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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: those employees say they received several spooked and stray animals today, and here in this parking lot, we've heard illegal fire works still going off. employees at oakland animal services say it's clear what happened to this female stray. they believe she got spooked by illegal fire works. >> dogs get traumatized by the sound and vibration. they'll try to flee. it's fight or flight. some run through fences. >> you can see cuts on this girl's face and body. >> sometimes, it can take them a long time to come down from the fear. >> reporter: this is one of three dogs it received calls for. two others are still being treated by emergency vets. the problem has not been isolated to just 4th. >> we have had illegal fire works in the back of our shelters and one office dog is trembling in a kennel, trying to
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get as far as from the noise as she can. >> reporter: the humane society received 16 stray dogs july 4th. >> this time of the year, we see an uptick in animals that come to us, terrified of the bombs bursting in air and needing a place to wait for families to come and find them. >> reporter: animal services advises dog owners to stay by their pets in a dark, quiet place if illegal fire works are still going off. a difficult option for stray anim animals, outside and fending for themselves. oakland police promised to crack down on illegal fire works during the holidays so what happened? leslie brinkley joins us now. >> reporter: we're not talking firecrackers and sparklers. when talking about the illegal fire works that rocketed off the
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streets, we have heard some stray fire works this afternoon. residents think it's double what it was last year. this is what fire works looked like in east oakland last night. firepower launched a neighborhood that could rival professional displays. >> it wasn't just cherry bombs as usual. we're talking about rocket launchers. >> it would have required the national guard to be able to stop what i heard last night. it was pretty active throughout neighborhoods in east oakland. >> the city has sternly warned of strict enforcement and thousand dollar fines. the police department says they issued 57 citations, made 14 arrests and seized fire works at 26 locations. the mayor saying they weren't as successful in stopping illegal fire works as they would have
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liked. neighbors say the fire works rattled their windows. >> the fact is that it got worse. is that a problem with the police department? is it a problem with what the story is doing now? >> it's a combination of enforcement and retraining. >> reporter: educating kids about the danger isn't enough when adults are buying them. >> the money can be better used to buy tennis shoes or a book to learn. but to be able to come out and just shoot off fire works and try to justify that, it's wrong, it's not acceptable. >> neighbors say it's getting worse in oakland every 4th of july. leftovers littered san francisco streets this morning. these are the remnants of illegal fire works in the mission district. san francisco police made four arrests for fire works, guns or drugs yesterday, and 15 citations for selling fire works
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without a permit. >> illegal fire works are the reason a vallejo family is homeless now. fire works caught a house on fire. two adults and a child escaped but their home just off griffin drive have been ruled uninhabitable. >> and this is just before 5:00 a.m. all fire works are banned. >> people celebrated the holiday and were happy to see the pictured and abc7 now with pictures any time. eight people were in a hospital and sky 7 hd is above eastbound i-80 and a honda collided with a road.
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all injuries appear to be minor. >> the aclu sued the city of hayward. and the footage that you're looking at was recorded during a black lives matter rally in 2014. it was requested through the public records act, allowing government agencies to charge fees to cover the costs of duplicating materials. the judge ruled hayward did not have the right to charge for the time to do edits and redact parts of the footage. as a result, the court ordered hayward to refund all but $1 of the fee. today, police revealed new details of an officer-involved shooting that left an 18-year-old man dead yesterday. david louie joins us live from the scene of the shooting with
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the story. david? >> reporter: no one will ever know what is going through the mind of anthony nunez when he pointed a gun at himself in front of police. but when pointing at the police that is another story, and now, the family thinks this situation could never have escalated to that stage. friends and family are puzzled why police had to shoot an 18-year-old anthony nunez, officers responded to a call monday afternoon that nunez was despondent. after talking to him, two officers fired rifles at him. police say he aimed a handgun at them. the shots were fatal. >> i don't understand why it has to be fatal. he was only 18. now, i have to bury my son. >> reporter: chief garcia says officers retreated when the efforts to calm nunez down were failing. >> for 14 minutes a member of our team pleaded with the
