you can't let fear get to you. >> san francisco police had lots of uniformed and plainclothes officers on the ground for rapid response to any acts of violence but there wasn't any. a safe and enjoyable fourth in san francisco. let's take a look at the fireworks from beckrkeley last night. they had a day long full of fourth of july activities and this vibrant fireworks display. as you can see, fog and clouds kind of made it a little hazy and hid some of the higher fireworks, but in any case pretty nonetheless. it's been a fun and festive fourth of july across the bay area. look at that little dog wearing those patriotic sunglasses, love that. you can hash tag your photos with #abc7now so we can display them here and online. in san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting involving an officer. san jose police were called to a house on feller avenue just before 5:00 p.m. last night.
5:34 am
sometime after they arrived there was an officer-involved shooting. a family member told abc 7 news it was his 18-year-old nephew who was shot and killed. he says his nephew was depressed and had tried to kill himself before police arrived. police have not said why they fired on the man. this is the fourth officer-involved shooting this year in the city. the gun control battle resumes in the u.s. house today. you likely remember that sit-in democrats staged two weeks ago. it looks like democrats are going to get the vote they demanded but don't expect it to go anywhere. representatives are expected to vote on republican-sponsored legislation that would block people on terrorism watch lists from buying guns. this bill is in response to the orlando nightclub massacre. a similar bill was already rejected pie the senate. house democrats say the republican bill doesn't go far enough. democrats staged a sit-in after republicans refused to bring gun control measures to the floor for a vote. republicans cut off the tv feed of the proceedings but democrats managed to get their message out on social media.
5:35 am
speaker paul ryan who said he would not be intimidated by the sit-in called for today's vote a week later. a man made aircraft is orbiting jupiter for the first time ever. nasa scientists cheered when it was positioned perfectly in orbit last night. it will search jupiter for signs of water, map its terrain and determine what's at the core of the planet that's made up almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. >> you're overjoyed that it's there and the reason you did the mission has come to fruition but at the same time you can't help but worry something will go wrong. >> they will take measurements in october and then in 2018 it will be sent on a suicide mission into jupiter. scientists want to make sure it does not crash into the watery moon europa and contaminate it. >> it's so dire. >> what a hero. speaking of heroes, mike. >> oh, boy. >> are we leaving junk on another planet?
5:36 am
>> possibly. >> okay. let's take a look at what's going on. 55 in danville, one of the cool spots in our kbrinland eastboun neighborhoods. we have 50-degree temperatures just about everywhere. 51 in santa rosa, pacifica 52 with some drizzle. hayward at 60, mountain view 61, warmer. san carlos and oakland 59, san jose about 58 degrees and vallejo 54. let's take a look at palo al toech -- palo alto. we'll be 70 during the afternoon hours. this evening 67 at 7:00. here's your forecast for tomorrow. the wind shift will bring us cooler weather to the south bay, warmer weather to the north bay and the rest of us remain pretty steady. we'll drop a little bit thursday. one of our cooler days. a minor rebound friday. you can see still some 80s inland in the north bay and the east bay, south bay in the 70s. i'll have a look at your weekend
5:37 am
forecast coming up next. hi, sue. let's take a look at some drive times this tuesday morning. i almost said monday morning. you've got antioch to hercules looking good, under 30 minutes. highway 4 all the way into the maze just under 20 minutes so that's a great ride on your east shore freeway. and highway 87 between highway 85 and san jose airport, less than ten minutes. speaking of the east shore freeway, here you go, a solid stream of lights but traffic is moving into the macarthur maze and all the way into san francisco. for a 15 minute drive. metering lights just got turned on at 5:29 so we're seeing moderate delays starting to back toward the overcrossing and we'll follow that for you. we've got an earlier accident eastbound in antioch cleared. we'll update with the chp in just a few minutes. >> thanks, sue. a woman and her dog are safe this morning thanks to san francisco firefighters. take a look. fire crews rescued them from a cliff. the fire department tweeted out these photos. the dog went over the cliff and the owner tried to rescue it.
