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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking news. a black man in minnesota fatally shot by police while inside a car. this happening overnight. the aftermath of the indianapolis dent streamed live on the internet. the man's death coming as anger grows over the police involved death of another black man in louisiana. hillary clinton attacks donald trump's business practices while trump seemingly criticizes some in his own campaign. meanwhile, the fbi director answers questions today about clinton's e-mail investigation while the field of possible vp candidates dwipdzles. a wild ride caught on camera. the dramatic scene as a hang glider's life is at stake when something goes terribly wrong. an nba stunner. dwyane wade is moving to his hometown team. see the reaction from miami.
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good thursday morning. we begin with breaking news from minnesota. a black man sitting in his car shot to death by a police officer. >> just moments ago police confirmed that the victim died after shots were fired during a traffic stop last night in the town of falcon heights outside of st. paul, minnesota. graphic livestream video showed a woman and a child who were in the car with >> he was trying to get his i.d. and wallet out and let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm. we're waiting for -- >> keep your hands -- >> i will. >> it shows him bloody sitting
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in the passenger seat and the officer continuing to point his gun at castille moments after the shooting that sparked instant outrage. the woman and child not injured of the police say the officer is now on administrative leave. outrage over the fatal shooting of a baton rouge man is spreading beyond louisiana. >> in philadelphia demonstrators blocked an interstate off-ramp. some harsh words he can changed between protesters and police about a gauze people arrested but overall that protest was peaceful. now a chilling new video emerged showing up close-up view of the deadly confrontation and alex perez has the details. >> reporter: tonight new chilling images of that baton rouge outside a convenience store. one officer pinning 37-year-old alton sterling to the ground while another feels on his arm. you can see one officer drawing his weapon.
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>> you [ bleep ] move, i swear to god. >> reporter: within seconds gunfire. sterling dying there at the scene with gunshot wounds to his chest and back. an officer then pulls something from sterling's pocket. protesters taking to the streets calling it an execution after this video of the shooting was shared by millions on social media. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was just after midnight tuesday when police got a call about a man selling cds outside the triple x food mart brandishing/gun. officers say he was arm and body cameras dislodged during the altercation. the officers now on paid administrative leave. sterling's family demanding answers. his 15-year-old son cameron bursting into tears. >> this incident is going to be investigated impartially professionally and 240e rowly.
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>> we'll have more on both later on today on "good morning america." but we want to turn to politics now and the fbi director has summoned -- has been summoned to capitol hill over the clinton e-mail investigation. this as both candidates come out swinging. >> clinton is blasting donald trump's business practices and trump is slamming the fbi's recommendation while parading a potential vp finalist in front of thousands of supporters. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest from washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: diane, good morning, kendis, good morning to you. well, the hillary clinton campaign is not letting up on donald trump's business record while trump is again defending one of his tweets. donald trump loudly taking his campaign to cincinnati, ohio, there to introduce him, former house speaker and possible vp pick, newt gingrich. trump going back to this tweet send out from his account using what some believe is the jewish star of david to label hillary clinton the most corrupt candidate ever layered over cash. that image many calling
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anti-semitic. >> it could have been a sheriff's star. they took the star down. i said too bad. you should have left it up. >> reporter: and tweeting this which looks like a "frozen" sticker book asking where the outrage is. clinton hit the jersey shore on his bankruptcies in the state. clinton standing in front of a faded trump sign outside the now closed trump plaza hotel on the boardwalk. >> what he did for his businesses and workers is nothing to brag about. in fact, it's shameful. >> reporter: telling her supporters electing trump as president is a gamble the united states cannot afford. clinton accusing trump of abandoning the famous boardwalk and its workers. but clinton made no mention of the now closed federal investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. this morning, fbi director james comey will be in the hot seat on
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capitol hill answering questions about his decision not to recommend charges against clinton. looking to next week abc news has learned that the bernie sanders and clinton campaigns are talking about a possible event in new hampshire where sanders will endorse the former secretary of state. kendis, diane, back to you. >> stephanie ramos in washington, thank you. as stephanie mentioned fbi director james comey will face the house oversight committee today and republicans want to know more about the investigation that cleared clinton despite a scathing assessment of how she handled classified information. attorney general loretta lynch officially closed the case yesterday by accepting comey's recommendation. comey is a republican but house speaker paul ryan is suggesting that clinton received preferential treatment. the latest on the veepstakes and after campaigning with donald trump this week tennessee senator bob corker is taking himself out of the running as a possible vice presidential pick. corker said he cherished his position as chairman of the
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senate foreign relations committee and he added that there are better ways for him to serve. former trump rival marco rubio is the latest republican to announce that he will not go to the republican convention in cleveland. rubio had planned to attend before he decided to seek re-election. his spokesperson said he will focus on campaigning in florida instead of gathering with his party in ohio. it's setting up to be a day of severe storms and heat. >> the storms are moving right now across the upper midwest with the possibility of strong winds, hail and even tornadoes. >> this tornado was spotted south of hey springs and incredibly it's already parallel to the clouds. in the northeast we are facing the first heat wave of the summer. the temperatures will be in the 90s but with humidity it will feel more like 100. 14 states from new mexico to connecticut are under some kind of heat warning. still ahead right here the newest item being added to mcdonald's all day breakfast
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menu. plus the lawsuit shaking up fox news. hear the allegations from a former anchor against the boss. and what marvel comics has planned for the new iron man, not
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a russian space capsule launched overnight and is now heading to the international space station with three new crew members on board. the crew includes a nasa astronaut who will be doing dna sequencing in orbit. president obama is scrapping plans to cut the u.s. forces in afghanistan by half before he leaves office. 8400 troops will remain in the country because of what the president calls the precarious security situation. now with that decision president obama becomes the first president in u.s. history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war. the death of a navy s.e.a.l.
