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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. the dallas police chief today revealed knew details that he lone sunshiner who killed five officers last week. we learn today that dallas gunman left a message during his final moments. here's new developments on that and the story of a woman who was shot in the attack. >> he said he has gun, run. >> reporter: an emotional new glimpse into thursday night's deadly ambush in dallas from a survivor. >> saw another officer get shot right there in front of me.
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>> reporter: shetamia taylor was at the protests when she was shot in the leg can saying officers saved their lives. >> that's officer jumped on top of me and covered me. they had no regard for their open life. they surrounded my son and i. >> reporter: while she is treated in hospital, three of the seven police officers who were injured are now recovering at home. their colleagues still collecting evidence at the scene as investigators reveal new findings about the lone sniper. the dallas police chief saying on cnn, micah johnson claimed he wanted to murder white police officers after recent cases of police killing black men it appeared he started planning the attack much earlier. >> we believe the death in minnesota and louisiana just sparked his delusion to fast track this plan. >> reporter: the chief saying jobson left behind a rambling
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journal and where he beings killed by the police hat written the lettereds r, and b in his own blood. >> we're trying to figure out through looking at things in his home what those of initials mean. >> reporter: the funerals for the five officers who were killed are plan for this week and president obama plans to visit dallas to pay his respects on tuesday. >> we're hearing more from the mother who was wounded. shetamia taylor took her four sons to take partner "black lives matter" march. a wounded officer urged taylor and her family to run, moments after the first shots. >> i wanted to make sure they were all in front of me so they start running up the block and i was running behind them, and i felt the bullet. i don't know if it bounced off the grounds or what but i felt
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it in the back of my leg. >> we hide between a car and a curb, gunshots, all i hear is gunshots. >> taylor expressed sympathy for the officers who lost their lives and says she is praying for them and their families. one of the most visible faces over the "black lives matter" movement faces charges following a protest last night. >> what the [bleep] [shouting] >> police in baton rouge, louisiana, arrested mckesson who. he was charged with obstructing a highway. he is out on bail now. police arrested at least 200 during rallies in surveil cities nationwide. most were peaceful. police in baton rouge arrested -- well, you saw the arrest of mckesson in the bay area people turned to their faith to find strength in each other and their own presence together during this crisis.
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cornell bernard is live at city hall. cornell? >> reporter: many came looking for healing and answers and many want to vent their anger and try to move forward. >> my god, my god, why heavy for saken me. >> reporter: messages of peace and healing at this rally. moving forward, the toughest challenge after police killings in dallas and the killings of black men across the condition triby officers. >> how we can bring communities together as well as the police. we need to -- we reallied in to have dialogue. >> last week sfpd had a standoff with an african-american man with a gun. he lived. [applause] >> in san francisco's bay view district, neighbors and activists gathered at the spot where mario wood was shot by san friday police. they say he refused to drop a
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weapon. people want to vent their anger about police shootings. >> enough is enough. that's the battle cry. enough is enough. >> educated young people coming out, the same thing. they're hungry. they're hurt. >> reporter: police mobilized with extra officers on motorcycles motorcycles and on rooftops. ready in case protesters tried getting on nearby highway 101 like many protests attempted to do on saturday. >> we can't have this many police, they're treating us like criminals, coming in full riot gear. >> this vigil was peaceful. >> people in austin showed their support for police by signing cards, win each for dallas baton rouge, and minneapolis-st. paul police departments, all dealing with case of after officer-involved shooting and killing a black man. >> definitely want those people to be supported. god bless them. >> giving our support to them is the best thing we can do. >> everyone around the world,
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even though you think you might not like them, everybody has something inside them that makes them feel good. >> vigils for the dallas officers are being held across the nation, including this one near st. louis, missouri, our coverage of the shootings in dallas and protest inside the bay area continues at and on twitter,@abc7 news bay area. the final report is set to be released tomorrow from a commission looking into practices at the san francisco police department. back in may, the blue ribbon commission found the department lacked transparency and accountability but one police commissioner offers praise for in the new acting chief, tony chaplain. he says she shootings in louisiana and minnesota are less likely to happen here in the city because of recent reforms. vallejo police working to find a woman they believe was kidnapped from her home. this is 57-year-old elvira babb.
