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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we'll get to larry beil on assignment in a moment. a emotional good-bye for three of five officers killed in last week's deadly ambush in dallas. >> the thing i would say to my dad when he walked out of the door was, good-bye, daddy, i love you, be safe. and now we say a final, good-bye, daddy, we love you, be safe. >> those closest honor the legacy and ask for violence to stop and for the country to unite. >> ray is live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening -- or good afternoon to you.
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tension still remain very high between police and the black community. this, as calls for unity and peace grow stronger, especially amongst family members who lost loved ones last week. an outpouring of solidarity. law enforcement officers from across the country paying their respects to three of the five dallas officers killed by a sniper during a peaceful protest last week. >> i truly believe that lorn would want us to enthuz afticly celebrate his life and taking care of one another. >> reporter: special tributes from loved ones, the spouses, the partners and children. >> this act of violence hurt law enforcement as a whole. however, good will always prevail. though i'm heart-broken and hurt, i'm going to put on my badge and my uniform and return to the street, along with all of my brothers and sisters in blue.
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>> reporter: it was just dayed ago when brent thompson, lorne ahrens and sergeant michael smith were among the law enforcement officers ambushed in downtown dallas. as final good-byes were made -- protests continue from coast to coast. this as the son of the louisiana man killed by police officers last week begged for unity. >> everyone needs to protest in the right way, with peace. no violence. none whatsoever. >> reporter: and we do understand memorials and tributes will continue throughout the rest of the week. the dallas police officer michael krol's funeral is set for friday and zammar apas funeral will happen on saturday. live in new york, ray monday, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thanks very much. the president met with civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials to discuss
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ways to heal race relations. what are you hear being the meeting at the white house? >> reporter: dan, we understand that meeting is still taking place. it started at 2:30 eastern time and some four hours later the president is still in these intense meetings with civil rights activists, academy and law enforcement officials. we understand people in those meetings include high-ranking administration officials and including the attorney general loretta lynch. we also understand that the chief of police from the st. paul police department is in those meetings along with the chief of police from the los angeles police department and there are high-ranking officials also from the black lives matter movement and the naacp and the national action network. so as soon as we hear more about the outcome of the meetings, we'll let you know. >> absolutely. >> interesting. thank you, ray, very much. and tomorrow world news tonight david muir will moderate a conversation with president obama as he addresses the nation. and the national conversation
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about race, policing and how we bridge the divide. the president and the people airs tomorrow night at 8:00 here on abc 7. lets move to breaking news. a police officers was injured. old lanes of interstate 80 are closed following the crash. it is creating a huge back-up, as we pull back you could see that. the lanes are not expected to reopen until at least 7:00 tonight. look at the back-up. we understand some cars have overheated. it is warm out there today and they have stalled out. if you are planning on driving in the area you are advised to avoid the area. the injured chp officer was taken by helicopter to the hospital and expected to be okay. no other vehicles were involved. we're told the officer was trying to pull over a driver for speeding and that led to this pursuit. officers caught up with that driver near the scene of the crash. and what we're seeing now is several cars pulled over on the
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side of i-80. the hoods are up. and as i said, they are overheating. we'll have more on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00 and the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for instant updates. new details about the robbery and shooting that injured a truck driver. >> we talked with the man who was the first to respond from the scene. >> vic lee joins us live from santa rosa. vic? [ inaudible ]. >> our apologies. we're obviously having difficults with vic's live signal. this was a huge search yesterday. we'll update the story in just a few moments. now in the east bay, sheriff's deputies have someone they are calling a person of interest in custody for a fatal shooting on meekland avenue in
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cherry land which is an area knee hayward. police say just after 1:00 this afternoon a man driving a pickup truck stopped at the intersection of meekland and blossom hill road to make a turn when a man with a gun ran up and shot him. the shooter ran away down nearby railroad tracks. a helicopter has been helping search for the shooter. we are told streets in the area will be closed for several hours. the car used in two sacramento area gun store smash-and-grabs was found today in oakland. the burglars took one rifle being repaired at a shop in rockland. follow son investigators won't say how many guns were taken. atf and opd traced the honda to 68th and mcarthur. they won't say if anyone was detained. the burglars may have hit other gun stores in the past several months. a man accused of torturing and killing cats in san jose faces 11 additional counts.
