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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it is saturday, july 9th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. >> awfully gray out there. some mist and drizzle. live doppler 7hd showing us we have the fog and clouds across the bay. not everywhere, though. we are starting off with milder temperatures due to a south wind. hears a live look outside. all that slate gray. emeryville and oakland at 61 degrees. san francisco and the coast 57. there's about a hatch mile visibility half moon bay. it's 64 in san jose and morgan hill. pretty mild out there. at the airport no delays yet, but look at all the overcast. 56 santa rosa, low 60s concord. this is the beach. can't even see it in santa cruz. we will get into sunshine in the afternoon. low 70s there and low 80s inland. chris. >> lisa, thank
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happening today, act rivers plan to meet in san francisco to demand justice for black men killed by officers this week. they are expected to be on bryant street near interstate 80. last night demonstrators hit the streets for hours. sergio quintana tells us about the new precautions police are taking. >> hundreds arrived at city hall to protest police violence against black people. it was loud, but peaceful. san francisco sheriff's deputies prepared for their arrival by cordoning off the entrance to city hall. the protest was after two shootings this week. salton sterling was killed in louisiana tuesday. he was selling cds on the street. and philando castile was killed in minnesota. he was pulled over for a broken tail light. >> we are still having this conversation. it's still going on and we haven't got to a point we can respect each other no matter what color or sexual orientation. >> all lives matter but seems like at the end of the day black people are being killed more than any other race, every day. >> cops of hurting people but we
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have to work first with our justice system. we can't pick on one cop if the justice system is all fudged up. we are just repeating the bullies. >> this demonstration started on the embarcadero. the group swelled to several one k -- several hundred people at one point. dozens of san francisco police officers paralleled the large group as they marched to city in the east bay protesters gathered for the second straight night in oakland. demonstrators held signs at the there was no mention of the killings of five officers in dallas. some say they continue to feel suppressed and racially profiled. >> all we wanted since we got free was equal. and they said we are equal, but we are not. i mean, we can now drink from the same fountains but we can't
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even go to the fountains in piedmont. it's like an invisible line. >> oakland police officers were there but kept their distance. thursday night protesters smashed windows at police headquarters and splashed the building with red paint. several downtown businesses were vandalized. about 1,000 people shut down interstate 880 for hours, refusing to leave. five people were arrested. in atlanta, georgia, thousands of protesters shut down a freeway yesterday. police say no arrests were made there during the demonstrations. the protests in the bay area and across the country come against nationwide mourning for the five dallas police officers killed thursday night. here's the latest. the suspect has been identified as 25-year-old michael johnson. police say he acted alone. authorities confiscated rifles and bomb making materials from his home. all five officers killed have been identified.
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meanwhile president obama is cutting his european trip short. he will return home and then travel to dallas next week. these are the five officers. police killed the suspect, michael johnson. authorities took three a other suspects into custody, but they have since been released. >> what we won't know is who, if anybody, may have known what the gunman knew, if they assisted him. >> seven police officers were also injured in the attack and they are all expected to survive. mayor ed lee yesterday posted this picture from orlando where he visited a memorial at the june 12th terrorist attack at a nightclub. he presented a flag that was flown over san francisco city hall after the shootings to an orlando councilwoman.
