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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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breaking news is happening in the french city of nice, where a truck rammed into a large crowd celebrating bastille day. the driver of that truck is among the dead. good afternoon. >> the government fears it was an act of terrorism. abc reporter elizabeth hur is live with the breaking story. >> good evening to you. authorities believe this is an attack and right now the city of nice in lockdown and the french president in an emergency meeting and so far we're told dozens presumed dead and 100 others injured. people running for their lives in nice, fleeing what french government officials are calling a criminal event.
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witnesses say they saw a truck driver slam his vehicle into a crowd of revelers celebrating the french national holiday bastille day in the french city. others describe bodies on the promenade everywhere. the driver of the truck was reportedly killed. the city of nice immediately put in place its anti-terror claus calling for everybody to shelter in place. nobody has taken responsibility so far for this attack. >> u.s. officials say they are monitoring and president obama has been briefed on the situation. again, at this hour, no official word on a motive or who is behind this. live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur, "abc news." >> thank you, elizabeth. stay with "abc news" for the latest os then story. get breaking news any time with the "abc news" app enable push alert. >> breaking news after weeks of
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speculation, donald trump has picked his running mate, indiana governor mike pence, and before becoming governor he served in the congress for six terms, a socialist they believe would help unify the party and he w m warmed up to pence after spe spending time the last couple of days. >> we had a conversation about the country and in my firm belief, donald trump will provide the kind of leadership america needs. >> pence is cd with growing indiana's economy however also criticized for his signing of indiana's religious freedom law which allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbi lesbians. >> the republican convention is this sunday and the democratic republican convention is a week later. >> live at developing news in san jose, you're looking at c w crews repairing a g ing a gaing
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pg&e substation on 680. they were working in that area when they accidentally struck that line. people within 300 feet of the station including two senior citizens have been evacuated. people who live beyond 300 feet can stay in their homes. the off-ramp from northbound 680 is also closed causing traffic backups and bus lines are being re-routed. repairs could take until 5:00 this afternoon. two men accused of shooting an armored guard are in court today. >> they're accused of setting off a chain of events including a shelter in place in can kacan. >> wayne. >> reporter: that happened just a little over an hour ago in a
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courtroom, cleared courtroom. it streamed live and both suspects face two counts of attempted murder, two counts of armed robbery plus enhancements after an attempted armed carob bri tuesday. you are looking at the suspect shackled to a chair described as potentially violent and this man carried the rifle and fired three shots at the security guard. neither man entered pleas today. the district attorney. >> attempted murder for both defendants and using the firearm causing great bodily injury for ivan morales. >> do you expect more charges? >> i'm not sure. expecting more reports and discovery. we acknowledged they have a portion of those coming in and they're expecting quite a few more. among those additional
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charges, napa county will be filing charges of attempted murder against a police officer, against sergei for ramming a police car, they say, during his apprehension in the drive to calistoga tuesday afternoon. that is still ahead. a hold on that case but dealing with it in santa rosa. the next court appearance takes place in two weeks and we may have pleas at that time from the two defendants, both being held without bail. nbc7 news. >> thanks. >> in san jose, police are looking for a gunman who shot two men late that morning. police found one of the men who had been shot and seriously injured. the other was dropped off at a hospital with at least one gunshot wound. both are hospitalized tonight. new body cam video is out showing an unarmed white teenager being shot by fresno
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police. >> it's already prompting protests and fears it could cause more unrest as the teen's family planned to sue. >> jessica castro has been tr k tracking the story. >> reporter: new body cam video shows fresno police officers confronting an unarmed teenager, 19-year-old dylan noble. >> lay down on the ground! >> reporter: noble never lays down. you hear officers telling him to drop whatever he has behind his back. >> drop what you have or you will get shot. >> reporter: they fired two shots and two more while he was on the ground. >> i know that video was extremely disturbing to watch. >> reporter: police chief jerry dyer has defended his officers saying they thought he was reaching for a gun, the object was a piece of plastic with clay inside. >> drop whatever you have in your hand. if you come forward you will get shot. get down on the ground now. >> reporter: the family members saw it last friday and they
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agreed it was not a good time to release it because of the shootings in baton rouge and dallas. in fact it was released just last night three weeks after dyer's death and the chief wanted the public to see a complete picture of what happened. >> i promise you i will make the right decision. the right decision for the officers and this community. >> reporter: chief dyer appealed for the community to stay calm following protests in fresno and clovis and one yesterday invo e involving 500 demonstrators. the district attorney is revi reviewing the case. abc7 news. a new report is calling for the city of san francisco to staff its jail with behavioral health services 24 hours a day. the san francisco civil grand jury says all personnel who regularly interact with inmates should be trained with crisis intervention and suicide jennings. they also call on the sheriff's department to put high priority on filling existing vacancies.
