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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> he is 36 years old and he just got released. he has mental health issues. >> what are my thoughts right now? they are going to kill my cousin. that is the thoughts going through my head right now. >> one of the tools that we have is the less lethal bean bag round and it is an orange shotgun round and these are bean bags that was deplayed in this case -- deployed in this case but there has not been a use of firearms at this time. >> reporter: and police spokesperson said they have trained crisis negotiators and a s.w.a.t. team trying to negotiate with the man. it is unclear if he actually has a weapon but officers will remain here. we keep seeing more and more of them come up here to this area at mcalister street. they say they are trying to create what they call time and space to try to resolve this standoff peacefully. we'll be back to you if we have any additional information. but again, in the last five
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minutes or so, flash bang grenades and more activity here with this man that police have cornered on the sidewalk. live in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a vigil is getting underway right now inside of san francisco city hall. where the police commission is meeting. community groups are demanding that the city discipline officers for a shooting in february. the vigil comes as a civil grand jury released a new report criticizing the way the voight investigates police shootings. they said agencies are taking too long and the police isn't getting enough information on the investigation. >> when you have an investigation that takes two or three years, really it is just -- justice delayed adjust is denied here and we think each department should be responsible for stream lining their process. >> not cool. >> san francisco created a task force to oversee investigations so they are completed quicker and calling on city agencies to
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sit ep web pages to inform the public about ongoing investigations. developing news in san francisco. a porshe plowed into a mansion at 32nd and california street in the sea cliff neighborhood and exploded and set the home on fire. the driver did not survive. >> lyanne melendez is live at the scene with this strange story. >> reporter: it happened just after 1:30 this afternoon. and the street is still closed because police are still considering it a crime scene. in fact, the medical examiner has yet to remove the body. now the person driving the car was speeding. never applied the brakes, according to neighbors. never skidded. just went straight into that house. people say there were flames almost immediately after impact. the house caught on fire as well. damaging part of the second and third floors. the owners were not at home at the time. there were two dogs inside. but they were rescued.
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here is what one neighbor described how -- how he described the scene. >> really high rate of speed. went through the stop sign over here at 3 22nd and california a then i heard the impact down the road. >> sew was driving really fast? >> yeah. in excess of 50 miles per hour. >> we do have confirmation that there was one occupant inside of the vehicle that was a driver, an elderly male. at this time i don't have further information other than that. >> reporter: and a neighbor told me that cars come through here very fast all of the time. in fact, this is the second incident where a car tries to make that sharp turn at the end of the street and hits a wall or in this case a home. now neighbors complained and they finally put two speed bumps, but apparently it -- they have not worked and fortunately there were no kids playing at the time. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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a man wanted for a number of crimes in the east bay went to great lengths today to avoid capture. sky 7 hd was over the scene in the hayward hills where a man took police on a chase and then ran from his car. three hours later officers caught up with him. police would not give details about the crimes he's accused of committing. didn't investigators are trying to figure out what caused a huge fire this morning in emeryville. the flames broke out around 2:50 a.m. at an apartment building under construction at san pablo avenue and adeline street near the emeryville home depot. six adjacent townhomes were destroyed in the six-alarm blaze and others were damaged. dozens of residents had to leave their homes in the middle of the night. >> we looked out of the window and saw the flames coming from the other side of the building. that is when we grabbed both of our daughters and just ran out of the building as quickly as we could. >> an auto repair shop was also destroyed. residents say they heard illegal fireworks going off last night.
