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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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across california and the country. >> this report is three years after the abc7 news i team first investigated. >> dan and ama, you can see them every day. the end pieces that are supposed to protect you in a crash but this report finds a lot of work must be done to keep you safe on the road. the report from the general accounting office urges more robust department of transportation oversight on guardrails. >> why did you push for this study? >> started with your investigative reporting. >> i brought the issue to him three years ago, complaints about an end unit. it's supposed to slow a car down by letting the guardrail peel away. but losses allege it can lock up, causing the guardrail to pierce the car or kick off to the side, allowing the car to continue on. that appears to be what happened
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to bay area college football star darrell blackman november, 2014. his chrysler sebring hit a sign post and flipped upside down. >> he should not have been taken away. if he fell asleep at the wheel, fine. but those, that equipment should have saved him. it should have stopped that car. >> reporter: the report finds states have been slow and questions integrity of the process, where lab employees tested devices within their parent organization. it recommends a process for third party verification resulting from crash test labs and the gao urges real world crash data. >> that part of the report, i think, is particularly appalling that we don't respond quickly enough. those m the state senate is both the us-dot and california-dot
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was not responsive enough. >> reporter: caltrans placed a moratorium on units but there are still 3,000 on highways. they're waiting for crashes or maintenance issues. today, i stopped by the spot where darrell blackman died. a car hit the end unit again but it wasn't a et plus. >> we have to get this system fixed so that people don't get injured, lose lives, and taxpayers are protected against liability. >> the family is suing caltrans and makers of the et-plus. the federal highway administration sent an e-mail that they welcome the review. i'm posting the statement links to the report and all of the stories at police are looking for the
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person that set off april illegal fire work at san francisco general hospital. some people reported they'd thought there had been a shooting. they're now looking at surveillance video to track down whoever set it off. >> you can feel it in the building. so it sounded like a car hit the building. >> i cannot link this. i cannot. >> things began going back to normal. a four hour standoff ended peacefully yesterday. the man still went to the hospital in what turns out to be
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bad shape. the man is in critical condition and information his family says about that. >> family members tell me he's just out of surgery for fractures to the face. police have not named him either. family members say doctors are keeping an eye on a possible puncture to his lung. san francisco police know the standoff with a man armed with a gun ended peacefully. they recorded message that hostage negotiators played for the man. >> he told his uncle he loved him and just give up. it's not worth it. >> he surrendered. sfpd police chief says this is the outcome that they wanted and
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they've been training the last year and a half. >> i applaud him for that. yes. i do. >> i am pissed off. i am pissed off. >> family members told them their loved ones would be in the psych ward. abc7 news learned he's in critical condition. police says no one called her to tell them. >> they have my phone number. he talks on the phone to his mother. why couldn't they tell me? >> he said injuries were caused by projectiles fired at him. curry says her cousin is bipolar
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and she doesn't know how he got a gun. the best outcome now is that she says he will be okay. tonight's facebook ceo is reacting to a shooting that happened in minnesota. zuckerberg said i hope we never have to see another video like diamond's and reminds us to build an open, connected world is so important and how far we have to go. he's talking about this facebook livido of a police shooting of a black man in st. anthony, minnesota. coming up at 6:30 abc7 news has more on the power of livido in police accountability. there is outrage following last night's shooting. the city of oakland send a warning about a rally. the city told the business community the demonstration will
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be likely peaceful, police are on stand by to respond to any violence or vandalism. the huge apartment building that caught fire yesterday on the oakland border is still smoking today, fire crews are working the scene as investigators wait to get access. a national response team of atf experts is expected to arrive tomorrow. >> we have fire protection engineers and electrical engineers and chemists and canines. attorneys for the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar want the case moved to another county. her body has never been found
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despite a massive search effort. prosecutors expect antolin garcia-torres killed her. his attorneys says he cannot receive a fair trial in santa clara county. a stanford law professor that called for the removal of a judge that has been widely criticized forgiving a stanford swimmer a sentence of six months. we talked to a prosecutor leading the effort to have judge persky removed. >> the voters will have the opportunity to determine he has exhibited judicial bias. >> she says the recall efforts cannot begin until april, 2017. she expects to get 80,000
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signatures needed. new at 6:00 a name dispute at yosemite is likely headed for mediation. the park lost names such as awhwanee hotel and curry village since the contractor was able to have the names and tonight, a new court filing would enable the park and delaware north to resolve differences with mediation which would be much quicker than a prolonged legal battle. an mvp of the league durant. >> carolyn tyler joins us live with the story. >> it was very exciting to see
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him. kevin durant brought his father and young brother. they came here to meet the media and he became the newest member of dub nation. welcome number 35. nba super star is now a warrior. a decision he says he made to step out of the comfort zone. >> it's easy to go back to something you're comfortable with. he think this is the hardest route for me. >> steph played draymond and iguadala. >> those guys just enjoyed pure basketball. >> he wanted to talk with
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the coach said it's a great fit and talked about how to use the new player. >> i'm blessed and have had green talent here. now we have one of the best players in the league. >> people at the news conference durant tossed around a couple baskets and says it's been a hectic two weeks, seemed at ease, he says oklahoma city will be a part of him. even as he makes the bay area his new home. >> next, sneak peek to the women battling to make the u.s. gymnastics team. >> with satellites and gps.