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robert farmer is now charged in the killing of 21 cats. the district attorney announced the new charges today. abc 7 news was in san jose where a group called justice for our cats held a rally outside of farmer's court hearing. the group includes people who think their cat was killed. >> people are not going away. we are having more and more people show up. so, you know, because we want to send a clear message that we will not tolerate animal abuse. >> pet owners have been attending every hearing for farmer. he now faces up to 16 years in prison. farmer has already pleaded not guilty. two marines who are pokemon go players were hunting virtual monsters and ended up capturing a man wanted in sonoma county. the two were at a park in orange county when they noticed a man bothering a woman with three children and when she saw him follow another women with children and tupped the kids, they grabbed him and found he had an outstanding warrant for attempted murder in sonoma
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county. and coming up at 6:00, how the new pokemon app is leading to a whole new industry. the creative way people are making money from app users. it is time to turn to our weather and take a look outside from our mt. tam cam. >> which shows you a beautiful vista as always from that location. spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. toasty out there. >> it is, dan and ama. the heat is on. especially inland. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. we have clear skies everywhere except along the coastline south of the golden gate. check out the 24-hour temperature change. it is 13 degrees warmer right now than it was at this hour yesterday in hayward and livermore. 11 degrees warmer at novato, fairfield and san jose and 7 degrees warmer in concord and mountain view. you get the picture. it is heating up today. just a few minutes ago there was thick low cloudiness at the golden gate but it is thinning out. 68 in san francisco. 78 in oakland. 83 in mountain view, 89 in san
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jose. 95 in morgan hill, 89 at half moon bay. this is the view of the golden gate where not long ago it was foggy. it is 93 in santa rosa. napa 88. 93 in novato. 97 in fairfield and 97 in concord. and today is our spare the air day. and tomorrow is the consecutive day. the poorest quality is inland and the santa clara valley and even hotter. i'll give you a closer look at tomorrow's weather and the weekend ahead in a few minutes. dan and ama. >> thanks, spencer. an investigation is underway after a suspicious fire destroyed a livermore business overnight. >> it happened at miller's air-conditioning and heating on research drive. abc 7 news reporter amy holly fwooe hollyfield spoke with the owner. >> the building is still standing, but the business a family built is destroyed. >> we are all paper. we have nothing on computer. we are just starting to implement that. and then this. so it is going to be a little rough. >> reporter: firefighters got the call that miller's
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air-conditioning and heating was on fire around 11:45 last night. this morning when they took a closer look, they decided the fire looked suspicious. >> what makes it suspicious to us is the time of day it started. we don't have any witnesses that are telling us otherwise and we don't have an obvious cause, an origin. >> reporter: the fire was so big the firefighters had to stay on the outside. shortly after they arrived, the roof collapsed. >> it is horrible. it is horrible. we're going to keep going, though. we're going to start over and it will be good. >> reporter: atf investigators are here on the scene but we've been told not to read too much into that. they often come to the scene of fires to get field experience and to help train local firefighters. in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. two people are displaced after a house fire in the twin peaks area of san francisco. sky 7 hd was over the home at 25th and grandview on the edge of the valley. firefighters say the fire
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started in the attic just before 1:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. abc 7 viewers shared this picture of all of the smoke you see there. if you see breaking news and can safely take a picture or video, you can share it with us using the hashtag abc 7 now. firefighters make quick work of this blaze today in cupertino. video from sky 7 hd of a four-acre brush fire that broke out on california oak and majestic oak way near interstate 280 and highway 85 at about 10:30 and quickly went to two-alarms and no injuries or structures burned. still ahead on abc 7 news news at 4:00, a change for drivers and pedestrians on san francisco popular twin peaks. i'm live at the espys. it is a-listers galore here. i'll have a live report coming up. and a shark scare in santa
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cruz county and the close call for one boater. and a live look at 101 traffic in san jose southbound is all backed up. northbound you are clear and 880 is appears to be
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well, in about an hour the 24th annual espys kick off at the microsoft theater in l.a. and right now the red carpet is sort of hopping. the athletes and stars begin to stream into the theater. >> abc 7 news sports director