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individual to drop the weapon. the individual continued to go in and out of his home, and at times, pointed the gun at himself. >> family members say nunez was a good athlete that enjoyed singing and rapping. now, they're trying to raise money to pay for funeral expenses. the incident will be reviewed by police internal affairs and the district attorney. the officers were not wearing body cameras. they're in the process of being issued in san jose. a security camera points in the direction of the house, no one at the house would answer the door. >> we have to let the family talk him out of if he was suicidal. they didn't let us come close. it could have been prevented. a jury found a man guilty of second degree murder and gross vehicular manslaughter for a deadly crash that killed a u.s. marine. andrew silva just returned home
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from serving in afghanistan. he was killed in march of 2014. they say he drank between 9 and 12 shots of whiskey before getting into a car and will be sentenced next month. a suspected child molester has been extradited and booked into san mateo county jail. this man faces charges in connection with five molestations, five girls between ages of 6 and 8. deputies believe there may be more victims. >> the mother of a special needs child is suing the contra costa school district alleging the district failed to keep her son safe after paying him $1.5 million and agreeing to supervise better. the mother sued after another special needs student
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inappropriately touched her son. the family discovered the boy had again been sexually abused at school, two years after they filed the first complaint. >> some feel the homeless are becoming an increasing threat. saro lynn? >> reporter: a neighbor tells us she doesn't want to have to patrol her streets, something she says police suggested at a recent meeting, as well as calling 311. it doesn't seem to help. >> i had three bikes stolen. >> he says he felt under siege and crime increased since the homeless began pitching tents in his neighborhood a year ago. the district attorney says neighbors, police and da need to
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work to target any troublemakers. >> we need people to come forward and to >> they harass the family to come out, they say something, they threaten us. >> maria says she knows some homeless have been committing property crimes. >> you said the city has come out to talk to you. to offer shelter. >> yes. they don't take us nowhere. >> amos howard's friend died on the streets today. >> we're here because of the fact there is no how longing. he says he would be willing to go into a navigation center to this one. six will open within the next two years. in the meantime, rafael keeps calling the city. >> i said this is ridiculous.
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>> reporter: the mission district supervisor says he's been working with the community for weeks and sponsored the legislation requiring the city to create more of those navigation centers. president obama joined hillary clinton on the campaign trail just hours after the fbi announced it would not recommend criminal charges over e-mail use. >> the part of the announcement that stunned legal analysts. a deal that brings netflix to the biggest cable tv provider in america. if you're waiting for a warm up, you may have to wait for a while. the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. >> i felt, yeah, like a dummy. my heart went down to my gut. >>
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in the east bay, lafayette police are looking for these girls who stole kittens that were up for adoption in a local pet food store. the girls brought the cats back but caused worry. >> reporter: the two kittens are somewhat infamous now. >> i'm wondering why they're riding in cars a lot. >> last sunday, their litter went up for adoption in this store in lafayette. all seemed normal until two teen-aged girls took the cats and ran with them. danielle blank couldn't see what she saw. >> they just ran out and one had a cat and another had a cat.
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>> mary had been fostering the litter. >> i felt like a dummy. my heart went down to my gut. >> reporter: she had no idea where the girls would have taken them. >> did you ever think you'd sigh them again? >> i didn't think the people that took them meant evil. >> they may have thought they were making a clean get away but they did not look up. security cameras captured the heist. a facebook page received 150 shares. >> it's amazing our community worked together. >> this morning, the teen-aged girls who took the kittens brought them back. now they're home again with mary who would love a sit down with the girls. >> what they did was
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>> if you want to adopt them, they'll be back on sunday. keep an eye on them. the first report on the gig economy leads the business watch. the report focuses on independent contractors hired for short term or temporary jobs like uber and lyft drivers and finds 5% of adults work in the gig economy. 12% are self employed and one in five workers is part time. the survey concludes the gig economy is not causing more people to become self employed. netflix will be soon available through comcast. the deal was confirmed to recode. netflix's service will be part
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of the x 1 platform this year. today, netflix stock capped an increase after >> temperatures are well well below average. you can see the skies are clear still inland, low clouds have push out over the bay and locally inlnt. winds gusting to 32 miles per hour in fairfield. so it's breezy and cool. temperature changes shows locations are four degrees to five degrees below temperature readings inland and around the bay. 2 to 4 degrees cooler.
