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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of pleasanton where researchers are looking for two missing boaters and hopes are growing dim that they'll be found alive. good evening. i'm eric thomas. the boaters went missing about 7:00 in pleasanton. abc7 news reporter sergio keen keen -- quintana arrived. what are you learning? >> we are learning that this is no longer a rescue effort. with crews out here more than four hours at this point they are simply trying to recover the bodies of the two men that went into the water and never came out. according to the police incident commander, the accident on the water happened about 7:00 tonight. there were several people aboard an inflatable raft. four fell into the water. two got back aboarding but the other two didn't of emergency crews arrived and launched an
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aggressive rescue effort. but at this point it is no longer a rescue. >> the last they were seen was submerging under the water. at this point we are using sonar. the dive team is out there using sonar to try to locate and do a recovery. >> they tell us all of the people who went over board were not wearing life jackets. the two adult men who are yet to be recovered did not know how to swim. the alameda county sheriff dive team will remain out here with their boat and the sonar to try to locate the bodies of the two men. if they are not able to do that tonight they will return tomorrow. reporting live in pleasanton, abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you very much. first the fire drove them out of their homes and then they face the project of being driven out again. the folks displaced by the fire are living in temporary housing for now, but that could change soon.
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srnlg crow filed this report as well before heading into pleasanton. >> they have been living in this hotel room for a little more than a week. robert was excited to show us his precious coin collection. it survived the vernal heights fire. >> what did you say when you found out they survived? >> thank god. >> the two are among several other displaced residents who will find out where they will go. they got a dire message from the red cross, the group paying for their hotel rooms after the fire. >> monday is all we can do for you. you can go to a shelter. >> they are worried and angry after the fire lots of people said they would help including someone who launched a go fund me page and local businesses that held fundraisers. >> i don't know where the money is at. why isn't it going toward us. >> the brothers say they don't know who to contact to access that money and thompson says even if they did get some of the money getting a temporary
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home isn't easy without help. >> the mayor a -- the mayor's office is a step up. he said he was. >> the mayor assured us he wouldn't be homeless. that was a promise. >> i reached out to members of the mayor's staff and haven't got a response yet and i asked the american red cross about the situation on the hotel rooms and they have not replied with details. in san francisco, abc7 news. neighbors and activists gathered in the bay view district in san francisco to vent their anger about recent deadly police shootings. this is where police shot mario woods after he refused to drop a weapon. the protest was peaceful, but police mobilized with extra officers just in case. >> definitely can't have this many police. they are treating us like criminals. why are they coming in full riot gear. >> ♪ we shall overcome >> later in the afternoon members of the faith community joined protesters in prayer at san francisco city hall. they hope through events like
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this to bring the police and communities back together. tensions remain high for a second straight night in what the ton rouge -- in baton rouge, louisiana. protesters tried to walk on to a freeway off-ramp and police were able to stop them. a standoff followed with officers in riot gear facing off against protestors who threw water bottles and rocks. police arrested 48 people bringing the total number arrested to more than 160. among those arrested on saturday night was a peace peaceful black lives matter member. he was arrested for blocking a highway and he periscoped the arrest. some say journalists are being arrested for the same thing. in dallas a candlelight vigil is planned for tomorrow night for the five police officers killed by a sniper last thursday. president obama is planning to travel to dallas on tuesday to speak at an inter faith memorial service.