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larry beil is live in los angeles. a very fun place to be tonight. hi, larry. >> reporter: hey, dan and amameama, it is definitely happening right here. thank goodness we have shade because it is 80 degrees and sunny and people are melting on the red carpet. this is going to be a star-studded event. the espy is like the oscar awards for sports and you bring together the best of sports as well as hollywood and you get stars like justin timberlake, usher, the actor bryan cranston, done cheadle will be here. we're awaiting the arrival of warriors star steph curry and lebron james as well as peyton manning. kevin durant's mom is scheduled to be here. i just finished several passionate discussions with charles barkley and the commissioner of the nba. charles and i almost got into it over the whole kevin durant signing but we had to cut it
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short because he was melting in the heat here. the show is coming up tonight at 8:00 on abc 7. it promises to be a great, great evening. if you are into superstars of sports as well music and hollywood, it is the show. and this is the place to be right now. i have byron scott, a former laker coach right here. we're teaming with a-list celebrities. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. >> any way, it is like a big party for everybody. how much fun is that for you? >> this is a lot of fun. all of these athletes that you don't get a chance to see on a day to day basis, to talk to them sometime, share some stories, talk about their career and things like that, you don't know how many fans you have out here and they don't know how many fans they have out here and so it is really fun to interact with these guys, even if it is just for three or four hours. >> thanks for your time. we kind of jumped you here. >> i appreciate it. >> byron scott, former lakers
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coach and if you watched the nba, you watched him for years. we have more coming up from the red carpet including a conversation from a man who will win the perseverance award tonight during the broadcast. live on the red carpet in l.a., larry beil, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you, larry. and watch the espys right here only on abc 7 at 8:00. larry beil will have live reports from all of the bay area athletes on abc 7 news at 11:00 into and new information about the incident that got draymond green arrested. this is the mug shot of green just released today. beaming ear to ear as you could see. according to the police report, he slapped a football player jermaine edmondson after the two exchanged words at an east lansing, michigan bar the night before. green approached edmondson on sunday and put his hand on him and tried to talk to him and told him to get off of him and
4:18 pm
said he slapped him and green addressed it at an event in colorado. >> my team is on it and it will be resolved quickly and as a public figure, i just can't put myself in certain situations. so it is something that i learned from and i will just move on. >> dreymond will not have to appear in court next week to face the charges after entering a plea of not guilty. some big changes took effect today at san francisco scenic twin peaks. >> signs like this reading road closed is part of an effort to make it pedestrian and bike-friendly. >> carolyn tyler is live with a closer look at the project. carolyn. >> reporter: well it is a $50,000 project that has been in the works for some time. and as you could see, they are still putting up signs, they need to let people know all about the changes. there was a learning curve for those taking the curves of twin peaks boulevard to get to the
4:19 pm
scenic over-look. >> i was unclear of which way to go. i'm not really sure what the change is all about. >> reporter: the change is a two-year pilot program that the sfmta launched today. crews were putting up signs and barriers. >> it is about taking an iconic location in san francisco and making it into a better place for people who might be walking or riding their bike. >> here is a rendering of the roadway configuration. it shows a stretch of twin peaks boulevard and the side with the breathtaking views car-free. on the west side which was a one heff way road is converted into a two-way street for cars. they say they are not the result of a crash that killed a pedestrian in 2012 but activists say the re-design will help with safety. >> the improvements to twin peeks will definitely make it safe and will work to prevent
4:20 pm
the crashes that have been taking place like the one in 2012. >> reporter: but there has been opposition from tour bus companies and neighbors who say the roadway is more dangerous with the two-way traffic. but pedestrians and bicyclists we talked to like the change. >> it is wide and it is -- it is nice. it is a nice spot. so it will be good. >> i love it when they come down the street. i get to bring the dog. >> reporter: if they consider the experiment a success, it could become permanent. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. let's go outside and talk about this very warm forecast. >> we have spencer christian here with the latest. spencer. >> ama and dan, doppler 7 hd and you could see how sunny it is with coastal low cloudiness south of the golden gate mainly. let's look at current temperature readings.