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in a statement the mayor said we can and must stand against violence, violence against men of color, violence against law enforcement officers and violence again our communities. the mayor also signed a book of condolences at orlando city hall. a speaker for the san francisco's police commission said police shootings like those in louisiana and minnesota are less likely to happen now in san francisco due it recent reforms. abc7 news spoke with dr. joseph marshall at the offices of alive and free. it's a youth club he heads in the dog patch neighborhood. he points out the confrontation with an armed man in san francisco, the incident ended peacefully after a lengthy standoff. >> officers now are waiting them out for four hours and we are able to take him in without incident. that's the way i believe policing should be done. marshall compares that with last year's shooting of mario woods who was shot 15 times by officers while holding a knife. he credits the new acting chief
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tony chaplain for the new tactics >> was there a town hall last night on the violence around the country. what brought together young people to talk about their concern? a big topic was distress of law enforcement. music artists, a retired new york police detective, and attorney general loretta lynch weighed in. >> we can push this forward. the rest of america is acknowledging what this community has known for years. >> the program aired last night on all mtv networks and online a in the east bay, raging flames sent thick, black smoke all across the area. this shows the scene at the plastics recycle center off cherry street in newark. the fire is contained but firefighters are keeping an eye out for hotspots. we have more. >> i got home, put the kids in the house, locked up the house and went in the backyard to see
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the smoke billowing. >> wanda paulson lives across the street from the recycling plant. about but you didn't have to be that close to see the smoke. the massive plume was visible for miles. >> it's a recycling business so there was a mixed load of fuels in there, papers and some plastics. and really it's the plastics that make that dark smoke. >> i already used my inhaler because when i came through it was a lot of black smoke and i could smell it and making it hard to breathe. >> almeda county issued a shelter in place order for about 5,000 he people who could have been in harm's way. >> let people know to stay indoors, shut windows, turn off the air conditioning. >> i have a 5-year-old and 7-year-old grandkids and my mother who is 98. i wanted to make sure the smoke wasn't coming into the house but the way luck was going, it was heading south. >> it was moving quickly toward
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surrounding businesses, but damage was contained to the recycling plant and no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is being investigated. in newark, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> we have developing news out. contra costa county this morning. a fire truck is out of service after a car slammed into it in pittsburgh. two units were on highway 4 at the daily road off-ramp addressing a separate accident. that's when a speeding car hit one of the fire trucks that was supposed to be protecting the scene. the driver was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown at this time. no firefighters were hurt. a team of federal agents arrived in the bay area to investigate a huge fire in emeryville. yesterday abc7 news gas on macarthur boulevard as agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms surveyed the damage from wednesday's fire. the atf expert still can't go into the building, which was still under construction, because it hasn't been deemed save by structural engineers.
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they are interviewing witnesses and looking a the video of the fire. they hope to go inside sometime this weekend. >> they are going to look for the site, the origin of the fire and how it spread in hopes that we can can he remember a cause. >> the team of atf agents including explosive experts, chemists, mappers and engineers. they will also use dogs trained to sniff out explosives and fire accelerants. >> here's lisa. >> the low clouds and fog breaking up around the bay. temperatures mild. 67 here to the mid-60s around the bay. a cooler afternoon before we warm things up for the future. i'll talk about it and have your neighborhood forecast next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the bay area program, making sure sex offenders like jaycee dugard's abductor are tracked and monitor. and a
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>> we have developing news in taiwan, a supertyphoon has weakened this morning to a strong tropical storm after touching down yesterday. at least three people have died and more than 100 injured. winds up to 150 miles an hour hit yesterday morning, throwing cars around and leaving behind damaged buildings. take a look at this video. the storm triggered waves as high as 16 feet. authorities evacuated nearly 230,000 people living in the impacted areas. 6:12 is our time.
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it's been seven years since jaycee dugard was abducted. she sat down last night to talk about her story and her new book. a lot of things have changed since she was rescued. here's vic lee. >> neighbors simply call it the house. this is how it looked then. seven years ago. this is the house today. hardly recognizable. neighbor steve brown. >> just stucco. not cinder block like it used to be and bars on the windows. he had security bars on the windows. >> the new owners tore down the wooden fences. high fences that hid the horrors of the makeshift compound of sheds, tents and outbuildings. the backyard with with she lived for 18 years, held captive by
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her abductor, philip, who fathered her two children. he was on parole all that time but he was able to elude parole agents who failed to adequately monitor him. after a two-month investigation the inspector general recommended a series of reforms in the parole agents. reduce agents case loads. better training and policies for electronic monitoring. the oversight agency has lost much of its power since it issued the report. it can no longer launch probes into cases like this unless it's triggered by the governor or legislature. this man prosecuted the case. >> i think it's a step in the wrong direction with any type of government bureaucracy to remove oversight. >> but there's with a stop-gap policy that others may want to adopt. >> there's a task force made up of eight different police agencies headed by my office. that task force, all they do is monitor compliance with sex offenders who are required to register in almeda county.
