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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> they stopped the traffic and they disappeared. the bus stopped coming and they turned people around going the opposite direction. >> they brushed it for evidence fingerprint and hauled it away. a couple of arrests were made. oakland police and federal agents are investigating whether the rockland robbery is connected with one this morning in folsom that netted two dozen handguns or burglaries in northern california over the last into months, like this one in el cerrito in march where thieves jumped a fence and broke a window and this one a couple of days later in petaluma, altogether 240 guns were stolen in heists. police won't say much about the investigation except they and the feds are working together. >> again, this is another instance where the oakland police department partnered in collaboration with outside departments and agencies. >> reporter: in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a chp motorcycle officer was injured in an accident during a pursuit in vallejo and the
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investigation caused a massive traffic jam. sky 7 hd was over the scene where the officer was trying to pull over a driver for speeding. officers have now arrested that driver. it injured chp officer is expected to be okay. but take a look. traffic in the area, though, was just amess. all eastbound lanes of 80 east of american canyon road were closed for fearnearly three hou. they reopened after 4:00. some cars over-heated. and we spotted several cars with hoods up pulled over to the shoulder and now there are residual delays in the area. alameda county sheriff have a person of interest in custody for a fatal shooting on meekland avenue in cherry land near hayward. lyanne melendez is live with the latest on the story tonight. >> reporter: dan, all of the evidence points to a hit,
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possibly execution-style with a man in his 30s dead. we'll show you from sky 7 hd, a better look from above. you see a red pickup truck in the street. that is the victim's car. he was waiting for the light to turn green. and to make a left turn when he was approached by the shooter on foot who fired the gun several times and then ran. now let's show you some ground footage at this time. there was a white suv directly behind the red truck and the person inside got a really good look at the gunman. now the video obtained from two nearby liquor stores also helped identify the man they were looking for. they now have a person of interest. alameda county sheriff's department not sure if this was gang-related. >> we know that there is one -- there was one gunman and that he was at one point on foot. whether he was dropped off or jumped out of the bushes, we don't know.
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we're reviewing -- like i said, witness accounts and our video surveillance. >> reporter: now the gun has not been recovered. the person they are questioning did not have a gun on him. now right now, as you can see behind me, this is very much an active crime scene and will remain closed to the public and neighbors for some time. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a trial date is now set for a former east palo alto teacher accused of sexually assaulting two students. danielle will go on trial on september 26th. he is charged with six felony counties. she's pleaded not guilty and claims the boys made the whole thing up. she taught english at appear east palo alto phoenix academy. this time last night a manhunt was underway in the north bay for a second suspect in an armored truck robbery.
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that man has been kuptured an an -- captured and an injured guard is now hospitalized and coming out now a hero. vic lee is live at the skroeza sheriff's office -- the santa rosa sheriff's office with more on this. >> reporter: michael is say vietnam veteran who served on a river boat in the delta, a place that took a lot of action during the war. in fact, that war experience served him well yesterday. he was calm, collected, and he knew exactly what to do. >> he was laying on the ground saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die. i'm dying, i'm dying. and i basically was saying, you're talking so that's good. >> reporter: vietnam veteran combat experience paid off when he rushed to the side of the loomis armored truck guard shot several times. he was about 30 feet away from where the armed robbery happened in front of the chase bank in a busy shopping complex. it was about 2:00.