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why human eyes is still the best way to spot a wildfire. >> we're waiting for a warm up and i'll show you how long we have to wait in the accu-weather forecast. plus, what happens when you combine cats and coyotes? it's not pretty i you guy's be good[ bark ] i'll [ bark ]later. bye. see ya pal. xfinity home provides 24/7 professional monitoring for 24/7 peace of mind. aw. aw. aw. aw.
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it is make or break time for america's top female gymnasts. the u.s. olympic team trials begin but athletes had a chance to run through routines this
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morning. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live where everything is sold out, i understand? >> reporter: you're out of luck if you're hoping to get a ticket. the tickets have been sold out for two months and tourism officials tell thus is expected to bring in nearly $5 million to the local economy. over the next three days, san jose is where dreams will be fulfilled. >> we want the best and i'm sure all of us wanted this dream so bad. >> the u.s. olympic team trials have arrived. the stage is set, and ablg lets are ready. -- gabrielle douglas had this piece of advice for aspiring gymnasts. >> no matter what race, who
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color, don't worry about what the people say. just believe and know you can do it. >> never give up. i know everyone says it. if any one of us were to get there, it would be great so keep pushing. >> these are our celebrities. these are what we grew up wanting to be and what we've strived for. >> you get a sense of how hard it is. and how much they love it. it's important to be able to celebrate that with my child and olympians. >> the olympic team will be announced on sunday. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> the u.s. womens' open began in san martin. it's the first time the bay area
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is hosting the championship. the championship offers the largest purse and will be awarded on sunday. >> year after year, the california drought increases a possibility of the wildfire season. some times, it just takes one person. >> good afternoon. a person with a view like that over my shoulder is san francisco on a day where fire danger is lower because we have a lot of fun. it's almost 100 years old, and old school, meet new school in a potentially dangerous situation. >> as accommodations go, it's
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basic. a sink, stove, and bed. but it's a room with a view. >> i know some people are aware there is a person here, many are not. >> if you live in the north bay you have seen this place from a distance. maybe even hiked >> little did we know, the form of a philosopher. in an era of satellites and airplanes and gps and google maps you might think a guy on a tower might be irrelevant. quite the opposite. >> you get that institutional knowledge and knowledge of the
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area. >> on a clear day steve can see to mount shasta. at night, he can see light years. literally. >> it's wonderful to be alone with a mountain. >> this is video shot by gary yost. the fire station tower is inspiring. a perfect combination for public service and escape. from mount tam state park, wayne freedman abc7 news. 10 wildfires are burning across california right now. the pine fire is just 35% contained and burned 2200 acres in a remote part of the loss
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padres national forest. >> let's turn attention to the weather forecast around the bay area. >> we have partry cloudy skies now, lots of low clouds on the coast. it's windy now with gusts up to 37 miles per hour in fairfield, 23 in concord and oakland. 24 in san carlos. looking over the bay from our camera, temperatures are 7 morgan hill. 73 in fairfield. you can see clouds continuing to push over the bay from mount tam. it will be foggy with drizzle overnight into morning hours. and lows will be in the mid-50s and this is on the drizzly spots.
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reduced visibility with fog foggy conditions at the coast around the bay, mainly low to mid-70s. inland it will warm up to upper 70s and low 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday will be cooler. with morning drizzle begin. highs reaching to 80 inland. and then we get a steady warm up. mid to upper 70s on the bay. here is a reminder, this year's aids walk takes place in just seven days.