4:21 pm
101 degrees right now in antioch. 97 at concord and fairfield and livermore, 96, 93 at novato and 94 los gatos and only 59 at half moon bay, a 42-degree spread from half moon bay to 101 in antioch. this is the view from the east bay hills camera looking westward and we have spare the air day again tomorrow. second in a row. hot inland for the next two days and heat alert on for tomorrow. we are looking at triple-digit temperatures again. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening shows that fog will spread along the coastline during the overnight. tomorrow morning, beginning with the morning rush, doesn't look like the fog is problematic for the morning commute, just pushing eastward across the bay. confined mainly to the coastline and later in the day we see the fog pulling back to the coast and persisting along the coastline for much of the day. left with sunny skies over the bay and inland much like today except perhaps more coastal fog. overnight lows will be generally in the mid or mid to upper 50s.
4:22 pm
north bay valleys may see lows dropping into the low 50s. and then tomorrow's highs will range from mild conditions at the coast. we'll see some low to mid-60s there. 80s around the bay. upper 90s to about 100 or perhaps even just above 100 in the warmest inland lokecations. starting on friday, the heat will hold on inland. we'll see more upper 90s inland on friday but saturday cooling pattern spreads out to the inland areas and most inland locations reach only to the 80s on saturday and further cooling with breezy conditions on sunday, that will be a very, very comfortable pattern for us on sunday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. so as you could see, the cooling begins full-force on saturday. and continues on sunday. and then that pattern that begins on sunday will continue almost uninterrupted through next wednesday with inland highs in the mid-80s, around the bay mid to upper 70s and on the coast upper to 50s to about 60. here is a reminder.
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aids walk san francisco is only four days away. it is this sunday, july 17th at golden gate park. to register call 415-615-walk or go online to sf.aids and it is good to participate in aids walk san francisco. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, pop-up pizza. a delicious take on dinner and a delicious take on dinner and hi. is the internet still out? yes! come on. work together. work together. do you have anything? no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on. been trying to prepare for this day...
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the last day of summer school was unlike any other for some san francisco students. abc 7 was at o'connell high school as students from a culinary class opened a pop-up eatery on campus. they were making and selling wood-fired pizzas to workers in the pizza and throughout the summer the students learned to make pizza dough and saw and root beer from scratch and they learned all about running a food business. >> we did a lot of research and
4:26 pm
we did marketing and writing and a lot of math and costing things out, knowing how much to charge things for. >> we went around and talked to companies around here and tech companies trying to get customers. >> real world things happened. >> really great experience. all of the hard work paid off, literally. workers from nearby businesses snapped up the freshly-made pizzas. >> wow! well prime day proved to be a big success for amazon. yesterday's big one-day sale was the biggest day ever with orders up 60% globally from a year ago. they said sales of the electronic devices were particularly strong. amazon launched the event last july to promote the $99 a year prime loyalty program which offers free two-day shipping and other perks. >> clever marketing. coming up, abc 7 news continues, a big lawsuit shaking up the trump campaign. where the presidential candidate is suing a former staffer for $10 million. >> it has been the greatest
4:27 pm
honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister. and with that, a new leader moves into downing street. and a big surprise for a voter in santa cruz county. one m
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive.