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the armored truck was parked. >> this vehicle pulled up behind very quickly, two individuals jumped out of the vehicle, approached the rear. the guy, i could see real clearly, was the driver and he had a rifle. he just pumped off two shots. and of course the guard was behind the truck. boom, boom. fired off two shots immediately after getting around the side -- in front of his car. >> reporter: the robbers sped off in their car. he got paper tells from the verizon store next to the bank and rushed to the wounded guard. >> ripped off the towels and put it on the leg wound, a six-inch gash and was a real vicious wound. >> reporter: he was able to stop the bleeding until police and paramedics arrived. the two suspects were later captured in calistoga, napa county. the first taken into custody on a stretcher. an officer rammed his patrol car into him after the suspect took a shot at him. numerous law enforcement agencies using dogs and the chp
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chopper eventually found the second man in a creek bed behind a mobile home park. back home in windsor, michael said he just did what came naturally to him. >> in vietnam, when you -- when you get hit, your training, you respond. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. >> a chemical spill sent two people to the hospital at biotech giant this morning. south san francisco fire officials said the hazardous spill happened inside of the building 13 research lab. they won't say what the substance was. officials didn't consider it a threat, though, to public safety and didn't call for any evacuations. two people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. firefighters in cupertino had no problem with a small grass fire today. you're looking at video from sky 7 hd of the four-acre fire that broke out on california oak and majestic oak way near 280 and highway 85. it started around 10:30. there were no injury -- injuries
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or homes burned. it is a brush fire in lake sherwood in havenventura and it grown to between 30 and 40 acres. helicopters are making water drops and seem to have a handle on it now. right now no homes are threatened. remember, stay with abc 7 news and follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for continuing updates. and happening now, in the south bay, a group of activists are holding a protest against mosquito fogging. the group claims fogging causes serious harmful health effects and environmental damage. on the other hand, santa clara vector control said fogging is a safe and effective way to get rid of mosquitos. >> all we're doing is reducing the numbers of known infected mosquitos out in the field. the vast majority of our work in an average season over 99% is done in larvae control. >> they urge people to close their windows and doors and keep
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pets inside while the fogging trucks roll through. the fogging beginning at 11:00 at west san carlos and meridian in san jose. a berkeley church is opening doors as a sanctuary migrants facing deportation. university lutheran chapel hung a banner of ribbons to welcome migrants and it is going far beyond that. it converted an office into a bedroom that is a sanctuary for migrants being sought by federal agents. >> this is a last-stance, in a way, because our government has failed to protect rcefugees and migrants. >> other churches in the east bay are pledging to offer space to migrants with deportation orders. much more to get to. a popular san francisco hot spot undergoes a big change by a key -- why a key route is now blocked. and new indications that bay area rents may be on the
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down-swing. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. inland areas cooking today. i'll let you know how long the weather will last. and what is behind one plane's vertical takeoff. check it out. and we're on the red carpet in los angeles. the espy awards are like the oscars
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getting to the top of twin peaks in san francisco is a little different right now. sky 7 hd shows us some new road closures that are part of an experiment to make it safer for people who walk and bike to the scenic overlook. carolyn tyler is there live to explain what is going on. carlin. >> reporter: well most people don't seem to know about the changes. very few are using that
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pedestrian and bicycle lane. but this is day one of a two-year pilot project. even in the middle of the week it was crowded at twin peaks and a bit confusing how to get to the top. >> i was -- i was unclear of which way to go. i'm not really sure what the change is all about. >> reporter: as sky 7 hd shows you, the change is a roadway redesign, launched today by the sfmta. >> it is about taking an iconic location in san francisco and making it into an even better place for people to go who might be walking or riding bikes up there. >> >> reporter: is a graphic. it shows a portion of the eastern stretch of twin peaks boulevard highlighted in green that will now be just for bikes and pedestrians. the western side in blue is now converted from one-way to a two-way street for cars. muni said the changes are not the result of a dui crash here
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that hilled a pedestrian back in 2012 but they say it will help safety. >> it will make it safe and will work to prevent the crashes that have been taking place like the one in 2012. >> reporter: there has been opposition from tour bus companies and some neighbors who say the roadway is more dangerous with people trying to cross in front of the two-way traffic. but pedestrians and bicyclists we talked to like the change. >> it is wide and it is nice. a nice spot. so it will be good. >> i get to bring the dog. >> reporter: though this is a pilot project, it could become permanent. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. you don't hear this often. rents are dipping in the bay area. not much, but a new report published by apartment listings website abodo show rents have fallen 5% in san francisco and 8% in san jose and 11% in
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oakland. the drop happened between june and july. they report the downward trend could continue as well. median rent is still more than $3,700 for a one-bedroom in san francisco. well concerns are growing over the safety of self-driving cars while more automakers are adopting it. >> michael finney has more. >> there is a lot going on today. the self-driving consumer groups is calling for a slow-down in approving this type of technology. consumer watch dog and other groups sent president obama a letter today saying the industry is rolling out technology before it is safe. the coalition was referred to the crash of a self-driving tesla that killed the driver in florida. tesla said it will redouble efforts to train drivers on how to use the self-driving mode safely. that is not what the consumer groups want to hear. but as the groups called for a slow-down. nissan is releasing a
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self-driving car of its own. this video right here released by nissan shows the new minivan with so-called pro-pilot technology and set to be released next month however it is not completely autonomous. right now pro-pilot is designed only for highway driving in a single lane. it controls steering and breaking and acceleration. a new version in 2018 will be able to change lanes and in 2020 the technology is said to also handle urban driving. computers in cars may pose a different kind of risk as well. that is hackers taking over the controls. now fiat chrysler is offering a bounty to experts who can find bugs, i should say, in the new jeep software. you may recall a year ago two engineers were able to hack into and take control of a jeep cherokee. we showed you that here on abc 7 news. that was just a test. but it prompted fiat to recall more than 1 million cherokees. now it is offering professional hackers $1,500 for every bug
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they can find in those computer systems. i'll be keeping track of that and let you know what they find and how much money is spent. >> thank you, michael. >> busy day. let's turn your attention to the warm weather we're enjoying outside. >> we have meteorologist sandhya patel here with the latest. >> when i walked up here on the roof it was warm but right now the breeze is coming through and it feels nice. nothing but sunshine around here. let me show you how hot it got in our inland communities. these are highs so far. upper 90s, livermore and antioch and fairfield, 97 in concord, up to 96 in santa rosa. 90 in san rafael, 89 in san jose. warm around the bay. upper 70s oakland. 71 in san francisco. 65 in half moon bay. live doppler 7 hd showing you some of the fog has cleared along the coast but not completely. it has been just stuck near the beaches. but that is our natural a.c. so you have to be thankful for that.