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>> the safe task force may have made a difference in jaycee dugard's life. vic lee, abc7 news. a 24-year-old berkeley plan is under arrest after police matched his fingerprints to a series of sexual assaults in 2008. one happened in july of 2008. police say the victims threatened the victims with either a knife or a gun. but despite dna and fingerprint evidence, police couldn't identify a suspect. that changed when that man was arrested on a traffic warrant. his fingerprints linked him to an attack in june of 2108. -- june of 2008. he was 16 years old at the time of the assaults. he was arrested wednesday. the trial in the case of the missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar may start in the fall. suspected killer 22-year-old anthony garcia torres appeared in court yesterday. his attorneys do not want to allow cameras in the courtroom during the trial.
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the america aboutry news also said the judge could start in september with jury selection. lamar disappeared in 2012 and her body was never found. investigators say illegal fireworks started a fire on wagon way. the flames erupted last night. it spread quickly because of leaves in the gutters and debris around the home. this picture shows firefighters pulling hoses. damage was estimated at $20,000. no one gas hurt. all lanes opened on a busy freeway connector in emeryville that was shut down by a tractor-trailer fire yesterday afternoon. it burst into flames and the roadway remained closed for six hours. just after 7:00 p.m. they hauled away the burned out trailer. a haz mat crew had to clean up the fuel that spilled.
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happening today is the annual russell city blues festival. russell city was once the harbor of a steady stream of are musicians playing deep south blues. they celebrate their 17th year with rich history and musical and cultural art forms. it starts at 11:00 this morning at hayward city plaza. let's get a check of the weather. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the forecast for us. good morning. >> good morning, chris. you know the cloud deck already getting diffused out there. not everyone looking at low clouds and fog. but at this point the fog footprint looks extensive north and south and visibility about a half-mile half moon bay. it's due to an area of low pressure that's bringing rain in the pacific northwest and for the bay area the winds are coming out of the south. that's allowing for a milder start, maybe some mist and drizzle at the coast, but really the fog is going to evaporate and we had are see a sunnier afternoon for some but it's also going to be on the cool side.
6:18 am
there's the rain mount shasta and the bay area we have the low clouds and fog, the cooler highs and the warmer starts this morning. from the roof camera here's the way it looks. you see how gray it is upper 50s san francisco, low 60s from oakland to mountain view. 64 san jose. half moon bay a mild 57. the golden gate bridge, this is what i am talking about. it was socked in a little while ago. already the marine layer getting mixed out. fairfield 670 with the southwest wind. it's clear here. concord and livermore low 60s. you will see another nice afternoon. so 24-hour temperature change. milder, anywhere from two to five degrees milder, six degrees milder mountain view. you certainly feel it if you step outside. you don't have the chill we normally get in the 50s, low to mid-50s early morning temperatures usually. lake tahoe about 52. truckee 57, south lake. we will see 70s there today but dry conditions with the red
6:19 am
flag warning. areas of fog, maybe drizzle. breezy and cooler today for the rest of you. we will see more sunshine tomorrow. that starts a warming trend. today is the coolest day of the week and then temperatures will really warm up to near average readings into next week. so across the state we've got the 60s in the sierra nevada, but with relative humidity below 20% and winds gusting to near 50 miles per hour, a red flag warning for the nevada side. be careful there. 67 with clouds in monterey, partly to mostly cloudy along the coast. partly cloudy conditions in los angeles. today in san jose, 77. look what happens tomorrow. 79, average highs low 80s. we will get there for all of next week. in fact warming up through the upper 80s. looks like a typical summer pattern as we get into the middle of july.
6:20 am
75 santa clara, 72 in milpitas on the peninsula. afternoon son, 70 san mateo, 75 loss at toes. and san francisco we are mild already but 63 with partly cloudy skies. sun for the giants game. 78 in calistoga. look for 72 near the water in vallejo. and the fog deck early on. then we will see 70 forecast. 81 pittsburgh, mostly in the 70's in the inland east bay a few 80s. warmer days tomorrow. low 90s arrive for the reft of the work week inland and 80 around the bay. coming up is the san francisco a.i.d.s. walk. to register, or call 415-615-walk.