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vice president biden and former president george w. bush and his wife laura will also attend that service. tonight we are hearing from a mother who was wounded while protecting her sons from the sniper in dallas. she spoke at a hospital and the mother of four relived the terrifying moments when her family tried to escape the gunfire. >> and i was running behind them and i felt the bullet. i don't know if it bounced off the ground or what, but i felt it when it hit me in the back of my leg. >> even wounded, taylor shielded one of her sons from the gunfire. >> pushed him into the street. i think he hit the car and we ended up in between the car and the curb. >> my mom goes, yes, i'm hit. i look up and see my mom's leg bleed and i freak out. i didn't know what to do. >> i am thankful my babies are okay. but somebody's dad and husband
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isn't. >> taylor says she has been praying for the fallen officers and their families. people across the bay area joined in prayers tonight in response to the recent shootings. lilian kim joins us now in the newsroom with the story. lilian? >> people at two separate gatherings relied on the power of prayer which they say is exactly what is needed in tackling the issues facing society today. >> we pro actively pray that none of what we have seen on television and social media will happen in our city. >> at this gathering, there are no picket signs and no chants and no marching. just a plea to god. >> this is not a protest. this is a prayer. i think we should come together and we should pray for our city. we should pray for our nation. >> antioch mayor wade harper organized the gathering which brought out faith leaders in the antioch, brentwood and pits ford area. they say the events a
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heartbreaking and a discouraging environment for her son. >> i would never want anything to happen to him like the other stories that have been going on. i truly believe in my heart that prayer is definitely the way. >> in san jose there was a similar event lead by faith leaders outside city hall. the message here, violence is not the answer. >> when people are angry mad they do certain things. when people are cool, calm and collected they do the right things. anybody can get up there and yell and all that. >> back in antioch, a call to action. a pledge to be part of the solution by engaging youth and supporting and reaching out to local police. >> i feel like our whole foundation is losing support. we need to build each other up and stand behind each other and not tear everybody down. >> a sentiment these people hope will spread in their community and beyond. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> scenes like these are happening in many places across the country tonight. central ma -- marin police
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tweeted this picture from stacy who brought in puerto rican food. >> and the coverage of the shootings in dallas as well as the impact of protests in the bay area continue on and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. a tragedy in the wine country tonight. a little boy died after being hit by a pick up in sonoma. a highway patrol helicopter rushed the child to a hospital just after 6:00 this evening, but the victim later died. you can see chp investigators looking for evidence where the truck hit the child. the democrat reports the victim was riding in a stroller with another child. the other child was not hurt. less than a week after it was launched the popular new august -- augmented reality geam pokemon go has lead to some consequences. it requires players to go to different locations in the real world known as poke stops
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to hunt poe pokemon. they say they looked at the stops and then added a beacon to lure them in to rob people at gunpoint. police say they robbed eight or nine players this weekend. and in wyoming a teenager looking for a pokemon on a river bank discovered a woman's body instead. she called police and said the discovery won't stop her from playing the game. other players have reported injuring themselves because they were walking around with their eyes glued to the game. still to come on abc news at 11:00, the cryptic tweet fueling speculation of what will come next for the electric car maker. and the plan to turn a bay area interstate into one of the smartest highways in the country. plus -- >> you have to believe in yourself and believe in what you're going after. >> he said his life was changed forever by the kind acts of actor will smith, and it all started with a facebook post. >> an active wind helped to keep our skies clear. but the fog will not be on
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novato, oakland and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> does this cryptic tweet by musk mean big news for tesla? they are working on master plan part two hoping to publish later this week. musk did not say what he was referring to, but it is similar to a blog posting a decade ago after tesla introduced the model s and model three. this comes two months after a man died using the auto pilot feature. in the next few days cal trans plans to unveil the i-80 smart corridor project to reduce accidents and
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congestion on the freeway. high-tech electronic signs have been in the testing phase from the bridge to the bay bridge. the signs can change the speed limit based on conditions and alert drivers to lane closures and crashes ahead. 44 on-ramps will have new metering lights to control traffic heading on to the highway based on conditions. abc7 news was in vallejo when police looked for abandoned and blighted vehicles on city streets. they conduct the sweeps every few months. some car owners received warnings. others were towed and impounded. >> being on the street they are a hazard to the community and kids riding or walking on the sidewalk. they are an eyesore. >> at times you will find homeless people living in the vehicles. there is drug activity. >> the owners can get their towed cars back once they pay the overdue registration fees. a young man from vallejo has big dreams of making it