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up to 12 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time in livermore. up 11 in san jose. and this looks definitely like the place to be. santa cruz beach as you escape the heat. 67 in san francisco. it is 75 in oakland. 87 in san jose and 90 degrees in morgan hill. san jose showing you nothing but blue skies and a look at the teams. mid 90s in santa rosa, novato, fairfield at 96 degrees. the air quality is starting to sufficienter from the mt. tam -- sufficienter from the mt. tam cam. hot the next few days and a heat alert for the inland areas tomorrow so keep that in mind. we are trying to help you plan and prepare so you stay cool and hydrated. air quality will be poor in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. and encourage you to use the mass transit as we do have the spare the air alert for tomorrow. fog along the coast. toward morning it expands out towards the east bay.
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and toward the afternoon, some fog will linger, which we're so used to seeing here in the summertime. fog will start off your morning. temperatures begin in the 50s. antioch 62 degrees. and as we take a look at your afternoon here is how it will shape up. another warm one in the south bay. 91 in san jose. 95 gilroy. 86 sunnyvale. los gatos, 83 degrees on the peninsula. 84 in redwood city, men lo park and 80 degrees in san mateo and in the coast in the low 60s. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees and daly city foggy and 62 and in the north bay, triple-digits around ukiah. 92 in santa rosa. a nice day in san rafael. mid 80s in vallejo and the east bay. 80 in oakland. 88 castro valley. and inland, hot again. 100 in antioch. 99 in livermore and 96 in walnut creek. out toward discovery bay and brentwood, into the upper 90s and triple-digits as well. hot inland, on friday you notice
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the 90s there. coastal highs in the 60s. cooling begins on saturday. you see the upper 80s to low 90s inland. it will feel better for those of you who do not like the hot weather. and by sunday, we do have much cooler weather. breezy along the coast. only 80s for the warmest spots. here is a look at accuweather seven-day forecast. a heat alert for tomorrow inland where we see the 90s and triple-digits. still hot on friday. you notice the drop in the numbers over the weekend, just in time for the outdoor plans. sunday for aids walk, it will be quite comfortable with morning low clouds. upper 50s to the mid-80s and we'll continue that pattern for monday. tuesday a slight bump up only to drop again on wednesday. the beauty of living in the bay area, ama and dan, as you both know, we have something for everyone. our summer microclimate, while it is comfortable at the coast, it is cooking inland. >> that is true. something for everyone. thank you. let's shift our focus to los angeles and the espys. >> that is where sports director larry beil is live with what is coming up.
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larry? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, it is cooking here on the red carpet as well. you know what, the red carpet belongs to us now. all of the a-listers are inside of the microsoft theater and they are watching the show. we're going to talk kevin durant with steph curry and other nba stars. the acquisition the warriors made that is the talk of the espys tonight coming up. and then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> the manhunt tonight, several arrested, the search for another suspect amid an alleged plot to kill police. the hunt for a serial killer, seven victims, including a 12-year-old girl. and storms, they are bracing in chicago and detroit. much more after abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. call it electronic car theft. new at 6:00, from michael finney, the local condition that has found a way to protect your vehicle from hackers who are trying to steal it.
