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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 5, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. although the department of justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. >> a long awaited announcement from fbi director james comey. he's recommending no charges against hillary clinton in the use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state but he also admonishes the presidential candidate. good morning, i'm
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>> reporter: james comey said he was providing for information than he would normally do in a case like this and said in this investigation opinions are relevant an only facts matter. fbi director james comey knows this investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server is unusual. that's why he felt he had to provide more details than he would normally do for a case like this. >> what i can assure the american people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently. no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear. >> clinton has been under fire since last year's revelation she had exclusively used her personal e-mail server for official communications during her tenure as secretary of state. the communications included thousands of e-mails p that were later deemed classified by the state department. comey says the fbi investigation did not find clear evidence clinton and her colleagues intended to break any laws.
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they were extremely careless handling highly sensitive classified information. he will be recommending to the department of justice no charges be filed. >> although there is evidence of potential violation of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: comey also revealed clinton did use her personal e-mail outside the u.s. including in what he calls territories of sophisticated adversaries. >> given that combination of factors, we have said it is possible hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail accounts. >> reporter: the casey now goes to attorney general loretta lynch who said she would accept the recommendations of comey and career prosecutors. back to you. >> matt, thank you. at exactly the same time as the comey press conference, hillary clinton took the stage at a rally in washington, d.c.. >> thank you for caring for all of our children.
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>> the presumptive democratic presidential nominee made no mention of the e-mail p controversy, instead clinton focused on education before the nation's largest teachers union. she's preparing to hold the first joint rally with president obama later today in north carolina. a clinton spokesman says the campaign is pleased with the fbi findings. it admits it was a mistake for clinton to use personal e-mail. >> donald trump reacted to fbi's announcement on twitter. fbi director said crooked hillary comprised our national security. no charges. wow! #riggedsystem. another gop voice, speaker of the house tweeted, while i respect the professionals at the fbi, this announcement defies explanation. no one should be above the law. our coverage of the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails continues right now on twitter. you can follow us abc 7 news bay area. in a few min we're expected to learn new details in the shooting death of a teenager by san jose police.
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police chief eddie garcia expected to release new information in the next half hour. officers called to a house on feller avenue near story road last night. sometime after they arrived, there was an officer-involved shooting. a family member told abc 7 news it was his 18-year-old nephew who was shot and killed. he said his nephew was depressed and had tried to kill himself before police arrived. police have not said why they fired on the teen. >> investigators have revealed a surprising possible motive in the recent attacks on google campuses. they say a man arrested last week is connected to three separate incidents from starting fires to a shooting. abc 7 news reporter jessica cast electrois live. >> reporter: we're talking about three attacks in the span of two months at the google campus, all which appear to be connected. finally today we're hearing from police about that possible motive as we mentioned and that
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the man seems to have thought google was watching him. >> law enforcement putting together criminal case against diaz. they think he's behind several attacks in mountain view. in an interview diaz waives his right to a lawyer. he said he felt google was watching him and that made him upset. he told cops he kept journals of the time he felt google was watching him. three separate incidents at three google buildings are being investigated by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. first on may 19th when there was a fire near google street vehicle where an employee claims to have seen a man throw a molotov cocktail at a kara small fire started nearby but didn't torch the vehicle. june 4th shots were fired by someone into a google building. broken glass and projectiles found in the windows. june 10th, a google self-driving car caught on fire, the vehicle