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a 10,0$10,000 reward being r offered for this fire in emeryville that damaged an apartment complex under construction and nearby buildings wednesday. af and investigators spent days going through the debris. no one was injured in the fire. there are reports of illegal fireworks going off in the area but no official cause given. >> now to our weather and a live look from our mt. tam camera. >> spencer joins us with a weather update. >> today has mixed temperature trends, cooler in some places and warmer at others. fog on the coast and sunny skies inland. familiar pictures this time of the year. check out the 24 hour temperature change, 10 degrees cooler than this hour yesterday. 9 degrees cooler in oakland and 5 degrees in san francisco. along the bay and coast 5 degrees cooler but warmer by 2
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to 3 degrees inland at livermore, concord and antioch. a view from the tower shows fog pushing out over san francisco. 63 in san francisco, 69 in oakland. 83 in san jose. check out this view from mt. tam looking at 87 santa rosa, 88 at novato. and 98 in livermore. as was pointed out tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the air day. changes over the weekend will not only drop our temperatures but we hope improve our air quality. i'll give you a look at that in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. concord police are hoping this surveillance will help catch a thief that took a diamond ring from a jewelry store. it happened june 22nd at the fast fix jewel and watch repair in the sun valley mall.
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in the video you can see the man hanging around the store before asking to see a ring. employees noticed he was acting strange. >> he'd pick up his phone, we go out side, come back in and checking his surroundings. those are key indicators the employee picked up on however when he wanted to look at the ring she did hand it over to him. >> the store was near the exit. he had a hat with a batman logo on it and the ring is worth about 3,0$3,000. faculty will get their first real pay increase since 2007, salaries go up more than 9% this year and 1% each of the next two years of the contract. >> i think all sides wanted to get this done before the beginning of the fall semester. they came together and worked and worked and got it done. >> college officials say the
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agreement will allow them to focus on a lingering accreditation issue that has impacted enrollment. we need to sit down and grind it out. still ahead, the news at 4, getting down to business, the president addresses issues of race in america. and pushing for the model s cars at tesla. and scenes like this is turning up all around the city. what exactly is going on. live outside, you see traffic pretty slow
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we're following breaking news out of france, called a scene of horror, at least 70 people killed after a truck ran into a crowd and city leaders say that toll continues to rise. we will follow this breaking story and bring you breaking news with the update. >> because of this, donald trump has postponed his announcement who his vp pick is. calling on palo alta tesla to drop the out to pilot function and saying it's misleading to consumers. the company has no plans to change it and said drivers who use it are saver than those who don't. it came after two investigations involving a crash and one driver
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died. tesla is constantly introducing enhancements proven over mill n millions of miles of internal testing ing ting to ensure dri supported by out to pilot remain saver than those operating without assistance. berkeley's homeless population has grown as a result of other neighboring cities getting rid of their own enca encampments and now the city is trying to find ways to disband them. lyanne, with a look at what's being done. >> reporter: the homeless often refer to this area in front of city hall as camp liberty. obviously there were a lot of homeless people. restoring this area also means keeping them out of this location here and throughout parts of berkeley. when berkeley's neighboring city kicked out the homeless, they noticed an increase in their
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numbers. since 2013 many have been living under an overpass and this year, san francisco did its own sweep and again impacted berkeley. >> it happened around the time of the super bowl. >> reporter: advocate, jennifer says because of the super bowl effect it grew from 800 to about 1,000. just last week berkeley installed this fence around the surrounding area where homeless people set up tents next to the freeway. because the area below the overpass is managed by caltrans there is though berkeley could do to completely keep them out. nearby businesses on gillman want a solution. >> at least five or six times we have seen them vacate everybody out of there. within hours they're right back underneath the freeway and every time it gets bigger and bigger in population. >> reporter: boulders have been dumped in an effort to keep trem from setting up tents without