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(train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". an update on breaking news
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we've been following closely. a chp officer was injured after a crash. in vallejo the investigation caused a massive back-up. it will last for a long time. eastbound lanes of interstate 80 east of american canyon are open which is earlier than they predi predicted. they were closed for three hours but the back-up will take a while to clear. the officer was trying to make a stop for speeding. officers have arrested the driver. one problem caused by the traffic jam, a number of cars stuck on the road overheated as they waited in line. again all eastbound lanes of 80 in vallejo are open but there are residual delays in the our yeah. thousands of mourners attended funeral services for three of the five officers killed last week by micah johnson in dallas. they investigate why he received an honorable discharge from the army after accused of sexually
4:31 pm
harassing a fellow soldier. and in baton rouge, police are searching for a fourth suspect in a gun theft tied to a plot to kill police. that story is coming up at 5:30 on world news. here in the bay area, atf and oakland police searched for evidence this afternoon in connection with smash-and-grab at two area gun stores. at 5:00, eric thomas has more on the key piece of evidence found in oakland today. with just days to go before the convention, hillary clinton and trump are out campaigning in full force. we have the story from washington. >> reporter: standing inside of the illinois old state house where abraham lincoln once proclaimed a house divided against itself could not stand, hillary clinton called for unity after the shootings in louisiana, minnesota and dallas. >> america's long struggle from race is far from finished. >> reporter: clinton called for criminal justice reform and gun control and a change in tone,
4:32 pm
sharing in the responsibility. >> i cannot stand here and claim that my words and actions haven't sometimes fueled the partisanship that often stands in the way of progress. so i recognize i have to do better, too. >> reporter: as clinton campaign polls show a tightening race in ohio and closer than before in florida where clinton had nearly a ten-point lead, the newest polls were won ducted right after the fbi director james comey announcement on clinton's e-mails. >> it was certainly a political indictment and that has affected her trust numbers which has always been problematic. >> reporter: on the republican side, there are a few candidates on the vice president list but speaking to fox news, he said he is picking between the top two. >> i'm at three, potentially four. but in my own mind, i am probably thinking about two. >> reporter: trump has been doing a round robin with those potential vp picks and the odds on favorite governor pence but
4:33 pm
we're told he still likes chris christie and that his children really like newt gingrich. lorna zack, abc news, washington. trump is suing a former campaign staffer for $10 million. he claims the senior campaign consultant sam nunberg leaked confidential information to reporters and that is a violation of the nondisclosure agreement. he is accusing trump of trying to silence him in an effort to cover up an affair between two high-level campaign staffers. a new prime minister is now on the job in great britain. theresa may assumed the post today, becoming the second woman in british history to rise to the position. margaret thatcher was the first. may took charge after cameron submitted his resignation at buckingham palace and the queen accepted. he left for the last time as prime minister. >> i believe teresa will provide strong and stable leadership in full filling the conservative
4:34 pm
manifesto on which we were elected and i wish her well in negotiating the best possible terms for britain's exit from the european union. >> cameron said serving as prime minister was the greatest honor of his life and believes great britain is in better place than it was when he took office in 2010. a report said an 82-year-old may step down due to concerns about his age and weakened health preventing him from fulfilling his duty. if akito decides to ab dick ate he would be the first to do so. his eldest son crown prince will be next in line. back here in the bay area, a boater have a scare with a great white in santa cruz county. katie has the details. >> reporter: mark davis has a fish story to tell. >> this thing was that wide. it was huge. i've never seen anything that large in the water before.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: a great white took a bite out of his boat friday morning. estimated to be 15 feet long, it chopped through the fiberglass, into the wooden frame and left behind a chunk of tooth. >> slam attack from down below, he came and hit the boat full speed and knocked it into the air. so he wasn't fooling around. >> reporter: great white shark encounters are rare in california. around 100 since the 1920s. of those, 13 were fatal, according to the department of fish and wildlife. >> in the big picture, sharks are typically the last thing an ocean go oceangoers or surfer has to worry about. >> i'm glad the boat was between me and the shark and i'm glad it didn't walk me out because in the water, he was aggressive and fired up. >> reporter: santa cruz county is part of the hunting grounds. warning signs are posted at several beaches. abc 7 news. a different sort of tale on the water is just ahead. flooding on the russian river is