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big in hollywood. thanks to will smith checking his facebook page you may see an aspiring film maker's work come to life on the big screen. >> i told him m story and his people contacted me. >> demitrius johnson threw his digital hail mary pass a few years ago. with a few key strokes he shared his story on will smith's facebook page. his financial aid had dried up and his dream of becoming a film maker was about to land on the cutting room floor. >> hopefully i can get a scholarship or something out of it. i was just seeing what was going to happen. >> reporter: smith immediately reached out to johnson through his company over brooke entertainment. >> you are not going to believe this that will smith has seen your post and he told us to contact you that he related to it and he thought your story is amazing and he wants to offer you a scholarship and an internship. >> you are looking at one of the movie projects johnson created for a class at san diego state. he is heading into his senior year and preparing for his internship in hollywood. >> you have to believe in yourself and believe what you are going after. >> johnson's goal is to create
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amazing stories. >> and he also wants to share stories from the streets of vallejo showing how young people face many hurdles in escaping poverty and violence. yeah, this turned a lot of heads in san francisco today. abc7 news was in the outer mission as some of the more than 300 cars in today's king of the streets low rider contest made their way down to fort mason for the competition. there were lots of classics and cars that could do tricks like driving on three wheels or as you saw bouncing up and down. let's get a check now on the forecast and see if tomorrow will be like today. drew? >> we will squeeze out one more peck tour perfect -- picture perfect day to start off the week and then changes come on tuesday. live doppler 7 right now is giving us the all clear. we are clear outside. we'll show you the picture outside. a live look from our tower camera showing uh crystal clear picture. not a cloud to be seen over the city of san francisco. really a nice evening we have on hand. the forecast will call for the
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clear skies. really comfortable conditions in terms of temperatures overnight. it is bright again on your monday. and we will have the breeze coming back once again in the afternoon. we dill lose the breeze on tuesday and gain the fog back on tuesday and into wednesday. out there right now the current temperatures in san francisco are at 61 degrees. pretty mild this time of night. 63 in oakland. san jose checking in at 64 and 71 at antioch and napa is one of the cooler spots on the map coming in at 59 degrees. we'll plan your morning drive tomorrow once we get the sun up around 5:57 a.m. we are going to have pretty bad sun glare with clear skies and the sun slowly rising on the eastern are ho risen of you will want your shade when you get to work. the temperatures are in the mid50s to the upper 60s. then as we get into the afternoon, we will thank those clear skies to a pretty active wind once again. the wind gust shows you along the coast especially likely seeing the winds exceeding 30 miles per hour. once again around the
11:19 pm
immediate bay it is probably weaker between 10 and say 20 miles per hour. those winds once again will bring the bright skies. the future weather as we go hour by hour on your monday, 8:00 from the coast to the bay and inland of we are seeing sunshine from the get go. future weather is picking up on the hint that 2:00 on monday could be a few patchy clouds trying to make their presence known. particularly around daily city and half moon bay. that would be about it. we are on for another sunny day. temperature wise, interpret similar to where we were today. tomorrow, nice temperatures and no extreme heat on our horizon the next 24 hours. 68 the high in san francisco and 76 in oakland. 81 the high in san jose. 74 in san mateo and 88 antioch and santa rosa up to 85. if you are headed to the coast tomorrow, a nice beach day was beautiful and duplicate tomorrow. patchy cloud cover in the afternoon and mainly sunny skies. we'll have the wind out of the northwest between 15 and 20 miles an hour. the ocean water temperature at
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55 degrees. fast-forward to friday and future tracker temperatures. this will be the warmest day we have in the next seven days. what you notice on the map is we are not seeing incredibly intense heat this time of year inland. we are known to go to the triple digits, but it looks like the warmest locations on friday will top out in the upper 90s. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow we have a mainly sunny day. it is breezy in the afternoon. then on tuesday we really lose that wind and we gain the fog back. it is foggy along the coast of the summer spread. wednesday and into thursday you notice we are warming up inland and then our warmest day before we cool off turning to a july beauty for much of the next weekend. >> drew, thanks a lot. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a head stuck in a steel grate. how these rescuers freed a trapped skunk without hurting it.
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a terrifying moment captured on video. two fishermen near orlando, florida rushed to the rescue after a small plane went down. a man and his 9-year-old daughter were on board the aircraft. they were injured, but expected to be okay. moments before the crash the pilot reported he was losing engine power. take a look at this. wildlife crews helping save the life of a skunk that got his head stuck in a drain grate. i guess they followed their nose right to it. somebody found it at new brighten state beach near capitola. they used grinders to cut through the thick metal grate. they also had to use water to keep the metal cool enough it couldn't burn the skunk or set its hair on fire. the skunk was in good health and was released back into the wild. no word on whether it decided to spray them as it was being rescued. we do know it tried to bite them. he said that was a good sign he was healthy. rick quan is here with a preview of sports. >> i was going to say, you could say the diamondbacks got
11:25 pm