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this is the view over the bay. you can see low clouds pushing over the bay now. oakland, 63. low 70s in morgan hill. 54 half moon bay. this is a view from here are the clouds to the golden gate. spotty drizzle, likely to accompany the advance of fog. we'll see cloudy mornings and cool afternoons. overnight, look for fog advancing well across the bay. overnight low to mid-50s and tomorrow, a chance of spotty drizzle and low clouds going
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back to the coastline as today, giving us sunny skies inland and over the bay. highs from 78 to 81 to 77 jose. foggy and cool with mid to upper 50s. 82 in santa rosa and east bay, 67 in oakland. 73 castro valley. and 82 in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. won't see much change, temperatures continue to drop thursday and friday. saturday will be the coolest day in the period. low 70s around the bay.
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sunday we'll feel warmer and temperatures bounce up and sunday through tuesday look for mid-80s inland, mid-70s around the bay. 60s on the coast. will be a warm up, but not warm for this time of the year. eric and ama? >> thank you. you've heard "beat the heat". at sfo bigger battle is beating the fog. that is next when abc7 news continues.
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those are the cheers in pasadena after scientists confirmed the juno space craft was positioned perfectly around jupiter. over the next 20 months, juno will shoot for signs of water and determine what is at the core of the huge planet that is made up almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. san francisco international airport may be located outside of the city, but not far enough
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to escape the fog. >> now, the airport is fighting back against nature. >> it's using technology to do it. >> in this sea of humanity, it's not hard to find travellers muttering the "f" word, fog, of course, it means wait. >> circling around in the sky. you don't know when you're going to land. >> blame the airport design. >> configurations date back to world war ii. we land on who runways that are separated by 750 feet. >> among closest in the world. in good weather, they land two planes at wunts. in bad, cut in half. >> we realize ariechal performance needs to get better. >> so he showed airport commission the first step towards fixing it. alternating runways with planes a mile and a half apart.
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>> it's helped sfo meet a goal of 75% arrivals for the first time in years. the next step will have to be high tech. a technology that is in most cars and smart phones. we're talking about gps. >> every flight deck would become a traffic control tower. >> the faa is tracking planes with radar to with gps via satellite. and optional in the cockpit. >> we're strongly recommending they do so. >> that is because the data would let planes fly closer together. >> both aircraft would be talking to one another. their computers, sharing information back and
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>> they'll test gps this summer. >> democrats' heavy hitter hits the campaign trail today. president obama's confidence in hillary clinton and donald trump's reaction to lack of charges she'll face over e-mail use. an oakland woman nearly drowns in debt. ahead, how we helped rally the community to rescue her. leo wandered off. we're concerned he may have been spooked by fire works. >> leo is lost and more than just a house pet. the support one veteran c
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our president, barack obama. >> they're back. and together. president obama campaigned for the first time with presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. the two traveled together aboard air force one and then to north carolina.
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>> i'm ready to pass the baton. and i know that hillary clinton is going to take it. >> clinton leads donald trump by less than one percentage point by north carolina which is a key swing state. >> the rally took place after james comey said he would not recommend criminal charges against clinton. she's been under investigation for using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. comey added there is no evidence she did it willfully. >> what i can assure the american people is that this he investigation was done honestly and independently, no outside influence was brought to bear. >> it will be up to career prosecutors to decide whether to pursue criminal charges against clinton. >> she was guilty.
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and it turned out that we're not going to press charges. it's really amazing. >> during a rally in north carolina trump went on to say the investigation was rigged. earlier, trump tweeted the fbi drither said crooked hillary compromised our national security. no charges, wow, trump criticized the president for campaigning with clinton. >> the fbi announcement called all kinds of reverberations throughout the political realm. kristin zee has reaction now from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: hillary clinton supporters are breathing a sigh of relief and critics are crying foul. here is a look at the new york post, the headline, clinton gets away with it again. paul ryan tweets i respect the professionals at the fbi this defies explanation.