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success. a homeless man understands their frustration. >> geographically sh lally shif from one place to the other and shifting the problem to other people but not solving it. >> reporter: we found him near city hall where plastic fences are put up to keep the homeless out. >> we have to solve the problem regionally but the solution is ho homes. >> reporter: they said they have forced the homeless to make choices out of desperation. >> lbgt human rights lessons are coming into classrooms. a curriculum was adopted due to the first laws to requiring schools to teach it in history classes. students will introduce it in the second grade. it was enacted in 2012 but schools have been waiting for guidance from the state before changing their lessons. some city leaders are
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calling for astopping political ads that they say carry lies. three disputed ads from the american beverage association. they say the pro soft drink are referring to it as a tax in mailers and they will decide if they want a tax on sugary drinks. >> the fact the american beverage association isologic to put out lies and not even talk about what this tax is is despicable. >> those council members are filing complaints with the fcc and oakland public ethics commission. an 8-year-old proudly represented the white house today. >> from california, canon meyers. >> canon meyers is one of 56 young chefs who joined the first
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lady for lunch, the california winner of the lunch challenge. we caught up with him in his santa rosa home. he said eating healthy is a way of life after being born with a rare genetic disorder. >> he had a rare allergy and started eating healthy at a young age and stuck with him. >> i could not be any prouder. this is the best moment. >> canon says he's 1,000 times excited to have the first lady taste his winning recipe. you can make it, too. we have a link to canon's california rolls on our site, time to turn to our weather. >> indeed, spare the air today and tomorrow? >> and tomorrow. inland heat is holding on and the air is unheathful in some spots but should improve over the weekend. >> we have low clouds and fog
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and sharp difference between coastal temperatures and inland temperatures. it's 104 degrees in antioch, 100 in concord and fairfield. the coast, 57 at half moon bay, 47 degrees cooler than the antioch reading. 70s and 80s around the bay and a few 90s on inland spots. these are our forecast features. tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the air day. one more kday of inland heat an cooling begins saturday. the overnight lows, pretty mild in most locations. we will see mid to upper 50s as lows around the bay. upper 50s and low 60s inland east bay and a little cooler on the north bay and around the coast and lows drop to the low 50s. starting at 7:00 this evening we will see fog expanding on the coast and locally across the bay overnight and there might be a spot or two of coastal drizzle as the fog slides along the
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coast. tomorrow, we will see another mixed picture of mainly sunny skies inland and maybe a few high clouds in the north bay and low clouds and fog persisting at the coast. high temperatures tomorrow mainly in the upper 50s on the coast. mid 70s to around 80 at the bay. our inland locations will have highs in the low to mid 90s in the warmest spots. notice on saturday, a bit of cooling. the heat eases quite a bit inland and a few locations hit 90 degrees inland saturday. sunday will be breezy and cooler in all locations and monday a replay of sunday in terms of high temperatures, pretty much a steady pattern there. here's the accuweather 7-day forecaster. look for high temperatures in the 70s, mid-70s on the bay and san francisco is just three days away, this sunday, july 17th, to
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register call 415-615-walk or go online. >> thanks. next, a huge haul for one nominee. a look at the nominations next. >> i was going through the mail and noticed i got a little package. the package has a date of april 23rd, 1990. >> the big twist on a package that arrived 26 years after it
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a big surprise for a member of the abc family. "black-ish" star, anthony was announcing the nominations when he heard his own name. >> hi, mama! i know you're watching, hi, mama. >> he might have been excited. he got a nod for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.