5:38 am
both couldn't get back up of the neither was injured. let's look at the storms from kentucky that tore through neighborhoods leaving a big mess, including that car you see flipped upside down because of high winds. the windy weather also caused thousands of dollars of damage to a walmart about two hours east of lexington, kentucky. merchandise was strewn inside the store. the national weather service has not said if this was an actual tornado. president obama and presidential candidate hillary clinton will appear on the campaign trail today for the first time today. clinton supported obama in 2008 after she lost in the primaries. now the president is showing his support. one objective of today's rally in north carolina is to tout clinton's achievements and experience. the clinton campaign is also vetting housing and urban development secretary julian castro as a possible vice presidential candidate. let's talk about donald trump who we're watching here in this video. he met over the weekend with iowa senator joni ernst.
5:39 am
right now all he's saying is that they had a conversation, a good talk. she's considered to be one of -- isn't considered to be one of the favorites. trump also tweeted a question about who would pay for the trip today with president obama and hillary clinton. for the record, when the president travels for political purposes, the government gets reimbursed. a new poll by usa today and suffolk university finds clinton leading trump by five percentage points. that's about half the lead that she had two months ago. the poll has a margin of error of three percentage points. the time now is 5:39. next, t-shirt trouble. a custom t-shirt store in the bay area faces criticism for a message printed on a donald trump shirt. also san francisco looks for a better way to deal with a a better way to deal with a growing number of tech
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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part of the complete breakfast gilroy police hope someone will identify the man seen on the left side of this image. he's suspected of taking nearly $1,000 from a woman's purse at burlington coat factory on saturday. the thief grabbed the purse from a shopping cart while the victim was just a few feet away. after taking the money, he handed the purse to a cashier, claiming he had found it. a teenager who bought a t-shirt expressing support for donald trump got a nasty
5:43 am
response from a san francisco business. 14-year-old alexander posted this video on youtube of a custom shirt he had made at a store called bang on t-shirts. on the outside it says trump but on the inside it says something quite different, the "f" word. alexander said things quickly went downhill after he placed his order. >> they looked at me confused and shocked because i wanted trump on it. the co-worker comes over and looks over and reads like trump in this like disgusted voice. >> someone from the head office of bang on posted an apology on the company's facebook page, which also said the employee has been fired. alexander says a manager called him and gave him a refund. he's going to keep that shirt. construction is set to start on one of san francisco's most dangerous streets. masonic avenue between gary boulevard and fell street will undergo an $18 million improvement project. one lane of traffic in each direction will be eliminated. 167 parking spots will also
5:44 am
disappear. they'll be replaced with wider sidewalks, bike paths and a median with trees. there will also be new lighting to improve safety. the project is expected to take a year and a half to complete. a year and a half to complete. san francisco city a -- right now buses stop at 125 locations in the city and critics say that's just too many. according to "the examiner" two of the popular suggestions for these hubs are on mission street, which would be near the 24th street b.a.r.t. station, and on van ness avenue. transportation leaders are going to present the findings of the survey to the board of supervisors in the fall. you can't win if you don't play. if you don't play the mega millions lottery tonight, you could miss out on a huge jackpot. the prize has skyrocketed to $449 million. this is the seventh largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history and the third largest mega
5:45 am
millions jackpot. players have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning. i don't play until it's over $500 million. >> oh, really? >> i don't even get out of bed for less than $20 million a day. mike nicco i think is the same. >> i get out of bed for a lot less than that, i guess. good morning, everybody. here's a look at what's happening behind me. you see a lot of cloud cover. there's some drizzle also. but the interesting part is the winds are out of the southwest instead of the northwest so take a look at sfo. it's not covered by clouds this morning because of the san bruno gap is oriented northwest to southwest. if it was oriented southwest to northwest, it would be different. so sunny afternoon, cool breezes except at the coast where there are going to be cool breezes and a lot of cloud cover. clouds develop, more drizzle tonight. excessive warmth is staying away from this forecast. let's take a look at the winds. 10 in concord and san jose, but it's fairfield is the one to look at. look at that, 29 miles per hour.