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> madison bumgarner will not pitch in the allstar game because he was scheduled to start tonight against arizona. before a national audience he put on quite a show. he came in with the second earned run average in the majors. he had a perfect game until the fifth. the flyball to right and on the run and he gets to the ball, but he drops it for an error. the no hitter was in tact and relying mostly on his curve ball. he struck out the side in the
11:29 pm
fourth and fifth innings. in all he had 14k's. when your guy is pitching a no-no you don't want to jinx him so his teammates gave him some space. already up 2-0 san francisco got two more runs in the seventh on this double by crawford. with one out in the eighth, the no hitter came to an end. the clean base hit to right and you can see matt bum's disappointment. he did go the distance getting him to ground into a 6-4-3 double play to end the contest. san francisco wins it 4-0 and bumgarner has a one-hit shutout, the fourth of his career. the giants get to the break with a record of 57-33, tops in the majors. >> get through seven and you go out there and have six more outs and you feel like you have a pretty good chance given the way the game has been going. it has been -- it hasn't worked out for me. but that's all right. i will take the complete game
11:30 pm
shutout anytime. >> the a's wrapped up their series in houston. this game was a pitcher's dual. the rookie shut out the astros while striking out six. last year's cy young award winner matched him until the 6th. simeon with a broken bat single and the throw was bad and mcbride puts oakland on top. the astros were down to the final out but ryan madsen can't put him away. they go to extra innings. in the 10th with a man on third and he hit a chopper to danny valencia. the astros win it 2-1 and it was the a's fourth error. before today they would go to 15 straight games without committing one. >> san jose was the center of the gymnastics world this weekend as the u.s. olympic trials were held at the sap center. they won the all-around competition and considered one of the greatest female
11:31 pm
gymnasts ever. they have won 14 world championship medals more than any other athlete in u.s. history. in 2012 she was the first american to win both team and all-around gold medals. the youngest member of the team is 16-year-old lori hernandez. the most veteran is alley ra raceman. koshen will be going to rio. the games begin on august 5th. and this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. later in the show the men's final at wimbledon and a costly penalty to decide the u.s. women's open. >> one with a distinct british flavor this year. >> yes, it was. still ahead on abc news at 11:00, a touching message from a dallas police officer that is resonating in househo
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♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines dive teams are trying to find two men who are missing and presumed drowned in pleasanton. they were last seen in shadow cliffs lake. witnesses say they fell off an inflatable raft and into the water. the men were not wearing life jackets and didn't know how to swim. people forced out of their homes by a fire on mission street in san francisco last month could be forced out on to the street again. tomorrow is the last day the red cross will pay for their temporary hotel rooms. many are angry they are not getting money from a go fund me campaign that was set up to help them. in baton rouge, louisiana police arrested 48
11:36 pm
protesters. the demonstrators are angered by last week's police shooting death of alton sterling. police in riot gear stopped them from going on to a freeway. some protesters threw bottles and rocks at the police. in san francisco, members of the faith community joined protesters during this time of crisis. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story from san francisco tonight. >> ♪ we shall overcome >> messages of healing at this inter faith justice and peace rally. organized by bay area faith leaders on the steps of city hall. moving forward is the toughest challenge. after the killings in dallas and black men across the country by officers. >> how we can bring communities together as well as the police, i think we need to -- we really need to have dialogue. >> san francisco supervisors say police tactile reforms are helping. >> last week sfpd had its own
11:37 pm
standoff with an african-american man with a gun. he lived. in san francisco's bay view district, neighbors and activists gathered at the spot where mario woods was shot last year by san francisco police. they say he refused to drop a weapon. people say they want to vent their anger about police shootings. >> enough is enough. that's the battle cry. enough is enough. >> these are youth. these are teenagers and educated young people who are coming out with the same thing. they are hungry. they are hurt. >> san francisco police mobilized with extra officers on motorcycles and on rooftops. they were ready in case protesters tried getting on nearby highway 101 like many attempted to do on saturday. >> they are treating us like criminals. why are they coming in full riot gear. >> we asked and got no response from san francisco police. the vigil was peaceful. abc7 news. and in stockton today, a family dropped off pizzas to
11:38 pm
the police department in appreciation of all of the work they do. some left behind a note thanking them for their service. the police department tweeted these photos and thanked the family for the kind gesture. people in austin showed their support for police by signing cards. one each for the dallas, baton rouge and minneapolis st. paul police departments dealing with a case of an officer shooting and killing of a black man. >> definitely want those people to be supported. god bless them. >> giving our support to them is the most important thing we can do. >> everyone around the world, even though you think you may not like them, everyone has something inside them that makes them feel good. >> vigils for the dallas officers are being held this weekend across the nation including this one near st. louis, missouri. >> as communities across the country are trying to come together, one dallas police officer's compassionate facebook message is resonating with many. byron pitts has the story.