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le leading, "game of thrones" followed by "the people versus o.j. simpson" and "fargo." you will find a complete list on our site. you can catch the emmy's september 18th, host, jimmie kimmel. heading to the big screen appearing in nbc's nutcracker. copeland has been noted for breaking down barriers and a documentary of ballerinas. she posted a note i'm thrilled to be a part of this project with disney. this was ordinary mail. an iowa man received a package 26 years after it was sent. he opened the package only to find a parcel from his mother who died eight years ago. it was dated april 23rd, 1990.
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inside, an old stack of pictures of his wife, sister and brother-in-law. at first he thought a family member was playing joke on him. >> as soon as i got the package and realized who it was and what it was, i e-mailed and called my sister and facebooked my sister and said, what are you doing? what's going on here? >> the package was at first delivered to the wrong address. he's thankful after all this type the recipient forwarded the box so it finally reached him. we're following breaking news out of france where more than 70 are reported dead after what officials believe was a terror attack in nice. we have the latest. we have to as a country sit down and grind it out. >> a town hall meeting with president obama will air in a few hours, a conversation on race in america. what happened just hours after the investigation closed in that
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breaking news is happening in the french city of nice this afternoon where a truck rammed into a large crowde celebrating bastille day in the city center. we just learned 70 are killed and dozens injured. they confirmed the driver of the truck was dead.
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the truck was loaded with arms and grenades. we will provide you with more information as soon as we get it. after the nice attack, donald trump decided not to announce a running mate tomorrow. "abc news" learned he decided to select indiana governor, mike pence. and tweeted in light of the horrible attack in nice, france, i have postponed my vice-presidential news announcement. tweeting up bens as a running mate, he might bring traditional conservatives back. officers around the country stood and saluted one of five dallas police officers killed in an ambush last week at the funeral of michael smith. race relations is already taking place on several platforms including last night's espys, calling for action.
4:31 pm
and in just a few hours, president obama will host a national town hall you can see. >> two funerals taking place today. dallas police sergeant, michael smith, laid to rest. >> as a police officer we struggle when we don't feel the support that we so desperately need and yet we sacrifice and yet we sacrifice. this was the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: while in st. paul, minnesota, philandro castile's casket drawn by a horse horse. >> you told him to get his id, sir and his driver's license. >> reporter: amid these deaths, five police officers were gunned down in the streets of dallas. >> our country is hurting and it needs to start healing.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: calls for healing from the nation's capitol and the espy awards. >> the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. also, the retaliation has to stop. >> reporter: and from law enforcement as well. >> we stand ready to make change. >> reporter: a pledge to join the president in improving america for all who live and serve here. >> we have to as a country sit down and grind it out, solve these problems. >> reporter: the president's conversation with the people taking place right here. i have to tell you many of those conversations also taking place right here on the streets of washington among strangers. reporting from outside the president's town hall, "abc news." >> for some the president's call for unity and healing is very personal. >> abc7 news reporter is live in san jose with the story. chris. >> reporter: we spoke to a couple of san jose residents directly impacted by officer involved shootings. they say when ever they hear about a shooting or whether they see it on the tv or hear about
4:33 pm
it on the radio they hurt. it directly impacts them and they feel it they say, despite the hurt they're hopeful. >> reporter: a mother is asked what she liked most about her son. >> he had a very giving and unselfish spirit. >> reporter: sherron watkins 23-year-old son, phillip was shot and killed during an altercation with san jose police last year. the family said he was depressed and suicidal but police say he was armed with a knife and posed a threat to others. >> the pain is not something you can explain, more than you ever expected it to be and doesn't go away. >> reporter: head of tonight's presidential town hall community leaders will gather at the mexican heritage center for their own conversation. this resident believes things will get better if people put in the work as hard as it may be.