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her son received a text message saying his mom wag's held for ransom. police believe these people kidnapped babb and all are in custody about none are cooperating with investigators. abc7 news was in vallejo when police look for abandoned vehicle on city streets. some car owners received warnings today. other vehicles were towed and impounded. >> vehicles that being left on the street or hazard to the community and the kids riding or walking on the sidewalk. they're an eye sore, at times you'll find homeless people living in the vehicles. drug activity. >> owners can get their towed cars back once they pay overdue registration fees. to developing news in los angeles county. now where firefighters are battling a wildfire that has burned more than 1100 acres.
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wind and low humidity prompted a re-red-flag warning for southern california. the los angeles county fire captain says flames came to within feet of homes. evacuation orders were lifted last night. that fire is now about 20% contained. ahead, a fateful moment caught on camera, clash landing at a lake. what the pilot said moments before the plane went down. >> also coming up at 5:00, fun and games. the neighborhood where people got out and enjoyed the sun on car-free streets. >> a win ore of forecast today. nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures but the fog won't stay away. i'll explain in th
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. a terrifying moment captured on video. two fisherman near a like in florida rushed to the rescue after a plane went down. a man and his daughter were onboard. they're expected to be okay. moments before the crash the pilot stayed he was losing
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power. >> there was an up scheduled landing of a delta plane in oklahoma. some of the 12 passengers had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. once they got fresh air the levels returned to normal. the cause of the increased carbon monoxide on the flight from that to denver is not determined. a small indian town is making headlines, where the only mega million grand prize ticket was sold. it was sold at a speedway gas station. the winner has not come forward. the prize is estimated at $541 million with the winner taking home $381 million, making it the third largest jackpot in mega millions history. the big news is still a surprise to many locals. >> i had no idea the jackpot winner was in this store, and hopefully it's a fellow hoosier. >> the gas station will get $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. and up and coming filmmaker
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in the east bay is getting celebrity support. ahead at 5:00, the actor who is helping this student achieve his dream. we're in the clear when it comes to fog, at least for monday. a look at the changes ahead in the work week
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abc7 news was in san francisco's tenderloin when people played bingo in the middle of ellis street. sunday streets takes place monthly across several enableds between april and november. the event gets neighbors a chance to meet each other and enjoy oak differents on car-free streets. it takes place in the mission next month. >> some celebrities check their facebook pages and because will smith check his facebook page a young man is becoming a filmmaker. he found out his college financial aid was running out so he posted a plea on smith's facebook page for help. a smith representative then contacted johnson.
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>> hard to believe will smith saw your post and told to us contact you, the thought your story was amazing and he wants to offer you a scholarship and an internship. >> johnson is a senior majoring at film at san diego state. pretty day, drew. >> reporter: live doppler 7hd showing you not a worry to be had. we'll take you outside to the beautiful shot from our sutro tower camera showing you the iconic golden gate bridge. zero fog but the camera is shaking a little bit. we have had some pretty stiff winds it to. peak dusts in napa, 37 miles-per-hour. half moon bay, 32 miles-per-hour, and san jose, 24-mile-per-hour winds. current winds, gusty along the coast, 25 miles-per-hour a at santa rosa, 35 miles-per-hour at half moon bay.