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no one should be above the law. democratic senator from illinois says clinton's carelessness may affect some voters. >> of course they should take it into consideration. let's take a look at the tally sheet here, donald trump. do we want to get started on that litany of horribles? >> gill soffer says it's stunning the fbi explained so publicly. >> so unusual to see that. he was sending a signal loud and clear that they were doing their job thought fully and carefully, they weren't whitewashing what they found. they found troubling facts. they just weren't enough to constitute a crime. >> they expect loretta lynch to accept the no prosecution recommendations quickly and quietly. >> friends of a uc berkeley student shared sorrow and shared strengths over a young woman who was killed in a terrorist attack
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in bangladesh inside of a restaurant in dhaka on friday. she just finished her freshman year at cal. a vigil was held for her today. >> she's someone everybody aspires to be. she was kind. she was funny. she was ambitious. i mean, the world is so much emptier without her. >> we're so sad at this moment, i think the fact we all feel this hard about her is a testament to who she is. >> she was in bangladesh on an internship. her friends say she'll be remembered for volunteer work and desire to impress the lives of others. >> leo, the pet dog of an iraq combat veteran is missing. he's a beloved service dog for a veteran that suffers from ptsd. abc7 news reporter vic lee has the story and the search. >> it was a perfect weekend.
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sunday, chris peterson, an iraq veteran was on a camping trip on lower sherman island. >> having a barbecue, swimming and fishing. >> he was dog sitting leo. he belongs to peterson's buddy. a combat veteran who served in the second iraq war who suffers if severe ptsd. we spoke with bill by skype. she says it is a therapy dog that helps her through anxiety attacks. >> basically saying mom, you know, let's step back. i'm here to ground you. i'm here to keep you in the moment. >> sunday afternoon, leo suddenly vanished. >> leo wandered off. we're concerned he may have been spooked by fire works as a therapy dog he's trained to trigger on things that could be
6:35 pm
cause for a ptsd response. >> peterson and his fiancee searched sunday until sundown and yesterday, and today using a boat to comb the waters of the delta. >> we're hoping someone has him, maybe someone pulled him out of the river in the boat. >> i just appreciate everybody that is keeping an eye out. let's hope to get leo home. please. >> reporter: it's heart breaking, she says to think he may be out there, scared and lonely. a water leak had a senior citizen drowning in bills. next, how 7 on your side and a charity helped get her head above water again in stopping more leaks. >> and it goes up, the heart rate goes up when it listens to
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in theatres july 8th. ♪ ♪ when you buy a product it's easy to forget about the
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warranty that came with it. >> it's understandable. michael finney helps one senior citizen through the process. >> reporter: a senior citizen was drowning in bills when her home developed a water leak. so 7 on your side stepped in to help. joanne lee lives in this well kept home in oakland. she lives alone, and in her 30 years she says her bimonthly water bill has never been above $100. at least until this october. >> i had a bill for $873. so i was just like in shock. >> she called east bay mud, which adviseder to call a plumber that confirmed lee had a major leak in the toilet. the plumber fixed the leak. joanne challenged her bill with east bay mud, filing a formal appeal. the next water bill came to joanne, it felt like the dam just broke.
6:40 pm
it was for $940. >> wait a minute, you're going up? instead of down? >> it's money she said she didn't have. she then received a 15-day notice, then, a 48 hour notice from east bay mud demanding payment. a friend suggested she call 7 on your side. she did. we contacted east bay mud and it agreed to cut her bill in half as part of the payment program. it also put her in touch with the chronicle season for sharing fund, the charity associated with the san francisco chronicle aagreed to pay about half. >> thank you. to everybody that helped me. i really appreciate it. >> reporter: there was still the issue of the toilet and repairs that didn't holdup. we suggested she submit a warranty claim to the manufacture. american standard agreed to reimburse for the repairs, along with her share of the water bill above her normal monthly average. american standard sent her a
6:41 pm
check for $927. home depot is also getting her a new toilet. we're sorry for the issues miss lee experienced with her toilet and appreciate the opportunity to work with our vendor and make it right. joanne is appreciative her voice was heard. >> that came through 7 on your side. >> if you have a issue you need help with, i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. and you can reach me on my facebook page and >> be nothing is more reassuring to children than their mother's voice. >> mom's v
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have you ever felt like your kids just aren't listening? if you're a mom, suggest your kids may be hearing the sound of your voice in ways few people
6:45 pm