4:34 pm
>> we need an answer and need to work on this and need to stick to all the people that can influence this. we shouldn't stop until it gets done. >> reporter: police chief eddie garcia who took the helm in january says he's committed to listening to the community's concerns and frustrations and hopes to do what he can to an aleve their fears. >> all our communities are different. you really can't paint every community with such a broad brush. >> reporter: although nothing can bring her son back, sharon hopes it results in actions that can eventually save lives. >> we all need to be held and it can hurt and we need to do something or it will rip us apart. >> you can watch it. anchor news david muir will narrate it as the president leads the conversation about the president and the people and how
4:35 pm
to bridge the divide. and bay area members can continue to watch the town hall and continue to watch abc7 news and join us for a perspective where you live. police confirmed someone broke into pulse nightclub in florida hours after it was given back to its owner. it was the site of the largest attack that killed 49 people. the owner has no idea why someone would break into a place where such a tragedy occurred. >> there is concern for potential violence at the republican convention in cleveland and democratic convention two weeks from now. >> i am concerned about the p - prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand. i am concerned about the possibility of violence. i personally plan to travel to cleveland tomorrow and philadelphia next week to inspect the security at both convention sites.
4:36 pm
>> the homeland secure chief y says there'll be 4,000 u.s. government security personnel in cleveland. political billboards have invaded cleveland ahead of the gop convention. a real estate company put up this one. leaving the country if trump or hillary or elected? we'll get your house sold. there are about 900 billboards and 50 digital displays already up ahead of the gop convention. a change is coming to the grocery store aisle. coming up, what you can soon see on the labels of just about every food item you buy. i'm spencer christian. the fog moving beyond the coast now. when will it cool down the i
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how about a little bit of dancing and perhaps some art? >> if you're looking for fun this weekend, we have some ideas for you. >> if you're a fan of dancing with the stars or love to dance, there is a huge free festival going on in san francisco and you're invited. ♪ >> reporter: last year, this crowd turned out to dance to the rhythm of live music. if you're a beginner, not to worry, a pro will teach you how to dance at the beginning of each day at the festival. i met up with him and tried to keep up with his fancy footwork. he says there's something about salsa that brings people
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together. >> it's so passionate and fun and playful. when you're dancing salsa with a really good dance partner and really good music, it feels like a party. >> reporter: it is a lot of fun with a good partner. this friday and saturday beg beginning at 6:00 p.m. on saturday night, there's a big after party. >> lindsey. >> michael. >> lucille. >> george. >> wendy. >> all right. who loves the show "arrested development"? what about supporting local arti artists. for one night only artists with the beehive society are putting on an "arrested development" theme show. saturday night from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. go to our link and we'll link you up with hood line. >> warm enough for you today? let's go to spencer now. if you're a fan of very warm
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weather you might not like this weekend. a live look at doppler hd. low clouds target the coast and that's the picture across the entire state. it will be hot at interior secti sections. 96, sacramento, who knows, it could hit 97. 99 at yosemite. fresno, 112 in palm springs. we will see temperatures in the 90s. 96 at livermore and 95 at fairfield. highs around the bay will reach only 70s, upper 50s on the coast and high temperature trend in santa rosa over the next seven days is indicative what we can generally expect. steady range of highs dropping down a few degrees over the weekend and more summer levels by midweek next week. >> thanks a lot. still ahead. major changes are coming to a bay area bridge, how it could make your commute a lot easier.