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trainee has been ruled a homicide. james lovelace died during a water exercise. the 21-year-old was clearly struggling face turning purple and lips blue. the instructor allegedly violating regulations dunking him at least twice. a medical examiner says those actions were excessive and contributed to his death. that instructor has been placed on administrative leave and could face charges. bill cosby heading back to court later in his sex assault case. cosby is battling charges he drugged and raped a woman 12 years ago. he denies those charges and his lawyers will be asking a judge to either throw out the case or let him face his accuser in court before trial. in california, some parents are suing over a new law requiring mandatory vaccines for school children. the lawsuit claims the law violates the children's right to an education. they want it suspended until the lawsuit plays out. now last year governor jerry brown signed the law despite fierce opposition.
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parents who refuse vaccination for their kids may seek a medical exemption or for homeschooling. mcdonald's is serving up something new on its all day break fassbender menu, the mcgriddle will be available around the clock starting in september. >> they're the most requested item not offered nationally all day. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu has helped them rebound a little. >> lots of people waking up weird hours need breakfast. when we come back a wild ride. check this out. see how this guy saves himself after his hang glider breaks midair. a warning about hoverboards. hundreds of thousands of users being told to put them away.
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as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. check out this scene caught on camera on a highway in mexico. a car races a few motorcycles in traffic when suddenly someone pulls the car's emergency brake. the car then crashes and flips over. the whole thing looks like a stunt from a hollywood movie. luckily in this real-life scenario no one was hurt. in the states a look at morning road conditions. showers possible in the carolinas. more severe storms in the midwest and around the great lakes. if you're flying expect airport delays in minneapolis and chicago. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson is suing her
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former boss roger ailes claiming she was let go for refusing his sexual advances. >> carlson claims she was fired of the host of the morning show and moved to another time slot with reduced pay after complaining about workplace harassment. ailes issued a statement denying the accusations and accusing carlson for filing it in retaliation for her contract not being renewed. that consumer alert including one of the hottest gifts of the year. 500,000 hoverboards are being recalled after nearly 100 incidents across the country, the battery packs in the scooters can overheat, catch pfeifer or even explode. the recall includes ten companies with boards made in china. people are being warned to stop using them immediately. it was a heart-stopping experience for a championship hang glider in norway when midair his hang glider just snaps in two. a stunned crowd watches as he plunges toward the ground but despite the malfunction he was able to pull his emergency chute
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and landed in a lake. he was then rescued by boaters and suffered only minor injuries. he blames speed for the mishap. well, it was a big day for the williams sisters at wimbledon both playing in the semifinals. first up top seeded serena faces an opponent today who she's never lost against. then older sister venus takes to centre court in hopes of setting up an all williams final for the ninth time in a major. sam querrey's run is over. he was defeated in yesterday's quarterfinals. but i am happy to report that portugal is through to the final of the european soccer championships. they scored two goals in three minutes during the semifinal against wales and sunday's championship game, the portuguese will play the winner of today's match between france and germany. >> now some sports that people are paying attention to on this side of the atlantic. >> the highlights from espn now. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett.
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neil everett. baseball highlights, you go first. >> houston at home, third, astros will go up 5-0. carlos gomez. that ball went 428 feet. you know how we know? we went to home depot and bought a tape measure. really big one. would have been a home run at every ballpark except two. text me. valbuena, 418 feet so that was a home run even though gomez hit it further and only got a triple. robinson cano playing hero off lew greggerson but not enough. got one, astros win, 9-8. orioles and dodgers, lot of strikeouts and baseball at dodger stadium. afternoon game went into the early evening. sixth inning, mark trumbo, 26. that leads major league baseball. tied at 4. let's go to the 14th. two on, two out. trace thompson did all he could.