11:39 pm
>> reporter: today they went to church with plenty to pray for. in fact, he may have had more than most. this church drummer is dallas county deputy brian woodard. he lost five brothers in blue on thursday. >> i was not expecting to have the badge covered this morning, but it is covered because we lost five, and it hurts. >> reporter: we met deputy woodard like the rest of the world when he went to the newest chapel, facebook. >> get my hug and be on my way. >> reporter: he lead us into his heart. a heart like so many in america that is broken. >> when we hit the street and everything. >> be careful. >> reporter: pained as he is he is proud of his profession. >> you saw the officers in blue putting their lives on the line for a people that they don't even know. >> reporter: it has been a horrific week in america. deaths caught on camera. the justice system may explain two of them.
11:40 pm
in dallas the judge and jury was a bomb. we all saw darkness. deputy woodard reminds us there is light. >> i refuse to see hate live while love dies. >> reporter: amen. byron pitts, abc news, dallas. as communities across the nation pray to kill mosquitoes that could spread the zika and west nile viruses, one town has a natural alternative. north hempstead is setting up bat boxes across the city giving them a place to breed. bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes an hour which is more effective than a spray or pesticide. this week an elderly utah resident was the first zika-related death in the u.s. and none of the mosquitoes known to carry zika. they say the other measures are precautionary. we are learning more about the scare that forced an unscheduled landing of a delta plane in oklahoma. the fire department officials say some of the 12 passengers
11:41 pm
who felt nauseous had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. once they got fresh air, the levels returned to normal. the cause of the increased carbon monoxide on the flight has not yet been determined. a small indiana town of cambridge city is making headlines. it is where the only mega millions grand prize ticket was sold. they sold the ticket that won friday's huge jackpot. the winner has not yet come forward. the prize is estimated at $541 million. the winner taking home a lump sum of $381 million. that makes it the third largest jackpot in mega millions history. the big news is still a surprise to many locals. >> i had no idea the jackpot winner was in this store. hopefully it is a fellow hoosier. >> the gas station will get $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, you heard the phrase "beat the heat." the bigger battle is beating
11:42 pm
the fog out of the airport to get more planes to land and takeoff despite the weather. >> and why these owls are able to thrive in a southern california backyard. >> and we are certainly beating the fog tonight. a live look on the embarcadero. we have a superb start to the workweek and then we have changes to talk about.
11:43 pm
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. san francisco international airport may be outside the city, but not far enough to escape the fog.
11:45 pm
in fact, weather delays can be a daily occurrence this time of year. now the airport is fighting back against nature with technology. abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom explains. >> in this sea of humanity, it is not hard to find travelers muttering the f-word, fog, of course. >> we often have weather delays due to fog. >> it means turn off your laptop, buckle your seatbelt and wait. >> generally circling around in the sky and you don't know when you will land. >> blame the airport's design. >> the configuration dates back to world war ii. we land on two parallel runways separated by about 750 feet. >> among the closest in the world. in good weather they land two planes at once and 60 an hour. in bad weather it is cut in half. >> we realize that sfo's arrival performance needs to get better. >> it shows the airport commission the first step toward fixing it, alternating run -- runways with planes an hour apart. >> there is a larger aircraft behind. >> it is a slight
11:46 pm
improvement. 36 planes an hour instead of 30. but it has helped sfo meet its goal of 75% on time arrivals for the first time in years. >> on time. >> the next step toward shortening the delays will have to be much more high-tech. a new use for a technology that is already in most cockpits, cars and even smartphones. we are talking about gps. >> essentially every flight deck would become its own traffic control tower. >> the f.a.a. is in the midst of a transition from tracking on the ground to gps via satellite. a leap forward for air traffic control and an optional feature for airplanes to receive that data in the cockpit. >> the f.a.a. has yet to mandate the adoption of this. but we are strongly recommending they do so. >> that's because in foggy weather the data would let planes safely fly closer together. >> both aircraft would be talking to one another. their flight computers would be sharing information back and forth. jay it could mean landing 53 planes an hour in fog much closer to the ideal 60. >> they will start testing gps this summer.