might have imagined. for many kids, hearing their mother's voice can be a soothing experience. but what is going on to make them feel that way? >> how much of the brain becomes active for hearing kwur mother's voice. >> stanford researchers set out to use functional mri scans to see how children in 7-12 year old range processed the sound of their mother's voice. they say research documented a connection with unborn babies in the womb. >> and the fetal heart rate goes up when it listens to mom's voice. >> reporter: in this demonstration, the team had mothers and other women read short made up words into a digital recorder. the kids were placed into an mri. >> we say you're about to hear voices. >> he says voices were randomized and played in different orders. they began comparing pathways
6:46 pm
only activated by the mother's voice, they were stunned. not just voice related pathways lit up, but different centers that process emotions and reward behavior. >> to help to broadcast of the mom's voice. >> they say it's too early to draw conclusions if findings but they believe having such varied parts of the brain keyed in on the mother's voice could be an indication of it's ununder the influence on a child's social development. what they don't know is whether other important voices in the child's life are processed the same way. >> parents are asking about father's voice. and i've got a bunch of e-mails saying what about dad? >> answers could be coming. the team says the study will provide a base line for future research and as any good mother might tell you, if you have to
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learn, you have to keep listening. the team says another potential avenue for study is autism. to learn whether children with that condition processed early voice cues in the same ways. >> we're just day as way from the start of the u.s. womens' team trials. 14 gymnasts will compete including gabby douglas. the team will be named on sunday. warriors staff steph curry is skipping summer olympics in order to get ready for next season. right now he's in hawaii having fun with kids at a warriors basketball camp. >> i got domino's pizza. >> oh, my god! >> yes. that is him. the warriors organized 23 camps over the summer, all were sold out. >> well, it's time to get back
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to weather. spencer christian is here with the latest. spencer? >> i feel chillier now than a half hour ago. feels like winter out here, let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. tomorrow, statewide, we'll have mild to warm conditions, and along the coast, in many locations, it's going to be like it is here in the bay area. highs from 59 to mid and upper 60s around the bay and low inland. notice highs are 83 degrees and so here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday will be the coolest day throughout the seven day period. we'll see a bit of a warm up
6:49 pm
sunday, and that is warming into the week and we'll have temperatures up around the average range r range. >> thank you. >> time to look at sports tonight. >> shu? >> major league all star games, if you're local,
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giants have the most wens but found out only three representatives in next week's all star game. madison bumgardner will likely be replaced. johnny quato will likely be replaced. and brandon crawford left off the team having a great season. so cubs take remaining infield position. anthony rizzo at first and
6:53 pm
addison russell at second. >> a's have one representative, hitting 267 and 24 rbis. chris davis is seventh in the american league. roy royals with jose altuve sending at second. many machado at third. and final all star game, mike travis, jackie bradley junior in out field. a's in minnesota, to twins. well, after losing harris
6:54 pm
onbarns to the dallas maf vicks, warriors sending zsazsa patulia. he is 69 and 250 so another big body and big money. past two years to play for championship contenders. he signed with a veteran's league and made a great edition. this photo finish just attacked by a mere inch. peter sagon retains the jersey with a 12-second lead. >> been a long since seenus and serena williams met. they have both made it to the final four. warriors won the first set,
6:55 pm
trailed in the second and she just reaches it there and it bounces her way. she's on to the semi finals for the 10th time here. venus taking on a tie break and her hoept is three unforced errors allowing venus to take the set. it is all venus from then on. venus moving on and. >> likely kicking butt. you have to be. and this year as well. just getting through. no matter what. playing tough. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by another final probably for the last time is 36
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and 34 years old. >> join us for 4:00, coming up, the investigation into ashley madison, the new admission at 9:00. then, at 11:00 a facebook employee accused of rape. allegations police are making tonight. and tonight at 8:00 it's the middle followed by blackish. uncle buck, then, at 10:00 it's "to tell the truth" followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> and followed by jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guest are uncle buck actress nia long. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. hook breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an operations administrator from san diego, california... a software q.a. lead from charlottesville, virginia... and our returning champion, a stay-at-home mom from kirkland, washington... whose one-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. [ applause ] welcome, ladies and gentlemen. our champion, liz, made a gutsy move in final jeopardy! on yesterday's program, wagering almost everything she had,
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