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the curries are wrapping up quite a vacation. his wife posted this video on instagram of the family celebrating reilly's birthday in hawaii. and look at those dance moves. you just saw that. after hawaii they enjoyed disneyland yesterday. tonight stef is at the espys hoping to capture the best male athlete award. >> great scholhot. excitement for this year's espy awards and bay area athletes and celebrities are in the thick of it. >> and so is abc 7 news sports director larry beil, he is live on the red carpet and what is happening now? >> yes, ama. i was pretenting to be an a-l t a-lista-lis a-lister for a while and they found me out. one of the hot topics was the warriors acquisition a week ago of kevin durant. some people like it. a lot of people don't like it. steph curry is in favor of it. but let me set the scene a little bit. it was wall to wall
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with the biggest names in sports and hollywood. the red carpet clear at this moment but i'll tell you what, gow -- go from josh donaldson to nick flair who was hilarious and usher and lindsey vonn and the host of wrestling fame and some of the celebrities who made their way down the red carpet and into the microsoft theater. i talked with the commissioner of the nba adam silver and charles barkley and he was animated and kyrie irving and leaving oklahoma city for golden state. let's start with steph curry. >> we gave up a lot to gain k.d. but at the end of the day, there is nothing care an today in this league and i know that we want to avoid that kind of situation. but we have to go out and play and it is going to be a tough task. >> i wasn't criticizing kevin durpt. he earned the right to make a
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decision at the same time there is a overall colleague concern that we want to have the top players distributed around the league. >> let's talk about durant, the commissioner doesn't like it. >> nobody likes it. >> why shouldn't he have the right to determine where he wants to play. >> we can't have two or three good teams in the nba and the rest of them stink. it is that not good for the competitive balance or the small market teams. >> as a man you have to live with it and kevin is a great guy and a great friend of mine. so i'm living with his decision as well and i will support him. but once the regular season starts, we'll gear up and the competitiveness will start. but the commissioner does have a point. >> i almost had to rough charles up there but he would have crushed me. but the one thing everything agrees upon is that it is great to have people talking about the nba in july. because we have a long way to go before we even start the season. the show is underway and i think it is time for me to get inside. ama, back to you. >> future so bright, you have to
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wear shades. think charles barkley would be more forth right. too school for school. watch the espys here on abc 8:00 p.m. we'll have more at 11:00 p.m. still ahead here tonight. >> how did he get in? i don't see a broken window. >> the surprise inside of this locked sub oaru and the rescu ♪ ♪
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the recent police shootings of black men an the police ambush in dallas are causing outrage and tomorrow night president obama will tackle that news head on. david muir will moderate a town hall as the president addresses the national conversation about race and policing and how he bridged the divide. the president and the people airs here on abc 7. >> join us for that. and coming up at 6:00, san jose cops get new body cameras today and learn how to use them. tonight what families of police shootings think. also, getting rid of
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gridlock. a look at the new so-called smart signs cal trans claims will make traffic lighter on one bay area commute faster. and the weirdest twist yet to the pokemon go craze, the service being offered to keep you safe while you play. >> it is all coming up in just half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. well, drones are being used to improve aircraft safety after concerns that they would endanger aircraft. airbus posted this video on you tube showing a drone inspection of a jet at an airshow outside of london. it takes pictures of the aircraft which are compiled in a 3-d digital model and analyzed and in minutes it could complete an inspection in two hours using old methods. >> an airbus showed off impressive capabilities. check it out. someone shot this video and you could see the pilot complete a nearly vertical take yov,
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climbing very quickly up into the air. this is one of the extra model features. airbus a-350 could hold up to 366 passengers, but to keep them comfortable, the takeoff is usually let steep. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> me too. >> because i don't know that i want to do that on a commercial flight. this is not the average call for most sheriff's deputies. >> stay away from me, bear. >> stay away. >> in the foothills west of denver, a bear cub managed to lock itself inside of a car. >> no windows were broken so deputies think he got in through an unlocked door, after several minutes one of the deputies carefully opened up the rear hatch and it ran off into the wilderness. >> and the car, check it out. and bears often break into cars in colorado in search of food. >> look at the damage. >> oh, man. is that covered by insurance. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen
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sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. we all appreciate your time. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, the donald trump vp mystery intensifies. and the $10 million lawsuit. his children flying into indiana for closed door meetings. are we about to learn his running mate? as we also learn, trump is now suing a former staffer. the urgent manhunt tonight. several arrests, and a suspect on the run after an alleged plot to kill police. after the alton sterling shooting. the pictures coming in tonight. the severe storms. several cities now bracing for dangerous weather tonight. an emergency landing. a passenger jet grounded amid severe turbulence. the deadly crash. the highway in the northeast shut down for hours tonight. at least two tractor trailers, several cars. and the new pokemon dangers. reports a child has now been hit by a car, distracted while playing. and new warnings


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