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>> critics call payday lenders and other high cost lender it debt traps. but now they are attempting reforms on the industry. michael finney tells you how you can get involved. >> dorothy had a plan but the plan went haywire and she said she paid a steep price. >> we borrowed $2600 for the car repair. at the end of the day we wound up paying like $6700. >> the san jose woman who asked us not to use her last name took
6:24 am
out an auto title loan that requires you put up your car title for collateral. she intended to pay it off in two weeks, but additional unexpected expenses stretched that out to two years. a study found an overwhelming majority of auto title loans from between 2500 and $5,000 had annual percentage rates of 70% or higher. leeanna is with the california reinvestment coalition. >> it's pretty much the debt trap. it's a very high cost expensive cycle of debt. >> she said lenders typically don't look at a consumer's ability to pay back such loans. the consumer financial protection bureau wants to change that and is proposing new federal reforms. >> we need protection from egregiously high-interest loans in poor communities. >> despite several attempts, the consumer financial services association of america did not
6:25 am
return our calls for comment. in a statement released on their website the group called the reforms a staggering blow to consumers that will cut off access to credit. consumer groups aren't buying that argument. >> i think this reform is going to be a significant improvement and will establish a better floor for consumer protection. >> consumers have until september 14th to submit their comments. proposal on our website at our website at i'm michael finney, on your side. >> you can feel the disappointment here in the bay area. someone in indiana won last night's $540 million megamillions drawing. it was the seventh largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. here are the numbers. 8, 19, 20, 55, 73 and the meganumber 5. to see those numbers again head over to our website, tuesday is the next drawing. the jackpot is a mere $15 million. this was a welcome break
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from all the tough news this week. the dallas zoo put out this video showing their two-month-old baby elephant calf taking other bath. it was his first dip in the kiddy cool and it looks like he really loves the water. he doesn't have a name yet. more than a thousand people lined up to sign up for a school supply giveaway in san jose. abc news was outside sacred heart community service when the doors open. some camped out overnight. they will have more supplies than before to give away. they say they need more because of the rising cost of living. >> it's more difficult. it's harder for us to get all the supplies. sacred heart will register 3300 students for the giveaway, which takes place on august 12th. to donate go to our website,
6:27 am still ahead, a space capsule docks with the international space station, and on board is a napa native making her first visit into space. meet the mentors who convinced her to become an astronaut. >> i'm in dallas where several police officers were ambushed and killed. coming up, the latest on the investigation and the protests
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>> it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. a mild start. 64 in san jose. five degrees milder than yesterday morning. looking at 63 mountain view is a. 67 at the coast and san francisco. low 60s inland in kind of a neat picture from emeryville. you can see the sun trying to break through the cloud deck. 56 santa rosa, 58 napa, 61 novato with low 60s concord and livermore. it's a warmer start. a slightly cooler afternoon. sunshine will reveal itself by midmorning. we will see 60s to upper 70s around the bay. cool and kind of gray in parts of the coast. a warmup begins tomorrow. it lasts through the week. we will talk about it in just a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. developing news outs of texas now. this morning the investigation into the ambushed-style attack that killed five dallas police officers continues. but so do black lives matter
6:31 am
protests all across the country. kenneth moen is in dallas with the story. >> this morning lack lives coming face-to-face with blue lives. a day of demonstrations across the country moved into the night. thousands took to the streets to protest the police killings of alton sterling in louisiana and philando castile in minnesota. in atlanta they shut down major roadways. in phoenix police used pepper spray to control the crowds n and in rochester, new york, more than 70 arrests, including two tv news reporters. >> justin carter being arrested. >> officers across the country are on alert after a bullet of an assassin rocked dallas. five were killed as they watched over a black lives matter protests. the army reservist micah johnson targeted the men because. their uniform and their race.
6:32 am
>> he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect stated he want the to kill white people, especially white officers. >> the suspected lone gunman was killed. in his home federal and local police found bomb-making materials and guns. investigators and a nation looking for answers after one of the deadliest mass shootings of police in u.s. history. >> this guy lived around the corner from me and was willing to take people's lives he didn't even know. it's scary. president obama called is a despicable, calculated and vicious attack. he will end his trip overseas a day early to visit dallas this week. a about wc7 news. >> just released this morning, vice president joe biden delivered the presidential weekly address, calling on people to speak out against disparities and the criminal justice system, and stand up for police who protect and serve.