5:46 am
can you imagine driving down 80 right into that trying to get into san francisco or vallejo? that's got to be a tough ride. small craft advisory for these breezes out of the southwest at 20 to 30 from 11:00 to 11:00, morning to afternoon, that's when they'll be fastest from, say, the northern part of the san francisco bay through the delta. mid to upper 70s down in the south bay today. it's going to be mild on the peninsula, low to mid-70s. millbrae 66. brisk along the coast, upper 50s. kind of chilly around san francisco. southerly breezes push cool air into the north bay valleys, low to mid-70s. look at richmond, 63 today. oakland and berkeley 66. a few 70s. inland we're looking at temperatures in the upper 70s to mid-80s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, steady tomorrow, a little bit of a dip thursday, friday, holding saturday, and then a slow warming trend for sunday and monday. how about the commute this morning, sue? >> great morning to take b.a.r.t. 44 trains on time this morning,
5:47 am
no problems. ace train number 1 coming into fremont, ace train number 3 coming into lathrop, everybody is on time. buses and ferries, for word of any cancellations yet. look at the wet roads on the golden gate bridge. very thick, dense mist and drizzle out there this morning. you will need your windshield wipers. visibility over the waldo grade is limited. to the san mateo bridge where we do have a little bit of clouds and wetness on the roads but you're looking at a 22-minute drive from 880 across the causeway, up the high rise and over towards the foster city, san mateo side of things, a 22-minute drive. >> thank you, sue. forget snatching your phone for quick cash. >> the new way identity thieves are using cell phone accounts to take your money. >> the really important part of san francisco and gay and lesbian culture. >> also an iconic san francisco bar is hit with a whopping 300%
5:48 am
rent hike. next, who's stepping in to help keep it open.
5:49 am
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take a look at the spectacular fourth of july fireworks show over lake tahoe. you can see the pyrotechnics reflected on the water. a lot of people watched the fireworks from boats on the lake. this show is often named one of the best in the nation. . you can share your photos with abc 7 news. just add #abc7now and see them on tv or online. a grassroots efforts is under way to save a bar considered iconic to san francisco's lgbt community. the current owner of the stud bar is planning on closing it. he says a new landlord is tripling the rent in september. it would be $9,000 a month. now a group of stud employees and patrons want to form a co-op to keep it open. >> it's really worthwhile. it's been around 50 years. it's been a hub of lgbt culture in that whole time. a lot of our spaces in san francisco are closing. it's not that there aren't lgbt people here, it's that we're getting priced out of where we are.
5:52 am
>> the group calls itself s.o.s., save our stud, and it wants to buy the bar and broker a new lease. they may also move the bar to a different location. a worker who has tended bar at the stud for 27 years is offering to pay september's rent to buy them some time. the stud is the oldest continuously operating gay bar south of market. a group is making a desperate plea for the return of these kittens. they were stolen from pet food express sunday afternoon. they were being shown for adoption by the group community concerned for cats. two teenage girls grabbed the kittens and got away in a late model silver volvo. the charity just wants the kittens back, no questions asked. identity thieves have found a new way to rip you often. they don't steal your phone, they steal your phone account. michael finney alerted us to the scam last night. thieves use a fake i.d. to pretend they're you. they walk into a store and use your identity to upgrade to a new phone. then they sell that phone for a
5:53 am
profit or they keep it and try to hack your financial accounts. you don't find out you've been scammed until your phone stops working because your service has now been switched to the new phone. happening today, a thousand junior giants players from all over the state are going to get a new baseball glove thanks to buster posey. >> the giants all-star catcher is donating the gloves before today's game at at&t park. posey is the official junior giants commissioner. this is video from last year's giveaway. the junior giants serve 25,000 children in california, nevada and oregon. of course he hit a home run yesterday. he does it all, on the field, off the field, everything. right, mike? >> yeah, he is one of my more favorite players and this just solidifies that. it's great to see him giving back to the community. an athlete that can be a role model. up here on the breezy and brisk roof, the rockies in town to take on the giants. hopefully we'll have another win. breezy, much cooler than yesterday's day game. 58 at 7:15 dropping down to 55