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. a slower increase in housing prices and decreases lead tonight's bay area business watch. out of 35 cities, six have
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decreases year over year. the biggest drop is in el sobronte. for city was increases the range was 3% >> volkswagon will pay california for it's cheating scandal. california will receive $1 billion of volkswagon ones $15 billion settlement. hackers breeched security at 20% of wendy's restaurants, including six in the bay area. the company found malware that
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could steal credit card information. we have a link to that on our website >> if your pet at risk from wild animals? >> the move to prevent you from falling into a debt trap. ahead, one woman's story. and a look at the realities of modern
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twice in two days, white police officers have shot and killed a black man and both shootings were recorded. a warning these videos are graphic. >> you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> philandro castile died after being shot after being pulled over for a broken taillight.
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the video shows him bloody and unresponsive in a seat beside her. his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat the entire time. on tuesday, alton sterling was shot to death by police in baton rouge, louisiana, he was selling cds outside of a convenience store when police responded to reports of a man with a gun. president obama landed in poland for the nato summit and spoke about the shootings. >> this is not just a black issue or hispanic issue. this is an american issue we should all care about. all fair minded people should be concerned. >> there are rallies underway to protest the shootings. you're looking live at people marching in minneapolis, you can see the crowd gathered there. they seem to be assembling at this point. we have seen marches in dallas, texas, new york city as well as
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washington, d.c. and one is planned for oakland. in san francisco, this standoff could have ended in gunshots but did not. after nearly four hours, officers used bean bag rounds to end the incident without killing the suspect. what is changing these situations is the prevalence of smart phones and ability to share videos live an social media. >> that is right. we have more on that aspect of the story. >> oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: it's not what facebook users expect to see. aftermath of a police shooting. live. >> the video is devastating. >> ed wasserman says cell phone videos like this are valuable and influential and run the risk of spreading misinformation. >> you can imagine it would go viral and get 3 or 4 million view was out it being aujen t
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indicated. >> reporter: activists like cat brooks are encouraging to record. >> the video is a powerful tool, gets rid of censorship and a lot of things, right away. >> former san francisco police chief called the cell phone video a double edged sword. >> it's something we have to understand and embrace. i don't think it's a bad thing. it's something that law enforcement has to realize it's out there. and hopefully, they act appropriately whether being recorded or not. >> he says it's something they're taught to handle in academy. donald trump was on capitol hill today meeting with republican members of the house
6:33 pm
and senate. >> very good meeting and it is clear they're putting together an election campaign. today, fbi director james comey defended his agency's decision and tomorrowy testified for hours. >> in my view there is not evidence beyond probable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt she knew she was receiving classified information. paul ryan asked the director of national intelligence to block clinton. this afternoon, the state department announced they'll open a reinvestigation into the e-mails. >> a newly released pew pollers
6:34 pm
have not been this unhappy. only 40% of democrats and 43% of republicans say they're satisfied with the choices. tonight, crews will spray chemicals to kill mosquitos to reduce the spread of the west nile virus. the treatment is scheduled to start at 11:00 and lasts three hours. last year, west nile virus killed 53 deaths. dead birds have recently tested positive in both santa cruz and san mateo counties this year. >> people living in two san jose neighborhoods are getting visitors from the hills above them. the visitors are suspected of killing two pets. >> mimi the cat was found on a
6:35 pm
neighbor's lawn with what law enforcement say are signs of a coyote attack. >> i heard coyotes do attack animals and such but you know, you never think it's going to happen right there in your own front lawn. >> there are two cases of expected sigh yoety attacks here in the country lane neighborhood in west san jose. it's believed coyotes are coming down from hills using creek beds to enter residential areas. several residents told us they've seen the coyotes in the streets and yards. >> my husband has seen a coyote, too. in the morning. just walking down the street. >> they like to hang out in the driveway. they're out and about and i'm
6:36 pm
worried. >> looking for food resource owes. we make sure we tell citizens they don't have food in the area they can eat and they'll start to owe get used to the area. >> there are plans to post warning signs to alert the public to take care, including walking dogs on a leash and keeping cats indoors. there is a certain loan that often charges 70% interest. >> michael finney shows how you can change that across the country,
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critics call pay day lenders a high rate debt trap. >> michael finney is here to explain how you can get involved. >> i've been telling you about the high cost loans for years. now, regular haters want to make sure consumers know the risks.