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29 at sfo. when you move away from the coast, still breezy between, say, 10 and 15 miles-per-hour but that wind has really helped to give us that sunshine and eliminate the fog. comfortable in san francisco right now. 68 degrees. we're at 82 in san ramon, san jose, 78. breezy conditions. oakland, 75. 84 santa rosa, mountain view, currently currently 79. tonight, mild. 60 in antioch, 50s around the bay. plenty of stars no fog. today, plenty of sunshine but to the north there's a storm system and it's going to stay there the next 24 hours. so on monday we'll have windy conditions along the coast. future tracker wind gusts show you, going into the afternoon and evening tomorrow, once again, likely going to see the winds gusting over 30 miles-per-hour, and say between 10 and 20 miles-per-hour around the bay. that's going to help give us a lot of sunshine on the way for
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monday. future weather, you're waking up on monday, no fog. lots of sunshine. a little built of low cloud cover in the afternoon along the coast. around daly city and half moon bay but we're on the way for another sunny and comfortable day. highs on monday, 68 san francisco, 76 oakland. 88 antioch. 84 napa. enjoy the sunshine. a live look from santa cruz, folks enjoying sunshine. the beach forecast looking great. partly cloudy, little breeze with the wind 15 to 25 miles-per-hour. accuweather seven-day forecast, carbon copy. the fog returns on tuesday. will continue wednesday and thursday along the coast. sunshine away 'from the coast but warmer winds will heat us up inland with the heat peaking on friday before saturday and century, temperatures back to normal. a real use nice forecast. >> rick quan is here now with a preview of sports. >> i'm playing in a charity golf
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tournament tomorrow. want to thank drew for providing beautiful weather. the u.s. women's open was decided in a playoff, and at the men's wimbledon final, andy
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. many peopled expected lydia ko to claim another major title. instead the u.s. women's open was decided in playoff between brittani lang and anna nordquist. let's go to the cordevalle golf course. ko lost her ball on nine and
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finished with a 75. nordquist eagles 15. she went to the clubhouse as the co-leader. lang fired a final round 71. this birdie on 16 put per inning so position of the lead but on 17 she gives the street back with a bogey. so they want to a three-hole playoff. on the second hole nordqvist touches the sand with her club and assessed a two-stroke penalty. that put her in a big hole and all but gave lang the title. she pars the last hole to win the u.s. women's open. her first major championship. in 201 andy murray became the first british player in 77 years to capture the men's singles title at wimbledon. today he had a chance to once again please the home crowd. playing before prince williams and princess kate, murray was a heavy favorite to win. he did not disappoint.
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raonic gave it his all but murray was good. measure win thursday straight sets. he has now won two of the last four wimbledon championships. >> i feel like i'm going to enjoy this one a lot more. it means a lot. it's been a few years since i won and i've had a few tough losses in that period. i'm really happy to have won one again. >> the a's were hoping to end the first half on a strong note by talking two out of three from houston. stephen vogt got the day off. last year's cy young award winner keuchel, with the broken bat single. the throw home is bad, a's on top. the astro were down to their final out but gaddis doubles home goes he.
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extra innings. in the tenth with man on third. a chopper to valencia. the throw is up the line so korea is safe, and the astros win 2-1. it was the a's fourth error before today they had gone a franchise record 15 straight games without making one. france took on portugal. it wasn't looking good for portugal as its best player goes down in the ninth minute with a left knee injury. he would late are be taken off on a stretcher in extra time, portugal finds the net in the 109th minute. portugal upsets france 1-nil. their first major tournament title. >> the giants in arizona just underway at at&t park. san francisco trying to complete a three-game sweep. that's sports for now. back to you, eric. >> thank you. ahead, an unusual act caught on a home security camera, but this is no crime. the story when abc7 news at
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5:00 returns.
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at 6:00, weeks after flames destroyed their homes some fire evacuees in san francisco could be force on to the streets, and tesla's ceo elon musk tweets today that has the business world buzzing. join us at 6:00. finally this afternoon, surveillance video captures a good deed instead of a crime. a good samaritan stopped his car when he saw a woman in her 80s about to climb a ladder to hang a flag on the fourth of july. fearing she might fall the stranger put the flag up for her and it the ladder away. family members would like to find out who he is so they can thank him. that dogs it for us here. thank you for your time.
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see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." anger on the streets of america. demonstrators clash with officers. nearly 200 people arrested. highways blocked. police using smoke bombs. growing outrage over the deadly police shootings of two black men. >> you're under arrest. plus, the activist posting live video of his own arrest. the shooter's journal. new details about the gunman in dallas. his extensive notes describing a plan of attack. the final, cryptic message he left behind. split-second decision. the hero mother wounded. using herself as a shield to protect her son. >> i didn't do anything that any other mother, father, would have done for their own child. >> tonight, her emotional story. death in the ring. the spanish bullfighter gored on live tv.


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