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>> i'm michael finney. thousands of students saddled with debt after the closing of corint
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it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy. back now to that breaking
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news happening in the french city of nice, where a truck has rammed into a large crowd celebrating bastille day in the city's famous promenade. 70 people dead and dozens more injured. >> police say before the driver of the truck died, he got out of the truck and began firing on the crowd. the truck was loaded with arms and grenades. french are looking for an accomplice. stay with us for the latest on this breaking story and get updates on our abc7 news app. good news for commuters who travel from marin to the ebs everyday. the bridge road look like this now. >> reporter: there's finally a plan to bring relief to this congested bridge. >> we're on the way. >> reporter: caltran is going to
4:46 pm
create a third lane on the richmond san rafael bridge, hoping to make this a scenic span a nice presence again. >> depending what time of day you come, it can be really really hairy. >> reporter: traffic on this bridge is up 13% in the last five years, even residents who don't commute feel the pain. the backup spills into residential streets and even highway 101. >> it gets pretty bad. it can be 35 minutes, 40 minutes. >> just to get to the bridge? >> yes. >> reporter: the lane is there currently a shoulder. they can't just open it up right away. they have work to do to it. >> we have to turn the existing shoulder into a lane and widen that and build a new shoulder, which means moving -- tearing down the existing retaining wall and moving that back several
4:47 pm
feet and build agnew retaining wall. >> reporter: all that while having to make sure they protect the bay while they work. that's why you won't see this new third lane for a year and a half and estimate opening by 2017. abc7 news. thousands of students are still saddled with millions of dollars in debt from private student loans after the closing of corinthian college. >> joining us with a class action lawsuit filed with the hope of winning debt relief. >> yes. class action lawsuit filed with the closing of the college. three companies violating state law when they purchased new loans they new were fraudulent. debbie seen in her youtube video and her attorneys, she and other students are saddled with millions of dollars of student loan debt and sub jekted to hara harassing -- subjected to har s harassing phone calls from debt
4:48 pm
collect collectors. >> the defendants knew corinthians former students had not as one attorney general said it received any benefit from corinthian schools but they bought these loans anyway and trying to collect them from the victims despite that knowledge. >> the department of education has forgiven millions of dollars from government loans. those with private loans are still receiving bills. the defendant's name is turn tile capital management and university accounting service. we were unsuccessful reaching them for comment. seems we are all hooked on mobile devices. the fcc opened the way for super fast wireless communication. the fcc voted to allow development of so-called 5 g wireless technology, fifth generation of broadband. right now our latest devices are using 4g network providing data and 5 g canned increase the
4:49 pm
capacity and speed and some yet to be imagined. this would help the silicon valley because the u.s. would be developing the 5g. >> liquid plummer is being recalled because they don't have childproof caps. they include liquid plum very foaming clog fighter and industrial strength clear. the company has 221 reports of leaking bottles with no injuries. they're identified by upc codes on the back. i post the list at, 7 on your side so you can see it for yourself. >> thanks a lot. in today's health report, road rage is on the rise. >> why your child's bedtime is so important. >> preschooler tucked in by 8:00 p.m. are significantly less likely to be obese as teens. a study by ohio state university says the findings show the importance of establishing a
4:50 pm
bed-time routine. 20% of children who went to bed after 9:00 p.m. as toddlers were obese at the age of 15. most u.s. drivers admit to aggressive behavior while on the road. nearly 8 out of 10 said they had one experience of road rage in the last year. following too closely, yelling at another driver, cutting them off or making angry gestures. being obese may be more a cause of death than previously thought. for every 5% increase in body mass increase, there was a 45% higher risk of death. the has stazards of body risk w greater in older men and women and genetic s determines if a diet is successful. texas university found some d t diets worked for some people but not on others. it makes sense for people to personalize their diets to increase their chances of
4:51 pm
success. i'm jane king, here's to your health. you can soon find out if your food contained genetically modified ingredients, a bill to show gmo ingredients on most products. it would require a text label, symbol or electronic code readable by smartphones. president obama is expected to sign that bill. abc7 news at 4 is up next. a prescription for what ails you during a time of uncertainty. suing san jose. you'll hear from a republican party official who says the city failed to protect donald trump suppo supporters. >> i was walking down the street on 89th and somebody stabbed me in my stomach and my legs. now a chance for a different path in life, young men turning their lives around on "abc news" at 5.