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the fire department is investigating the possibility that fireworks sparked this fire. some people living next door to that inferno are now looking for new homes. >> and the 105 units of new housing lost in the fire would have given many more people a place to live. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in emeryville with that part of the story. vic? >> reporter: well behind me, what is left of that construction project and let me clarify one thing, we are at west mcarthur. this is oakland. on the other side of that building is adeline street which is emeryville. now just a little while ago, those massive trucks came here with those supercranes. their job is to remove the one crane which was charred by the fire. the mayor of emeryville said today that the city is ready to partner with a developer to move this project forward. 105 apartment units is sorely needed. >> the whole room is basically
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turning orange from the flames next door. >> all of the living area and bedrooms and everything is done. >> reporter: peter had just moved into his townhouse seven weeks ago. now he has to once again look for a new home in a tight housing market. >> it will be a tomorrow problem when i start thinking about stuff. >> he lived in a complex with 17 townhouses. three were destroyed when flames from the giant construction project next door spread to the complex. emeryville mayor martinez said the new project was to house 105 apartment units. >> the housing that we're losing is about 8% of what we have in the immediate pipeline for what is being built in the next couple ever years. >> reporter: oakland city council member said that lost housing stock will affect neighboring oakland as well. >> so we are trying to get as much new housing built in places that make sense. and this is one of those places. >> reporter: chris plumber moved to emeryville five years ago. >> there was a shortage of housing but you have new
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buildings coming up like this was going to be new housing. >> this one at adeline, across the street from the fire, the windows shattered from the intense heat opened recently. on the other side of the project, this empty lot, the site of a 120 apartment unit building. evacuee paula blackwell has lived in the neighborhood 25 years. >> all of the people in this small face and all of the cars, it is completely changing the neighborhood. >> reporter: but there is still a sense of community. a neighbor offering home-cooked soup in front of his home for first responders and evacuees. vic lee. abc 7 news. firefighters had to help of a drone to detect hot spots in the fire zone. we captured the unmanned aircraft in action hovering over tight crevices and helping firefighters on the ground spot areas still smoldering. it kept firefighters safe when crews were on the roofs of buildingsch the drone was
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launched just as the fire spread to nearby homes. the bay area has seen destructive fires of building under construction before. this fire in march of 2014 looked awfully similar to this morning's blaze and caused $40 million in damage. and that pealed in comparison to the santa rosa building which destroyed mixed residential development and causing $130 million in damage. >> any time news breaks we want to see your pictures and videos. post them on social media using #abc 7 now and we could find them and share them here online and on air at in san jose, six people are under arrest for involvement in a major marijuana growing operation. police detained the people they call the masterminds of the operation. a 39-year-old and 38-year-old kim lee. police seized 1900 plants from
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seven homes in east and south san jose. a landlord at one home noticed something suspicious and tipped off police. the plants are valued at more than $4 million dollars. a new legal battle against the mandatory vaccine law. a group of parents filed court in san diego saying it violated the right to an education as guaranteed under the california constitution for the children that don't receive the required vaccines. a legal professor believes the parents have a weak case. >> when the legislation was passed it was carefully considered. the arguments about state law and the right to an education were all considered. and they were rejected because of the compelling state interest in public health. >> california vaccine law went into effect last friday and bars parents from citing religion or other personal beliefs as reasons not to vaccinate their children. winter in the middle of summer. >> it feels and looks like
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winter. i'll tell you how long the pattern will last in a moment with the accuweather seven-day forecast. army of trucks in the north bay. progress tonight in custing the congest shub on -- cutting the congestion on 101. and half a million hoverboard are recalled and michael finney talks about how
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now to a story on the straight and narrow, as in road and a project designed to speed up the drive in the north bay. officials broke ground on a project to improve a stretch of highway 101 known as the narrows between petaluma and novato. and that where we find wayne
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freedman above petaluma. >> reporter: and take a look at it behind me. if you make this road trip, you know this stretch. it is called the nair orrownarr. it goes down to two lanes in each direction. it is a bottleneck and slows people down. but cal trans has a plan for it today and made it official in the most ceremonial of ways. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: along the sonoma and marin county borders a not so subtle contrast between the bigging of -- digging of dirt. the highway 101, the narrows, in the past 25 years traffic flow has doubled to 135,000 cars aday. >> it is a very difficult -- to traverse this corner right now. >> we're trying to make it bearable. >> reporter: the project will cost $735 million of state, local and some federal money. it will take about three years.