6:33 am
he echoed the remarks of the dallas police chief. they are calling on people to call for unity and stop the violence. >> we will continue to offer our thoughts and prayers and provide comfort to the broken-hearted families. we can't be pulled apart. we are americans with bonds that hold us together we endure, we overcome, and we stand together. vice president biden also says everyone needs to speak out against the disparities within the criminal justice system, and also stand up for the police who protect us every day. effective immediately, officers at three bay area police departments will patrol only in pairs. san jose, oakland and palo alto all made that change for safety. san francisco already requires most officers to ride in pairs prior to the dallas killings. one unfortunate consequence of doubling up police officers, the public will see fewer patrol cars on the road. >> outside of the police substation in south san jose, eddy garcia took a moment to reflect. >> i can't imagine being somewhat fearful after what unfolded last night in dallas. >> the chief reaffirming his commitment to ensure his officers have the best equipment possible to protect against ambush attack.
6:34 am
the plan to purchase additional rifles and bulletproof shields. >> on the one hand we want to end the violence and work with the community, but we have to make sure the officers are safe. >> a threat to police near city hall. someone reported seeing a sticker saying killed cops that was placed on an electrical box. the sticker has been removed. community members out protesting voice their frustration. >> they get mad at us because it is a bad cause but they aren't standing with us. of course, we will say they are bad cops because they aren't standing with us. >> he is with the african-american community service agency in san jose said he appreciates the work of police but believes much more needs to be done to improve race relations. >> people will make comments and not even look into what black lives matter actually represents. they will just speak on what they know. it's best people educate themselves and ask questions. >> all officers on patrol will work in pairs through the end of the weekend. >> you will see less patrol cars in the streets, but it doesn't
6:35 am
necessarily mean response times will reduce because two officers are together. >> we are also seeing compassion responses in the aftermath of the dallas attack. concord police posted this picture to facebook yesterday, thanking the anonymous citizen who left flowers in front of the headquarters with a note saying honoring dallas, stay safe, concord. and the impact of protests in the bay area continues online at and on twitter at abc7newsbayarea. a russian spacecraft arrived at the international space station. it is carrying a russian cosmonaut, a japanese astronaut and a bay area astronaut that grew up here. getting into space is an extraordinary feat, and astronaut kate rubins was no ordinary student. >> as astronaut kate rubins walked to the launch vehicle in kazakstan, a stanford professor was watching from mission control in houston.
6:36 am
>> as the rocket headed up into the sky, i just choked up. i was overwhelmed. >> he was kate's ph.d. mentor. he said her graduate work with deadly diseases like ebola prepared her for space. >> many of the same kinds of conditions that she'll now have to face as an astronaut. she was literally wearing a space suit in dealing with life-threatening dangers. >> he said kate never took the easy road, and there is no easy road to space. >> she had to do things like learn to be fluent in russian, learn to fly a jet fighter and other training. >> but her training began long before grad school. here in her high school they still remember her. >> she was a top student and really dove into the material. >> he was her soccer coach. >> and she was an editor-in-chief. >> did you look at her and say this girl is going to be an astronaut? >> no, i can't say i did but i
6:37 am
know there would be something special. >> they are sending something into space with her and hope she returns the favor. they requested a chat in the students. >> a video. a live feed. it would be a spectacular thing for our students to experience. >> the topic is her study of genetics and how the body changes in zero gravity. >> somebody who has just joy for the unknown. >> it will be a busy few months in space, and kate was never one to do the bare minimum. >> even in my free time i'm a bit of a nerd, i think i will be doing science experiments up there. >> abc7 news, napa. >> lake tahoe's current water level is well below average burks it's better than last year. next a look at the shifting water levels and how people who depend on the lake are adjusting with them. but first a live look outside from our santa cruz camera. we are seeing fog along the coast, as well as some parts of the bay
6:38 am
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>> new this morning, the monarch butterfly population is steadily decreasing here in california. a new study shows a 74% decline in the last two decades from more than one million in 1997 to just under 300,000 in 2015. biologists say the orange and black insects that return to the california coast during the winter are struggling. they say it's possible the
6:41 am
culprit is insecticides in the forested groves where they spend their winters. lisa argen is tracking live doppler hd. hi, lisa. , look at this. outside our window it's cleared but the golden gate is foggy. it's variable around the bay. but for everyone a milder start, a slightly cooler afternoon, and warmer weather is just around the corner. we will have it coming up. >> got to love that microclimate forecast. thanks. and a wild finish in houston. down by three, the a's rally for five runs in the ninth but could they hold on to the been trying to prepare for this day...