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was destroyed. fast forward to june 30th when diaz spoke to police. that's when he gave them the statement about his fear of google watching him but also reportedly add milted to those three attacks and also said he had planned to shoot into another google building but was stopped by police. diaz is now currently in the santa clara county jail being held without bond. i did reach out to the atf and their spokesperson says the bureau cannot comment on a pending case. we've also reached out to google and san jose district attorney but they have not gotten back to us yet. reporting in mountain view, jessica castro, back to you. >> thank you. facing charges for sexually abusing their adopted son. they are expected to appear in court. this was an exclusive iteam story. the victim dennis flynn filed records in march. he told police his adopted father, ralph flynn, began abusing him after he arrived in
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the u.s. when he was nine. he says his adoptive matter carolyn flynn joined in when he was 15. the couple faces 44 criminal charges. they are expected to be in court this afternoon. promises of more enforcement, higher fines, and for what? we're hearing from a lot of you last night illegal fireworks seemed worse than ever. once again the consequences for some families in the bay area are devastating. abc reporting in oakland where some neighbors are over it. amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. last week police put out a press release in oakland saying people who fired off illegal fireworks will be fined up to $1,000. look at the impact it had on this oakland neighborhood. not much of one. it looks like the party went on as planned. look closely at the debris in this burned out vallejo garage. it didn't take investigators long to figure out what started this fire. >> we had a fire investigator on the scene, the cause of the
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fire, illegal fireworks started on the side of the house that breached the wall and made it so to the garage. >> oh, my god, shaking the windows really bad. >> neighbors say the fireworks coming from this home were very loud and were fired late the into the night. firefighters got the call that the house was on fire at 1:15 this morning. no one was hurt but the family of three has been des placed and the garage, some of their appliances and other belongings are ruined. >> as can you tell, the furniture, this stuff is not old. it's brand-new. now look at it. >> vallejo wasn't the only city dealing with illegal fireworks last night. they lit up the night in oakland keeping residents awake into the early morning hours. >> very loud. we got home pretty late our selves and had the idea that we were going to go to bed and they had other ideas. >> oakland police had promised to crack down on illegal fireworks used saying extra officers would be out patrolling
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the streets. this morning there's plenty of evidence people were not deterred by the planned enforcement. >> no police that i say. no crackdown that i was aware of. i figure you know, after i'd say it was pretty close to 1:00 when it kind of tapered off. >> here is one more look at the mess left behind from last night's parties here in oakland. we've reached out to oakland police to ask how many, if any, people arrested or fined last night, we have yet to hear back. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks, amy. ahead on abc 7 news bay area remembrance for the student killed in the terror attack in bangladesh anded deadly i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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supposed to get under way in memory of the uc berkeley student killed in the bangladesh terror attack. she was in dhaka for the summer visiting center for bangladesh studies. the sophomore died with 19 others during the isis attack. this morning reuters reports a hostage may have been killed by mistake by bangladeshi police during the siege. today's vigil honoring jain and
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other victims starts at noon on the campus. a community in the northwest is mourning a young man who went overseas to study only to die mysteriously. now police in rome have arrested a suspect after the american's body was found in a river. nbc reporter has more. >> reporter: killed in italy has family and friends back home in wisconsin devastated. >> it was so hard to hear about that. your best friend. you really didn't even get a chance to say good-bye. >> the university of wisconsin student had just arrived in rome for a summer exchange program. the teen described as a star athlete and proud cancer survivor. >> had over 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all of that. >> on monday solomon's body covered in rome's tiger river less than three miles from famous tourist destinations including coliseum.
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the teen apparently found with a large head wound, without his wallet and cell phone. his credit card company said someone recently charged $1500 on the card. police say they are now checking surveillance cameras and conducting interviews to try to piece together a time line. >> everybody knew beau. i know that everyone will come together and support each other through this tough time. >> solomon was last seen early friday morning at a bar with a group of fellow students. when they decided to leave they couldn't find him. then when he didn't show up for orientation hours later, his roommate alerted the school. a 40-year-old homeless man is under arrest. at this time solomon's exact cause of death remains under investigation. abc news, new york. just ahead on abc news, the difference golden gate bridge will learn over the span. >> check out emeryville. clouds a little more stubborn.