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is it an engineering marvel? they say no. >> not too difficult. it is just a chore. >> reporter: the improvements will straighten a sharp curve and widen and elevate the highway and build a new bridge above the flood prone creek. for cal trans, they are in charge of the project. >> this is exciting. >> she grew up in it india pushing around bump trucks before getting a master's degree at san jose state. and now there is this. no switch. >> if it goes good, you hear about it. >> absolutely. if it goes bad, i will hear about it, too. >> worth noting, as soon as the ceremonial ceremony ended, they went right back to watching the real work. in the north bay, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. government officials are urging contractors to speed up work on a local road improvement project. the road has been closed since may 2nd while crews replace a
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140 long pipe running along interstate 680 and danville. and roads through the area are now overcrowded and fear someone will get hurt. they would like to see the contractor add workers or extend work hours. the road is scheduled to reopen in november. the east bay span of the bridge is disappearing. they lowered a truss. this is time lapsed video from cal trans. it is the fourth of five trusss to be taken down. from sky 6 hd you could see the truss sitting on a barge about an hour ago. this section will be brought to the port of oakland where it will be dismantled for scrap. a restaurant that aims to be a new san francisco dining destination opened doors today in one of the grittiest neighborhoods. black cat is located in the heart of the tenderloin at the corner of eddie and leavenworth. the san francisco mayor ed lee took the honorary first bite during a lunchtime celebration. the owners spent $1 million to
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remodel an old restaurant into a cozy-two level supper club and lounge. locals welcome it and say it wouldn't alter the unique character. >> no one wants to get rid of the grit where everyone is home othenized and we don't have chain stores. the grit is part of our authenticity and black cat reflects that. >> and the menu offers american cuisine served on small plates. uc berkeley has admitted more california residents into the new freshman class compared to last year. more than 14 how high school students have been offered admission. that group includes 1,000 more in-state students. the university said additional funding allows more state students to get into. more than 82,000 student as comply for a spot at cal. that is a record number of applicants. ahalf million hoverboard are recalled today. the government said they pose a big risk of catching fire. >> so what if you have one?
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7 on your side michael finney said don't panic. what should we do, michael? >> now if you do have one, there is a clear remedy. finally. the hoverboards are powered by lithium ion batteries and they have 99 reports, 99 of these batteries exploding and catching fire or sending up smoke. >> all of the models that are recalled were made with fundamental design flaws that put people at real risk. >> [ inaudible ]. you can now get a repair, replacement or refund depending on which board you have. i have posted all of the information you need to get a refund or the new batteries or whatever, you can find that information at website 7 under 7 on your side. your favorite sunscreen may not be protecting you the way it should or the way you think. the top selling sunscreens on
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amazon does not pass muster with the journal of the mernl medical a -- american medical association. they should have three important qualities. first protect against a broad spectrum of ultraviolet rays, uva and uvb and it should be water elizabeth hur resistant. if it says waterproof, it isn't. and third, it should have a sun protection factor of at least 30. if you have always fancied a trip to london, maybe now is the time to good. since the brexit vote, the british pound has fallen to the lowest level in three decades. it was worth $1.50 and now you could get it for $1.29 so you so splurge for less money. a night at the five-star langham hotel cost you $450 per night two weeks ago and now it will run $387. the tour of buckingham palace
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ran $111 and now about $95. and dinner for two at the up scaler burners tavern drops from $150 to $129. however, that does include wine. so no great bargains. but compared to what it used to be, not bad. >> hey, britain on sale. thank you, michael. >> well spencer christian joins us now with the accuweather forecast. what is going on. >> what is going on. we don't need sunscreen michael was just showing us. that is for sure. not for a while. here is live doppler 7 hd on this breezy and windy low and cloudy afternoon in the bay area. and let's take a look at current gusts. 32 mile-per-hour at fairfield. 24 at sfo. 22 at san carlos. it is breezy around the bay. 28 mile-per-hour at napa. this is the view from emeryville at mostly cloudy skies over the bay and 56 degrees in san francisco. oakland 61. mountain view 69. 70 in san jose. 76 in morgan hill. 55 in the half moon bay. looking the other direction here
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in downtown san francisco. 72 in santa rosa. napa and novato 66. 77 in fairfield, concord 75 and 72 in livermore. and the view from the rooftop camera here at abc 7. and forecast features. fog and spotty drizzle into tomorrow morning and below average temperatures the next few days and a warmer pattern on sunday. overnight look for low temperatures in the mid-50s. low 50s in the inland valleys and along the coast. and developing overnight with the forecast animation you could see the fog and low clouds pushing inland and across the bay overnight. notice the spotty drizzle maybe more than spotty developing along the coast and out over the bay as well during the early-morning and overnight hours and they will probably be not only reducing visibility for morning commuters but also a couple of damp spots in the roadways as we do expect areas of spotty drizzle. but the drizzle will fade in the early morning hours and as the sun burns out -- burns out -- the sun burns way the low clouds and fog during the afternoon hours. mainly sunny skies in the inland