11:47 pm
at sfo, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> a family of barn owls is thriving in southern california tonight. the santa lucia conserve ven see posted this video on youtube president owls that made their home in one family's backyard. the mother owl has been feeding our owlettes. one barn owl can eat about 3,000 dents. that's a barn owl family can eat about 3,000 rodents every breeding season. that's all i'm going to say about that. now let's go to drew for a look at the forecast. >> well, sfo will have clear skies from the get go so fog will not be an issue. live doppler 7 right now is all quiet. we'll take you to the wider view. live doppler every is along with satellite and here is where we are tracking. there is an area of low pressure swirling in the pacific northwest. that brought us the northwest wind to bring us dryer air. that's going to be to the
11:48 pm
north of us once again tomorrow. we'll have the wind pick up in the afternoon and we'll benefit from the sunny skies. the future tracker shows you along the coast likely seeing wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. you notice you get away from the open water and on to land around the bay, the wind subsides to between 10 and 20 miles per hour. so a bit of a breezy day. we'll call it windy along the coast. highs for your monday about 68 in san francisco. that's one degree away from where we should be. 76 in oakland and about 81 in san jose. about 88 in antioch. 85 is the high in santa rosa. it is a summer spread with more fog on tuesday. and that coastal fog will continue wednesday into thursday. but we are warming up with our warmest day coming on friday. nearing 100 degrees in our inland locations. >> drew, thank you very much. rick quan is here with sports. >> coming up, the giants head to the allstar break on a roll
11:49 pm
as madison bumgarner nearly throws a no hitter. and a critical two-stroke penalty helps decide the u.s. women's open. >> when it happens where you live, -- >> first it was massive flames. >> new danger at the scene of the six-alarm fire. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> in san jose. >> in richmond. >> live in san francisco. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> i never would have gotten anything. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> live in son ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature?
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the giants nearly became the first team to have no hitters thrown in five straight seasons. madison bumgarner had the right stuff against arizona. he had a perfect game going until the fifth. lam with a flyball to right and orblanco gets to the ball, but drops it for an error. still the no hitter was in tact. relying mostly on his curve ball bumgarner struck out the side in the fourth and fifth innings. in all he had 14k's. when your guy is pitching a no-no you don't want to jinx him so his teammates gave him some space. san francisco got two more runs in the seventh on this double by brandon crawford. with one out in the eighth, the no hitter finally came to
11:53 pm
an end. lam with a clean base hit to right field and you can see matt bum's disappointment. he did go the distance getting a grounder into a 4-6-3 double play to ind -- end the contest. it is the fourth one-hit shutout of mat bum's career. buster posey talked about the one hit he gave up. >> lam's credit he stayed on the pitch. i would have limed to have it had be a little off. give the blame to a fan who started the inning by saying come on, buming you have six more outs to go. that's not a good way to start off. >> that darn fan. with the a's catcher heading off to the allstar game, they shut out the astros for seven innings striking out six. they matched him until the 6th. simeon with a broken bat single. the throw home is a bad one. the astros were down to their final out, but matson can't
11:54 pm
put away gatis and they go to extra innings. in the 10th with a man on third. he hits a chop tore danny valencia. corea is safe. it was the fourth error before the date. they had gone 15 straight games without committing one. the u.s. women's open came down to a playoff between britney lange and sweden's anna norquist. she began with a one-stroke lead and lost on nine. she would double bogey the hole and finished with a 75. norquist eagled 15 in route to a 67. she went to the clubhouse as the co-leader at six under. lange fired a final round 71 and this birdie on 16 put her in sole possession of the lead at seven under. on 17 she gives the stroke right back with a bogey. they went to a three-hole playoff. on the second extra hole norquist catches the sand with
11:55 pm
her club and assessed a two-stroke penalty. that put her in a big hole and all but gave lange the title. she parred the last hole to win the u.s. women's open. it is the first major championship. i didn't do it on purpose so what can i say? apparently i had a really good shot there and a good shot on 18. i was playing really good today, but it is hard to lose that way. that's the game of golf. >> it is definitely a shame for anna for it to come down to something like that. you never want it to be because of a penalty. you want it to be because of better play. i'm eccstatic. i feel for her. definitely took a little pressure off me. >> in 2013, andy murray became the first british player in 77 years to capture the men's singles title at wimbledon. today he again ruled center court. playing before prince william and his wife kate, murray was a heavy favorite to beat milos roanic and he did not
11:56 pm
disappoint. roanic coming off the win over roger fedder. murray wins it in straight sets, 6-4, 7-6, 7-6. so he has now won two of the last four wimbledon championships. >> i feel like i am going to enjoy this one a lot more. it means a lot. it has been a few years now since i won a slam and i had a few tough losses. i'm just really happy to have won one again. >> took on portugal. it wasn't looking good for portugal as the best player goes down in the 9th minute with a left knee injury. he would later be taken off on a stretcher. he came off the bench and finds the net in the 109th minute. portugal upsets france 1-0. it is their first ever major tournament title. and this abc7 sports report is
11:57 pm
brought to you by riverwalk casino. bumgarner will not pitch in the allstar game, but there is a good chance his teammate johnny cuedo will be named the starter. >> mad bum wanted to be in the homerun. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. have a great evening and a greater morning. see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪
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