6:42 am
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>> lake tahoe the water level is well above last year. but government forecasts indicate climate change could have a serious impact on the futures of the lake and that means tough decisions are coming on how to manage the shoreline. ama daetz has the details. >> it's a storybook day on lake tahoe. blue sky, blue water, and thousands of people to take in -- take is all in. the lake level is almost three feet below average for this time of year. but it's a foot higher than it was last year. that's enough to make a big difference for people on the water. >> oh, my gosh, it is better. >> we shot this video at south lake tahoe last july. this is what the same spot looks like now. better conditions for swimmers
6:45 am
and boaters. >> we went down to pick up one of our rental boats. >> but this marina owner is worried about the future with climate change threatening the tourist-dependent economy around the lake. >> if the water level drops the boats can't get into the marinas or launch their boats. >> he owns the camp richardson marina, where they have used a floating dock to extend the pier into deeper water. but you see the problem with many smaller private piers that barely reach the lake and this could become the norm. they predict major challenges for tahoe over the next few decades. >> the study shows we can expect warming temperatures in the air and water. less snowpack, more frequent drought. >> the projections come as the tahoe regional planning agency is working on new rules for the to to
6:46 am
lake shoreline. they are hugely controversial. for 40 years environmental groups, home owners and businesses have fought over waterfront buildings, including adding new and longer piers or more buoys for the boats. the last ones were thrown out when the league to lake tahoe sued and won. >> it allowed for massive increase of boating on the lake without adequate mitigation. >> that was eight years ago. now with a desperate need for an updated shorine policy, the various factions are starting to work together, starting with research. >> we are learning more about what the real impacts of boating are through a joint fact finding process. >> we want to protect the lake as much, if not more than everyone else. we make our livelihood out here. so it's really important to make sure the science backs up whatever we are looking to do. >> experts say the water level for tahoe has already peaked for the summer but good boating conditions are expected to last at least for a couple of months.
6:47 am
abc7 news. we are off to a mild start to the weekend but when can we expect a warmup? >> hi, chris. we have 41 minute delays at sfo on inbound flights due to the low cloud deck. if you look outside, we have plenty of sunshine in san francisco. we will get to that in a moment. right now i want to show you the area of low pressure. it's a weak frontal ban that will a bring breezy conditions this around. it will allow for mist and dense fog in spots. otherwise it's going to disrupt the low cloud deck. we are looking at rain around mount shasta and extreme northern california. for the bay area it's the usual low clouds and fog and quickly evaporates and we are getting into a warmer pattern. hear you see how clear it is. but just a couple hundred feet away some clouds are gathering. 62 in morgan hill, looking at a
6:48 am
partly cloudy start in san jose. 63 mountain view. 61 oakland with the gray sky. half moon bay 67. you see the bay bridge from the roof camera. 56 in santa rosa, over in novato it's mild at 61. clear skies in concord. last check livermore it was cloudy. give you an idea how the low cloud deck is moving around. warmer than yesterday. it's not just five degrees warmer in concord and oakland and san jose. certainly notices that as you step outside this morning. this is a live look from our santa cruz camera where we do have the low cloud deck. getting into sunshine in the afternoon. breezy around the bay today. but we will see temperatures just a tad cooler but sunnier conditions arrive tomorrow. so speaking of the beach, the ocean temperature 56 in santa cruz today. sunshine and low 70s. and the numbers will come up.
6:49 am
a little bit of to go tomorrow but we will see less and less of that fog. in fact, the low cloud deck already getting diffuse. and with that looking at the mild start. the afternoon still below average. >> we should see about 71 today in oakland. 67 around the bay. you have the clouds. 61 richmond, 79 livermore. 77 san jose. that's about four degrees below average. and from our bay bridge camera you see the deck of low clouds here. afternoon today, the game, 64 degrees with the west wind up to 17 miles an hour. having the sea breeze once again but you kind of get used to that when you are in the city for the summertime. the coolest day of the week is this afternoon. then we look for about five degrees of warming tomorrow. 90s arrive monday inland and around the bay staying at about 80 degrees at the coast. partly cloudy skies. feel and looking a little bit more like summer out there in the week ahead.