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areas and over the bay. so we'll have temperatures in the similar range tomorrow as what we saw today. warmer in the inland areas on friday. temperatures drop again on saturday. that is the coolest day in the forecast period. and here is how things shape up tomorrow. about 79 in concord. 82 in antioch. 80 in livermore. 62 in san francisco. 81 in santa rosa. and once again, the coolest day in the forecast period with inland highs not reaching 80 degrees in most locations but a little bit of a warm-up on sunday to mid-80s inland. low 70s around the bay and up 50ers around the coast near 90 on monday, tuesday and wednesday. upper 70s to near 80 around the bay those three days and low 60s on the coast. so basically sunday is our turning point. that is the day when we begin to see a sunnier pattern and a warmer pattern as we go into next week it will look and feel more like summer than it does right now. and the winds will diminish as
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well. >> you are 3 million years too early for the sun thing, you realize that. >> you are right about that. >> okay. >> thanks. >> ahead of my time. we want to ask you this question. scientists are wondering if octopus are really color blind. father and son scientists cracked the mystery and we'll tell you about it. that is coming up next. and the national outrage growing at this hour. the new video just out tonight of that deadly police shooting. a city bracing. also the severe storms hitting right now and on the move. and the video from a deadly hostage standoff inside of a walmart. you'll see it right here after abc 7 news. what is neat about it is that you could go back in time. >> they compiled a century of
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see the secret life of pets, in theatres july 8th. scientists at berkeley and hubbard have solved a long standed riddle.
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how do octopus camouflage themselves if they are color blind unlike people with three light receptors they have only one and that means they only see black and white but the usual pupils act like prisms scattering white light. the octopus changes the depth of the eyeball so the different wave lengths of light can be differentiated. now this hypothesis needs to be followed up and scientists are working on it. a new tool from snap chat will allow users to share memories from the past. snap chat built his reputation about being about the now. all photos and videos disappear after just 24 hours. but no more. a new future called memories will allow to you save your pictures and videos to post in the future. you can even up load previously captured videos and pictures that are saved on your phone. >> and if you use facebook photo syncing, you could be at risk of losing all of your pictures.
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the palo alto based company is removing remnants of the smartphone apps photo syncing future tomorrow. users will have to download them now or get the facebook moments app. this has no affect on images that have already been shared on facebook. get a grip. yep. i like that. up next, the glove that gives you super human strength. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, the troubling number of dead and dying trees in the sierra. tonight the drought is to blame but there is a creature making the problem worse. also, what an east bay company is contributed to stop the spread of the zika virus in brazil. plus -- >> i'm doing this because i love it and i think it is fascinating and this is how i want to contribute to the world. >> a local grad heads to space. you'll see the launch live and learn what she's about to do that no one has done before. that is all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> a self-professed geek and she is so excited for this moment. we'll have that for you at 6:00. >> dr. geek. >> that is it. well a gov designed for astronauts is -- a glove designed for astronauts is making its way to earth. those from sweden will wear the
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robo glove designed by nasa and good morning. it used sensors to mimic the muscles of the human hand. >> factory workers may need force to hold on to a tool but the glove could help with that. >> there is a new iron man and he is actually a she. >> 15-year-old rere williams is a science genius who is black and a girl and she catches tony stark's attention when she builds a unit in her m.i.t. determine. and this is at the end of the comic book series civil war ii. and this is the latest effort to improve the diversity of the heroes. >> looks like somebody you don't want to mess with. >> including rere. >> and the news is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. thanks for inviting us into your home.
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and re re said thanks too. our next newscast is at 6:00 p.m., connect with us at tonight, the new and chilling video, the deadly police shooting. the justice department on the case. officers wrestling with a man on the ground. then, firing multiple times. tonight, his 15-year-old son breaking down. the officers just moments ago saying their actions were justified. the navy s.e.a.l.'s death now labeled a homicide tonight. he died during training. will the instructor be charged? also tonight, the severe weather hitting right now. a tornado on the ground as we come on the air. storm and tornado watches in 12 states. and heat warnings in philadelphia and new york. there is also breaking news cocoming in now from the justic department. the attorney general, loretta lynch's decision, on hillary


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