4:36 pm
nothing new but now crews are intentionally flooding the area. we'll explain why they are doing that. and i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead and so i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook and post them with the #ask finney. we'll answer questions here live later. i'm spencer christian from the east bay hills and you could see it is sunny as it gets on a summer day which suggests that a heat spike is going to continue. i'll have the accuweather forecast com
4:37 pm
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well, we've got some proof that people are not the only ones who can photo bomb picture. nasa scientists said it happened to them when they were taking pictures of earth last week after a -- over a four-hour period. the culprit, watch now, the moon. check this out. some are excited about the photo bomb because the picture as loued them to see the far side of the moon which is never seen from earth. >> well the mission is nearly complete for solar powered plane attempting to travel the world. the solar impulse 2 landed in cairo, leaving one more leg of its around the world trip. the plane departed from spain on sunday and it is next off to abu dhabi. the impulse touched down in the bay area in late april. >> it is a successful trip around the way around. now let's turn our attention to the heat. >> spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. >> the heat is certainly on. here is a look at live doppler 7
4:40 pm
hd. we have sunny skies across the region and across the state more triple-digits. highs of 102 in chickee. 101 in sacramento. # 13 in palm springs. a toasty 98 in yosemite. here in the bay area, warm weather goen tomorragain tomorr. our second consecutive spare the air day. and high temperatures ranging from about 63 at half moon bay to 80th around the bay up to 100 or in antioch tomorrow and numerous locations with highs in the upper 90s. and for the week ahead, the high temperature trend in livermore looks like this. almost 100 degrees tomorrow and friday but temperatures drop on saturday and that is a pattern that we will experience all across the bay area. and finally beginning on sunday we see temperatures dropping below the average range for this time of the year. warm weather ahead for a couple of days but a nice cooling trend will come our way over the weekend, dan and ama.
4:41 pm
>> thanks, spencer. still ahead at 4:00, the simple exam that could be an early detector of alzheimer's disease. i'm larry beil on the red carpet at the epspy awards in ls angeles. we're talk with the man who is going to receive the perseverance award today and his story is amazing, coming up. i'm michael finney.
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thbs abc 7 news. the 24th annual espys kicks off in just a few minutes at the microsoft theater in l.a. >> sports director larry beil is there live with a look at what we should expect to see tonight, larry. >> reporter: dan and ama, things have finally started to calm down. just a little bit here on the red carpet as the a-list guests and celebrities are starting to make their way into the theater right now. we just saw steph curry and his lovely wife heading in. he is up for three awards tonight. and we'll also be presenting an
4:45 pm
award. we have that to look forward to this evening. now the espys honor great achievements in sports but it is more than just handing out championships for teams that have won titles. and tonight craig sager will be presented with the jimmy v. perseverance award and this is really special. if you are a basketball fan, you've been watching him on telecasts for 38 years and working the side lines for turner sports. the last few years have really been a struggle. he's been battling leukemia and this past season, he would get chemotherapy in the morning and then work the sidelines on games at night. and when sager was in the bay area recently covering the playoffs, i asked him about what the jimmy v. award means to him. >> something you can't think about it. you can't even dream about it. jimmy v. speech, don't ever give up is something i have on my phone right now. i've always had it. and when i'm laying in the hospital looking for strength,
4:46 pm
that is one of the places i get it from. it is an honor beyond words. >> think about it, if you laugh, you think, and you cry, that is a full day. that is a heck of a day. >> this past summer is tough in the hospital for about four months and i want to get back to the season. i was a little weak. doctors weren't sure i could do it. but i came back and i did the game and then i did the game two days later and then i kept going and i found that doing the nba games, doing my job, was something that invigorated me. >> craig sager's determination to beat cancer is truly remarkable and it will be a special, special moment when he goes up on the statemege at th y eppies. larry beil, abc 7 news. >> and watch the espys right here only on abc 7 at 8:00. larry will have live reports with all of the bay area athletes on abc 7 news at 11:00. another bay area athlete to talk about and a setback for tom