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temperatures 5 to 11 below ample. i'll let you know how much longer this summer hiatus will last. check in on juno aircraft hours after historic rendezvous
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this is big. for the first time a man made craft is orbiting jupiter. nasa scientists cheered when they confirmed it was positioned perfectly in orbit last night,
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and there it is. wait for the awkward high-five. there it is. juno will watch jupiter for signs of water, rain and determine what's at the core of the planet that's made up almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. >> you're overjoyed that it's there and that the reason you did the mission has come to fruition. at the same time you can't help but worry that something could go long. >> juno began taking measurements in october with our first photo. then in 2018, the end of juno. it will be sent on a suicide mission right into jupiter. scientists want to make sure it doesn't crash into the watery moon europa and contaminate it. not a happy ending. >> hey, all in the name of science. if you get data from it, that's okay. heads up from you drive golden gate bridge a new lane configuration goes into effect aimed at your commute. adding extra northbound lane for the afternoon commute caused a long back-up with southbound
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drivers because they lose a lane. start damage extra northbound lane will only be in effect for 30 minutes instead of a full hour. northbound traffic will only have the extra lane from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. tuesdays through fridays. bridge officials say they will make adjustment as needed. >> early this morning, he was saying there was a microclimate over his head because it was raining only in that spot where mike was. he's up on the roof now. mike, is that still the case. >> drizzle on my face and sunshine in my back, now a little misty on my face and mostly cloudy behind me. it's not quite as extreme as it was. i can't believe you remember that. that's great. yes, been a little restless. take a look at time lapse from east bay hills camera. you can see them dancing around as the sun has done nothing to them, at least not here around the bay and coast. inland and south bay seeing sunshine. winds are the big story again, 24 miles an hour in fairfield.
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a strong blast going from the golden gate. angel island, san pablo, central valley via delta there. that's doing to continue until 11:00 this evening. southwest winds about 20 to 30 miles per hour. alt brisk for your ferry ride and choppy if you're going out on the bay water. down in san jose, see the sunshine down there. all of us cooler than average today. drizzle, expect more of it tonight. in fact, the next couple of mornings will have to deal with it. excessive warmth, you don't see any in the next seven to nine days. here is a look at cloud cover, how much slower is racing. see what it will do to our temperatures. heading out the door, 70s, antioch, 60s everywhere else, even 50s along the coast. san francisco and santa rosa and vallejo. here is what's going to happen if we head into the afternoon hours. well below average, mid to upper 70s, comfortable in the south bay. low- to mid-70s on the peninsula, kids with sports outside, at least they won't be
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thirsting too much. along the coast, downtown san francisco, sausalito low- to mid-60s. breeze, san rafael 69, low- to mid-70s in the north bay. cloverdale, they don't get that southerly breeze, 80s to 90s there. richland cool support, 63. oakland not warmer 66. 73 orinda, castro valley. if you're heading out to the park tonight looks at those breezes. they will stay up in the 20 to 25 miles per hour range. clouds will increase. look how cool it going to be. 58 dropping to 55 for the second hottest team in major league being. take a look what's going to happen tonight. look at that cloud cover, low- to mid-temperatures. santa rosa 49. step to my accuweather forecast. breezes will continue to
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tomorrow, a little more sunshine. temperatures don't budge. we get the coolest part of this air mass thursday, friday, saturday and then sunday and monday we start to warm back to average which means for 60s at the coast, more 80s around the bay and almost 90 inland. until then summer is over for a while. >> take a little break. >> people across the country are dreaming big again thanks to a massive lottery jackpot. mega million whopping $454 million. it is the third largest mega million total and seventh largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. last friday marked 33rd consecutive time the jackpot has turned over. the players have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning. >> 1,000 junior giants players from all over the state will get new baseball gloves thanks to buster posey. giants all-star catcher donating gloves before tuesday's game at at&t park. posey is the official junior giants commissioner. video from last year's giveaway.
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junior giants 25,000 children in california, nevada and oregon giving them a chance to play baseball. it hardly seems like the weather to talk about this but forget the bikini or speedo. >> just ahead on abc 7 news, a tasty way
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:speeding up your trip through the airport. the new effort under way to make that trip through security faster and safer. and -- >> the man is not understood. >> the flash on your dash doesn't always work. 7 on your side reveals best and worst in car computer systems on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> bet you didn't know today marked 70th anniversary of the bikini, but it's actually another item that is drawing attention on some beaches. >> yes, a very different item. look at this. the tortilla towel. thanks to this bizarre new online product you can fulfill that dream you had of hitting the beach as your favorite dish, like a tack okay, quesadilla or burrito. >> people are buying this. here is the thing. it needs salsa. it is neither mild, medium or hot. >> guac, sour cream. people are buying it.
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>> i would return it. >> for all of us at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. as long as you haven't taken a bite out of it. >> here is a look outs. hope have you a great one. >> san jose some sun but not here in san francisco yet.
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