5:54 am
by the end of the game. down in san jose today, our average high is 83, nowhere close to that. 6:00 this morning 58. your noon time temperature 74. we top out about 78 at 2:30. if you're heading out at 6:00, 73 and falling so you might need a light jacket by the time the sun sets at 8:35. around the state today, the sea breeze makes it all the way to sacramento. 85 degrees there today. it's going to be hazy and windy up in tahoe, 75. 98 is the warm spot in fresno. palm springs 107. we'll take a look at our day planner coming up next. first, how about that commute, sue? >> so far so good. we had a flurry of early activity. all of that has been cleared out of lanes. let's look at san rafael southbound 101 all the way into san francisco, you're looking great. but don't forget about the very thick fog up and over the waldo
5:55 am
grade and on into the golden gate bridge. here's the richmond-san rafael bridge where you just have a couple of folks paying cash, otherwise the fast trackers are moving right along for a seven-minute drive over towards san rafael. we'll check back with some of your drive times and look at the bay bridge toll in just a bit. we're just one month away from the rio olympics and there is another health threat in rio de janeiro. scientists describe it as a super bacteria off the shores of the city's beaches. the highest levels of this drug resistant bacteria were found at the site of the olympic sailing event. officials are still claiming that athletes and visitors will be safe, because they say the sailing event has acceptable levels of bacteria, the arena where that's going to happen. the some olympic athletes have opted out of the games not because of this but because of the zika virus which has been common in rio. united airlines is giving their passengers an upgrade, at least when it comes to coffee. they are switching to an italian
5:56 am
coffee maker, ely. the airline says it shows it because it represents the gold standardcoffee. they serve 72 million cups of coffee on its flights every year. a 6-year-old girl who has a hackett bit of pickin things off the ground has hit pay dirt. her family likes to take long walks and she reached down and struck gold. she found a gold medal from the 1992 barcelona olympics. it had been stolen from white water canoe slalom champion joe jacoby. >> what a tremendous young person. she's so giving, so kind. >> how do you feel that you found this? >> i feel happy. >> how come? >> i feel excited. >> oh, she's cute and shy. joe is excited too so he gave chloe $500 as a reward. joe also promised to go to chloe's classroom when she goes
5:57 am
back to school next month to show the kids the gold medal. >> that's a really great story, but that almost never happens so don't touch the garbage. >> there's probably not gold there. how to solve the affordable housing crisis. the way marin county plans to entice landlords to accept section 8. plus how you may soon be able to contact authorities if speaking to them isn't an option. option. an american co
5:58 am
option. an american co hey, they'd be lucky to have you. don't be nervous mommy. you're so smart. good job. just like bunny ears. you got this. do i? really? come on! nature valley. with you every day. everywhere. with the energy you need.
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the disneyland resort diamond celebration. it's been 60 years in the making. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. good morning to you. if you're headed back to work after a three-day weekend, welcome back. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm matt keller. it is tuesday, july 5th. i know a lot of people are taking the whole week off -- >> oh, that would be nice. >> but for you heading to work, we have mike nicco to let you
6:00 am
know how it's going to look out there. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, it's looking a little damp in some areas, drizzle is the word this morning, whether it's the golden gate bridge, the east bay hills, out towards the coast. we're off to a damp start this morning. in fact here's a look at the golden gate bridge and you can see just how wet the deck is there. here's your 12-hour day planner. waking up mid-50s to near 60. we'll stay in the mid to upper 50s at the coast. upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay and low 70s to upper 70s inland. there's no heat in this forecast. we'll see if there's any in the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. hi, sue. >> good morning. 5:29. that was the magic number this morning. we can make it 29 if you like to make it from golden gate field into the macarthur maze, through the metering lights and into san francisco. it's relatively smooth sailing once you're on the span but this is what awaits you behind those metering lights. to the south bay, 101, this is in the northbound direction. this is the southbound direction and you're looking pretty good past the


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