4:47 pm
brady in deflategate. a federal appeals court denied his request for suspension. the ruling was appealed, letting the new england quarterback play the entire season last year. but brady has one last chance and that is an appeal to the u.s. supreme court so we'll see what happens next. it is time for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney is here. michael, the first question from mike s. from san francisco who e-mailed, how many times can the cable car bells ring? the operators seem to ring the bells repetitively early in the morning and late at night. >> oh, mike, it doesn't sound like you like these things. i would suggest you get used to them. they are a federal landmark, so they are not going to change at all. they are going to keep having the regulation. there is a city regulation that says the operator has to ring the bell when going through an
4:48 pm
intersection, it is a safety regulation and that won't change. how many times can they ring it? as many as they want. there are no rules or regulations. so if you live near the lines, they are loud and live with it, is my advice. >> and michael from petaluma e-mailed, i received a u.s. census form and it states i have to fill it out and that is the law. is that true. i feel the question is invasive. >> boy, they get into your business. they have a short form that isn't that bad, how many are in your household and then the long form that is absolutely remarkable and it seems like they are getting into your business. but by law you do have to fill it out. and if you don't, they'll show up at your doorstep again and again. now by law, as i said, you have to fill it out. they could arrest you. but i checked this out a couple of years ago and that has never happened that i could find. still, the reason you want to fill it out is your community gets money based on those forms. so think about being a good
4:49 pm
citizen. >> and melissa r. from millbrae e-mailed, what are health department regulations regarding animals in place where food is handles like restaurants and grocery stores? i know there are rules for service dogs but i see dogs everywhere these days and they don't appear to be working. >> oh, boy, no lie. well, dogs, service dogs are allowed everywhere. service animals are allowed everywhere. when it comes to restaurants, a companion animal is not allowed to go into the restaurant but they are allowed to go into a restaurant patio as long as they are on a leash or in a carrier. now, you see a lot of dogs and a lot of animals with the fake gear on them, they try to make them look like they are service animals. for all of those owners, let me tell you, you could be arrested and jailed and fined up to a thousand dollars for doing that. it hasn't happened yet. but as we get more crowds in this city, you will see it happen in the future. if you want to see all my
4:50 pm
reports online go to website 7 news and click on the selections tab and select 7 on your side. turning to the wellness report, the first drug for postpartum depression may be on the horizon. >> and fat is not as bad for you as we thought. here is jane king. >> research has shown that low-fat diets don't work that well. the low-fat diets didn't lower risk of cancer or heart degrees and the # thousand women in the study didn't lose much weight if any. so a new study suggests it is sugar, not fat, that is the problem with weight gain and other health problems in the country. a new treatment for post par um depression is showing promise. sage is tefrting a new drug -- testing a new drug and it has shown positive results so far. more testing is needed. but it is encouraging as there are no approved treatments for postpartum depression except for talk therapy and ante depressants.
4:51 pm
and wealthy people get more health care than other americans. the report published in health affairs said the wealthiest fifth of americans got 43% more health care than the poorest fifth. other findings were that lower income americans were waiting too long to see a doctor and creating a larger burden on the health care system. and researchers detected early stages ever alzheimer's with an eye exam and the study is preliminary and done only in mice so far. but the university of minnesota researchers say they were able to spot signs of alzheimer's in the people's retina. it shows signs of a protein buildup seen in the brains of alzheimer's patients. i'm jane king. here's to your health. and holding the water back, the rubber damn for intentional dplo flooding along the russian river. and a hazmat scare in south san francisco and we'll explain what happened and air safety there may be -- a drone for
4:52 pm
that. how did he get in? i don't see a broken window. >> the surprise inside of this locked subaru
4:53 pm
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it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy.