6:50 am
chris. >> a nice forecast. lisa, thank you. in sports, the first 20,000 fans will receive either a johnny cueto before the game before the d-backs. yesterday they were trying to beat them for the first time here this season. here's the sports report. >> good morning. by winning the final five fan vote, giants is first baseman brandon belt earned a spot in next tuesday's all-star game. he came in batting .300 with 10 home runs and 46 rbi. willie mccovey shows you it was bobblehead night at&t park. the home run to lead it off. the next at-bat he gets hit in the elbow. in the second corbin looking for revenge, throws up him not once but twice. and he tells corbin take this, and there it goes. his ninth homer of the season. ties at game at 2.
6:51 am
then in the third. posey grounds into what should be the third out, but jake lamb airmails the throw to first. samardzija shows to make it 3-2. 6-2 is the final. it's the giants 55th win, tops in the majors. >> with his parents looking on, daniel was pitching against his hometown team, houston. he was also drafted by the astros. he did not give up a hit. -- did not give up a hit until the fourth. they trailed, but the roughed-up all-star reliever chris harris gave up the two-run homer, and it made it 7-6. with two on chris davis comes through with a two-run double off michael feliz. the a's take the 8-7 lead. they added one more run but the closer could not seal the deal. he strikes out correia, but the ball gets away from steven vote. it put runners it at the corner with one out. then the next pitch goes deep to right for a walk-off three-run homer.
6:52 am
the a's lose a heartbreaker 10-9. >> at the u.s. women's open, michelle wie did not make the cut. she finished 5 over after two rounds. let's go to the golf club for the highlights. angela stanford with one of the best shots of the round. on six she sends her ball straight into the hole for an eagle. a 70 has her three-under for the tournament. first round leader lee followed thursday with a 74. she's tied with k amy for second place, two strokes back. another tough outing for the earthquakes. in the 51st minute, they score on the bicycle kick.
6:53 am
that would be the only goal as fc dallas wins 1-0. san jose is winless in their last seven games. and that is sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. i'll see you again tonight at 5:00 >> up next, 15,000 dominoes all hey, they'd be lucky to have you. don't be nervous mommy.
6:54 am
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see the secret life of pets, in theatres july 8th. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. . >> welcome back, everyone. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $540 million megamillions drawing.
6:56 am
one ticket purchased in indiana wins the third largest jackpot in mega-millions history, and the seventh highest in u.s. history. happening today, a day of dominoes. it's in the south bay. builders will topple the impressive 15,000 domino installation they have been assembling in san jose. this is youtube video from alex wang. he and his team started building the sculpture on monday. witnesses create third own structure. the chain reaction event starts at is:30 at the museum in san jose. let's get a final weather check with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. speaking of san jose, it's mild, in the mid-60s. warmer than yesterday but today will be another day with temperatures below average. 77 for a high. plenty of sunshine. should be at 83. but the numbers will go you have slowly. we will get to above-average
6:57 am
readings by the end of next week. today low 60s in the city. partly cloudy, 67 oakland. 76 in napa. sunny skies. livermore, 79 degrees. you are probable probably liking that. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring cooler weather today, upper 50s. low 80s inland. 70s at the coast. and then we warm up slowly monday. low 80s on tuesday. we will kind of keep it there the rest of the week and not so much fog. partial clearing at the coast. limited sun, but we are getting warmer. chris. >> lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us on the abc7 morning news. i'm chris nguyen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. as we say good-bye, we will leave you with a live look outside from the abc7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 pointed at the financial district.
6:58 am
see you at 8:00 a.m.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. ambush in dallas. the nation reacting with sadness and confusion in the wake of tragedy. >> we care. i care. >> new video this morning taking us moment by moment through the siege, the standoff and its explosive end. [ sirens ] and the five fallen heroes. what we know about the officers slain in dallas and a profile of the shooter. new details are emerging about the army veteran who carried out the horrific attacks. >> he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> an arsenal discovered in the gunman's home and a vendetta for police. >> this guy lived around the corner from me and was willing to take people's lives that he didn't even know. >> president obama responding to the deadly attack cutting his european visit short as the


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