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but that was going to splash in front of him. manny machado and khris davis able to score as the ball gets away. orioles tick a 6-4 lead, the pitcher chris hatcher with bases loaded. dodgers stranded 16 and the orioles hang on to win it 6-4. it took more than 5 1/2 hours. >> had that been a night game, salty brothers, that's what we would have been. >> that's it. back to you. we feel that. and the annual running of the bulls is underway in pamplona, spain. thousands of thrill seekers took off those -- this morning along with the bulls. running through the city's narrow streets. >> ow. so at least four people injured but no one was gored. but there are runs until the festival ends next week. >> the big problem is when the bull gets separated from the pack and get very confused and angry. up next in "the pulse" reactions heating up about dwyane wade leaving the miami heat. attention, "game of thrones"
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or lower-back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. ♪ all right. time to check "the pulse" and we'll start with a change of address for nba great dwyane wade. after 13 years in miami, he signed a play with his hometown team, the chicago bulls. >> that announcement as usual is prompting at least one fan to burn his wade jersey, but it's not all anger out there. hip-hop artist and heat fan campbell said i would like to thank you for everything you've done. you're a class act. good luck, my brother. wade to the bulls. with heat executive pat riley -- >> with a crying jordan. >> that's been placed -- >> every time you think you've seen enough of the crying jordan they find a new way.
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amazing stuff. there may soon be crying among "game of thrones" fans. >> okay, so it is bad enough that we learned that season seven of the hbo series will be shorter than usual. now we learn that it's going to be delayed. >> producers say it's because of the season itself. right now it's summer but on the show as we all know at least if we're caught up winter is here. >> i'm not caught up yet. crews will have to wait until the sunny days are pushed aside by the gray gloom at the location where they shoot. so when will that be? >> well, the series was supposed to return in april but now the show's producers say they don't even have an air date yet. >> tvd. marvel announced the new iron man is a young woman. so apparently the events at the end of the comic book series "civil war 2" will result in tony stark shedding the suit with a new character stepping into his shoes. >> riri williams is a genius who enrolled at mit when she was 15
4:24 am
and comes to the attention of stark when she bills her own iron man suit in her dorm. by the way, marvel says tony's departure doesn't mean that you know the end to "civil war 2" at least not yet. no spoilers there. another celebrity wedding in the books. russell wilson has tied the knot with singer/songwriter ciara. >> the couple shared this photo. beautiful picture here. and the caption, simply we are the wilsons. the bride looked like a princess i'd say wearing a couture gown with a long veil. >> it was nothing short of a fairy tale either, the venue, 19th century gothic castle in england, serena williams was among many guests in attendance. she was supposed to be a bridesmaid but she was a little bit busy. >> she had things to do. >> at wimbledon. jennifer hudson was there, though and looked stunning. >> she looked amazing and the whole venue was great. congratulations to them. >> more news after this. clean food.
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guap. hey 4:30 club, glad you're up. >> welcome to july 7. we'll get a quick check on your weather. >> feels like groundhog day to me. waking up to clouds and drizzle once again this morning. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see how much lower the clouds are today from the exploratorium. we'll stay in the 50s at the coast respe coast, low to upper 70s in the bay. >> road work eastbound direction on the high rise. taillights headed west. no delays in either direction right now. we do have a couple of minor accidents in san jose.
4:29 am
we'll update that in a couple minutes. four hour standoff ended safely. there were bean bag shots, but no gunshots. some people are applauding the outcome. amy hollyfield is live at headquarters. >> reporter: police officers here are degetting a lot of prae even from the mayor. the standoff created a lot of tension around the tenderloin neighborhood. it tied up traffic as police blocked off several streets around mcalister and jones. officers say the armed man told police he wanted to die. and wanted police to take his life. but they prolonged the standoff they say to protect the sanctity of life and they brought him into custody safely. acting police chief was applauded last night at the police commissioner's meeting. >> he's not dead because of all the reforms we've already
4:30 am
thank you. and that's for the folks out there. >> reporter: police released a picture of the gun found on the map and also of the ammunition that he had. his family helped them in the negotiations. the mayor says it reflects the emphasis that they have been putting on deescalation training. amy hollyfield, abc 7. quite a different story across the country as we look at two deadly police shootings of black men in two days. police in minnesota are investigating after an officer killed a man during a traffic stop. jessica, the aftermath of the shooting was streamed live on facebook. >> yeah, and right now there are crowds starting to gather outside of the governor's mansion in minnesota. we do want to warn you, some of what you're about to see is


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