6:40 pm
dorothy had a plan that went haywire. she said she paid a steep price. >> we borrowed $2600 for the repair. at the end of the day, we paid up $6700. >> the san jose woman who asked us not to use her last name took out an auto collateral loan but expenses stretched it out to two years. the study found a majority of the title loans had rates of or higher. >> there is a high school example of debt. the consumer financial protection bureau wants to change that and is proposing new
6:41 pm
reforms. >> the consumer financial services association did not return our calls for comments. in a statement released on a website calls it a staggering ble to consumers that will cutoff access to credit. >> this is going to be a floor for consumer protection. >> we have a link on our website, you can check it out on and i want to hear from you. the hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
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you can reach three through creating a make believe world takes a lot of work. >> next at 6:00 meet the states where
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abc7 news was in union square and san francisco held it's annual bell ringing competition. the key is many hours of practice. this year's competition was historic and the founder says she chose to compete in high heels to show bell ringing and be done with a feminine touch. building a virtual world takes more than a desk and lap top.
6:46 pm
abc7 news got to tour where they're making a reality. >> like any start up there are tables and lap tops but only up load vr has the hello deck. >> we have sound proofing and human proofing. sometimes you run into a wall. >> i can get close to this person. she's real. >> got it. >> and test that new social gain. >> this is the eye >> it's capturing you and me. >> every night there is an event here. >> vr isn't just for gains and
6:47 pm
there are companies working on more serious experiences. >> and studies have shown it's just as effective. >> people hands tense up. >> another company wants to take you to space. >> we'll see another experience. >> there is a company doing vr analytics. >> people are looking inside of the experience. a mixed reality studio. >> you've got a controller and a regular camera. >> to make videos and
6:48 pm
commercials. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> tonight an astronaut is in orbit. last night we showed you live the launch of the russian rocket. today, nasa updated the crew is set to arrive after 9:00 on friday night. so far, so good. >> time to check on the weather outside. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. clouds around and warm, dry conditions and fog and drizzle in the morning and sunny skies in the afternoon.
6:49 pm
here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll warm up sunday and all of next week will feel like summer with 80s and 90 >> big announcement today. >> what a classy move by coach steve kerr. recognizing guys that are leaving. but, hey, this was a move that makes a great team better.
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seening a player of the caliber of kevin durant changes the face of the league for years to come. they hung a welcome banner and this guy can do it all. he's a seven time all star, a four-time scoring champ, former league mvp and can play defense. >> he might start i just felt
6:53 pm
like this group of guys, everything is real. you know? you hear nothing but things so i can tell they're about business. >> we try when we put a team together to have people that are high quality and importantly love going to work every day and play basketball. all kevin wants to talk about is basketball. that is fantastic. being around people that are passionate about what they do is enjoyable. we lost in finals this year. we want to do better. >> this is a real feeling and he wanted to make the decision as a
6:54 pm
man and i'm happy we're the team he chose to be with. >> i've been in oklahoma city eight years, been with the organization nine years and i figured it's clear that we may try something new. there is no better place to do that than here. >> there is a reported a $15 million deal with the team for a second year. a's are in houston. let's go out to minute made park. oakland had bases loaded in the 7th and danny valencia
6:55 pm
now, top of the chris, he is out of here. giants third baseman has been on the stable list since june 20th. the giants host arizona tomorrow night. u.s. womens' open owe is underway not too far from morgan hill. michelle wi has been struggling of hate. christy kerr carted a 67. she lands this shot on the green and then check out the back
6:56 pm
spin. south carolina sinks this birdie putt. and serena williams advanced the final. dan? ama? >> join us tonight at coming up, suing social media, the parents going after snap chat. >> and on abc7 news at 11:00 coast to coast police protests. the demonstrations tonight here in the bay area and country following the shooting death of two black men by officers. those stories and more coming up. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- an administrative assistant from grinnell, iowa... a psychotherapist from greenville, south carolina... and our returning champion, an investment banker and strategy consultant from boston, massachusetts... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. very impressive debut performance by our returning champion, matt, here today --
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just a shade under $30,000. so, neil and bonnie, you're gonna have to be at your very best to replace him as champ. but good luck to all of you. here we go. now let's take a look at the categories, shall we? next... and finally... each correct response will begin with the letter "h" and it will come not too far after the word "haste" in the dictionary. matt, you're the champ. you start. great. let's do post haste for $600. bonnie. what is haul? that's the word. post haste for $200. matt. what is a hull? no. neil or bonnie? bonnie.


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