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a look ahead at what's on abc7. at 8:00, the president and the people. david muir will moderate a town hall with president obama as he addresses the national conversation about race, poli policing an how we bridge the divide. at 9:00, they continue on and abc7 news on coffee tv 20 as we gathered local leaders to discuss. you can watch greatest hits and match game at 10 and abc7 news
4:56 pm
at 11:00. would you tell a complete stranger about your fears and concerns and what worries you mo most. >> many people have been doing just that in san francisco this week. what a little compassion can do. >> reporter: everyday this week, hunter franks has been setting up shop on market street, on this busy unpredictable stretch, he's hanging out a shingle as the fear doctor and listening to people ae's concerns. >> i fear the upcoming elections. >> why? >> the divisiveness of the two candidates. >> reporter: on this typewriter hunter bangs out a prescription of sorts. he belongs to a group called the league ofnb creative interve n interventioni interventionists. >> gives people a way to provide introspective feelings and not many spaces to do that in the world and public. >> a quarter tablespoon reliance
4:57 pm
on myself. >> reporter: dan's fear is being unable to afford to stay in the city he loves. >> he gave me a cup of nouri nourishment, one cup of self-nouri self-nourishment. >> reporter: this for deanna's fear of failure. >> it's really important when we don't have a sense of community in a city to have people strangers you can connect to. >> reporter: the fear doctor chose this block because of its diversity, locals, homeless, high-tech. >> my fear is martial law. >> reporter: the fare of racial unrest is something the doctor heard more than once. >> it will take work to get the change we want to see. voices like yours can make that change. >> reporter: the doctor is in tomorrow at 6th and market street. abc7 news. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news at 4. we thank you for joining us. >> abc7 news at 5 begins right
4:58 pm
now. we continue to follow breaking news out of france. a truck deliberately drove into a large crowd. the death toll from the attack is growing. two men playing pokemon go may have saved a life. >> as we got closer, saw something kind of glinting. >> thy bay area reacts after donald trump picks his running mate, a man many say is the exact opposite of trump. >> he's the difference between a saturday night jazz singser and somebody who sings in the sunday choir. >> i'm meteorologist, sandy patel, triple digit heat, relief is coming. abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> fear in france, after a truck driver plows into a french independence day party. tonight, at least 73 people dead, dozens more are injured.
4:59 pm
the city of nice is on lockdown right now. >> good evening. >> the incident happened near the city's center approximately 3 1/2 hours ago. it is now 2:00 a.m. there. >> french officials confirm the driver of that truck was shot to death by police. police say he got out of the truck loaded with guns and grenades and began firing on the crowd. >> 73 people are dead, dozens more have been injured in what french officials are calling a planned attack. "abc news" reporter distribueli hur is in new york with the latest on this story. >> reporter: people running for their lives in what french government officials are calling a criminal event. witnesses say they saw a truck driver slam his vehicle into a crowd of reveler s celebrating the french national holiday bastille day in the city. others describe the scene at the famous promenade, bodies
5:00 pm
everywhere and the driver of the truck, he was reportedly killed. the city of nice immediately put in place its anti-terror protocol edadvising everybody t shelter in place. no one has taken responsibility so far for this attack. elizabeth hur, "abc news," new york. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest on this breaking story. you can get updates any time with the abc7 news app. be sure to enable push alert. breaking news in windsor, members of a mobile home park have been evacuated after they found fire explosives. it's happening at the windsor wine country very vr park. after they put out the flames they put out a box of what appeared to be dynamite. the bomb squad is trying to determine if there are any explosives and people are warned to stay away from there as a precaution. san jose h


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