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and tonight on abc 7, the espys are on at 8:00. be sure to tune in for that followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> and the app is a great way to watch abc programs like the bachelorette, general hospital and abc 7 news any time on your phone or tablet. the app now has more choiced for binge watching like ugly betty and full season of shows are just atap away. and they have original digital series. download through the app store and google play. some features require having cable or satellite. and countless times over the years we've reported on flooding along the russian river so here is something new. how about an in tensional
4:56 pm
flooding project. >> that is right. it is happening on the russian river near forestville. as wade freedman explains, it has wet and fishy by products. >> reporter: we've seen this before. the russian river approaching back-up stage and becoming more like a lake. it was a regional nightmare last winner so why would anyone intentionally back up the river now. >> this is a normal operation for us in the summertime. >> reporter: this damn now inflating and holding back water near forestville. the son omma county water agency intends to back up the river and use that water to flood basins like this one where it will seep into the ground and charge the aquifer. >> and that ground that exists out here is what filters and cleans the water. >> reporter: as pam jean explained, using massive wells to tap ground water is standard stuff in her business, but the by product of the this dam is far more interesting. they've spent $12.5 million on a
4:57 pm
aquarium in places. that glass is 3.5 inches thick.6 inches actually. >> reporter: george spent a couple of years as the superintendent of this project. last week when they inflated the rubber dam, water began rising in this ladder for the first time with immediate results. >> about 12 inches. so far is the biggest one i've seen. >> 12 inches. >> when was that? >> this morning. >> the whole point was to comply with thein dangered species act, protegting the fish. there is one now. >> for us to operate the dam to raise it up every summer, we need to have the ability for fish to pass by it. >> even if summer, even if you build it, the fish will come. in sonoma county, wade freedman, abc 7 news. >> that is wild. well that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. we thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. the vehicle drove into the front of the business.
4:58 pm
>> and then some men forced their way into a gun store. they've been tracked to the bay area. how the major crime ring was busted. >> and gunfire in the east bay and one man is dead and minutes ago someone has been detained. >> and in solano county, bullet holes remain after a robbery injured a security guard. we talk with the good samaritan that may have saved his life. >> he was laying on the ground saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. one by one, five people climbed over a smashed gate and into a store, looking for guns to steal. this happens near sacramento. this afternoon in oakland police zeroed in on an suv linked to the smash-and-grab. good evening. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. the smash-and-grab happened this
4:59 pm
morning and hours later the car used during those break-ins were found in oakland. they are wondered if it is related to a series of burglaries in northern california this year. eric thomas has more. >> reporter: the story begins with the surveillance camera video from a rockland gun store. at about 4:30 this morning, thieves slam an suv into the doors and climb inside. rockland police say they didn't get much. >> it was an ak-47 that was taken and worked on on the counter. >> we lock the store up at night and so all they got is one rifle on the gun-smith work bench so i'm into the sure if it is functional. >> reporter: police knew they were looking for a honda suv with a license number of 6 vcb 742 and found it in east oakland. this neighbor saw atf and oakland police rush to the scene this morning. she doesn't want her face shown.
5:00 pm
>> they stopped the traffic and they disappeared. the bus stopped coming and they turned people around going the opposite direction. >> they brushed it for evidence fingerprint and hauled it away. a couple of arrests were made. oakland police and federal agents are investigating whether the rockland robbery is connected with one this morning in folsom that netted two dozen handguns or burglaries in northern california over the last into months, like this one in el cerrito in march where thieves jumped a fence and broke a window and this one a couple of days later in petaluma, altogether 240 guns were stolen in heists. police won't say much about the investigation except they and the feds are working together. >> again, this is another instance where the oakland police department partnered in collaboration with outside departments and agencies. >> reporter: in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a chp motorcycle officer was injured in an accident during a


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